come on guys just a little kiss

dating draco malfoy would include....

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  • little kisses out of literally nowhere
  • that you pretend annoy you
  • but really you can’t get enough
  • him over-dramatically sighing whenever you’re busy
  • just him being a dramatic lil shit in general
  • but this comes in handy for dates
  • because he will only give you the absolute best
  • i’m talking candlelit dinners and rose petals
  • late nights in the astronomy tower
  • and slowly but surely you start to break down his walls
  • and you two are just so completely comfortable together
  • if any guy so much as looks at you too long
  • draco will stare him down like a hawk
  • he’ll walk right up to you
  • wrap his arms around your waist
  • and kiss your forehead
  • so that the whole damn world knows you’re his girl
  • honestly just so freaking protective
  • but it’s only because he loves you more than anything
  • snowy walks in hogsmeade
  • and if you look even a little tiny bit cold 
  • he will literally force you to take his jacket
  • sometimes you’ll be walking down the hall
  • and he’ll just grab you and pull you into the nearest closet
  • and snog you senseless
  • he loves leaving hickies
  • so you’re constantly having to wear scarves
  • him not wanting you to meet his parents
  • because he’s afraid they’ll scare you off
  • and that’s the last thing he wants
  • but when he meets yours
  • he’s all fancied up in a suit and tie
  • and is the perfect gentleman
  • “this meal was perfectly lovely, mrs. Y/L/N.”
  • him holding you at night
  • your head on his chest
  • his arms wrapped around you lovingly
  • and just so much love and passion and AW

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Dont make them your full course meal if you’re just an icing on their cake. You deserve more than that. You fucking deserve more than that. You deserve the moon and the stars and all those shit that guys promise to the girl they love. You deserve a goodnight text, not a ‘where are you, come here’ at 1 am. You deserve a goodmorning text, not a panic attack each night that he might be gone when you wake up. Hell, you deserve handwritten love notes and not just a text.

You deserve a breakfast in bed, or at the kitchen, as long as it is breakfast and it is your favorite pancake drizzled with your favorite chocolate and mapple syrup, because who cares if you gain a little bit of weight, he loves you anyways. You deserve a forehead kiss and tender kisses on your lips, and not a slap on your backside. You deserve a cuddle whenever you’re feeling out of sorts, and not a quick fuck. You deserve I love you’s, and not ‘give me some space’. You deserve much more than this. You deserve all of it, because girl, you are the baker of your own life and you… you can choose to be more than the pretty icing on their cake.
—  cynthia go // An Open Letter to All the Girls: You’re not just a pretty icing on the cake ( @cynthiatingo )

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Why do I like this kid so much

He’s very straight forward, and sometimes he’s a little irritating, even when meeting someone new, he will just put on his earphones and listen to music, he might be a little naive but I feel like he’s always staying beside silently looking at everything objectively, or you can say positively, without having any bad thoughts. He’s more of a soul person than a brain person. When I’m having a hard time, he’ll always just come over without saying anything then lie on the sofa and sleep. Once he wakes up he’ll say “I’m going now” and he’ll just leave. All my younger brothers are just like typical guys so we never do kisses to each other but you know what? I do it everyday to this kid that’s gonna turn 27 soon kekekeke I think I might be the biggest giri fan. Let’s all love our dog-cat Giriboy more.

@giriboy91 idiot beggar-boy

No wait but let me talk about the almost kiss

At first I was a little disappointed with it - I had pictured a lot more lips & saliva than actually was.

But then I started to rewatch the gifs from the scene and GUYS. Please look at how close Hugh Dancy comes to actually starting to kiss Mads. IT’S RIDICULOUS.

He bobs his head forward and comes SO CLOSE

and then comes EVEN CLOSER OMFG

and I don’t want to take sides here but Mads really just stays neutral and probably thinking, “well, it seems like I’m gonna kiss today” and makes an almost imperceptible movement forward, but then Hugh gets all shy and thinks again and looks down.

AND WAIT IT’S NOT OVER YET, because Hugh stays like, head down, breathing hard and grabbing Mads’ arm, and then, idk, his right hand SNAKES upward? till Mads’ shoulder, and FUCK ME, look at how fucking close those two are again because Hugh moved his face towards Mads’ again

and then he puts his head on his shoulder, and Mads makes that *orgasm!* face

and NO, STILL NOT OVER, then there’s the FUCKING WAIST GRAB (and jesus, look at how Mads buries his nose on Hugh’s neck)

which may or may not have been actively, purposefully, one-sidedly staged by, GUESS WHO, HUGH DANCY.

And all that was written on the script was “lunge forward”, YOU VILLAINS.

Those two seriously I don’t know how Bryan managed it for three whole years.


Daddy!Dean x Reader


“I think he likes the toy cars you got him.” You whispered to your husband.

Dean flashed a smirk, glancing back at you. “He is my son after all.” He winked. “By the way, Sammy and My mom are going to come over in an hour, so we should probably get dressed soon.”

Taking a sip of your coffee, you snuggled closer to Dean. “Not yet.” You exhaled.

He pressed a soft kiss to your head, a smile forming on your lips.

Being in his arms made you feel whole. With him being gone for hunts most of the time, you cherish every moment you have with him. Even if it’s just for a little while.

“This is perfect.” Dean hummed.

“What is?”

“This. Cuddling with you, while watching our little guy play with his toys.” He couldn’t help but smile. “It’s the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for.”

Playfully you nudged his side. “You’re such a sap, Dean Winchester.”

He glanced down at you, and furrowed his brows. “Shut up!” He tried to keep from smiling. “So Mrs. Winchester, where’s my gift?”

As you were about to respond, Dean was immediately interrupted when bobby jumped in his lap. “Daddy car!” He yelled.

Dean let out a chuckle, and nodded. “Yeah that’s like daddy’s car.” He put his cup of coffee down on to the coffee table and gave his son his full attention. “Come on, let’s go play with your cars.”

