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AH! And so the wait is finally over! Here you go my Bruhs and Bruhettes and NBruhs! Epictale! Scene Two! @yugogeer12 thanks once again for permission to color your awesome comic. 

This scene is smaller than the last, because they are cut up based on content and not length. Next Scene is gonna be three pages long, and I’m already on it. 

Thanks everyone for being so patient(lol as if anyone was actually waiting to see more!) with me as I said this was coming a month back and it’s only now showing up.

Also, I do live art streams every Friday, so if you wanna watch me color these pages live, then come join me there. Hope the fandom enjoys!

It’s been a while, can’t really remember when exactly @deadletterpoets tagged me in this one, but it must have been really long ago because almost every fact about me has changed. And as you can see, I’ve decided to redo it and tag some new, wonderful people in it. (+ sorry for the confusion, some of the answers don’t add up because it took me two days to finish answering)

What was your:

Last beverage: Chamomile tea.
Last phone call: The cake of my life.
Last text: And I quote: “Let me know when you come home.”
Last song: Live - Lightening crashes
Last time you cried: Present tense.

Have you ever:

Dated someone twice: I’ve been dating the first one ever for a bit over a year now, so I guess “dating the same guy twice” couldn’t have happened.
Lost someone special: Yes. Lost many special friends over the years, not in the ‘not being here with us anymore‘ kind of way, but… well, a different kind of. In fact, I’ve been losing a very special friend for some time without really noticing and now, we don’t talk. At all. And I’m trying to change myself so I’ll never have to go through something like that ever again. And ‘something like that‘ as in ‘hello darkness my old friend‘ period when I couldn’t even care to notice the sun in front of me.
Been depressed: Unspecified.

List your three favourite colours: Every colour the sky has ever decided to show me.

In the last year have you:

Made a new friend: Yes. Korčula funtimes sets the record for the past year.
Fallen out of love: Nope, fallen deeper in it.
Laughed until you cried: Absolutely.
Met someone who changed you: Of course. I think everyone I’ve ever met changed me at least a small bit.
Found out who your true friends are: I dare to say yes.
How many people do you know on your fb list: Absolutely all of them. I see no point in having fb friends without knowing who they are.

Do you have any pets: At the time, sadly no.
Do you want to change your name: Not really, I quite like the shortness of mine.
What did you do for your last birthday party: On the exact date? I had my dentist’s appointment and a big test the following day, but I still got to see everyone who cared enough to spent some time with me. Cake and I celebrated our birthdays a couple of days before mine with a movienight for most of our mutural friends, which was absolutely adorable. Can’t wait to spend every birthday like that.
What time did you wake up this morning: Half past seven, but actually made it out of my room around ten…
What were you doing at midnight last night: Sleeping. I was really really tired and didn’t want to hear the sentence “Why didn’t you wish me a happy birthday just after midnight???“ from my sister in the morning (still did, though).

Something you can’t wait for: Tomorrow morning and the excitement that runs through my veins when I get to feel more snow between my fingers.
One thing you wish you could change about your life: I wish I had been more mature a year or two ago. It cost me too much.
What are you listening to right now: Shinedown - Amaryllis
What’s getting on your nerves right now: Nothing in particular. Lately, I don’t really let everything get to me, and the doctors said that’s the right way of thinking for my current situation.
Nickname: I don’t think you can get the privilege of a nickname when your real name has three letters, but lately almost everyone calls me Pips or simply Cake. I used to have another one but that was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, and I don’t think it will be used again.
Relationship status: In a relationship. Though I don’t really like this word, all that matters is the connection between two human beings and the way they want to interpret it. I’d rather say that we’re madly in love and that this is all that matters.

Zodiac sign: Libra.
College: A grammar school, or simply a secundary one. I’ve started doubting about my choice of university a bit ago and have no idea what to do, but luckily I still have a year to calm down and fill in the forms.
Hair colour: Blond.
Long or short: I’d say long.
Height: 180 cm
Do you have a crush on someone: Oooooh snappp you got me there, don’t tell him we’ve been dating for more than a year now.
What do you like about yourself: Well,
Tattoos: None at the moment.
Right or left handed: Right handed.
First piercings: None piercings.
First best friend: Was a girl in my class. Primary school.
First sport you joined: Je ne sais pas, is french considered a sport? Probably a chess club or something.
Best vacation: That’s a hard one. Every vacation is the best vacation when it’s actually happening.

Eating: Right now? Emptying a jar of Bronhis (some sort of a candy, pure essence from the old gods, google it).
Drinking: Nothing in particular at the moment, but a glass of water is too damn close to escape the temptation.
About to: Save this as a draft and get those four hours of sleep if I’m lucky.
Listening to: M83 - Wait
Waiting for: My bus to arrive (and yes, my hands are freezing because of all the snow I really really had to touch on my way to the bus stop).
Want kids: Yes, but there’s still plenty of time for that.
Get married: Yeah, once in the future.
Career: Until a couple of weeks ago I was 100% sure I’ll go studying microbiology or something else connected to genetics (which sadly is not available in my country), but my current state of mind thinks differently. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and looks like I’ll start processing this idea.
Hugs or kisses: Both. Equally. At the same time.
Loud or sensitive: Certainly not too loud.
Drank hard liquor: I’m not that prone to alcohol… Tried it, yeah, but right now I mustn’t drink any alcohol, coffee or green/black tea. And only the tea one is killing me from the inside.
Lost glasses/contacts: Never had any.
Broken someone’s heart: I hope not.
Been arrested: No. Been stopped by the police because of a stupid mistake? Well I guess that’s a different question.
Turned someone down: This is a tricky question because sometimes people don’t actually ask the question but just assume you’ll get it from the context and at the end you have to explain multiple times why no is the answer without actually hearing the question.
Fallen for a friend: Well yes, I think you must know someone quite well before you get to fall in love.

Do you believe in:
Yourself: When I have to.
Miracles: Yes, and those cakes: @messymindandawildheart, @livegoodlife, @sleepinginthe0cean, @majamitrovic, @urskathebro, @shamelesspizzastranger are just some of them.
Love at first sight: No. Unless all you care for is how they look. So no.

I’ll still tag some of my friends or just those I’d love to get to know more, even though this is like a century old original post. But do it only if the current crazy schedule lets you (seriously, it can take more than a day, I don’t even want to know what time it is right now):

@deadletterpoets, @messymindandawildheart, @livegoodlife, @urskathebro, @sleepinginthe0cean, @majamitrovic, @snoringdragon, @shamelesspizzastranger, @asaaemon


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