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TalesFromRetail: "Could you please hurry"

So most customers are pretty patient when it comes to the cashier whos scanning and bagging there items, but sometimes you get those customers who just want you to work faster and almost break there items in order to bag it quickly. One day as i was working cash i had such a couple. They came over to the register with two carts full or items, and i mean full to the brim, and i begrugingly started scanning and bagging. Everyone hates seeing a full cart and everyone was looking at me very sympatheticaly as i started.

Im two very large bags in when the woman of the couples says, “Could you please hurry, were on a schedual.” I pause at that and think ‘than why the hell are you here buying what looks like an entire house worth of stuff.’ She looks to a co worker and asks her to help, because you know she doesnt have her own customers to deal with or anything. She does come over and help and again two more bags in this woman asks us to go faster, meanwhile she has glass item that were trying to be careful with. She demands a third person come over and help and at this time the line is getting a little backed up.

As we’re bagging this woman keeps checking her watch and tapping her fingers and finnaly someone in the line says “if you have somewhere to be maybe you should make stops like this your last.” She turns on this person and I can see an argment starting but she suddenly notices that shes holding up a line and wisely keeps her mouth shut. We get done her two cart and without a word of thanks to me or the other employees she says “you need to be faster next time” and leaves. The next person in line comes to my till and smiles at me saying “you did just fine, dont worry about her.” Made the whole situation a bit better

By: Darian_Biron


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I really love romance and I was looking forward to this movie because it looked so cute. Dramafever got the license and so I sat down this weekend and watched it in two chunks. 

I feel like it did a very good job with the tropes it chose and there were only two points where I felt like they wildly misstepped. And for a RomCom that’s not too bad.

First, I don’t feel like I have the proper background to talk about my favorite couple, both when it comes to deaf representation and how that representation is presented in South Korea. So I will talk about my feelings as I viewed it instead.

This is not a spoiler free review!

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I won't come into your store anymore, but no one else will either.

So I mentioned this story in a previous comment, and it was recommended that I post it here. So here we go…

A couple years back I bought my wife flowers for Valentine’s Day from a national florist that had affiliate florist shops all throughout the country (we’ll call the big company NF for national florist and the local florist LF). So the flowers get delivered, and they look like complete garbage. The arrangement was smaller than advertised, and the flowers were a few days from fresh and wilting. Now, in my opinion, it’s Valentine’s Day, the one day a year a florist NEEDS to be on point. So I call LF to complain. I wanted either a replacement arrangement, or a refund so I could go elsewhere to get decent looking flowers for my wife (the grocery store would have been better honestly).

When I called to complain, the person who answered the phone was very rude right from jump. I have to assume it was a crazy busy day for her, and my arrangement wasn’t the only one that had issues. The woman became very defensive, as if the flowers were a part of her soul and I was personally attacking it. I asked to speak to a manager, she replies “I’m the owner”. We continued to argue for the next couple minutes, when I threatened to stop payment on my CC. She said “alright, I’m going to refund you the money, but you’re NEVER allowed to step into my store again”. And hung up on me.

Alright bitch, I got you.

So I spend the next few hours on the phone with NF, bouncing all over the country from call center to call center moving one rung up the ladder of their corporate structure at a time. Until I get about 4 steps from the top, someone gives me a boost, and I got the actual number of the CEO of NF. I spend about 20 minutes on hold after speaking to the secretary and briefly explaining my situation.

I tell the CEO what happens, and he couldn’t have been nicer. I told him, I had ordered from different NF stores from many different states in the past, and was generally satisfied, and I felt like LF in no way represents the NF brand, and they should lose their affiliation. He did not immediately respond to that request, but said he would investigate the situation, and in the meantime send me flowers from a different florist locally within the NF brand. I received those flowers from a florist an hour away, within 2 hours, and they looked amazing. Better than I could have asked for. About 2 weeks later, I received a letter in the mail (I didn’t go into all this detail in my original comment, but the result is the same) and the letter apologized profusely, and thanked me for bringing this to their attention. Apparently, they keep tapes of the calls made to the florists, they reviewed the tapes and agreed, LF did not represent how NF wants to treat its customers, and LF will no longer be a part of the NF brand. He gave me a $250 gift card to any NF store.

