come on share him around em

•in the au world jace and simon are roomies and they share everything

•they share clothes!! simon has hoodies and sweaters with little references and superheroes on them that jace grabs when he’s in a hurry. all day people will ask him what the catchphrase on his hoodie is from and he’ll text simon so he can give an answer. simon wears jace’s jeans when it’s laundry day for him and he’ll just roll em up around the ankles, which pisses jace off bc then they look better on simon than they do on him

•they share books!! jace, despite many people’s assumptions, is an avid reader. he’ll read like any genre, just whatever catches his eye on the shelf. when he reads a quote he thinks simon will like, he’ll circle it and write a little “si” in the margins. simon picks em up whenever theyre laying around and flips through until he sees those marks and he smiles like an idiot bc damn jace knows him

•they share food!! simon loves baking. its how he de-stresses. so he’ll make like 60 cookies after a hard day of working at the studio and then he brings them to jace like a cat bringing back a bird to their owner. like he’ll get up to grab a drink and then comes back from the kitchen with 3 sugar cookies. jace grew up with alec and izzy who are the kind to write “DO NOT EAT - THERE ARE 34 FRIES IN THIS BOX AND I WILL NOTICE IF U TAKE ANY” on their take-out boxes. he’s fucking thrilled when simon shares his leftovers

•they share germs!! its fucking gross but how could they not like theyre attached at the hip. they drink out of the same cups. theyre usually not even like a day apart in catching whatevers going around. like literally jace will be like “my throat is kinda sore” and then the next morning the boys are both hacking up their lungs and magnus just rolls his eyes while he makes his world famous chicken soup. when simon’s music picks up and he starts having gigs regularly, the gang tries to separate them when jace gets sick so he doesnt infect simon and make him miss his show. it fails miserably bc they cant go like 6 hours without seeing each other and simon just sings with a stuffy nose and his fans think he’s trying a new sound.

•they share beds!! simon loves napping and sometimes he’ll come home and sit on jace’s bed and talk about his day and then promptly crawl under the covers and fall asleep while jace is sitting there working. sometimes jace has bad dreams. not like, wake up screaming nightmares but just…dreams about his dad sitting him down and talking to him and trying to convince him that no one in his life truly cares about him and he’ll wake up with this sinking feeling and just go lay next to simon, who wakes up for a second just to be like “just kick me if i start to hog the blanket” and then jace feels okay again

•they share kisses!! it takes like 6 months for them to realize that like, they’ve basically been dating all that time. they’re so much happier when it’s official and they get to give each other kisses whenever they want. they’ll be watching a show and simon will go “hey” and jace will go “yeah?” and simon will kiss him. and they’re both so happy

anonymous asked:

Hey I loved your spark merging theory with humans. Can I have a Drabble or some headcanons on how TFP Optimus and Ratchet would handle this? Would they even try or would the human s/o have to bring it up?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Thank you anon! For this one, I’ll be doing headcanons for both the characters and I’m assuming this is SFW.

For reference, this is the human/‘bot spark bonding theory mentioned. The picture you’ll find in the linked ask is very accurate of how I look to others when I discuss world building elements that I adore. I’ve been told so. )


✦ It’s brought up during his history lesson of what it was like back on Cybertron, explaining traditions and customs that were unique to his world. At one point he brings up Conjunx Ritus - a ritual done between Cybertronians when they’re certain of their love and loyalties to each other. He explains that final part of this process is spark merging when all has been said and done. It’s where the pair (or more) form a bond by exposing their sparks to each other and letting their energies mingle. He seems so… wistful when he speaks about it. The lights from his optics soft and his smile full of nostalgia and yearning. It’s what makes his human bring up the idea that they could try it out. They’re together and in love so why not give it a shot?

✦ Optimus back pedals away from the idea fast. It would be cute to see him so flustered and nervous but the panic in his optics are no laughing matters. He seems genuinely scared of the idea to try and merge his spark with their… soul? Heart? This is unknown territory for anyone and he doesn’t want to hurt his lover because of his selfish desire to want to be sparkmates with them. They’re giving this their all as is and it seems wrong to demand more from them. It takes a visit and confirmation from Ratchet that it’s a possibility for him to be willing to even think about this and it takes his human promising to end it the moment they get hurt for him to agree.

✦ Everyone tries to chip in when they find out what’s going on. The two try to keep it under wraps with only Ratchet involved - someone needs to make sure the two are fit enough to go through a spark-to-heart session after all - but it isn’t long before the others find out with how strange Optimus and his human are acting. The kids find out first, learning it from their friend and Miko can’t keep a secret under wraps for long. Soon it becomes all hands/servos on Team Prime - Ultra Magnus takes up command when out on missions with Arcee helping him out if he needs help. Wheeljack sticks around longer when he visits the base, asking how the pair are doing and trying to lift the human’s spirits up if they’re tired. Ratchet and Knockout don’t argue as much when it comes to sharing medical duties. It’s almost strange to see everyone working so well together. Strange yet sweet knowing they’re all doing this for their friends’ sake.

