come on people wish her happy birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE BEST PEOPLE THAT HAVE COME INTO MY LIFE!! @pantanaxamogelas I wish you sweet 16 and I hope you have one of the greatest days of your life!! You will always be one of the most awesome people to me and I will ALWAYS look up to you no matter what! I really hope you like this!! o///o Love you Martha!!❤❤❤❤

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Marriage Anniversary

[ Karin says : ]    If you ask me, I am not in favour of organising any actions for celebrating Benedict’s wedding anniversary, simply because that’s for them, Benedict and Sophie to do, not for Benedict’s fans.

If you think about it - even regarding my own best friend, I would send her best wishes (and maybe a present) for her birthday, but I neither remember the exact day of her wedding (even though I had been present), nor would I celebrate her wedding anniversary with her / send her my best wishes when her wedding anniversary comes up. It’s a date that the happy couple remembers and celebrates, it’s not for other people (apart from those who’ll get invited for the silver anniversary / jubilee - 25 years after the wedding) to remember and celebrate.


90.10.15; JIYOON DAY.
my sun, moon and stars, my ultimate, it’s your birthday! first of all, happy birthday jiyoon! ♡ i hope you have the most special and beautiful and wonderful day because that’s what you deserve the most, to be surrounded by people you love and people that make you happy. i hope people make you smile so much today, like you make everyone else smile all the time and i just hope all of your wishes come true, even the tiny ones. your solo debut is soon so i hope your birthday gives you lots of strength and positive energy, i can’t wait for you to show us what you have been hiding for some time, i will always be cheering you on! thank you for being the brightest thing in my life (however lame that sounds), thank you for being the most funny, humble, amazing person and thank you for making me laugh no matter what. to summarise this whole post, i love you and i hope this birthday is your best one yet. ♡
#HappyJiyoonDay #HappyJenyerDay

Birthday Present

Group: BTS

Member: Taehyung, Jungkook (x reader)

Genre: Smut

Word count: 1,364

A/N: This is the first time I wrote smut, and it’s really bad, so please don’t be mad at me >.< Also I don’t know BTS well but I’ll post this because it’s dedicated to my Unnie @bangtansdirtyboyz since it’s her birthday. I worked so long on this … :c I’m planning to rewrite this in the future (don’t know when). Hope you guys like it. Aaaaand…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNNIE <3

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I wish I didn’t sweat people who could give a fuck about me. And what pisses me off the most is that I fall for it again and again. I’m always wishing them Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, checking in on them etc. But, when it comes to me I don’t get SHIT in return. No Happy Birthday, No Merry Christmas…and especially NO ONE checking in on me. Last week, a girl I haven’t spoke to in a while hit me up saying that she really missed talking to me, and, sadly I believed her and tried talking to her again despite in the back of mind I knew she would drop me yet again…and I was right. She told me she was too busy to hang but then I found out through Facebook/ Snapchat her and her ‘other’ friends went out of town to Atlantic City and had a blast while I was at home thinking she was just to busy to hangout. I don’t get it, why do I always end up a friend of convenience? I’m a “good/ best friend” and “fun to talk to” but yet here I am, never getting invited out. I’ve tried making new friends but like me they have school and other engagements so sometimes it’s hard to touch base. Is it that I’m boring or what is it? I just had to vent….😢

every road will lead me back home (to you)

do you know what today is? it’s thursday! but more importantly, it is the birthday of one of the most awesome people in the world, the amazing @amnesiacandstubbles so this little ficlet is for her. enjoy bb! and everyone go wish that awesome lady a happy birthday!

every road will lead me back home (to you)

She was angry, furious, at him and that much was very clear. She hadn’t come up to check on his when he was sitting in the back of the ambulance getting patched up, and now sitting in the backseat of the SUV, she stared defiantly out of the window, ignoring his gaze that fell on her pleadingly. Reade and Zapata in the front kept quiet, the tension in the car heavy enough without their input. He knew that she occasionally turned to him, when he wasn’t looking, or when he shifted painfully, trying to adjust himself, to find a position that didn’t hurt. That was hard with a desolated shoulder and three cracked ribs. She crossed her arms, tightened them over her chest, and huffed when from beside her she could hear him hiss at the discomfort after the car bumped slightly.

Back at the office, briefing Mayfair went quickly, no one adding any frivolous details. Jane was the first out of the office and into the locker room, and she was almost done when she heard the rest walk in. The others made quick of their work and left almost immediately. And for a moment, Jane leaned against her own locker and watched Kurt struggle to open his locker with one hand, swearing and grumbling when his efforts failed.

