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The Towel Story

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Member: Exo Sehun

Type: Fluff/Smut

“The only way I will ever sit in his car is if I’m using it to run him over,” you snapped, pushing Kyungsoo’s hand off your shoulder and picking up your suitcase, wincing at the weight before starting down the stairs. Maybe you had over packed, but you didn’t want to risk running out of clothes, especially in a place so secluded.

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170708 Super Junior at SMTown Seoul Concert [Full]

Leeteuk: A day like this has come where we greet you.

Shindong: Since so many of our members aren’t here, I thought we’d be really deflated but everyone here is really giving us a lot of strength, thank you!

Leeteuk: We debuted with the most number of members and today the day has come that we are greeting you with the least number of members out of SM dance singers. Just like the weather right now (it was raining), our hearts also feeling very complicated and frustrated. But, to the SM family that are cheering us on together, we will greet you all. 

SJ: Hello! We are Super Junior! 

Leeteuk: Now that we’ve started, rain has started to fall, or is that my tears? Okay! From Shindong, let’s all greet everyone!

Shindong: Hello everyone, I’m Shindong!

Heechul: Hello, I’m Kim Heechul! I highly~ praise you! 

Yesung: Hello, I’m Yesung, nice to see you all!

Leeteuk: It feels weird greeting you all like this after so long. Hello! I’m Leeteuk! I was discharged in 2014, my first stage after that was at SMTown. 

Leeteuk: The members have all enlisted into the army in sequence, the ones that have discharged are here, since only 4 members can stand on stage today, our Donghae in using his last vacation to be here with us and our Kyuhyun is here too. In order for us to be complete again, our Kyuhyun and Ryeowook will return and after that, I think we will be able to greet you with an even better image. How do our members feel today?

Shindong: It feels kind of new, I also was discharged not long ago and am doing a concert after a long time. I feel like it’s kind of hard to express with words. 

Leeteuk: How about Heechul?

Heechul: There’s only 4 of us… Truthfully, we thought a lot about whether we should or should not stand on stage today as just 4 members, didn’t we? 

Leeteuk: We thought a lot about it.

Heechul: I did think it might be right to stand on stage only when all the members are back but it turned out like this. 

Leeteuk: How about Yesung?

Yesung: Uh, it feels really new…[can’t continue] 

Fans: Don’t cry!

Leeteuk: From backstage, listening to the fans, I thought, “Ah, we’re all coming back now.” Since we’re doing a concert for the first time in ages, from the back, Yunho was saying, “Right! Shall we show them all today?!” (can’t hear) I’ve actually been in SM for 18 years now. I have said that “my life is Super Junior,” but I think it’s not just for me but our members too, and our fans as well, giving up a lot to be by our side for 13 years. Out CEO as well, truthfully gave up on a lot and made us is what I think. In the future too, even though there is a way in, there’s no exiting. Everyone, for as much as you love our SM family, you can come to this concert with your friend, but don’t go anywhere else, you understand, right? I feel like crying right now but since today is a good day, I will try to play with fun! Everyone are you tired yet? You’re not tired, right?! 

Leeteuk: It was a bright atmosphere before, not our SM singers are going to perform cool stages. Your cheers are very important! Shall we scream once? Okay then everybody, all together, scream! Guys, if you only scream this much, our SM singers can’t help but deflate a little. Can you scream more? Okay everyone, thinking of all the stress you guys have had all this time, make some noise together! Please anticipate our comeback album in October! We will sing our song from our special 10-year album, MAGIC! 

[After MAGIC stage ended]

Leeteuk: Sorry, we only did a little. 

eng trans by emzhaek
source: sj_feat_elf, sunmi4912, teukbar, wwmisa, & Iidonghais

BTS as things my friends have said in Maths...
  • Seokjin: It's a good job I'm pretty because I'm gonna need something to fall back on when I fail these exams
  • Yoongi: Easy. Everything is easy. Textbook - you've met your match
  • Hoseok: Maths can be fun sometimes! Come on, guys
  • Namjoon: My calculator works for everyone else but me - what is this? You're supposed to be mine.
  • Taehyung: *turns calculator upside down* It says 'hello', see?!
  • Jimin: Does anyone else need to borrow a pen? I have about fifty and only one good writing hand, so go ahead
  • Jungkook: *puts hand up and guesses the wrong answer* I demand a recount
Fun Community Thing! <3

Hey guys! I was thinking that it’s about time we bring back the Fandom Selfie Day!! 

It’s a day where everyone takes selfies and posts them in the tag so we have a chance to see everyone else in the community and appreciate hOW BEAUTIFUL EVERYONE IS!!

I’m planning on doing it this Sunday the 22nd! The day before Mark comes back from his hiatus! @lum1natrix will be helping me out and I’ll be looking through the tag and reblogging peoples photos and stuff! 

We usually try to have a theme for the pictures and this time I had thought about making a heart with your hands but that’s pretty hard when it’s a selfie lol so instead you should either make a cutout heart with paper and hold that in the picture OR put an emoji of a heart in the picture with you to show Mark that we support him and are excited for him to come back from his break~

It should be fun! And who knows! Maybe Mark will come to the tag and see all your beautiful faces!

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Can I request a hc rfa +v & saeranwhere mc is very very intelligent and introverted and people always tell her she's boring since she doesn't like talking much. I'm so sick of it, it happens to me all the time :( Your blog is so awesome & I love it^^

1. Omg thank you ^‿^
2.If people don’t respect the fact that you’re introverted drop them! Trust me, you’ll find people along the way that can understand that introvert doesn’t equate to boring whatsoever!
3. Personally I’m pretty extroverted, so I’m basing MC off the traits of my introverted friends and what I think I know about it, but if it’s not quite what you were looking for just let me know~!

Sidenote: When people hear the word ‘Intelligent’ a lot of them think of the traditional “Good at school, well read in this and that subject, yada ya” and I just want to remind everyone that there is different types of intelligence. And I’m not saying that to be all “Don’t feel bad uwu you’re special too” I’m saying it because it’s a fact. Some people are good at standard education, some are amazing in the STEM field, some are masters of reading social behaviour, some humans are talented artists, etc. For the sake of writing I’m going to write MC as a very Literary Based ‘intelligent’ (because that’s one I’m personally familiar with) I just want to make sure everyone knows that ‘Intelligent’ isn’t defined by the books you read or anything of the sort. Ok rant over. 


  • At first he thinks you don’t like him, that once you met him you weren’t as infatuated with him because he seemed cooler in the chat
  • Don’t worry Yoosung no one thought you were cooler in the chat 
  • Eventually though he realizes you’re just introverted! Even at RFA parties you stand by him and quietly sip your drink and listen to everyone talk rather than take the attention for yourself.
  • He originally questions why you don’t want to greet the guests yourself, but then comes to understand that you’re just more of a wallflower. But that doesn’t make you any less great!
  • But one party he notices you being extra standoffish. Everyone in the RFA is standing and chatting with each other and you’re not there.
  • He finds you off to the side of the room pretending to be distracted by something on your phone
  • “MC? Why are you over here?”
  • “Oh, hey Yoosung. I was just uh, checking in on…uh”
  • “Come on MC just tell me what’s wrong” He pleaded
  • You decided not to lie, it’d feel good to get off your chest anyways “I just feel like I’m so…boring. Everyone else in the RFA is super chatty and have fun stories to tell and all my life people told me I was boring cause I didn’t talk…I felt like I was bringing down the mood.”
  • “What!?” YandereYoosung: Activated “Who ever said that to you?? That’s so dumb!! They’re dumb!!!1!” 
  • You had to calm Yoosung down from his mini rage before too many people looked at you guys. You go to grab his arms but he ends up grabbing your shoulders and looking deep into your eyes
  • “MC just because you’re quiet doesn’t make you boring! You are so great, and so smart, and everything good! How much you talk doesn’t matter!”
  • You just kind of stared at him for a second with a blank face. No one had ever been so adamant about assuring you that your ‘flaws’ weren’t flaws.
  • A smile fell upon your lips and you quickly brushed a tear away, which snapped Yoosung back into his normal flustered boy mode.
  • “Uh sorry for grabbing you” He pulled his arms away immediately and blushed
  • You shook your head and chuckled.
  • Then you grabbed his hand, making him confused and ever more blushy uwu
  • “You’re right. Let’s go stand with the others” You had the biggest smile on your face as you led him back to the group.


