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Hey all! It’s been awhile, but I’ve been working on a personal project (an art book)! Hopefully it’ll be finished by the spring or, at least, the summer time but I’ll definitely share things once it’s close to completion! 

On that note though, with the new episodes coming out I’m getting back to working on more SU prints! Now that Blue Diamond has been introduced, I can finally start making ones of the Diamonds (mainly because I don’t think we’re going to see Pink anytime soon and no one even mentions White, what’s up with that?)! Holly Blue Agate will also be added too, so please look forward to her and Yellow coming soon!

Hope you like! <3

you know what i love? established apocalypse aesthetics

  • leaves and flowers and trees growing out of abandoned houses and cars, smashing glass windows, invading and reclaiming the spaces humanity took from them
  • warning scrawled hastily on the sides of buildings in spraypaint or in blood; don’t come here, it’s not safe. turn away, go back. we died here. you will too.
  • notes and messages scattered across the world, addressed to people who never saw them or never lived to reply to them. rachel, we’re alive. david, don’t look for us. amy, dad got bit, please come home, we need you. kim, i love you. 
  • people broken into tiny groups. society shattered. they are past the anger, past denial, past trying to fix any of it. now there is only begrudging acceptance, and the knowledge that nothing is ever going to get better. the only thing they can do is survive.
  • a skeleton lying at the foot of a tree, flowers blooming in its ribcage. a bloodstained note in its front pocket. ‘sorry, mom’. travelers see it and barely spare a thought; such things are commonplace.
  • roaming packs of dogs and cats still wearing their collars, centuries of domestication breaking down under the need to live and to keep living
  • families born of blood and sacrifice. trading stories over campfires about who they used to be, who they might have been, what they could have become if none of this ever happened. looks of understanding when someone loses a sister, a brother, a father. it happened to me, too.
  • abandoned bedrooms combed over for supplies, but the faded posters still hanging on the walls and the useless knickknacks on the shelves tell the stories of the people who lived there years ago
  • moss covering television sets, water lapping up into backyards, tree limbs shooting up through collapsed roofs, evidence of humanity being eroded one day at a time

People totally miss the opportunity to sort Grantaire in Ravenclaw in their Harry Potter aus.

Combeferre’s been sat there for 45 mins outside trying to work out the riddle to get into the dorm, he’s got notes and everything, but then Grantaire, the smartass, just fucking waltzes by and talks shit and immediately gets in through sheer sass.

Or better yet, when even he can’t figure out the answer, he just rambles endlessly about the possible meanings of the riddle until the knocker is like ‘oh my god you can come in just shut up please, god, never in my hundreds of years have I met anyone so annoying.’

Please consider Grantaire as a Ravenclaw.

My Life as a Cartoon Network Intern (and how I think you can Intern in Animation too!)

Over this past summer, I was given the amazing opportunity to be a Production Intern at Cartoon Network (I worked on Clarence; woo!)

Every once in a while I get people who either come up to me in person, or who message me on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram etc. and ask me how I got the opportunity, and how they can intern in animation as well. Recently (Over the course of the last week or so) I’ve been asked a bunch, so I decided to create this massive master post in an attempt to get the information out to as many artists (and non-artists) as possible! 

I know a lot of people who feel like getting into the animation industry is completely impossible, (I should know, I felt the exact same way not too long ago) and I also know just how LITTLE references there actually are on finding an internship, and beyond that, the type of experiences that people who gotten the chance to intern have had. I told myself that if I got the internship, I would try to change that, and here we are! (A little late, but I really want to make this as helpful as possible)

If you all could please Reblog this to your followers I would love it! You never know who’s looking and hopefully, I can help people with my experiences! 

So to make it easier for people who don’t have the time to read all of my ramblings, AND for the sake of ease/reference; I’m going to break this post up into different sections: My Internship search My initial excitement/rejections - How I got the internship - My experience as an Intern and How Interning has helped me as an artist

My Internship search: 

Halfway through last year (My Sophomore year of college) I had decided that I would take a leap of faith and apply for some internships. I didn’t expect much of it, but my hopes were high because I thought I had at least a halfway decent portfolio, and my resume had some pretty okay animation experience on it (I’m the head of the only Animation organization on campus) and I’m majoring in animation so I had some 3D experience and 2D experience (which I’ve worked on on my own time, since it’s what I want to do) 

One of my biggest worries was the fact that I go to a state school: Southern Illinois University. The school is great, and I love it there, but I couldn’t afford art school, so I was very worried about how many opportunities there would be for me in Southern Illinois. Especially with the amount of amazing art that I see coming from people who go to schools like CalArs, Sheridan and the like. I was frustrated because I wasn’t there and felt like I would never get the opportunity to work in animation, which has been my dream since I could hold a pencil. Cartoons have changed my life, and they still do; but I was genuinely afraid that because I couldn’t afford a more art-related education, that I wouldn’t get the opportunity to tell stories like I’ve always dreamed. (But I digress) 

As I was saying: I was doing all of your standard (I want/need a job) searches to try to find something in animation: Glassdoor,,; stuff like that. FUN FACT: I’ve read every single Glassdoor review for both Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Every Job. All of them.

Some internships are a lot easier to find: Nickelodeon, Disney, Titmouse

While some are WAAAAAY more elusive: Cartoon Network… 

This narrowed my search down from a bunch of animation studios.. to a handful. My candidates were: Nickelodeon, Dreamworks and Titmouse. (All wonderful animation studios!) Now here’s where it gets interesting:

 My initial excitement/Rejections:

I didn’t hear back from any of them! NOT ONE. Which I learned after a very long, VERY stressful waiting period. (At this time it was early to mid April) Now; I knew that I was really too young to be applying for the internships, (I’m young for my grade so I was 19 at the time) And I knew that all of these internships specified that they wanted a Junior or above, but I figured since the year was almost over and I had good grades that MAYBE, they would let me slide. But I had no real experience working in animation, and although my hopes were high, they were also reeeeeeeal low. 

