come on guys are you really taking my blog seriously

New followers?? A lot of ‘em???


Y’all are killing me over here. That comic I posted last night has over 40,000 notes and counting. I don’t think I’ve ever even broke 1,000. Holy crap. And there’s a lot of new folks around here! So.. Hello!

I really appreciate the support, guys, seriously. It means a lot. ;___; I feel like I have a lot to live up to now haha. Gotta keep the quality coming HIGH QUALITY BLOG RIGHT HERE

Anyway, just wanted to say hi to my new folks and thanks for sticking around to my old folks. I’ve got a tag list for anybody that wants to white/blacklist anything. Also, if you need me to tag something for you, please let me know.

Notes and asks are always welcome! I love having a chat with folks! Although forgive me if I take forever to reply, I’m one of those people. But I read and love every message I get and will definitely answer it!

this is long I’m sorry. I feel like an old woman rambling on, please forgive.