✦ During the more rougher parts of the process - especially when the human is developing their own EM Field - Optimus does whatever he can to make them comfortable. He helps them learn how to focus on one thing so the constant bombardment of emotions doesn’t overwhelm them. He makes sure he’s a calm and steady presence whenever they’re together, letting them latch onto him if the need arises. These are the hardest parts for him because it’s hard on them. They’re strong, he knows, and he also knows this is tiring and exhausting them as days turn into weeks and weeks into months. It hurts him to see them cry into his chassis when the feelings of everyone around them becomes too much for them to bear. He holds them close, almost folding over them in an attempt to block the world and keep them safe.

✦ In the end he and his human don’t regret doing this. Not when he feels it click during a session. After eight months of bonding and stopping, of flaring fields and tense nerves - It clicks. Like pieces of a puzzle sliding into place, showing the bigger picture they’ve been working to achieve with all they’ve done. The bond that has felt so frustratingly distant and so aggravatingly close becomes there. Becomes tangible and real for him and his human. Optimus’ vents hitch when the force of the love and compassion and joy he feels from his human becomes his and his joy and excitement and his awe becomes there. He closes his chest and no longer feels the phantom aches and sorrows. Only their happiness as he showers kisses on his human and whispers thank you to them, over and over again.


✦ The human learns it from when listening to Bulkhead and Wheeljack during their Wrecker days. When they begin to talk about how some of their friends thought it’ll be a ‘great’ idea to spark merge there and then during a fight, the human has to raise their hand to ask what that means. Wheeljack tries to be condescendingly funny - when two or three or five Cybertronians love each other very much - and Bulkhead cuts his old friend off to give a more sincere answer. It’s how Cybertronians express their deepest love and affections for those they care about, entering into a union where they literally join their sparks together. One of the sweetest and honest ways to be with someone. The human thanks Bulkhead for their answer when he finishes his explanation and excuses themselves from the get together, saying they needed to find a certain medic of theirs.

✦ Oddly enough Ratchet is open to the idea when the human floats the idea his way. The medic chuckles at their raised eyebrow and surprised expression, no doubt having expected him to shoot it down or scoff at the idea. Why would he shoot them down? Why hesitate? He likes them and they like him. He knows they don’t have a lot of time together so he wants to make it count. If they think trying to merge their heart with his spark will allow them to be closer than he’s willing to try it out. His faceplate flushes when his human gives him a peck on the cheek and they start teasing him for being a romantic sap. He isn’t being romantic. He’s being practical. S-Shut up.

✦ When the couple announce their plans to try and merge their ‘sparks’ together, Team Prime and company do their best to help make the transition easy as they can. The kids, Miko especially, try to not be. Ultra Magnus rearranges duties and tasks in a way that Ratchet has a lighter workload. Optimus and the rest try to be careful during missions, not wanting to tire Ratchet out. June volunteers her services to inspect Ratchet’s lover when a sessions is over. Knockout doesn’t sass Ratchet as much. It’s touching to see how love can bring everyone together.

✦ Ratchet is incredibly grumpy during the more difficult parts of the process. Why? Because his human is grumpy too and it throws him off a bit. He’s so used to them being the more patient one in their relationship, more willing to weather the storm of his sass and his bite. Except they don’t have much patience or calm in their reserves when dealing with all the emotions around them as they reach the final stages of the bonding. This has to be the most difficult period in his life. Having them snap at him or pull away from Bumblebee or the others is strange and frustrating and worrying. Sometimes he wishes he hadn’t said yes to trying to bond. Sometimes he thinks this is a terrible idea and he was being selfish for putting them through this.

✦ Except it is worth it in the end. When their bond finally forms and he’s able to properly reach out to them with not only with his servos and words but with his emotions and love for them. The nerves and stress they have is smoothed out by his calm and patience, easing their anxieties and encouraging their joy when they accidentally respond to him. It’s then that his human realises they can respond to his feelings. They can respond to him and only him. They did. They actually did it. His lover all but throw themselves against his chassis the second he hides away his spark, burying their face against his chassis and laughing in joy. Ratchet asks if they’re crying and can only smile when they say they will neither confirm nor deny that. It’s okay. He knows better.

interitusrot  asked:

Hello!! Im new to ffxv and this is my first time requesting for this game! Ah, anyways! Could you please write a fic where the reader is very shy only around gladio and finds a patch of gladiolus's (the flower hes named after/shares a name with) and picks a bunch of them to give to him later that night at the haven as a way to confess? Thank you :3c If you havent seen the flowers before you should look em up, theyre super pretty!