After waiting for the few weeks that I did, and not hearing a peep, I was dejected, frustrated, and I felt like there was no hope for me… Which leads us to…


When it comes to how I actually GOT the job: The answer I want to give you guys is that it was complete luck, and that by a series of random occurrences, somehow I was offered the position…. BUT, that’s only half true. Honestly, I worked really hard on making sure that I had as good a résumé as I possibly could: 

By that, I mean that I’ve worked really hard in school to get good grades/dean’s list/honors program, etc.; and I also started an animation organization on campus. (There’s a major, but there was a huge lack of enthusiasm and community within the program at SIU so I wanted to help to bring other artists and myself closer, and make great art while we’re at it) 

On top of that, I wrote (what I think was) a really good cover letter. But… Even with all three of those things, I don’t know if I would have gotten the position if it wasn’t for the internship coordinator at my school. I go to Southern Illinois University, and she pointed me in the direction of the Cartoon Network internship. (The Turner website isn’t like Nickelodeon, they only post internships when there’s a position to be filled)

LUCKILY for me, the Producer of Clarence (The wonderful Keith Mack) is an alum from SIU, so he connected with the internship coordinator (bless her heart) and I learned exactly when the position opened up. My resume and things got sent straight to him. I got a Skype interview a couple of weeks later, and I got accepted the day of the interview!

So I mean… Looking back, it was half luck, half hard work. 

It’s not like the grades and stuff really matter outside of college; Grades are just arbitrary letters, after all. But, I say that to say that I’ve tried to work hard in college even though I’m not at an art school, and that if you’re focused, it doesn’t really matter WHAT you’re good at; but how hard you work and the type of person you are. You can never go to college but be an amazing artist and an amazing person, and if you meet that ONE right person, or if you’re at that ONE correct place at the correct time; amazing things can happen; and I FIRMLY believe that. 

While I was at CN I was talking to someone (I don’t know if it’s best to call her out by name?..) But anyway she was telling me about how some of the artists are found at CN and she told me that Tumblr, YES TUMBLR. Is a HUUUUUUUUGE factor in the hiring of some people! So if you can… POST POST POST! Putting your art out there is the absolute best way to get seen. You NEVER know who’s looking at your artwork, and this website is an amazing platform for sharing, and learning about art. (And as a shameless plug: The blog Artists-Everyday is actually meant for just that ;) check it ouuuuut)

But moving forward; let’s talk about: 


The interview to be an intern at CN was both really intimidating, and really comfortable at the same time. I love animation pretty much more than anything, so the idea that a single interview could determine whether or not I got a life-changing opportunity was pretty much one of the most daunting things that I could think of. The fact that I was in southern Illinois RIGHT at the time that I would have had to interview really didn’t help either… It was really scary to me, because it meant that I wasn’t going to be able to interview in person. It was a Skype interview, (a group one at that) and it was my first time ever interviewing for a position online. 

Once I got past all of the initial fear, the interview was smooth sailing. They had already seen my resume and cover letter; so we really just spent a lot of time talking about casual things: my favorite animated movie, what my favorite episode of Clarence was, etc. It wasn’t like your usual interview where they ask “why would we hire you” or “what is your greatest weakness” and I really appreciated that. They weren’t robots, they weren’t the ANIMATION GODS like I was imagining in my head – they were actual people, who happen to love animation, and the interview reflected that. 

I learned that I had gotten the position the day that I interviewed, and I’m SO GLAD I didn’t have to wait any more days, because at that point I was on fire on the inside. II don’t know what the hiring process was like for interns on different shows, so don’t take my word for how long it’ll take if you make it this far) 


There is no one word to describe how amazing it is to work at Cartoon Network. A lot of CN stuff is “hush hush” high security, and they don’t allow you to take pictures of the inside of the buildings - So I’m not going to say much, other than: It’s magic. Pure magic. But I will say one thing: Free food. AT ALL TIMES. EVERY DAY. 

Working there is one of the most creatively satisfying things I’ve ever done in my life. The people, the atmosphere… it was all so inspiring. I’ve learned more in those past three months than I have in the last two years, and It’s all because I was surrounded by so many people who are better than me. People, who I might add, are some of the greatest, nicest, and most helpful people I’ve met in a long time. Plus, Cartoon Network really goes out on a limb to take care of their employees. 

I got to sit in on voice actors doing their recordings, I got to see storyboard pitches, I got to see animatics and assets for episodes that were unaired, and it was all being created right in front of me by such PASSIONATE people. 

I EVEN GOT TO MEET TOM KENNY. He remembered my name… 

As a production intern you get to see the logistic side of things: and you really grow to appreciate Production and that side of the industry, because without the production team, there would be no show! Even though I want to be a storyboard artist, I now know more about the industry and Cartoon Network as a whole, and it makes me feel much more connected to the shows that I watch on television.

One of the other biggest things about the program is the fact that I got to take storyboard/character design tests for practice, and I got the chance to pitch a show to the studio, in front of the Clarence Crew and even some really important executives! which was an AMAZING opportunity that I learned a TON from. I got amazing feedback, and I had to push myself harder than I’ve ever pushed myself before. Mentally, artistically, and personally. 


It’s possible. Being an intern at an animation studio is possible. Getting a job in animation is possible. Making friends in animation, and actually feeling like you belong to something you’ve dreamed about since you were a child is POSSIBLE. It doesn’t matter where you go to school, it doesn’t matter if you’re afraid, and it doesn’t matter what you look like. People are drawn to people who are genuine; and if you love animation, or production, or storyboarding or character design, and you work hard and try to really open yourself up artistically; you CAN do it. Take it from the 20 year old black guy who loves anime, video games and cartoons. You can do it. 

I don’t know how many people will see this or how helpful it actually is; but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to share this info with your followers, and on top of that if you guys EVER have any questions about my experiences or need me to clarify anything for ANY reason you’re absolutely welcome to contact me! 

I know how many people would love to intern, and I know (from experience) how DREADFUL It is to find conducive information about how the process works and how YOU can get an internship. 

Hope you guys stuck with this post till the end, and like I said if you ever have any more questions, (hell, or if you even want to share YOUR art with me… I’m always open!) 

TL;DR:                  This Gif Sums it Up 



As a Lesbian, I tend to side eye a lot of the straight female fans who say they want representation for everybody yet trash the female pairings and make mean remarks towardsthe fans who ship F/F pairings yet amazingly all the M/M
pairings are worshiped and have shrines.
Please forgive me but I find that to be massive double standard within the fandom.
I honestly don’t care who people ship but sometimes I wish people would realize how they word things and how they come across. The truth is that the Lesbian fandom is mostly treated like second class citizens within the fandom. And of course I can’t even say this on my own blog…I’d get harassed for it.

