come on people wish her happy birthday

A very happy birthday to you Bucky

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Plot: Bucky birthday morning smut and after party smut

A/n (nsfw gifs)

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Birthday. Some people like them, some people don’t, Bucky was one of those that didn’t like it. He hated the fact that he was turning a hundred, sure he looks like he’s in his late twenties to early thirties but it still bugged him.

It didn’t help that the entire team teased him about it. You always told them to stop but they ignored you and kept teasing him until he snapped at them. He told them that if they kept up the teasing they would have a birthday party without the birthday boy. You reassured everyone that you were going to get Bucky in a good mood and get him to attend the party but they had to stop the teasing. They stopped and now it was your mission to get him in a good mood and have him stay happy throughout the party.

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A's Birthday

Today A was very late so I didn’t got to see her before the first class. We had class right before the break and as usual we sing and congratulate a student if it’s their birthday.
She was very happy.
After class I wished her a happy birthday and hugged her and went to the yard with her and some of her friends to eat the cake that they brought for her.
In the break we were with a lot of people so I didn’t gave her the gift then.
The break was fun but we didn’t talk much, we walked back to class together and joked around. I asked why did she came to school on her birthday and she told me she is going out tonight to celebrate and she won’t be coming to school tomorrow, she joked that now she knows how it feels to be a grandparent like me. Between jokes she said “I wish you could be like a normal friend” and I just laughed.
We both went to class and when the day was over I saw her when we were leaving school and she was leaving alone so I thought it could be a good opportunity to give her the present.
I asked her if we could talk so we walked to her car, I got the present out of my backpack and gave it to her. She smiled so brightly and hugged me. She thanked me a lot and opened it right away.
She loved both and she tried the necklace, she kissed the clasp of the necklace before putting it in the back of her neck. She told me it’s a superstition, you are supposed to kiss the clasp and make a wish.
Then she told me the least she could do was to take me home, I accepted. We had a great time, we talked a bit about her graduation.
We talked about our friendship, she told me that she considers me much more valuable as a friend than as a teacher and I told her I consider her a friend. When she dropped me off she asked me if we would still be friends when she graduates, I smiled and told her that I sure would hope so and she smiled back.

Did you miss me? | one

Bucky x Reader

A/N: This is my first time ever writing smut and I really hope that it’s okay. Again, sorry for any typo. Don’t forget to write a feedback, you can also drop a request in my ask box. (psst, requests are OPEN!)

Word Count: 4000+ | Rating: R [NSFW]

Warning: SMUT! Awkwardness…?

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Charles Xavier- Beach Party

Request:  can you write a imagine with charles xavier x student reader? She is only 5 years younger than charles and a teleporter. she is always travelling around world in her spare time with bff jean? One day charles asks her to throw a party for jeans birthday in some place exotic and at the beach party charles admits the reader he loves her? It is so detailed Im sorry :( please write I love your writings so much!

So this one turned out to be longer than I thought it would but man I hope it is still good. I tried really hard… but I don’t know about it. Anyway, hope you enjoy it and if you’ve sent in requests they are on their way I’ve just been lazy, Tab has been genuinely busy but I’m just lazy.

~Much love, Ive

You’d just gotten back from a trip to Sweden with Jean. The two of you were best friends and were always travelling the world together making use of your teleportation power. You teleported back into your room, so you weren’t caught as you’d been told not to go away this weekend by Charles who needed you to prepare for a class or something, you weren’t really sure you were somewhat jet lagged (if you could call it jet lag since you didn’t use a plane) when he spoke to you and his face is a little distracting. Why was he so pretty? You and Jean appeared in your room, giggling. As you slumped onto your bed the door opened.

“Do you guys think I’m stupid?” Charles spoke as he entered the room, “I know you’ve been gone all weekend,” He sighed.

“Sorry, we just got carried away, it was only supposed to be a day trip,” You said through a couple of giggles. You couldn’t help that you’d just been having so much fun.

“Jean can you leave the room please, I need to speak with Y/N,” His voice became harsh and all the giggles suddenly silenced. Jean shot you an apologetic look and crept out the room, gently closing the door behind her.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know it would be this much of a big deal,” You desperately started to apologise.

“Y/N, it’s okay just calm down. I needed Jean out of the room and I figured this would be the best way to do it.”

“What? So I’m not in trouble?” You asked feeling very confused.

“Well, I’m not happy but I have other things I want to discuss with you right now.” Charles sat on the bed next to you, “As you probably know, Jean’s birthday is coming up next Saturday and since she’s been having a pretty hard time this year I thought it’d be nice if we threw her a bit of a surprise party.”