Welcome to the family, hun! I’m honored that you sent your first request to me and I hope this is what you were looking for :)

Word count: 950


How exactly you had come to traverse Eos with the young King of Lucis and his companions was honestly beyond you. Fate was a funny thing, however, and the Astrals seemed to have a few cards up their sleeve when you wound up in the back of the Regalia wedged between the king and his Shield. Despite how quiet and reserved you were, each of the four men seemed to had taken a liking to you. Once you proved you could handle yourself, your place among them was sealed.

Prompto had been able to get to you pretty quickly with his stupid jokes and his crooked smile. Noctis’ snarky attitude made it easy for you to pick back at him and Ignis’ knowledge of seemingly everything made it impossible for you not to ask questions or for his opinions. You were quiet, sure, but nothing unusual when you consider that you were the only true outsider in what was clearly a close knit group of friends.

Gladio, on the other hand, was an entirely different problem. For some reason, your tongue never seemed to function correctly when the Shield was around. Anytime you caught his amber gaze on you, your eyes would widen, cheeks would burn, and you would stutter out some excuse to remove yourself from the situation. Reserved was something you had always been, but you had never been this shy around anyone in your life.

You knew what it was. You were deep in the Gladiolus Amicitia section of hell and there was absolutely nothing you could do about it.

Honestly? You didn’t want that to change.

The plan had come to you almost as a joke. The Haven your group had chosen the night before was close to a field where all sorts of different flowers grew. The stand of darkly colored gladioli caught your attention amongst the other brightly colored blooms. The dark red/black blossoms were the perfect representation of the man that bared the same name.

You waited until dinner was over and you had helped Iggy clean up the mess before sneaking off when no one was paying attention. Ignis was content with a steaming cup of ebony while he watched Noctis and Prompto try to reenact an event from earlier in the day so that Prompto could photograph it. Gladio had gone just a few yards from the Haven to practice with his new greatsword. Seeing the opportunity, you headed straight for the flowers and carefully picked a handful near the base and stashing them behind your back as you approached the only man that had ever affected you in such a way.

It took several tries for you to clear your throat enough to force any words passed your lips. “G-Gladio,” you stumbled slightly over his name. The moment he turned to face you, his eyes locking on yours, you could already feel your face reddening.

He definitely noticed the color in your cheeks but he didn’t comment. He did smile, however, his eyes lightening to the color of fresh honey in the moonlight. “What’s up?” He pushed the end of his sword into the ground, leaning casually onto the hilt. You couldn’t help but noticed the way his biceps flexed and the inked feathers of his tattoo rolled over the taught muscle as he held himself up.

It was now or never, you told yourself and took a few more steps towards him. Although it felt nearly like you were walking through quicksand, you slowly managed the distance and held your hand out. You nearly forced the flowers, still damp with the evening dew, against his chest as you stared at the ground.

“These for me?” he asked before gently taking the flowers from you. You hand dropped limply to your side as you nodded. While you studied a stain on your boot, you heard Gladio exhale deeply and let out a breathy chuckle as he clearly recognized the flowers you had presented to him.

You were beginning to worry that your cheeks would never return to their normal color when a hand encircled your waist and brought you against a massive wall of muscle. Gasping, you gripped onto the tank top Gladio wore. It took a gentle finger under your chin for you to finally meet his eyes.

Silence fell between the two of you as you looked at one another. A lifetime of words and emotions seemed to flow between the two of you without a single syllable being uttered. Finally, Gladio smiled and you felt your lips twitch in response. “Don’t think I’ve ever gotten flowers before,” he finally broke the silence with a smirk. The hand around your waist tightened as if to emphasize his words and pull your closer.

“I saw them and I instantly thought of you. I thought they would…be a good idea.” You still couldn’t bring yourself to say the words aloud. You were standing there, wrapped in his arms, and you couldn’t say it.

Thankfully, the Shield was as good at reading people as he was at reading those historical war books he toted around and he knew precisely what it was you weren’t saying. “They’re perfect,” he whispered so closely that the warmth of his breath ghosted over your lips. Before you could respond, his lips met yours a featherlight kiss as if he were testing the waters.

A soft moan left you – a sound of both surprise and excitement that this was finally happening. At the sound, Gladio’s grip on you tightening and his arms encircled you while one had tangled into the hair at the base of your neck. “Took you long enough,” he mumbled against your lips.

stormpilot fic rec list (take 2)

I’m baaaaccccckkkkk!

Fresh from the depths of HELL (ie the Finn / Poe Dameron tag on ao3). Can you believe I’ve made my way through 22 pages? 22 !? anyway, i am even trashier stormpilot trash than ever, and i just cannot get enough so i’ve compiled another list of fics that have made my dead soul feel FEELINGS. My first list can be foundhere. Also, thank you to everyone who has been recommending fics for me to read (@ my fic rec anon), keep ‘em coming.


