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How the Seelie Court kiss really happened

You all now I am a huge book fan and the whole Clace potrayal this season is bothering me a lot. I just reread the Seelie Court chapter in City of Ashes and I love how Clary does not feel very happy about Simon being affective towards her even though they’re together

And of course when Simon kisses her in the Court 

I miss that in the show because Clary never had real romantic feelings for Simon an der that is written all over the books. In the show it is completely different and for me it seems that Clary prefers to be with Simon even though the siblings conflict was lifted. I mean come on the kiss today felt so cringeworthy because her “desire” or longing for Jace was never addressed whereas we permanently see Jace struggling with his feelings. Crappy writing at its finest!! 

So I clearly prefer the books when it comes to proper storytelling. The writers ruin the main couples and I won’t forgive them. Of course I support the actors because they make the best of the lousy script. 

And here for everyone who likes the original seelie Court kiss ❤️

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What moment did you realize OQ was your OTP?

I had to think for a bit before coming up with a proper answer because I could say it was in Witch Hunt when they were at the farmhouse. All that sass and instant attraction was too obvious to ignore. After all that sequence in its entirety is a blessing to this fandom.

I could also tell you that it was in It’s not easy being green because they had to stop meeting like that and then the “stunning in every way” moment happened and I died.

Not to mention her trusting her heart to him. C’mon, who does this after meeting the guy just the other day? But not matter, this is not quite the right moment.

Or maybe it was in Bleeding Throught when they first kissed. They have locked lips many, many times now, but that first time is still very high in my personal list and I was bouncing in my chair when I watched it.

But in reality I lost my composure and declared OQ as my OTP when he said…

And it got worse (not really) when she trusted him enough to admit she wasn’t okay when Henry still couldn’t recognize her. And when he decided he wouldn’t leave her to attend her business without a smile on her face (an smile that was actually reaching her eyes) I was forever sold.

OQ is far from perfect (it touched that line once), but amidst the OTP armada I have, Outlaw Queen is probably the OTP that means the most to me right now.

PS.: Gifs are courtesy of my good friend reginashappiness. Thank you! Go here and check out her glorious Top 10 OQ scenes.