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#31 The Outside Scene Part 2 (Harry Styles)

Dedicated to the Anon who asked me twice…I hope this makes you happy. 

Part 1

Word Count: 2,185

I created this company from scratch. With my people, it is one of the best firms in the market today, but still having a woman at the head didn’t please my competition. I just had a meeting with another owner who wanted to buy my firm. My lawyer made sure that we ended up buying his instead, but still being treated less than others just because I wasn’t a man pissed me off.

I had not seen Harry since morning. I got ready to leave for my meeting as soon as I entered my house. Not overthinking, and just locking my emotions in a box was the best that I could do. He owed nothing to me. And, I didn’t want to hear him say that it was a mistake. “I want the files for the Macron deal on my table, and tell James to come to the office right now,” I kept myself busy as soon as I entered office not wasting time or giving myself a moment to think about this morning. “Why are we lagging behind on this? We need to be more careful. This is not done.”

James apologised for his team lagging behind the deal, and I realised that I might need another head, “Last chance James, I know you like working differently, but I will have to put someone in to supervise. This is the third delay and, we can’t continue to work like this.”

The phone rang, “Ma’am, Mr Styles wants to talk to you. He says it is urgent…very…very urgent,” my assistant on the line following what Harry was telling her to say.

“I’m almost done, send him in,” I said, keeping the phone down. James got up to leave, “I won’t warn again James, I’d really like the results,” He gulped and then, nodded. Harry entered, ready to say something, but stopped seeing James in the room. “Mr Styles, please take a seat,” I said. James whispered all the best to him, and he frowned. “Yes, tell me, Mr Styles, what can I do for you?” He looked so amazing, he was wearing a blue shirt with suit pants, his hair tied in a bun, showcasing his sharp jaw line.

Taking his eyes off the closing door, “Umm, it’s not about work.”

“Okay, then?” I kept a poker face.

“Strange thing happened,” he said, locking the door, “I kissed someone last night, well…made out and when I came back after picking up my daughter, I had a thank you note lying on the table.”

“What more were you expecting?” I said, and his eyes widened.

“You could have texted or called. I left in a hurry, Charlie was crying,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter now, Mr Styles,” I said.

“Hey…it does. It does matter to me.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter to me so, I’d appreciate you going back to work. Please.” I felt like I hurt him. His eyes showed that he was hurt. He shook his head, shrugged and walked out of the door.

“I heard about your breakup,” my sister called me in the evening.

“Really? It has been months,” I said, trying to finish cooking this garlic chicken so, I could eat and sleep.

“You should have called, or said something. I had written both your names for the book inauguration party. Now, who will I get to accompany you?” This was her concern. Not that I broke up with a guy after five years.

“Why don’t you just cut our names?” I told her, annoyed.

“Don’t be selfish,” I rolled my eyes at that comment. “Your ex-boyfriend sent his RSVP,” she said.

“What? You’re calling him?” I almost dropped my phone.

“Yeah, of course. Just because you’ve broken up with the perfect man, doesn’t mean our friendship is over. Anyway, he is a big name. It will add some glamour to my party,” I couldn’t believe her words. But, she had always been like that.

“And you still expect me to come?”

“Yes, with someone. I’ll see you there, someone else is calling me,” she cut the call. I had never felt so angry. My sister was another case, but he was going to my family’s party with his new girlfriend. What the hell was that? Could no one see how wrong it was? I picked up my pan and threw it against the wall, as I broke down crying on the floor.

The doorbell rang after a minute, and it kept ringing. I wiped my tears and got up. Walking to the door, I saw Charlie standing in her night suit, with Harry standing behind her in a towel, wet. “Are you okay?” She asked as she gave me a hug.

“She pulled me straight out of the shower after she heard something fall,” Harry said. Charlie invited herself in and saw the pan on the floor. Harry was quick to notice it as well. He walked into the kitchen and switched the stove off. “Charlie, why don’t you take her to our house, and I’ll join you there?”

“There’s no need,” I tried to say before Charlie took my hand and pulled me out of my house.

She made me sit on the sofa again and ran inside her room. I sat looking around the house, seeing it absolutely perfect. My hand rubbing over the couch material remembering last night, “There you go,” Charlie ran out of her room, pulling a huge yellow blanket behind her. It required a lot of strength, and this little girl pulled it across the hall and put in on my lap. Huffing a little bit, she took the edges and wrapped it around my body, “This is the happy blanket. It will make you happy and forget the bad people,” She said, and cuddled into my body, hugging me tightly. I hugged her back, just holding her as tears fell down my eyes.