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WarmUp: No Panties

Main Pairing(s): Gajevy

Sub Pairing(s): N/A


Warning(s): Smut

Rating: M

Words: 800

Note: Gajevy Love Love Fest 2016 - August



I bet ya realized by now that yer panties are missin’. If ya want ‘em back you’ll have ta come find me so we can talk about the rules. Gihee. Have fun.


What rules? Is this some sort of game to him? We have to get going in two hours for our mission!

“Gajeel we don’t have time for this!”

My voice echoed through the house but nobody answered.

“Gajeel this isn’t funny!”

Still no answer.

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Hypothermia - Prologue

This is the first part of a Mike x Reader that I’m going to be doing! Originally it was going to be an OC instead of a reader insert, but I figured that more people would be interested in the latter. I’m thinking that there are going to be about ten parts, though that may change depending on the length of each chapter. Also, I pulled a lot of dialogue from the game, so if you recognize any of it, that’s why! Enjoy!

Next Chapter

“Come on, Mike, don’t do this.”

“Oh calm down, would you? It’s not that bad. Just got a lot of love to give,” Michael said.

“No, Mike, if you do this-”

You were cut off by Emily. “Last time I checked, you aren’t Mike. He’s old enough to make his own decisions.”

You glared half-heartedly at her. “This isn’t fair!” you attempted to reason with your best friend one last time. “Mike, if you do this, I’m never talking to you again!”

He rolled his eyes at your juvenile threat, “Yeah, uh-huh. Just like you never talked to me ever again after I ate your pizza last week?” Your stomach sank at his dismissal. He was really going to go through with this, wasn’t he?

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Nursery-- Aaron Burr

Request: N/A

Prompt: N/A

Pairing: Aaron Burr x Reader

TW: Death, sadness, breakdowns

WC: 700

This is one of Peggy’s old one shots that we revamped an made into a Burr fic for Decemburr! Hope you enjoy! ~Peggy and Eliza


He has to know.

You scrubbed the dried blood out of the mattress and changed the sheets on the bed, throwing  out the old ones.

“I have to tell him.” You said to yourself

But how do you tell him?

You poured out the blood stained water, and rung out the sponge. Your eyes teared up as you remembered the events of monday morning.

God he’s going to think that you were lying from the start.

You paced the length of the living room.

When is he coming home? Today? Tomorrow?

You heard the door open and a suitcase being set down.

“(y/n)? Love, I’m home!” suddenly, you heard his sweet voice echo through the house. 

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I Miss Direction Most in All This Desperation


Pairing: AH OT6
Word Count: 28,050
Prompt: "Ok first off I love all you’re writing and you have made me seriously ship AHOT6, like I never thought I would. Prompt for you: AHOT6 in padalickingood’s hybrid!au please! It can be any plot, with or without smut, but I desperately need some OT6 in this au"

Notes: christ sorry this took so long. this has a lot of background story line going on that wasn’t talked about much. 

This does take place in Heat’s universe. Heat isn’t relevant to the plot of this one, and this takes place before Heat.

Ages are changed: Geoff is 29, Jack is 27, Ryan is 26, Gavin is 21, Ray is 20, and Michael is 19. 



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is-the-ghoul-fresh  asked:

What kind of dragons would the UT US and UF skellies be? Like personality wise,and the things they would often do as dragons. And if you want, what kind of color patterns and schemes would they have if they had flesh and scales?

I love your dragon asks :3
I hope it alright that I formatted it like a headcanon!

- Dark navy blue body with a yellow belly
- He’s the dragon that you never see.
- He doesn’t like conflict so he hides away in his cave.
- He can actually turn himself invisible so he can make a quick escape.
- The one time you’d be able to catch him without scaring him off, is when he’s napping in the sun.

- Orange body with a red/white marble belly
- This sweetie is still adorable even in dragon form!
- He was raised in captivity and is a pet to the village.
- He loves to play with the kids and swing them around on his tale.
- He’ll also help fly around the hunters of the village so they can hunt.

- Red body (obviously) with a gold belly
- He’s the dragons that likes shiny things .
- His cave is home to a mountain of gold and he isn’t keen on sharing it.
- He’ll kill anyone who comes near him but he won’t outright try to invoke rage.

- Black body with a red/orange marble belly
- He’s the dragon they warn kids about.
- He steals people who wander to close and keeps them in his cave.
- He wouldn’t kill them though he might rough ‘em up a bit.
- He will kill anyone who tries to get them though. They are his!

- Light blue body with a grey belly
- Much like Papyrus, he acts more like a puppy than a dragon.
- He was a captive raised dragon as well, living in the village.
- The kids adore him and they give him belly rubs all the time, avoiding his wagging tail.
- He doesn’t help with the hunters, but he does help things for the gatherers. He doesn’t want to hurt anything so this is more his speed.