  • Jaehee didn’t mind introvert MC at all
  • And as a fellow intelligent introvert, you two got along just fine. 
  • You could have very interesting conversations when you felt chatty while making coffee together
  • Or you could appreciate each other’s company when you both felt just like being silent while doing your own activities. 
  • ‘Boring’ would never cross Jaehee’s mind when thinking of MC, MC was her lover Best Friend! You are always putting a smile on her face and she puts one on yours.
  • She’s also been called ‘boring’ before so she’s always conscience to remind you how much she enjoys your time together, and how not everyone has the same idea of what ‘fun’ is. 
  • You two are quite the pair, silent, but deadly
  • Goddammit that just sounds like a fart joke
  • You two are some of the quietest when it comes to the RFA members, but you’re basically running the scenes from behind the curtain. 
  • And you’re both perfectly happy with that. You two organize the party and deal with the guests who are also more introverted, and the rest of the RFA can handle the other guests and public relations. It’s a good setup
  • And you never think about being ‘boring’ again, because how can you feel boring when you’re surrounded by friends and a lover and doing what you love?


  • You being introverted never really bothered him…because he never really noticed.
  • Zen has such a big persona it fills the room for both of you. Everyone is too wrapped up in Zen’s stories that they don’t even notice your silence or occasional escape to the less crowded areas of the room
  • He’s the perfect cover. He’s so obsessed with the idea of taking care of you and being the ‘provider’ of sorts even though it can be too a fault, it works well for you because he even starts speaking on your behalf by accident.
  • “Oh how are the two of you?” Someone will be looking at you but Zen takes it as open opportunity to answer for both of you
  • Even questions more aimed towards you “Oh, MC, what are you doing these days in your spare time?” You stammer out a couple words, which Zen mistakes for you being humble rather than shy, and he begins praising you and going into detail for you “MC doesn’t give themselves enough credit!” He’ll cry out, then he goes on to list everything you’ve been up to and just how awesome a job you’re doing. You recognize how someone could find it annoying, but it works for you personally since it saves you the nerves of having to talk with strangers for long periods of time.
  • Even when it’s just the two of you it’s nice because Zen always has something to say, always has a compliment to give or a story to tell. He could talk for hours and you’re happy listening. And when you do want to talk he shuts right up and gives you all his attention.
  • One flaw is he doesn’t always see you getting tired after hours of social interaction. He could float around a crowd chit chatting with anyone and everyone for hours, meanwhile you get a little antsy to leave. But usually with some hint dropping you make it clear you’re ready to go and Zen ushers you out like the Knight he is.
  • It’s because you two work so well he doesn’t understand when his coworker calls you boring
  • “Excuse me?” Zen scoffs
  • “Yeah” His fellow actor laughs as he puts his costume on “I always imagined you’d end up with another social butterfly, not someone so..quiet. And when she does talk it’s like..I don’t know all really boring stuff that I haven’t heard about since my school days.”
  • Zen gives him the biggest scowl. “Just cause MC doesn’t blabber on and on about random shit the way you do doesn’t make them boring. In fact it makes them pretty interesting, because obviously if MC doesn’t talk much, they must have something pretty great to say if they decide to open their mouths in front of douche bags like me or you.”
  • His coworker was silent
  • Zen can’t wait to go home and tell you all about how he schooled his dickbag scene partner


  • Like Yoosung at first he’s worried your silence is a sign of distaste
  • He can’t help but worry so much that he makes a call to V, looking for advice
  • V laughs
  • “Jumin, are you telling me you’ve met someone whose introverted? Someone who doesn’t verbally open up much? Gee, where have I met someone like that before? Oh! I should introduce you to my friend, he’s the exact same way.”
  • What friend V who do you hang out with besides me
  • It takes him a while, but finally Jumin gets the joke and realizes you two are the same. 
  • He starts paying attention to your body language more, realizing more and more that you are comfortable with him and just don’t verbalize it all that much
  • Besides it’s not like you guys don’t ever talk, you’re just not as chatty as you are on messenger. Probably because that’s just typing from behind a screen, so it makes you less anxious. He can understand that.
  • One day he comes home to find you on the couch reading Shakespeare
  • MC you like Shakespeare? 
  • Turns out you like literature in general, something Jumin also has a taste for in his rare bouts of free time.
  • You two begin chatting about older pieces and genres, ranging anywhere from fictional masters like William Shakespeare to poetry writers like Yi Sang.
  • It’s actually one of your longer talk sessions, ranging a few hours of just straight talking. Once it’s over though, you two are happy to cuddle up to one another and just throw a movie on.
  • Jumin is often called boring himself, and he never pays any mind to it. But when you two are talking one day and you mention how much it irks you that people call people like the two of you boring he just 
  • “So let them. Their opinions will never affect either of us, especially since we both know the value of our own words and have each other to share them with.”
  • A grin crawled on your face. You loved how graceful he made the phrase “Fuck those guys” sound. 

Defender of Justice

  • “Wow, I never thought you’d end up with someone so … normal.” Vanderwood mused while looking at a picture of you and 707 sitting on his desk.
  • “I wouldn’t call MC normal” Seven chuckled as he tapped away at his computer.
  • “Really?” Vanderwood cocked an eyebrow at the back of Seven’s head as he placed the picture down. “Maybe they were just quiet that time I met them..”
  • “No.” tap tap tap “MC’s always quiet.”
  • Vanderwood squinted at Seven now, assuming the red head had cameras set up so he’d see the look on Vandy’s face at some point. “So she is boring?”
  • Seven sighed a dramatic sigh, Vanderwood could tell immediately whatever the hacker was about to say was well rehearsed. The fucker always trapped him into weird conversations with some strange moral lession. 
  • “Vanderwood, vanderwood, vanderwood. You’ve called MC quiet, normal, and boring….none of those words have anything to do with each other~” Cue 707 going on a playfully long and annoying rant explaining why you were quiet but by no means boring. Normal was up for debate.
  • Seven had always understood you.
  • He put on quite the exuberant and extroverted exterior, but on the inside, Saeyoung was also an introvert.
  • You were never boring to him because he knew you had so much going on in your brain despite your few words explaining the thoughts running around up there
  • And you knew this because the two of you were constantly analyzing each other
  • And you both knew it
  • It became some weird sort of game, picking up on subtle cues and few words you guys would exchange, and figuring out the other’s intention
  • It got so intense the other members of the RFA swore you guys were telepathic or had made some weird secret language between each other


