come on paige.. we know you want to

A Revelation Long Overdue

EMMA:  (runs into Granny’s in a rush) 

REGINA:  (rushes toward the door and almost crashes into Emma at the same time) 

EMMA:  I need to say something. 

REGINA:  I do too. 

EMMA:  Okay, but me first.

REGINA:   (taken aback)   Why you first? 

EMMA:  (frowns)  Well, why you first?

REGINA:  (raises eyebrow)   Because I’m a queen.  I always go first. 

EMMA:  (rolls eyes)  Seriously?  You’re pulling rank? 

REGINA:  (shrug)  It’s one of the perks of being a queen. 

EMMA:  Well, what are the perks of being in love with the queen?   (The Diner goes completely silent, but Emma and Regina don’t notice) 

REGINA:  Being in love with the… (pause)  I beg your pardon? 

EMMA:  Regina, I’m in love with you. Truth is, I’ve been in love with you for a long time. 

REGINA:  (stunned) 

EMMA:  (sighs)  I know it’s probably not what you want to hear, but… 

REGINA:  I’m in love with you too. 

EMMA:  (pause)   What? 

REGINA:  I’m in love with you, Emma. 

EMMA:  (slow dopey grin)   For how long? 

REGINA:  (tilts head and eyes dart off to the side)   A long time. 

EMMA:  Sooo… you’ve had feelings for me, and I’ve had feelings for you, but we never did anything about it. 

REGINA:  It appears to be that way.  (witnesses the savior looking around, dumbstruck)   Well, you were dating that seafaring maggot. 

EMMA:  I was with Hook, mostly, because you had Robin. 

REGINA:  Well I was with Robin, mostly, because… (pause)… Actually I’m not sure why I was with him, but you weren’t available.  Anyway, how was I to know what your feelings for me were? 

EMMA:  Jesus, how many times does a woman have to sacrifice herself for you! 

REGINA:  (pointedly glares at Emma)  I have done some sacrificing of my own, Miss Swan! 

EMMA:  So you’re saying you sacrificed yourself because you love me?!

REGINA:  (nods) Aren’t you saying the same thing?! 



(At a table close by, Henry sits with his friends, Paige, Ava and Nick.) 

AVA:  Henry… your moms need their own reality show. 

NICK:  I’d watch the fuck out of that. 

HENRY:   (blushes and his eyes dart around in embarrassment at everyone in the room)  You know, I knew this day was coming, I just… didn’t know they were going to do this publicly

PAIGE:  I think it’s romantic. 

LEROY:  (at the counter)  We get it.  You’re stupid for each other.  Not like the rest of us didn’t already know.  Now can you guys kiss and make up?  I want to get back to my pastrami on rye.

REGINA:  (looks back at him like she’s about to curse him)  Why, you little…

EMMA:  (takes Regina by surprise, grabs the collar of her jacket and crashes their lips together) 

(The kiss softens and deepens. Sighs and sounds of “Awww” are heard throughout the room. Henry hides his head behind Paige’s back.) 

GRANNY:  Hey, now.  I don’t care that you’re the mayor and the sheriff, this is a place of work. (watches the women continue to kiss)  I can give you a room upstairs but you can’t make out on my diner counter.  Mayor?  Sheriff?   (looks to a back booth)  MARY MARGARET!  THEY’RE… YOURS, AREN’T THEY?  CAN’T YOU DO SOMETHING?

(In a back booth, Mary Margaret flushes a deep red, rolls her eyes closed and drops her forehead with a light bang on the table top as her husband reaches across to rub her back, chuckling.) 

DAVID:  Well Snow, you were right!   They finally did it.

Draft Night - Roman Reigns

You sat with the rest of the superstars as the pyro for the first ever smackdown live went off. It was the night of the brand extension, the 2016 wwe draft. You didn’t care which brand you ended up on just as long as you were on the same brand as Roman, your boyfriend of just over 12 months. All the women were worried about being split from there partners, the boys either didn’t care or weren’t showing it. Earlier in the night you had talked to Shane McMahon about it with Nattie.

“I just want to know if your going to pick me” you said “you’ll be my favourite McMahon”

“Look, Daniel and I sat down with the entire list of talent and made our own list. So when raw picks someone we’ll cross it off and list and go on from there” Shane said “everything is going to be fine”

“That easy for you to say” you mumbled fiddling with your hands “just don’t pick me if Steph and Mick pick Roman, please”

“I can’t promise anything y/n” Shane said placing a hand on your shoulder “if your our next pick and we don’t have Roman we’re gonna pick you. We want the best roster for Smackdown”

Now you sit biting your lip as everyone waits in anticipation.

“The first pick in the draft is….” Stephanie smirked “Seth Rollins!” A round of cheers went around for Seth.

“Smackdown live’s first pick is the current and future wwe champion Dean Ambrose!” Daniel yelled

“Well at least Renee has Dean” Naomi sighed. She was in the same boat as me, worried about the fact that Jimmy and her could be split.

“Raw’s next pick is…Roman Reigns”

“Okay…okay… that’s okay” you reassured yourself “I just have to go to raw, they wouldn’t split us up…would they?” Naomi just shrugged.

The night wore on and raw still hadn’t picked you. Nattie and Maryse had been drafted to Smackdown and Lana to raw.

“Yes baby!” Naomi cheered as she was drafted to Smackdown just after the uso’s were drafted. You sighed as the show went to an ad and walked over to Roman who was standing with Seth and Dean.

“Anything yet?” Dean asked

“Nothing” You sigh leaning on Roman’s arm. “I just don’t want to go to Smackdown”

“Gee thanks” Den playfully rolled his eyes

“Sorry Dean you know I’ve got friends on raw” you shrugged. He smirked at you knowing majority of your friends were on Smackdown.

“Your favourite shield member is there. What else could you want?”

“Well Seth is on raw. And you know how good he is. Number 1 draft pick and all” you mockingly swoon wrapping an arm around Seth. Roman looked down at you with an amused look before clearing his throat “oh and you, Roman’s there. You know…the boyfriend”

“But I repeat I’m on Smackdown and so is Renee” Dean said “I need both my lovers” that comment earned Dean a slap across the head from Roman causing you to laugh.

“Well I’m glad you have your girlfriend and your needs are fulfilled however I have needs to and I need my boyfriend” you shrug. As Smackdown came back on air you headed back to stand with Nattie, Maryse, Naomi, Paige and Lana.

“As much as I want you with us I want you to go to raw with Roman” Nattie said

“You have to come. They won’t split one of their top couples. Plus I need another friend” Lana said.

“Raw chooses… Paige” we turned to Paige who just shrugged.

“Smackdown chooses…” there was a long pause

“Shane doesn’t look happy” Nattie frowned

“Why wouldn’t he be happy?” Maryse asked

“Choosing someone he doesn’t like?” Lana suggested. Nattie turned to you

“Or someone who he knows won’t be happy” your eyes widened

“No he wouldn’t. Shane knows how much I want to be on raw” you bite your lip.

“Smackdown chooses y/n” Shane sighs. There it was. The worst thing that could have happened. The girls turned to you, not knowing what to say. Your sadness turned to anger. You turned and walked to Dean and Seth, you don’t know where Roman went or if he even knew you were on Smackdown.

“Y/n…” Dean trailed as you walked up to them

“I’m so mad” you sneered “I need to punch something”

“Punch me. Right here” he pointed to his abs

“Are you sure?” You raise your eyebrow

“Yep” that’s all he need to say. You pulled your right hand back and swung with all your might right into Seth’s mid section. Seth doubled over in pain and started coughing.

“I’m sorry” you winced as he kept coughing

“Feel better?” Seth coughed

“No” you whined

“What happened to Seth?” You heard Roman say behind you. You closed your eyes to stop the tearing threatening to fall.

“Y/n punched Seth” Dean shrugged as if it was the most normal thing in the world

“Why?” Roman questioned

“I said she could” Seth said through the pain standing up straight.

“I repeat why?”