Within 2 years, LF closed because it couldn’t support being an independent florist in this suburb when there was already another florist under the NF brand.

So, sure lady, I won’t step foot in your store again. But neither will anyone else.

I’m looking for selfishness. Perfect selfishness. Like, say I tell you I want to eat strawberry shortcake. And you stop everything you’re doing and run out and buy it for me. And you come back out of breath and get down on your knees and hold this strawberry shortcake out to me. And I say I don’t want it anymore and throw it out the window. That’s what I’m looking for.
—  Haruki MurakamiNorwegian Wood
Mystic Messenger Halloween Greetings

Mystic Messenger is having a limited time Halloween event! I translated their new greetings.


  • “Later, I’ll come to your door and say ‘trick or treat!’ Give me something sweeter than candy, okay?”
  • “What would suit you? Maybe we should wear matching couple costumes?”
  • “Tonight…should I become a wolf? *howl*”


  • “I hope you have a fun day!”
  • “If only I knew where you lived, I would visit your house first! Trick or treat!”
  • “Honestly, I’ve never done anything like this before…my heart is beating!”


  • “If you’re dressing up, maybe I should as well?”
  • “I look forward to seeing what Zen is going to be! Although he would look great in anything.”
  • “Seven goes out of control whenever it’s Halloween. I’m going to make sure he doesn’t come near my place.”


  • “As usual, Seven is being secretive about his costume.”
  • “You say a vampire suits me? …You never know when I’ll appear right behind you.”
  • “If you come knocking on my door and say 'trick or treat’…I would pick the former out of curiosity.”


  • "This year, my goal is to get a truckload of candy!”
  • “What should I dress up as…a mummy? No, I’ll prepare a costume as our cute Elly~”
  • “Trick or treat! I won’t eat you if you give me a rice cake!* Huh? That’s not right…”

*“I won’t eat you if you give me a rice cake” is a quote from a popular Korean folktale.


  • “Happy Halloween!”
  • “Last year, Rika and I dressed up as Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s bride. I’m not sure what we’ll do this year.”
  • “Luciel couldn’t have finished the candy he got last year…His goal is really something.”


  • “What should I wear this year? I should talk to V.”
  • “Seven will bring Yoosung, right? He’s sure to bring tons of candy!”
  • “Maybe it’s because he’s an actor, but Zen is great at dressing up in costumes! I want to make Jumin dress up too~" 


  • "Halloween. It has no real meaning, and people force importance to this day?" 
  • "I don’t need things like candy…so can I mess with you instead?”
  • “You know that even without dressing up…there are devils inside people’s hearts?”

[EDIT: Jaehee’s third line added, courtesy of the MM Translation Project~]

  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *sitting in his chair; hands clasped* I have to tell you something.
  • Rosamund: *sitting in her dad's old chair; eating a cookie* Yeah?
  • Sherlock: *awkward* Um, well, for a while, I've been...on my own here.
  • Rosamund: *nods* I know. That's okay, Uncle Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* I know. It's okay if that changes, too *pauses* would you be okay if that changes?
  • Rosamund: *confused* Changes how?
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* I've asked someone to live with me. Someone very special, very close to me *affectionate* someone I love *smiles* and they've accepted.
  • Rosamund: *grins* Is it Aunt Molly?
  • Sherlock: *frowns* How do you know that?
  • Rosamund: *giggles* Oh, Uncle didn't think that was a SECRET, did you?
  • Sherlock: ...

