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How can you call yourself a self respecting time lady when you're out fawning all over some stupid little human girl? One who was responsible for betraying you and killing you at that... Isn't Lucy beneath you?

“If you value your life, do not speak about my human in that manner! She is far more complex and intriguing than any other of her kind; I may not think altogether highly of the human race; but she is — different; she always has been! — and if you think for one second that my love for her is so shallow that her betraying me would make one bit of difference, you clearly have no concept of what love means to a being like myself! — Lucy is brilliant, she’s refined, I love and i value her strength her and her moxie;  I adore her! —-   Could not Eos love Tithanos? Could not Aphrodite love Adonis? Then why should it be any different for me?” 




Credit:  Nadiia Naru

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It is I, Hyper.

It is you, also Hyper.

Wait… What?

Alright, bitches; y’all listen up. Before any of you nasties can make it uninhabitable, I’m taking up possession of the shag pad. -Well, me, Lenny and Dodge to be more exact. Because they are adorable and nothing says home like having two mutts curling up with you to keep you warm whilst you sleep. And if you have any problems with this well then; sorry not sorry. Just cross your fingers and hope that I’ll be nice enough to invite y’all in for a sleepover some time. 

Alright, let’s try to do this whole introduction thing. I’m Lea! Uhm, I’ve had quite a long career. If we’re talking eighties, you probably know me as Marty McFly’s mom or maybe you saw me in the wonderful disaster that was Howard The Duck. I’m currently on ABC’s Switched At Birth, our season just ended last week but we were picked up for season five. So that’s exciting! Last year, I did Dancing With The Stars and became a self-proclaimed cougar. Actually, I’m not really sure how that began or if it was me? But let’s be real here, It probably was me. As the great Regina George’s Mom once said: I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!