Mod Note: Hey Confessor. Thanks for the nice note and please don’t worry, your confession was fine. 

Joker Imagine - Self harm

Anonymous said:

Hi! Can you write one where joker finds out the reader is selfharming? Like when he catches he doing it?

!!!! WARNING !!!! 


Side note: I’m not trying to romanticise self harming in any way. It was requested and (warning, an opinion is coming!) I think that people should write anything really. I mean, for some murder can be an awful topic. If no one wrote about crime, there would be no detective stories, comics etc. Just saying! 

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Your P.O.V.

The pain was one feeling that made me feel alive. I didn’t feel completely empty, numb and dead inside when I made myself feel something. When the blood tickled down my skin or the electricity pinched me, I felt alive. Funny how a few weeks ago I was scared to do this, so terrified that my boyfriend the Joker would find it. I still was, but I reached a point where I couldn’t stop.

I cut myself, not so it was super obvious, but sometimes here and there. What I mostly did was something different. I used a few wires and a battery to give myself shocks. It hurt like fuck and rarely left marks. Of course my skin was bruising but J wouldn’t suspect a thing. It was better so. He wouldn’t understand anyway.

I was a disgrace, a stupid girl who couldn’t do anything right. I felt like J would kill me off sooner or later because no one would want someone like me around for too long. Right? Who the fuck would put up with me for longer than a couple months? I was surprised J hadn’t realized what kind of a fool I was by now.

It was Monday evening in Gotham city. J was out somewhere with his goons so I was all alone in the penthouse. The day had been okay so far, but then things turned upside down when I was alone. My thoughts were clogged with bad memories, all the negative things people had told me, my super awful years and simply depressing thoughts. Like Joker hated me, he only used me, the entire world hated me. Stuff like that.

A couple hours passed and then I found myself in our purple bedroom, sitting on the floor close to the bathroom just in case I had to hurry there. I stared at the electricity gadget in front of me. My vision was a little blurry because I had been crying earlier. Tonight seemed worse. I needed something worse than some shocks. ‘’Fuck it’’ I spat out and got up, walking hazily to the bathroom. I opened a white drawer and grabbed a razor. The small cold metal could do a lot of bad things.

I looked at my almost clean wrist. It was very tempting since I used to cut my legs. J would see if I had a lot of scars on my wrist. One couldn’t be too obvious. So I took a deep breath and placed the sharp metal on my wrist, pressing it gently to add pressure.Then I just stared at it with my heart beating harder than normally. I just had to drag it, down, then it would be done.

‘’Come on now’’ I growled at myself, getting angry because I couldn’t find the guts to do it. Then I leaned against the bathroom wall and I tried again. I just couldn’t. My gut twisted because I was a little pissed off with myself. ‘’Do it you sick idiot! It’s not like anyone cares’’ I spoke out loud once I saw my reflection in the mirror. I saw an ugly worthless girl. I gritted my teeth and then let the anger take the best of me. I made a deep cut and then I dropped the razor on the white tile floor. It took me a couple seconds to realize what I had done.

Blood started oozing out of the fresh cut and it hurt more than I expected. ‘’Oh no’’ I whispered and quickly pressed the wound with my clean hand. I made a huge mess! J would get so mad if he saw a ll this blood! ‘’Shit shit shit’’ I hissed under my breath and hurried to another drawer, pulling out a towel. Then I fell down on my knees and I tried to clean the blood. It just soaked the green towel and my bleeding wound kept making a mess. Before I could do anything else, I was stopped.

‘’What the hell is going on?’’ I heard a very familiar voice by the bathroom door. My entire body froze on the floor, every single muscle and cell just tensed up once Joker’s voice rang through my ears. How long had he been here?

‘’ was an accident’’ I lied with fear in my voice. Then I started getting lightheaded. I felt like I could just go to sleep for years. But I was also scared shitless now that J caught me. ‘’Don’t..lie’’ He tried to say as calmly as he could, but Joker wasn’t the best anger controller. I could tell that he was fucking disappointed in me. The way he spoke sent a shiver down my spine.

I fucked up.

‘’I’m not lying’’ I whispered with tears in my throat. Suddenly I felt like I could sit on the floor all night. I ignored eye contact and I focused on breathing. In and out.. in and out..

Joker growled something under his breath and I could tell that he struggled to keep as calm as he was. Then he kneeled down in front of me, roughly grabbing the towel and then my arm. I had to bite my lips so I wouldn’t start whimpering when he pressed the towel on my cut, pressing it so the bleeding would stop. He faced down so I couldn’t see if he was super angry or sad. It honestly scared me a little bit.

‘’I swear I-I’ll clean up’’ I broke the silence, because it was killing me. Suddenly J raised his head so he could face me. His red lips were pulled into a thin line and there was a dark, perhaps dull twist in his icy eyes. I tried my best to look into his eyes without crying, but it didn’t take long to fail. His silence was just awful because I knew what he was thinking, what he was doing. 

Tears blurred my vision and before I knew it they were rolling down my face. My body started trembling and then I sobbed quietly. Why wasn’t he speaking to me? ‘’Why?’’ I finally heard his voice. Now he sounded both angry and somber. I covered my  eyes with my other hand and I tried to wipe away my tears, but I couldn’t stop crying. It’s like all my feelings I had kept inside wanted to burst out. I opened my mouth to speak, but I couldn’t. I didn’t know how to explain it to someone who could react in ways I couldn’t imagine. Even tho he was my boyfriend..

Joker did the unexpected. He scooted right next to me and pulled me closer to him by wrapping his strong arms around me. I leaned against his chest. Soon after he started comforting me the best he could, which was a lot coming from him. J ran his fingers up and down my back, slowly, but so I felt his presence. Then he let me cry. I felt like a kid, crying wildly before it could speak. That was exactly my situation.

‘’What made you do this?’’ He asked me with a raspy voice when I calmed down a little bit. I grabbed the towel hard and I tried to take a deep breath. I had nothing to lose anyway so I could tell him anything. ‘’My thoughts’’ I started with a small voice. I had to tell him, because knowing J he wouldn’t let me off the hook until I told him the truth and if there was a person behind something. Once a guy yelled at me in the club because I apparently bumped into him, ruining his outfit with a drink. J shot the guy in the head, just like that.

