come on him


so please don’t take my seunshine away


reapers skin in the new comic is deff phantom of the opera costume from the “masquerade” scene….i don’t think it’s a coincidence

plot of phantom of the opera is literally he’s in love with Christine, watches her, has her, then some dude shows up, she falls in love with the dude, the phantom ends up alone still watching her from afar…

hmmmm………… idk this just seems very familiar but oh I don’t know I have no idea where I’ve seen this before….

Maybe Dom is acting like she isn’t going home, and Jessica whispered to the camera ‘got it’ because she did get it, but she told Dom because she plans to use it.. 👀One of them definitely got it, and I feel like they told the other because they wanna work together and take out the trash

A cute boy that i have a crush on called me cute after I flipped over a bird photo he sent him and i m

space-boy-kellin  asked:

Heya, so... does there happen to be a mobtale sans around here? I just wanna say hi before I end up falling asleep

Mob!Sans:  Smiling, he tips back his fedora, clad in his usual attire–sans jacket and gun holster; he’s relaxed for the night.  “heya bud.  i’ve been expectin’ to see ya, but sorry to see you’re headin’ to sleep.  i’ve got a few things to look over, but hey–why not fall asleep on the couch with me?”

He scoots over on the couch, setting his papers on the armrest and patting the empty space.

the Kageyama Smirk™


Rest in peace little guy 💗

I’m so so sorry that you were scared, I hope you knew how much you were loved.

Conversation with my father

Father: I was watching Rogue One the other day. 

Me: (desperately trying to keep my Internet Interests and my Brickspace Life separate) Oh really?

Father: Yeah, I was watching the special features, you know the pilot?

Me: (Internal screaming) Uh-huh. 

Can we please talk about the faces Keith makes in s1e4 when Lance gets injured?? He arrives behind Allura and is like-

-and then he catches sight of Lance and it’s just-

he is so shocked. He’s reaching out, he wants to do something, he wants to help, but then Shiro is already there so he just-

-he just comes as close as possible and he does that thing where he crunches his right eye up a little-

-and then that Arusian guy comes and complains about the sentries in his village and Keith just-

-he’s looking back at Lance, he really doesn’t want to leave Lance, but he knows he has to and just. Fuck. All the others share these expressions too. But then these frames happen-

-and you know that he is so very upset. So incredibly worried about Lance. You can see him shoving his emotions aside to do what he has to do. I’m a m es s,, ,

I just love and respect Jin so much and learning about his father made my respect for him grow ever more. Usually children from those families end up running their businesses but Jin had his own dreams and passions and he went to college so that he could make a name for himself. When he was scouted by bighit without having any singing or dancing skills he auditioned and got in, and proceeded to train and practice tirelessly while still working on attaining his degree. Despite coming from a well off family he lived in that little dorm and used his pocket money to buy groceries so he could cook for his members. He always remained humble. I always remember that moment during their concert when Jin’s family was in the audience and he was in tears, talking about how his mom had to hear other moms talking about how proud they were of their sons and how he wanted his mom to be proud of him and show him off as well. And he finally got that and he made something of himself, on his own will, and his mom could brag about him too. I am just so proud of him. He gave up that comfortable life to make something of himself and he’s now in one of the biggest groups in kpop. I just love and respect him so much.