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Storms (Final Chapter)

Final Chapter! Thanks to all my readers for coming along on this little journey with me! I hope you all like the ending :)


Enjoy :)


“This is weirding me out.” Tony tugged his fingers through his hair. “So, Thor just always planned to take me to Asgard? And you– you– are happy about it.”

Loki was tapping his chin thoughtfully. “You did expect Thor to leave one day, correct? You knew he wouldn’t stay here.”

“Well yeah.” Tony said slowly. “He’s Asgardian, comes and goes as he needs. It happens.”

“But not once did you think you were going along with him? Even though the two of you are… involved.”

“Oh, you mean did I think that the demi-god I am sleeping with would take me with him on his rainbow bridge to some world I’m not entirely sure exists in this dimension? No. No I didn’t think I was going along.” Tony snipped, and Loki straightened then, raising an eyebrow curiously.

“But you have to go with him. My brother would not journey home without his hjartsláttur. And for you to even consider not going would be–”

“Don’t spit your words at me!” Tony snapped. “I don’t know what the hell a–a heart ladder– is!”

Hjartsláttur.” Loki repeated and his lips twisted in amusement and disbelief. “He has not told you. My idiot brother hasn’t told you yet.”

“Look.” Tony closed his eyes in frustration. “You better start making some sense real quick, because I’m pretty sure I can talk Thor into beating your ass, brother or not.”

Loki laughed softly and Tony hated that it made him shiver “You are his hjartsláttur.” Loki emphasized. “His literal heartbeat. The one who brings the storm to him. Just like all the legends talk about.”

“All the legends talk about what?”

“When the God of Thunder meets the one meant for him.” Loki explained, and he didn’t even sound irritated. In fact he sounded… soft. And wistful. And perhaps the tiniest bit jealous. “His hjartsláttur will bring the power from deep inside him and nature itself will storm with the magic between them.”

“Brings the storm…” Tony repeated, suddenly looking a lot less irritated and a little more dazed. “You mean the–the spark thing that happens when we are together? That's… me?”

“Yes, of course. It is you who are bringing his magic to the surface, the reason it glows between you. His heart has claimed you for his own.” Loki tilted his head and smiled again, genuinely this time. “I can see why. The unbreakable strength of your spirit overshadows even your annoying mortal tendencies.” His voice was still soft and his posture had relaxed.

“Oh.” Tony looked down at the ground for a moment. “Thank you, for telling me. Thor sort of mentioned it, before. With the rain or whatever. But… thank you for explaining, I guess. Even if I wish I wasn’t hearing it from you.”

“You are welcome.” Loki’s eyes warmed, despite Tony’s obvious annoyance. “My brother has waited forever to meet his mate. I am pleased he found someone so strong, someone who matches him.”

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The Fall of King Gavin AH Royalty!AU Genfic (Royalty AU part 3)

Warnings: Gore as always, lots-o-blood

Rating: Mature for gore and swears I guess

Words: 21,462

Synopsis: Based on my Royalty HC and the latest King Gavin (Spoiler warning for the ending of King Gavin pt 2) Gavin attempts to make peace with his rivals, but co-operation was never their strength. Ryan-centric.

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Come Now, Let Us Leave - Carinthia

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