‘’My thoughts are so mean to me, it’s like I have a bully in my head’’ I tried to explain something. Then I sniffled and blinked a couple tears away. J played with my hair and let me continue. So I simply told him anything that came to my mind. I told him about my past, my bad childhood, stupid exes and how the voices in my head seemed to get louder and more cruel. Everything.

‘’I just feel so worthless, like you’ll dump me soon and then I’ll have nothing’’ I whispered, partly hoping that he couldn’t hear that part. Suddenly he stopped playing with my hair, making me nervous. I hadn’t looked up to him while talking so I didn’t know his mood. I turned a little so I could look at his face. He seemed surprisingly sad. His red lips were parted a little bit and his eyes were very tedious. First he looked into my eyes, then my tearstained cheeks and my wrist where his eyes stayed. 

A wave of guilt slapped my face. I made him look so sad. It’s all my fault..

‘’Why haven’t you told me anything before?’’ He wanted to know, this time being the one avoiding eye contact. My heart skipped a beat. I expected him to pull out his gun and put a bullet through me. ‘’Because I didn’t want to bother you J. I-I didn’t want to seem weak’’ I explained myself carefully. J shut his mouth and looked at me again. Then he put his big hand on my cheek, gently. ‘’You’re not weak baby. Damn..’’ He growled and tilted his head from side to side. He was probably debating inside his head whether he should sound harsh or try to stay calm.

‘’You took down a group of armed men by yourself, you managed to get a cold man like me to feel things. Remember when we met?’’ He questioned me with a deep and raspy voice. I nodded, wondering why he brought that up. ‘’You weren’t scared. While everyone else were down on the floor, scared for their lives, you stood out. You walked up to me and I could have shot you, but no. You were so brave. So you’re not weak. If you were weak, you’d be dead by now’’ He told me very honestly without sugarcoats.

‘’But you must promise me something, and I’m not letting you break that promise’’ He warned me seriously. I knew what he would say, but I still waited. ‘’Don’t ever, I mean never ever do this to yourself again’’ He tried to make a deal. The tone in his voice was harsh and I knew why. He wasn’t playing around. ‘’I promise’’ I sighed and faced down, feeling ashamed. I couldn’t do anything right.

J touched my jaw and made me look at him. ‘’I trust you kitten, I really hope you can keep it. The next time you feel this way, speak to me. We can either talk and be like normal people, or go and find a toy to torture. You don’t have to hurt yourself when there’s plenty of people around’’ He suggested  seriously with a small smile. The suggestion sure sounded more thrilling.

‘’I’m sorry J’’ I apologized and sighed. I knew I’d have a scar on my wrist to remind me of this whenever I saw it. ‘’Mmh’’ J breathed out and shut his eyes.I didn’t even want to picture what it would be like to find him in my shoes and me in his. If I ever saw J so broken, I’d break too. Did he feel the same way about me? Or was I in deeper than he was? I had no idea and I didn’t want to find out.

‘’Let’s clean you up’’ He declared after a while. Then he got up and helped me on my feet as well. After sitting down and bleeding for a while, standing made me lightheaded. J put his hands on my shoulders so I could let my blood flow and clear my head. ‘’Thanks’’ I murmured silently. Damn this crying made my head hurt.

‘’And just so you know, after a bath and sleep we’re going to find your old bullies and torture them’’ J let me know and then he started filling the tub. I looked at him, first without an expression but then the corners of my mouth carved into a wicked smile. He truly cared about me. ‘’I can’t wait’’ I replied and then the flame of revenge burnt down my misery, at least for the moment.

I’d make them suffer for ruining me..

{Reaction} Sexily dancing on stage in front of GOT7

Hi can you do a got7 reaction to being an idol and your groups do a sexy dance collab for the mamas please.

Note: This reaction was really fun to write, not going to lie. I really do enjoy writing for GOT7 since I’ve been getting into them a lot more recently, so keep the requests coming! Especially for my bias Mark. I love you all, and thank you so much for all the love recently, I’ve just passed 1,500 followers and I’m over the moon! Thank you all so much! Okay, enough with the cutesy stuff and on with the reaction. Enjoy! Fighting~ Mami x

Disclaimer: As always, I don’t own the gifs/ images used!

Jackson Wang

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Jackson watches you on the stage as you dance, his mouth was agape, his eyes the size of tennis balls as his gaze followed you around the stage. Your hips moved swiftly and seductively, cooperating with your outfit beautifully, it was short, and exposing enough skin to give Jackson a problem in his pants.

Jackson: “Seriously? Aish, why is she like this.” *Puts his hand over his face to conceal his blush away from you, his band members and the cameras that could catch him in this state at any moment.*

Mark Tuan

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Mark was having a hard time trying to pretend that your dance wasn’t affecting him at all. Cameras were everywhere, and his manager had told him very sternly before that any sign of Mark showing attraction to you in front of the public eye would lead to serious consequences, but how could he keep behind the line when your ass was shaking? And your thighs were exploiting his heart rate.

Mark: “I can’t believe that’s my Jagi. My Jagi that walked into a door yesterday, and laughed so hard milk came out of her nose.”


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Bambam blushed heavily as he watched you moving along the stage. His heart thumped erratically in his chest as his mind wandered to dark places. He clapped a hand over his lips abruptly after squeaking in response as you flashed very dangerously up your top in front of the camera while winking. The other members laughed at him as he hid his head in his hands.

Bambam: “Ah this is so embarrassing~ I’ll get my revenge in our next stage, see how she likes it.” *Peaks through the gaps of his fingers to see you running a hand up your thigh and covered his eyes again.”


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From the seating area, JB had a very nice perspective of your body, looking up, underneath your skirt was teasing him, only just concealed from his dark, lusting eyes. He watched you dancing, each body roll and twirl that had your skirt flying. He nibbled at his lip and the inside of his cheeks while his fists clenched.

JB: *whispering* “Just wait until we get home Jagi, just you wait.”


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Jinyoung watched you practicing in the practice room at the company for the show, his eyes hungrily trailing over your body as you presented the dance for him. Once the song stopped, your eyes landed on him, you smirked, knowing his he felt simply by the way he was eyeing you up. You walked over and put yourself on his knee, pressing a kiss to his shoulder as his gripped your hips.

Jinyoung: “Is this part of the dance routine?”

{y/n}: “No, just my enjoyment purposes, are you complaining?”

Jinyoung: “No, of course not Jagi.”