The main door opened, and Harry stopped looking at the scene in front of him. Still, in the towel, he rushed to his room. Charlie didn’t move an inch and kept her hold tight on my body. Harry walked out of his room, smiling looking at his daughter and then, walked to the kitchen. Coming out with three plates of pasta, he sat next to us on the couch. Charlie let go of me and sat straight, none of us saying anything. We didn’t say anything as he handed us the plates and we ate in silence with Charlie’s eyes just looking at her dad and me one after the other.

I finished my plate and kept it on the table. Looking down at my hands, concentrating on my lines, controlling my tears until it didn’t work, “Charlie, honey, will you tuck yourself in tonight?” he asked. She nodded and then, kissed my cheek and then, her fathers and ran into the room. Harry licked his lips, and then, came and sat close to me. “What happened? You can tell me, anything?”

I closed my eyes, trying to stop the tears and my body for shaking. He sighed and then, hugged me. “Let’s sleep, okay?” He said and picked up the blanket. Taking my hands, he took me to his room, as I looked around, entering for the first time. “You sleep here? I’ll sleep outside.”

“It’s pretty big, this bed. Stay…” I said, and he smiled. I kept my head on the pillow as he wrapped the blankets around me, and I slept in no time.

My eyes opened, and the first thing I saw were the rays entering scattered in the room. The second was hearing the heartbeat in my ears. I picked up my head to notice my body being wrapped around Harry’s and his around mine. His eyes opened as slowly, and he smiled. His smiled did something to me. I kept my head on my pillow, as he looked at me. His hands putting my flick behind my ear, “slept well?” I nodded. “Will you tell me what happened?

“My family is the most inconsiderate bunch of people, just that…” I told him how my sister had invited my ex, and I had to go now. I would hear about it for the rest of my life. And, I had to keep my respect. He couldn’t show up with some other girl, what will people say? My family would say they are embarrassed though, they called him. I saw no way out of this.

“I could go with you?” he said.

“What?” I frowned.

“I could come, as your partner? I don’t mind. We can get a sitter for the night for Charlie,” he said.

“You don’t have to do that,” I said, getting up.

“I want to,” he replied, cutting me. “Why do you push me away?” he asked.

“I push everyone away, it’s easier.”

He wrapped his arm around my body and pulled me back, my head hitting the pillow. “Your daughter…”

“Is sleeping,” he replied, and kept his hands around me, climbing up. My breathing increased, as I felt his weight on my body. He looked into my eyes, and then, brought his lips closer to mine. Eyes flicking back to see my reaction, before they pressed against mine. I liked this, I liked this feeling. Here in this bed, I felt like I belonged. His lips trailed down my chin to my neck, finding a place to suck there as I remembered the night before.

“Harry,” I said, in protest. He picked up his head, looking at me with confused eyes.

“Don’t push me away,” he said, removing my hair from my face, “I won’t hurt you, you’re the first person I have kissed after…after Charlie’s mum. I really really like you, please don’t push me away.”

“You left me on the couch,” I said.

“What?” he frowned. “Couch?”

“If the man doesn’t put you on the bed after well…he doesn’t want you…” I said, repeating the words of what I have been told.

“What?” He sat up, “the bed? Where did you learn this from?”

“It’s the rule, I thought you didn’t…”

“What if the man sleeps with you on the couch?” He asked. I didn’t have any response to that. “Look, I woke up in the morning to my phone ringing and Charlie crying on the phone. It was nothing big, but I rushed out to get her so, I couldn’t take you to the bed because I had no time!”

“You cleared the bottles…” I said.

“Bottles…I did that while I was on call,” I didn’t have anything else to add. “Is that why you left?” he asked. I nodded. “Baby…” he sighed, “Next time, you have any more of your rules which I haven’t completed, please tell me?” he giggled, bending down to kiss my cheek, “Ouch,” I hit his arm.

“I’ve not done this since five years!”

“I have not done this for longer and look at me,” he raised his eyebrows.

“Have you not? Really?”

“Yeah, was very protective of Charlie. Didn’t want the wrong woman around her,” He shrugged, his hands on my waist, his thumb touching my skin, making me feel bubbles in my chest.