“You didn’t see?” You whisper

“No? What’s happened?” You turn to face roman

“I was drafted to Smackdown” you say. For a split second you see Roman’s face fall. He had hoped you’d be on raw, hell he prayed for it. He didn’t want to be away from you. You only saw this for a second before he returned to normal, holding it together for your sake.

“Come here” he opened his arms and you just fell into them as your tears silently fell. “It’s gonna be okay”

“Okay? Roman your on raw you get home Wednesday, I get home Thursday and then you leave on Friday again. I don’t want to spend one day a week with you. If that”

“Then I’ll come to smackdown. We’ll text, FaceTime, Skype whatever. We’ll be okay. I won’t let this ruin us” he said kissing your head before lift you head to kiss you lips. “I love you”

“I love you too” you sighed wrapping your arms around his torso, holding on for as long as possible.

“That’s a hard punch you got” Seth winced “I honestly think you may have broken a rib”


Hope you like it. I was inspired by the episode of total divas. I apologise for any mistakes I have re-read it. It’s 11:36pm here.
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Dear Future Lover,

I hope our love is the kind that I don’t even have to think about. I hope I never have to convince myself to love any certain part of you because I hope it all comes naturally. I hope our love is the kind that is quiet on the outside but loud on the inside. I want to love you like the space between lightning and thunder - electrified and alive but silent and knowing.. And I want you to love me like the clouds love the rain. You’re going to have to let me go on my own sometimes but I will always come bak and we will always be two parts of the same thing.

—  Mariana Paige
Chapter 1 || Strawberry Milkshakes || CHCH

Lunch has always been one of my favorite subjects, even as a child. I didn’t like the school food but, I always enjoyed and appreciated the free thirty minutes of not having to listen to a teacher lecture about math or history. During this time I usually would smoke a cigarette or walk to any close payphone and call Richie to see what he was doing.

 Once the bell had rung I walked out of my 5th - 6th-period class and walked straight down the stairs into the cafeteria. My best friends Paige and Lavender were already at the outside lunch tables with their lunch trays.

“There weren’t any teachers on outside-lunch watch duty, I think you’re fine with smoking a cigarette without getting caught.”  Paige stated, as I was walking towards them and sat down at the table. She would always look out for me, I find it annoying sometimes but I know it is out of best intentions.

“I was still going to smoke one anyway, my parents go into another argument last night and like they usually do, they would leave me alone to watch my brother.” I take out my cigarettes out of my purse, I lift the lid open and a note falls out.

 'I took one of your smokes while you were asleep. Thought you should know :)’ was written in uppercase print. The familiar writing had sent a warm feeling in my stomach. Richard was so sweet to me, my friends were very nosey when it came to me and Richard. They were fascinated with me dating a 34-year-old while only being 16 years old. My other best friend Lavender took the note out of my hand and Paige was peering over Lavender’s shoulder trying to read the note. They both looked at me with big eyes and with a synchronized ‘Awe’. I took the note back and said with a sigh;

“ Yeah, he’s cute.”  I took a cigarette out and put the note back in the container.

“So how did you and Richard even like meet? Come on Delilah! Tell me all the details!” Lavender gushed. Paige nodded in agreement, they both looked at me with eagerness and fascination.

 I lighted up my cigarette, grinned at the memory of how I met Richie. It honestly all started with me getting high with some neighborhood kids that I didn’t even know at the time.

 We were in Nicole’s bedroom until 2:00 am. Nicole has been my friend since birth. She had texted this boy she met at the park and asked if him and his brother wanted to come over and smoke with us. Since they were already up and only four houses down they agreed to meet us outside at 2 am.

  When 2 am arrived, we snuck out of her bedroom and walked outside to the porch while being very quiet so we would not, under ANY circumstance wake up her grandfather up. Her grandfather lives in the front part of the house while her mother and sister lived in the upstairs part. (Nicole lives with her mother 'Natalie’, her younger sister 'Tessa’, and Grandfather 'Nathan’. )

Nicole and I already had three 'blunts rolled’*, we were quietly talking to each other on the steps of the porch while we waited for them to arrive. Me, not really caring, lighted up the blunt and already started smoking.

It had already been an hour later around 3 am.  I didn’t know the boy’s names, I never cared to ask. The boy that looked the oldest had a weird haircut that was sticking out oddly. While the younger looking one had some kind of a staring problem or he was just plain creepy. He was always staring at me or Nicole, every time I would look over in his direction  I would always accidentally make awkward eye contact and would just catch him looking at me at random times.  

 After I was done taking a few hits from the blunt and passed it to Nicole, I was really stoned. While I was trying to enjoy my high, the two boys would not stop 'the annoying, hot breathed whispers’. Saying things like;

“This is good as fuck!” or “ This shit is kickin’!” I was beyond aggravated.

 I growled. “Can you please shut the fuck up? I know the weed is good! I bought it!”

 You could tell everyone felt shocked and uneasy from my outburst. Nicole, on the other hand, was laughing her ass off and pass the blunt back to me. The boys were quiet after that, I could finally enjoy my high. But, we all became silent when we heard footsteps and the side-screen-door to the house was opened and heard her grandfather call out, “Nicole?!”

“Oh, shit!” seemed best fitted in this situation apparently because It came out of everyone’s mouth. Nicole’s grandfather Nathan was getting louder and louder calling out for Nicole. Nicole and I, told the boys to run as we walked around the side peering our heads around the wall trying to see which side he was coming from. Nicole told me to get rid of all the evidence, then she sighed and was slowly approaching the side door. I turned around and the boys were gone. I put all of the lighters in my pockets and the shell wrappers in my jean pockets. I froze when I heard a hand hitting skin, followed by screaming. I knew her grandfather had just hit her in the face when I saw Nicole’s face swollen with tears and was pink from the slap mark.

“He-He kicked us out. We don’t have a place to sleep tonight.”

 After I comforted Nicole we had to think about the realization that we now had nowhere to sleep, we were not going to my house. I was comforting her and told her I had enough money for us to go sleep in a motel. She said she would rather go sleep at her Exe’s house. She said I could come with but I didn’t get along with him, his name was Tyler. I told her I will be fine with just staying at a motel.

 I waited till Tyler came and picked her up, I hugged her goodbye and told her to call me in the morning. I started walking down a few streets until I got to the main road. It was late and I was a young girl in an unsafe area, I knew how to protect myself from danger as long as I followed my three simple rules; #1 Always look down at the sidewalk #2 Never make eye contact #3 Always look behind myself ever 5 minutes.

  I had been walking down the same main street for a while now so I walked into a convenient store and asked the worker where the closest motel is,

“Okay baby, you gotta keep straight until the next traffic light then make a right down Euclid and you should see a giant motel sign that says 'MOTEL’.”

 The man behind the counter said with a nasty grin that sent shivers down my spine. He was the epitome of one of those old men that have a stain white tank top and wear those gold dangly necklaces around their neck with a greasy comb-over hairstyle that owned a gas station.

“Thank you!”

  I answered and quickly left the store. I took the right down Euclid and it led me to the darkest, grimiest, dirtiest street I have ever seen. Neon Light everywhere, there was just as many bars and pubs as there were motorcycles and hookers. The houses seemed very old and everyone in this part of the town seemed to know one another.  I felt and looked out of place. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel unsafe but just more cautious. No one was paying me any attention, and the people around me were in their late 40’s early 50’s and they all seemed to be only interested in motorcycles, beer, and chicks. So I felt more comfortable, I saw the motel and the phone number on the window and called them. I stole the credit card from my father a few nights ago when he got shit faced when he went to his 'cousins’ house after work. If I don’t call the motel’s front office they will most likely not let me rent out a room if I pay in cash because I am only 16 years old.

 On the phone, I told them my name and told them I will be there later. To stall sometime I went into this store called 'Jacks and things’ to use the bathroom. I left with a pack of cards so I had something to do later. When I was done doing my business and left the store apparently everyone that was outside chatting with friends had gone back into the bars and their houses because it was nearly empty on the streets and the bars were filled with yelling and laughter.