“Oh, that’d be amazing. She’d love that,” You said smiling. Charles was so kind hearted, you hadn’t even thought of that and she was your best friend. Although you loved this idea you felt a little guilty that you hadn’t come up with it yourself.

“Can you meet up with me tomorrow to discuss the details?” He asked. You happily agreed and with that he left.

After your discussion with Charles about Jean’s birthday the day was finally arriving. You’d spent hours planning the perfect place to go and the food you’d eat and you were pretty proud of what you and Charles had come up with. You’d found the perfect little beach in Rio that was completely free of tourists and could only be reached by boat or your teleportation powers. You’d spent the morning teleporting the rest of the x-men so they could all be there to surprise Jean later on as well as set everything else up while you worked on getting her there. The plan was foolproof and you were so excited.

When Jean came into the kitchen that afternoon you greeted her, pretending to forget it was her birthday.

“So I was thinking, we should go to Rio today. You know snow one weekend and sun the next. What do you think?” You asked, trying to keep it casual.

“Um, yeah. Sounds good but you won’t get in trouble again will you?”

“Charles and a few of the others have gone out for some training, everyone else is busy with classes and stuff like that so they won’t even know we’ve gone.” You smiled trying not to show you were lying, “Now, go grab your swimsuit.”

You teleported Jean to the beach and the second you appeared everyone yelled ‘happy birthday’. Jean jumped at the crowd of people there as she was clearly not expecting it but she quickly turned to you with a huge smile on her face.

“You did all this for me?” She asked, pulling you into a big hug.

“Well it wasn’t all me,” You said gesturing to Charles who was sipping a drink.

“Thank you so much Y/N,” She said giving you one last squeeze before releasing you to go and thank the others. You wandered over to the table while Jean was busy with the crowd of people wishing her a happy birthday. The speakers was playing one of your favourite songs as you grabbed a huge slice of watermelon.

“This party is even better than I’d expected,” You heard Charles say from beside you.

“It was all you,” You said tilting your head towards him in thanks.

“All I did was come up with the idea, you did pretty much everything else,” Charles threw his hands up, refusing to take credit. You scoffed but didn’t want to argue with him. “You know, I think we make a pretty good team,” Charles said as he looked deeply into your eyes. Suddenly your insides felt all funny and all you could do was blink at him trying to think of words to say. Everyone was dancing around you but the only person you could concentrate on was Charles.

“I think so too,” Was all you could say after a long period of silence.

“You know, Y/N…” Charles let out a nervous laugh, “I… I uh…” He stammered.

“What?” You panicked slightly, thinking you’d forgotten something and he was trying his best to politely tell you that you ruined the whole party.

“I’m in love with you,” He spoke calmly but the words seemed rushed and you could tell he was nervous to tell you but you were so glad he had.

“I love you too.” You smiled up at him.

“Really? Oh thank god, I was so worried I’d screw everything up with you-“

“Charles, I really do.” You said cutting him off and reaching for his hand. He squeezed your hand as he held it in his. He leaned in towards you and you followed his lead, leaning in for a kiss when you were suddenly interrupted by Jean who slung her arms over both of your shoulders.

“Thank you both so much,” She said with a huge smile on her face, “You guys have to come and dance with me!” She started pulling both of you towards the dance floor and all you could do was look at Charles and know that you’d have all the time in the world to kiss him later.

Today is the birthday of one of my dearest friends.

What I did - called her to wish her an amazing day and made plans to meet up when she comes to town in a couple weeks.

What I didn’t do - post it on social media. She will get a ton of posts on sm today wishing her happy birthday from people she barely ever speaks to. It’s inevitable because that is how disconnected most of us are. My post would simply get lost in that shuffle so my personal contact is not only required but most appropriate and appreciated. You know, since we’re actually friends in “real life.”

And BTW, she doesn’t have tumblr so she won’t even see this message.

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I know I will be a downer, but I really don't think Jen and Colin are close. If they were before, they aren't now. Look at his bday post to Bex compared to Jen. :/ I know noting has ever happened, but maybe that blurring lines thing has ruined their friendship? Maybe he and his wife are uncomfortable and distancing themselves from Jen? Or maybe they weren't even friends to begin with.

