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Jughead x Reader: Save Me From Myself (Part 3)

Warnings: talks of mental illness/suicide/self-harm
Requested: yes, this is a continuation of part 2

A/N: this is short, but it was going to be way too long if I put in what I wanted to in this part, but I think this has a good ending *smirk*

Part 1    Part 2

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Raw and Radiance: Shoutout to my Fannibal Family

I found this show and fandom a little over a year ago…

 At the time, I heard of Raw and was honestly just so thrilled to get my hands on a copy since I had obviously missed the kickstarter. I remember being so impressed that something like this was created by fans. It’s a beautiful, professional book. I have worked on journal staffs and have friends who founded and run literary journals, and I can attest that the quality of Raw is above and beyond. I never would have thought that another opportunity like that would come around while I was involved in this fandom. 

Fan works get a lot of scorn, but there is so much talent to be found (especially in our fandom). 

So many people, many who are creators in their day to day lives, too, put their passion and creativity into this fandom. Because we have found something with such depth and nuance that it inspires creativity a hundredfold. The creators and people involved with the show being so willing to support this fan community has made being in this fandom even more rewarding. I have met lovely, talented, smart, interesting people in cities all over since joining the fandom. I have made lots of new friends and even had people be willing to open their homes to me. 

Hannibal has provided an outlet for my creativity, passion, intellect, weirdness, and love of writing. While I also write in many other capacities having this fandom as an artistic community gives me such inspiration and a place to enjoy writing and keep getting better. 

I am SOOO excited that the extended edition is happening and that my work will be included in the print version alongside all the other 90+ contributors. 

There are so many talented people included in this anthology and sooo, soooo many more ridiculously talented people in this fandom I wish were in it, too. I truly hope that more fanthologies come out of this fandom because there is so much talent and creativity and so many works being produced that we could make multiple amazing books! 

I never would have thought that in a little over a year that I would be part of a book like Raw, one that will be just as stunning but also unique and individual in its vision and production. I am kind of freaking out that Bryan Fuller will own a book with my writing in it! 

Thanks everyone for making the extended edition happen!

It feels like a gift to me, honestly. Hannibal is so special to me it is the second thing I got a tattoo of. (The other one from Lord of the Rings which I’ve loved nearly my whole life). This show really has changed my life and made an imprint on my heart. And to be able to see this passion and love manifest in a physical representation of my work and others’ work means the world to me.

Thanks to @radiance-anthology​ for all your hard work and dedication. And, to everyone who might feel conflicted or wounded, I love you and feel for you, and I know that so many of you deserve and have the caliber of work that could support many fan books. I can’t wait to hold this book in my hands! 

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What exactly is "presenting" in omegaverse?

Hey, Hi, Hello there

Presenting doesn’t happen in all Omegaverse AU’s. 

Presenting is when someone comes into their dynamic, they will then have their first heat or rut. Presenting will change a dynamic’s scent, making their scent stronger/fuller, they will smell less like an adolescent. 

Ex: an adolescent Omega may have a baby powder scent added to their normal scent of whatever, and then loose that baby powder scent after Presenting. 

Presenting usually happens around the precious age of 15. 

Sometimes Presenting causes other dynamics to go into rut or heat.

Presenting can also be taken as a “Welcome to puberty.” 

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Ok, so Will cared about Abigail and Abigail cared about Will. WHEN did this happen? They didn't talk that much on screen and I just didn't feel them really connect to the extent that s2 relies on the loss of Abigail. Did Will care for Abigail or the IDEA of her and a family? Was it empathy with Garret Jacob Hobbs? Abigial, too - I know Will saved her life, but they didn't seem to get along well if I'm remembering correctly? She always seemed more comfortable with Hannibal. What did miss?

The show tells straight us that Abigail cares for Will.

“Last thing before casting a line: you name the bait on your hook after somebody you cherished.”

“To say goodbye?”

“If the person you named it after cherished you, as the saying goes, you will catch the fish.”

“And what did you name it?”


He caught the damn fish, therefore under the symbolic logic of the narrative, she must have cherished him.

However, what you’re looking for is evidence specifically from S1 that each cared for the other. I held onto this post for so long because I was certain I had answered it before, but I couldn’t find it in my “Abigail Hobbs” tag.

But I did just find it! (I had a typo in her name, argh.) So here it is, but I’ll quote here the relevant part of the discussion.