  • He grew up with Jumin so he understands
  • He is quiet as well, but he doesn’t mind being the conversation driver at all, or just sitting in silence together while you read or play games or do whatever your heart desires
  • He is just happy to be near you.
  • Given his eyesight is a bit weak, so sounds make it easier to figure out whats going on in your head, so he just learns to listen to the things you do. Your footsteps, your breath, pages turning, pencils on paper, computer keys clicking.
  • He understands you so well without words, but when you do speak he’s in love because everything you say is so thought out.
  • Or you just….”Sneep”
  • “What MC?”
  • “I don’t know. I was just thinking and…I thought of the word ‘Sneep’ I don’t know it’s just one of those things that’s fun to say aloud….Sneeeeeep” And you started giggling “it’s just so weird”
  • Jihyun laughed.
  • Ok so not everything was some profound rhetoric, but he enjoyed anything that comes out of your mouth.
  • “Try it!” You egged him on
  • He paused for a minute, and prepped a really funny deep voice and just “Sneeeeeeeeeep
  • You both had a hard time controlling your laughter.
  • He knew he’d never have a boring moment with you


  • At first he was worried you were constantly mad at him
  • Saeyoung is loud when he’s in a good mood…so shouldn’t you also be loud when you’re happy?
  • He hasn’t had much healthy human interaction to judge so he’s confused and worried
  • But you two manage to nip the problem in the bud before it becomes serious
  • One way or another you realized he was feeling this way and sat him down to talk, saying you were never mad you just…were quiet. You said you’d start being more vocal if he’d feel better..
  • “No…I…I trust you.” Saeran trusted that you meant it when you said your silence was nothing bad, he wanted to always trust and believe with you so despite his own anxiety he was going to. You were touched.
  • You figured a good compromise for the two of you, you were quiet, but that didn’t mean you weren’t physical. If you two were close you’d always take his hand in yours and give him reassuring squeezes. It became so common he started grabbing your hand first.
  • Constant smiles from you when one of you would walk into the same room as the other
  • Attached at the hip when sitting anywhere.
  • Much like with Seven, you two communicated a lot through action, and Saeran wasn’t very keen on anything academic aside from a bit of coding, but even then he didn’t have much to say about it
  • But he loved to listen to you talk about. He’d feign interest in classic novels and evolution theories just to hear you talk about them and tell him about them. You’d get so passionate about them, he’d hope that one day you’d get the same starry eyed look on your face when talking about him that you do when talking about Multiverse theory.
  • He never found you boring,  even if he didn’t actually have an interest in the subjects you were talking about, he was in love with how you talked about them. The passion you had. There is nothing boring about passion
  • And so what if you’re quiet? 
  • Quiet is important for sneaking up on the enemy and obliterating them from this plane of existen-
  • Quiet has it’s perks. 
Give Me One-Hundred Percent

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Pepper, Steve

Warnings: Sub!Bucky (if you squint), smut, swearing, hair pulling, metal ahnd use

Summary:Based off of this gif ;)

Word Count: 1284


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So this is a total au bughead story, but I hope you guys like it none the less.

She was lost all the time, she didn’t know where she was going or where she would end up.

Her parents had passed away when she was eleven years old, it had been for the best, they were horrible people. Abusive, Angry , bitter human beings, their death was a welcome escape for Betty.

Being tossed around foster home , to foster home wasn’t any better, but eventually when she turned thirteen, she saw a chance and she took it.

The family she was staying with were crackheads, they used the money they got for fostering children to feed their addiction, one day she slipped out the front door and never looked back.

The adventures she went on were incomparable. She’d seen so much in her young life, she was aged beyond her years.

Being small had always been a gift. She could sneak into small places, if she wanted to board an airplane, she would just pretend to be part of some rich , snotty family and walk right onto the plane. Finding a place to stay was never really a problem either, she was very good at hiding, until the lights went out and the doors locked.

But, she wasn’t so small anymore, sixteen had really taken its toll on her and sneaking in with a family wasn’t an option. She couldn’t hide under booths at restaurants and she most definitely couldn’t fit behind shelves at malls.

So that’s what brought her here.

“Riverdale, the town with pep.”

She laughed out loud at the silly sign, in the middle of the road, adjusting her backpack on her shoulder.

She was looking for a small town, one with no breaking news stories or pimps trying to steal her and sell her on the streets.

Riverdale seemed like the perfect place.

She had a bit of money saved up from the odd jobs she had taken in New York, but apparently this town didn’t have a hotel or even a bed and breakfast. But, she read they had trailers for sale. She wouldn’t mind shacking up in a trailer home for a while.

She needed a job, and fast.

Walking the streets, she spotted dress shops and bakeries, offices and flower shops. When finally she stood directly in front of the one place she knew she could work.

Pops diner.

Betty had been a waitress, more times than you can count. It was an easy job and if she could make an extra few bucks in tips, she would be golden.

Walking in, her backpack heavy on her back, she spotted the older man, a silly hat on his head and a rag in his hand. That must be pops.

She walked over to him slowly, he was really into his cleaning and she didn’t want to scare him.

“Excuse me, sir?” She said softly

Pops whipped around, apparently she wasn’t quiet enough.

“Oh! Girl you scared me! Shouldn’t you be at school! Ain’t never seen a young'n your age here at this time.”

She smiled, her dimples popping out at his surprise.

“No sir, I don’t go to school, I’m actually here to ask you for a job.”

The older man looked at her quizzically

“How did you know my only lunchtime server just quit on me yesterday?”

Her smile grew even wider

“I have lots of experience, I can give you all of my old bosses numbers, I know how to handle a table and I’m great at cleaning up.”

Pops laughed placing his hand over hers.

“You don’t have to tell me twice, you’re like some kind of angel in disguise, come on then darlin’ let’s go see if Amy’s old uniform, will fit ya. Although I’ve gotta say, we might need to fatten you up a little, you’re far too skinny.”

Walking out of pops , her new yellow uniform dress in hand, she felt lighter than she had all week.

Pop had agreed to let her work every morning and afternoon except the weekends, and if he needed her at night time she was always available.

The pay was decent and she knew she could afford a trailer home in no time.

Suddenly the streets were crowded, school had just let out and kids with their backpacks and heavy text books were rushing past her.

She missed school.

She had always loved it, and she was damn good at it, every year she would come home with a bumper sticker proudly stating “my child is an honor roll student.” The bumper sticker always ended in the trash, side by side with her report cards.

Her parents had taken her out of school when she was nine, they couldn’t afford the private school anymore and they didn’t want to risk anyone finding out their daughter went to public, so they just pulled her out.

Suddenly she was on the ground, her face nearly hitting concrete, before a hand reached out to stop it.

That’s what she gets for daydreaming.

“Shit I’m sorry, here let me help you up.”

She looked up at the voice only to come face to face with the brightest pair of blue eyes she’d ever seen , That and the weirdest hat she’d ever seen on top of a mess of black waves.

He seemed taken aback by her as well because he dropped his hand and tilted his head

She brushed her pants off and heaved herself off the ground.

“My fault, I wasn’t paying attention” she picked up Her uniform and smiled “Betty Cooper” she stuck her hand out, he was still just staring at her and she had to stifle a giggle.

Suddenly another voice entered her ears

“Jesus jughead, pick your mouth up off the ground, you just nearly knocked this girl out, the least you can say is your name.”

Suddenly her outstretched hand was being shaken by the most beautiful girl she’d ever seen, she was put together , from her jet black hair to her shiny white pearls.

“Veronica lodge, I’m sorry about my speechless friend here, he’s a little” she fake whisper “socially inept.”

Betty giggled pulling her hand back,

“That’s okay, we did just head butt each other, I’m sure neither of us are thinking straight.”

She glanced over at the blushing boy who shrugged apologetically, finally moving his gaze from her.

Suddenly she was surrounded.