Or, maybe there are some crazy asswhipes out there who flip the fuck out and harass Colin and say he and Jen are having an affair every time he posts about Jen that he’s just decided it’s best to keep his friendship with her private??  As far as I know, whenever Colin wishes Sean or Bex or anyone else a happy birthday on social media, people don’t accuse him of cheating on his wife, so maybe it’s just easier for him to be open about his friendships with them??  Colin is shy and introverted and very private when it comes to his personal life, so maybe seeing a bunch of crazies making wild accusations about him and one of his friends and coworkers having an affair finally started to get to him and he wants to do whatever it takes to avoid instigating them.  C’mon, I thought we’d dropped this birthday tweet stuff.  

As far as them not being friends to begin with, that’s bullshit, because they both have talked about on multiple occasions what good friends they are.  Colin has said that Jen is even close with his family (she went out with Helen one night, along with Sean and MRJ’s wives as well).  As far as I can tell, there are no signs pointing to them not being friends anymore.  Social media interaction does not define a friendship. 

In the end though, we don’t know them personally.  Even if they aren’t friends anymore, it’s none of our fucking business.  This is their lives, and outside of things they say about OUAT or their other projects, we have no right to stick our noses in their business.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE BEST PEOPLE THAT HAVE COME INTO MY LIFE!! @pantanaxamogelas I wish you sweet 16 and I hope you have one of the greatest days of your life!! You will always be one of the most awesome people to me and I will ALWAYS look up to you no matter what! I really hope you like this!! o///o Love you Martha!!❤❤❤❤

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4.14 || f2f


Erik was never really a fan of his birthday. He never liked a lot of attention. It made him feel rather uncomfortable. He looked around O’Reily’s, the place that had become his second home and shifted a little. Slurred happy birthday had stumbled out of sloppy mouths all night. He was not working tonight, but it still did feel a little like he was in charge of the people in the bar who seemed to want to use his birthday as an excuse to get shit faced. But luckily would good thing had come out of the night. He glanced over at he redheaded beauty who still seemed to want his attention. 

He smiled wandering over to her. He wrapped an arm around her waist and lightly kissed her cheek. He wished badly that they were alone. But if he had to share her he could at least find moments to make her smile. “Wanna go play darts, or help me pick a song for the jukebox?” He asked with a smile as his lips brushed against her ear. He smirked as his arm hung loosely around the beautiful woman he was growingly fond of. 


Y/N and Harry have never been apart for this long. The longest they’ve been apart was six months. But almost a year was too much for the both of them.

They’ve been friends since they were seven and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Yeah they would have their arguments and they almost lost each other, but they would get through it.

People would tell them that they’d get married later on or that they’ll be together, but the both of them would just laugh it off.

Between work and touring and filming and school, they’ve not seen each other. They’ve called and skyped, but it’s not the same.

Today’s Y\N’s birthday and she was hoping to wake up to a text from Harry, but all she got was one from her mom and brother.

Y/N doesn’t have many friends. Harry’s friends are her friends, according to Harry, but Y/N doesn’t really think that’s true because Harry’s friends treat her like shit sometimes.

She goes on with her day, hoping for a text from Harry, but none.

She frowns. They usually talk on the phone everyday for like an hour until one of them have to go. Today though, today they haven’t talked and that made Y/N upset.

Meanwhile, Harry was sitting down, waiting for the lady through the intercom to call his flight. He was biting his bottom lip so hard that he drew blood. His eyes kept moving to his phone that was balanced on his knee somehow, waiting for you to call.

He wants to call and tell you happy birthday, but he can’t. He knows it’s hurting you that he didn’t call you this morning or leave a message.

He shakes his head and grabs his phone. He scrolls through his messages and clicks on your name before typing up a message.

Don’t think I forgot what today is. Now, put that cute pout away and smile, love. I hope you have an amazing day and I wish I was with you to celebrate. But unfortunately, I’m not. I love you. Xxx

And of course, Y/N won’t ever truly know that Harry loves her more than a friend.


It’s past noon, around three, when Y/N gets a text from Anne telling Y/N to come over to her house. It may be a bit of a drive, but if Anne wants Y/N to visit, then Y/N will go and visit.

When she gets there, she’s confused as to why there were so many cars parked in front of Anne’s house. When she knocked and Anne opened the door, she didn’t expect people to jump out and yell surprise.

She hugged Anne first and said a thank you before moving to her brother and mom. She walked around and said thanks to people who wished her a happy birthday, but didn’t see the one person she wanted to see.

She sighed and walked into the kitchen and sat down. Not a minute after passed when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“He wishes he could be here with you, Hun. "Anne’s soft voice said. Anne sat next to Y/N and grabbed her hand. "Have you guys talked today?”