“Wait.” You exhaled. Pulling out a small box from under the tree, you felt your heart beat begin to race. You were nervous but also excited.


Dean took the small gift into his hand, and looked at Bobby. “Want to help daddy open this present?”

You watched the boys tear the wrapping paper off, growing more and more anxious as the seconds passed by.

He opened the top and as soon as his eyes glanced at the surprise inside, his mouth dropped. “Are you freakin serious?” He asked, shooting his gaze up to you.

You could only nod, holding your stomach.

Dean jumped up swinging his son around in the air,along Bobby giggle uncontrollably.

“You’re going to be a big brother!” He exclaimed. “We’re having another baby!”

He put bobby down and quickly stepped over to you, his hand gently pressed to your belly as he flashed a cheeky grin. “How’s daddy’s little girl?”


#and this, ladies and gentleman, is what i call - development

*Warning EoS spoliers*

Guys, I don’t see the whole Lysandra acting as Aelin going too well in the next book.

First and foremost, Lysandra doesn’t know every little detail from Aelin’s life, she could slip up (Ilias, Galan, Ansel have no clue what happened since they arrived to the scene like ten minutes late. Like come on guys, she gave you coordinates and a time to arrive, you couldn’t have shone up early? Well, I doubt Aelin told Lysandra about every little thing that happened in the Red Desert and Mistward so that could end badly).

Second, Aedion is being a crabby bum even though he would totally have done what Lysandra is doing if he was in her place. He would do whatever Aelin asked of him as he is in her court and he loves her. You can bet that Lysandra doesn’t want to live her life as any more of a lie, and that she is doing this because Aelin asked and she answers to her. Also she did not know that Maeve would take her. She only knew that Aelin believes she will die before all this is done. But if Aedion keeps up his crabbiness for too long and keeps ignoring her then someone will for sure notice since he’s been so dedicated to Aelin after all this time, even the 10 years they were apart. Forgive her already you butt hole! I ship you like crazy.

Third, what’s going to happen when Aelin can’t use her fire when trouble comes to Terrasen? When she’s expected to help the Bane or save someone’s life? Does Lysandra hold back? Or risk shifting and being caught?

Fourth, if they don’t tell Evangeline and instead lie and say Lysandra went with Rowan or something, she will probably figure out that she isn’t the real Aelin because of the tattoo that never leaves her wrist in any form or because she just knows Lysandra too well. (this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but Evangeline could accidentally say something and then we’re screwed).

Fifth, Darrow will still be a complete a-hole and will probably notice things like the lack of flame or the tattoo and that will completely suck (if that happens I vote we hog tie him up and let him sit in a dungeon for awhile, he was rude.) Even worse he would probably point something out in front of a lot of people, including the other lords (so we hog tie them all up for not putting any trust in Aelin and leave the Allsbrooks alone because they’re decent people).

And the Sixth reason?

Fleetfoot will know.

I do! I feel like JuminZen gentle sex needs some sort of situation for it to happen. Sex between them is usually carnal, rough, experimental sometimes playful but not usually gentle. There needs to be some sort of cause, and it would only be after they officially confess their feelings for each other. When Zen is gentle to Jumin: Jumin has bad days. He’s a serious, calm and collected guy but he is still human. I feel like occasionally he’d come home and just break. Malfunction. And he could react in two ways with Zen: rough angry sex (which is the default) or tender “please coddle me I’m upset” sex. When it’s the latter, Jumin nuzzles against Zen, leaves trails of kisses all over his body, calls him pet names (baby is his favorite), sweet little things. It always throws Zen off at first but he knows Jumin is being a needy baby and needs love and attention. So Zen takes control, lets Jumin sit back and does all the work. He rides him teasingly slow, lets Jumin kiss him as much as he wants, spoils him silly. Zen is still a tsundere throughout but a lot less and it’s not because he loves him, he just wanted him to feel better, baka! When Jumin is gentle to Zen: Sometimes Zen gets drunk, it’s usually because he’s frustrated with his boyfriend, maybe they got into a fight or something. Zen already drinks a lot of beer regularly and when Jumin pisses him off he drinks a shit ton. He stumbles home and picks a fight with Jumin again. Then he wants to fuck. Jumin has grown accustomed to this, it won’t be the first time his boyfriend wants drunk angry makeup/fight sex. But Zen is also drunk and the last thing Jumin wants to do is hurt him again after they’ve fought. So he is delicate and careful and Zen is all “FIGHT ME!” but is later reduced to a whimpering mess because Jumin is so soft and slow and it’s torturously good. Eventually whoever is in the wrong ends up apologizing midway through sex and after, everything is easily forgotten. Okay I obviously thought too much about this BYE.

Got7 Reaction to- You Hugging Them From Behind


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Mark- He would be so shy at first but then he would wrap his arms around yours and sway back and forth while you pressed your face into his back before sneakily tickling his sides and making him laugh that high pitched laugh of his that we all love so much and then he would grab your hands and spin you so that he was facing you and give you a little smirk before attacking you with tickles until you called mercy and then he would smile and be all cute and kiss your forehead oh my gosh how cute is mark guys okay he is too much.

Jaebum- it would be one of those days where you just wanted attention but JB is a busy dude so you wait until he’s done doing all his stuff and he would come out to stretch and as he’s stretching you just can’t resist wrapping your arms around him and leaning into him whispering that you missed him and he would do that half smile of his that melts my heart and then he would turn so he could face you and lean down and give you the sweetest kiss guys im NOT OKAY NOW.

Jackson- This would be a daily occurrence for you guys so he wouldn’t be all the surprised until you slip your cold hands up under his shirt and he would do that weird girly scream of his and then reach up to pull your hands away and spin you around so that he could hug you from behind and rest his head on top of yours and tell you that ‘it’s not nice to tease people and if you wanted to touch my muscles you have just asked” cause he is such a little shit.