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Here’s wishing a wonderful birthday to the ‘honorary’ President of the John Lloyd Young Fan Club, Doris Armbruster! You can tell by these photos that she is a real ‘Wonder Woman’ when it comes to her devotion to JLY! (I certainly understand that feeling, but unfortunately don’t have the means to see him in concert very often like Doris does!) l get such a kick out of seeing them together, it’s so sweet! (l’ve already wished Doris a Happy Birthday on Facebook, but not quite sure if she’s on Tumblr at all because l don’t recognize a lot of people’s ‘creative’ names here!) Anyways, Happy 87th Birthday Doris! 


Yo guys, it’s happening.

Evelyne’s birthday is coming up and just like last year, I’d be more than happy to edit a birthday greetings video for her. (Here’s my YouTube channel for reference.)

But of course, I can’t make a video without, you know… people contributing.

So without further ado, here are the details:

  • Photos and videos are both welcome of any kind, it can be just you holding a piece of paper saying “Happy Birthday Evelyne” or recording yourself wishing Happy Birthday, everything’s fair game. (Don’t make it TOO long though, think about the fact that if I do get enough submissions, it’s gonna be a long video either way)
  • You can get as creative (the more the better) as you want so long it’s not offensive (LOL)
  • Write her a poem, dress up as Cosima and propose, record yourself spray painting her name on the local hospital building because clearly she makes people end up there. (Just kidding, please don’t get arrested for vandalism.)
  • Since I’m hoping for better quality (in a tech meaning) PLEASE try to make the picture/video with the biggest resolution available (AKA as high definition as possible) and HORIZONTAL. (It’s not a terrible thing if it’s a vertical aspect but PLEASE try to aim for 16:9)
  • DO NOT submit via my tumblr page, ALL stuff should be sent to this email address: (It’s easier to keep track of stuff this way and I’ll make sure to send you a reply when I get your stuff so you’ll know I got it.)
  • Deadline is November 15th midnight (so 12AM, when the 15th turns 16th) GMT time, but please don’t be like “I still have time” and then postpone it to the point of running out of time because that sucks. I will not be checking my mailbox after that.
  • If I don’t get enough submissions to work with, it’s not gonna happen so PLEASE even if you don’t plan on participating REBLOG FOR SIGNAL BOOST!
  • Don’t stress about it, please. It’s not a huge thing, it’s not your Nobel prize acceptance speech. You can include your face or not include it at all. You don’t look bad on camera, your hair looks great, show off that cute ass smile. She may see it or she may not see it at all, the point is that you did your part and it helped creating something kind and selfless and nerdy AF. Don’t do it like it’s something you HAVE to do, do it with appreciation for someone you like and respect. HAVE FUN WITH IT, MAKE IT A RAD EXPERIENCE LIKE YEAH, GRANNY WAS IN AN EVELYNE BROCHU BIRTHDAY VIDEO ONCE.
  • And thank you for every single one of you beautiful people who decide to contribute!!

If you have further questions please feel free to message me and my deepest apologies to my followers for the future 4398346834698346 self reblogs on this post.

Look at this thing:

Isn’t she worth the effort? (Yes she is.)

ideal gf ending imo
a few days after bills defeat, dipper wakes up mabel and tells her happy birthday. they go downstairs and the mystery shack is having another grand reopening. stan introduces the audience to the mystery shacks greatest addition ever, his incredible twin from another dimension!! ford comes out matching stan and they say they’re the new co-owners of the mystery shack!
gideon is working in the shack, he tells fortunes and keeps what people pay him with a small cut to stan. Obviously he’s not creepy towards mabel and has forgot about his weird vendetta to the pines
mcgucket is also working there, he builds better attractions than stan ever did. he and ford are friends again and he is getting healthier and coming to terms with those bad memories.
pacifica is visiting the shack with her parents, they are casual and relaxed and genuinely enjoying time with their daughter. she joins up with candy and grenda and they all wish dipper and mabel a happy birthday.
tambry and robbie are there together, hanging out with wendy and her friends and having a good time
melody is visiting from Portland to see soos and they love each other
some of the monsters are there too, the townspeople aren’t scared/disbelieving of them anymore because of weirdmageddon. the gnomes and manotaurs and unicorns and the multibear all get to come and go as they want.
soon enough dipper and and mabel’s parents show up to take them home. the whole town sees them off. stan and ford give them hugs and make em promise they’ll be back soon. and dipper and mabel go home together