“No. "Y/N mumbles. She rests her face on her palm while the other hand is drawing random things on the marble counter. "I miss him, Anne. I want my best friend with me. "Tears well up in her eyes, but she doesn’t let them fall.

Anne wants to tell her that he’s coming, he’s coming, Y/N. But, she bites her tongue and gives Y/N’s shoulder a squeeze before standing up and walking out.

Y/N pulls out her phone and scrolls through her contacts before pressing on Harry’s name. Not even three rings before he picks up.

"Hey little bug. "She can just imagine him sitting down with a smile on his face. "How’s your day going? Enjoying you birthday?”

Y/N pouts some more and shakes her head even though he can’t see her. “No. I miss my best friend. ”

“I miss you too, love. "He sighs. "I wish I could be with you. I really do. ”

“I know, bud. ”

It’s quiet for awhile before Harry breaks it. “I have to go back on set, babe. I’ll talk to you later tonight, yeah?”

“Yeah, okay. ”

“I love you. ”

Y/N smiles. “I love you, bud. ”

When they hang up, Y/N goes back to the party and talks to a couple of people. She doesn’t see Gemma, the only person Y/N talks to besides Harry and his mom.

Twenty minutes later, she spots Gemma talking to a guy and she doesn’t want to interrupt so she starts talking to her brother.

Y/N is startled when she feels hands wrap around her waist from behind. She looks down-on instinct-, and gasps when she sees the tattooed arm. She turns around and her hands fly up to her mouth when she sees Harry standing
In front of her.

He grins at her reaction and hugs her once again. Y/N wraps her arms around his waist and cries when she gets a little whiff of his cologne that she missed so much.

He’s arms wrap around her neck and he presses a kiss to her temple then the top of her head. “Hi, love. "He chuckles when she responds with a sob. "Happy birthday!”

When he tries to pull away, Y/N’s grip tightens and the crowd, including Harry, laugh when she shakes her head.

“Hey now. C'mon, love. Give me a proper welcome home. ”

She sniffs before pulling away. She looks up and almost lets out another sob when her eyes make contact with his green ones.

“You’re here, you’re actually here. Oh my, gosh. I’ve missed you so much. I’m so glad you’re here. ” she hugs him again and she doesn’t want to let go.

“I’ve missed you, too. C'mon, let’s go sit down. "He directs her to an empty seat in the other living room where it’s more quiet and sits down before pulling her down with him.

"I can’t believe you’re here. "She says quietly, sniffing once before before resting her head on his shoulder and grabbing his hand in hers, giving it a squeeze. ”’M glad you’re here with me. “

He presses a kiss to her temple and let’s it linger for awhile because he missed her so damn much. ”’M glad too, love. So glad. I love you. “

She sighs and nuzzles up to him. "I love you, too, styles. Quite a lot. ”

And she’ll never know that he loves her more than a friend.


I’m back!💜

Pairings: Jefferson x Reader
Request:  hello! it’s my birthday tomorrow and I was wondering if you could write Jefferson fluff where it’s the reader’s birthday? it’s alright if you can’t. have a nice day! :)
Warnings: A little nsfw?
Note: I’m so sorry I wasn’t on to do this! But I’ll make it so Jefferson forgets but it’s still very fluffy and something a lil extra for this being late! 

You woke up with a smile on your face, today was your first birthday after the curse. It felt good to know you were spending it with the people you loved, usually Jefferson woke you with a breakfast and, well sex. After you’d both go for a romantic walk in the woods before he went picking mushrooms to bring in more food. You sat up ad waited for the smell of pancakes or eggs. Nothing. It got to around 12 O’clock and your heart sank a little, you brushed your teeth the went downstairs. You smiled at him, hoping it was some sort of prank. 

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Chris Evans x Reader
Genre: fluff, angst
Request: Can i request a chris evans imagine where him and the reader are in a relationship and reader’s ex flirts w/ her and so chris got jealous and they get into a fight? You can choose how it ends :-) thank you bby 😘💜

A/N: so I know that it’s suuuper fuckin short but I just wanted to write without staying up all night.


