come on guys are you really taking my blog seriously

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I'm pretty sure if he doesn't do one it's because of jet lag. Idk why you guys gotta be like this? "If he does one and the room doesn't have the painting up, they movin. If he doesn't do one, they movin." Like it sounds almost manipulative of the audience? They've been away for over almost two weeks, give them a break to get back into everything. I really hope this doesn't come off as mean or bitchy, I'm normally pretty chill with moving stuff but like this really rubbed me the wrong way.

it’s all in good fun my pal, as is everything on this blog.. so never take anything here too seriously ! plus i highly doubt dan/phil will ever be scrollin thru my blog in the first place and get offended by it

WE DID IT!! good job! 2015 was a really weird year, specially the second half. Around November I started taking my art and online exposure more seriously as to not fall behind in my career, so I started this blog. Trying to draw everyday made me realize several weaknesses i didn’t even know I had (most of them coming from me only drawing like once a month). My goal for this year is to work hard on tackling them, and hopefully increase my speed enough to be able to post something every day. 

This blog’s now 2 months old and its got some pretty great reception. Thank you all for your care and support! Ilu guys. I really do. I have so many plans for this new year so please look forward to them!


So after about 2 months of having to remake I made it to 1k followers again. I wasn’t able to make this as nice as I wanted to but I still wanted to do this and thank everyone for following me

So here’s some awesome blogs and people that I follow, mutuals are bolded (please let me know if I left you or anyone out)

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Thanks everyone for 1K!

And for anyone who wants to read my little PSA 

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Y’all are killing me over here. That comic I posted last night has over 40,000 notes and counting. I don’t think I’ve ever even broke 1,000. Holy crap. And there’s a lot of new folks around here! So.. Hello!

I really appreciate the support, guys, seriously. It means a lot. ;___; I feel like I have a lot to live up to now haha. Gotta keep the quality coming HIGH QUALITY BLOG RIGHT HERE

Anyway, just wanted to say hi to my new folks and thanks for sticking around to my old folks. I’ve got a tag list for anybody that wants to white/blacklist anything. Also, if you need me to tag something for you, please let me know.

Notes and asks are always welcome! I love having a chat with folks! Although forgive me if I take forever to reply, I’m one of those people. But I read and love every message I get and will definitely answer it!

this is long I’m sorry. I feel like an old woman rambling on, please forgive.


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can you please remove the sidebar/icon picture? the creator (onisuu) made ALL the Link's SCREENSHOTS REDRAWS for me through commissions and I don't want to anyone to use it. Please don't get me wrong. seriously.

I’d really appreciate it if you guys wouldn’t come onto my blog and lied to me and assume I’d be dumb enough not to make sure your claims were true. Especially when it comes to stuff involving other’s work. Seriously.

I was originally going to apologize to this anon for taking so long in responding, I was away for a small vacation when I received this, but yeah, no. 

Please don’t come to my blog and do this again. I think it’s disrespectful both to me and Onisuup [or, if ever done again, to whomever artist it may concern]. Thanks.

Miserable Lester, Part Four: Don’t Feel Like Going On, But Come On! Make a Joyful Sound!

You know, she hasn’t died yet, but at this point in the novel I am pretty damn certain that Fantine will not be saved one day. She shall not be healed. Fantine is on a one-way bad luck train straight to her own personal hell on earth. Fantine deserves absolutely nothing that happens to her, and none of her suffering can rightly be called her own fault in any sense whatsoever. If she has a fatal character flaw, it’s that she’s (initially) too trusting and willing to see the good in other people– and too naive to recognize and be wary of the bad–, which…isn’t exactly a terrible trait to have. It’s the result of being a naturally kind, honest, loving, optimistic human being. It’s just that it fucks you over if you’re surrounded by assholes and living in an unfair bullshit trauma factory of a society. Watching Fantine become more and more bleakly disillusioned and resigned, watching her learn how to hate people and expect the worst and despair, is super rough stuff. Jean Valjean went through a similar transformation in prison, but Victor Hugo summarized that for us when he was first introduced– we didn’t get a blow-by-blow (insert your own tasteless prostitution joke) of the whole grueling process.

In sum– strap yourselves to your seats for a real bummer of a recap, everybody!

Don’t worry. I’ll still find ways to be funny about it. Keep your arms and legs inside this vehicle at all times, ‘cause we are headed all the way down to:

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((Hah! Finally.

((This story is almost done, but I have to say that depending on how commissions go next week I might not be able to get to it then. Commissions take priority, of course.

((I’ll reblog the details from my main blog - it’s first come, first serve with 5 slots open. I’m trying to get money for a new tablet! Depending on how the first batch goes, I'll reopen them again.

((But that’s all next week’s business. Meanwhile I hadn’t noticed that this blog has almost 1,000 followers! Wow, that’s really amazing, and I really appreciate you guys so much for all you’ve done for me. I love you guys, seriously! – The Mod))