come on directors i want to see him in a comedy or romantic movie now!

Yuri!!! On Ice Old Hollywood AU

I know actor aus are pretty common within fandom, but just think about a Yuri!!! On Ice actor AU set in Old Hollywood! It would take place in the late 40s, but have all the aspects of the YOI universe that we have come to love (no prejudice against race, gender, sexual orientation etc.).

·         Victor Nikiforov as five time award winning mega star and darling of the studio, being bored and disenchanted with his career sees a picture starring Yuuri Katsuki. Despite the movie’s flaws, he is enthralled by this new charming actor and his performance.

·         Yuuri Katsuki as a promising actor who suffers from anxiety and as a result doesn’t have the ability to choose the correct vehicles to fully showcase his talent and wonders if he should just quit Hollywood.

·         At the after party of the biggest award ceremony of the season Yuuri becomes drunk and hits on Victor, a super star who he has admired for years and made him want to become an actor in the first place.

·         Victor becomes even more enchanted with Yuuri after this and decides to take a break from his acting career to help Yuuri pursue his dream of playing a part that’s so good he would win an Academy Award for it, much to the displeasure of studio boss Yakov Feltsman.

·         Yuri Plisetsky as the child actor who is now an adolescent and wants to have his perfect debut in his first mature role. He is the son of a former child actress and was raised on the studio lot, groomed by the executives to be the next Victor Nikiforov. He was promised to be mentored by Victor and becomes enraged to know he has been ditched for another actor that shares his first name. He’s taken under the wing of former dancer/ silent movie star turned studio big shot Lilia Baranovskaya instead.

·         Phichit Chulanot as Yuuri’s friend who he studied acting with under the tutelage of Celestino Chialdini. He excels in singing and dancing and wants to be the biggest star to feature in Technicolor musicals like Gene Kelly. He dreams of writing and starring in his own musical and ropes in his good buddies Guang-Hong Ji, tap dancer extraordinaire, and Leo de la Iglesia, singer turned actor, to work with him on this project.

·         Christophe Giacometti, one of Hollywood’s most popular bombshells, is mostly known for his roles as the ditzy blond (think Marilyn Monroe), but is actually deeply intellectual and sensitive. He wants to transcend this persona and craves to be taken more seriously, but can’t seem to shake the clueless sexpot image. He can’t help but feel jealous of his good friend Victor, who is equally considered a sex bomb but IS taken seriously.

·         Jean-Jacques Leroy as a heartthrob who mainly stars as the hero in adventure movies and swashbucklers. He has a reputation to be difficult to work with, because according to directors he is always trying to push his own vision onto a movie. He’s often accused of his pictures being vehicles to display his own ego.

·         Seung Gil Lee as the actor who abhors the publicity and elbow rubbing with his fellow actors that is involved with being a celebrity. His perceived coldness makes him shine as a suave villain in film noir pictures.

·         Michele and Sara Crispino as former child actors who starred in vaudeville together as a double act. Since trying to become big in Hollywood, Sara longs for independent projects that don’t include her and her brother as a set, much to the distress of Michele. He, in his turn, is pursued by good friend Emil Nekola, who is a great comedian, to star in his next screwball comedy together.

·         Mila Babicheva as the beauty queen of Hollywood, known for her roles as the femme fatale and the hottest redhead since Rita Hayworth. She becomes quite taken with her friend Sara, who has a sweet yet powerful voice like Judy Garland, after seeing her in a musical picture.

·         Georgi Popovich, dramatic actor, deeply romantic and a THESPIAN above all things. He has a tumultuous love life and his over the top performances are often considered too avant-garde for Old Hollywood sensibilities. Loves to star in Shakespeare adaptations.

·         Otabek Altin as an actor who is admired by everyone in the industry for his quiet yet intense performances. He simultaneously has the reputation of being a bad boy involved in some minor scandals as well as keeping to himself mostly. Is often type-cast as the manly, smoldering anti-hero in film noir pictures. Remembers Yuri Plisetsky well from his youth on the studio lot and tells him this rather dramatically when Yuri is set to co-star with him in his latest crime movie as ‘the icy blond’.

If y’all like this I’m going to write a fic, I s2g.

Edit: Yeeesss, I’m going to write a fic! check #yoi old hollywood au for future updates!

the night patrol, chapter 5

chapter title: That’s What Friends Are For
words: 3.4k
chapter summary: When Nino invites Adrien to join him and the girls for a movie night, Adrien turns him down. But Marinette has other plans for her chaton.

previous chapters: 1, 2, 3,

a/n: Marichat and FAB FOUR FAB FOUR FAB FOUR

AO3 | FF

Nino is practically jumping with excitement while Alya and Marinette are watching him with fond smiles when Adrien walks into the classroom on Thursday morning.

“Hey Nino, what’s up? You look like you’re in a good mood this morning!” says Adrien cheerfully.

“They’re doing a marathon of one of my favorite directors at an art theater in the 6th arrondisement and I snagged four tickets to the main show tonight! Alya and Marinette already said they’re game, so the last ticket is for you, my man. You can come, right?”

“I should be! What time do I need to be there?”  

“The movie starts at 9:30pm, so we’re meeting up at Café de Flore a little earlier for coffee, probably around 9.”

Adrien’s face falls. “Oh man, I just remembered—I have a late tutoring session for Chinese tonight and I can’t miss it. I’m sorry, Nino.”

The lie falls so casually from Adrien’s tongue that Marinette almost misses it. But she still has his schedule memorized, so she knows it’s not true. He has Chinese lessons after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and they’re right after his fencing lessons. She wonders why he’s lying.

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Just like the movies (Jackson Wang)

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3

You and Jackson had been friends for as long as you can remember, you spent everyday together and you loved all the same things, you were practically the same person. The two of you even went to the same performing arts school so there was never a moment when you weren’t with each other.

The two of you had been going through a range of auditions together lately and sadly there was no luck for either of you apart from some background roles but nothing major. But there was this one film that you wanted to audition for and it was a romantic comedy film called Too beautiful to lie the plot really caught your eye and you decided to give it a whirl but you obviously didn’t go for it without telling Jackson first. “Hey, guess what.” You excitedly called down the phone to him. “You got a new puppy and decided to name it Wang puppy after me!” He replied with the same excited tone. “What? No dumb-ass why would I name a puppy that it’s name would obviously be Hershey. Anyway I was thinking about signing up for an audition for that new romantic comedy film.”

“Oh, Too pretty to lie? Yeah I’ve heard of that, it’s not my type of film but I think you’ll be perfect for it so go for it.” He was always so supportive of you and even when you got the part and he didn’t he’d always have your back, and you did the same for him you were a team after all. “Awesome, are you going to audition with me?” You always asked him this the two of you never went to an audition alone and more often than not the two of you would audition in hopes of being in the same film. “No I wont bother but you should still go ahead with it, It’ll be good for you.”

You decided to listen to what he said and sign up on your own. It felt weird without him by your side, this was your first audition on your own and you were scared of the outcome, yes you had gone through multiple rejections before but you always had Jackson to fall back on. Why didn’t he want to come with you even if it was just for support? You decided not to let that bother you for now and you just thought about your audition and doing well in it. 

You walked into the building where the auditions were being held and you could see all the people waiting to audition practising their lines ready for when they get called. This made you feel even more intimidated. You were one of the last to go in and it went really well and they said they’d call you if you got the part. As you left you rang Jackson to let him know how everything went. “That’s amazing I knew you could do it and what did I say you don’t need me with you all the time you’re strong enough to audition on your own.” His words made you feel more confident in yourself and our abilities he always knew how to make a situation even better … this is probably the reason why you’d fallen for him a while ago, but you never told him that’s the one thing you will never admit to him since it would ruin your friendship.

-Time skip-

It had been a few weeks since your audition and you’d started to doubt if you’d been picked so you didn’t get your hopes up about it … that was until your phone started to go off. You hesitated to answer it at first when you saw the number but you decided you had to answer it. “Hello?”

“Hello is this Y/n?” You heard the unfamiliar voice ask. “Yes that’s me may I ask who this is?” Your heart was beating faster than it was before you picked up your phone, who was this and how did they know your name? “I am the director of the film Too beautiful to lie and I’d like to inform you that we have decided to cast you as the lead role and we’d like for you to come to the studio and meet the rest of the cast as soon as possible.” You were so excited you couldn’t say anything but you managed to get out an agreement and you made your way to the studio.

When you got there you found the director talking to the rest of the cast members, you got so nervous seeing how many people you’d be working with and the responsibility of being the lead suddenly hit you, but there was something still keeping you sane and you couldn’t put your finger on it. “Y/n! there you are come here and meet the crew.” The director called to you. As you made your way over you started to make out the faces of some of the crew and there was one face in particular that you seemed to latch onto … Jackson. You looked at him and pretty much had a conversation with him through eye contact. Why was he there he never auditioned and even if he did he would have told you … wouldn’t he?