The loud music filled the building, people were dancing dancing on each other left and right. This wasn’t exactly your scene but It was your friends birthday, so you and Chris dragged yourselves off your couch to celebrate. You had dolled up (since you were clubbing) wearing a tight burgundy coloured lace dress that went down to slightly above your knees paired with black wedges and a leather clutch. Chris wore a black dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of dark jeans, and damn he looked good. You make your way to the bar following behind Chris with his hand in yours. You see Y/F/N wish her a happy birthday then comes the first round of shots. Then the second and you move on to a rum and coke. A few drinks later Chris excuses himself to the bathroom so you decide to dance with your friend. You see Y/F/N look behind you and you instinctively turn around. Your eyes widen as you see Mark, the ex that broke your heart. He walks toward you through the sea of people “Y/N hey, can I buy you a drink?”
“No thanks, I have one”
“C'mon just let me buy you one.” As he says this he wraps an unwanted arm around your waist, you don’t know how to react. You try to shrug out of his grip but he has a hold on you. You give in, admitting to only talk to him and attempt to be civil. You sit at the bar sipping on your drink as he stares at you intensely. “How’ve you been?” He asks
“I’ve been good” you don’t say anything else
“It’s been a while”
“Yeah. Luckily”
“Oh c'mon, don’t be like that. I know we ended on a not so good note but that doesn’t mean we can’t try again.”
“Yeah that’s true. But having boyfriend does” you can see that he’s about to get angry but Chris came to the rescue. “Hey man, didn’t you hear her? She has a boyfriend”
“Oh? What are you gonna do about it pretty boy?”
“I’m going to ask you to leave Y/N alone”
“And I’m gonna stay here”
“Look, I said back off” Chris shoved Mark off his seat. This started something. Mark shot up “why don’t we take this outside?” And with that Chris said he’d be right back and walked out the door, you followed him trying to stop him. You ran out to see cameras flashing and people recording. “Chris no!” He threw a punch and hit Mark square in the face. Mark tried to throw a hit but thanks to Chris’s Cap training he dodged it, just to be able to punch Mark again. You didn’t know what to do, you felt frozen. Once Mark got up he successfully hit Chris in the face making him fall back “Chris!!” You run over to him. “Fuck off Mark! Just get out of here” you yell. “Fine then, you’re not worth it anyway” Mark mumbles, stumbling away. “Chris are you ok? C'mon get up, we have to get out of here” Chris stood up and you shielded him from the paparazzi and slowly growing crowd. You hailed a cab and ushered Chris in. After you settled you told the cabbie your address you pulled out your phone and texted Y/F/N saying that your sorry you had to leave so early.

When you get back to your apartment you kick your heels off. “Y/N I’m so sorry about that. I just didn’t like the way he was talking to you. Well, I didn’t like that he was talking to you in the first place”
“Chris I get it, you were jealous. But there was nothing to be jealous about. I was just talking to him because I knew he wouldn’t leave me alone if i didn’t. But did you really have to fight him? I mean all those people, the paparazzi, it’s gonna be everywhere tomorrow.”
“Yeah. Fuck I know” he puts his head down and let’s out and exasperated sigh.
“But hey. You were my hero. You saved me back there” you get Chris an ice pack. You hold it to the side of his face where a bruise is starting to form “You saved me” you said smirking, looking into his eyes. He leans down and presses a kiss to your lips. “I love you Y/N”
“I love you too Chris. It’s just a drag about your face. It’s all bruised up. It was the money maker” you say in a teasing tone.
“You don’t think it’s hot?”
“Well I never said that” you say going on your tippy toes to attach your lips back to his. And let’s just say that you both forgot about Chris’s bruise that night.


fic: you are in love

author: wildestdreams

pairing: harry/louis

rating: explicit

summary: The one where there’s late night coffee runs with deep conversations, lots of frat parties with cute frat boys, TV show references, numerous social network interactions, first kisses in the rain and a slow burn love story between two unlikely people.

“He wished me happy birthday, but that’s about it.”

“And are you okay with that?” His mum prodded, looking more concerned than he was expecting her to. She was coming out of left field with these questions and Louis genuinely wasn’t anticipating them. They hadn’t spoken about Harry since graduation.

Louis shrugged, clutching onto Ernie for comfort. “It is what it is. I can’t really force him to speak to me if he doesn’t want to – and I mean – at first it really bothered me because I really loved him, but now I know that it’s a lost cause.”

“You did…you really did love him very much. I could tell from the way you looked at him or spoke about him. It was different.”

“It was,” Louis agreed softly with a small smile. “Strange, too, because we weren’t really together that long nor had we known each other for years.”