Kim Yugyeom

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Yugyeom would pretend like he isn’t really bothered by the dance (even though he’s dying to take you home on the inside), he smacks the other members as they tease him, saying how sexy you looked, and even though he wouldn’t admit it; he thought that you looked sexy too.

Yugyeom: “If you say my Jagiya is hot one more time, I’m going to kick you where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Choi Youngjae

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At first, Youngjae would be impressed by your dancing skills, but as the song foes on, he would soon realise how erotic the dance routine is, and how sexy the concept is. He’d lean back in his seat, unable to take his eyes off you as your hips rolled and moved majestically.

Youngjae: *In his thoughts - “How the hell did she learn to dance like that? She looks so amazing, is that a boner- oh shit.”*

Don’t Do Anything

Pairing: Reader x Hyungsik

Rating: M

Word Count: 1.7k

Request: @damned-fangirl: GIRL I JUST FOUND YOUR BLOG BC THE THIRST FOR HYUNGSIK IS REAL so I was wondering if I can request a fluffy scenario with him? Like tons of Kissen and all that stuff maybe cuddling and a little sexy smth? Lmao if not its fine too LOVE YOU WRITING THO ❤

@nct-127am: hyungsik scenario where they come back from a date and have a makeout session (your writing is really good btw!!)


Author’s Note: I don’t know why but I’m honestly always surprised at the amount of Hyungsik requests I’m getting <3 the poor boy don’t get love wherever he goes (@AhRo look what you missed out on ya loser) BUT ITS OKAY CAUSE I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE TO LOVE HIM

R E Q U E S T || M A S T E R L I S T

You stumbled in backwards as the door pushed open, your chest lurching with panic at the falling sensation. Your boyfriend jumped forward, his strong arms cushioning your drunken hysteria with an amused chuckle. The fabric of his shirt was so soft, bunched under your tensed fingers at his shoulders. “You’re so strong…” you purred, hungrily dragging him in by the neckline of his shirt. The alcohol hummed through your veins and you could feel its grip on you as everything seemed to blur in your vision. The churning heat at the base of your stomach continued to burn strong as you felt your boyfriend’s strong arms firm around your back. Alcohol made you horny every time, without fail. Hyungsik pulled you up gently, keeping your body pressed against his to steady you. You let your lips drag along his neck sloppily as you soaked in the feeling of his heartbeat against yours. His skin was soft and warm to the touch, so familiar under your lips.

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Coming Out As Bisexual


Request: Could you please do a cas, dean, and sam preference for “coming out as bisexual” - Anonymous 

Author’s Note: Sure can! I hope you all like it! - Haley xx 

Dean: You and Dean sat quietly, eating your deep-fried breakfast in the front seat of baby. The hunt you all just done was quick and easy, but being up this early didn’t make it any better. The city you all were in was beginning to wake up and the people starting to get to work. A female jogger caught your attention as she moved passed the front of the impala. Her long ginger ponytail bouncing as her equally long legs took her where she wanted to go. Your eyes trailed her and when you went to take a bit of your food, you completely missed you mouth. “You all right there?” Dean asked you, watching you.

“That girl was gorgeous,” you said. You glanced at Dean and saw that smirk on his face. “Shut up, Winchester. I can like girls and boys too.”

Sam: You were Sam’s freshman roommate at Stanford. You were both bright eyed at what the future here in California could bring you. With being a good distance between you and your parents, you could know let out your sexuality and be free to who you want to be with, but that meant telling Sam. Sam was slinging on his backpack, ready to go to the first class of the day when you caught him by the elbow. “Hey, I need to tell you something,” you said. You sucked in a breath and said, “I’m bi.”

Sam smiled. “Dude, that’s cool.”

“You’re the first person I’ve ever told.”

He laughed. “It’s okay. Just let me know if you bring someone back to the room.”

Castiel:  Being in a relationship with Cas made you forget he was an angel, until he would use his angel mojo on you. You two were laying in your shared bed in The Bunker after a long drive from an equally long hunt. You were exhausted down to your bones but you couldn’t sleep because Cas was fidgeting. “What’s wrong with you?” You whispered.

Cas stopped move and rolled around to face you and gave you a small smile. “I saw the way you were looking at that girl earlier. And I just kept thinking of the way to tell you it’s okay to like males and females.”

Your face burned bright red.

“You’ve been thinking it all day. It’s okay. It’s called being bisexual. Dean’s the same way.”

You laughed. “Thanks, Cas.”

“Everything’s Going To Be Just Fine “ - Brett Talbot and Scott McCall AU Imagine

Requested by @supercarricat - Hello lovely writer, I want to request an imagine (english isn’t my first language, so sorry for grammar mistakes): Can I request an Imagine where Y/N and Brett transfer to Beacon Hills High School and she sees Lydia flirting with him and gets jealous. And she confronts Brett an they fught? just fluffy happy end (with the happy end it can be as sad as you like in the middle. But please, happy end :D) Thank you very much 

Requested by Anon: Oooh. Could you please do a Scott imagine during S6 and the reader is a celestial kitsune and isn’t affected by the ghost riders? Maybe during the lacrosse game or something. Its up to you but mainly like, fight scenes?? Or when Theo comes back. Thank youuuuu

Word Count: 2,993

Warnings: reader being stabbed

Author’s note: Okay, because I was struggling to come up with something long enough to read for both of these two requests, I decided to put these two together. Especially since the person who sent in the Scott request didn’t specify if the reader was a love interest for Scott or not. I decided to have them be best friends and the reader is romantically involved with Brett. I hope y'all don’t mind with the changes I made for this imagine. Happy reading!

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

Originally posted by anything-and-everything-imagines

When my best friend, Scott, called to tell me The Ghost Riders were in Beacon Hills, I knew transferring to Beacon Hills High was the perfect solution. I’m not a werewolf like Scott and Liam, a werecoyote like Malia, or a banshee like Lydia. However, I am pretty savvy with a sword and know martial arts, the perks of being a celestial kitsune for 500 years.

When I explained to my boyfriend, Brett, why I was transferring schools, he didn’t like the idea at first. He knew Scott was a great True Alpha and had a pack that always seems to beat the impossible, but he refused to let me out of his sight. He transferred with me, as he is very protective when it comes to my safety. You’d think I would find it sweet, or even romantic, but lately it’s been annoying to have someone on your heels of every second of every day.

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He’s Married?

