come on guys the couch is so tacky

its weird how memes still hold longevity in japan like they used to here in the west

like, we can’t have classic-style memes anymore. things like “bode?” that’s an early 2000s meme. it’s nonsensical, it has cats, and it’s very “inside.” and yet, three days after its conception, corporate america shoved its dirty claws down its throat and ruined it. a meme was killed in three days. 

the longest-lasting meme this year was harambe, and that only lasted so long because corporate america couldn’t use it in their marketing. it was inherently in bad taste and it involved getting your dick out. “dicks out for harambe” lasted a good half of this year because corporations couldn’t touch it. the meme fizzled out on its own because everyone got tired of seeing it for so long. it died naturally. 

meanwhile in Japan, they’re still using the same memes they’ve been using for ages. people in japan still love billy herrington. they still love the reaction image of the dudes sitting on a couch reacting to things. hell, they still love creepy woody. they’ve held on to their classics. not only that, but corporate japan has embraced the memes and the general population still loves them. you can buy action figures of billy herrington because he is a much-beloved meme. revoltech tried to “fix” creepy woody by replacing the figure’s creepy face with a less creepy one and people got angry, so they reissued the original creepy face. a few days ago, Bandai issued official promo pics of their WWE figures doing the “three guys on a couch reacting” pose because they still love it. corporations have embraced japanese memes and people actually like it there. 

it’s really fascinating. early 2000s meme culture has entirely died in the west because people got tired of seeing the plain old stuff every day, and now meme culture has devolved in to this weird transitory thing where memes come and go in a matter of days because corporations touch them, and the only memes with any longevity are ones so vulgar and tacky that big business can’t touch them. even those memes don’t last long though because people tire of long-lasting memes relatively quickly. 

human culture is weird.