“Yeah, but time doesn’t really measure love, does it? I’ve heard that you could be with someone for two years and not love them, but be with someone for two months and feel everything with them.”

chapter thirty two: the one with the coffee run

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Cameron Dallas - Wish

Request: Can you do an imagine where it’s Cameron’s birthday and he invites all of his friends, including (y/n), to his birthday and when he blows out the candles he wishes that (y/n) would be his girlfriend, and everyone keeps asking him what he wished for and he doesn’t tell anyone until (y/n) asks him what he wished for, and he asks he her. Thanks


Cameron’s POV

Twenty-one is a huge number, you just have to celebrate it. There are numbers that can just be ‘nah, I’ll just watch Netflix and sleep all night’ but this is not one of these. You only turn twenty-one once and it opens a lot of doors for you. Knowing this so damn well I decided to have a big birthday bash and invite all my friends to celebrate the big occasion with me. Everyone was there, all the important people in my life took the time to show up and wish me a happy birthday. I was so happy to just have them with me on that day, but I was still missing one person.

I made my way through the groups of people in my apartment making sure everyone was having fun, but in the meanwhile I was just looking for that bright smile I loved so much. I talked to her earlier on the phone and she told me she would be there no matter what. Even though she was only twenty minutes late I was still freaking out that she wouldn’t come. She was flying to LA from New York just to spend the night with us. Her model career was starting to get better and she even had a few magazine covers lately. I always knew she would be successful, she was the most beautiful girl I ever saw and if she couldn’t be a model than no one.

Another ten minutes into some chit-chatting and chilling, when the door opened and she stepped inside. I couldn’t not notice that every male in the room turned towards her. She looked amazing in her tight black dress with her long hair up in a high pony tail. I immediately made my way towards her and as she laid her eyes on me her face brightened up.

“There is the birthday boy!” she giggled throwing her arms around me and pulling me into a tight hug.

“I’m so glad you could make it,” I breathed out feeling a wave of relief running through me.

“Of course I could, I told you I would be there,” she told me leaning back and giving me a bright smile. “I got you something,” she said excitedly and then held up a little box wrapped into blue paper with a bow on the top of it.

“Thank you.” I pressed a kiss to her soft cheek and immediately opened her gift. A white frame was in it with our very first photo that was taking in middle school. I was rocking some dope ass hair style that always covered my eyes, and she had her hair in two braids. She was on my back, I was giving her a piggy ride and we both were grinning madly. I think that was the time when I knew I would be hopelessly in love with her for a long-long time. “Gosh, Y/N, this is some major throwback,” I laughed not being able to turn my gaze away from the picture that captured a happy moment of our childhood.

“The last time I was here your nightstand looked a bit empty, I thought this would look good,” she said with a shy smile and shrugged.

“Thank you, I love it.” I hugged her again putting the frame into the box and then putting it to one of my shelves planning to take care of it later.

I asked her about her latest gigs and then we drank some champagne and I just listened to her as she talked about her photoshoots. I loved how passionate she was about her dream, she always told me she would become a model one day and now she was living her dream. I was so happy for her but on the other side I was sad I could see her more rarely. We both had crazy schedules but tried to spend as much time as we could. Even though we both had our lives we still remained the closest friends.

She was the girl that I fell in love with as a kid and my feelings just matured as I grew older. She was my best friend and she was the only one I even felt comfortable to cry in front of. She was like my soulmate and I just wanted to have her in my life for as long as I could. I fell in love with her heart and mind, her look only comes after these two. But I never made a move because I was too scared that she would tell me that she doesn’t feel the same way and it would ruin our friendship. And that was something I could never let happen. I would rather suffer for the rest of my life than loose her.

At the beginning the party was quite quiet, everyone was just catching up and having some drinks, but later, maybe because of the alcoholic drinks, everyone let loose and the living room turned into the dancefloor while all the well-known songs followed each other. Around eleven o’clock Aaron thought that it was time to blow my candles. He had a huge cake in the shape of the Vine logo made and stuck 21 candles in it. Everyone gathered around me and waited for me to make my wish.

Y/N was standing right in front of me, her gorgeous smile was sticky, I couldn’t help but smile back at her. For a brief moment there was no one else in the room, just her. I looked into her eyes, then taking a deep breath I closed my eyes and wished before blowing the candles out. Then a round of applause ran through the room and the cake was soon all gone.

In the next few hours the most asked question became “What did you wish for?” but I just kept saying that I would never tell because it wouldn’t come true. Also I knew, that it wouldn’t either way, so it was a bit whatever.

