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there are apparently 3 videos of VLD from Dream//worksTV tagged as klance.

  1. [MOTION COMIC] The Tale of Lance and the Dragon - Part 2
  2. If the Lion Fits 
  3. Voltron Vlogs: Keith

i guess someone from the social media marketing department really want them sweet sweet views and traffic.

Au where in Chapter 2 they all challenge Pennywise to a dance battle and shame him into submission with their sick moves and they all live happily ever after and no one dies


This is the scene that follows the response choice, “You must be mistaken.” I think the last two screenshots have the same dialogue as “That’s hilarious” (not completely sure*).

“Heh. Right.” You ain’t slick, Maxwell. 👀💕after seeing all the dialogue options I’m fully convinced now that the PB writers intended this to be a whopping romantic hint!

@cyrilwholfhe i remember you commented something about seeing the other scenes! Hope this helps 😊

*if anyone did choose the “That’s hilarious” option please let me know! I don’t wanna play the chapter 2 more times and sit through the book 1 flashback again lmfaoooo.

Feeler Post for Fic Books!


I think I may have very breifly mentioned this before, but. In February, I am going to Kupocon, and am sharing an artist alley table with lilly-white. Lilly would obviously be doing her proper arty thing, but the idea of me being there was that we would collaborate to create printed compilation books of my fanfics illustrated with her drawings. Basically like the doujinshi artists who produce novel doujinshi.

The longer I have to think about it, the more I worry that the endeavour is going to be a whole lot of work for no return. Printing books is expensive, if they don’t sell I’m going to end up a good £100 or so at least out of pocket. And if the books won’t sell, Lilly could use that time to be working on her projects that will sell instead of the illustrations for my dumb-ass shit. 

I was always planning to offer up any left over for people on Tumblr to buy, but I don’t even know if anyone here would want such a thing! Hence, feeler post.

Details are below the cut (including approximate prices, page counts, and what stories would be included). IF YOU THINK YOU WOULD BE INTERESTED IN BUYING ONE, PLEASE LIKE THIS POST.  If it’s not your thing, that’s cool, feel free to ignore this post and just keep on scrolling.

(Don’t worry, I’m not holding anyone accountable for this (I’m automatically going to assume the actual of number of takers would be half of the response I get, because shit happens and not everyone will have the funds at the right time or whatever), it’s really just to see if it’s viable or not. If I only get two or three responses, even on Tumblr, then it might be time to put the project away.)

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I’ll also admit that one of the reasons I’ve not been on tumblr as much lately is that all of the drama is getting to me. I love you all dearly but my anxiety has been worse lately and I can’t handle it. I applaud all the good and important discussions being had but I likely won’t contribute to a lot of it until I’m in a better frame of mind

so… a while back i sorta made this thing in regards to DK animals bc why not.

and i tried to spruce up a couple of them…. key word being tried. ;-;

but yea, that silhouette is supposed to represent a 6ft tall human so the fishies are to scale.

akkfish are alien fish doggos.
terrormaws are alien fish wolfies.

that’s basically it lol.

anonymous asked:

If I don't ship Pidge or Shiro with any of the Paladins but don't really do anything if people do, am I still allowed on your blog? I forgot to ask a while ago and just got around to it. I want to make sure that the content you work hard to create goes to the audience you want it to reach, so I'll unfollow you if you say I should, it's no biggie. I wanted to check though.

Nah man that’s fine, I usually put a “don’t interact” disclaimer on my art/posts anyways so you’re cool.

I was thinking about the Speak Now Tour which ironically is the only tour of Taylor’s I didn’t go to and how she used to do the arm lyrics which were often profound and raw glimpses into how she was feeling. That Taylor wasn’t killed off in the LWYMMD video and I’d be curious to see what the arm lyrics might say if they made a reputation Tour comeback. What do you think @taylorswift?

The “Yes, maybe I am a bit sick, but not sick enough to warrant taking time off from the thing(s) I really have to do” trope is one of my faves and I swear I will never get tired of it

Me, about to fall into a peaceful slumber: Hope I’m not forgetting anything.

Me: Wait…

A long list of stories I have promised/need to write: Sup.


Me: Crap.