Jinyoung- I feel like junior would love it if you just walked up behind while he was cooking or something and lazily wrapped your arms around his and let your head rest on the back of his neck or in between his shoulder blades. He would find it so calming and would press back into you slightly cause he might be a savage but he’s also a huge softy too and sometimes you just need someone to hug you okay.

Youngjae- My sweet prince oh my goodness youngjae would love it he would go all mushy and wide eyed as you wrapped your arms around his waist and kiss his shoulder all cute and he would blush cause he’s adorable and he would love it when you just showed him how much you love him cause he loves it when people do that my tiny baby now i need to hug youngjae okay bye.

BamBam- Little freak would love it so much but pretend like he didn’t. Like he would say something like “no jagi! I’m supposed to hug you cause im the man” but in reality he loves when you spoil him and give him attention.

Yugyeom- It would start out so cute like you’re just standing in line or something and you would wrap you arms around him and he’d blush and tell you that he likes when you do that and then it would get silly as you try and climb on his back and insist that he gives you a piggy back ride because that’s what tall boyfriends are for and at first he’d be like ‘wait what no’ but as soon as you pouted he would cave so hard and let you climb up on his back cause he is a good boyfriend.

Lip Balm

Title: Lip Balm

Summary: Dan and Phil leave the next Danisnotonfire video up to the fans and they vote for the lip balm challenge. 

Relationship: Phan

Characters / Pairing: Dan Howell, Phil Lester

Word Count: 2,139

Warnings: M/M, some serious swearing (I mean, come on guys… It’s Dan we’re talking about here), some bants (meaning banter - lmao it just looks some weird ship name for pants), we got a little bit o’ making out (dayyuuuum but I guess you can kind of assume from the summary??), FLUFFFFFFFF, humour (well idk it depends on if you think it’s funny - personally i think i’m fukin hilarious but idk that’s probs just me), friendstolovers yo

AU where Dan and Phil aren’t married.

Or the one where Dan gets distracted by kissing Phil and forgets to guess the flavour. #friendstolovers


There’s a long pause before Dan finally breaks the silence.

“This is actually happening.”

The camera is on a tripod and rolling, the lights are focused on their faces, and there’s a bag beside each of their feet.

This is actually happening.

They’re sitting on Dan’s bed next to each other and Dan can’t help but feel extremely nervous.

“Hello internet! So last week, we had just returned from New York and couldn’t think of any video ideas. Instead of making an incredibly generic overdone video, we turned to you guys!” Dan explains enthusiastically.

Phil is just nodding along and glancing at Dan every now and then, adding another layer of extra pressure.

“We asked you all to come up with an idea for my next Danisnotonfire video, and the percentage was overwhelmingly outweighed by one specific idea. You’ll never guess what it was…” He trails off, giving the camera an extremely annoyed expression. “A generic, overdone video.”

Phil chuckles from next to him, causing the corner of Dan’s mouth to twitch but he stills it mentally and keeps talking. “We asked you guys for an idea to avoid a generic video, and you guys voted for a generic video.”

“You might want to tell them what we’re doing, Dan.” Phil reminds him patiently, a hint of laughter still in his voice.

Dan shoots Phil a look and retorts, “Calm your titballs there, Lester! I’m getting to it.”

Phil shakes his head and Dan ignores this.

“Today - because an overwhelming 76% of you asked for it - Phil and I will be doing…”

His flatmate drums on the post of Dan’s bed.

“The lip balm challenge!” Dan announces as Phil ends his reckless drumroll.

“I think I’ve seen this before,” Phil comments, looking curiously over at Dan. “Isn’t this for couples?”

“It is indeed,” Dan agrees with a sigh. “Basically, how this will work is person A will put on a blindfold, then person B puts on a chosen flavour of lip balm and locks lips with person A. Person A will have to guess which flavour it is that person B has on.”

“Dan and I went to the dollar store because Dan’s cheap and-”

“I am not cheap!”

“-We bought five different flavours of lip balm.” Phil explains, ignoring Dan’s interjection.

Dan huffs and goes to pull the lip balms out of one of the bags at their feet. “But - of course - we couldn’t go to a bath & body store without Phil buying
a thousand bath bombs and facial moisturizers.”

Phil crosses his arms indignantly. “That’s not true! Besides, you like them too.”

Dan smirks as he holds up the lip balms and prepares to name the flavors for the camera. “Touché.”

He holds the lip balms up higher so they are definitely in the shot. “These are the five flavours we chose.”

He hands two to Phil and takes three for himself. “Here I have Rosemary Eucalyptus, Tangerine Lime, and Cocoa.”

Phil checks his lip balms too. “I have Grapefruit Clove and Cinnamon Mint.”

“So - with that in mind - I guess we will begin. Are you ready Phil?”

“I’m ready!”

“Then let’s get started.” Dan turns and grabs the familiar red blindfold from the bag at his feet and looks at Phil. “Who wants to go first?”

“I want to go last,” Phil says quickly. “I want to know what each one tastes like on my lips before I go.”

Dan sighs and his heart starts to pick up pace. “I guess I’ll go first then.”

He hands the blindfold to Phil and turns so that Phil can tie it around his head.

As soon as it covers his eyes, Dan gets a lurch of panic that sparks through his body.

No matter what, there’s no going back now.

He can no longer see anything coming so he has no time to prepare.Taking a deep breath, Dan sticks his palm out with the lip balms he has in Phil’s general direction until he feels their weight relieved from his hand.

Folding his hands in his lap (because what the fuck else is he supposed to do with them), Dan feels his other senses kick into hypersensitive mode.

He’s aware of Phil’s presence, of the racing of his heart beat, of the the blood pumping through his body, he can taste the saliva in his mouth, he can smell the lack of fresh air caused by not opening a window in a while.

Everything is beginning to overwhelm Dan from all of the information his senses are sending his brain.

