come my fanatics


“He had marked out a straight path through all that is most torturous in the world; his conscience was bound up in his usefulness and his religion in his duties; he was a spy as other cats are purr-riests. Woe to any who fell into his claws! He would have arrested his own father for escaping purr-rison and his own mother for breaking her purr-role. And he would have done it with the interior satisfaction that springs from virtue. His life was one of privations, self-denial, isolation, chastity–never any a-mew-sment…a pitiless detective, fiercely honest, a marble-hearted informer…..

He was free from vice, as we have said. When he was satisfied with himself he allowed himself a pinch of catnip. That proved he was still a cat.”

Classicat #30: Inspector Chatvert (Paw-vert in the English translation) from Les Meowserables by Victor Mewgo

Chatvert’s heart is made of wood, and you cannot soften a heart of wood…unless your name is Jean Meowljan, and even then it’ll take like twenty years and a failed revolution 


Merry Witchmas, Chris!


Since Grace wasn’t Christmas themed, I went and inked a sketch I really like. Simultaneous explosion practice, pose practice, and attempting to channel my inner Anthony Holden

Bruh tho Yuuri and Victor going on a date to a roller skating rink you dont understand

The kinds with full arcades?

Getting a pizza and sitting in a dark ass corner talkin just loud enough to be heard over the music. 

And when they call for couples skate they get their asses out there and go hard holding hands the entire time. 

But they arent gonna be as recognized and they can just chill and have FUN. 


Remember my first time listening to Electric Wizard’s Come My Fanatics… album. Was just blown away by the mixture of the heaviness of the guitar riffs and psychedelic solos.  Dopethrone album has to be one of the meanest of all time. You can feel the hatred and anger being vented through the heavy riffwork.  This shit’s heavier than any type of metal, in my opinion, and now I’ve been converted into a sucker for the slow guitar riff, and not complainin