 I started walking towards the motel, walking past 'Clover’s Bar’ and then there was an older man that had been thrown out. He was cursing and calling everyone 'Whore’,'Cunt’ and 'Mother Fucker’ or at least tried to, it was more just slurs mixed together. He smelt like whiskey and failure, I was disgusted and started to walk around him and I felt an aggressive tug at my shirt and it was him, the man on the floor. He was grabbing me everywhere, my shoulder, arms, boobs, and crotch area, he wasn’t trying to rob me he was trying to get a grip on me while viciously touching me inappropriately, once he had  lifted me up and was struggling to keep me over his shoulders because I kept kicking and hitting him. I was screaming,  hitting him with my purse and yelling for help. I thought I was done for, the people that were on the street, that saw the abuse, that saw me screaming, made direct eye contact with me, had walked into their house or the bars as if they saw nothing. He was getting tired of me screaming and trying to get away so he violently slammed me on the ground and hit me in the face. He roared,

“ Stop fucking moving you whore!”

I felt helpless, no one was going to help me, my screams became less and you could only hear my cries. Suddenly I was dropped on the floor and the vile man that had a hold of me was knocked out cold on the sidewalk. My face and body were bruised from the fall and the punches, I looked up to see what had happened. I saw a tall man with all dark colored clothing. He was hovering over me. I was nervous, he dropped the book bag that was on his back and helped me up, it took me a moment to get up from how sore my body was.  Once I was standing I kicked the man that had groped me in his face causing his nose to bleed. I looked at the man that helped me up and  I felt weak, this time not from the abuse of that despicable man. The man that had helped me up he made me feel aroused just by the sight of him, he was incredibly handsome. His hair was a dark and looked soft, I wanted to run my fingers through it. His jawline and cheekbones had a great depth to them.  His eyes were just as dark as his clothes, they felt dangerous yet comforting. The way he is sculpted was a crime.

“Are you okay? A girl like you doesn’t belong in a neighborhood like this, the woman over here are double if not, triple your age and are hookers.” A he chuckled at the comment he made.

“ I am fine now that that creep doesn’t have a hold of me”. I am staying the night at that motel over there.“ What was I doing? Telling a complete stranger where I was sleeping? Just because he is handsome doesn’t mean he won’t harm me.

He looked me up and down, made me feel incredibly flattered.

He grabbed his book bag and gave me a side grin and started to walk away. I know what I did was risky and completely stupid since the only thing I know about this man is that he his aggressive, but I didn’t want him to leave. I felt safe with him even though his appearance screamed danger. I walked towards him grabbed his arm as he was walking away he turned around and snapped his neck around and I said;

"I never said thank your for helping me escape that creep, I really appreciated it. Thank you.” I was drawn to this man. I think he realized I was attracted to him when I attempted to keep him close to me, and he knew I didn’t want to end the conversation, since knew that he had used it to his advantage. His strong eye contact only made me feel flustered. He commented;

“ What’s your name?”

“My name is Delilah, and you?.”

“Richard, and Pleasures all mine.” He smiled at me and began to state,

“ You look like you could go for a bite. Want to go to a diner with me?”

 He stuck out his hand. I blushed at his gesture and was preoccupied with how big his hands were. I nodded and took his hand. He led me to his car and I sat in the front seat. A guy with a car was a pretty big upgrade from any guy I have ever had a crush on before. I had butterflies in my stomach, and painful sores and bruises covered my body.

 AC/DC was blasting in the car, he was speeding down each street even when there were passing cars coming by,  he didn’t want to make small talk. Richard was very assertive from the get-go. He laid his hand on my thigh while he was driving to the restaurant. I knew it was idiotic for me to be doing this but If what I was doing was so wrong why did It feel so amazing? We pulled up to this diner called '24/7’. He stopped the car and commented, “Get out”.

  Once we walked into the diner and sat down across from each other at the table. The seats were the kind of seats that have a plastic outline but had cheap fluff under them and could feel the spring in the chair. The color scheme was an ugly yellow-red theme with black and white tiles. After I was done disposing of the appearance of the diner. A waitress came to our table to take our orders, she was giving Richard the 'stink eye’. So I turned my head to see Richard’s reaction but all he was doing was staring at me, he was fixated on my face. He looked at every part me. My eyes, my lips my hair, everything. He told the waitress his order while still staring at me, he didn’t even pick up the menu so I knew he came here before.

“Um-a strawberry milkshake? Please?”  I stammered.

The waitress annoyedly said, “That’s all? ” she then scoffed, “Your food will be here soon.”

“She’s an asshole, she’s even a bigger asshole because I tip her in change.”  We both laughed at his joke. He grabbed my hand and rubbed his thumb over mine making me feel calm. He wasn’t looking at me anymore just glaring around the room. He switched sides so we both were on one side of the table. He placed his hand on my thigh again, rubbing in an upward/downward motion. He liked making me blush, he knew he was getting complete control of me. I quickly tried to find something on the menu to order so I didn’t cause any problems for the waitress.

 “ But yeah, after that we talked all night until they started closing and kicked us out, we talked about everything and he didn’t sugar coat anything. He knew I was 16 and was okay with it, He said I was mature for my age.” I threw my cigarette on the floor and smashed it with my foot.

BULLSHIT!”  Paige and Lavender were in awe of my story. We all laughed, Richard and my best friends were the only people in my life that actually listen to me.

“ Come on, we are going to be late to class you creeps.” I grabbed my purse and helped throw away their trash

                                                                ** NOTES**                                                            

*Blunt: Cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana, can be smoked in public without strangers being completely suspicious.

** Hit:  the inhalation of marijuana.

Repercussions of the Ramifications: Pt Huit

Your hands shook out of excitement and nerves.

You and Luke were finally doing it, you were getting your friends together, introducing them, finally.

Since you spent 90% of your time at Luke’s, he said you’d have it at his place.

“What if they don’t like each other?” you ask, looking panicked as Luke set out different liquors on the counter.

“Babe, my friends love you, your friends love me… there’s no way they won’t get along… although, Ash really isn’t going to like Paige.” Luke pulls you to him, holding your shoulders so he could have your undivided attention.

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David Archuleta - “Seasons” (ft. Madilyn Paige) lyrics

“Seasons” by David Archuleta ft. Madilyn Paige

Look what the time has come to rewind
We’re back to where we began
The autumn leaves have dropped to our knees
I don’t think I can do it again

The winter winds can blow
But you and I both know
This doesn’t have to end

I never wanted to ask for this
I never did, I never did

There must be some kind of reason
We keep changing through the seasons
It gets harder to believe in
The reasons why we start
When we just break each other’s hearts
All over, all over

I wish that I could stop
The ticking of this clock
I keep you right here with me

We’ll never make it far
If we’re just frozen hearts
When we’re so close to spring, oh

There must be some kind of reason
We keep changing through the seasons
It gets harder to believe in
The reasons why we start
When we just break each other’s hearts
All over

Mmm, all over

It looks like (When will you see)
We’re just running out of time (what you wish I could be-?)
I wish I could make it right
But we’re just watching summer die
Our time’s to say goodbye 

There must be some kind of reason
We keep changing through the seasons
It gets harder to believe in
The reasons why we start
When we just break each other’s hearts
All over, all over 

There must be some kind of reason (all over)
We keep changing through the seasons (all over)
There must be some kind of reason (all over)
We keep changing through the seasons (all over)

Transcribed by Virginia Hoblock

Note: the third verse was very tricky!

Seth Rollins x Reader - The Smile on my Face

“Babe wake up… We are about to the hotel…” Seth gently shook your leg. Your eyes fluttered open under the traffic lights that shone through the windshield. Rubbing your eyes and removing the hood on your head you could make out the town that neighbored your hometown. Butterflies filled your stomach at the thought of being back home. It was bittersweet to come home. You got homesick often but there were reasons why you left in the first place. Seth kept his hand on your leg as he navigated on the road toward the hotel you two were gonna stay in until you made the visit to your parents. You would stay at their house but you didn’t want to hear them bad mouth Seth both to his face and behind his back. You loved your fiance and that was that mattered. You wanted to start a family with him and you wished that your parents understood that. 