one afternoon they’re hanging out at even’s place by the window, and at one point even is like “wait, don’t move” and isak looks at him questionably and even goes to his room and comes back with his drawing pad and a couple of pencils. “this is too good, you have to stand still” and isak shakes his head and says “nope. i’m serious. even, no. the last time you said you wanted me to model for you, you shaped my face like a slice of bread” and even actually laughs at the memory (isak gasping when he saw the drawing, and telling even “that’s it, we’re over” and even apologizing with a kiss on his cheek, telling isak he’d throw away the ridiculous drawing - which he didn’t, it’s still hidden in one of his drawers) and says “you had bread crumbs on the corner of your mouth. the inspiration hit me. i couldn’t resist.” and isak feigns annoyance and even adds “i promise i won’t draw your face like a slice of bread. promise promise.” and isak doesn’t budge, so even quickly kisses him and he repeats the word promise in between quick kisses all over isak’s face until isak can’t help it and he lets out a giggle and says “okay, okay okay. since you promised” 

and they’re facing each other and even tells isak “lean your head against the wall. yeah, like that” and he starts drawing and they keep talking and isak tries not to move but after a while he says “eveeen. my neck is started to hurt” and even is looking down on his pad, concentration in his eyes and a small smile across his lips and he tells isak “it’s okay, you can move now”. the first thing isak does is move toward him like he wants to take a look at the drawing but even quickly hides the pad against his chest “nuh uh, i’m not done yet” 

so they hang out by the window the rest of the afternoon, and even finishes the drawing as they speak about nothing and everything. and then even is done and he gives the pad to isak, with the drawing facing down and isak is like “well, well, i can’t wait to see that” because, well, he doesn’t expect the drawing to be anything serious. but then he looks at it and his heart skips a beat and 

it’s beautiful. it’s isak’s face. a realistic drawing of his face. it’s not the type of drawings even usually draws, isak has never seen even draw something, someone like that. and there’s the way he drew isak. he drew light in his eyes. and isak is a little speechless and his lips are a little parted as he keeps staring at the drawing when even asks “do you like it?” to which isak replies “are you kidding me. even, this is amazing. i don’t know what to say. it’s just. beautiful.” and even is beaming and he says “see, told you i wouldn’t draw your face like a slice of bread. you don’t want me to throw this one out, right?” and isak is quick to reply “if you throw this one out, i’m actually never speaking to you again” and then he asks “can i…keep that one?” even doesn’t say anything, just hands out his hand, asking isak for the drawing pad. and when isak gives it to even, even quickly writes something, and then he removes the drawing from the pad and gives it back to isak, with a note at the bottom that reads: for isak. you look beautiful in this universe

Please, just picture this.

Really little costumes, even before Victor’s junior days. Imagine Victor having them all, even the very first one he got for his first performance on the ice.

Imagine years later, Yuuri comming back to that one closet, where they decided to keep most of their skating stuff after their wedding, and a couple of months after they got a house of their own.

Imagine Yuuri looking for the smallest in the bunch. Finding the perfect one and coming back after a while, to where Victor and their baby boy are sitting while watching some of Victor’s old skating routines. The little boy brightens when he sees what his Dad found. “He wanted to be just like his Papa.” Yuuri says. “So I’ll think this will do.”

And the smile both make while looking at their son trying to put on, one of Victor’s past clothes, not really sure how he’s supposed to make himself fit. Struggling to put it on as fast as possible, because he can’t wait to go out and try skating in them.

Imagine Victor and Yuuri just looking at each other and laughing to themselves. Because they know their son loves skating as much as they do.