A few hours and some more drinks later my eyes met the box Y/N gave me earlier and I felt the urge to take it up to my room and put it to where it was supposed to be. I excused myself from some of my friends and grabbing the box I ran up the stairs and disappeared in my room. It was dark inside, but when I switched the lights on I saw that Y/N was standing in the window. Seeing the lights she turned around and I could see that she was talking on her phone. I smiled at her and sat down to my bed taking the frame out of the box and making some space on my nightstand for it by throwing some notes and stuff away.

“Yeah, that’s totally fine by me. So see you on Wednesday,” she said to the phone and then said her goodbye to the person on the other end. “Sorry for coming in without permission,” she apologized sitting down next to me.

“No problem, you are welcomed here anytime,” I smiled at her taking a look at the frame that was now standing on my nightstand.

“Looks good. Now you will always remember that horrible hairstyles we rocked back in that time,” she laughed pointing at the photo.

“I think it was okay, even though sometimes I didn’t see clear because my hair was in my eyes,” I chuckled throwing it back to that time.

“Hardcore,” she happily sighed. “So, what did you wish for?” she asked poking her elbow into my side.

“If I tell you it won’t come true,” I said smiling at her.

“Oh, come on, I don’t count. Tell me, you know how curious I am all the time!”

“I know. But I won’t tell you,” I said one more time.



“Cam please!”



“Alright, it was you!” I admitted suddenly catching both of us by surprise. “I wished for you to be more than just my friend,” I added silently.

“What?” she whispered blinking at me a few times.

“Probably this was the moment when I ruined our friendship, so I’m just the biggest ass right now,” I mumbled not being able to look at her. I was expecting her to say that she loves me, but just not in that way and she wants to stay friends, and I was already ready to suck it up and pretend that this never happened, when I felt her tiny hand slip into mine. I looked up at her and she was smiling. She was smiling at me!

“Did you really wish for it?” she asked softly. I nodded. “You know, than maybe we should do something to make it true.”

My eyes went wide not being able to believe her words. Was this an open invitation for a date? She wanted to go on a date with me?

“You better not be joking because I have been waiting for this since you showed up in school in a skirt for the first time,” I said recalling the moment as the twelve year-old Y/N walked into class feeling very uncomfortable in her floral printed skirt, but she looked amazing. And the twelve year-old Cam knew he would want to be friends with this cutie when he would be older.

Y/N smiled and shook her head.

“I’m serious. I just don’t understand why you didn’t tell me earlier. You waited almost ten years to confess it. If you did it when we were sixteen I would have said yes back then too.”

“Don’t tell me that I was dying for you through my teen years, but all I should have done was asking you out,” I told her with a serious face.

“But it’s true!” she giggled and hearing her angelic voice made my anger go away in a moment.

“Alright, then fuck it. I’m taking you out tomorrow. Are you still in town?”

“Yes I am.”

“Good, good,” I said nodding to myself. “I hope I will be able to wait until tomorrow, but with one thing I won’t be able,” I sighed looking at her.

“What are you tal-“ I didn’t let her finish, I pressed my lips to hers and finally kissed her. My sixteen year-old self would have been so fucking proud of me. Her lips worked perfectly against mine and it was even better than I imagined before. I was so in love and I knew I would do anything for this girl to keep by my side.

Seventeen Scenario: Happy Birthday (Wonwoo)

A/N: For my birthday anon! I hope you had a great day, sweetheart 💖 Take this as a belated birthday present? ^^ Hope you enjoy it! Happy birthday to all my autumn babies~

- Admin Mochi ✨

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“Here’s your change, sir. Have a great day!” You smiled brightly, handing the dollars and coins to the very last customer of the day along with his purchase. The man thanked you then made his way out.

“Annnnd, we’re done!” Sana, your co-worker, happily exclaimed as she flipped the door sign over to the “closed” side.

“Finally.” You sighed, collapsing into the chair behind you. Checking your phone, you found that it was now 9:30 PM.

Sana took out a Rice Krispies bar from her pocket and began unwrapping it. “Did you do anything before coming to work?”

She was referring to your birthday. Today you were officially 21 and typically, people took off work to go try drinking at a new club with their friends. But not you– you had decided to come to work.

“Nah.” You shook your head. “No special plans.”