A perfectly coiffed teenage boy had his fingers on her ripped Ramones t shirt and was fiddling with the hole on the bottom of it

“This is so cute, so vintage, Obsessed. I’m Kevin by the way.”

She smiled at hisvsilly antics

“Dude get your hands off her, she’s not a doll.” A charmingly cute redhead scratched the back of his neck smiling shyly “ I’m Archie Andrews it’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too Archie.” She said sweetly, causing the redhead to blush.

Suddenly another redhead was directly in her face

“We saved the best introduction for last, I’m Cheryl blossom. Pretty much queen bee of Riverdale high,” she glanced down at Betty raising an eyebrow. “Your look is… interesting, I’ve been trying to get into the grunge look, but I doubt I would be able to pull it of like you do.”

Betty blushed before shaking Cheryl’s hand

“Thankyou, it’s nice to meet all of you.”

Veronica smiled,

“Why don’t you come with us to pops, I know how sucky it can be to be the new girl. I promise it’ll be fun.” She said wiggling her eyebrows

Betty laughed

“Thank you guys so much for the offer, but there’s a few things I have to do, raincheck?”

Veronica nodded happily handing her phone number as everyone else followed.

Betty thanked the lord she had purchased herself a cell phone right before she left her last home.

As everyone walked away, with promises to text each other that night, jughead lingered behind

“Jughead jones, that’s my name, sorry I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself” he mumbled kicking a rock with his combat boot.

She laughed

“Im suprised anyone gets a chance to talk with that group, you said your name was jughead? I’ve gotta say i always thought Betty was bad.”

Jughead looked up smiling, his eyes locking with Betty’s

“It’s a nickname, would you believe me if I told you my real name is worse?”

She playfully narrowed her eyes

“Try me.”

He leaned super close to her, and whispered in her ear

“Forsythe Pendleton jones….. the third.”

Betty couldn’t help the giggles that escaped, she placed her hand over her mouth trying to mask her laughter.

Jughead stared at her smiling, his eyes sparkling.

Betty finally calmed down enough to speak

“It’s … it’s not so bad.”

Jughead let out a full belly laugh

Suddenly Archie called for him

“Yo! Jug we gotta go, milkshakes don’t wait for anyone.”

Betty smiled

“I’ll see you around, Jughead”

He smiled at her as she turned to walk away

“See ya, bets.”

Turning around to smile at the nickname, she found he was already half way down the street.

Maybe this place wouldn’t be so bad.

Now she just had to find a place to sleep.

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Being the daughter of Wendy darling and falling in love with Harry Hook would include? (Sorry if that's too specific omg I love all your stuff)

  • obviously you know every single one of your mother’s stories by heart

  • especially the horrors she’s told you about captain hook

  • you’re close friends with ben so when he asks you to be a part of showing the new kids around you say yes

  • the first time you see him you’re pretty sure your heart stops beating

    • holy crap he’s hot

  • the glare of the sun off of the hook in his hand snaps you back into the reality that this is the son of your mom’s worst enemy. 

    • but like

      • jesus just look at him

  • ben pairs off the VKs with the other AKs and lo and behold you’re with Harry.

    • mental note; make sure to hang ben from the flag pole after this

  • so like you take harry around the grounds, pointing out the significant details as you try and ignore the constant feeling of his eyes on you

  • “So if you don’t mine me asking, who’s your parent?”

    • oh lord 

  • “Wendy Darling.”

    • you could practically hear the smirk on his face

  • “We’re gonna have fun together, love.”

  • to your surprise (but literally everyone else knew it was bound to happen) you and harry became fast friends

  • like harry comes up with any and every excuse to spend time with you

  • you and harry are at your favorite spot on campus one day about two and a half months after he arrived when he asks you out

    • obvi you say yes bc like you’d be crazy not to

  • and when you guys come walking hand in hand up to the dorms multiple amounts of money are exchanged between multiple pairs of people including mal & ben

  • you’ve only been together for like a month but you could feel yourself falling for him and that’s scary enough never mind the fact that more than half the people at school still don’t trust any of the VKs and consider you a traitor (and the other way around for some of the VKs towards harry)

  • everything’s perfect until one day a stupid prince ‘accidentally’ lets it slip that harry’s only using you to get to Neverland so he can avenge his father

  • like your entire world comes crashing down as your standing in the middle of the cafeteria 

    • because as much as you try not to you can’t help the fact that the thought that harry’s using you from some reason has crossed your mind a few times

  • so the only thing your able to do is drop your tray onto the ground and all but run out of the cafeteria.

  • harry sees this, he stands up from his table in the corner and against uma’s wishes follows you out the door

    • not before ‘accidentally’ hitting the prince in the head with his hook.

  • he knows exactly where you’re going as soon as he saw you leave so he doesn’t waste time trying to find you. 

  • and in all honesty harry doesn’t really know how to approach this situation bc on the isle relationships didn’t last this long or if they did no one questioned them everyone just kinda did their own thing.

  • but he sees you with your head in your knees leaning against the tree where he took you on your guys’ first date and his heart drops further than he ever thought possible.

    • although he still doesn’t know what to say so he just sits down next to you and puts his arms around your shoulders to try and comfort you the best way he can

    • the lil smile that appears on his face when you lean into his shoulder because then he knows you’re not mad at him 

  • “what he said isn’t true love, c’mon, deep down you know that.”

  • although he claims he doesn’t know how to handle these types of situations he’s able to make you laugh and smile and feel better 

  • “you know i grew up on the isle and everything, and i really…i really don’t know what love is but Y/N i think i’m falling in love with you and i don’t want some stupid prince to ruin that.”

  • you smile, pulling his lips down onto yours and closing your eyes 

  • “harry hook, i’m falling in love with you, no stupid prince will ruin that.”
clueless creepiness vs skillful creepiness

There are two kinds of problems that get conflated a lot but aren’t actually that similar:

  • People who do creepy things because they have trouble understanding boundaries
  • People who do creepy things because they understand boundaries well and have highly developed skills at violating them with impunity

People who are good at violating boundaries and getting away with being creepy sometimes seem socially awkward, and sometimes don’t. Sometimes they get away with it by getting people to think things like “Oh, that’s Bill. He’s just awkward like that. He doesn’t mean anything by it,” and sometimes it’s more like, “I can’t believe James would do that! He’s like the nicest guy ever, and he does so much for this community. Don’t you remember the awesome party last month?”, and sometimes it’s more like, “Steve is really sensitive right now. Did you really have to turn him down like that? Couldn’t you have given him a chance? Don’t you understand how much courage it takes to approach a girl? What harm could giving him your number have done?”. 

People who are inadvertently creepy *care* when they’ve violated boundaries, and try to fix it. Saying, “oh, they’re just awkward” isn’t doing them any favors, because people who are inadvertently creepy don’t *want* to trample all over other people’s boundaries. They want to know, so that they can stop doing it. This doesn’t mean it’s the job of victims of their creepy actions to explain it to them – it isn’t, particularly since most creepy people are doing it on purpose, and calling skillfully creepy people on things tends to go badly. I am mentioning this because skillfully creepy people often convince others that being “just awkward” means that everyone else is obligated to refrain from objecting to their creepy actions.

Skillfully creepy people who boundaries boundaries on purpose come up with excuses about why it was ok, and try to make you feel horrible for objecting. (Eg: “I was just being friendly! Learn to take a compliment!”, or “I know that if you were in your right mind, you wouldn’t have said that you didn’t want to spend time with me. I forgive you. We can still spend time together.”, or “Wow. Harsh. I guess girls really don’t go for nice guys. Have fun dating assholes.” or just getting a lot of people to laugh at you, or any number of other things.)