“Do I just show which one I chose to the camera?” Phil asks suddenly, startling Dan by his spontaneity.

“Er, yeah sure. I’ll edit in a count of how many points we have after we finish filming.” He adds.

Phil goes quiet again and Dan just assumes that he’s showing the camera his choice of lip balm and putting it on.

“Alrighty Daniel, pucker up!” Phil exclaims cheerily.

Dan’s heart trips over itself at the childish words.

He can literally feel the space between them getting smaller and smaller.

His last fleeting thought is, ’fuckity fuckity fuck’.

Then a pair of soft, warm lips wrap around his top one and his brain goes white.

He is too shocked to react, but Phil’s lips move at a perfectly paced tempo, slowly coaxing Dan’s body into reacting.


Dan’s lips twitch against Phil’s and suddenly they’re moving in sync, harmonizing in the beautiful symphony Phil has started.

And fuck this is so good.

Somehow, his hand finds its way to his best friend’s cheek and Dan stabilizes the kiss, relishing the taste and feel of Phil’s lips on his own.

They’re so soft and delicate and Dan’s almost afraid Phil’s bottom lip will just slip right out from between his own, but it doesn’t.

The next thing he knows, Phil’s pulling away and Dan makes what has to be the most mortifying noise of disappointment he’s ever made in his life.

His cheeks flush crimson and there’s just no point in hiding it now.

“What’s your guess?”


“What flavour do you think it was?” Phil repeats.



Dan was supposed to be guessing what flavor of lip balm Phil was wearing.

But he was too caught up in actually kissing Phil than guessing what flavour the bloody ChapStick was.

“I didn’t really get that great of a taste.” Dan admits awkwardly. “Could I get another go?”

Phil laughs and Dan’s ears perk at the sound.

He opens his mouth to speak again when he’s cut off by Phil’s lips connecting with his own.

And he’s sucked right back into Phil’s addictive lip-lock.

Focus Dan! You want to win this thing, don’t you?

Forcing himself to stop twirling in the high that is Phil’s kiss, Dan tries to focus on tactics to get a better taste of the lip balm.

Lick it off.

His stomach flutters at the thought, but it does make logical sense.

Here goes nothing.

Dan slowly lets his tongue venture out and glide innocently along Phil’s lower lip.

And the whine that Phil makes is so fucking hot.

Swallowing a groan, Dan gently sucks Phil’s bottom lip into his mouth, licking it with long, precise strokes.

He definitely recognizes that flavour.

A small moan - so small Dan almost can’t hear it - is released from Phil as Dan sucks skillfully on his lower lip and Dan literally has to pull himself away so he doesn’t jump Phil then and there.

Their lips disconnect with a soft popping sound and Dan resists the powerful urge to lean back in.

That can wait for another time.

Instead he clears his throat and says, “That was definitely eucalyptus. Whatever that eucalyptus flavour was, it was that one.”

“Rosemary Eucalyptus?” Phil muses.

“Yeah sure, whatever.” Dan waves it off.

He holds his breath as Phil is silent for a moment.

“I… I think you’re right…?”

“I’m right. I know eucalyptus when I taste it.” Dan says confidently.

“Should I move onto the next one?”


“Alright. How many am I doing again?”


“Right. Well, I’ll tell you when I’m done, okay?”

“Fine by me.”

And Dan’s forced to wait again.

He can’t help but wonder why he’s always refrained from kissing Phil.

He knew deep down he was scared. Not because of sexuality or fans or anything like that, but scared of losing Phil.

Before Phil is anything, he is Dan’s best friend and Dan would cry himself to sleep every night if Phil left him.

It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

“Phil, I- mmfph.” Dan begins to express these thoughts to him when he’s - again - cut off by Phil’s lips and he nearly passes out.

How does this get better every single time they do it?

He goes for the tongue quicker this time, opening his lips against Phil’s and gently tugging his lower lip into his mouth, the slow suction releasing a strong flavour of cinnamon.

Dan immediately pulls away and gags, coughing as he turns to face away from Phil.

“Are you alright, Dan?” Phil asks worriedly.

Dan doesn’t respond, instead attempting to swallow away the overwhelming flavour.

Once he can speak again, he chokes out the word, “Cinnamon.”

Phil gives him the point.

Eventually - by the time they’re switching - Dan’s blindfold is untied and he flinches at the bright lighting, giving his eyes a moment to adjust.

Phil offers him the blindfold and Dan smiles and takes his, tying it gently around Phil’s head and securing the knot.

“Fifty shades,” he says in a false husky tone as he finishes.

Phil barks out a laugh and Dan chuckles as well, mentally going through his lip balm options.

Which will Phil not guess?

He settles with Cocoa and holds it up to the camera to show the viewers. He is then uncapping the lid and putting it onto his lips until they’re slick and flavourful.

Dan turns to look at Phil and warn him of his advance, but his eyes soften when he sees the sight presented to him.

Phil is sitting in front of him with his knees pulled up underneath him in a cross-cross position and a cute smile spread across his lips.

For this reason, Dan has no trouble crawling forward on hands and knees and connecting their lips softly.

Phil squeaks in surprise and Dan chuckles breathily through his nose.

After a few seconds, Phil gets more adventurous and rolls Dan’s bottom lip between his teeth to get the flavour off of it.

Dan moans.

He literally moans.

Like… Sexually.

And his cheeks flush with embarrassment, but Phil doesn’t seem bothered by this at all, instead continuing the action with more confidence, leaving Dan in a wrecked state when he pulls away to answer.

“That’s chocolate,” Phil announces, wiping his lips on the back of his hand.

Dan pouts. “You weren’t supposed to get that.”

“I thought it was cinnamon at first, actually. Then I realized it was richer and I knew it was chocolate.”

Dan nods, tasting some off of his lips. “Alright Phil, I’m about to choose the next one so I need you to be quiet, which I know is quite challenging for you.”

