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POPPY vs. THEM   ( aka the meta post you’ve been waiting for )

So i’ve made a few posts alluding to the fact that i believe Poppys videos fall into categories, specifically:  POPPYS videos and THEIR videos ( THEM being, of course, the ones behind the scenes, the ones directing Poppys every move )  Here’s where i’m gonna explain my train of thought. Bear with me here.

It was a while back that i started to notice a stark difference between a lot of the videos that Poppy was making, some seemed deeply personal & soft, while others were cold and distant. I put it off as her strange personality /mysterious origins until i saw ‘ my past ‘   & it struck me as one of the realest videos i’d ever seen. That was when i went back, re-watched a bunch of her older videos & began to form this two category system, where i’d basically slot each video as THEIRS or POPPYS.  It quickly became obvious that almost every single one of them fell perfectly into one of the two.

Videos like her  various  commercials, the step videos, & freedom song  reek of THEIR propaganda, THEIR ideals —- & videos like   i have you, shirt,   i will apply the makeup  even go so far as to suggest or show a rigid script  ( with cries for help and terrified looks from Poppy herself  ).     THEIR videos tell a specific message, show off a specific product, or are simple distracting videos  ( waving, jumping, spinning, etc )  meant to take our attention away from the important things. They make us believe everything is ok, even when it’s not ( i.e. i will apply the makeup, where it looks like a simple, nice video, until you realize they’re punishing poppy & she’s crying out for help ).

On the other hand, videos like : what will it take, come down here, protection, what rhymes with breath & many others exude this air of…   POPPY.  an innocent young girl trying to make sense of the world around her.  Its obvious these videos are still heavily monitored   ( as evidenced in i have such good news, or japan,  where Poppy tries to say something THEY’VE told her not to ), but they are hers,  & - on a good day -  Poppy can rig the system just enough to get some of her own message out to the masses  —  so long as it conforms to an acceptable standard for THEM. 

Of course, there are some videos that toe the line between THEM  &  POPPY, but keeping in mind the nonsensical nature of some of THEIR videos, along with POPPYS strange personality, there may be messages & propaganda that we simply don’t get, or that haven’t been explained yet. Or perhaps there are some videos of hers that are more heavily edited / videos of theirs that have a kinder message than we would expect.  Either way, i wholeheartedly believe in the duality of POPPYS channel. It is a place where THEY can spread their message, but so can POPPY  —-   & she’s getting bolder every single day.

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hi i just saw your post in the theory that the alteans are at fault. i want to say that i really like the theory but i was wondering if you could clarify one thing: where did we find out that Alfor piloted the red lion?

Remember in S2E6 when Coran attempts to pilot Red and says “Finally, Alfor, I’ll be able to walk in your footsteps”? (right before she flies off to save Keith and Allura’s asses)

my understanding was that Alfor was the original red paladin, although I can see why this isn’t 100% clear.
for all we know the original paladins could’ve switched lions or Coran could’ve just meant “paladin” in general

there’s no explanation as to why Alfor had the black lion when Zarkon attacked tho so I guess we’ll have to wait until September for further clarification

tune in next Season to find out more :^)

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hi - ive briefly touched upon this subject before on twitter, but held off talking about it on here for a number of reasons but now i finally feel ready to tell you guys that im pansexual!! i hope this doesn’t like sway any opinions you had on me previously but yeah just wanted to share another part of myself with you all ^-^

so wish yourharto was still an active channel.


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