Lafayette x Reader 

Note: Okay I know I have lots of other requests I should be doing before this one but this was just a fun and easy request for me to write to get me in the mood for the others that I still need to do!

Request: Anonymous asked: hi can you pretty please write a story where the reader is Laf’s wife from France and she comes to visit him and she finds Alexander and is like “have you seen Lafayette?” and he’s like “uhm who r u” and she’s like “i’m his wife” and the hamilsquad is all like “Laf you have a wife???” and he’s like “yeah i love her hi boo"and they’re all loving and the hamsquad is like "YOU DIDNT TELL US?” and he’s like “i mean, we’re in a revolution. it was never the time” sorry if this is so long thank ily

Word Count: 1,211

Originally posted by coalhillacademy

You take a deep breath as you step out of the carriage and onto the street. Finally, after a year separated, a year of being on different continents you were finally going to see your husband again.

When he’d left France for America, to lend a hand in their fight for freedom and independence from the British you had been so proud of his courage and determination only you didn’t expect to find yourself feeling so lonely just days after he’d left.

When you had written to Lafayette and told him you were going to join him across the sea he had given you the address of a friend of his, Alexander Hamilton, and told you to come to meet him there. As you make your way up the front steps of the house, you take a deep breath, suddenly nervous about seeing him again.

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can i tag you?

i really kinda wanna tag you guys in things i made (edits, moodboards, aesthetics, poems etc) but i never know exactly who to tag? like idk who would be interested, so reblog this please if youre okay with it so i can always tag you in my things :)

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You’re Mine - Cole  Fluff

Request: Can u PLEASE do one with cole where he’s been spending too much time working or with lili and you get jealous so u start hanging out with Kj more and cole gets supper possessive and jealous and overprotective and like claims u as his or something fucking cute like that. 

Warnings: Mild language, using the lord’s name in vain (idk if that’s a warning or not?)

Notes: None :)

Tag List: @xbobaaa @superoriginalteenwolf @jbrhs-princess   @kindfloweroflove


“Where’s your boyfriend?”. Ross asks, coming up behind me. I point over to where Cole and Lili were laughing and joking around with each other. “Oh”, was all he managed to say. 

“Yep”, I say awkwardly, going over to the food stand and pouring myself a cup of coffee. 


It’s been about 2 weeks after I arrived to the set to spend time with Cole, and I feel miserable and all I wanna do is go home, because he’s spent more time with Lili and he hasn’t been acknowledging me - his fucking girlfriend. I roll my eyes as I pass them on my way to K.J’s trailer.

“You should make him jealous”, I heard K.J suddenly say as he came up behind me, scaring the living daylight out of me. 

“Jesus, K.J. You scared me”, I gasped as I clenched my chest in fright. 

“Aw I’m sorry”, he laughed and put his arm around me. K.J and I have become really good friends and we talk about everything - even about Cole. We walk into his trailer and I sit down on the couch, whist K.J goes to the tiny kitchen and makes us coffee. 

“I don’t know what to do about Cole”, I sighed. 

“Like I said before; making him jealous”

“How though? And what good would it do anyway?”

“Spend more time with me and don’t acknowledge him.. You never know, he might actually pay attention to you once he figures out that you’re not talking to him”, he says, passing me a cup of coffee. 

“Why do I get the feeling that you’ve done this before?”

“Because I have”, he laughs. 


Cole had finished a scene and was walking over to K.J and I. We were laughing and talking about a funny youtube video we watched previously.

“Hey, baby”, Cole says, kissing my cheek. 

“Hey”, I reply bluntly back, reverting my attention back to K.J. 

“Can we talk?”, Cole interrupts again.

“Yeah after I’ve finished this conversation with my friend who’s been very supportive and with me for the entire 2 weeks that I’ve been here - unlike you”. K.J smirks and raises an eyebrow at my saltiness, trying so hard not to laugh. 

“It’s okay, we’ll continue this later”, he smiles and hugs me before walking away, leaving Cole and I alone. He grabs my hand and roughly leads me to his trailer.

“I don’t appreciate how salty you’ve been to me these couple days”, Cole growls. 

“And I don’t appreciate how we’ve barely held a conversation without you mentioning or spending time with Lili”, I shot back. He rolls his eyes and backs me against the wall, placing his hands on either side of my head. 

“You’re mine. Only mine. Not K.J’s. Mine. Do you understand?”

“You know, I just love how you just completely ignore my statement”, I sarcastically say. 

“I’m sorry, Y/n”, he says quietly, looking down. “She plays my love interest in the show, and we have a kiss scene coming up, so we’re just trying to feel more comfortable around each other so it’s not awkward”, Cole explains. I sigh, taking in what he just said. 

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“You’re mine, okay?”

“I’m yours”

I Choose You // Mikey Pearce

Word Count- 1486


Can you please make an imagine were Conor, joe, jack and mikey are your friends but one drunken night Oli tells you that your friends (joe, jack, Conor and mikey) all fancy you then they all make this big joke of the night trying to come onto you but you’re secretly in love with mikey

A/N- I love mikey so much and idc if this gets 0 notes; my baby deserves so much love.


You had known the buttercream boys for a while now. You had met them through Oli about 7 months ago. And within those 7 months you had fallen for the cutest one of them all; Mikey Pearce.

Though you had admitted to your sister and mom that you had fallen for the goofy brunette, you hadn’t yet told any of the boys. You knew once one of them found out, the rest would know within minutes.

So, like any other night out, you sat and watched as he flirted with any girl that would let him. You sat in the booth, swirling the straw around your clear drink. You weren’t drunk by any means, but you wish you were.

“Heeeey Y/n,” Oli slurred as he slid into the booth.

“Hi Oli,” you chuckled.

“I’m ready to leave.”

“Are you sure? You look like you’re having a great time.”

“I’m sure. Now you go get the boys. I’m-” he burped. “I’m going to go take a piss.”

“Okay,” you said, grabbing your phone.

“Great!” Oli clapped.

“Hey Oli?”

“Yes love?” he asked you with wide eyes.

“I can’t get the boys unless you stand up,” you whispered.

“Oh right!” he shouted. “Sorry, see ya soon Y/n!”

You tried to locate one of the 6 other boys. The first one you laid eyes on was Josh. The ginger had his hands on a girl’s waist and was swaying side to side with her. You made eye contact with him and singed leaving. He nodded his head at you then winked.

You had made all the boys learn some basic sign language. Just in case one of you needed help but couldn’t say it. And in times like this, it came in handy.