- Dark orange body with a white belly
- While he wasn’t raised in captivity like his bro, he’s become a pet to his village.
- They found him when he was injured and let him stay if he helped them.
- Now he hunts for them and brings them wood for the fires.
- He loves to nap in the middle of their village, and the kids love to climb all over him.
- Sometimes they’ll nap to if the days been long enough. He’ll wrap his tail around them too if they do.

  • Cora: I want you to be happy.
  • Regina: Then help me find Hook...
  • Cora: What?
  • Regina: What?
  • Cora: I said I want you to be happy, why are we finding Hook?
  • Regina: Because Emma wants him back and I want Emma to be happy.
  • Cora: Oh god you're still doing it aren't you?
  • Regina: Doing what?
  • Cora: Say her name again.
  • Regina: Em-ma.
  • Cora: There it're just dancing around your feelings, sharing looks, saying her name like it's the most important word you've ever said. For god's sake Regina, you've come to the Underworld for your eyes, take your son and your Sheriff and get on a boat back to Storybrooke.
  • Regina: But...
  • Cora: Happiness Regina - go and find it!
  • Regina: But she wants to save Hook.
  • Cora: Oh fine, find him, save him, whatever, just don't pretend you're down here for him when you're here for her.

ziamandcaryl  asked:

I can't wait for your analysis of AAOOD3 part 9!

Anonymous said:

Im sure you have been bombarded with asks for your take on the latest AAOOD so consider my hat thrown in the ring too!  I always look for your opinion and  and dont want to miss it before another episode airs!   Thanks!

Anonymous said:

Yo but where did Henry go near the end of episode/part 9 👀️

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

What do you think of aaood3 part 9?

Anonymous said:

I am not bugging you I swear because I know you will patiently analyze the 9th part in your own time but omg what shade! The costume color change of Zayn’s mentioned re “independence”, Dr. L speaks about the “general public” figuring out his ill-intentions, the elves finding out about the evil Dr. Chaos. Too much happening!!!!!

jensha21285 said: So excited for your analysis of today’s aaood3 part 9.

Hello lovelies! Once again there’s lots to discuss. And…ummm…better late than never.

Part 9 opens with Ziall being drained by the leeches.

Definitely not. It’s my headcanon that these leeches represent the media. So let’s take a moment to look at them taking their cheapest star power draining shots at Niall and Zayn this year:

Yep, those are no ordinary leeches. So Ziall are gonna need to get creative to get outta this one. But Zayn’s close to giving up again. Time for Niall to stand in the gap once more.

Yeah, what would you do if these were regular folks? That’s the spirit Niall, keep Zayn’s head in the game. Get it? Head in the game? Anywayyy…

Sure, you might “burn” them right back the way they “burned” you with those nasty articles. But before we get to the burn, they mention Zayn’s lighter and how it’s still in his old yellow uniform. And we get some insight into why the color changed from yellow to green. Seems my anon was really onto something

Imo, the uniform change is more symbolism in a cartoon full of symbolism. Yellow is the past. Yellow is Zayn as part of 1D only. Yellow was when Zayn was sure of his power. Green is the present and the future. Green is the fight for new power–the fight for good over evil. Green also symbolizes independence–the freedom to be out here solo and the freedom to join the group, just like the Green Ranger. Go read up on the Green Ranger.

That aside, they’re still being drained by these leeches who’ve burned them in the press.

But Niall has another plan. Good ol’ Niall. There’s so much more going on with Niall than meets the eye. Appreciate Niall.

You gotta burn ‘em right back, you see.

More symbolism right here. Buzzcut Zayn represents post 1D Zayn. Post 1D Zayn was supposed to be a weakened Zayn. And, by extension, a weakened 1D. But Zayn used his head. So how did Zayn burn ‘em right back? The right look at the right event at the right time.

And just like that, the leeches are giving him good press. Holes have been poked in the official narrative. He’s sharing headlines with A-listers. This is how you play the game.

Go get ‘em, Tiger.

P.S. Don’t drink the kool-aid, kids.

So Ziall are free from the leeches, but there’s still trouble all around. And Louis and Henry finally make their way to Santa’s workshop, still unaware of just how bad things are.

Shit is getting too real for Dr. L. He’s trying, but 1D just won’t say die. And now all his lies are threatening to come crashing down on him. So what is a lying ass liar to do?

Keep lying, of course. Lying frantically, lying badly and lying a lot. That’s very 1DHQ. Keep denying everything, even though this whole damn mess is your fault. smh…

And Henry (symbolizing OT5) carrying Louis represents how the rest of 1D supports each other when one of the guys is having a hard time.

Meanwhile, Ziall watch Louis and Henry’s arrival and know that they’re in danger. Having rallied yet again (how many times has this poor baby had to rally?), now Zayn has plan.

There’s no time to waste, because Dr. L is trying to neutralize the threat ASAP. He pretends that he’s actually gonna lead Louis and Henry to the big guy, but nah. It’s yet another trap.