When you got a bit of time to yourself you decided to go and talk to him. “Jackson what are you doing here? I thought you didn’t want to audition because it wasn’t your type of film?” You ask with curiosity and slight annoyance of his secrecy. “I wanted to surprise you so hi.” He replied with a cheerful wave. Of course it was all a surprise this was Jackson after all how could you not see this coming this was how he usually was, always popping out of no where. 

-Time skip- 

Filming had been going on for about 4 months and Jackson just so happened to be the lead role with you, but there was one thing that you were really nervous about … the kiss scene. You already wanted to date him, now the director is having you two have a kiss scene together you were both happy and scared about it knowing you may not be able to stop once you kiss him and he’ll find out your true feelings, but it had to happen sometime. And just your luck … that day was today. “So how are you feeling about your kiss scene?” Jackson asked in his usual sarcastic and annoying tone, you tried to cover your feelings by rolling your eyes and lightly punching his arm causing him you exaggerate his pain. 

You were both called onto the set to get ready for the scene, your palms started to sweat a little from the nerves, but Jackson was surprisingly calm about it. when it came to the kiss itself you couldn’t hide your nerves any more it all got a little to much and Jackson had noticed. As he was about to go in for the his he gave you a reassuring look which told you to calm down and everything will be fine. As you started to calm yourself you felt his face slowly getting closer to yours before his soft lips connected with yours, he got more into the kiss than you thought he would have, it was almost like he wanted to kiss you. The kiss was a bit stiff and nervous at first but once he was comfortable he put his arm around your waist and pulled you closer deepening the kiss. “Cut! That was great guy I don’t think we need to do another take.” the director called out to the both of you. You were left a little breathless and you started to blush. “No, no I think we should do one more I can do it better.” He insisted and the director decided to agree with him and let the two of you try the scene again, this time he wasn’t nervous about it at all and he made it even more passionate than the last one. As the director called cut for the last time and the two of you walked over to the side waiting for your next scene, Jackson smiled at you with his cheesy smile, “You do not want to know how long I’ve wanted to do that for.” You went red at this statement and he noticed in your eyes that you were thinking the same so without hesitation he pulled you into him one last time and pulled you into that passionate and romantic kiss that you had been waiting for. You knew this was going to start something great between the two of you.


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When you are an actress, and have to kiss someone, and BTS gets jealous

Hi :)! Can I request a written reaction where you’re an actress and you have to kiss someone in a role, and BTS get’s jealous. Thanks love xx


He was helping you rehearse your new script, reading over the lines of the lead actor in the role, so you could practice before filming later on that week. You were surprised he had never been in a drama before since he was so good at it. He delivered the lines with so much emotion; you struggled to respond to them adequately.

His passionate portrayal of the main actor as he confessed to you gave you goosebumps. He had you gasping for air, as he held you tightly in his arms, staring straight into your eyes with his beautiful dark ones.

His gaze drifted back to the script in his hands, and his eyes widened in shock. He looked back at you, with his mouth slightly open. You were confused by this sudden change in behavior.

“You have to KISS this guy?!” He asked, his voice shrill. Your mouth shaped into a perfect ‘o’ as realization dawned on you. You hadn’t told him about the kiss scene before.

“It’s just a drama Jin… it’s not a real kiss. Please don’t get mad….” You tried reasoning with him, but the look in his eyes showed you how hurt he really was.

“Can you not talk to the producers? The director? I don’t want you kissing some other guy Y/N…” He told you, his eyes beginning to twinkle with the threat of tears. You felt guilty, your heart ached.

“You know I can’t Jin… The contract was signed ages ago… This is the last episode, and it will only be one kiss, please don’t get upset with me… I’m really really sorry Jin…” You told him, tears beginning to well up in your eyes. The moment he noticed you were crying, he rushed to your side, and wrapped his arms around you, holding your head against his chest.

“Okay, okay jagi, it’s all okay. I will just… try not to watch that part of the episode. I’ll pretend it never happened so I never get jealous… Just please don’t cry. Don’t cry anymore baby…” He begged you, tears of his own falling on your hair.

You were glad you had found someone like Jin to share your life with, always caring more about your wellbeing than his own feelings… You wished he could have been the lead role in the drama instead of that stupid boy you were being forced to kiss. You loved Jin, more than you loved sunsets, more than you loved coffee, and walks in the park. You loved him more than you loved life itself.


He was there while you recorded your latest movie. He always wanted you to know he supported you, just like you always supported him and his music. He was glad he had been invited to the set, he loved seeing you perform, it fascinated him. The way your eyes would begin to water when the scene got emotional, or the way you moved as you suddenly became the character, because you didn’t play a character, you became one, it all was too good for him to begin to process.

What he didn’t know was that your latest movie was a romantic comedy, and that since you were the main female role, you obviously would have to become pretty close to the lead male role.

This bugged him, seeing the guy’s arm wrapped around your waist like his always was, or the way the guy looked at you the way only he should be allowed to. But seeing him kiss you? That was too much for him. He wanted to support you, but he couldn’t deal with it. Your lips on someone else’s was not something he was prepared for.

He clenched his fists, and stormed off the set, needing some fresh air. You immediately noticed his absence, and asked for a small break, as you excused yourself and ran after him.

“Jimin! Jimin come back!” you yelled after him, your legs moving quickly so you could catch up to him. He turned around, and stopped moving, but refused to look at you.

“Jimin! You are being ridiculous. It’s just a movie kiss. It’s not real” You told him, grabbing his hand and bringing him closer to you. He looked at you with eyes slightly wet.

“But what if you kiss him so much you forget about me? What if you end up liking him more? He is handsome, and funny, and a good actor, and I just hate seeing you kiss someone else. You are mine, not his.” He explained, a childish pout forming on his lips. You smiled at him.

“Jimin, baby, I would never fall for him, because I have you. You are everything I have ever dreamed out. It’s just a kiss, a fake one. How do you think I feel when you do all those sexy dance moves? Don’t you think I know how many girls are watching? How many of them fantasize over you? But I’m still here right? So stop being silly, there is no other. Just you. Now come back please, I miss you” You told him, and he smiled proudly. Somewhere in his brain he made a mental note to show you one of his sexy dance moves tonight, when you were back home together, to make sure you’d never forget about him. What was one kiss with that guy, when he had you for the rest of his life?


“No.” He just yelled at the top of his lungs, as you stood there staring at him dumbfounded.

“What do you mean no?” You yelled back, throwing your arms up in the air in exasperation.

“I mean NO. No means no. Don’t you get it? I said no! You are not taking that role!” He yelled back, his hands tugging at the ends of his hair. Your eyes widened, and your chest began heaving. You were fuming.

“Excuse me? You can’t tell me which roles I can and can’t take! I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I want!” You yelled back. You were beginning to get incredibly frustrated with the boy, how dare he think he could control your career just like that? You had just been casted as the lead role for a movie that was going to air internationally, meaning your career might finally begin as a world-wide scale actress, and here he was, like your life belonged to him, telling you that you couldn’t take on that role.

“DAMMIT Y/N! Don’t you get it?! It’s a romance movie! You have to kiss some other guy and I’m not having that! I don’t want you to kiss some other guy, you are my girlfriend, not theirs. You are supposed to kiss me, not some idiot for the whole world to see!” He yelled back, getting up from his chair, making it fall back and clatter against the floor.

“Is this all because you are jealous of me kissing another guy?” You asked, your voice an octave higher than usual. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Was your boyfriend, your gorgeous, talented, sexy boyfriend jealous of someone he didn’t even know, because he was going to have to kiss you for a movie?

“YES!” he yelled back, throwing his arms up the same you had done before. Silence filled the room for a couple of seconds as you stared at each other, until you both began laughing loudly. You felt your tummy begin to ache, and tears form in your eyes, as laughter erupted from your chest.

“That was silly wasn’t it?” He asked, wiping a tear away from the corner of his eyes using his fingertips, and you nodded.

“A little, you really have nothing to be jealous of. You are the love of my life” You confessed, blushing. He ran across the room towards you, and engulfed you in a big bear hug. You smiled into the hug.

“I’m sorry for being ridiculous baby, I know how important this role is. I promise I will support you all the way” He mumbled into your hair, as he kissed the top of your head between pauses. You smiled at your boyfriend, at your beautiful, talented, sexy, ridiculous boyfriend, and you realized you would never want anything else.


He was uneasy about the whole thing. He watched you move around the set with a smile on your face, but try as he may he couldn’t manage to place one of his own on his lips. He stared at you with sad eyes, almost like a lost puppy.