Phil sticks his tongue out at Dan and the brunet laughs.

Holding up the Grapefruit Clove flavour, he makes sure that it’s focused and visible.

He applies it to his lips and crawls forward to press them to Phil’s.

Phil - clearly not expecting this - turns his head and they bump noses.

Fuck!” Dan exclaims, clutching it as he retreats.

Phil cringes and grabs at his own too. “Ouch! You could’ve warned me, Dan.”

“I wasn’t expecting you to turn your head, you acorn!” Dan retorts, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Phil sighs and Dan softens a bit.

“… I’m sorry,” he says quietly.

A small smile finds it’s way onto Phil’s lips and Dan’s heart stutters.

“It’s alright, Dan. I should’ve waited for your cue to move anyway.” Phil consoles, reaching out for Dan’s shoulder blindly.

Dan snickers and moves so that it does.

“I’m going to go for it now, if you’re cool with that?”



And Dan leans forward, colliding heaven and Earth once again as their lips meet.

He melts into the kiss and they slowly begin to morph into more lip-sucking (purely for the tasting aspect of course…) and lip-rolling.

Dan even gives into the urge to lean back in and peck Phil’s lips a last time before pulling away.

They play this game again after the video is finished, as well.

They claim it’s to taste all of the flavours, but they both know very well that this is a load of massive horseshit.

Fuck cherry lip balm, Dan’s new favourite flavour is Phil.


(Preview) Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know - Part 7

Won’t be updating DDHTK until I post a request so here’s a little something to tease you guys lol. Part 7 is the longest one yet, just so you guys know. Hehehe. Anyway, here’s the preview!

Warnings: NSFW content under the cut!

DDHTK Masterlist

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exo boyfriend!chanyeol

•"hey. I’m tall, handsome, cute, and I have biceps. Date me.“

•"dude whut”

•many cuddles

•buying cute little Rilakkumas and then accidentally filling your entire apartment with them

•you wanting to take a bath and he wants to join but he’s too tall for both of you to fit in it together

•so you guys just take a shower instead

•having dancing competitions

•you winning because look at him

•always having a giant staring at you and smiling 24/7

•having nerf war fights

•you winning because he can’t bare to see you upset

•being teased due to the height difference

•"babe come here, I want a kiss!“


•"chanyeol. bend down a little"

•*purposely looks around to make it seem as if he can’t see you* “huh, where is she?”

•having to stand on his feet just so you can reach his lips

•taking stupid pictures

•playing with his ears and he doesn’t mind it because it’s you

•cooking together

•of course it turns out “amazing”

•going soooo far with him

•like all the way to freaking China with him, that’s how far you will go

 •pulling pranks on him

•he then has a sulk on for the rest of the day

•you obviously try and make him stop ignoring you but then you give up and walk away.

•he of course stops you and apologise for being childish and silly 

•drawing on each other’s face.

•wait whut, I don’t even know how I thought of that

•taking care of your best friends little siblings with him and because you guys are both really good with children, you guys end up creating a daycare!

•hehehe, just kidding

•you being the big spoon and he’s the small spoon

•but then spooning turns into being suffocated by a huge chanyeol

•you attempting one of his raps and ends up being better at it than he is

•he gets teased for that by the members

•"ahahaha! Chanyeol, your girlfriend is better at your raps than you are!“

 •"shut up Chen!”

•cute nicknames for each other like ‘giant baby’ ‘green giant’ ‘midget’ ‘dwarf. hehe 

•I know this isn’t really long but it doesn’t matter, you can get the jist of what dating chan would be like; if you don’t then let me summarise. So dating him would be like dating a giant baby that likes to tease you all the time and buy you teddy bears. Of course there’s his problematic side but you deal with it because you know he doesn’t mean what he says, or his mouth just can’t process what he is thinking properly so it blabbers… Hehe, anyways, like I said. Dating chanyeol is like dating a giant baby.

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boyfriend!nct series ; chittaphon (ten)



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SF/US Papyrus with someone who he likes (and they like him back) but both are completely clueless and say they're "just friends/best friends"

Swapfell Papyrus

“Come on Paps! Just go already! We don’t have all day!” Alphys harshly barks while nursing a bottle of vodka.

“This is a little embarrassing, don’t you think? We should play a different game,” Rus suggests, apprehensive about the objective of the game.

“Don’t be such a wimp! I had to kiss your brother, I’m not letting that go to waste!” The dinosaur snarls.

“Ehehe I got the whole thing on camera though….for future reasons” Undyne, the mad scientists drools lewdly.

“You’re so gross I love it!” Alphys leans in and kisses her girlfriend. 

 Rus continues to hesitate and Black rolls his eyes, “UGH JUST GET ON WITH IT ALREADY! I COMMAND YOU TO SPIN THE BOTTLE

Rus sighs and with a flick of his wrist, spins the glass bottle, landing on Undyne. Alphys bursts out laughing while the fish monster smiles widely, her blue scales turning into a deep shade of red. 

“I always wanted to smooch a skeleton,” Undyne winks awkwardly. 

The tall skeleton’s gaze flickers to you for a moment and you give him an amused smile and a thumbs up. Who the heck suggested this game anyway? He’d rather not kiss anyone here except you, but he hides his discomfort and plays along. 

“Pucker up, bone boy,” before Rus could react, Undyne grabs his shoulders and presses her moist lips on his teeth, her lipstick staining the bones. 

After three seconds, Rus pushes her away while everyone erupts into roaring laughter. The skeleton wipes his mouth with his sleeve, only smearing the lipstick, which only makes everyone laugh harder. Face flushed orange, Rus hurries to the kitchen to wash off the make up. 

“AWH PAPS, DON’T BE SO KOI!” Black teases, poking at his brother’s ribs. 

“M’lord, please don’t,” 

“MY TURN MY TURN!” you exclaim, giving Rus a subtle, “I got your back” wink.