Louis. Henry. Don’t. Don’t get distracted.


Zayn, where are you?

Ah, Zayn’s managed to turn a team member(s) against 1DHQ. But will it be enough? He explains all the shady shit that’s going on.

The reaction–as you can imagine–is one of anger.

Whoa, guys. You gotta keep your wits about you to deal with this fella. He’s powerful and relentless.

Oh boy, this looks bad. Henry’s taken off. Is OT5 really done for? Can they not take the heat? Are they giving up? Nah, I have a feeling Henry will be back. Wait for it…

Finally, Santa shows the hell up. Who does Santa represent? Could it be Irving Azoff? Is this the powerful friend Zayn mentioned? I dunno. We’ll see.

Bruh. Does Louis look ok? Dude needs to get with the program. All hell is breaking loose and he’s blissfully unaware. So it’s safe to assume 1D’s drama hasn’t been on his radar before now. But 1D needs help like yesterday.

Dr. L truly doesn’t give an eff.

He’s incapable of empathy.

After rattling off some more lies, Louis ends up on a conveyor belt headed for the furnace. Dr. L’s final plot for Louis, which seems to have been concocted out of pure malice and desperation, is designed to destroy Louis.


Yeah, this seems pretty malicious and desperate.

Santa begins to suspect something’s not quite right.

You ain’t gotta lie to kick it, Doc. Clearly Santa is powerful, but not about that bullshit.

But Dr. L is just on some other stuff. There’s no reforming him.

At least you know, you nasty piece of work.

And speaking of nasty, once Santa reaches Dr. L’s lab and spots Ziall, weeelll…

You didn’t think he was just gonna stand by and allow anybody to help 1D unchallenged, right? Can you say power struggle?

But Zayn and Niall manage to momentarily escape and alert Santa’s staff about all the foolery.

Let’s goooo! Are things finally unraveling for the evil Dr. L?

It’s very, very, important that you, the general public, never know about what a thirsty, lying, batshit, super villain Dr. L is. LOL Too late.

Uh huh. Once again, this cartoon hits the nail on the head. But while publicly 1DHQ is screaming that everything is fine, normal, business as usual and wonderful, privately…

Stalemate. Stand-off. This is why we can’t get a damn OT5 reunion rn.

When will it end? When will the band get back together? Feels like this has been going on forever. Just like real life.

Ah, but the powerful celebrity “monster” that 1DHQ created approaches. You weren’t counting on him turning on you, huh 1DHQ?

Yes, I’m working on part 10.  Bear with me…

Pokemon Go Headcanons

I love Pokemon Go, and since their official designs have come out, I immediately came up with headcanons and personalities for them. Me, as a new writer that’s still practicing, decided that the best way to practice writing dialogue for these characters was to use them to describe each other, and show you how I’d think they’d act. So, this is the three team leaders describing each other as I would write them.


Blanche: “You would like me to describe Candela? She doesn’t appreciate when others speak about her when she’s not around, maybe you should wait until she returns and ask her yourself. However, whatever I say here, I’m sure I’ll end up saying to her anyway. She’s a very truculent woman. Sometimes maybe an exorbitant amount of so. If you exasperate her you will find yourself at the clemency of her well-trained hands and leniency isn’t facile to come by. Yet, I don’t mean to make her sound so godawful. Her aggression is not always so ill-willed. Other times- a plethora of the time, she’s a very caring person. She endeavors her hardest to be as amicable as she can be, even working through her short temper. She’s withal a very touchy-feely person; perpetually giving out hugs and kisses. The very first thing she does when you meet her is give you a moniker. It’ll always be something along the lines of ‘Love’ or ‘Hun’ or even ‘Babe’. Being plenarily veracious, her ardency leans more in that direction. Definitely a good ally, and a profoundly intriguing rival.”

Spark: “Candy is an amazing friend. I’ll tell you- she’s always willing to listen to what you have to say. She gives amazing advice too. Like, one time, when Snugs- she’s my Mareep, I named her Snugs- when Snugs was having a hard time sleeping, she helped me sing for her. It only worked for a little while and we had to ask Blanche for help, but Candela was definitely a great help too! Especially when it’s time to help the new recruits get started and teach them how to catch and care for their pokemon. And sure, sometimes she can get angry because she’s got a really short fuze, but it’s not very hard to calm her down if you can just make her laugh. Nobody can be angry when they’re laughing- believe me, she’s tried! And if a joke or two doesn’t work, just give her a good hug. She loves being touched like that… but now that I think about it, unless you’re me or Blanche, I don’t think it’s a good idea to even try something like that. Not unless you want a fist in your face. B-But of love- a punch is a kiss in her language, I promise!”


