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Snb! Sinbad scenario where cute little baby Sharrkan has a huge crush on his s/o

[I have about 31 Sinbad requests. Be prepared.]

Snb! Sinbad: It was really obvious that the little boy had a crush on you. Everyone thought it was the cutest thing ever when Sharrkan got flustered around the older female. Somehow, the ex-prince always managed to bring you a handful of flowers, shuttering out ‘I hope you have a great day, Ms. [Y/n].’  

It didn’t take long for you to notice that Sinbad wasn’t enjoying the little crush Sharrkan had on you. It was almost funny that he got jealous over a little boy. “Oh, come on, you got to admit it’s cute.” You huff, placing the flowers in a vase. The future king grumbles something under his breath and becomes pouty. Crossing his arms, sitting on the bed, refusing to look at his S/o. “Sin, it’s just a small crush. Besides, I love you and wouldn’t trade that for the world.”

Sinbad felt the bed dip as you crawl over to him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders, in hopes he will talk to you. “Do you mean it?” You saw a glimmer of hope in his golden eyes when he shifts his gaze.

“Of course! Now stop being pouty and get to work, you still have documents from your last trip to sign.” Sinbad froze, looking away from you again, going to deny it. “I’ll stay and help, two great minds are better than one, after all.”


Selina was one of the first people you met upon arriving in Gotham and since then the two of you had become somewhat inseparable – you’d taught her a couple of tricks of the trade that you’d learnt in other places and tried to make sure that she wasn’t too bad off as she refused your charity. Yet, when you were introduced to Bruce through your family you realised that he was a nice guy – and him knowing Selina meant that the three of you had only grown closer.

‘Remind me again why we’re sneaking down a dark alley rather than using the sidewalk,’ said Bruce, looking thoroughly unimpressed by his current surroundings.

‘Because I’d rather not have to run into a road to escape,’ you said simply, casting a wary look over your shoulder.

‘Come on, Bruce-Boy, it’s just a little grime. Your housekeeper can sort it out,’ Selina said, shooting you a smirk as she draped her arm around Bruce’s shoulders.

You stopped to survey Bruce for a moment, and Selina’s smile seemed to widen as you flicked your attention towards her. ‘He needs to be taught how to do this properly one day,’ you said simply, before focusing on the task at hand.

It would involve:
Trying to solve crimes together – ‘Remind me again why we didn’t go to our friendly copper,’ you constantly said as you put yourselves into more and more dangerous situations, all the while finding it exciting though.

Bridging the gap between them, trying to make sure Selina was a little more refined for tasks and Bruce streetwise while learning a little yourself.

Always trying to be there for one another, knowing the horrors of the past and being there in an attempt to never let it cloud thoughts for too long – sometimes the odd food fight helps, or random walks through Gotham while making up stories for the people that you see on these travels.

Coming up with nicknames for one another – ‘Well you’re evidentially Kitten Kid.’ ‘It’s Cat, (Y/n).’ ‘I agree with (Y/n), much more – sorry, OK, maybe not.’

Looking out for each other and trying to keep each other out of as much trouble as possible because you’re all trying to solve each other’s problems.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners, I just found them on Google.

Babysitting your two year old nephew one day, and you carry him out on your hip to the stables to find Cowboy!Calum with his favorite horse, Africa, and Calum’s eyes light up at the sight of you two, and he waves his hand to encourage you to come over to him and Africa, and he takes the little boy’s hand and places it on Africa’s muzzle gently causing the horse to neigh which sends the little boy into a fit of giggles, and Calum begins to chuckle at the little boy and his eyes crinkle as his smile gets wider as he watches the young boy excitedly interact with the horse

for anarchyaustralia‘s Cowboy!5SOS blurb night

so i had some free time (procrastination) and wrote a thing :)

ok so imagine liam and zayn growing up together and they’ve been best friends since they were little, that one time when liam was new to the school and a little smaller than everyone around him because of his kindey stuff so he was always sick and because kids are mean they used to pick on him and then one day he’s getting pushed around as usual when suddenly the quietest boy in the class shows up out of no where and just tackles the big mean bully named Simon (lolololololol) and beats him up yelling “STOP BEING MEAN” and then the teachers come and separate them and zayn gets suspended for a week but his parents are proud of him because he stood up for someone.

Karen comes over one day with this little boy hiding behind her to thank them because liam’s never really had friends and she’s so happy someone was there to help him and the parents are all talking and liam is awkwardly sitting there when zayn comes down and asks him if he wants to play with his superhero toys and liam’s a little shy at first but with a little coaxing from zayn and doniya (because liam’s the cutest thing ever) he starts to relax and open up and end up making a pact to be best friends for ever <3

*fast forward 11yrs and both boys are 17 and in their final year of high school*

liam’s filled out a lot and he’s now build like a tank but zayn still worries because he’s the older one (by like 8 months zayn it doesn’t count!! shutup leeeeeyum respect yo elders) so it’s his job and liam can easily kick is ass and anyone elses who bothers him but he’s still his little leeyum so zayn’s going to protect him ok? ok.

so one friday night they’re doing their usual ritual of skyping each other (can you hear meeeeeeeeeeee??? noooo wait what the internet’s gone?? helllooooo??) and playing runescape together  ( :3 )when suddenly liam’s like oh no and zayns on alert and he’s like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIAM WHAT’S WRONG ARE YOU OK?!!?!? and liam goes oh i’m fine my head is just bleeding hold on imma get a tissue and then he just hears random screeching and banging over the line and then silence and he’s super confused as to what just happened.

“hellooooo zaynn? what happened??” no answer. he tries a few more times but gets more silence so he just assumes that skype was being skype and gets up to get ready for bed.
but while he’s in the bathroom he hears random banging and he;s like wtf?? so he grabs a toothbrush as a weapon and runs out only to find zayn trying to climb in through his window with a massive first aid kid and liam’s like “ZAYN OMG YOU ALMOST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK” and zayn’s like “SHUTUP LIAM YOU SAID YOU WERE BLEEDING SO I CAME HERE BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND YOU CAN’T DIE AND I NEED TO PROTECT YOU SO BE STILL SO I CAN NURSE YOU BACK TO HEALTH HONESTLY DON’T EVER DO THIS TO ME I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU” and liam doesn’t even care that zayn’s trying to climb on him with 3 bandages because did he just hear zayn say that he loved him??

“did you just say you love me??”
“no wtf well yes but like a friend a bro a brother ma hom-”
“shutup zayn”
“that’s so rude leeey-” oh and liam’s kissing him ok, this is good ok
so they kiss for a bit and then pull out and liam goes “i love you too you idiot” and zayn starts to argue back but liam just kisses him again but zayn pulls away and punches liam’s chest and ow wtf we’re declaring our love for each other zayn why you gotta do this
“MAYBE BECAUSE I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO DIE LEEYUM” and zayn starts to bandage liam ignoring his protests not that he really cares because he’s with his zayn and if it means being turned into a mummy to keep him happy liam’s more than willing.

once zayn’s done panicing liam grabs him and gets under the covers kissing his nose and just being digustingly cute until they fall asleep

and then karen finds them the next morning snuggled together and quickly calls up trisha to tell her that their idiot boys finally figured it out and trisha can’t even bring it upon herself to be mad at zayn for sneaking out in the middle of the night because she’s been hoping for this to happen for years :’)

the end :)