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REQUEST: you fly out to Dunkirk for the first time since filming started and meet the crew and cast. After seeing how funny and goofy H was being on the boat - wiggling his bum and making them all laugh, they are so happy to see you and finally put a face to the name he speaks so much about. They says things such as: "How do you put up with him?" "So you're the woman behind this goon?" H acting all offended and hurt "Heeeey! She's just as goofy!"

Blurb request: cute fluff of bringing harry surprise picnic on set and spending his break together away from prying eyes.

Fluff you want…fluff you’ll get.  Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeesy

When Harry called and suggested you meet him in France for a weekend, your first thought was he was filming.  Would that mean you were going to be visiting a movie set?  You’d never visited a movie set before.  Would there be paps there?  Stupid question, there were paps everywhere Harry was these days.

It took you a full two days to pack.  Normally when Harry called from wherever he was, half an hour was all you needed.  But there were going to be actors around.  Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy…Hollywood heavy hitters.  And your normal jeans and t-shirts just wouldn’t do.

So you scheduled a few last minute shopping trips with your best friend to make sure every single thing you would be wearing on this trip made you look and feel like a million dollars.  Your normal uniform of jeans and t-shirts would not work this time around.

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Strawberry Ice Cream On A Winter Day

For @forfutureglory - miss you, bean 😘

The front door closed with a foreboding sharpness. Steve winced, lacing his fingers together. Holly grinned up at him. “So what are we gonna do, Stevie?”

It was a Saturday. A perfectly good Saturday, which he could have spent with Nancy and Jon—maybe down by the quarry or in his house, watching movies and eating too much popcorn. But what was better than quality time with Holly Wheeler?

Nothing, surely. He’d been honoured to accept the offer of babysitting. Karen and Ted Wheeler were working on their marriage, according to Nance; a weekly date had been ordered as some sort of mandatory counselling homework. Steve hated the idea of turning spending time with a person into work—you should just want to be around them, drawn together by crazy cosmic forces, or just dumb luck; happening to stumble upon one another and realise that their presence was the most perfect thing.

Steve hummed, tapping his toe and chin. “I suppose… make a gigantic fort and stuff our faces with ice cream.”

Holly squealed, clinging to his leg. “You’re my best friend!”

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Love Contract >> Suga, You (Part 8)

PART 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5  | 6 | 7

I really have to sleep but I couldn’t because this need to be out now! 

Enjoy reading ;)

“Why does it have to be her?” Suga sighed after he ended the call.

He laid down on his bed, eyes wide open looking at the white ceiling.

And sighed again.

He wasn’t sure of what he was doing. He was walking through a way he knew he shouldn’t go near it.

Pressing his palms hard on over eyes, Suga groaned, running his hand over his face up to his hair.

He didn’t know what he was doing was right or wrong. He never really cared before. But somehow he didn’t want to lose this time too. He hated losing his work or his studios as well as her.

He didn’t know if he was this kind of person. This was the first time he felt so messed. So confused. So unsure. This was the first time he wanted to get something so bad.

He pressed his lips together and the sensation of her lips still felt over his. Soft and warm. Unintentionally, his fingertips found his lips as he ran them over them slowly.

He still could feel her and calling her didn’t make him feel any better. He already wanted to see her. He wanted her to be here.  

He reached his hands again for his phone to call her. He would ask her to go with him for a drink. He remembered her promise to him. How she said she would go for a drink with him whenever he needs company.


Frustrated, he threw his phone beside him. He would see her soon anyway. In just a little few hours, she would be dressed nicely in the new clothes collection that Lim got and probably the dress they bought together, posing in front of him while he takes shots of her.

And he also knew she probably was angry about what he had done. He knew that she would be ignoring his eyes, acting awkward, which he never wished for that to happen.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” Suga said, burying face in his hands. He was never so interested, like this, in a girl before.

Grabbing his phone again, Suga made his mind for calling this particular one. He dialed the number and waited impatiently for that person to pick up, his eyes were staring at her photo that he hung up again on the wall

Yoongi.” A sleepy voice said with a small groan. “Why aren’t you sleeping? Are you still working?”

“I want to ask you a favor.” Suga said, rubbing his earlobe with his thumb, he was staring hard, feeling his heart aches with him.

Was what he was doing right? He didn’t care anymore.

“Do you know what time is this, Hyung?!”