He watched you play around with the actor, as you got ready to record. He watched you laugh as he messed up his lines, and playfully shove his shoulder. His heart ached. He restrained a small whimper from escaping his lips as someone yelled action. His eyes glued to you as you pretended there wasn’t anything in the world better than the boy standing in front of you. A boy who wasn’t Jungkook himself.

His heart rate began to quicken as he watched the boy lean towards you, his face inches away from yours. He had to tear himself away from the scene, turning around completely, the moment the other boy’s lips touched yours. He knew it was fake, he knew it was all scripted, but his feelings of jealousy and pain were so real…

After you heard the director yell cut, you finally sighed, wiping your mouth with your sleeve. You really didn’t like having to kiss someone who you barely knew, especially when you had already met the person who made kissing feel like Heaven on Earth.

You turned around, and noticed your boyfriend sitting alone in a corner, munching on a sandwich, as he faced the opposite direction. You walked towards him, and put your hand on his shoulder. He jumped slightly from the sudden contact, before turning to you with watery eyes.

“Jungkook are you okay?” You asked him, and for a second, he wanted to lie and tell you everything was fine, but he knew you’d see right through it, so instead he simply shook his head. You knew immediately what was wrong, so you just wrapped your arms around him, and sat down on his lap, not caring who saw. His hold around you tightened, as he hid his face in the crook of your neck. He sighed deeply.

“I know, I don’t like it either” You whispered softly, as you clung onto him, hating your job for the first time in a long time.

Rap Monster:

He just glared at the tv, as he watched the newest episode of your drama. You had warned him previously he probably wouldn’t want to watch it, because you’d had to record a kiss scene for it, and you knew he wouldn’t be happy about that. But he decided to watch it anyway, unable to break his little tradition. He had watched every single episode of your drama since it began airing, it was his way of showing you his support. It was his way of thanking you for always being there for him, when he left, and when he came back from promotions and touring.

He didn’t think it would be that bad when you mentioned it. He is a grown man after all, he should know the difference between fiction and reality, but the kissed seemed so real, he just couldn’t handle it. The remote for the tv snapped in his hands, as his eyes narrowed at the male lead of the drama. He cursed under his breath, as he chucked the remote aside, wishing he had heard you when you told him not to watch the show.

He felt his stomach tighten, and his breath become shallow. The green ghost of envy slowly falling upon him.

You entered your shared apartment with your boyfriend, with a big bag of groceries between your hands. You placed them on the counter, as you chatted animatedly, until you realized you were getting no reply. You turned to look at your boyfriend, chest raising and falling rapidly with each agitated breath.

“AAh! Namjoon you broke the remote again!” You whined, as you picked up the pieces of the old thing from the floor. He turned to you, eyes widened in surprise, before giving you a sheepish apologetic smile once he noticed the small black bits of plastic in your hands.

“I’m sorry jagi” He laughed out, standing up to turn the tv off the old fashioned way. You sighed deeply.

“I told you not to watch it didn’t i?” you scolded, small wrinkles creasing your forehead.

“yeah… I thought I could handle it better than I did… I’m sorry about that. I think we’ll need to go to the store tomorrow to get one of those universal remotes…” He laughed, taking the broken thing off your hands, and throwing it in the bin. You loved your boyfriend, but for the safety of your house appliances, you were going to begin forbidding him from seeing your dramas…


He’d stormed off at some point during your recording of the movie, you weren’t sure when, but you had been searching for him frantically for over 20 minutes now. You were beginning to get worried, he hadn’t texted, or called, maybe something had happened and he’d have to leave early? Maybe it was an emergency? What if he wasn’t feeling well?

But you knew that wasn’t the case. You had tried to talk Suga out of coming with you, because you knew he would get upset the moment he saw you kiss someone else. But being the stubborn man he can be, Suga brushed your warnings off, and decided to tag along anyway. You looked around all the spare rooms, trying to find your boyfriend in one of them.

You finally reached the last door that was unlocked, and opened it, sighing in relief when you found your boyfriend sitting on a sofa inside the room, head in his hands, looking down at the floor. You swiftly made your way towards him, plopping down onto the sofa beside him. He barely looked up at you.

“Are you jealous Yoongi?” You asked him, gently placing a hand on his arm. He huffed.

“No” He replied, but the tone in his voice gave him away.

“Are you sure? Because it seems to me that you are…. And it’s making you look absolutely irresistible” You purred in his ear. You saw the visible shiver run down his spine, as he turned to you, eyes dark.

“Maybe a little… I think after what you did today, you deserve to be showed exactly why you are mine, and not his… “ he growled, his teeth finding their way towards your neck. You sighed.

“You know… this couch looks sturdy…” You replied with a cheeky tone, patting the material of the sofa. Suga moved away from your neck for a second, staring at your expression with raised eyebrows, trying to figure out just how serious you were. A wide grin spread on his lips, as he rushed to the door of the room, locking it, before turning to you with a smirk on his lips.


“No! No! No! Cut! CUt!” You heard your boyfriend yelling from across the room. You rolled your eyes before turning to him once again. Your partner turning around to look at him, with an expression on his face that denoted pure irritation.

“WHAT?” Yelled the actual director, who was beginning to get incredibly angry at your boyfriend, who had interrupted the scene six times already. You all stared at him with your arms folded over your chest, as you waited for him to give a new explanation.

“The position is wrong. You can’t be so close to her, otherwise it looks awkward from the angle of the spectator. Also the kiss shouldn’t be so passionate, we are recording a romantic comedy, not a porno” Your boyfriend explained, walking over to where you were positioned in the room, before setting at  least 40 centimeters of separation between the actor and yourself.

“Are you kidding me right now Taehyung? Just what do you think you are doing? Can we have a break please? I think I need to calm down.” You asked the staff, who all nodded eagerly, anything to have a little break from the frustrating scene, which your boyfriend had managed to make a million times harder to record than it should have been in the first place.

You grabbed Taehyung’s arm and pulled him away to a separate room, before turning around to glare at him.

“What?” He asked, lifting his arms up in defense.

“What are you doing? Can you not just stay quiet so we can do this quickly and get it over and done with? I’m getting tired of this stupid scene.”  You huffed, leaning against a wall. His eyes widened in realization.

“You don’t want to shoot this scene?” He asked incredulously.

“Of course I don’t. Do you think I enjoy kissing random strangers?” You asked, but he remained quiet. You couldn’t believe him.

“Oh Tae! You couldn’t have possibly made all this mess just because you are jealous! You are so silly sometimes!” You exclaimed with a sigh, before hugging him tightly. You couldn’t suppress the peal of laughter that erupted from within you. He too started laughing at the absurdity of the situation.

“I’m sorry jagi”

“It’s okay Tae, let’s just get this over and done with as quickly as we can so we can go home, yeah?” You told him, and he nodded, before kissing your lips harshly, a reminder of what would be awaiting for you once you were done.

Aspire (Grant Gustin X Reader)

Fandom: Real people/actor??
Pairing: Grant Gustin X Reader
Word Count: 4,105 (honestly I’ve given up trying to make things short)
Prompt: Preferably one where reader is an actress in her first ever movie and playing Grant’s love interest asdfghjkl please for queerbastian (her fics are lovely by the way, you should definitely go check them out!!), I hope you like it, dear!!
Author’s Note: We’re just gonna pretend that Grant doesn’t have a girlfriend in this, even though in real life, he does.

“Hi.” You greeted, already a little bit breathless. “I’m a huge fan.” You said, and even though it was directed at Grant, you looked at the casting director and the producer of the movie to let them know that they were included in the statement. The casting director had worked on several of your favorite movies, as had the producer, and you were very impressed with their work.  

Grant smiled and extended a hand for you to shake, which you took and shook eagerly before releasing it and turning towards the director. You handed her a few headshots and your resume with a shaky smile. It was your first time auditioning for a movie, you had a few guest appearances on television shows previously, but this was a whole new world for you. The only reason you got the chance to audition for this film was because the casting director was holding open auditions, but honestly, even if you didn’t get the part, you would be happy.

You had already gotten to meet your favorite actor, and if you never got to see him again after today, you would be surprisingly okay with that.

“I prepared a monologue,” You said, breaking the silence. “But I thought there might be something specific you wanted me to read first?”

The casting director shook her head with a reassuring smile. “Go ahead, sweetheart, when you're ready.”

You took a deep breath to soothe your nerves, tapping into the part of your brain that was meant for acting. When you felt you were properly in the zone, you started speaking.

“Gentlemen, I shall be brief, but I would like to use my remaining time with you to remind you that the case of Mayella Ewell vs. Tom Robinson is not a difficult one. To begin with, this case should have never come to trial. The state of Alabama has not produced one iota of medical evidence that shows that the crime Tom Robinson is charged with ever took place. This case is as simple as black and white.”

They all seemed surprised by your choice of monologue, you were auditioning for the lead female role in a romantic comedy, after all, but no one told you to stop, so you kept going. As you neared the end, you were speaking so passionately and so firmly that you felt like you really were Atticus Finch.