Rus smiles. He could always count on his best friend. You spin the bottle and a bubble of unease rises in the skeleton’s chest as the bottle taunts him. He doesn’t know what he would do when it lands on someone else, he just knows it will hurt, even if it’s just a friendly game. The bottle spins and spins, and it finally lands on…him. You blush furiously, unable to meet his eyes, while everyone cheers in excitement. 

“Hah..well I guess if I had to kiss anyone here, you would be the best choice,” you laugh, trying to play it cool. 

Rus doesn’t know how to respond, so he stays frozen in place. Realizing that you have to make the first move, you calm your frazzled nerves and just go for it. Leaning in close to him, you press your lips against his mouth and his hands cups your soft cheeks, everything melting away. It’s just you and him pressed close against each other, in a flurry of pink emotions. You taste like chocolates, he notices, his heart pounding faster than ever before as your name rings in his head over and over. You never knew how much you needed this, how much you needed his warmth spreading to your skin, or how much it feels so good to be in his arms, like everything will be okay as long as you have him. 

“AHEM,” Blackberry coughs, grabbing both of your attentions, “THAT WAS WAY LONGER THAN 3 SECONDS”

“About damn time too,” Alphys murmurs. 

“Eek! I didn’t get it on video! Now how am I going to remember the moment my ship became canon!” Undyne cries, “Can you guys do it again?!”

You and Rus look at each other,  your blushes rising, until you both fall into simultaneous laughter. You two have a lot to talk about later. 

Underswap Papyrus 

You and Stretch enter the fancy restaurant, hand in hand, wearing the nicest clothes you have. The hostess greets you with a warm and friendly smile. 

“Will you two be participating in the couples dinner event?” she asks. 

Stretch nods and smiles, just like he rehearsed, “Yes, my betrothed and I hear that the restaurant is giving an all you can eat special to couples?” 

“Why yes! It’s part of our Valentine’s Day special. You are getting married? Ohh may I see the ring?!” the hostess excitedly examines your finger.

You smirk at the skeleton, fully prepared for this situation. Holding out your ring finger, the hostess’s eye go wide, nearly envious. 

“O-OH MY! This is beautiful! Is this a 2 karat diamond?!”

“It’s actually three. I had to pick the best for my love dove,” Stretch presses his teeth against your head, making your heart flutter. 

“Aren’t you two just the cutest,” the hostess squeals, “Right this way please” 

She seats you in the back of the restaurant, nice and secluded, offering full privacy with a dim lit candle and a single rose in a vase. The hostess hands you your menus and your eyes pop out at the prices. You don’t even know what half this stuff is! 

“Enjoy your dinner,” the hostess bows and leaves.  

You nervously glance at your friend, “H-Hey…can we afford all this?” 

Stretch just nonchalantly leans back in his chair and pulls out a bottle of honey from under his coat, “Don’t worry, love dove. As long as we keep pretending that we’re engaged, they’ll give us a wicked discount.” 

“Was the love dove part really necessary?” 

“It made it more convincing,” the skeleton winks, “Not that it would’ve mattered anyway. Your performance was outstanding.” 

“Oh stop. You did all the talking,” you flush, your cheeks heating up from his compliment. 

“Nah. You handled it perfectly with charm and grace. I couldn’t ask for a better partner,” Stretch smiles widely, his warmth radiating off him like the sun. 

Your heart beats loudly like a drum and you swallow the lump in your throat, “A-Are you flirting with me?”

Stretch blinks in surprise, a light blush creeping up his cheeks, but his smirk remains the same, “I have been for the past year, but thanks for noticing.”

You’re speechless, unable to bring yourself to speak. Is this another one of his jokes? Is he being serious? You’re not clueless enough to miss the signs…are you…? Depending on your response, you could completely ruin this friendship. 

Taking a few slow breaths, you calm yourself down and chuckle softly, an idea popping in your head, “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny to continue this charade, just a bit longer?”

“What do you mean?” Stretch tilts his head. 

“I mean, after this dinner, let’s just keep pretending that we’re dating. Can you imagine the look on our friends’ faces when they find out? We’ll keep it up until we’re ready to drop it,” your eyes twinkle with mischief. 

“Nyeh heh heh. How interesting. I’m game,” Stretch extends his hand out to you and you take it without hesitation.

You two don’t know it yet, but your “game” opened up a whole new chapter in your lives.  

I think the important thing to remember is that Rob isn’t twisting things and blaming Aaron for this situation. He isn’t.

What the whole situation did was highlight a long standing issue and one that is both down to Rob’s past and Aaron’s personality and how his experiences have shaped him.

Robert wasn’t saying to him “this is your fault”.

In the heat of the moment while trying to explain and (stupidly) justify a kiss through his eyes (because come on guys, Old!Rob would have done way worse in a second but enlightened Rob, the Robert Aaron has helped develop is learning and growing and trying hard) he realised how little Aaron will believe him, how little he’ll listen because Aaron will make up his own mind, refuse to listen and bail. That’s Aaron. Act first, think later.

Robert was hitting back at that. As in “no you don’t get to just walk away and not listen to me, you knew I was playing her and I’m being honest with you here and I’m trying hard and you agreed to marry me but you won’t give me a shot.”

That’s GOOD. That’s Robert having his say which has been lacking.

Is Aaron entitled to feel how he feels? God yes. Rob was an idiot to let his schemes get out of hand and should have told the truth and he DID, he told him a lot of it (which old!Rob would never have done) and the bit he omitted, the bit he failed to be truthful about is what he’s going to have to answer for and apologise for but what he said to Aaron was so valid and necessary.

The acting was incredible though, wasn’t it? I hope they ALWAYS remain this way.

They are both rough around the edges, both damaged and messed up but being with each other makes them better and they are genuinely growing together. That’s pretty beautiful. Expecting THIS COUPLE to be right all the time is just setting yourself up for a fall and disappointment. They will fight and try and fail and succeed and love and make mistakes and plan together… they’ll do it all and isn’t that what we signed up for?