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So I'm sure you saw that Niall made a dream jar to be auctioned off for charity for that BFG movie. With it he said “As a little boy, I liked the idea of floating above the trees and looking down on the world from above. Now I like the idea of having someone with me for the ride.” Could you please write a fluffy, but smutty blurb about this for me please! You're writing is the absolute best! I love reading your stuff! You'd make my life complete if you did this for me!

Valentine’s Day was never your favorite holiday.  If anything it was a holiday you just sort of got through more than anything.  You’d only had a boyfriend during Valentine’s Day once in your entire dating career and that was when you were 14.  He took you behind the gym at school, slammed a rose in your hand and then tried to kiss you in a way that resembled a wet vacuum.  So…not the most romantic thing in the world.

However, this year was different.  You’d been dating Niall for six months now.  And you’d never been happier.  Sure, he was ¼ of the biggest boy band in the world who was now going solo and that meant a few insults from his loving fans lobbed your way but he made it all worth it.  He was sweet, attentive, kind, loving and most of all when he kissed you it sent tingles to your toes and electricity to the ends of your hair.  So…far and away different from the wet vacuum.

You’d both agreed weeks ago not to do anything for Valentine’s Day.  Neither of you really appreciated the holiday to begin with.  So why bother living up to the expectations?  Besides, Niall treated you like every day was Valentine’s Day.

But then he’d created his Dream Jar to promote the movie BFG and also to benefit a couple of London charities.  To say you’d been blown away by his jar would have been the understatement of the year.  It was so…intimate.  While Niall was intimate with you in private he was never really that guy that was intimate so publicly.  It put him in a whole new light for you.

This boy.  This man.  This angel of a human being at the end of the day just wanted to ride in a hot air balloon with his love and look on the world below him.

And today, you were going to make that happen.

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You're Alright You. Part Fourteen.

• What if … on the day of her release from the mental hospital Rae doesn’t see Chloe and the gang on the bikes…


• Part One • Part Two • Part Three • Part Four • Part Five • Part Six• Part Seven • Part Eight • Part Nine • Part Ten • Part Eleven• Part Twelve • Part Thirteen


Part Fourteen

“Rae, you have a visiter!” Me Mum shouted up the stairs just as I finished getting dressed.

Once I got down I was a little surprised at who it was.

“Finn?” God he is gorgeous.

Standing there in that sexy leather jacket.

The things I want to do to him can not legal.

At least not in ruddy Stamford.

“Alright?” He moved to kiss me but then realised both my Mum and Karim were in the room. Piss off please.

“Did we have plans?” Shit did I forget summet? I am a crap girlfriend. Why doe’s he want to be with me.

“No, but I just had Chop on the blower banging on about going down the park and I thought we could go together

“Ok” I have a couple of hours before my appointment with Kester “But I can’t go for long”

“Your not getting on that bike” My mum almost shouted “you’ll have an accident!”

“Mum!” How bloody embarrassing.

“Its safe Mrs Bou..Linda” Finn told her.

“Yeah, I’ve been on it loads”

“YOU WHAT!” Oh bloody hell. Should not of said that.

“We should go” I quickly said to Finn and grabbed his jacket, and literally dragged him out of the house.

“RACHEL EARL!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Faster Finn” I laughed as he kept glancing back at the house.


“Where is Chop?” Finn asked when we finally got to the usual spot, where Archie, Izzy and Chloe were all sat.

“No idea, I haven’t seen him since yesterday morning” Izzy pouted.

“So you didn’t come down here either?” Chloe asked Finn. What is she going on about?


“Yesterday?” What was meant to happen yesterday?

We were at the record shop” Finn said to me “Me Dad did say he called when I got in last night”

“Oh right” I sat down opposite Chloe and opened a bottle of water that was in my backpack.

“Right you lot, I have some news!” Chop shouted as he appeared out of nowhere from behind some trees.

What the hell has he been doing?

Oh actually, I don’t wanna know. I think I might be sick.

“What now?” Archie asked as he opened a can.

“Word is, there is a rave at this old building out in the country side this weekend” What?

“A rave?” Izzy pulled her sunglasses down to look at her boyfriend “Where did you hear about a rave?”

“Simmy” he leant down and gave Izzy a quick kiss.

“Who’s Simmy?” I asked.

“Some twat from college” Archie said “Gave Arnold here his nick name ’Chop’, in third year, was it, of first school?”