Candela: “Blanche is a total snooze fest. He’s really snooty and it’s almost impossible to get him to smile. And he’s a total snob. He spends money on things that I can’t even pronounce the name of and he’ll get real irritated if we touch or move things around. It’s like, he can’t just go to a cafe, it has to be a big ol’ fancy restaurant, with tablecloths and a dress code and- ugh! It’s like- I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s obnoxious and annoying. And yes, I already know they mean the same thing, Blanche spent so much time telling me when I used them both describing his cocky little Absol. It’s like they learn from the worst!- they being his pokemon. He acts like he knows everything… but I guess that’s fair considering he practically does. And he’s not all bad, I guess, he is incredibly strong- which is weird because all he ever does is meditate, it’s like, where did all that strength come from?! People just swoon when he walks by, even Professor Willow- which is weird because he’s like half a foot shorter than everyone. They just adore him and his cranky attitude and it’s like… just… ugh. I do too- but he doesn’t know, so don’t tell him, alright? I don’t need my rival knowing I think he’s cool, it’ll just inflate his big nerdy head.”

Spark: “Blanche is pretty cool- heh heh. It does become annoying when he corrects you all the time, but I know he doesn’t do it to be mean. I am pretty forgetful. Still he can be pretty -hehe… He can be pretty… cold- heh- no wait, come back I’m not done! He’s seriously not all that bad, definitely not as bad as a lot of people seem to think. Of course, if you compare him to Candela he can be a little stiff. But he’s just got space issues, so he doesn’t like overly crowded cafes and stuff. And, he gets touchy when you ask, but I’m sure he’s got that obsessive disorder, which is why he gets upset when me or Candela move his stuff around. So he’s not bad at all! There are times when he can be real friendly, like if we agree to do him favors or if we help him out a whole bunch, he cooks for us, or he’ll pretend to laugh at my jokes, which is pretty cool. And he smiles sometimes… only at his pokemon, but it’s usually really warm. Candela doesn’t believe me when I tell her I’ve seen it, so maybe one day I’ll snap a secret shot or something for her- OH a-and he’s like really clumsy! Like, so clumsy, he’s broken counters and tables and chairs, it’s like a whole different side to him. It’s really funny because he gets really flustered when it happens, but he doesn’t really know I’m there, so it’s like he’s embarrassed of himself while being by himself. And it’s actually kind of cute. He gives me… chills- hue hue hue- no wait, don’t go, seriously, he does and I don’t even know how to fix it, I don’t know what’s going on, please help-”


Candela: “Spark is the life of the party, even when there isn’t one. I tell ya, he’s the funniest thing- he’s the punniest thing, HA- don’t leave! I’m not as good as him, I got it. Anyway, he’s a good sport. He doesn’t mind when I give him hugs and kiss him on the cheek, unlike Blanche who straight up panics when I get too close. And he lets me play with his pokemon when mine are resting. He’s a real people magnet too. When we go out to help the new recruits get a hang of themselves, they all usually flock right to him. A friendly ol’ soul. But he’s awfully protective. I can’t count on my hands the amount of times he’s stepped in front of people running at me. Most of the time, they were just trying to be friendly, give us hugs or just greet us, but Spark is usually right there keeping them back. This is really good when Blanche comes out with us and some crazy overexcited fan tries to throw themselves onto him. He knows how to keep ‘em away. And just between you and me, I think there’s something going on between those two. Maybe it’s just a guy thing or whatever, but like, Spark is on Blanche like cold on ice. See what I did ther- come back here!”

Blanche: “Rambunctious. Sometimes maybe too rambunctious. He’s constantly telling ‘jokes’- he and Candela share the same juvenile sense of humor so it’s just double the frustration. He’s awfully forgetful as well, so I have to perpetually remind him of some of the rules around the center. Yet, he’s an amicable and allegiant comrade. He kens how to control himself when he requires to; if Candela or I are feeling ill, he’ll quiet down, or if he kens he’s making a mess, he’ll pick up after himself and his pokemon when he’s done playing. And I’m grateful for the avail he provides when I get caught up in the lab. Simple things like picking up orders I’ve made or training the incipient Mystic recruits when the research I’ve accumulated has piled too high. I’m always sure to recompense him, whether it be going out with Candela and him when they optate to catch a few more pokemon or train the recruits, giving him a few extra potions, sanctioning him to test out the advanced pokeballs Professor Willow has given me, or just cooking him a particular meal he enjoys. Outlandishly enough, he prefers when I sit with him while he eats, but it’s nothing tedious to me.”

Steve/Bucky Fic Recs

Some of these are just porn, btw.


people should see how we’re living (~2k) : There was a stray cat one spring when Steve was a kid, gray and spindly, matted. She used to look at him with these huge eyes, like she was waiting for his fist to close around her neck, like she knew it was shameful weakness letting him this close to her, but she just couldn’t stand to be alone any more. Bucky makes that same face.

Or: Bucky Barnes is a work in progress. Luckily, Steve’s a hard worker.

have you ever thought just maybe (~4k): “JARVIS,” Tony called thoughtfully.  “Yes, sir?”  “Those young people are in love,” he said.