“I am confident that you gentlemen will review without passion the evidence you have heard, come to a decision, and restore the defendant to his family. In the name of God, do your duty. In the name of God, gentlemen, believe Tom Robinson.” Your last words trailed off in a hushed whisper, and after a moment of silence, you brought your gaze up to the three people seated at the table in front of you.

They were all looking at you in shock and awe.

“I’m just gonna say it,” The casting director said, smiling at you. “That was the best audition we’ve had today. By far.” She took a look at your resume and blinked in surprise. “You’ve only been acting professionally for two years?”

You nodded. “Yes, ma'am. I’ve been in theater since I was five or six, though. Acting has always been a huge part of my life.”

She stared at you thoughtfully before gesturing for Grant to stand up. “I want you two to do scene thirty.” Grant made his way around the table, two sheets of paper clenched in his hand. He handed one to you and kept the other for himself, offering you a small smile before you started skimming the paper.

“You can begin.” The casting director spoke again.

Grant started speaking, his voice low and urgent. “Listen, I know you’re pissed off at me, but now is not the time. There are god-knows-how-many zombies waiting right outside, and if we don’t get out of here soon, we’re gonna be their lunch.”

You narrowed your eyes at him. “I’m not pissed off at you! I mean, yeah, I was a little upset that you apparently have a crush on my sister and in the ten years we’ve been friends you’ve never mentioned it, but-”

Grant’s character interrupted you, confusion heavy in his voice. “I don’t have a crush on your sister.”

You knitted your eyebrows together, trying to show that your character was just as confused as his was. “You don’t?”

He shook his head and took a step forwards, catching your chin between his thumb and forefinger and guiding your head up to look at him. “I like you.” And then Grant was craning his head down, and you were tilting your head up, when-

“Cut!” The casting director called out, and you hastily moved away from him. You were pleasantly surprised to see that he was breathing just as heavily as you were. “Well,” The woman spoke, her eyes flicking between you and Grant in amusement. “You certainly passed the chemistry test.”

You tried to fight the flush that was creeping onto your cheeks, but you knew that you were failing.

“We have a few more people to interview, but, between you and me, you’re in the lead right now.” She winked at you. “Keep an eye on your phone. You might just be getting a call from us in a couple days.”

You grinned at her and murmured thank you under your breath several times as you made your way over to the door, and your blush deepened when, because you weren’t looking at where you were going, you bumped into the doorframe. You waved at the casting director and the producer, and snuck one more glance at Grant before disappearing through the door.

“I like her.” Grant said after you had left, and the casting director and the producer shared a knowing look.

“We could tell.” The producer said teasingly, nudging a flustered Grant with her elbow.

“I liked her too.” The casting director said thoughtfully, but they all fell silent as the next candidate stepped into the room.

Half a dozen aspiring actresses later, and you were still in the lead by far. At the end of the day, when Grant knew with absolutely certainty that you were the best choice, he asked if he could tell you that you got the part.

With a meaningful smirk, the casting director gave him permission to do so.

To: __y/n__ __l/n__
Hey! Don’t know if you remember me, but this is Grant. Gustin, that is. Just wanted to let you know that you got the part! You’ll probably get a call from Miss Tibideaux tomorrow, but I wanted to be the first to welcome you to the ‘Love Bites’ family. :-D
From: Grant


When you got a text from an unknown number, you almost fell off your bed when you saw who it was from. After a moment of trying not to hyperventilate, you finally managed to text him back.

It is taking all my willpower to not scream right now, oh my god. You have no idea. I can’t believe I got the part! I’m super excited to be working with you! Though, I have to ask, how’d you get my number?
From: __y/n__

You hit send, still in a ridiculous amount of disbelief, and waited patiently for his response. It came less than a minute later, and you couldn’t help but grin to yourself when you read what he wrote.

To: __y/n__
I’m excited to be working with you too! And, ah, that’s a bit of a funny story. And by 'funny story’, I mean I totally snuck a peek at your resume and put your number in my phone. Don’t be mad?

You couldn’t understand why he thought you’d be mad at him (a celebrity wanted your number, that was nothing other than a win for you!), but you typed out a quick response.

Not mad at all. Quite the opposite, in fact, I’m very flattered. I hate to cut our conversation short, but an aspiring actress needs her beauty sleep, so I’ll talk to you later! And I’ll see you soon!
P.S. You’re a lot taller than I was expecting.
From: __y/n__


Grant snorted at your reply, as if you needed any beauty sleep, you were already easily one of the prettiest women he had ever met, and he told you so (without really telling you so) in his text. He also changed your name in his phone, because __y/n__ __l/n__ was just too formal.

To: Aspiring Actress (aka __y/n__)
Pst, as if you need beauty sleep. Regardless, sweet dreams! I’ll see you *hopefully* next week!
P.S. I get that a lot. Maybe you’re just short.  :-P
From: Grant

Grant started to get ready for bed himself, he had a fan meet-up at a comic book store the next day, but paused when you texted him again.

To: Grant
There are kissing scenes in this movie, aren’t there? GUESS WHO HAS TO BEND DOWN TO KISS SOMEONE?
(Hint: not me!!)
(Seriously though, it was awesome meeting you. Good night!  ((:  )
From: Aspiring Actress (aka __y/n__)

Grant didn’t have a good response to that one, there were at least five kissing scenes in the movie, if he remembered correctly, and there was going to end up being a lot of neck craning. Damn (in his mind though, he knew you would be totally worth any future neck pains). He plugged his phone in so it could charge overnight and slipped into his bed, and the last thought on his mind before he drifted to sleep was of the charming __h/c__-haired, __e/c__-eyed, aspiring actress.


When you woke up the next morning with a new text from Grant that read only 'Mornin’, shorty!’ with a stupid face that had the tongue sticking out, you knew that this was the start to a beautiful friendship.


It really was the start to a beautiful friendship. Filming Love Bites was quite the experience. Grant was amazing, as were all the other actors and actresses, but Grant was especially amazing. He was incredibly funny on set and always cracking jokes or making silly faces at you in the middle of intense scenes.

A month later, and even though you adored Grant, you had yet to film any of the kissing scenes. The director had told you that it was because your characters, Mollie and Peter, had been friends for years before the apocalypse began, and they wanted the kissing scenes to show just how long they had both been waiting for the kiss.

The very first kiss between Mollie and Peter was supposed to be very passionate and tinged with the fear that the two could die at any moment, but you and Grant needed to spend more time together before they thought you could reach that level of intimacy.

Another month of filming and tomfoolery went by before the director called you into her office.

“Grant, __y/n__, have a seat.” She said, not unkindly, gesturing at the two chairs in front of her desk. You both did as she asked, and after a moment of complete silence, you spoke.

“So, what’s up?” You asked warily.

The red-headed woman smiled at you. “I’m glad you asked. You and Grant are doing very well, and all your scenes are coming out incredibly, but we have a rather odd request.”

Grant looked over at you before bringing his gaze over to the director curiously. “Shoot. It can’t be that bad, can it?”

She chuckled. “I hope not. We think that you two are just about ready to film the scene where Mollie and Peter kiss for the first time, but before you can do that, we’d like to ask that Miss __l/n__ leave the set.”

Grant and yourself both opened your mouths to question her, but she spoke again before either of you could speak.

“Just for a week. Grant has some scenes he can film while you’re gone, and then we’ll do the same with Grant. We want this kiss to be as real as possible, and to get the intensity we require, we need to separate you two for a bit.”

“Does that include texting?” You questioned, and she nodded.

“I’m afraid it does. We want you both to have no contact with the other until it’s time for the scene. Are you both okay with that?”

You and Grant shared a look and a small smile before Grant nodded. “We are.”

She clapped her hands together. “Fantastic! Miss __l/n__, your week begins now, so you may leave the set.” The director gestured for you both to leave the room, and you did, following Grant reluctantly.

“Two weeks without you, man, that’s gonna suck.” You murmured, and Grant frowned as he gently slipped his hand into yours.

“Hey, c'mon, it’ll be fun! Won’t it be nice to not see my face every day?” Grant tried to cheer you up, but you shook your head.

“I like seeing your stupid face every day.” You grumbled.

“Think about it this way,” Grant said, halting his footsteps and turning to look at you fully. “When we get to see each other again, it’ll be time for the kissing scene. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been looking forward to that.”

He had been looking forward to it? What did that mean? Did he want to kiss you? Or was he just interested to know what kissing you was like? You had a dozen questions, but you couldn’t ask any of them before Grant was being called back onto the set.

“I’ve gotta go,” Grant said apologetically, giving your hand a quick squeeze before carefully pulling his hand away from yours and jogging over to the crew.

Right. Okay. You turned and made your way outside, to the parking lot, getting into your car with the faint frown still in place.

