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*Kat Barrel in the opening credits!*

Important read for everyone who would like Nicole Haught to be one of the main characters in s3!

It’s save to say that the majority of this fanbase loves Nicole Haught and would like to see more of her. In other words: Lots of us would like more screen time of Katherine Barrell.

We can make that happen!

We just have to let them know. Twitter is where we are the strongest so lets get to trending! During 2x11 & 2x12 tweet the hashtag #MakeS3Haughter to get Katherine Barrell in the opening credits and to make Nicole Haught a main character. Tweet at Emily Andras, Wynonna Earp, the cast - everyone!

We have two episodes left so lets make those Fridays count!

Reblog this, share this, make your own post, tweet about it, let it be known that #MakeS3Haughter is ON this Friday and the Friday to come!

Tweet #MakeS3Haughter during the last two #WynonnaEarp episodes to get Kat Barrell in the opening credits!

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Missy Talia: Sorry I’m late. Places to go.
The Doctor Raven: People to kill.
Missy Talia: Uh-huh.
The Doctor Raven: Did you bring it? I would really love to have kept my word, but I can’t do it this time, Missy Talia.
Missy Talia: I gave you your life.
The Doctor Raven: Innocent people would die.
Missy Talia: How amusing to hear you moralize.
The Doctor Raven: I don’t commit genocide for hire.
Missy Talia: If you can’t get power, get rich.
The Doctor Raven: That’s a nice rallying cry for the common folk to get behind.
Missy Talia: So a few thousand people get killed– Like Toynbee said, the masses are asses. Nothing changes. You were right.
The Doctor Raven: People change.
Missy Talia: We are not people. We’re Timelords Immortals.
The Doctor Raven: Missy Talia, there’s still things worth fighting for.
Missy Talia: Are there things worth dying for? I wonder what they’d think, so close to death and yet so ignorant of it. If I don’t press this button in three minutes, va va boom.
The Doctor Raven: Those people are innocent.
Missy Talia: We have a score to settle. I should have let the guillotine do it.