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Birthday Present

Group: BTS

Member: Taehyung, Jungkook (x reader)

Genre: Smut

Word count: 1,364

A/N: This is the first time I wrote smut, and it’s really bad, so please don’t be mad at me >.< Also I don’t know BTS well but I’ll post this because it’s dedicated to my Unnie @bangtansdirtyboyz since it’s her birthday. I worked so long on this … :c I’m planning to rewrite this in the future (don’t know when). Hope you guys like it. Aaaaand…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNNIE <3

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I wish I didn’t sweat people who could give a fuck about me. And what pisses me off the most is that I fall for it again and again. I’m always wishing them Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, checking in on them etc. But, when it comes to me I don’t get SHIT in return. No Happy Birthday, No Merry Christmas…and especially NO ONE checking in on me. Last week, a girl I haven’t spoke to in a while hit me up saying that she really missed talking to me, and, sadly I believed her and tried talking to her again despite in the back of mind I knew she would drop me yet again…and I was right. She told me she was too busy to hang but then I found out through Facebook/ Snapchat her and her ‘other’ friends went out of town to Atlantic City and had a blast while I was at home thinking she was just to busy to hangout. I don’t get it, why do I always end up a friend of convenience? I’m a “good/ best friend” and “fun to talk to” but yet here I am, never getting invited out. I’ve tried making new friends but like me they have school and other engagements so sometimes it’s hard to touch base. Is it that I’m boring or what is it? I just had to vent….😢

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I just wanted to drop and say how much I love your art! When I first saw I really though it was the real thing but then I saw how much prettier it is! I also wanted to say how much I love your 2p animations :3c I know it's a bit impolite to ask but could you maybe draw Belarus or Denmark but my friends birthday coming up and those are her favourite characters. You are the best! Thank you for taking your time to read this ^u^

1. Uwah thank you very very much! Your support means a lot to me!
I’m always glad to hear that people like/enjoy my “Projects” :’3
2. I really hope I’m not too late! >w<)/ But here it is the Birthday picture! Send your friend a bunch of Happy Birthday wished from me! I really hope you and (of course) your friend like the picture/gift!
I tried to give them some elegant looking clothes like the ones the Axis and Allies got to wear in some ‘AU’s’! >_< I noticed they look a bit like a couple I hope that doesn’t bother you too much..^w^;

Sarcasm ahead. Since today is going to be Extra AF™ and we are already know stalkers are oustide Louis’ public house I am fully expecting the paps to be there as well to take picture of the Jungleworms clan getting into the house. Bonus points if they are going to get papped whilst they carry Breep and ‘Freddie’ on their shoulders whilst Olivia throws rose petals at them yelling how beautiful the miracle of life is. Once they’re all inside the Js are going to start snapchatting everything obviously (privacy who?), making sure to get a great visual of Louis and Breep helping Frelliot to blow his birthday candle after singing him happy birthday (the song is going to be v awkward since Cyber granny is going to call the kid Elliot and Trashley is going to forget the kid is a boy and will call him Sydney). The birthday cake will feature a dog. Obviously. The Tomlinson-Deakin family will assist the scene via skype and in the meantime Fizzy is going to post a throwback picture of Amber Fillerup, the mummy-blogger, whilst she was pregnant wishing the kid a happy birthday. Cousin Trashley will die of second-hand embarassment when she’ll realise Fizzy was shading her after their fight when Fizzy accused her of posting fake picture to make them look like they are of Briana’s. Then the unwrapping gifts part comes, making the people on the internet wonder why all the presents are less than $20 each when Breep allegedly gets $15k per month in child’s support and Brett ‘makes millions’. Breep will also get a present: a voucher to get another filler for her lips. Aye. Since the only people attending are going to be the Jungleworms, Olivia, Louis, Oli, Calvin, and Daniel (who has come back from his job working with DNCE specifically to join the party) they will all decide to invite the stalkers and the paps in to eat the cake. Breep is going to tell to the stalkers that they can get a picture with Frelliot if they pay $10 each (I mean, she has to get back those $20 dollars she has spent for the present, right?). At the end of the party, Louis is carried outside the house by Daniel, Oli, and Calvin on top of a carriage at which point Breep hands him the kid and Louis kisses him in front of the paps. Here’s a visual:

Once everyone will leave and we are all going to think we are safe, Louis will tweet and post a picture on instagram saying that he is ‘buzzing’ and that he is ‘excited’. Niall will obviously comment within minutes saying ‘that not a dog, freddie doll’. The end :)

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Hello, my dears! So my birthday is June 27th and I would love a music-inspired story--any rating really. Thank you!

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Happiest of birthdays to you!! This gorgeous little ficlet was written especially for you by @thegirlfromoverthepond.  Enjoy!!

The Power of Love

Thank you to @xerxia31 for betaing this!

And Happy Birthday to the giftee :)

Rated M

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