A week without work, and two weeks without Grant, that would be fun.


Was it fun? No. Not at all. Sure, you got to stay up late watching Parks and Recreation and sleep all day, but you missed Grant. In the two months that you had spent with him, he had easily become your best friend.

You worked together, of course, but you also texted each other almost constantly, went out to movies, restaurants, parties; anything that seemed even remotely interesting, you and Grant went to it together.  

You weren’t sure if you were his, but he was definitely yours, and not being able to talk to your best friend sucked.

Your week passed, and you managed to not break and contact Grant, but then three days into Grant’s week, he called you.

“Grant,” You hissed, even though you really wanted to talk to him too. “You’re not allowed to do this.”

“I know.” He said, keeping his voice low. “But I miss your voice and I miss you laughing at my stupid jokes and I miss holding things above your head and making you jump to reach them and I miss working with you.” Grant was completely silent for a moment. “I just miss you.”

And god, you were pretty sure that he only saw you as a friend, but the words made your heart flutter pleasantly.

“I do too.” You spoke softly, smiling to yourself because that was pretty much all the confirmation you needed to know that you were his best friend too. “Only four more days, Grant. Come on, we spent twenty five years without each other, we can handle four more days apart.” You were trying to convince yourself more than you were trying to convince him, because honestly, you were dying to see his stupid smile again.

“What do you think kissing each other’s gonna be like?”

You were shocked into silence at his words. It took you a solid minute before you could respond. “I don’t know. It’s going to be good, I think, you have really nice lips so I don’t think it could possibly be bad, but Grant, come on, we have to hang up. Miss Saunders is going to be mad if she finds out we broke her rule.” Even though you said you should hang up, you made no move to do so.

“You have nice lips too.” Grant said, completely ignoring the last part of your statement. “You have nice everything, actually.” You could hear the smile on his face, and it made you smile too.

“Thank you. You have nice everything too, you know. Grant, honey, I really need to hang up. I’ll see you in four days, yeah?” Without giving him a chance to respond, you hung the phone up and climbed out of your car, making your way to the set for Love Bites.

Four more days. Just four more days.


“Man, I missed you.” You murmured, right before throwing your arms around Grant’s neck and hugging him tightly.

“I missed you too, shorty.”

“And you ruined the moment.” You said, completely deadpan as you pulled away from the embrace. Grant, however, was quick to pull you back into his arms.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized, frowning as he hugged you back more tightly than before. “You’re beautiful?” Grant offered, trying to redeem himself.

“I know, but thank you.” You said, accepting his apology and nuzzling closer to his body before pulling away. “Come on,” You grabbed his hand and led him towards the studio. “We have a kiss to film.”


“Listen, I know you’re pissed off at me, but now is not the time. There are god-knows-how-many zombies waiting right outside, and if we don’t get out of here soon, we’re gonna be their lunch.” Grant said, his voice gruff as he stalked around the room, grabbed a knife from the kitchen drawer, and stuck it in his belt.

“I’m not pissed off at you! I mean, yeah, I was a little upset that you apparently have a crush on my sister and in the ten years we’ve been friends you’ve never mentioned it, but-”

“I don’t have a crush on your sister.” Grant as Peter interrupted you, and you blinked in confusion.

“You don’t?”

Grant shook his head before he spoke again. “I like you.” He crossed the room, his hands coming up to rest on your cheeks as he tilted his head down. “It’s always been you.” Grant whispered, his thumbs stroking your cheekbones before he dipped his head down.

His lips met yours, and you barely managed to stop yourself from kissing back instantly. No, the scene wanted Mollie to freeze for a moment, which you did, before she wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed him back just as fiercely. You did that eagerly, and you felt more than you heard Grant groan against your lips.

You brought a hand up from his waist and tugged a little on his hair, that wasn’t in the script, but you didn’t think anyone would yell at you for it, and you were rewarded when Grant flicked his tongue against your lips.

You denied him for half a second before opening your mouth, and as his tongue met yours, you tightened your arm around his neck and used the hand that was around his waist to pull his body impossibly closer to yours. It wasn’t until another ten seconds had gone by that you heard the director calling out cut, and you broke the kiss immediately.

“That was good, guys, that was really good.” Ms. Saunders exclaimed, grinning at the two of you. “Five minute break before we shoot again, just in case! Love the passion though, Grant, __y/n__, really sells the whole 'pining’ thing.” She clapped you both on the shoulder before walking away, and when she was gone, Grant gently grabbed your wrist and dragged you over to a secluded corner.

“Please tell me that you weren’t acting.” He asked, and you shook your head frantically.

“Hell no, I’m not that good of an actress.” You answered immediately, before raising an eyebrow at him. “Were you?”

Grant shook his head, and before you had time to respond, he had leaned down and captured your lips in another kiss. You allowed yourself to kiss him back for only a moment before pulling away, and Grant frowned at you. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, honey, of course not. I just want to wait until we’re filming; makes the on-screen kisses more realistic, you know?” When Grant continued to frown, you pressed a kiss to his jaw. “I’ll kiss you as much as you want when we’re done filming, but Mollie and Peter’s kisses are supposed to gradually move into being nice and easy. Can’t have us instantly knowing how to kiss each other perfectly, can we?”

He nodded reluctantly. “No, we can’t.” Grant brightened after a moment. “Can I come over tonight?”

“Yeah,” You said, nuzzling your nose against his. “Sounds good.”

He grinned. “Awesome. I can finally do this,” His arms wrapped themselves around your waist. “While we watch Superman.”

You smiled back at him when he landed a kiss on your temple. “Have you been wanting to do that for a while?”

“Oh, you have no idea.”

You ran a hand through his hair, raising an eyebrow at him playfully. “I’ve had a crush on you ever since you popped up onscreen wearing that Dalton blazer, so believe it or not, I do have some idea.”

Grant looked at you incredulously. “Really? That long?”

You nodded solemnly. “Oh, yeah. I was hooked the first time I heard you talk.”

Grant couldn’t resist, he kissed you briefly before pulling away and speaking. “Same here, actually.”

Before either of you could say anything else, the director was calling you back onto the set, and you reluctantly stepped away from the wall and joined the crew.

You did the scene a couple more times (which was honestly more fun than anything else because you’d been wanting to kiss Grant for years, and then when you had got to know him, you had only wanted to kiss him more), as well as a couple other scenes that involved kissing, before the director decided that was it for the day.

Grant walked you to your car, and after pressing you against the door and giving you a long, lingering kiss that sent warmth curling around your whole body, he made his way to his own car. The second he stepped inside and sat down on the driver’s seat, his phone buzzed with a text.

To: Grant
You're coming over right now, by the way. I know you were already planning on coming over but YOU NEED TO COME OVER RIGHT NOW YOU CAN’T JUST KISS SOMEONE LIKE THAT AND THEN LEAVE
From: Aspiring Actress <3

Grant smiled at his phone before typing out a response and pocketing it once again.

To: Aspiring Actress <3
So, I take it my kissing skills are pretty good then?  :-D  No, but, yeah, I’ll follow you. Suddenly really glad we have tomorrow off.
From: Grant

You didn’t bother responding, but when you pulled up outside your apartment, you climbed out of your car, grabbed Grant’s hand, and dragged him upstairs. You had barely managed to get the door open before you were pushing him against it and kissing him intensely.

“Yes, your kissing skills are very good,” You breathed out, before pulling him with you onto your couch. “But I think with a little more practice they could be even better.”

Grant certainly wasn’t objecting to that.


When Love Bites came out the following October, both your and Grant’s performances were highly praised for your 'undeniable chemistry, intense attraction, and believable love for each other’. Mollie and Peter’s first kiss won the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, and Grant’s reward for helping you win that award? More kisses.

All in all, your first movie was a total success, and dating Grant was better than you could have ever possibly imagined.

(Except for the rare occasions where he climbed out of bed and started sleep-tapping; that was a little annoying. But as long as you brought him back to bed and wrapped your arms around him, he would stop and go back to bed, and then when he woke up in the morning, you got to tease him about it until he kissed you to shut you up. Even his annoying qualities didn’t stay annoying for long.)

End. <3

[Chris - Extended imagine]  “Every jock needs his cheerleader”.

Original ImagineImagine: Chris being asked about his favorite part of shooting in the new film you both star in; he answers this:

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Oh i think that i’ve found myself a cheerleader♪♫ Yeah, i get it. Go ahead, block me forever. I deserve it.

{ Anon request } 


-You two… is this your first movie together? –Linda, the reporter asks.

Chris and his co-star Anna are sitting across from her.

-It is, yeah. –Chris answers with a nod.

-And you’re both from Massachusetts?

-Yes. –Anna says followed by a chuckle.

-Did you meet before you were famous? –Linda asks.