“So I have your approval?” I asked, blinking innocently.

“More like I have Charlie’s approval! She really adores you, I think she sees herself in you,” he said, with this warm look in his eyes.

“What is she on the outside of?” I asked, frowning.

“I meant, that she saw a strong, self-made, caring, successful girl in you,” He said, “who is not on the outside now.”

I smiled with tears in my eyes. “Daddy,” we heard the little voice and the steps on the door, as Harry jumped off me. Charlie entered, pushing the door wide open, rubbing her eyes. She left her teddy on the door, as she saw me on the bed. Her face lit up with a big smile, as she saw her blanket wrapped around me. She ran to the bed and climbed on me. “Did the happy blanket make you happy?” She asked, and I nodded. She looked at her father with a proud look on her face and jumped on him. He caught her, pulling her to his chest and kissing her face as she giggled. I sat up on my elbow, looking at them play and talk about her sleep. Keeping my head on the pillow, I heard her tell about her dream. She looked at me, and pulled the blanket, cuddling into my body as I held her little frame in my arms. And turning towards her father continuing the story. Harry’s eyes widened, but he smiled hearing her out.

“Okay, it’s still early. We can sleep for another two hours…” Harry said as he got under the sheets as well, pressing a button to shut the blinders.

Charlie turned and kept her hand on my cheek, “Now, you will always be happy,” saying that she hugged me, and slept while I wondered how I ever came across these angels in my life.

I hope you liked this! Please tell me what you think about it and if there is anything else that you’d like to read! 





Ok third try! Sorry if this was posted before. Tumblr is being difficult!

This is a tarot deck that I have that I’m looking to either trade for a different deck or sell. It’s the Manga Tarot by Selena Lin. Comes with the original box and the companion book. The box has a bit of damage to it because I’ve had it for so long but the book and the cards are in excellent shape. I never really used this deck and I’ve decided it’s time to move on. I’m in Canada, so it would be easier to trade within Canada because shipping is expensive. If you’re interested in just buying it, let me know! Send me a message and we can talk!

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Where does the name "Pralinesims" come from? Love you...

Well, when my sister and me had to come up with a TSR name we were eating those ice cream pralines (they’re by Nestle though, we don’t buy this shit anymore. Ages ago we didn’t knew how fucked up that brand was.) And so Pralinesims was born XD Still a nice name though asides those Nestle issues since it perfectly describes that we love food lol. Thank you, love you aswell ❤️.

here for fanon. forget canon.

this is a bit of a ramble, but bear with me. before my senior year of high school, I didn’t know what fanfiction was and I didn’t start reading ffn until the summer after I graduated (bc I was soo bored waiting to come to college). flash forward 4 years and I read ffn more than real books (bc what college student can afford to buy multiple new books every week and also, I’m really good at racking up library fees :/). until this past year, I only read harry potter ffn, but a couple roommates last year got me into marvel ffn, then star trek ffn, then check please and yuri on ice came around so of course I jumped into that ffn too. 

anyways, in the middle of all my fandoms, I started to read teen wolf ffn, again because of one of those roommates. thing is, I had never seen teen wolf before. I ended up watching a few seasons, just to try to figure out the plot a bit better, but that was only after reading hundreds of thousands of words worth of ffn. I didn’t even know what most of the characters looked like.

so, yeah, that’s a bit weird, I thought for a few months, but whatever. a couple weeks ago, though, I remembered that I had this friend my senior year who also read teen wolf fanfiction even though she had never seen the show. we used to talk about a fic here and there at xc practice even though I barely knew what ffn was. I had completely forgotten all of this for years. 

now I’m wondering, has anyone else done this, either with teen wolf or another fandom? just dived into fanon without knowing anything about canon?

