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Pure Distractions

Requested by anon ♥

→ Reader x Chanyeol

→ Domestic AU; in which Chanyeol couldn’t care less about the movie you were watching.

→ Warnings: making out.

Word count: 573

“Chanyeol,” You warned the second his hands inched slightly closer to your thigh. “I’m watching the movie.”

Knowing your boyfriend he would not give up with that, so you scooted further away from him, grabbing several pillows and placing them to fill up the space you left behind, your eyes trained solely on the TV-screen. He moans sadly as you move away, his long arms reaching over the pillows you put between the two of you to caress you shoulder. You slap his hand away with another warning before you fix your eyes back at the movie playing.

You had waited and wanted to see this movie forever. Having not been able to go see it in the theaters when it showed, you had been ecstatic to come over the DVD when you had been shopping today. You arrived back home, grin wide, excited to see the movie with Chanyeol, only to find out he held no interest for it, whatsoever. Bummer.

You still appreciated him sitting there and watching it with you though- or did you?

“You should be over here, sitting on my lap, babe.” Chanyeol announces after a long silence. You huff as your only response, your hands finding and embracing one of the pillows before stuffing your face into it to hide your flushing cheeks. Damn him and his carefully thought-out words.

“I want you…” He sing-songs, his whole body falling over and breaking your little wall of pillows. “here with me.”

You glare at him, begging him to stop with your desperate eyes, the hold around your self control support - the pillow - only getting tighter.

“It’s so cold over here.” He sighs out, making sure breathe extra hard for further effectiveness. He knew you would eventually fall through. “I need my personal heater.”

“Baby,” He pouts up at you and when he receives no sign of a white flag, he groans. You first think that he gives up himself and he leaves you to watch the movie in peace- until he moves forward for the control and quickly pauses the movie.


He grabs all the pillows on the couch in both hands before hauling them down on the floor, out of reach, before going for your personal one. He takes it out of your hold easily, throwing it down to join the other on the cold, needs-to-be-vacuumed floor. He grabs you by your bottom, grinning up at you as he gently places you on his lap. You pout down at him the way he had pouted at you only moments ago.


“I wanted to kiss you.” He justifies his actions, his hands brushing up over your form once, twice, as you move your face down to his. Your breaths collide seconds before your lips does. It’s hot and desired; your lips moving against each other in a kiss that gains intensity by the second.

His hands sneakily moves down, underneath your pants to rest upon your bottom, triggering a gasp from you. Your own hands place themselves around his shoulder as your head tilts just a little to the side to welcome Chanyeol even more.

“I really liking kissing you.” He adorably confesses in your breathless break from each other’s lips. You laugh breathlessly, both of your chest almost bumping into each other as they move with every heavy inhale and exhale.

“At least you put the movie on pause.”

A/N: it’s kind of short, so I guess it’s more of a drabble but I still hope you enjoy it! and thank you to the anon for requesting ♥

MBTI as texts I've sent
  • INFP: *to crush*
  • ENFJ: You know how the saying goes: if he's not Shia Labeouf, he's not worth it.
  • ISTP: dude can we bring a bottle of vanilla extract and snort it?
  • ENTP: my sister asked me for a role model for a school project and I told her Tony Montana and Jordan Belfort would definitely impress her teachers.
  • INTP: Mom, I do have a social life, but I'm not going out right now. I'm employing the use of my brain. I know you might have forgotten how yours works, but mine is still functioning impeccably.
  • ENTJ: Now I'm not trying to be controlling or anything, but if you don't do what I say, I'm going to come over to your house and burn your prized DVD collection and fuck your dad.
  • INFJ: *removes almost everyone from groupchat* *text messages from everyone removed asking why* I need a detox from my fake friends. Like you.
  • ESFP: Ok, your life sucks. Anyways, back to me...
  • ESTJ: Wow, it really smells like updog in here...
  • ISFJ: *about 8 times* Ok it's not a big deal but will you just ASK him why he unfollowed me
  • ESTP: How much would you pay me to smear blood on my phone, set it on video, and then throw it into this shark tank?
  • ESFJ: Littering will lead you to homicide and how do you think I'll feel raising a homicide-er
  • INTJ: *leaves read receipts on* *opens message* *doesn't reply*
  • ISTJ: I would come over but... wait your older brother's home this week? ok sweet I'll be there
  • ISFP: *replies to groupchat with only Wayne's World gifs*
  • ENFP: *to crush* Yeah I think I broke the new record. I woke up 8 p.m. on saturday and spent the past 12 hours looking up math pickup lines.