Chris and Anna look at each other and let out a laugh.

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Michael Fassbender, Nobody’s Fool

“I HAD ALREADY been turned down by two drama schools,” Michael Fassbender was explaining over breakfast in one of those New York hotel restaurants where beautiful people add wheatgrass to their smoothies. That rejection at 19 led him to London to try his luck auditioning for the Drama Centre there. He had prepared an Iago monologue, had gone over it hundreds of times, but he was still nervous. He had been replaying the words of a director from one of the other drama schools, who had told him that he could recognize an actor from the way he enters a room. ‘‘I still hate that,’’ said Fassbender. Before the audition, he was trying to get the director’s words out of his mind. ‘‘I went to the urinal, and as I was pissing, I saw that someone had written ‘Hi, Cookie!’ on the wall. Those words were staring at me, as I stood there. I had just finished playing the Cook in a production of ‘Mother Courage,’ and I had done it with a Scottish accent. Cook; cookie. ‘I’ll do the Iago monologue in a Scottish accent,’ I decided, even though that wasn’t how I had prepared it.’’ After the audition, Fassbender was asked why he’d chosen that accent, to which he answered something about it being a way to bring mischief into the piece, which seemed true enough. ‘‘It’s funny. I haven’t thought about that for years and years. I’m not saying what I saw was a sign or anything. But maybe I did sort of take it that way, and that helped me.’’ The 38-year-old actor diverted into this anecdote while we were talking about his role in the upcoming film adaptation of what theater people call the Scottish Play. It’s considered unlucky to call it by its name, ‘‘Macbeth’’ — which is precisely how he refers to it. Fassbender, who is playing the cursed king, doesn’t really buy into prophecies, signs and superstitions. ‘‘Except,’’ he said, ‘‘that whenever I see a solitary magpie, I salute.’’ I hadn’t heard the one about saluting a solitary magpie. Maybe it’s an Irish thing. Fassbender grew up in the southwest region of County Kerry, though his mother is from County Antrim in the north and his father is German. Now that he’s thought about it, he also has a thing for lucky sevens. He had a lucky feeling about 2007, a sense that it might be an important year. ‘‘Maybe because I was born in 1977,’’ he said. ‘‘I know that sounds ridiculous. I’m not saying I knew things would work out. I just felt that I had a chance coming my way, and I wanted to be ready for it.’’ It’s difficult, at this point, to imagine that before 2007, although Fassbender had played small parts in television and film, arguably his most well-recognized role had been as a man who swims across the Atlantic Ocean to apologize to his brother over a pint in a Guinness commercial. Since 2007, Fassbender has starred in three Steve McQueen movies, and has been sought after and worked with directors such as David Cronenberg, Cary Fukunaga and Ridley Scott; he had an especially glorious bit in Quentin Tarantino’s ‘‘Inglourious Basterds.’’ Today, Fassbender is both Magneto in the ‘‘X-Men’’ series and a darling of critics and intellectuals; he’s somehow a pinup and an objet trouvé and also playing Steve Jobs. But Fassbender is also still very much the teenager of that original drama-school audition: He welcomes changes as they present themselves and he follows the signs of the present. Justin Kurzel, the director of ‘‘Macbeth,’’ said of working with Fassbender, ‘‘He’s so extremely prepared, he’s never reaching for words. And in that way he’s able to be very open to the conditions of the moment — to whatever is going on that day, to the other people who are around. He can discover something in the moment of doing. That’s why he’s an artist. That’s why he’s one of the best around.’’ AGPIES ARE FAMOUSLY among the most intelligent of birds. They can mimic the calls of other birds. They improvise their nests using whatever shiny bric-a-brac and underbrush is around them. They recognize themselves in a mirror. Fassbender had to spend much of his 20s bartending, alongside his pursuit of acting. ‘‘I enjoyed the bar,’’ said Fassbender, who had grown up clocking long hours at his parents’ restaurant. ‘‘But, god, I really, really, really wanted to act.’’ He was nearly 30 and had not yet broken out. Then in 2007, he auditioned for the role of the I.R.A. leader Bobby Sands in a small-budget film about the hunger strikes in the infamous Maze prison; ‘‘Hunger’’ was the feature directorial debut for Steve McQueen, a substantial presence in the British art world but a stranger to filmmaking. Fassbender did not impress McQueen at the first audition. ‘Either I didn’t recognize it, or he didn’t bring it,’’ McQueen said. But McQueen’s casting director convinced him to call Fassbender back for a second look. ‘‘Then he shone,’’ McQueen said. ‘‘There was a level of commitment, and engagement, and I saw: This guy is serious.’’ ‘‘Hunger’’ might easily have disappeared behind a few reviews describing it as ‘‘artistic,’’ but instead it won the Caméra d’Or at Cannes, as well as major awards in Australia, England, Belgium and Ireland. This enabled McQueen to then make ‘‘Shame’’ (the NC-17 film about sex addiction, which gave the world permission to talk and talk and talk about the exceptional size of Fassbender’s private parts) and, later, ‘‘12 Years a Slave,’’ with Fassbender in the role of Epps, an especially brutal slave owner. McQueen and Fassbender both became stars. Fassbender is said to have passed out on set from the intensity of his rape scene in ‘‘12 Years a Slave,’’ but he insists that when work for the day is done, he lives his life: ‘‘I don’t bring characters home with me. That’s just not the way I work.’’ In person, he comes across as cheerful and boyish. He is more pretty than handsome, not aggressively charismatic or excited about talking about himself, but kind and cooperative and willing. He looks like a lead in a romantic comedy, one of the few roles he has never taken on. If one had to find a common thread in his diverse résumé, it would be through strands of physical and emotional extremes: brutality (‘‘12 Years’’), starvation (‘‘Hunger’’), addiction (‘‘Shame’’), being a brilliant android (‘‘Prometheus’’), seducing your girlfriend’s teenage daughter (‘‘Fish Tank’’), bearing an inflexible need to wear a papier-mâché head at all times (‘‘Frank’’). You could never accuse him of playing himself. The director Danny Boyle said of having Fassbender play the title role in ‘‘Steve Jobs,’’ his new biopic of the Apple founder, ‘‘It’s an enormous burden, a role like that. It’s a Shakespearean burden, really, because Jobs is a difficult, world-shaping spirit. And Michael carried it effortlessly. On-set, when the camera’s not on, he’s totally easy, graceful, funny and careless — apparently careless — and then, he turns on a sixpence and delivers this absolutely ferocious level of concentration and intensity. I’ve never seen that kind of accuracy before, of being able to just drop into character so instantly.’’ Boyle observed that he felt there was something of Fassbender in his Jobs performance: ‘‘It’s that quality of absolute charm being ferociously applied to the pursuit of perfection in a work.’’ Fassbender has a very deliberate and specific method: ‘‘I go over the words again and again and again and again. Hundreds of times. It’s more of a doing than a thinking thing. I have thoughts about the characters, I learn about them, but that’s not necessarily where the majority of the work gets done.’’ That his work was more about doing than thinking was a point Fassbender emphasized several times. He talked about how he and the actor Liam Cunningham prepared for their 15-minute, single-shot, Grand Inquisitor-style conversation that is the centerpiece of ‘‘Hunger’’ by running through that scene 10 times a day for 10 days straight in the apartment they shared in Belfast. On the day of filming, Fassbender and Cunningham got it on the fourth take. ‘‘It’s about finding things,’’ McQueen said. ‘‘And the way to find things is through a commitment, and through presence. And that is what Michael has. He is entirely there. Sometimes, with an actor like Michael, they become a sphere — no matter which way they roll, it’s perfect.’’ I MET FASSBENDER on a drizzly Tuesday morning in downtown Manhattan. Our plan was to drive out to Ringwood, N.J., after breakfast, to go skeet shooting together. He had come up with the idea after first suggesting Bikram yoga, then surfing, then dance lessons, promising that he wasn’t really good at any of these things, that it was just a fun thing to do, to both be beginners. (What he didn’t want to do was visit the Apple store.) As far as trumped-up celebrity profile encounters go, skeet shooting proved almost comically apt. Our instructor showed us how the guns worked, how to hold them, where the skeets would emerge from, how to follow them with the eye. He explained to us that the key to shooting is to not think about it: not to check and lift your gaze and see how the shot went, but just to keep looking at the skeet. And then, after doing that again and again and again, you get better at it. The most important thing is not to be thinking. ‘‘Yeah, not to think,’’ Fassbender repeated. I gave Fassbender a look like, ‘‘Did you plan this as a metaphor for acting?’’ He smiled. We took turns at the basic range, and then went on to another range, where one skeet comes out from a small tower in front of you, the next from a tower behind. Like a gentleman, Fassbender wasn’t very good at the easy range; he let me win our dollar wager. But as soon as we moved on to the difficult range, his shots suddenly became very nearly perfect. Fassbender has a reputation as a kind of Casanova, which seems a bit of a projection — the public is in love with him, while he, a man who works and travels nearly constantly, dates women, sometimes more seriously and sometimes less. When he took a six-week holiday in 2011, it was for a motorcycling road trip with his father. At a film festival in Sarajevo, a planned stop on their road trip, the mayor of Dubrovnik offered Fassbender a captained boat for a week, so his mom joined them on a sail. As an April Fool’s Day joke recently, he had his driver call his parents to say their son was in jail and needed $10,000 bail because he didn’t want production to find out about it. Fassbender is not so much a heartbreaker as he is a kid. But a certain kind of kid: focused, energetic, wildly serious about playing. ‘‘In high school, I had my first real part in this sketch play, ‘Fairy Tales, Fairy Tales, 1, 2, 3.’ I was one of the ugly stepsisters. I wore my sister’s prom dress. Even though it was a pantomime, I took it very, very seriously.’’ Shortly afterward, he put together a stage version of ‘‘Reservoir Dogs’’ in which he played Mr. Pink. County Kerry, where Fassbender grew up, is an Irish punch line, a Kerryman the equivalent of a dumb blonde. I asked him what he thought of that, and he said, ‘‘Well, you know, it’s useful to play the part of a fool. Maybe that’s what the Kerryman is about.’’ It is difficult to think of such a straightforwardly good-looking guy as an outsider, and it is not a detail Fassbender plays up, but it is inevitably characteristic of his childhood, with a German dad and a Northern Irish mom. McQueen said, ‘‘Look, he wasn’t a McQueen! Or an O’Reilly. He was a Fassbender. He was the odd one out. I think that’s an important part of who he is.’’ In the car, as we were returning to the city from skeet shooting, I remembered that magpies are famously never alone. That I didn’t think I had ever seen a magpie alone. ‘‘Aren’t they always in pairs?’’ I asked Fassbender. ‘‘I guess that’s why you salute a single one,’’ he said. ‘‘They’re supposed to be in twos. My dad has said to me, ‘How are you seeing all these solitary magpies? No one else does.’ But, I don’t know, I see them all the time.’’