(@shelbyreblogs, I blame you)

And I probably can never look at you the way I look at everybody else.
The sea of people does not compare to you.
You are the sun reflecting light on everyone else.
Since the first encounter, I’ve never looked at you with dull eyes.
You were never just anyone to me.
And even now, you still aren’t just anyone to me.
Sometimes, I see you. Casually buying groceries or out walking your dog.
And I could never come up and say “hi”.
I have to rehearse the tone and the sentences and the questions in my head. Only to realize that you have already left and did not even see me standing there.
How could I ever act normal around you when in this lifetime, you were once my normal? My time. My day and night.
And it wasn’t that you walked away crookedly or that I said something cruel.
But I blame all the things I never told you.
I blame all the times I never stopped you from leaving.
I blame my old idiotic, impulsive, teenage self for letting such a wonder walk away from me.
I probably didn’t mean much.
I’m probably a fling to you.
You can never talk to your kids about me.
But please know that after you, I’ve compared everyone I met, to you.
You were the standard. And no one was perfect enough to reach it.
No one can ever.
So I settle for what’s good for me.
Because the one I want, I can’t have.
The one I want, I once had.
The one I want, I let get away.
And I wake up everyday regretting the days I had you and never showed you how much I really did love you. How much I really wanted you to stay.

You still smile warmly at me. And you know how my legs turn to jelly and how my heart could melt on your feet because of that.
I could never look at you and pin you on a map of my past.
You are the thoughts that still linger in the break of dawn and in the middle of an intermission of a movie.
You are the chuckle when I remember a joke about potatoes or cats meowing.
You are the lights of the city at night. And the skies when they turn pink.
You were never history.
You remain to be my everyday.
You are just not in love with me anymore.
And you can never smile for me.

among the things my new bosses said to me today:

- [lengthy anecdote about how dangerous it is to leave a dryer unattended]
- “work should be fun! don’t call me sir”
- “if you don’t understand my accent just say so. the H sounds, with English, I… don’t do them”
- “if anyone comes in looking to sell just tell them we’re not buying. sometimes they’re weird, they want the money for the drugs, you know”

so… work was good

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I picture harry being the type to buy you little knick knacks that remind him of you. Like he comes home one day with a gift bag and you roll your eyes, "H, you know I hate it when you buy me things," thinking it's something expensive (bc he does that on occasion too). But you open it and it's like new pens or a cute bookmark or like chip clips lmfao I'm so lame I would love that :((

DEFINITELY. Even if it’s something really small. It’s cute and it made him think or you and he knew he wanted you to have it.

Finally decided how I can prevent clogging up everyone’s dashes with my jewellery posts…. it has it’s own page!
I knew I could put it all in one area, it just took a little while to figure out how.
So now, if you’re wanting to search for an item just head on over to the ‘buy direct’ page on my blog. It’s all the original posts and more will be added over the coming days.
Same as before, if you see something you like just shoot me a direct message and we’ll go from there.

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    send me a ship and i’ll tell you | accepting

  • who hogs the duvet
    • padmé loves her duvet she could wrap herself up in it every single day
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going
    • anakin always checks in on padmé, even if she’s stuck in session all day, he sends a messages just to see if she’s doing alright.
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
    • padmé buys things that she thinks anakin will like, however anakin is more hands on and is very creative when it comes to making gifts
  • who gets up first in the morning
    • anakin 
  • who suggests new things in bed
    • omg padmé does, but it’s always carefully discussed beforehand
  • who cries at movies
    • anakin
  • who gives unprompted massages
    • padmé actually, when anakin comes home at night and gets ready for bed, padmé likes to work out the knots that collect (especially in his shoulder) she feels like it’s her way personal way of comforting him.
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick
    • padmé constantly worries over anakin, especially on the nights she knows he doesn’t get that much sleep and insists on going  a full 100% the next day. 
  • who gets jealous easiest
    • anakin, although padmé’s jealousy is not non-existent, it’s just hidden better. 
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music
    • padmé taste in music is…….. more interesting. 
  • who collects something unusual
    • anakin does ! he picks up tiny gadgets he finds while working and brings them home to either tinker on them or have them on display 
  • who takes the longest to get ready
    • padmé does, she’s very particular on her routine in the morning.
  • who is the most tidy and organised
    • padmé is ! everything in her apartment has it’s place, and when it’s not in it’s place, she can’t focus unless she fixes it. 
  • who gets most excited about the holidays
    • anakin, he loves spending that extra time with padmé
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon
    • they switch ! padmé doesn’t mind being the big spoon, and she likes to keep her nose between anakin’s shoulder blades
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports
    • anakin does (and he’s almost certain that padmé loses on purpose) 
  • who starts the most arguments
    • it’s usually brought on by something small, but neither are faultless. padmé doesn’t like to yell at him, and they end up having very heated discussions. 
  • who suggests that they buy a pet
    • anakin !
  • what couple traditions they have
    • they like to spend time together in the morning, but in these moments, they don’t usually talk. the mornings are rare, they enjoy some caf and watch the sky together. and when they both come home from work, and they’ve bathed, padmé takes about fifteen minutes to get ready for bed. anakin goes ahead and gets into bed, but watches her, asking about her day. after she’s done and sits down on the bed, she asks to give him a massage. padmé uses this time to watch anakin unwind completely. sometimes she surprises him with a different lotion on her hands that’ll transfer the same scent to him. 
  • what tv shows they watch together
    • they don’t own a television 
  • what other couple they hang out with
    • obi-wan and satine mainly, but when they hang out with other people – it’s not usually ‘as a couple’
  • who made the first move
    • anakin ! 
  • who brings flowers home
    • anakin does, sometimes if he sees flowers that remind him of their time on naboo, he’ll grab some and surprise padmé after work.
  • who is the best cook
    • anakin is actually ! padmé is a DREADFUL cook (although she’s LEARNING !!) but anakin is more resourceful 