Wonderful things in YOI ep 10

-Victor and Chris’s fabulous almost nude pool photoshoot
-The fact that Yuuri’s gotten so much more comfortable in his relationship with Victor that he’s just like “Victor take me sightseeing NOW” and looks at him extra cutely like he knows he’s gonna get what he wants
-Yuuri and Victor basically going on a little sightseeing date around Barcelona
-Otabek SWOOPING IN ON HIS MOTORBIKE to save Yurio from his fangirls
-Yurio and Otabek being weird grumpy buddies because they apparently hate everyone else
-Yuuri buying Victor couple rings and then coming up with the flimsiest fucking excuse ever like “It’s not a couple thing it’s just…a good luck charm!! I couldn’t think of anything else it just popped into my head no deeper meaning definitely not madly in love with you no sir!”
-The fact that Yuuri and Victor were both like trembling and tearing up when they exchanged their “good luck rings”
-Phichit seeing the rings and automatically assuming that Victuuri got married like everyone was expecting it already (but tbh half the skaters probably have been rooting for Victuuri since the banquet where Yuuri got smashed)
-Victor taking the couple rings thing up a notch by casually making them engagement rings ok then Victor
-Guanghong and Leo are trying to watch the Grand Prix live stream together my heart
-Yeorgi has a date I’m so happy for him!!!!! Maybe he’ll stop doing interpretive skating about murdering his ex now!

Ok this is probably my very favorite part of the episode.
-Drunk Yuuri shamelessly begging his long time idol to move to Japan and become his coach and Victor looking at this sloppy drunk boy clinging to him and looking like he’s just had a fucking religious revelation.


#and this, ladies and gentleman, is what i call - development


ok but i imagine hunk going to shiro whenever he stresses about lance!


listen…i’m a lil emo…a little emotional….because i can’t get over how much henrik loves and cares about his character?? like he portrayed him with such care and attention to details and talent and he made a very complex character like even come to life and like, we all miss even but it’s obvious he misses him too? god knows how many hours he spent reading the script and practicing lines and studying the character and it was a big part of his life, something he was truly passionate about, for a couple of months and up until two weeks ago he, like us, had something to look forward to, watching the show and seeing how the story actually turned out on screen. he had to say goodbye to the set and the show (for now) and you can tell he loved loved the experience and!! i hope he’ll enjoy many more moments on the skam set because i love even and also because henrik deserves it 

au where bitty becomes a really popular youtuber

and after jack publicly comes out they do the couples yoga challenge for eric’s channel and jack has never been quite this bad at anything in his life, and eric is just like “oh, honey, can you not lift your leg over your head? what about touching your toes? well, at least you can lift me. lord, this just goes to show that if figure skating were easy they would call it hockey.

The list of recommended FT-related blogs that you should follow!

As 2016 slowly comes to a close (and, thank goodness, it will!), I thought I would like to take the time to compile and come up with a list of blogs to follow, and that are recommended for anybody new to the Fairy Tail fandom around here.

A few notes to bear in mind, ‘though:

  • This rec list was composed by myself. I had looked through the many blogs around here, using the “Fairy Tail” tag (and other tags related to it), doing so for more than a couple of years.
    • A majority of these blogs that were listed below, have been blogs that I have followed recently. 
  • Also, this rec list consists of blogs that have previously posted FT-related content, and blogs that are still posting FT-related content up to the date of this post.
    • As a result, certain blogs may not currently be confined to the FT fandom (or have become multi-fandom, in some cases)—but they are still listed below, due to the FT-related content that was posted in the past.
  • Finally, this rec list is divided into four categories, based on the following: 
    • blogs that are known best for the fanart, 
    • blogs that are known best for the fanfiction, 
    • blogs that are known best for both fanart and fanfiction (maybe even more—such as self-produced gifs, colourings, edits, etc.), 
    • and, blogs that are known best for other content, in general (such as analysis of characters and chapters, rants, reblogs of FT-related content, and etc.)

So, without further ado, here’s the list of recommended FT-related blogs to follow!









And, that’s it (for now)! Of course, the blog that I post this list on, can also be considered a recommended blog to follow…since I do post some FT-related content from time to time. 

If you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns…let me know—and I’ll consider putting out an updated version of this list!

Reactions to Yuuri and Victor coming out as a couple

Mila: *looks at Yurio* Jealous?

Pichit: You mean they hadn’t came out already? Oh boy, I have been posting some very compromising pictures them.

Minami: That was… *blushes* pretty obvious because of their… *blushes harder* interactions… *hides face* in public.

Yuri: Yeah, I caught them fucking like 23 times when I was living with them.