Lee Min Ho “‘The Inheritors’, wanted to keep forever a boy Lee Min Ho” [Interview]

The real Lee Min Ho when not on TV looked rather a little bit calmer than Kim Tan. Maybe it is because not long after SBS ‘He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight – The Heirs’ (Also known as ‘The Inheritors’) is over, it was a calmness that looked like it had a little bit of fatigue also. Lee Min Ho, who is wearing a green knit sweater, left the drama ‘The Inheritors’ and looked like he is quietly saying bye and stepping away from Kim Tan.

‘The Inheritors’ had a high viewer rate of 25.6% (Nilson Korea, Nationwide basis) on its last episode that aired on December 12th and the drama ended. Not only the viewer rate in numbers, it also created various popular words and phrases and it obviously was a work that had a powerful ability to reach out and influence. And in the center, there was Lee Min Ho, who played the role of the main character Kim Tan.

Started in fall and lasted until winter, Lee Min Ho spent two seasons with Kim Tan fever but he was calm and composed than expected. While looking at the snowfall on the day of the last shooting, he said that he thought ‘I think the snow is celebrating our end’.
“Starting from the time after shooting the middle part of the drama, it was tough because of all the schedules. When the drama was over, the snow was falling and I thought that ‘The snow is celebrating our end’. (Park) Shin Hye cried a lot. For me, because I cried a lot in the drama, I did not cry on the last day of the shooting.  

The truth is, soon after we met Lee Min Ho, we asked about the kissing scene with Park Shin Hye. Different from our expectations that he is going to be shy about it, he smiled mischievously like a boy and he said he just did what is written on the script. Also, the journalist who asked the question and Lee Min Ho both admitted that the kiss was somewhat ‘Sexual’.

“The kissing after taking off the apron was written as ‘Be sexual’ in the script. I also acted out the part thinking that what I am taking off is not an apron but something else (Smile). When I act, I am not someone who rehearses with an actress in advance. I only said that I am going to be intense when acting out the scene. I prefer an immediate response and interaction. The script sets the concept to ‘Be sexual’ and after that, the rest is all up to actors and actresses.

The story about kiss continued. There were compliments given to him as ‘An actor who does good kisses’. He has taken the hearts of women viewers with his deep and romantic kiss in several of the works he was in. And the kiss that grabbed the hearts of women showed up few times in ‘The Inheritors’ also and it became the center of attention.

“The place where kiss takes is important. In the case of a kissing scene in the storage, it is storage so it is a sealed space. When two of us are together, there is a mysterious emotion. Back then, even the staff members shoot the drama while hiding and only showing only their eyes in between items that were piled up in the storage. I think the writer Kim Eun Sook used the storage as a place for a kissing scene on purpose.” 

‘The Inheritors’ is a work that is special to Lee Min Ho in two ways. One is working together for the first time with a writer Kim Eun Sook, who is an expert on romantic comedy. Another is that he wore the school uniform once more after KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’. Lee Min Ho, who is going from mid-twenties to end of twenties, was a main character of unique and elaborate work with a theme of high school romance that the writer Kim Eun Sook is portraying. However, even when the drama had such an elaborate side, it stayed in the 2nd place in the viewing rate for several weeks because of its early competitor KBS 2TV ‘Secret’. It was a situation that was just too bad.

“Back then, it was looked like the director and the producers not try to express it too much. It was same for me also. When the viewing rate exceeded 20%, the director said to me ‘Thank you for being devoted while not expressing what is on your mind’. The truth is, I see that the drama is becoming much more fun after every episode when looking it from the view of someone who is getting the script. I could feel reactions even when the drama ‘Secret’ is firmly keeping its place. Everyone did not worry too much. 

There was also one sorrow that ‘The Inheritors’ gave to Lee Min Ho. Other romantic comedies usually spotlights on the male main character in general. However, in contrast, in ‘The Inheritors’, the amount of attention that is similar to what Lee Min Ho got also went to Kim Woo Bin. So, we asked him directly about whether he was not sad.  

“From the beginning, there was feeling of a triangle relationship. In the end of the 5th episode that foretells the triangle relationship, the situation where Woo Bin’s Young Do character and my Kim Tan character is about to fight. Since then, I expected that the powers of Young Do will be strong. When shooting that part, it was my first time acting with Woo Bin and I could feel the energy. Of course, in other dramas, other than the male main character, there were a lot of characters who sacrifice. However, in the work of the writer Kim Eun Sook, there is not even a single character who sacrifices. Moreover, even in my eyes, Young Do character is charming. Tan is a good person and a handsome typical man, but Young Do has charms.”

We talked more about Kim Woo Bin. Because for Kim Woo Bin, before and after ‘The Inheritors’ became clearly different. In just few months, he rose up as the hottest trend. He went from an actor who has a unique mask who was a model to the main figure of ‘Young Do sickness’. It was the gift that ‘The Inheritors’ left to Kim Woo Bin.


“He is someone who is greedy. He also has pains. In my perspective, I think he is someone who went through the tough times. I would say that going through the same thing I have been through when I was going through tough times makes him look like my friend. Since I am of an age where there are a lot of things that I am curious about, I asked questions to Woo Bin honestly and taught him what I know and have been getting along in that kind of a way.”


This time, we switched the mood and asked him about feelings of acting as a high school student wearing a school uniform in the end of age twenties. To the question that has a joke along with it, Lee Min Ho once again laughed like a boy. To this, he said “I felt very guilty” and mischievously confessed his mind. 

I thought “Me as a high school student?” While acting with people younger than me, it made me sure look a little older (Smile). It is fortunate for me that I have made it to the end and wrapped things up nicely. It was an affectionate work for me as I thought that it could be the last time that I am ever wearing a school uniform. Even while watching the drama, I thought that this time will be the last. When will I be ever doing a school-based work with younger friends if it is not for now?”

Just like what he said, even if he felt guilty, even if the school uniform might look awkward, what would be the reason Lee Min Ho chose to appear on ‘The Inheritors’? Lee Min Ho gave a romantic answer of because he wants to keep his characters of now forever.

“I felt like my age is an age that is right in between the boy and a man. Before it is too late, I wished to keep my characteristics of now forever. There is an image that audiences want from me. I wanted to appear on school-based works and high-teen works by keeping the looks and my vibe of now forever and that is the reason how I came to appear on ‘The Inheritors’.

In addition, Kim Tan from ‘The Inheritors’ will come back as a wild man through the movie ‘Land gate, Gangnam 1970’. Lee Min Ho, who foretold his extraordinary transformation by going from romantic comedy to noir, put aside the characters of a boy and chose the beauty of man.