But seriously these past two days have been AMAZING for cartoons.

Gravity Falls- PROMO FOR SEASON 2B, 3ds game, official journal, dates for next 2 episodes, new episode monday!
Steven Universe- FULL THEME, SARDONYX, week of new episodes starting monday (we’re gonna die monday)
Over the Garden Wall- DVD coming out in September!!!
Legend of Korra- COMICS 

'Over the Garden Wall' coming to DVD

According to Amazon, the Cartoon Network miniseries Over the Garden Wall will be available on DVD from 8 September. All ten episodes will be available in a single volume. The page also lists some the DVD’s special features:

  • Behind Over the Garden Wall (a making-of video)
  • Original Pilot: Tome of the Unknown
  • Alternate Title Cards
  • Deleted Animatics
  • Commentaries
  • Composer’s Cut (option to watch episodes with no audio other than the music)

Overall this looks like a pretty complete package. You can see the boxart below.  


JYJ Private Project 『Come On Over』 DVD Preview


After the whole ‘CINDERELLY!’ line in New Years, I have this thing in my head where Maya is an absolute sucker for Disney movies, and whenever a new one comes out her and Riley go see it together as a tradition, and whenever Maya’s sad, Lucas comes over with like 10 DVDs and ice cream and they have a Disney movie marathon, and, eventually, Maya passes the love off to her and Lucas’s daughter.

My Mum and Ed Sheeran
  • Mum: why didn't you tell me?
  • Me: tell you what?
  • Mum: that my red little cupcake is married
  • Me: WTF? since when is sven (my brother) married?
  • Mum: not sven, I'm talking about ed. ed is married ..and not with you.
  • Me: and whose fault is that? if you had lived in England, who knows what would have happened.
  • Mum: that's true. Do you want to come over ? Make sure to bring Ed's dvd.
  • Me: Sure. And Mum? Ed is not married
  • Mum: then you know what you have to do, find ed, marry him and get sweet little ginger babies with him. but first, let's see, how Ed rocks the wembley stadium.

The only box set of What Not to Wear I could find on Amazon was over three-hundred dollars, and while I don’t mind splurging just a little bit on occasion, that’s far too over the top, even for me. It only comes with five DVDs, after all. It’s ridiculous. I suppose I’ll just have to continue watching Project Runway for the time being. 

Pitch Perfect 2!

Just got back from watching Pitch Perfect 2. Got to say…there were a ton of Anna and Brittany moments and Beca and Chloe moments (you’ll know the distinction when you watch the film…  (BUT THERE’s a TON!!)

I need to watch this movie again over the weekend! When’s the DVD coming out??

Disclaimer: I didn’t watch the movie for the Beca and Chloe moments. I was there to enjoy the songs and the humor..but I guess thanks for the cherry on top?

Top of my head:

  • Beca and Chloe side by side througout the Kennedy Center performance
  • Chloe looking for Beca in the Bella house / asking Jesse
  • Beca and Chloe during the aca-initiation party (?) - dancing and the hugging and the butt slapping
  • Is Beca confused about her sexuality? with all those uncontrollable bursts of compliments for another girl in front of Chloe???
  • The tent scene was soooo gay…although I couldn’t hear much of their dialogue…(what did I miss guys??)
  • Bonus: I loved the Beca getting caught in the tent scene and at first Chloe was like you got what you deserved for walking out on me but then changed her tone when Beca was dropping…
  • The camp / back to basics / teambuilding scenes were funny!  The shoving/clinging to each other scene while running across this foam walkway on top of a lake or through the mudpit or everything else actually.
  • The cups campfire scene - the sexual tension was evident to me…
  • The umbrella scene in Copenhagen..where Beca was like Chloe I’m coming to you…
  • Beca and Chloe were partners in most of the choreography in the Worlds Championship Finale..
  • Basically, Beca and Chloe together forever…

What else am I missing, guys?