After you and Josh said your silent farewell, you looked for another boy.


You stayed a few feet away and waited for him to notice you. Once his blue eyes locked with yours, you signed are you going home with her?

He shook his head and said goodbye to the girl he was previously flirting with.

“What’s up love?” he nudged you.

“We’re leaving. Can you head outside and call the Uber? I’ll get the rest.”

He headed to the exit while you looked for the younger Maynard. Instead you found Joe.

“Joe,” you whisper-shouted into his year. “We’re leaving. Conor’s outside.”

After Joe was out of your sight, you continued looking for Jack. He was in the corner, making out with a girl. You snorted and moved onto looking for Caspar. As you looked for the blonde, you felt hot breath on your ear.

“Where ya going love?” you recognized the voice as Jack.

You turned around, a smirk on your face. “What happened to Blondie?”

“Eh, too much tongue.”

You laughed, “Alright Randy, the boy are outside. I’ll be there after I find Caspar and Mikey.”

“Oi, love” he grabbed your arm when you went to walk away. “Caspar left early, Maddie needed him.”

“Okay, I’ll find Mikey and meet you outside. Can you grab Oli on your way out?”

He nodded and you parted ways. You began your search for the boy who had captured your heart. You made your way to the bar, if all else failed Mikey always went to the bar. You immediately noticed his leather jacket and walked over to him.

You tapped him on the shoulder, “No luck?”

“Nah, she had a boyfriend.”

“I’m sorry Mikey, how about we go home and chill with the boys.”

“Sounds good,” he sighed.

You grabbed his hand and led him outside. Yet when you two finally made it outside of the club into the chilly night, Mikey didn’t let go of your hand.

“Ready?” you asked as all the boys shivered.

“Yes!” Jack and Joe yelled.

“The Uber should be here soon!” Conor said as he rubbed his hands together.

“It’s so bloody cold out here!” you whined.

“Here have my jacket,” Joe smiled.

“No take mine!” Conor offered.

“Want me to hug you?” Jack opened his arms.

“You boys are so needy for Y/n’s love!” Oli shouted, as he spun around in circles. “If she wanted your cock, she would’ve gotten it by now!”

Your face flushed red, as did the other four.

“I mean c’mon!” he continued. “Just because you lot fancy her doesn’t mean she fancies you back!”

“Uber’s here!” Mikey shouted. You all 6 piled into the Uber, the silence quickly becoming awkward.

“I love this song!” Oli shouted. “Y/n sing with me!”

“Of course Oli!” you laughed and began singing, the other boys soon joining in.


You had all made it back to Conors place. He was nice enough to offer you all a place to sleep.

“What film should we put on?” you asked.

“Whatever you want love,” Joe shot you a wide smile then turned his head back to his laptop.

“Great!” you grinned, clicking Titanic.

“Rose did NOT deserve Jack! He was too pure!” Oli sobbed into Jack’s shoulder.

“Alright mate, I think its time you go to bed.” He stood up, trying to pull Oli with him.

“C’mon bro,” Conor said, helping his brother take the drunk boy to one of the guest rooms.

As the opening credits played, you looked at Mikey. He was sat on the floor, in between your legs with you occasionally playing with his hair.

You loved his hair so much. You loved the color, the length, the way he styled it, the way it looked wet, but most of all, you loved the way it looked after he has just woken up and it’s a mess. You loved the Mikey that people never saw on screen.

“Can I ask you a question?” the Maynard’s had already found their way back onto the couch.

“You just did,” Jack winked.

“Seriously,” you said.

“Of course love, what’s up?” Mikey said, turning around.

“Was Oli telling the truth?” you received blank stares, so you added more. “When he said you all fancied me?”

The realization hit the boys and they all sighed. You stared at your fingers, you didn’t have the courage to look at any of them.

“Y/n…” Jack sighs.

“Yes or no?” you said more sternly, tears welling in your eyes.

Joe sighed, “Yes. But,” he added quickly. “Don’t think for a second that you need to like one of us back.”

“That’s not the problem,” you croaked, running out of the apartment as tears fell down your cheeks. You sat outside the apartment, back against the wall.

How were you supposed to tell your closest friends that you loved one of them and not the other?

You couldn’t do it. You couldn’t hurt them like that.

“Y/n?” Conor said, opening the front door.

“Go away,” you sighed.

“Hey, I’m still your best friend ya know that, right?” he chuckled, taking a seat in front of you.

“Conor, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, we can’t choose who we fall for.”

“Do you know who I’m going to choose?”

“Yeah,” he smiled. “It’s rather obvious if you ask me.”

“What are you on about?”

“You’re head over heels for Mikey! Everyone can see that.”

“Honestly, Jack only fancies you for your bum. Joe for your video editing skills. And me? Well, I just thought we’d be cute. But Mikey,” he scoffed. “Mikey’s loves you for you.”


He ignored you, “Choose Mikey, Y/n.”

He stood up and extended and arm.

You took it and hugged him, “Thanks ConBon.”

You walked back in, running a hand through your hair. Three pairs of eyes were on you.

“Hey guys,” you said quietly.

“We completely understand that you can’t control why you love. So just choose,” Mikey rambled. “Or don’t. Your choice.”

“I choose you.”

“What?!?!” Jack gawked.

“I choose Mikey.”

“Wow,” Joe laughed. “Good for you bro!”

Mikey just sat there, “You pick me?”

“Yes,” you smiled.

He stood up, but didn’t move.

“Mate, she bloody picked you.” Jack practically yelled. “Kiss her for Christ’s sake!”

“Right,” Mikey said to himself. In two giant steps he was right in front of me.

“You really chose me?” he asked, looking from you to your lips then back to you.

“Yes, you idiot.” You grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his lips to yours.

“They’re cute,” Conor said as they all watched you kiss. “Still hurts though.”

“Goodnight boys!” Mikey smiled, pulling you towards the door.

“I thought you were staying over?” Joe asked.

“My place is like 5 minutes away,” he looked at you. “Plus she’s hot so.”

“Oh my god,” you chuckled as you let Mikey drag you to his place.

Ever since then the boys assumed that you two had slept together, but instead you spent the night talking. Just talking… and maybe a make out session or two.

But after that night you knew. You knew that you loved Mikey, and that Mikey loved you.