You plopped down on the bed beside Seth and cuddled up with him despite your freshly dampened hair. “Whatcha up to??” You say in sing song voice as he puts his phone down and lays his hand onto of yours that laid on his chest. “Laying here with a beautiful woman.” He grinned as he played with the diamond ring that you wore proudly. “Can we just skip tomorrow and stay here all day?? Don’t and say we did??” You offer with a huff as you think to the dreadful day that would be tomorrow. “Babe we can’t skip our own engagement party… It kinda defeats the purpose… And besides Paige would be so pissed.” Seth chuckled a bit imagining your maid of honor pitching a fit right there infront of your whole family. “I just don’t want to listen to my parents gripe and moan… Its like the retired from their jobs just to annoy me…” You sigh throwing your freshly shaven leg over Seth’s waist. “I love you (Y/N).” Seth kissed your forehead as he ran his fingertips along your leg. “I love you more.” You snuggle closer to his warmth wanting to sleep to take over your restless mind. 

The next morning Seth has to literally drag you out of bed so you would be in time for lunch with your parents. The car ride to your house Seth was awfully quiet in the passenger side. “What’s on your mind??” You turn the radio down as you pull in to your parents drive way. “I just want to make you happy… And with your parents hating me like this… It doesn’t make you happy…” Seth turned his head to you defeated. “No no no no no… No more talk like that… You are marrying me and not my parents… My parents are just butt hurt over the fact that I am marrying someone they didn’t hand pick and groom themselves.” You slung your seatbelf off and shift in the driver seat to face Seth. “Do you love me??” Your question catches Seth of guard. “Of course… You’re the best thing to ever happen to me… You’re my better half.” Seth took your hand in his head. “And that right there is all I care about.” You peck him on the lip and say a quick prayer before getting out of the car to face your parents.

Right as you all sat down for dinner the rude comments began. “Where are you two going to live??” “Seth it is soo nice of you to dress up for lunch today.” “Again where is it you said you went to college??” “Oh okay and how long are you planning on being the road…” “What about kids?? What will they think about about having both parents on the road.” You slam your chair back knocking it over as you stood up. “QUIT WITH THE STUPID QUESTIONS!!” your breath was almost ragged with rage. “(Y/N) (S/N) what has gotten into you?? This behavior is not how we raised you… Must be the company you are keeping these days…” Your mother gave Seth a side ways glare. “Look you two… I am happy when I am with Seth in living hell when I am with you two… Get the picture??” You throw your napkin down and grab Seth’s arm. “Come on… We will see you two at the engagement party tonight… I gotta go call Paige about some details… I hope you two are happy and enjoy the rest of your lunch.” You storm out of their house as Seth thanks them for lunch and gives them an apologetic smile.

“If you keep brushing your hair like that you’re gonna look like Steve Austin.” Seth chuckles from behind you as you drag the brush feverishly through your hair. “I can’t stand their attitudes… They think I am the one who needs to calm down and sort things out… Bull crap they are the ones acting like children…” Seth rests his hands on your shoulder from behind and begins to dig his fingers into you skin. You melt under his touch as the tension eases out of your body. Seth places kisses along your shoulder and neck as you close your eyes in bliss. “Someone seems tense…” He smirks catching your eyes in the mirror. “How about help you with that…” He growls as he picks you up bridal style and carries you to the bed. You giggle as he throws you on the bed. 

Paige borderline tackles you as you and Seth walk into the party room she rented out for the special event. “Look at you two.” She gushes as she continues to squeeze you. “Look at us?? Look at all this you put together for us… This is way too much…” You hold her out at arms length giving her a playful glare. “Nothing in this world is too much for my sister and brother in law.” Paige wiggles her eyebrows and smirks. “Come on introduce me to some people… I barely know anyone I invited.” Paige laughs as you two walk around greeting guests Seth close behind you to shake hands and accept congratulations. You grab a quick bite to eat from the bar of amazing food Paige had spoiled everyone with while Seth talked to a few of your childhood friends when two hands came in front of your eyes. “Guess who??” You spin around expecting a retaliative or close friend but found Dolph Ziggler… Your parents pride and joy as well as your ex-boyfriend. “Oh my gosh you came…” You force a smile as he gives you a hug. “Your parents called me last week asking me to come by and see everyone since its been so long.” Dolph explained with a casual smile. “That is fantastic.” You fib looking over his shoulder to find Seth hoping he would feel your distress. “Is that Dolph I see??” Your dad’s voice called from behind you. “Oh my gosh sweetheart its been far too long.” Your mom hugged Dolph tight smiling brightly. “How have you been??” Your dad continued on as he clapped his hand down on Dolph’s shoulder. You tuned out their mindless conversation as you begged Seth mentally to stop talking and get his butt over to where you were trapped. “Oh my gosh Dolph I didn’t know you were coming…” Paige gritted through her teeth as she budged in between your mom and him. “We invited him.” Your mom proudly announced. “Thank God you did.” Paige smiled weakly and grabbed your hand. “I need you over by the gifts… A few unattended details.” Paige rambled pulling you away from your personal hell. “Thank you.” you clung to her air for dear life as you two left your parents to gush over their crush Dolph. 

Paige clinked her champagne glass to get everyone’s attention. You linked fingers with Seth as you two listened to Paige thank everyone for showing up and talked about how she couldn’t be happier for you and Seth. You pulled Seth behind you as you walked over to Paige to give her a hug and to speak while you had everyone’s attention. “I just wanted to say thanks to everyone again like Paige just did for coming out here today to celebrate with me and Seth…” You smiled up to Seth who looked a bit uncomfortable. “A lot of people here don’t really know much about me and Seth since we are always on the road with our jobs and because I’m kinda quiet when it comes to personal things… But I think it is only fair for everyone to know why this is really a cause for celebration…” Seth squeezed your hand and gave you a hard stare as if to ask if you’ve gone crazy. “Me and Seth met at a party when were both flat out drunk.” The party goers gasped a bit at this bit of information as Seth’s cheeks flushed. “We didn’t do anything crazy… We just both ended up spilling our whole life stories to each other… Turned out we were pair of sob stories… And who better to consolidate in with than someone who has their own demons… Seth didn’t cower away from me when I told him I had depression… No this man right here took it to heart and made a point to keep up with me… He would ask in private how I was doing and always made sure I was feeling okay… He wouldn’t tip toe around me like most people… No this wonderful man right here treated me like anyone else and showed me love despite my weakness… I knew he was the man for me when I found a notebook in his dufflebag full of little notes about what had made me actually smile on certain days so he could do them again when I had one of my bad days… Seth Rollins showed me what love and effort was in a relationship… Seth is the smile on my face… And I am the luckiest girl in the world to get to marry him…” You slung your arms around his neck and planted a huge kiss on his lips as half the partygoers clapped an the other half were still in shock of what you just relayed to them… You didn’t care though… You felt like a million bucks getting all that off your chest. 

You Seth and Paige said good bye to the last guest at the end of the night. You let out a deep breath and leaned heavily against Seth who shared a high five with Paige. “Operation Engagement Party is complete… Next is Operation Paige takes a five day nap and then onto Operation Bacholrette party is a go…” Paige teases as she hugs you two good bye. “You did a brave thing today…” Seth rubbed your arm as you continued to lean into his muscular side. “I feel like I’ve won the lottery all over again.” “Again??” Seth raises his eyebrow up in confusion. “First time was when you asked me to be yours.” You smile as Seth blushes a bit at that comment. “(Y/N)” You tense up a bit at the sound of your mother’s voice. You slowly turn around only to be met with your mom as she dabbed her misty eyes. “Momma…” Your face fell. “Sweetheart we had no idea…” Your dad pulled you for a hug as your mom cried a bit more. “If we had any idea what this young man has done for you… We would have never said anything like we did before… We had the wrong idea about you two…” Your momma pulled a surprised Seth in for a hug. “You are the miracle we wanted for our daughter…” Your mom kissed Seth on the cheek as your dad patted him on the back. “Son… you have our blessing to marry our daughter…” Seth lit up like a Christmas tree as the words sunk into his head. You couldn’t help but run into Seth’s arms at the good news and share a kiss as your parents smiled at each other. 