Everyone will see it differently and we’re all shaped by personal experience but this is my 2p worth.
Late Night Cuddles & Kisses

Anon; could you do an one where you guys are texting and you’re home alone and bored and ask him to come over and he does and you guys watch a movie and cuddle and kiss and cute stuff happen. thanks so much 😊😊

This is just a short cute drabble.

You sighed in boredom as you rolled over to look at your clock.

“9:00? Are you serious?” You complained, grabbing your phone off the nightstand to text H/N.

Me: Heyy

H/N: Hey, babe

H/N: What ya doin?

Me: Being bored in my bed

H/N: Need some company?Maybe someone to cuddle with?😏

Me: Maybe, but I’m a little more bored than to just cuddle😏

H/N: Be there in 10

You smiled to yourself and went to go change and get ready for bed. An oversized T-Shirt that belonged to H/N that stopped just a little under your bottom.

Checking outside your window you saw H/N walking up the path to your door and you quietly walked down the stairs. You opened the door, the cool breeze of the night flowing in. He walked in, grabbing your waist firmly and pressing his lips against yours.

“Hmm, we have to be quiet. My parents are sleeping.” You whispered, separating yourself from him. “Now come on.” You grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs to your room, locking the door behind you.

As soon as you closed the door, his lips were on yours again, pushing you up against the door. Your hands running through his hair, he picked you up and carried you to the bed.

“I love my shirt on you.” He muttered, placing kisses on your collarbone. You chuckled in response.

“If you keep doing that, we’re gonna get caught.” You mumbled.

“Only because you keep moaning.” He smirked, placing one last kiss on you before getting off the bed.

“Haha.” You mocked as he pulled his shirt over his head before slipping out of his pants.

You moved over to the side to let him on the bed ad pulled the sheets over the two of you. You rolled over, placing your head on his chest as he put his arms around you, his hand on your cheek rubbing small circles along your jaw.

“Goodnight.” He whispered in your ear, placing a soft kiss on your head.

Cheated | Theo Raeken Imagine

pairings: theo raeken x reader

warnings: being cheated on, fluff, sadness

a/n: theo doesn’t have the chimera pack in this imagine/au.

“Hey.” Your boyfriend Josh said pecking your cheek.

“Hey.” You smiled up at him. You two have been dating for about two months now.

“You coming over today?” He asked leaning on a locker next to you.

“Yeah of course.” You chuckled.

“Good, Shit I have to go; I’ll see you later.” He said looking down at his phone before kissing your lips quickly and rushing off, It seemed a little suspicious but you decided to just ignore it and go on with your day.

You just finished with your last period and made your way down to the parking lot but just as you reached the main entrance your remembered you left your books in your last class, You made your way back to the classroom and opened the door to find your tall dark haired boyfriend making out with Hayden, No; They were basically sucking each  others faces off. She was sitting on a desk and he hunched over her with his hands on her hips but Hayden quickly noticed you and turned her gaze to you causing Josh to so too.

“Y/N it’s not it looks like-“ He started.

“No you know what Josh it’s exactly what it looks like, I never want to see again.” You said in a stern voice but with tears sparkling in the corners of your eyes, You then left the classroom and slammed the door with a bang.

You quickly made your way down the hallway back to the parking lot, Hot tears streaming down your cheeks as you tried your best to keep in your sobs. Since you finished quite early today there were still a couple students roaming the halls, Theo Raeken being one of them. Your vision was blurry and your cheeks were stained but your didn’t care about anything but getting to your car and driving home as fast as you could, That is until someone blocked your way.

“Woah Y/N what happened?” Theo said as he stepping in front of you.

“Nothing Theo can you just let me go.” You said avoiding eye contact.

“Tell me whats wrong.”

“Theo just let me go I don’t want to talk to you right now.” You said raising your voice slightly as the tears started falling down your cheeks again. Theo looked to his sides and before you noticed he grabbed your wrist and pulled you into the boys locker room.

“What are you-? Let me go Theo.” You said starting to get angry as you tried to access the door but with no luck since Theo stood in front of it.

“Not until you tell me what’s wrong.” He said crossing his arms on his chest.

“I told you nothing’s wrong okay just let me go already!”

“I know you’re lying, Just tell me what happened.”

“He cheated on me..” You said quietly looking down at your hands that were fumbling with your fingers, Your eyes swelling up with tears again as your brain reenacted the images of your so called ex-boyfriend making out with a sophomore. Theo stood in front of you, Watching the tears stroll down your cheeks and he could practically hear your heart breaking; Just that was enough for him to quickly pull you into his embrace and wrap his arms around you. Your heart was aching and suddenly you didn’t resist Theo, You felt some kind of comfort against him. He felt, Right.

You cried quietly against him, His arms wrapped around you securely stroking small circles on your back as he whispered soothing things to calm you down.

“But why would he do that to me? Am I not good enough that he has to go make out with a sophomore?” You asked quietly.

“He doesn’t deserve you, He was stupid to let you go; Don’t ever think you’re not good enough, You’re smart and funny and not to mention beautiful so stop wasting your tears on that douche.” He continued drawing small circles on your back as you stood still in his embrace, Your head and hands pressed against his chest.

“Theo?” You say quietly as he looks down at you.


“Why are so nice to me?” You say pulling back from him a little.

“That’s a conversation for another time princess, How about I give you a ride home?” He asked. Since you were exhausted -both physically and emotionally- You nodded in agreement as you wiped away your tears before giving him a weak smile which he mimicked before you both turned to exit the locker room. On your way to the parking lot you noticed Theo resting his hand on your lower back, As if he were guiding you. He didn’t seem to notice he did it but to be honest it wasn’t a bad thing.

