come on paige.. we know you want to

My Hemmings Story #1

How We Met Luke’s PROV I was sitting backstage with my band, scrolling through my phone, when the One Direction boys came barging in. “ Hey guys we have some one we want you to me.” Niall said smiling. All of us put our phones away and looked at them, giving them a silent okay. “ Baby come on in.” The next thing i know two beautiful girls came in. “Guys this is my girlfriend Cali.” Harry said pulling the girl towards him. “And this is my girlfriend Paige.” I looked at the girl in Niall’s arms. She was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Right then we locked eyes and she smiled at me. The moment we locked eyes something clicked in me. I didn’t know what it was, but I suddenly started to feel protective over her. I stood up shaking Cali’s hand first then went to shake Paige’s,”Hi I’m Luke Hemmings. I’m the leader of the group.” “I know, I’m a big fan of yours Luke.” Paige smiled at me. My god her voice was so angelic. When I sat back down I looked to see Niall kissing Paige. I started to get mad, but then I remember that she was his and not mine. They looked so happy together, the way they look at each other you could tell they were in love. Don’t worry Luke. You will find your true love someday. I thought about that. Wishing it was Paige that was kissing me instead of Niall. Little did I know that later on I would find my true love. My Pov Driving in the car with my best friend Cali, nervous to meet these new guys that I have been listening to, becoming a big fan. “Paige you have nothing to be nervous for. They will love you just like Niall loves you. Just not in the boyfriend type of way.” Cali said as she parked in the back parking lot to the stadium. “You’re right Cali. I don’t know why I’m acting like this it’s not like I have anything to worry about.” I said trying to calm myself. Cali just smiled and walked through the door that lead into the backstage area. “Baby you made it !” I turned around seeing Harry and the other boys standing there. I walked up to them hugging them leaving Niall for last and giving him a kiss on the lips. “ Hey baby are you ready to meet them.” I nodded at Niall as he and Harry lead us to a door. “Wait here until I call you in okay?” I again nodded before Niall kissed me on top of my head. “Hey guys we have some one we want you to meet.” I heard Niall say. There was silence until NIall broke it,”Baby come on in.” That’s when Cali and I walked through the door. “Guys this is my girlfriend Cali.” Harry said pulling my best friend towards him as I walked over to NIall, getting pulled into his arms. “And this is my girlfriend Paige.” I looked up at him as he looked down at me smiling like an idiot. All the guys except the blondie that I think is named Luke, stood up and greeted Cali and I. Finally, Luke got up and walked to Cali first bidding her a introduction. After, he came over to me taking my hand in his,” Hi I’m Luke Hemmings. I’m the leader of the group.” I couldn’t help but notice that when our hands touched there was a spark of electricity rush through me. Shaking the thought off, I smiled,”I know, I’m a big fan of yours.” He smiled back and went back to sitting where he was before. “See I told you they would like you baby.” I looked back at Niall and smiled as he kissed me passionately. I was so in love with him. I saw a future with him,but something in the back of my mind kept telling me to not get too hopeful. Man was it right.

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