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Save Me - Chapter 11

As people were lining up, Reni started going over the rules which were so detailed that they must have had to deal with some pretty interesting situations. No kissing?! Really?! Someone would actually be ballzy enough try that?! Wait a minute. Hmm…that made me think of Lily. She’s crazy enough to do something like that! The last thing I needed was for Lily to slip Shannon the tongue and get us kicked out of here. It may sound insane and a bit gross that a child would do that but with this kid, you can’t rule anything out, especially after witnessing her crawl up his lap earlier.

Each person got a picture with the package that I bought since I had to buy 4 individual packages. I asked the girls how they wanted to do this because I wanted everyone to be happy. The decision we made was to do two group just smiling, one making faces…Mackenzie would get her own shot since it’s her birthday, then the twins. All I cared about was the group photos myself, I didn’t need a picture of just me with the band.

We watched as everyone got their pictures taken. You could see the guys were enjoying it but as they got towards the end of the line where we were at, I think it was getting a tad old. Can’t blame them for that, though, I’d feel the same way after over an hour of one picture after another. It has to be draining to have to be “on” all day.

Before we knew it, it was our turn. I thought it would be good to get the single shots out of the way so we stood back and Mackenzie walked up to the guys first. The photographer shot me a confused look so I walked towards him quickly to give an explanation and a promise we wouldn’t take up a lot of time. As I walked past, I felt Jared’s eyes on me. I was mid-sentence when I felt the soft pressure of a hand on my lower back.

“Everything ok?” Jared asked looking from the photographer to me then back again.

Turning towards him I answered trying to sound different than the idiot he kept hearing. “Um, yes, absolutely! I was telling him that we were going to do two group photos and I was also hoping to get a shot of Mackenzie then the twins. I bought 4 packages, even though we’re a group…ya know, that wasn’t an option…” Try to not sound stupid? Yep, that was a total fail. Diarrhea of the mouth once again. What the ever loving fuck is wrong with me?

“Well, usually, you either get a group photo or a single we don’t..” Jared interrupted Chris, the photographer, before he finished his sentence.

“No, no, it’s totally fine! We can do that!” Jared said completely confusing Chris who looked at him like he had ten heads. Obviously this didn’t happen very often.

I thanked them both and nervously walked back to the group trying not to look as embarrassed as I felt while Jared talked to Chris privately. Even though his hand wasn’t there anymore, I could still feel the heat of it on my skin.

Such a simply gesture but it definitely drew my attention. In fact, just his presence had every nerve in my body on edge. This was so unlike me. I deal with people every day and I can’t really tell you why he was so different but he was. Yes, he’s attractive…very attractive..beyond attractive really and has an engaging personality but it was more than just that. It sounds so cheesy but the only way to describe it is just to say it’s just HIM…his aura. Okay, I’ve known him for an hour and I’m talking about his aura? I think I might be going crazy. If he was trying to get under my skin it was certainly working.

Apparently the simple gesture he made that drew my attention also drew the attention of everyone around us, including some of the more obvious fan girls. I could hear whispers as I walked back towards the girls, Shannon and Tomo. I know how the whole fan girl groupie thing works even if I was never involved in that kind of thing. The absolute last thing I wanted to do was to antagonize them. I don’t want, need or like that kind of attention.

Mackenzie wore her “happy birthday crown” that I thankfully remembered was in my bag and the picture turned out so adorable. Jared wrapped his arms around her and she had this euphoric look on her face. Lily insisted on standing as close to Shannon as possible in her picture so Paige snuck in next to Tomo. Jared wasn’t feelin’ the love and you could tell he wasn’t used to it. The face he made completely cracked me up! I couldn’t wait to see how that one turned out.

Two more pictures left and we were finally done. Mackenzie and I walked up to the group not really knowing where we should stand.

“Come here, Auntie Vivie, I want you to stand by me.” Jared said as he grabbed my wrist pulling me into him.

His arm wrapped around my waist as his hand rested high on my ribs holding me tightly to him. We were now so close if I turned my head we’d be nose to nose and I could feel his warm breath on my cheek. There’s those butterflies again!

When we were finally done with both group shots and starting to break apart, the next group was walking up for their turn. As I started to move out of his arms, Jared held me in place as he turned so his lips were at my ear..

“I hope you’re ready for the show..” He said with a wicked smile playing on his lips.

Exo's Reaction When You Tell Them You're Having Twins

ohmaigah this is adorable ^^




*in shock*

*bonus -  overly happy Lutard*


“This is the greatest day of my liiiiifee!!!”



“Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” #werkit


“That would be cool if it happened!”

*still processing*


“Okay babe! We can do this! What’s one more?”


“Are you serious?!?!”

*leaves you to go fangirl with Sehun”


“Wait, what?”

“I can’t help but be talented when it comes to making children!”


“Happens! We got this, though!”


“Did you say twins?”


“Are you serious?! We’re amazing!”



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Couple: Paily

Word Count: 2,508

Inspired by:

Emily Fields rubbed her hip absently, the skin just as smooth and soft as it had been the night before; except this time neat black script covered the soft flesh of her hip, a peculiar reminder that it was her 18th birthday. Not that she could forget it was her birthday. She had woken up to the ringing of her phone, her foggy mind instantly becoming alert when her dads name flashed across the screen. 

“Happy birthday Emmy!” Her dads cheerful voice drew a smile from the usual grumpy girl, six AM wasn’t exactly Emily’s favorite time of the day, and Wayne knew that, but tradition was tradition and her dad was intent on waking her up at the crack of dawn.

“Thanks Dad, I wish you were here.” She sighed, kicking off the covers tangled around her legs.

“I know sweetie, but you’ll have a wonderful day.” The cheer in his voice faded as he cleared his throat. “Today’s the big year. Have you checked for the-“

“No, not yet.” Emily glanced hesitantly at her arm, the most common place where the ink materialized, but it was still as bare as it had been 6 hours ago. “I’m really nervous, Dad. All I’m going to be thinking about now every time someone talks to me is, whatever the hell my tattoo says.”

“Language Emily.”


Wayne sighed, “I know you’re nervous, I’m not too thrilled about it either. All I know is that these things are never wrong.” 

“I know. But I don’t think I can handle the not knowing when it’s going to happen. I hate the uncertainty.”

“You’ll be fine Emmy. Whoever your soulmate is, whenever you find them, it’ll be worth the wait, I promise.”

Emily sighed as she traced the curving letters with her finger, her reflection staring forlornly back at her. Was she ready to meet her soulmate, where and when it happened? Out of all her friends  she was the only one who wasn’t thrilled with this, system or whatever it was. She didn’t like the fact that five words would impact her future so severely, that they would dictate who she spent the rest of her life with.  

You’re like a mermaid.

The spiraling letters tattooed onto her hip stood out like the red neon lights outside of The Brew at night. Her once tattoo-free skin looked pale in comparison to the striking black of the ink. 

You’re like a mermaid.


At least this gave her some clue as to where she would meet her supposed soulmate. Somewhere with water, maybe the beach or the swimming pool at her high school? 

What if it was one of her teammates. 

She gulped as she pushed her shirt back into place, the tattoo disappearing under the soft fabric. She was nervous enough about going to school, what with all the stares she was bound to get from her classmates thanks to Hanna announcing to practically the whole school that today was her birthday. But now she had to worry about one of her teammates telling her that she was like a mermaid? Maybe she could skip practice today…and the rest of the year. She shook her head, taking deep calming breaths as she finished getting ready. She was determined not to let this thing take over her life. Luckily they weren’t allowed to show their tattoo to anybody, something that everyone knew was a rule despite no one ever actually having said it. Her swimsuit would hide her tattoo perfectly anyways.

“Emily, breakfast is ready.” Her mom’s voice came softly from outside the bathroom door, the older woman having already wished Emily a happy birthday as soon as she ended the call with her dad. Emily glanced one last time at her reflection before opening the door and giving her mom a halfhearted smile. Her mom squeezed her forearm reassuringly as they walked downstairs to eat the birthday breakfast they had every year.