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Or. Like altaircolin said. Maybe these pics were staged. Gllian and her team obviously don't care of us fan because they would make statement last week and did not. I see someone reblog that everything fishy and stink with this. I agree. It very suspicious. And pictures sell to photo agency not tabloids direct. Trash paper go buy these pics from agencies. Gillian could stop this. So this is very fishy I agree. And looks very staged and so strange? And still wonder why David never looked unhappy.

At this point I would say everything is possible and nothing can surprise me. I think she went to Italy to be seen, maybe show off her relationship, as sort of a coming out, but didn’t realize it would get so out of hand. Maybe she thought she could control this situation? IDK, but this is a mess, and nobody can stop it…

My Hero

A very rough sketch inspired by this text post of Yuuri being small(ish) but mighty!

Seriously, though, if Yuuri can hold up himself and 6′0″ Chris on a pole with just his arms while drunk out of his mind, he’d be able to lift Victor with no problems whatsoever. Sayokan herself has now said in an interview that Yuuri is “very physically strong” and as my best friend says, dynamite comes in small packages.

I might clean this up more and color it if the mood strikes me.

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SKAM S04E09 Clip 5 - Maghrib

SANA: Please accept my fast, even though I’ve behaved badly. Please watch over Eva and Vilde and Noora, Chris. Please watch over Isak and Even and Elias and Yousef.

[VILDE: Hi, are you ready to meet up?

EVA: Sana! Chris and I will pick you up with the van in 20 minutes.

SANA: Ok cool

SANA: I regret cancelling the date with Yousef

NOORA: YEEES! Call him! Go!

EVA: Do it girl!! Life is NOW!!

SANA: According to Islam, life is after death. Which is one of the reasons why I should stay away from him

CHRIS: According to me, the abdomen is dead after death. Which is one of the reasons why you should meet him!!

VILDE: Yousef! Yousef! Yousef!

SANA: Hahaha I get why mom is worried that I don’t have any Muslim friends

NOORA: Hello! OK!! I can argue from an Islamic perspective

SANA: Now I’m intrigued

NOORA: Ok, doesn’t Islam believe in destiny?

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SWIMSUIT: Wolf & Whistle 

Sorry for the HUGE photoset, but I even liked the outtakes here hehe.
When this one piece 1st came out it was for “extended cup sizes”, so I grabbed a 32DD and it fit amazingly!! Like the whole boob was in this thing! Normally I take a 34D. I never buy swimsuits because S/M/L just don’t cut it for my body. I also didn’t learn to swim until last year :x Anyway, it also comes in the typical run of sizes so everyone can get a piece of this. It’s so retro-feeling & I really love it. I definitely recommend. It has “tummy control” too so if you’re self conscious like me you can start getting used to feeling comfy in your swimmies. 👙👙

And as you can see I did a mean chop to my hair. It wasn’t all at once though! It’s still crazy damaged & won’t hold a curl, but I dyed it black & so far it’s been a great decision. I’ll try out clipins and other hair things in the mean time too. 


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when will shadowhunters realize that malec uniting the divided shadow world with their fierce love for each other and saving the universe is a far more compelling story than whatever they have in store for clary

The Devil

The Devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. 
He comes as Everything you’ve ever wished for.

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