Abigail got deeply involved with Will and Hannibal because they simultaneously orphaned her and saved her life: Hannibal through the phone call and the first aid, and Will through shooting her father before he could cut her throat cleanly.

She bonds more closely to Hannibal partly because he makes an effort in a way Will does not because Will has concerns about being inappropriate in a way Hannibal does not, such as when Will elected not to give Abigail the magnifying glass and fly-tying gear. He did not want to dig up memories of her father teaching her how to hunt. But in the same episode, Hannibal serves Abigail sausage and eggs exactly because that was the last meal that her father was making on the day Will shot and killed him. Their shared secrets, the meal and psychedelics, Hannibal’s physical warmth and presence: these were all things that helped Abigail bond to her new captor. “You bond with your captor: you survive. You don’t: you’re breakfast.”

By comparison, Abigail had much more mixed feelings about Will. She’s not comfortable with him the way she is with Hannibal, but she looks to him to help her understand her father and what happened to her. She asks him what it feels like to kill someone, and she trusts and uses his words as her gauge after she herself kills somebody. She asks him what it felt like to be her dad, and looks to him for reassurance about being messed up and having nightmares. We know she’s taken to Will because she wants to emulate him: when Hannibal asks her what she would like to do with her life, she tells him that she would like to become an FBI agent. When Will doesn’t see her for a few weeks, she complains to Freddie that he’s avoiding her. She doesn’t hesitate to go with him to Minnesota to try to catch the copycat, and when there, she steers the conversation so that she can finally unburden herself about being her father’s lure to him in the same way she had unburdened herself to Hannibal. 

If nothing else, this desire to be seen and known by both Hannibal and Will is evidence enough of her attachment to each of them: this is the language of love on Hannibal.

Will frightens her because of his similarities to her dad, his own brand of weirdness, his encephalitis, and the fact that others, particularly Freddie Lounds, are constantly telling her that he’s a killer. He’s “stained” to her because he killed her dad. But she still cares for him, especially after she discovers that it wasn’t he, but Hannibal, who killed Marissa. But she’s in deep at that point, and as she says, she doesn’t know what else to do, so she just does what Hannibal told her.

There’s also this further comment by platoapproved, which objectively discusses some of Abigail’s behavior toward Will that seems to be an obstacle for some of the fandom. I’ve linked this through a reblog because of cristiline’s tags, which I address in this post. (Sorry this is such a clickfest.)

To what extent Will’s feelings for Abigail are genuine is a more complicated subject.

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Bringing back the ages old trend except now Kurt and Blaine have a son who made the mistake of accepting their friend requests. 

Filling the prompts who asked for more Tracy :)

Tracy Anderson-Hummel feeling annoyed
When you walk through the front door with your friends and your parents are dancing to some song from the 2010. -.-

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Shawn Fuller LOL it was epic your parents are the best!
Anna Jackson
Yeah come on, they were adorable. I wish my marriage will be like that.
Kurt Anderson-Hummel
There, you see? Your friends can appreciate good entertainment.
Patricia Lopez-Pierce Hey at least that’s better than walking in on them having sex *personal experience*
Tracy Anderson-Hummel Well thanks for bringing back that memory…
Patricia Lopez-Pierce OMG really??
Tracy Anderson-Hummel There should be a law against being intimate in the family room.
Patricia Lopez-Pierce In the family room? ON THE COUCH?? WE’VE WATCHED MOVIES ON THAT COUCH!! WE have MADE OUT ON THAT COUCH!!
Blaine Anderson-Hummel You’ve done what on the couch?
Tracy Anderson-Hummel I’ll burn the couch.

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I know some of you are probably also Browncoats and feel torn about voting against the universal icon of being cancelled to soon (I know I did) BUT Joss Whedon and the Firefly cast don’t seem to be keen on going back there after Serenity and the comic wrapped things up and meanwhile Bryan Fuller is so ready to take us back to The Pie Hole! Winning this could be the push he needs to actually make it happen!







Since Bryan Fuller said he’d change Hannibal’s backstory during Season 3, it got me thinking…

What did Hannibal Lecter do before coming to America?

Really, there are a million possibilities, and I want to take the time to explore all of them…especially the cracky ones!