Nurse Jack

Authors note: I bombed my last imagine so I am trying to come back. All my creativity is going out the window with all this damn heartbreak. Well anyway, please let me know what you think, what I can improve. I would appreciate that a lot.

Anonymous said:

Can you write an imagine where you are sick and Jack stays with you and tries to make you feel better?

Jack POV

I woke up this morning to my phone buzzing like crazy. I am getting messages from Y/N.





I am sick and needy. Come cuddle.

I chuckle and send back a quick reply that I was up and will be over once I have showered and gotten some things for the day. I get into the shower and think about what to do for the day. I shall get her favorite soup from R/N and then I will go get some cold medicine. We can watch movies all day long. I will stay with her until she feels 110% better. Maybe I can get some of her favorite things as well. Yes, I’ll do that! I step out of the shower and dry myself off. (oooh, imagine that in your head. Bam. Death.) Then I go and change into something comfortable. I know that today I will need it. I pack a suitcase of clothes, so I can keep some more clothes there.

I’m on my way babe. Be there in about 30. Have a few things to get. Xxx

2nd Person POV

You were lying in bed with an upset stomach and a stuffy nose from the nasty cold you had. You wanted nothing more than to breathe and to cuddle with your best friend/Boyfriend. He always made you feel better. You sneezed into your blanket covered hand and groaned.

“Slowly dying a painful death.” You dramatically plopped down onto your bed and whined loudly.

Jack had walked in and heard you whine. He chuckled and walked up. He had a key to your place since he was your best friend after all.

“Halt, who goes there? Are your friend or are you foe?” You say, ready to throw something at them, that something being your tissues.

“Just me! I come with gifts and cuddles.” Jack said, walking up to your room.

“I am plagued with death. Enter with caution.”  You say with a giggle followed by a cough.

Jack slowly walks in and sees your burrito-ness. You are wrapped up in a comforter with used tissues all around you. You had cold medicine on your nightstand as well as stomach pills to calm your stomach. You looked like you could use cuddles and some rest.

“Oh my love, you look horrible. Yet so beautiful.” He chuckles and sets down the bags.

“Nice save bud.” You say all stuffy. Jack chuckles and slips into bed with you. He hands you the soup container.

“Eat it, it’ll make you feel better, warmer.” He kisses your forehead and sighs. “You are burning up babe.”

“I took Tylenol earlier, it should kick in soon.” You open the soup and welcome the warmth that radiates off it. You take a few bites then set it down, wanting to lay down and snuggle with your lover.


“I want to snuggle and take a nap with you. I can eat more later.” You say, plopping back down on the bed dramatically. Jack just chuckles and lays down next to you.

“You are so dramatic.”

“You love me, you said so this morning.”

“Yes I do. I never said I didn’t.” He pulls you out of your burrito and lays you on his body. You snuggle up to him more and then pull the comforter over you guys.

“As warm as you are, I still need this comforter. A serial killer could come in and the comforter will protect us.” You say, doped up on the meds. Jack just laughs and rubs your back.

“Go to sleep my love.” He didn’t have to tell you twice. You were so tired, it didn’t take you 5 minutes to fall asleep. Especially with the one you love holding you close.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s sleep over time¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ok so everyone is doing this and I’ve been wanting to do it too, so here we go!

Basically every weekend will be sleepover time, i want to get to know you better!

All you have to do is send me an ask, don’t be shy, i don’t bite most of the time.

If you don’t want to be spammed, please feel free to blacklist #sleepovertalks!!

You can join just sending anything, examples below!

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Wezzazle’s Art Supplies Giveaway!

Hello, friends! It’s giveaway time. I have too many art supplies and many people have too few, so I cut down my stash and bought a few supplements to give to a lucky stranger on the internet.

You do not have to be following me. I’m not doing this for notes or follows, just being nice.
Likes count for one entry, reblogs count for one entry each, you can reblog as many times as you want.
No giveaway blogs, please. I will check.
I will happily ship anywhere in the world.
Giveaway will end May 1st, 2016, at which point a winner will be chosen at random.

What you win:

  • Vintage-style “art supplies” box
  • Mechanical colored pencil with 6 color refills
  • Pack of 12 Faber-Castell colored pencils
  • 6 premium sketching pencils–2B, 3B, 4B, 6B, 8B, 9B
  • Assorted willow charcoal
  • 3 sticks of vine charcoal
  • Pack of 12 Prismacolor colored pencils
  • 3-pack of the tiniest paintbrushes I could find
  • 2 Micron art pens, sizes 01 and 08
  • Box of 12 watercolors in squeeze tubes
  • Drawing set containing sketchbook, 2 pencils, and pencil sharpener
  • Borden & Riley 5″ x 7″ sketchbook
  • Canson recycled 5.5″ x 8.5″ sketchbook
  • Long sketchbook with a description I can’t read
  • Pentalic sketchbook/notebook (the one photoshopped extra badly)

Good luck!

If fewer than 100 people enter the drawing (ha, pun) then the giveaway will be rescheduled for a later point in time.


The Sims 4: Akademi High P.1

Someone already made the main school building in TS4, so I took it and replaced some things and added the showers, gym, garden, confession tree, incinerator and condensed running track. No room for the maze sadly… But hey! It’s can only go on the biggest lot available which is on the island in windenburg. I’m still waiting for a create a world so I can create a “Buruza Town”. If this gets enough likes I may put it for download. More pictures to come soon!!

Note: Unfortunately, I could not add everything or make everything 100% accurate. There is little to no build buy mode CC that is based off yandere sim. If anyone finds something that is based off it or comes very close, please let me know!!


From Ask Kaylee Frye:

To help make up travel costs, I’ve listed super limited edition prints in my Etsy that will only be available until C2E2

These gorgeous photos have never been available as prints until now! Your purchase of one of these prints directly aids me in attending Wizard World St. Louis and C2E2 this April. These prints will ONLY be available through April 19th, 2017!

Prints come on a glossy photo paper, and are 8x10

Buy multiple prints and save money. One print for $8, two prints for $15, or all five for $35. For multiples, please select which photos you would like in the note to seller.

Finished prints will not be watermarked, and can be signed at your request, just write that in the note to seller. They will ship April 20th.

I’ve also created a store-wide coupon for the first time! Code ‘APRILCONVENTIONS17’ gets you 10% off of ANYTHING $20+, but is only good through 4/19. Keep your eyes peeled for new additions in the coming days…