Her friends glanced at her as she plopped down next to them, “Do not say happy birthday. I don’t think I can take another overly cheerful ‘Happy birthday Emily’”

“Someone’s not too thrilled about getting their tattoo.” Spencer smirked, earning herself a glare from the birthday girl.

“No, I am not thrilled at getting my tattoo, Spencer.” She snapped. “Everyone’s saying happy birthday as if that was my tattoo.” She resisted the urge to groan when some guy she had never seen before walked past them, but not before wishing her a happy birthday. “See what I mean?” 

Hanna gave her a teasing smirk, “Can’t really blame them Em. If I didn’t already know you weren’t my soulmate I would be just as desperate as them.”

Emily laughed despite herself, “Whatever Hanna. We already know your soulmate’s going to be some rebellious guy.”

“Plus you’re not even gay.” Spencer reminded her.

Hanna shrugged, “I wouldn’t complain if my soulmate turned out to be a girl.” Spencer raised her eyebrow at this. “What? I’m just saying.” 

Aria chuckled amusedly, dragging her eyes away from Hanna. “Don’t worry too much Emily. When it happens, just stay calm. The tattoo isn’t meant to scare you, and it definitely isn’t a bad thing.”

“Well it sure feels like it.” She mumbled in response. “I mean, why does nobody question this? One day people start randomly getting tattoos and it turns out it’s what your soulmate’s going to say the first time you meet?”

“It’s been like this for years Emily.” Spencer reminded her in a calming tone. “Besides, it’s not like you’re going to meet your soulmate today. That rarely ever happens.”

“Yeah well, with my luck I’m sure I’ll be one of the rare ones.” She grumbled sarcastically as she stood and gathered her belongings. “I just want to get today over with.”


It turned out she didn’t have to worry about meeting her soulmate that day. It’s been five months and no one has uttered the words “You’re like a mermaid.” She’s not sure whether she should feel relieved about that. If someone had said them to her she would have gotten to know her soulmate by now. What would she be doing if her soulmate was with her? She probably wouldn’t be home alone watching some tv show about clones. 

Or would she? 

Maybe her soulmate would be watching it with her. What did her soulmate look like? This wasn’t the first time she had racked her brain for some sort of mental image of what her soulmate would look like. Would she be a short blonde with beautiful blue eyes? or maybe a brunette with a charming smile? Stop thinking about this or you’ll drive yourself crazy, She sighed frustrated as she tried to focus on the show playing  out on her screen.

“How many of us are there?” The protagonist muttered in disbelief.

Was she going to look that stupidly shocked when she met her soulmate? What if they just laughed at her? I really need to stop thinking about this. She turned her tv off and grabbed her shoes. She needed to distract herself, and as intriguing as the show was she needed a physical distraction to keep her thoughts under control. She grabbed her car keys and made her way downstairs, glad she had the house to herself so she wouldn’t have to explain to her mom where she was going.

She started her car and backed out of the drive way, her mind focused on her destination and nothing more. She didn’t want to think about soul mates or life altering tattoos. She just wanted to swim and not have to worry about anything else. 

There was a natatorium in the city that she had only gone to twice, one that wasn’t overly crowded. She could have simply gone to her school, but at the moment the pool at Rosewood High held no appeal to her. Maybe she just wanted to drive, or maybe she just wanted to get away. Whatever her reasons, she didn’t question them. She just drove, her music blasting through the cars speaker as she made her way to the natatorium in Philly. 


Paige McCullers believed in soul mates even before she had know about the tattoos. She had always been a romantic, the kind that would write love letters and believed in love at first sight. When her mother had explained that soul mates were a real thing and not just something that lived in fairy tales, she had been overly ecstatic about it.

So when her eighteenth birthday came around and she hadn’t immediately seen her tattoo, she panicked. She hurriedly undressed and searched for her tattoo, her heart beating frantically in her chest and tears welling in her eyes in fear that she hadn’t gotten it. It wasn’t until she turned around and spotted the black curling ink in her mirror that she let out a relieved laugh, her tears running down her smiling face as she stared at her reflection over her shoulder. The black letters were poetically marked onto her shoulder blade, 

You think you can beat me? 

Her smile grew as she stared at the swirling black question mark at the end of her tattoo. These were the first words her soulmate would say to her? Whoever this person was sounded like they weren’t afraid of competition, something Paige was excited about. She was a competitive person herself, and having someone that could put up with her was something she was looking forward too. 

“Where are you?” She asked, her fingertips grazing the black ink. “Who are you?”


“Are you sure you don’t want us to come with you Paige? It’s your birthday, we could take you out to eat after you finish training at the natatorium.” Her mom was trying to convince her to spend the day with her and her dad, even though they both had meetings to attend to later during the evening.

“Mom, it fine, really. I was planning on meeting some friends after my training session anyways.” She grabbed her gym bag and slung it over her shoulders.

“Honey it’s your birthday, you don’t have to train today.” Her mother reminded her.

“I know, but I want to.” Her mother stared worriedly at her. She thought Paige spent too much time training and was worried she wasn’t getting enough rest. As for her dad, well, from the huge grin he was giving her she knew he approved of her decision. She smiled back at him and grabbed the keys to her car, hurrying out the door before her mom tried to convince her to stay with them again.

Once inside her car she relaxed and thought about her tattoo as she drove the ten minutes it took her to go from her house to the natatorium. She swore she could feel a slight burning on her shoulder blade but knew it was just her mind playing tricks on her. The tattoo wasn’t like a regular tattoo, it didn’t require healing or taking care of after it was done. No one really understood how it was the tattoos appeared, they just did. Nobody questioned them, except for the few that did. Mostly it was scientist wanting to get to the bottom of the mysterious tattoos, or the hesitant people that weren’t sure they wanted a huge part of their future to be determined by a few inked words. But even they knew the tattoos worked. 

Whether it was magic or just some unsolved scientific reasoning, Paige didn’t care. She was happy knowing that somewhere, her soulmate was waiting for her to utter a single phrase that would forever change their lives.


The natatorium was mostly empty when Emily arrived. She  spotted a few cars here and there but other than that it seemed like people had better things to do than to go swimming on a Friday afternoon. She grabbed her gym bag from the trunk of her car and hurried inside. She listened to the faint splashes coming from the pool as she changed into her swimsuit, careful to hide her tattoo from the rest of the girls in the locker room. 

Once she was ready she locked her belongings in the locker and made her way to the pool. A few girls were swimming laps, but not enough that they took up all the lanes. Some of them had a black sleeve over their arm or forearm to hide their tattoos, which meant that they still hadn’t meet their soulmate yet.

Maybe coming to the natatorium was a bad idea. She was suppose to stop thinking about soul mates and tattoos but how was she suppose to do that when she was surrounded by eighteen year olds? 

She sighed and sat on the edge of the pool, her feet sinking into the cool water. A few girls stared at her, their eyes searching for a patch of black clothing that would indicate where her tattoo was. She ignored their questioning eyes when they found nothing and pulled her cap over her head, followed by her googles. She pushed herself off the ground and into the water, her arms gliding effortlessly as she began her warm up laps. 


Paige sat on one of the benches against the wall of the natatorium, her eyes following the silhouette that moved fluidly underwater. She wasn’t sure how long she’d been watching the girl swim lap after lap, and normally she wouldn’t have ogled so openly at her, but the natatorium was empty, most of the people having left already. She hadn’t gotten in the water yet, afraid that she would disrupt the elegance with which the girl swam. 

It wasn’t until the girl stopped, on hand grabbing onto the edge of the pool while the other pulled off her googles, that Paige stood. She bit her lip as she eyed the swimmers profile, uncertain of wether she should approach her or not. She took a deep breath and gathered her courage, unsure of why she felt so nervous. She took another few steps in the girls direction and spoke the words that had been floating around in her mind while she had watched the girl swim.

“You’re like a mermaid.” Paige said, her voice echoing in the empty room. The girl turned around, startled and stared at her with wide eyes. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I just, you’re a really good swimmer, really good. Probably not as good as me but…” She trailed off, a shy yet challenging smile on her lips. She bit her lip anxiously when the girl continued to stare at her, her eyes scrutinizing every inch of her, until she finally shook her head, water droplets falling from her hair. 