Write up your own Ridiculous Hannibal Backstory and tag it with #ridiculoushannibalbackstory to participate!  Nothing is too outlandish to post, so go on and have a field day!  :)

The most efficient way would just be to put a bullet in his head and be done with it. But for Will Graham, who is caught in his gravitational pull, he’s always afraid of will he be able to pull that trigger when the time comes? Because of the connection that he has to Hannibal and the feelings he has with Hannibal of being understood, of being seen in a way that no one else can see him. Saying goodbye to that forever is a pretty daunting task. In his mind, he needed Francis Dolarhyde to make that happen, because he simply didn’t trust himself to carry through.

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hey :) Do you know when someone may pick up Hannibal? in January 2017?

Bryan Fuller said, in his recent set of interviews for the finale, that nothing could get green-lit for at least a year, in his opinion. That makes sense to me: they’ve got to not just find a distributor, but work out a whole new financing strategy, figure out a schedule, draw up contracts for the actors again, etc. It’s going to be complicated (and I’d very much doubt we’d see more than six episodes in any given season if it did come back). 

But, theoretically, a pickup could happen sooner than 2017: a series order of some sort would happen a year before one would expect to see the finished product, at least, because they’d have to have time to write the episodes, prepare production, and then actually film and edit the thing. So that’s why it’s important we continue to send the message that we want a new season right now: there’s going to be a time delay regardless, and if we want to match that time delay for when the previous seasons come available so that everything optimally conjoins, we really could use a pickup in the next six months.* 

Basically, by the time another season–even a small season–could get produced at this point, 2017 will already be well underway. (I don’t know what Amazon’s time schedule was, but it was almost certainly truly impossible, regardless of what Bryan is up to in the meantime. It’s really not that far away.)

No one knows the exact date (or if they do, they haven’t told me), but I would assume April 5, 2017 would be the earliest the previous seasons could transfer to a different streaming service. That would be four years to the day since Amazon first put “Aperitif” up for streaming. What that means for ordinary network syndication, cable or otherwise, I don’t know. But I would suspect that any cable network that may pick up future seasons of Hannibal would also want a cheap deal for previous seasons, just the same as a streaming service would.

* Personally I think ten to sixteen months is the most likely period, if Hulu or Starz is looking to measure results with Hugh’s and Bryan’s respective shows first, to see if they want to double-down on these guys. Bryan seems to be really happy with his treatment so far at Starz, so we should make some effort to persuade them: if they have one successful show with him with American Gods, they might be willing to help him “exorcise” the “ghosts” of his stories. (We’ve already been working on Hulu.)

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I love the new season of Hannibal, but I feel Bryan is going too far with how he's changing Will's character. At the end of the day, Will, although drawn to darkness, is not a bad person. He's not an evil man, and tries to do the right thing. From Season 2 to now, I'm kind of confused as to why Will still wants to "run away" with Hannibal. I mean, did he forget about Abigail? Beverly? The FBI? I love Hugh Dancy and his Will Graham is my favorite, but it doesn't feel like Will anymore.

The nature of Will’s character is change.

That’s the point, if you write a character like that, who struggles with knowing serial killers, dammit, it wasn’t pushed far enough!

Or, it’s been done before pushing it a little bit, so, lets try something new and interesting and push it even further!

He wants to run away with Hannibal because Hannibal had only just begun to show him his true self, and Will has begun to believe that is his true self. Imagine everyone else in the world is endlessly boring to you, then all of a sudden, there is this one person that isn’t, you can actually have the conversation you’ve been dying to have your entire life with this person. Will isn’t ready to throw that away just because Hannibal is a serial killer.

It’s not ‘normal’ behaviour, it’s not relatable behaviour, because, ultimately, people like Will, and people like Hannibal, cannot exist.

Whether, hugh or bryan or we believe it is not his true self is, at this point, irrelevant. Will believes it’s his true self, and the story is only interesting and actually able to fill 39 episodes of 40 minutes (way more than the films or books) because it’s interesting in this new way that means there are new avenues to explore.

This show is, what if Hannibal got Will on his couch? What would happen? This, this is what would happen.

Hannibal got his wish from Red Dragon, Bryan Fuller made it come true. That is why this show is called Hannibal, that is why Hannibal is a much more prominent character than in the previous material. He’s getting his dream scenario.

Making Will vulnerable in this way needed to happen or he’s just another boring cop, against a rather exceptional serial killer, he doesn’t stand a chance.

The eternal problem with Will is that he doesn’t have a character, he can’t possess one, his funky brain won’t allow him.