Parallel Constructions (~13.5k): In the absence of orders, the man wearing the face of Bucky Barnes must figure out who he will be. The answer, mostly, is “somebody Steve Rogers can love.” Nothing so easy should ever take this much work.

you got blood on your hands (and i know it’s mine) (~3k): Bucky refuses to see Steve after his deprogramming.

the sirens and the thunder (~16k): An AU where Bucky is a young selkie who is accidentally called to Steve and ends up staying around to help this poor, wretched kid not die.

Our history is just in our blood (history, like love, is never enough) (~5k): Steve is sure the guy working the morning rush at Starbucks is Bucky. Unfortunately, the guy doesn’t seem to know that.

yourself (or someone like you) (~2.5k): "Here is the root of the truth, the crawling dark thing that lives under the earth, hidden from eye: Bucky does remember. He just wishes he didn’t.“

your fatalism and your crooked teeth (~2.5k): He thinks about it sometimes, about making it official. God knows enough people talk about the two of ‘em, living together like they do. They give them looks sometimes, say disapproving little things about what Stella’s ma would’ve thought about her going around with a fella like him, without even having a ring to show for it.

we share our mother’s health (~4.5k): “I didn’t ask for you to do this,” Steve says, as he cleans Bucky’s back, a few minutes before Steve’s mother will come in and take over. And no, this, this is the most offended Bucky has ever been, because he knows, and nobody needs to tell him what he should or shouldn’t do because he knows, he’s always known.

I spoke about wings; you just flew (~2k): Bucky Barnes lives downstairs from Steve Rogers and embarks on the clumsiest seduction known to man.

from across the distant shore (~2k): which they’re superheroes, who save each other, over and over.

Count the Rings Around My Eyes (~2.5k): In the wake of his time with Arnim Zola, Bucky doesn’t trust anyone to tend his wounds—Steve, however, is not just anyone.

Black as Midnight, Black as Pitch (~2.5k): Bucky has a darkness in him that he never wanted Steve to see, a darkness that longs to unleash itself on his all-too-perfect friend. Steve’s reaction when he discovers it, however, is far from what Bucky had always expected.

I had a dream about you (~6k): Steve’s hands are big and steady and powerful now and he can use the advantages he’s been given in love as much as war. Erskine would have liked that.

Sleep Away the Toils of Battle (~1.5k, technically part of a series but I’ve only read this one): "everyone thinking Steve is this gentleman everywhere and sort of a blushing virgin but one morning he walks into the kitchen of avengers mansion like an hour later before everyone else his hair is a mess he has a robe half on with some underwear underneath and has bruises everywhere from his neck to his hips and everyone just stares in shock and Bucky comes in and he’s 200% worse” aka someone did the thing

Swap (~1k): Steve and Bucky switch bodies. Nothing of substance happens from that moment on.

Chapter Fics/Series

The man on the bridge (~87k, WIP): Steve Rogers turning up at Tony’s door in the middle of the night might be a bit out of character, but it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. Stranger things have happened.

Steve Rogers turning up at Tony’s door with an amnesiac assassin - who may or may not have some of Tony’s personally designed hardware attached where his arm should be - well that’s just far too interesting to turn away, even if Tony is trying to avoid all things S.H.I.E.L.D these days.

Make Way For Ducklings (~28.5k): Steve leads a Tactical Defense training course a few months after the events of the Avengers movie, and gains himself some SHIELD-issue ducklings. A series of interconnected stories set in the same universe.

Passage on the Lines (~7.5k, WIP but the first part is complete in itself):  Natasha comes home with intel regarding the fate of the Winter Soldier; Steve leaves to go and avenge Bucky Barnes.

A Fucking Written Invitation (~9.5k, complete): “Jesus, Steve, I just had to explain to a ninety-something year old ex-killer that it was normal to *have dreams* and *wake up with unusual physical attributes* and, and listen, we have to get him a male GP, a, a man, because when I asked him why he hadn’t just called her to discuss this he looked at me like I’d suggested he slap her in the face.”

Circling Back (~47k, WIP): Steve looks for Bucky, Bucky finds Steve, Steve tries desperately to put Bucky back together. Bucky tries desperately to let him. 

Turn Back the Clock (~17.5k, WIP): Sam and Steve have tracked the Winter Soldier back to New York, but they have to put their search on hold when a wizard starts robbing banks on Broadway. During the fight, Steve gets hit with a spell that separates him from the rest of the Avengers, leaves him 10 inches shorter, 145 pounds lighter, and convinced the year’s still 1943.

And of course once Steve’s forgotten about him, he runs into the Winter Soldier.

Something More Important (~48.5k, WIP): Steve Rogers is determined to join the Army and go off to war. Bucky is concerned what will happen if she’s discovered. rule!63 Steve.