As a culture, we shouldn’t tolerate creepy behavior from anyone. Part of not tolerating it means assessing when people are being cluelessly creepy, and when people are being skillfully creepy. 

If you are a supervisor/teacher/community leader, or otherwise someone responsible for intervening and keeping things safe, it’s important to respond appropriately. Communities need to help cluelessly creepy people understand how to act, and to expel skillfully creepy people so that they can’t keep preventing the people they hurt from being part of the community. 

[My family, eating in a restaurant. A kid walks past our table in a Star Wars “Rebels Have More Fun” T-Shirt]
Me: That shirt is inaccurate. Rebels don’t have more fun. No one in Star Wars has more fun than Sheev. I mean, that guy is living his dreams. 
My Husband: Exactly. Everyone else is mostly watching their friends die and getting betrayed and crying all the time.
Me: It’s like they never even saw Return of the Jedi. I know he dies in that one, but come on. Sidious is having a BALL right up until the minute he he gets chucked into the abyss. 

A Date?

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Pairing: Steve Harrington x Sister!Henderson

Words: 1,720

Forever Tag List: @missmotherhen

Author’s Note: I really love Steve from Stranger Things. If you haven’t watched Stranger Things, go do that. This takes place a few weeks after the end of the second season so some spoilers if you haven’t watched it. I hope you all like this and don’t forget that request are open! – Haley xx

“Hey,” I felt someone tapping my face. I groaned and cracked one eye open, “Y/N, we got stuff to do, you can’t sleep all day.” It was my little shit of a brother, Dustin.

“Go away,” I said and pushed his hand away. “It’s Sunday.”

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Jealousy - Justin Bieber imagine

Request: ‘Heey! Can u do one where they hang with the squad and Justin and YN are bestfriends but they like eachother and Justin is getting jealous bc YN is talking with Khalil?❤️

Warnings: language maybe…

A/N: IM SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG PLEASE FORGIVE ME. also, i’ve never been to disney so idk if these rides are legit or not, aka i look ‘em up on google LOL


The whole squad and I were currently at Disneyland because who doesn’t like Disneyland? Besides that, it was the only amusement park close enough to us and we weren’t going to drive for a half hour to have fun. Everyone else was on Splash Mountain, while Justin and I sat around waiting for them to come back. We had everyone’s belongings so it looked as if we brought our kids here to have a good time. 

Within 15 mintues, the whole gang was back and we were now moving on to a new area. Justin was behind talking with his group of friends, leaving Khalil and I the odd ones out. In all honesty, I didn’t mind chilling with Khalil. He was a chill, humble down to earth guy. Would I date him if given the chance? Possibly. But my eyes were on one person and one person only. That person was Justin. 

Him and I go way back for as far as I can remember. We went to grade school together and ever since then, we’ve been inseparable. 

“Hey, want some cotton candy? It’s on me.” Khalil said. I agreed and went over with him to where the cotton candy stand was and waited for him to order it. He came back with it and I began devouring the pink cotton. “Damn, {Y/N}, you were hungry as hell!”

“That and the fact that I love cotton candy!” I replied, still eating the cotton candy. “You should try some and maybe you’ll like it.” I offered Khalil a piece in which he took a bite out of it. “Hey! I offered you a piece for a reason!”

“I bought it so I felt obliged to take a bite out of it.” He stuck his tongue out at me. I playfully shoved him away, hitting him in the arm. “Ouch! Stop assaulting me {Y/N}.”

“You’re an ass. Get away from me!” I laughed. I pushed him once more and within a blink of an eye, he grabbed my arm and swung me over his shoulders. “Khalil! Put me down! Now!” Khalil instead of putting me down, ran off somewhere, leaving Justin and the crew far behind us. 

Justin’s POV

I watched as Khalil bought {Y/N} cotton candy, something that should’ve been I doing. Khalil had no business with {Y/N}, so what the hell was he doing? Was he purposely trying to piss me off? Or was {Y/N}? Regardless, Kahlil always had a thing for challenging me. Everything was a competition with that kid and somehow, I always lost. Not this time though. I’ve been going after {Y/N} for quite some time now, I never had the balls to ask her out on a date. That’s why I figured that Disneyland would be the perfect place to ask her out. 

Just the thought of Khalil trying to sabotage my chances with {Y/N} was enough to make my blood boil. Just calm your nerves Justin, {Y/N} doesn’t even seem interested in him. This is fine, yeah, this is okay. I’ll be fine—just breathe and get a hold of myself.

“Yo JB! You good?” Ryan called to me, snapping me out of my thoughts. I nodded my head in response and caught up to where everyone else was. I was so caught up in my own thoughts that I hadn’t even noticed that everyone else had moved on. {Y/N} and Khalil were walking back towards us, acting as if nothing had happened before. 

“Pick me up like that again and I’ll kick your ass,” {Y/N} threatened Khalil. “And I’m being serious. Don’t think I’m joking.” Khalil’s plan was back firing on him, just what I wanted. 

“Hey {Y/N}, want to go on the Mad Tea Party?” I asked her, hoping she would say yes. To my luck, she said yes. Now everything was starting to fall into line. {Y/N} and I interlocked arms and waited on the line for the ride. There was a great amount of silence between us so I decided to break it. “So, how’s Khalil?”

“Annoying as per usual. I really don’t know how all your friends are annoying. Even you, you’re annoying as hell.” She replied, showing no remorse in her choice of words. Operation asking {Y/N} out was currently a no-go. 

“But I’m a good annoying, right?” I nudged her in the side.

“I guess.”

I let out a sigh of relief, maybe things weren’t looking so bad after all.

By now, it was the end of the night and before the park closes, they put on a display of fireworks. {Y/N} stood by my side while everyone kept their distance including Khalil. I turned around to see where exacty they were and Khalil mouthed to me, ‘Good luck bro!’ I smiled back at him and gave him a thumbs up. {Y/N} interlocked hands with me and rested her head on my shoulder. 

Alright Justin, you’ve been doing everything humanly right tonight. Time to pop the question. “Hey, {Y/N}. Can I, uh, ask you something?”

“Sure, what’s up?” She smiled up at me, awaiting what I had to say. 

“Okay, this isn’t scripted or anything and you’re not about to get punk’d but, we’ve been friends for as far as time could tell. And over that time, I’ve gotten to know you for the strong, sweet, funny, independent that you are today. What I’m really trying to say is, will you {Y/N} {Y/L/N} be my girlfriend?”

“Oh of course Justin! I thought you’d never ask!’ {Y/N} swung her arms around me and came in for a kiss. And as if the Disney staff were watching us, the fireworks started going off. This was a great way to end the night, after all the obstacles I faced today.

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A/N: me after finished this. Up next, Forbidden Love :)


Jack: I swear, Wilde! Once we’re done with this, I’ll kill you when we get back to your Precinct.
Nick: Hush Jack, and remember you are Jacqueline and I’m Nichole, you’ll blow your “cute bunny girl” cover if you keep that look on your face. I mean come on, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Some guy might hit on you, if they grab your butt, well, that’s another story!

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I just wanted to say I love all your posts regarding MML. Your theory on Mr. Block is genius and am 100% behind you on that actually happening. I'm also super happy you ship Zack and Melissa too. If you have any would you be willing to share more zalissa head cannons with the rest of us?

I can feel it coming in the ask tonight / Oh lord / And I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life.