I think “Land gate, Gangnam 1970’ is a work that I can do as I am someone who is going to be right in the end of age twenties. I hoped to put aside the boy characters and choose the beauty of a man. Starting from January, I will be cussing crudely (Smile). Until now, I have not shown myself cussing in many works.”

We even asked him a rather hard-to-answer question. We asked what kind of award do you think you will get at the end of the year ceremony, Lee Min Ho once again showed the smile of a boy and Lee Min Ho answered “The most outstanding award?” in a manner pretending as if it is nothing.

“I received the most outstanding award last year also. I am not yet confident to get the most outstanding award. I want to get it when I get more confident. The most outstanding award, I am still lacking and young. I do not want to get such a big award like the most outstanding award when I am in twenties. I will just keep trying hard.”\

credit: mwave


How a lonely childhood, cheeky YouTube videos, and a supernatural TV series prepared Dylan O’Brien to star in September’s big budget movie adventure.

As 4,000 screaming fans fixed their gaze on a microphone in the middle of San Diego Comic-Con’s cavernous Ballroom 20, a young girl approached and cleared her throat.

“Hi! I love you, Dylan O’Brien,” she excitedly exclaimed, already fighting back tears. “Aw, you’re so cute,” replied O’Brien and, with a single compliment, unwittingly triggered a full-blown emotional meltdown: The girl’s knees buckled, her entire body trembled, and her hysterical crying could not be stopped.

“Are you OK?” O’Brien asked, genuinely concerned, as she repeated, “Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God,” through a mask of endless tears.

These kinds of uncontrollable breakdowns, reserved only for the biggest stars in the world, have become increasingly common in O’Brien’s life because, for the two million fans who religiously tune into Teen Wolf every week, that’s exactly what he is: a superstar.

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Steal the Bride 1

A/N: This is based on the prompt left by this kind Anon.

I really hope I made justice to your prompt pal.

Summary: Clarke Griffin and Lexa Woods are one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood. Both have splendid careers and so far have done an incredible work in the film industry. However, they have never done a movie together, until now.
What starts as a friendship as their characters develop becomes something else. The media can’t help but notice the huge chemistry that they have and soon rumors of them being a couple begin. While both deny to the press their relationship status they will realize that they might be pretty wrong after all.

Word count: 7749

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                              TAKE 1: ALEXIS BEFRIENDS JANE.

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hazelknoot  asked:

Steve and Bucky were rival tween pop stars when they were younger. Both have now transitioned into acting, and have been cast opposite each other in a film chronicling the lives of two best friends growing up in the great depression who develop feelings for each other.


  • When Bucky and Steve were younger, the media made a big deal out of their ‘rivalry’. They would often compare them side by side to one another - their music, their fashion, how good-looking they were. It was annoying for the two of them, yeah - but it also helped sell a hell of a lot of records. 
  • There were a lot of made up quotes floating around out there: ones where Steve trash-talked Bucky’s music, ones where Bucky trash-talking Steve’s looks - you name it, there was some article out there about it, playing up the rivalry massively
  • They both sang until they were maybe 22 - then, simultaneously, transitioned to acting. There was a lot made of that: huge numbers of columnists and journalists rushed to say that they only did so because the other did; they would obviously have no talent for it. They all wanted to see if the rivalry would continue, being dragged with them into their new careers
  • However, it’s hard to compare the two of them: Steve’s roles are usually in romantic comedies, and lighter movies - they usually involve showing off his (now very mature, very ripped) body. In contrast, Bucky’s roles are usually gritty, and sad: he’s often a criminal, or something like that. They both manage to throw off their adolescent personas of innocence, in different ways - although magazines and newspapers always publish pictures of them with captions like all grown-up, which they both find annoying
  • When they’re cast opposite one another, there’s a media frenzy: the old rivalry is brought up, inevitably, and they have to answer a bunch of questions each about it, which is extremely annoying - not least to Bucky, who (having sought out more adult movies to star in, specifically to avoid his child-star past) is absolutely sick of the old 'rivalry’. That said, he does expect things to be frosty with Steve when he sees him on set
  • But it couldn’t be more different than he imagines: Steve smiles broadly when he sees him, saying, Bucky Barnes! - it’s a pleasure to meet you at last, and clapping Bucky on the back. Bucky’s wary, at first, thinking he might be ridiculed at any moment. But when no nasty comments come, and Steve keeps smiling at him, laughing at his jokes and taking a genuine interest in what he has to say, it’s … Confusing, at least. Steve appears to be a great guy - as well as being hot as hell - but all he’s ever known him as is a rival. Surely they can’t be friends, now? 
  • As an ice-breaker, having to make out with Steve isn’t bad: they shoot the climactic scene of the movie first - the one where Bucky has to grab Steve, push him against a back-alley wall, and 'kiss him like it’s going out of fashion’ (the screen-writing for this movie isn’t exactly Pulitzer-prize wining). 
  • You ready for this? Bucky asks Steve cautiously, licking his lips. He doesn’t want to make Steve uncomfortable - he’s played gay characters before, and he’s experimented in real life, too - but he doubts a poster-boy like Steve has ever done anything like this before. But Steve just smirks, and asks, are you? with a raised eyebrow - a challenge
  • The first take is clumsy: Bucky almost trips over, and he’s too tentative, according to the director. You’ve got to be desperate! He tells him. Bucky nods, and takes a deep breath. Relax, Steve says - it’s nothing I haven’t done before. Bucky blinks, at that - clearly, he was wrong, before
  • After a few takes, they get into the swing of it: it’s hard to get into it, with so many people watching them, but Bucky finds that he very much likes kissing Steve (he’s a good kisser, even just for the camera) 
  • Afterwards, before they go to their separate trailers, Steve stops Bucky - i just wanted to say, I’m, uh - I’m actually a pretty big fan, he says, and asks if there’s anything to their old rivalry. Bucky tells him there isn’t - before cheekily adding, if i wasn’t a fan of yours before, i am after shooting that scene, he says. For a second, he’s afraid he’s crossed the line - but then Steve laughs, and tells him, you’re not too bad yourself
  • The schedule is all over the place, in terms of the chronology of the movie: they go from being extremely close, to just being good friends, to 'regretting a passionate night together’ - it’s exhausting, for them both, pretty much. 
  • There’s a lot of downtime for them, though: one time, Steve invites Bucky to his trailer, to discuss characterisations - they go over the scripts together, and Bucky notices Steve squinting at his script. He asks him what’s wrong - Steve says he has trouble with his eyesight, when it comes to scripts, but not to worry about it - he’s got an excellent memory, to compensate for the fact he can’t read it over and over. Bucky reads the line he’s looking at for him, and they discuss it for a little while
  • They do that several times, taking as much time together privately as they can, wanting this movie to be as good as possible - to prove everyone wrong about their acting talent, and to put the old 'rivalry’ bullshit to bed, once and for all
  • One such time, Steve’s in Bucky’s trailer after shooting has finished for the day - it was a pretty long day, too. Bucky offers Steve a beer, and he accepts: they kick back, and just chat for a long, long while. In several beers’ time, Bucky suggests going online and finding all those bullshit qutoes they were supposed to have said about each other, and reading them for fun - Steve accepts, and they laugh themselves silly over them. 
  • In the midst of their laugter, Bucky teases, this one here - they said you said i have a nice ass - is that true, Rogers? You like my ass? Steve says of course, i do, you jerk - just look at it, without even thinking. They fall into silence, for a second - Steve realises what he said; his mouth starts opening and shutting, as he thinks about back-tracking. But Bucky intervenes, covering his mouth with his own, and kissing him just like his character kissed Steve, in that first scene they ever shot together
  • Bucky’s trailer definitely rocks, that night - they have a bleary 6am start, and they’re pretty sure some PAs see Steve leave Bucky’s trailer in yesterday’s clothes, but they had a good time (and Steve assures he’ll call, with a cheeky smile - like they don’t see enough of each other as-is)
  • By the time they finish shooting, someone’s talked to the press - they spread rumours (and a few seemingly impossible paparazzi shots of the two of them), telling the magazines and papers that Steve and Bucky are sleeping together. At least they’ve stopped going on about the damn rivalry, Bucky says, earning himself a scowl from Steve (that he can’t quite sustain)
  • The studio love it, of course: they love a good scandal, before the release of any movie, to help it sell tickets, and this is perfect. Steve doesn’t like that attitude at all, but it doesn’t stop him from sleeping with Bucky, and taking him out on dates (mainly to the catering truck, but then to nicer places, when they finish their hectic filming schedules)
  • When the premiere comes around, though, Steve decides to say what the hell, and hold Bucky’s hand on the red carpet, leading him past hundreds of screaming fans and cameras. 
  • The critics rave about the movie, citing Steve and Bucky’s chemistry as the source of its success. They can’t complain, though: they’re finally being taken seriously, as actors, and no one comments about how much they’re grown up ever again