When you reached his car you noticed Josh glaring at you from a far, You looked back at him but quickly turned back to Theo who opened the door to the passenger seat for you to step in. After you two got in he started driving to your house.

“You sure you’re okay?” He said resting his hand on your knee.

“Yes, Thank you. I really appreciate it.” You gave him a small smile before stepping out of his car and walking into your house, giving him one last look before he drove off. Once you stepped inside you locked the door and put down your bag; But there was one thing that never left your mind;

Why did he do that?

A lesson in frustration Pt 2

A?N adults only guys haha enjoy.

Any thoughts that Alec had about maybe spending time with Magnus after his mother left for the institute were dashed minutes later when she asked him to accompany her there that morning. Magnus created a portal for them and he kissed him goodbye, lingering a little longer than he should of, before stepping through with Maryse.

They arrived just before the morning briefing. Maryse took her place up with the other delegates while Alec joined Jace, Clary and Izzy. He was feeling pretty grumpy about the fact that Jace’s girlfriend got to come to work with him every day. It was going to be a long, frustrating day. He took the place between Jace and Izzy just as Aldertree started to talk. He still felt fidgety and unsettled, finding it hard to concentrate on what the head of the institute was saying. He shifted his weight from one foot to the next. Jace shot him a look.

“What the heck is going on with you man? Why are you so keyed up?” He said softly to him.

“You don’t want to know” Alec whispered back, hoping that would stop any further questions.

“I do want to know, Alec. You’re making our parabatai bond feel like a live electricity cable. Are things ok with you and Magnus?”

“yes, things are great. Too great actually”

“what………….” Jace said, frowning but before he could finish the sentence Izzy leaned closer to them, her full lips turned up in a smirk.

“Are you that dense, Jace Wayland? Our mother stayed with them last night. I’ll bet you 50 bucks your parabatai here is frustrated beyond belief”

“Izzy!” Alec said, louder than he had intended on. A few sets of eyes turned towards them with questioning glances.

Jace’s face split into a wide grin.

“so, no warlock action for a while eh? How’s that working for ya?”

Alec scowled at him. His adopted brother could be as annoying as his sister sometimes.

“Obviously not working at all, have a look at him” Izzy whispered.

“Magnus must be pretty good in the sack if it’s got you this wound up after only one day”

Izzy let out a laugh, but quickly covered it with a cough. Aldertree paused mid sentence.

“Alright there Isabelle?”

“sorry yes, just a tickle in my throat” and he went back to the meeting.

“Will you two just shut up. You’re not helping” Alec growled quietly. They turned their attention back to the briefing but a 5 minutes later, Alec gave Jace a poke.


“can I ask you something?”

“what, now? Cant it wait?”

“no, it can’t”

“make it quick then. Aldertree is about to give out the assignments for the missions” Alec swallowed hard and took a deep breath.

“when you and Clary first got together, did you, you know, want to be with her all the time?” Alec’ eyebrows were raised, waiting for Jace’s reply.

“of course, Bro. Its only natural to want to spent as much time together as possible.”

“That’s not what he means Jace” Izzy said in a singsong voice. “he means did you want to jump her bones all the time?”

“Sssh! Izzy! By the angel, will you shut up?” he glared.  More eyes turned to them again this time accompanied by frowns of disapproval.  He turned back to Jace.

“she’s got a big mouth but yeah that’s what I meant” Jace stared back at his parabatai in surprise. He’s never seen Alec this worked up over anything. And to disrupt a morning briefing was completely out of character. Alec Lightwood, 2.0 sure was different to the last version. He had felt it through their bond since the attack on the Institute. It was like he was lit up from the inside out, lights blazing for the first time. He had never been so happy for him. But this was getting crazy.

He was about to open his mouth to answer when he heard Aldertree call his and Alec’ names. They were given the mission to stake out the docks near the Jade Wolf where packs of rogue demons had been seen. Valentine leftovers they presumed.

The briefing ended and Clary who had seemed totally oblivious to their exchange, turned towards them, talking out earbuds from her ears.

“so, what did I miss?” she asked. She gave questioning glances to the looks on the other’s faces. Izzy had a hand over her mouth clearly trying not to laugh while looking at Alec. Alec, meanwhile looked like he was in pain and Jace had  goofy grin all over his face.

“Did you seriously just totally ignore that briefing? Clary, you missed one hell of a conversation” Izzy told her as they walked to the weapons store.

“Geez, Isabelle, why don’t you tell everyone” Alec barked, grabbing his bow and quiver.

“Clary isn’t everyone she’s more like family now. Romeo here has been cockblocked by our mother” Izzy told her. Clary let out a shriek of laughter and clamped her own hands over her mouth.

“now you just sound like mum” Alec sulked, angry that he now was the centre of their jokes.

He had walked a half dozen steps before he realised that the others weren’t following him. He turned back to see a group of astonished faces staring back at him. At first he had no idea what was wrong with them but then it dawned on him what he had just said.

“dude, what did you just say? Maryse said what?” Jace said, gaping at him.

So Alec was forced to fill them in about his mother’s unexpected arrival and subsequent night on the booze. By the time he was finished they were out of the Institute and they fell about the grounds, killing themselves with laughter. Alec just looked at them shaking his head. Why did they find his personal life so amusing. He felt like kicking himself for not waiting to ask Jace about his frustrating problem till later when they could be alone. And he still hadn’t answered him after all that.

🐟🐠Feel my love fishy(A spell)🐠🐟

Okay so guys I LOVE MY FISH! No offense but he’s the superior beta fish of all beta fish. I’m pretty sure he likes me a lot too. So I wanted to make a silly little spell so he knows I love him it goes like this!!!!!

Place your hands on the side of your fish’s blow and focus your energy on your fishy

“You are strong and you will live long.
To me, your presence is a gift.
You are more than just a fish.
These words come with just one wish:
To give you my love without a kiss.”

(^because you shouldn’t kiss fish please lol)