She seemed to take a deep breath before her eyes finally meet Paige’s, her lips pulling into a sheepish yet relieved smile. Her voice was gentle, yet her words set fireworks in Paige’s heart as she spoke,

“You think you can beat me?”

The End.

My thoughts while watching PLL 708

First post about PLL 
It’s just getting too good! I needed to share my thoughts. Hopefully they make sense. 

- Spencers face in Hanna’s dream sequence at the beginning. Hanna says “Noel’s got more A-ness than any of us” and Spencer says “I wouldn’t put it that way Hanna” then looks forward with kindof a smug smile hiding. wtf? I know its a dream sequence but wtf?

- Hanna’s eyes when she wakes up are fucking scary

- Mary’s DNA is definitely the only thing they can recognize from the lockbox because they’re going to use it later to run a DNA test on someone

- Caleb giving them new phones is definitely a little sketch. Or some weird plan he has that hes not telling the girls about to ~protect~ them

- “ok i think im going to leave” ya emily maybe you should have left when ezra walked in instead of awkwardly standing there

- the writing on ali’s teacup is facing the camera perfectly. whhhhhhyyyy? im being over analytical now but seriously is anything a mistake idk?

- How did Ali’s students know about the black hoodie thing? Its common knowledge in town that they went through something but would the hoodies have been on the news? mmk..

- If this blonde doctor is meant to be the same chick named on the file at the school later (class of 2012) that would make her the same age as the girls. can someone go all the way through med school that quickly? if only we could all get jobs as fast as these girls right out of highschool

- Hanna’s eyes when she woke up at the beginning look like Grunwald’s lol

- when I saw this the first time I thought we were supposed to think Grunwald doesn’t have a reflection hahaha

- they def want us to think Grunwald is implying Caleb is bad

- Spencer is looking for a huge office space for her mom. hmm.

- Why can’t blonde doctor afford to have her office ransacked again? Is she just afraid of getting in trouble at work or is it something else?

- Hanna’s jacket lol

- The “dark” person has a connection to the Radley - i don’t think Grunwald would say this to have it just be someone staying there now or recently, i think its definitely someone who went to before it was converted

- someone punch this brat student in the teeth

- why would they call a teacher to the office in the middle of a class just to ask her how shes doing? wait until freaking class is over - now her class is unattended?

- “take any country drives lately?” wtf are we supposed to take from that

- i def think grunwald is ~passing her vision~ to hanna, trying to imply Noel was the one with the electrocution wand thingy?

- the nosebleed is very Bonnie a la TVD lol

- so did Noel actually push the girl or not?

- “oh thanks pam” lmao

- lmao how addicted to alcohol are you that just seeing a bottle makes you turn into a dog

- weird freaky clown vase/bottle beside aria in the creepy apartment

- what does his mug say? is it just “TGI - (every day of the week) or does it say something else? why is "thank god it’s” a thing in this ep? (thank god its danish day)

- “patients weren’t treated very well and that caused problems” - ive seen others suggest this guy raped mary at radley, but i dont think he’d phrase it this way if that was the case. maybe someone else raped her?

- “that baby was a fighter. UNDERWEIGHT but tenacious” - ok so whoever the child is is SMALL in size/frame. I dont think someone like Andrew for instance would be born underweight and then grow up to be that HUGE. And they wouldnt mention underweight unless it was relevant. (Aria? Spencer? Wren?)

- If hes a doctor or whatever there why is he dressed like fucking Sherlock Holmes lmao

- why would he become a liability at Radley?

- Why do we give a shit about this guy and his daughter? no offence

- It looks like the “you can’t deny human nature. you always return to family in the end” quote freaked out spencer. or was focused on her face for some reason while he said this specifically

- lol ok so literally every person from previous seasons is coming back now. wheres sydney at?

- lol yes paige, she was probably surprised to see you, YA DUNCE

- did we already know that emily and paige were together again? i thought we hadnt seen or heard from her since she got on a plane

- why did she even want Noel’s file? what help would it be to find out shit about him from highschool?

- Nicole is going to be alive and Ezra is going to have to choose and its gonna be all dramatic

- wtf is Hanna doing?

- That kiss from Ezra def came off as a “goodbye forever” type of kiss

- the wedding dress looks kinda prommy

- why is Spencer randddddomly looking at an album?

You comfort him after your break up (Calum/4)

Request: Can you write a one shot with Calum where we broke up, but the boys call you to comfort him because they are worried? A bit complicated, but I hope you understood, and thank u, xx

Sure can!


“And how are things going with Jordan?” You ask your best friend, Paige, while you’re out at lunch with her.

“They’re going great actually!” She beamed

You tried your best to smile. But three weeks ago, you and your boyfriend, Calum, broke up. He’s been away on tour a lot recently and you’d drifted apart a little, so you decided to call it off. You didn’t want to, but you got the feeling that maybes he wanted to. So you did it to save your heart from breaking. Though, you’ve come to realise it hasn’t worked. You feel awful.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). I know the last thing you want to hear right now is how great my relationship is” Paige sympathised.

“No, don’t worry about it” You assured “I asked you how it was going”

She smiled at you, “Why don’t we go have a look round the shops, ey? Take your mind off things”

You smile, “Okay”

You didn’t actually believe your mind could be kept off what is going on in it right now. But you go anyway. You need to look out some birthday presents for your mum, so it’s a good idea.

As you search through the shelves of a clothes shop, your phone rings. Without bothering to check who it is, you mindlessly answer.


Hi (Y/N), it’s Michael”

You stop what you’re doing, “Michael? As in Clifford?”

You hear a soft giggle through the phone, “Yeah, what other Michael’s do you know?”

You laugh, “None…Anyway, why are you calling?”

A friend can call a friend…right?”

“Yeah, sure, that’s not what I meant!”

No, I know. I’m just calling to talk about Calum”

You pause, “Erm, yeah? What about him?”

I’m really worried about him, (Y/N). He misses you like crazy.”

You sigh, “Michael…you know I miss him too…how could I not?”…but you know I ca-“

Just hear me out, okay?” He begins “He barely leaves his bunk if we have a day off. He won’t even talk to us…not really. But we know it’s because he misses you and he feels like absolute crap knowing the relationship failed. He still loves you.”

You sigh again, “And I still love him, Michael”

Then why aren’t you still together?” Michael asks

“Because we never see each other and it’s like it got to the point where it felt like we weren’t even in a relationship” You explained.

Michael let out a long groan, “Well, will you at least talk to him for me? I want to see him smile, even just a little bit”

“Okay Michael, put him on” You say

A few minutes later, though it felt like forever, you heard a grumpy Calum grumble a “Hi”

“Listen, Calum. I know you’re upset about the split. I am too. But you need to pull yourself together. The band…they need you. They want to be able to talk to you without fearing they’ll upset you or get yelled at. Come on. You’re on tour; you’re living your dream! You should be happy!”

How can I be happy when I don’t have you, (Y/N)” He asks

“Just, know that I’m so, so proud of you and everything you’ve managed to achieve. It’s incredible. And you will always remain to be my favourite bass player of all time” You smile to yourself.

You mean, Pete Wentz isn’t your favourite bassist?” He questions, as if he was doubting your sanity.

You laugh, “You’ve always been my favourite bassist. Right from when I first met you”

You couldn’t see it, but you could tell he was smiling away to himself on the other side of the phone. You knew exactly what you had to say to make him feel better, even if it was just a little bit. The whole you’ll be okay crap won’t cut it with Calum. He needs to know that you’re happy with him and that there’s no bad blood between the two of him.

I should probably go now, (Y/N). Michael will be wanting his phone back. But thanks for everything. You’re a good…friend”

You smile, “Yeah…friend”

Once the two of you hung up, you looked at Paige with tears in your eyes.

“He called me ‘friend’” You state

“Well, that’s what you are right? Friends? It’s better than nothing. Right?” She replied

You force a smile, “Yeah. Sure. I mean…I guess I was just happy that he still sees me as a friend”

She furrows her eyebrows, “And why wouldn’t you be friends?”

You shrug your shoulders.