  • They’re “just” friends all the way through high school, even though everyone sort of sees it. They love each other as friends first.
  • Melissa is one of these people who flirts with every guy and no one takes it seriously, it’s just good fun, it’s how she communicates. And Zack knows that perfectly well and he’s okay with it, but still, every time his turn comes up he can’t help but feel like “I HAVE BEEN CHOSEN.”
  • (Everybody else has noticed by now that he’s her especial target, but he has no idea.)
  • The first time she turns the doe eyes on him is earth-shattering, because he’d seen her do it to other people but he completely underestimated their effect at close range.
  • Milo: “I warned you about the doe eyes!” Zack: “I KNEW about the doe eyes!!!”
  • (“Who would have thought SHE’D be more dangerous than YOU?!?” “…Oh Zack, I’m not dangerous. It’s what’s near me that you’ve got to watch out for.” “…Oh no you’re right.”)
  • But anyway, with every year that passes he’s increasingly aware that she is not only gorgeous (he always knew that) but the most amazing girl he has ever met, just enough dangerous edge to draw him in and just enough common sense to make it worthwhile, and at the same time she’s his best friend and what they’ve built together over the years is really beautiful. So he wants that to last. It’s special.
  • At first he doesn’t think he has a chance because so many boys like her and lots of them are better than him, so he’s content to just be close to her in the way he always has. But eventually he realizes his one great advantage: he actually knows her. Everybody else has befriended her at a distance because of her insistence on hanging out with Milo Murphy. He was the only one who spent time with her and developed an appreciation for her as a person. And that gives him more confidence.
  • Fortunately she had narrowed the eligibles down to him a long time ago.
  • “Milo, I’m about to ask Melissa out and this is really hard for me. You hide in those bushes and provide moral support.” “Okay!” / “Milo, I think Zack’s about to ask me out and I’m kinda freaking out. You go hide in those bushes and provide moral support.” “Gotcha!”
  • Tree nearly falls on them seconds after she’s agreed to date him and they both yell “MILO!!!” because neither of them are going to admit that they planted him there, and he’s a great sport and doesn’t call them out on it until his Best Man speech.
  • (Babyproofing their whole wedding because who else is going to be the best man. “Milo, if we can’t handle Murphy’s Law for a few hours, we’re sure not gonna be able to handle being married to each other for the next seventy years. Start writing that speech, buddy”)
  • Lots of kids and when people say “are they all yours?” when one of them is babysitting the Murphy-Lopez children, the answer is always “Yes.”
  • Zack helping Melissa remember things. Leaving little post-it notes on the bathroom mirror to remind her to call the exterminator and to dress up nice for the PTA meeting because he’s going to suddenly have an emergency and drive by to pick her up halfway through and take her out to dinner.
  • Any time they have to do something they hate, like drive the kids out to the dentist or buy groceries for a huge party, Zack insists on calling it “the Quest” and no matter how bad a mood she’s in it always makes her laugh.
  • Melissa flat-out refusing to do something for Zack unless he gets down on his knees and sings “Chop Away At My Heart.”
  • (She had already found that video long before she pretended to have looked it up and was just needlessly torturing him the entire time they were waiting for their pizza I forgot to mention that.)
Murderous Flirtation, Part Two: A Theo Raeken Imagine

I’m back!!! So after a number of requests, I’ve decided to do a part two to Murderous Flirtation. There may be a part three, I’m still deciding, if you guys want one though, do let me know. Thanks to the anon who originally requested this, and I’m sorry everyone else who liked it that this has taken so long. Prepare for some dark stuff. Hope you guys like it and enjoy even if it is terrible x 

Part One

Part Three

“Did you seriously not learn anything from me kicking your ass earlier?”

“Oh, you know me, princess. I’m persistent. And you didn’t actually answer my question.”

You rolled your eyes, a small part of you enjoying Theo’s attention. A small part.


“Wait, what?”

“I’ll come over.”

The darker part of you found amusement at his surprise. So, naturally, you chose to have a little fun with it. It was what made you, but it was also the part that he wanted, the part you wanted to hide. But, this time, you chose to give in to your demons. 

You turned on him, stroking your finger down his chest, reveling in the increase in his heartbeat. 

“I mean, it’s what you want. Isn’t it?”

The chimera’s lips turned up into that signature smirk, and you felt yourself resisting one of two urges. Of course, you weren’t quite sure you which one. 

Kill him or kiss him.

“Of course it’s what I want.”

“Well, I’ll see you then.”

“See you then, princess.”


The time you spent at Theo’s was…eventful. 

You’d stood on as he’d killed the one called Josh, taking his power for himself. The boy had a good tactic, you couldn’t deny that, but there was still that murderous part of you that was analysing his every move. Every stroke, how he used his claws, how he used his teeth. Everything. 

It was what you used to do anyway. 

When it was just you two, you chose to speak. 



“Your technique, your tactics. Not bad.”

You watched as he walked closer to you, trying hard to ignore the looks he was giving you, as not for the first time, his eyes raked up and down your body. There was something different about it this time. The look itself was more ravenous, and you didn’t find yourself growing annoyed. 

In fact, it seemed to stir something in you. Something dark, something monstrous, something the old you would have bathed in. 

“I’m glad you enjoyed the show. You in?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Y/N, you don’t seriously think I asked you here because I could, do you? I asked you here because I want you in my pack. You’re an alpha, I’m an alpha. We could do some pretty awesome stuff together.”

“Well, there’s not much of a pack if you keep killing them,” you replied, weighing up his offer. He moved closer, backing you against the wall, his hands either side of your head. 

“Details. You in or not?”

This was it. This was the moment when you decided whether to give into your old, murderous ways or carry on with this facade you tried so hard so uphold.

Fuck it. 

“I’m in.”

You forgot everything else as Theo’s lips were pressed against yours, his hands on the small of your back, and yours buried in his hair.

He picked you up, your legs wrapping around his waist, as you eagerly granted his tongue access to your own, the two dancing together.

“I hate you.”

He unbuttoned your shirt

“Yeah, keep telling yourself that princess.”

You tore his hoodie apart.

“Stop calling me that.”

He placed harsh, bruising kisses down your neck.

“You love it really.”

You scratched down his back, leaving burning red lines in your wake. 

“Shut up.”

He smirked against your neck, enjoying the control he had over you. 

Control. You wanted it back. 

Pulling him off you, you picked your shirt back up off the floor, placing it back on your shoulders. 

“What the hell?”

“Exactly, what the hell. I might have agreed to be in your pack Theo, but I won’t be yours. I won’t let this - whatever the hell this is - becoming your way of having a hold over me.”

“Who said I was gonna use it as that?”

“No-one. Just that’s what you do.”

You stared him down, and suddenly the smirk was no longer attractive. It was back to being irritating. 

“I guess you don’t need me to show you out, princess.”

You glared at him, eyes glowing red once again. 

“It’s Y/N, dick.”


Ride Me

A/N This is a requested smut. You can request here. Master list

Hope you enjoy Anonymous! BTW i wasn’t quite sure how to write specifically about 19 year old andy(probably a lot of angst). I’ll work on it :)

If you want a pt 2 let me know! Check out my other Andy smut Morning Sex 

“Anna, are you ready, we were supposed to be gone already!” Andy shouted from the living room. I had finally finished putting my hair up in a high ponytail. I  dabbled with a few different hairstyles before giving up and settling for a tying my hair up. Andy hadn’t told me where we were going but had told me to dress nicely. Not in a beautiful gown but something presentable. I was insanely curious about where he was taking me. It’s not like I hadn’t asked, but I only got watered down answers.  I had eventually settled on a blue skater style dress with a thin black belt at the waist. It was nice and comfortable.