Hope that makes sense

i understand that margot slept with will to manipulate him. but the singular incident isn’t the problem. it’s the overarching trend.

you have to understand how frustrating it is to be a queer woman watching television, when almost every single fucking lesbian (and canonically so, fuller has stated clearly that she is lesbian and not bi/pan/etc.) sleeps with men. and in isolated cases, it’s understandable. margot is manipulating will and manipulating hannibal and manipulating the whole goddamn game. that’s wonderful, because she’s a woman in a position of huge control in a show where that’s become extremely scarce. but in a culture where lesbianism is seen consistently as “a phase” and that lesbian women “just need to wait for the right man to come along” it becomes a problem.

hannibal’s not the only show on the air. it does not exist in a vacuum. its events are not real, but they affect real people and support problematic societal structures that invalidate the sexualities of women throughout the world, and that’s the problem. lesbian women who sleep with men exist, but their number on television should be proportional to the small percentage that do so in real life.

yes, fuller was the one who wanted to stay true to margot’s canon sexuality in a room full of writers who wanted to make her straight (which is really gross and a whole different problem), but that doesn’t make what happened in 2.10 excusable. there’s always a choice when it comes to writing fiction, and the storyline was in no way necessary. margot could easily have been bi or pan, both queer groups who are sorely lacking in representation. it wouldn’t have been entirely true to the harris novels, but it could have been (arguably, i suppose) less problematic.

of course it’s not okay to send hate, but i’ve hardly seen anything being sent to bryan that actually constitutes….well, hate. (hate being defined as “go kill yourself you piece of shit” and not “i’m really disappointed in the direction the show has taken” because the latter is respectful criticism and by calling that “hate” you are essentially attempting to silence all critical thinking re: a show that demands it in terms of both narrative and its problematic aspects).

tl;dr people who are upset have a right to feel that way. don’t try to silence valid criticisms of this show by labeling them as extremist hate. just because you aren’t personally affected by something doesn’t mean other people aren’t or that it doesn’t matter.

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do you know of any meta concerning bedelia's "i thought will graham was hannibal's biggest mistake. i wonder if it isn't you." line to chiyoh? could you please link me if you do?

Nothing that I remember off the top of my head. @genufa, @22drunkb–did either of you address this line specifically?

Since I’ve failed to think of anything preexisting, I’ll offer a few words.

It’s one of those lines by Bedelia that personally I tend to think nothing directly came of, like the one about Hannibal persuading Will that he would have no choice but to kill someone he loved. People stretch and squint and try really hard to make that lines fit with something, but imo it doesn’t hold up (the likeliest possibility with the kill someone you love line is that Will used the idea to entrap Hannibal by suggesting they kill Jack, and ironically Hannibal actually tried to persuade him not to in the end). I mean, Bedelia’s words are not always the pearls of divine wisdom they seem to be.

Chiyoh kind of gets the same treatment: the story sets up a lot of import around her but then a great deal of it either got left on the cutting room floor or just didn’t get conceived with any follow-through, at least that we were privy to, and the fandom is trying to sort of fix that, mentally. I kind of think Chiyoh’s treatment was the result of Bryan bowing to pressure to have Strong Female Characters because of some of the criticism the show received wrt season two and wanting to get Murasaki into the story before they lost the chance, and then needing to squish too much into too little space because of Impending Cancellation. I think her story works as an individual quest (so much so that I would rather she not ever appear in the story again–the walking off into the snowy night was too fantastic and perfect to lose as her ending), so they found some sense of equilibrium, but within the grander scheme of plots and subplots for the first half of season three, it was unbalanced. 

Bedelia does come to the thought that Chiyoh might be Hannibal’s greatest mistake after Chiyoh says that she wants to cage–not kill–Hannibal, which suggests that it’s occurred to Bedelia that when it comes to the murder game, Hannibal will always win, but when it comes to the caging game, maybe not. As this is what actually occurs between Hannibal and Will in “Digestivo”–they each elect not to kill the other, and those choices result in Hannibal finally being caged–she’s right, but it’s still Will that makes this happen, not Chiyoh. Not that Chiyoh’s not convenient to that, but the story never gave her the kind of weight that would supersede Will’s position as Hannibal’s greatest mistake. Which he totally is (while still being the most worthwhile thing Hannibal’s ever pursued).

Aside from that, I definitely think Bedelia’s trying to give Chiyoh a you-go-girl morale boost. Maybe it’s not Will Graham that will see Hannibal taken out, maybe it’s Chiyoh, but who really cares from Bedelia’s perspective? She needs that cannibal out of commission. You can do it, Chiyoh. Atta girl.