Paige laughs and you follow her as she heads out the shop door. You know, and you thought she’d know as well, that you had hoped for a reconciliation with Calum. You didn’t want to be seen just as a friend. To be honest, being a friend to the boy you love is in some ways worse than not being anything to him at all. 


Part: 2

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WWE: Equality for the WWE Divas

Dear WWE,

I am writing as a female fan of WWE, and have been so for over a decade particularly of the WWE Divas. I look up to these women as role models, but I am finding your portrayal of them on RAW, Smackdown and pay per views to be insulting to what a 21st century woman is. You treat them like they’re nothing more than a side show by giving them less than 5 minutes to compete. Meanwhile, you waste time on a 3 hour broadcast (RAW) recapping the 20min+ opening segment of the show like you think we’re idiots and forgot what happened.

The fact you are a major company and you choose to give women such a minuscule role on your biggest weekly show is insulting. The fact that whenever things do not run according to time, you immediately look to the women to take time from to make up for it. Whether you like it or not, the WWE Divas have a big fanbase who have had enough of your misogynistic ways and want to see them ALL succeed. There’s a lot of talk about sexism in the workplace, and even though we all have our favourite Divas (Bellas, Paige…and yes, even Naomi has fans who want to see her succeed but you don’t seem to think that), we are all happy to come together to expose WWE for what it truly is- a sexist company who doesn’t want any woman to be seen as a major attraction to their company. We’ll be happy to make this mainstream knowledge (you know, like how you leak Hall of Fame announcements to try and make yourself look good on the back of public outrage towards you).

Vince McMahon said in an earnings call earlier this month that he doesn’t pay attention to hashtags and social media ramblings since it doesn’t impact his earnings. I think it’s time to change that…

Sincerely, Every WWE Diva fan across the world who’s had enough of sexist pigs holding the women of WWE back.

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Wow, I now have a wicked theory, this whole mess (aka: the show that is Pretty Little Liars) started because Alison’s jealousy. Alison was jealous over how Emily looked at Jenna and Jenna looked back at Emily at the dance. I mean, now that we know that those kisses aren’t just for practice, doesn’t Alison seem to be especially interested in Emily’s love life? And notice how she’s always ‘nicer’ in her flashback scenes with Emily than with the other girls. Could this be Emily romanticizing everything? Or did Alison let her guard down and show her human side?

We know she wasn’t fond of Ben at all, and then we know that she teased the hell out of Paige, because Paige was gay and into Emily. So from that we know Alison isn’t fond of anyone taking the special place Emily has reserved for her. And the whole Paige teasing thing, you could almost interpret that as internalized homophobia (also the rejection scene from season one, where she tells Emily off, coldly).

Could Jenna also be a victim because of that look exchanged between her and Emily at the dance? I know it’s a bit of a stretch. But jealous Alison wanting control over everything is not that much of a stretch. If so, this slow burn is really a long time coming. Now, I’m super interested to see which direction the show takes. Hopefully, it won’t disappoint!

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I would like to know what happened at the anniversary dinner. Since we're on the subject, I would like to know what happened with the fish doctor, too. :D

I won’t lie to you, Anon, this message made me laugh when I got it. Maybe this will help answer the latter question. ;)

Another Day in the Menagerie (formerly One More Surprise)

A Sequel - of sorts - to Just Keep Swimming

Whatever she had been expecting when she mashed the buzzer to be let into her own home, her husband’s incredulous look is not it.

“You got her a snake?” he squeaks, plowing ahead before she has the chance to respond, “You know, when you said you wanted to get her a gift on your own, this was not what I was expecting.”

Blowing a piece of uncooperative hair out of her face, Kate Beckett takes a moment to stare at her husband. For a man so intelligent, he can also be obtuse sometimes.

“I brought Lulu from the hospital, Rick. For the party.”

Understanding blooms in his eyes, and he backs out of the doorway to allow her – and her terrarium luggage – entry into their home. Pushing her tongue into her cheek, she refrains from asking him what he would’ve done if she had said the black and white eastern kingsnake was for the girl.

“Remember, Alexis was talking about wanting to do something different this year? So I figured why not bring something home for her to show off to her friends. She loves Lulu.”

It’s no exaggeration; most kids go straight to the dogs or the cats when they visit the animal hospital, but not Kate’s stepdaughter. No, Alexis comes bouncing in from school every other afternoon and makes a beeline for the terrariums and the fish tanks. In the four years since Kate met the Castle family, Alexis has become the self-appointed evening caregiver, which amuses the office to no end.

“No, I know. I know. I was just surprised,” Rick explains, recovering from his shock to help relieve her of some of her cargo. “But… you didn’t bring any spiders, did you?”

A tease is on the tip of her tongue, but she bites it back in favor of pressing a kiss to the curve of his chin. Her husband hates spiders. He’s fine with the lizards and snakes, the fish and the birds, but he had gone white as a sheet the first time she had mentioned someone bringing their pet spider to her for treatment. (To her sadness, she had had to turn them away.)

“No, babe. No spiders. Just Lulu and her food. And I promise, if having her here makes you uncomfortable, I’ll take her back to work right after the party instead of Monday morning when I go in. I’m not turning the loft into a reptile house.”

Together they slide the snake’s cage onto the table by the window. Rick has already put the food on the dining room table, and this space is more out of the way so Lulu won’t be disturbed by the chaos.

“You don’t have to,” he promises once they finish, palming her hip and drawing her in for a proper greeting. “Just surprised me, s'all.”

Kate hums, slipping her arms around his neck. “Thought you liked that about me?”

“Oh, that’s just one of the many, many reasons.”

Good answer.

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So Scorpion deals with love a lot. The maternal love that Paige has for Ralph, and the way he loves her back, in the ways he knows how. The fatherly love Cabe feels for them, and the way they love him right back. The sibling like love between the platonic dynamics of the team. The love of math, of computers, of food and singing and tools and games.

And then we have the romantic storylines - Melvester involved two people who had probably never loved before, but who believed in it wholeheartedly. Who knew for a fact that they wouldn’t have decades together but instead of pulling away, jumped in with both feet and made every moment count for as much as a moment can.

On a very different level, we have Walter. He spent the first three decades of his life having never been in love. He never believed it existed; it was something people only believed that they felt. But now, he has slowly begun to learn how to access and comprehend the massive amount of feelings that he does have, but remained dormant for so long - and he’s realized that he can love. He’s *in* love. It took him a long time to realize that that’s what it was, but now that the light bulb has gone off, he isn’t denying it.

Then we have Toby and Paige. They have both loved before. They’ve both been hurt deeply by loving so hard. But you don’t see that past hurt affecting their ability to keep on loving. It has not destroyed them. They are both in love again, they know it, and they *want* that love with that person. They know how messy it can be and how the ability to feel such happiness also comes with the ability to feel that same level of heartbreak but *they don’t care*.

They differ in how they handle that longing. Both know what they want, one is actively pursuing his happily ever after and the other is waiting for hers to make the first move but they still have in common the knowledge of what they want and the belief in love itself.

It’s all so beautiful, okay? Complicated, brilliant, and beautiful.

Do You Want To Get Creative

A don’t hug me I’m scared song from Tony’s point of view and set to the tune of “do you want to build a snowman”. Paige realizes that the puppets are afraid of her and not her friend and now she’s hiding in the art room. Completed with invaluable aid from demonic-royalties.

Do you want to get creative?
Come on, let’s go and rhyme
Use your hair to express yourself
You need some help
I’m here for all of time
You used to be in colour
But now you’re gray
I wish I could make you smile
Do you want to get creative?
We don’t have to use the colour green
(Paige:) Not this time, Tony
Ok, bye…
Do you want to get creative?
You took the art down from the halls
I think a painting is overdue
You know you want to splash some color on the walls
(It’s been a long time)
It gets a little lonely
Without you here
As time keeps on ticking by
(Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock)
Paige, please don’t run from your fear
That’s not what it means for you to live
You scared them but that’s how you’re drawn
I’m not afraid of you
Don’t let them win
We compliment each other
Like your colour wheel
Will you be the red to my blue?
Do you want to get creative?