   “Give me a second” I replied patting down a few loose strands that had escaped my hair tie. I finally felt satisfied and left the room to meet andy sitting on the couch watching TV.

  He heard my footsteps as I walked down the hallway, looking back at me when I reached the living room. His gaze lingering to  down to what i was wearing before looking back up to  my eyes and smirking,

   “I knew you’d wear a dress” he said getting up and turning the TV off.

I looked down at what i was wearing, smoothing the dress out. “What do you mean? I love this dress and you told me to dress nice”. I didn’t mean to sound so defensive. Andy smiled, grabbing my hips and pulling me closer.  He was dressed in what he usually wears. Black Jeans and a Black sleeveless shirt. His long dark hair covering parts of his face.

  “I didn’t mean anything bad, you look beautiful” He pressed his lips against mine. His sweet words warming my skin.  I couldn’t help but smile. I ran my hand up his arm, gripping it before reaching up to move his hair out of his face.  I moaned as andy swiped his tongue over mine. I felt his hands tighten before he groaned and stepped back. His lips naturally the sweetest shade of pink and accompanied by a single piercing. I found his dark look sexy. I could never get enough of him.

“Dammit if we don’t leave now, I’m going to end up taking you on the couch” His husky voice sounded strained. I squeaked at his words. The thought went through my mind for a split second and I honestly considered it.  I came to the conclusion that as much as I wanted to have andy all to myself tonight, my curiosity was too strong.

 The ride wasn’t long, it only took us 30 minutes  to arrive. As andy parked I got a full view of the name of the place he was taking me.”Lucky strike” lit up in bright neon green with a lightening strike breaking through between the I and K in strike. Bowling. He was taking me bowling.

  Walking into the building I grabbed Andy’s hand.

“You’re taking me bowling?” I questioned.  He didn’t answer me right away as he was handing the man behind the counter the money.  In return we got our shoes and made our way to our friends who were at the very end of the alley.  

“I thought it would be fun” Andy finally answered my question. I thought he had forgot.

     I saw based on the scoreboard that they had already began playing a while ago. I knew it was my fault and that Andy had told me the time to get here on time. But between choosing my outfit and trying to come up with some sort of hairstyle, it had taken longer than i thought.

 My friend, Alyssa greeted me. Pulling me into a hug. “I thought you guys weren’t coming. Since we already began playing you guys can join the next game” She smiled before returning to her seat  next to the ball return machine.

 I wasn’t upset i had to wait, I wasn’t the best at bowling and would have preferred not to play at all. But I also didn’t want to ruin the fun and disappoint Andy who wanted me to have fun. So i was going to suck it up. 

     I followed Andy to the corner of the room, sitting at a table to ourselves to watch everyone else play.

  “Sorry we’re late” was all i could say through my  embarrassment. Andy lips lifted at the corner and he shrugged.

  “I don’t care” he replied, pulling me in his arms so I could sit on his lap. “I just wanted to be with you and I am”. I grinned. I could never get enough of him and his sweet talk.

 “Besides, we have some time” he whispered in my ear, his hands crawling down my sides and to my thighs, gripping them. My heart began to race as andy attached his lips to my neck, kissing me so lightly it felt like a feather.

 “Andy” I moaned, pressing my hands over his as he moved them under my dress, tracing his thumb around the skin beneath my panties.

 Even though we were in the corner of the building and out of direct sight of anyone, it would be too easy for anyone to look back and see us. Despite Andy’s hand being covered by my dress, anyone with common sense would know what’s occurring under it. Of course, this only escalated the sensations. The risk of getting caught only made me hotter. I didn’t realize how much this turned me on until now.

    Andy’s fingers slipped past the lace, tracing along the skin before running his fingers along my slit. I bit my lip in an attempt to stifle my moans. The last thing I wanted was to be caught because I was being loud. I felt my cheeks turn pink at the thought. I grinded my hips against Andy’s leg, hoping to gain more friction and get closer to my release. He added another finger, curling them loose and slowly; trying to get them where I needed them most. My back arched against his chest, swaying my hips back and forth. Andy began pumping his fingers along faster. It was getting harder to quiet myself down and I would’ve given anything to just scream. I thought I might bleed from how hard i was biting my lips. 

   “That’s right baby, ride me” Andy’s deep voice murmured in my ear sending shivers throughout my body. I ran my hand along his tattooed arm in an attempt to stabilize myself.

The clashing sounds of the ally were drowned beneath my thoughts and andy’s breathing. I put all my focus on his tantalizing touch. I increased my movements, the pressure pushing me further and further. Andy’s pressed his fingers deeper into me and i couldn’t bite back the groan that escaped.

  “ Shh, you don’t want anyone looking back now do you” He teased.  

  I heard him curse under his breath as I brushed against the bulge in his pants .

Andy gripped my hips with his free hand and began rocking me back and forth. His breath quickening as he dug his fingers into my skin. I felt my body loosening up. My inhibitions becoming greyed. Andy could’ve asked me for anything at the moment and I’d do anything for him. I really wanted him to take me to his car and let us finish properly, but that would cause or friends to become suspicious and wonder where we were going. All my precautions dissolved, I didn’t care if anyone saw us.

Andys lips lingered along my neck, his breath sending shivers down my body. He kissed my neck, but only for a few seconds before he spoke.

“It’s our turn” he whispered before pulling his hand from me, leaving me with a frustrated empty feeling. I didn’t comprehend his words until I saw Alyssa  sauntering up to us.

I gasped, my head still in a thick lust filled gaze. I  attempted to straighten my back to look as if I didn’t just have my legs wide open and andy’s fingers weren’t in between them.

“Hey! Are you guys playing the next game?” she beamed.

Andy nodded. “Yea, we’ll be there” and with that she left to reset the lanes and start.

My vision was clearer but i was still under his influence.

I got up, my legs still shaky and my mood on edge from lack of being able to get off. I didn’t know if I was going to make it. Andy smiled and pressed his hand on my lower back.

“We’ll finish this when we get home”  He purred in my ear before walking ahead of me to pick his bowling ball.

Ponyboy and Dally Threesome Smut

for anon who’s message I accidentally deleted

WARNING: Smut and language ahead. Read with caution.

Pony and I had been dating for a while, and everything was good. But that’s all it was. Good. We have had sex before, and it was great, but it was nothing spontaneous. One day the two of us were lying in bed, Pony reading, and I was working on homework. He sat up quickly and stared at me. “Can I ask you something?” I put your paper down. “Sure,” I replied. “Have you ever wanted to have a threesome?” My eyes widened. “What?” I asked him, shocked that he wanted to do something that, well, exciting. “Why, do you want to?” Pony laid back down. “Never mind. It was just a thought.” I came up with an idea. I knew he wouldn’t go for it but it was worth a shot. “Okay. We can have one. Right now.” Ponyboy looked at me quickly. “What? How are we gonna do that?” I smirked. “Dally, Two, and Steve are out there aren’t they?” I said. He shook his head quickly. “No, you have to do it with a stranger. That way no one else develops feelings for you.” “Oh come on, Pony. We all know that you and I love each other and it would just be for fun.” He thought about it, then smiled. “I guess it could be fun. Okay, who are we gonna get?” I got up, suddenly full of confidence. “Let’s go ask.” Ponyboy cocked an eyebrow as you grabbed his arm and pulled him to the living room where everyone was watching tv. “Guys,” I said, hesitating for a second before quickly saying, “Ponyboy and I want to have a threesome and need a volunteer.” The gang looked at you in shock and excitement, and Dally stood up with a smirk. “I’ll do it.” I had a feeling he might. He motioned to the bedroom. “Shall we?”
Dally followed Pony and I into the bedroom, as he shut the door and turned to Pony. “Ponyboy, a word.” Pony walked over to him as I stood there, waiting and anticipating what was about to happen. I can’t believe we’re about to do this, this is crazy, I thought. They turned back to you. “Okay, y/n. We’re gonna play a little game with you. Sort of a type of, foreplay, if you will,” Dally said, his voice growing with anticipation and Pony smiling smugly. He continued for Dally, “We’re gonna tie your hands up above you to the headboard, cover your eyes, and each pleasure you. You have to guess which one of us it is. You can only guess once we finger you.” Pony’s voice grew deeper, and for that matter, sexier. I nodded, bit my lip, and started to strip down while the boys looked for something to tie me up with and cover my eyes. Dally came over to me and looked me up and down. “Wow, doll.” He winked. Pony glared at him quickly, and tossed Dally the blindfold and the scarfs they were using to tie my hands.
I lied out on the bed as they pulled my arms up and covered my eyes. Everything was dark, and Pony asked if I was ready. I nodded eagerly. Quickly, I felt someone’s lips on mine, they were eager and lustful. His lips trailed down my neck to my breasts. He sucked softly on my nipple as I moaned softly and struggled to remain still. Strong but soft hands massaged my right breast, and continued kissing and sucking my left, making me moan. His lips and hands moved down my body, and left me for a moment. Then suddenly, he began sucking my clit and I moaned loudly, wanting so badly to run my fingers through his hair, whoever he was.
The hands are what gave him away. I knew those hands. And those fingers, which he stuck two of into me. With that I moaned out “Ponyboy.” and threw my head back. He stopped and came up to kiss me. “That’s right, babe.”
As soon as he stopped kissing me, I felt rough kisses on my neck. I had a feeling I knew who it was, but I didn’t wanna risk what would happen if I got it wrong. He kissed and sucked my neck, biting it every now and then. His hands went to my breasts and began flicking my nipples and twisting them, causing me to gasp and say a couple “oh my god"s to slip out. His mouth came to my nipple and he licked and sucked and bit me softly. This person knew what they were doing for sure. Their lips reconnected to my heat and nipped and sucked wildly. I wanted to call out Pony’s name, but I didn’t if it was him.
I moaned loudly and shut my eyes. I didn’t want to come just yet, but I didn’t know how long I could wait. He stuck a long finger into me, as I managed to get out his name. "Dallas.” His finger came out and kissed my neck once more. “Correct, y/n.”
I felt him untie me and take my blindfold off. Pony stood one one side of the bed, with nothing on but his boxers, while Dally stood on the other without a shirt. Pony climbed over to me and smirked. “Now is when things get interesting,” he said.
Pony kissed me while Dally went back up to my neck, causing me to moan into Ponyboy. One of my hands went to Dally’s hair while the other ran down Pony’s chest. He went down to the other side of my neck, and I wrapped my arm around him and grabbed his ass. Dally got up to take his pants off, and Pony went back to kissing my mouth. His hands wrapped around my back and lifted my chest to him. He moved his face on to my chest and kissed me in between my breasts. I gasped and put my hand in his hair. Pony’s mouth began to lick my nipples and push them down with his tongue. “Ugh, Pony.” I moaned, my stomach twisting.
“Ponyboy, come here for a second,” Dally said as Pony got up and I waited. I heard them talking, then something drop. I turned around to see Dally sucking Pony. At that moment, I wanted to be Dally and Pony. I needed both of them to come finish me off, both since neither of them were and the sight of them made me weak, I decided to do it myself.
I could tell that’s what they wanted me to do, because soon as I did the moans from Pony stopped. Either that or mine were louder. Pony walked over to me and put his hand on mine and help me thrust my fingers in and out. He put his mouth on my stomach and kissed it softly. Dally came over and kissed my mouth and massaged my breasts. I moaned into Dally, and used my free hand to grab his dick and pump. Dallas bit my lip tried not to let out a moan. He pulled away. “On your hands and knees, y/n.” I obliged, and Pony got ready to enter me from behind. Dally got off the bed, took his boxers off, and stood in front me. I knew he wanted me to suck him. He was pretty big and I tried to fit as much of him in my mouth as I could.
I licked his tip and sucked as he threw his head back and shut his eyes tightly. Then Ponyboy entered me quickly, as my hips bucked. He began to grunt and thrust quicker. I grunted and moaned.
He picked up the pace and I continued to suck and pump Dally. “Fuck, y/n!” Dally groaned and at the same time I yelled, “Oh my god!” and we came together with Pony not far behind. “Damn, y/n,” he said after he came and pulled out.
We all laid down and tried to recover. “Wow, y/n. Where’d you learn to do that?” Dally asked. Ponyboy leaned over and pecked you on the cheek. “She’s good, isn’t she?”

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Friends to Lovers!Jisung

Originally posted by hyyunjinn

  • Who: Han Jisung
  • Word Count: 2753 words
  • Warnings: Nothing
  • This is really bad since I wrote it really quick and didn’t revise it or anything, but it’s a birthday present to one of my children, @/ukulelewrites . I hope you have a great birthday since you are one step closer to the fun world of being an adult.

  • You know that kid that always has a smile on his face and is always extremely upbeat and happy, that’s Han Jisung.
  • In the like twelve years you have known him, you’ve never seen him with anything but a smile on his face.
  • Honestly, he was your best friend, and a day never went by where you didn’t see his bright smile at least once. 
  • The day always started the same way, a good morning text from him, followed by him asking where you wanted to meet.

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Blue Streak - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Originally posted by dailymarvelstories

Words: 1537
Paring: Pietro Maximoff
Warnings: swearing, sadness, crying.
Requested by Anon:
Hi! Sorry it’s long, but could I get a Pietro x reader where (Y/N) Stark is a key asset to the avengers. When she runs into Pietro for the first time they both catch the others eye even though they’re "enemies”. It becomes a teasing match between them every time they encounter one another. In Sokovia, Pietro asks (Y/N) to marry him only after knowing her a few days, she says maybe, but wants to say yes. After the fight is over and (Y/N) finds out that Pietro is dead, she is unconsolable.
A/n: I’m sorry there are so many time skips but I had to do that for it to be able to fit in multiple days. Pretty sure I was able to keep this one gender neutral- so that’s always good! :)

"What are you waiting for? Go!” Steve yelled to you.

You started to run to your next target. That was, until you saw a flash of blue run past you. You stopped moving to see if you could figure out what it was that passed you. Next thing you knew, you were being flicked multiple times on your head.

“What the…?” You mumbled to yourself.

Then, you were spun around. “You didn’t see that comi- woah.” The blue streak turned out to be a boy, who seemed to be around your age, and had an accent.

“What was that, Starkling?” Clint asked.

You didn’t reply to Clint but stared at the boy who spun you around. He was definitely attractive, but was on the wrong team.

“Y/n!” Your brother called. “What was that?” Tony snapped you out of your daydream.

“Oh! Uh, there’s an enhanced.” You spoke quietly, and the man ran off when he heard you speak.

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GUESS WHO JUST HIT 300 ?! ( probably me lmao ) but heyyyyy thanks to this 300 people for putting up with my shy, weird, lazy & selective ass every single day. ( idk where you all came from, but i’m THANKFUL. ) also !!! i love every single one of you even if i don’t show it that much. anyway, this is just me saying thank you & not making the message long. under the cut are some people who should be noticed & followed because they’re all amazing. I SWEAR. without them, i wouldn’t last long here. c: 

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