“Shut up” Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.

“Why Chop?” I was actually dying to know.

I like to think it either is because he never shuts up and his mouth is always chopping on about summet or something happened involving meat and being hit with it.

I’m probably way off but…….I like to think of him being hit with things. Fish, meat I’m not picky. It’s just bloody funny. 

“Well when Lo…” Finn started to explain but Chop shouted.

“That is a need to know basis and you do not need to know Raemundo” he is fucking embarrassed. I need, no, I have to know.

“Trust me I need to know” I told him while our friends snickered.

“Why were you hanging out with Simmy?” Finn looked annoyed.

“I wasn’t hanging out wiv him, he was just around down the common yesterday when lot fucking didn’t turn up”

“I’m not going to a rave” Izzy shook her head “Bad stuff happens at them, don’t it?”

“We’re all going”

“You can’t make us Chop” Archie laughed.

“It is happening, it will be an incredible night that we will be talking about for fucking years!” That is what he always bloody says.

“You need to lock in it the fucking vault though guys, don’t tell nobody

“Why you looking at me?” Izzy shouted.

“I’m not, I’m looking at everyone. Don’t tell no one, not your brothers or sisters not even any knob heads you used to go to school with”

“Don’t look at me like that either” Chloe told him when he mentioned knob heads from school.

“This has got ‘bad idea’ written all over it” Finn whispered to me.

“It might be a laugh” Right?

“Finn, can Me and Archie get a lift with you?”

“Actually I think me and Rae might take the bike, if we go” Fucking yes “There will be more than enough room in Chop’s for you all”


Rolling my eyes I laid backwards on the grass. Bloody Chloe.

Finn laid besides me and put his hand on my leg. Oh what I wouldn’t give for those fingers to moved a little to the left. Damn.

“You alright?” I turned my head to him.

“Yeah, what time is it?”

“It’s only two” I have to leave in an hour then.

It’s going to get harder and harder the longer me and Finn are together to not tell him about it all.

I have to do it soon.

It’s not fair for him.

“Do you want a lift?” I looked at him “I’m going to the hospital to see me Nan, thats where your going right, to see Tixie?”

Not really “Yeah” I nodded.

“So lift?” he smiled and started rubbing his thumb on my thigh. Oh bloody hell.

“You sure?” I asked.

Did my voice go high then?

Oh my god how embarrassing.

He is only rubbing his thumb over my legging covered thigh. I think I might combust if he carries on much longer.

“Course, and I’m sure me Nan wouldn’t mind seeing yah if you can after your done with your friend”

“Maybe” I leant over and kissed him.

He was a kissing god.

If there were awards for kissing, he would win every single bloody one of them.

Hell, I might make him one myself.


“Why are you so worried about telling Finn?” Kester asked me.

And not for the first time in this session.

He fucking knew why and it was pissing me off

“You know why!” I was shouting “I’m worried he is going to hate me for it”

“Why do you think he will hate you for being ill”

“I don’t think he will hate me for being ill, he is going to hate me for not telling him before we became a couple! He’s is going to think I am a freak!” More than a freak than I actually am.

“He’s not going to think that, Rae” He sighed.

“You don’t know that” Nobody can!

“I think” he lit up a fresh cigarette “That the reason you’re so worried, is because you haven’t told anybody about you being ill yet, no one knows out there, in the real world, apart from your Mum”

“No shit” Somebody give him a fucking medal.

“You need to be honest with your friends Rae

“It’s easy to say that though” He’s not the one who actually has to do it. Is he?

“You can do it, I know you can do it”

“They’re gunna want nothing to do with me once I tell them” I’ll be all alone again.

“Why do you think that?”

“Because I know they won’t”

“Are they not nice people then?”

“What? Of course they are!” Jesus.

“So why are you so worried?” he asked again “If your friends are nice people why do you think they won’t be nice when your honest with them about your illness?”

“You piss me off so much sometimes” I glared at him “You are so epicly irritating”

“It’s what I live for, Rae” he laughed before adding “You can do it, I know you can”

“I dunno” I sighed.

“And you know what” he was smiling more now.


“If they do take it bad, if they don’t want anything to do with you because you have been ill, then its good that you find out now because you don’t want people in your life who are like that. You deserve people around you who love you for who you are, you deserve to be loved Rae”


“Alright Danny?” I asked as I walked over to the pond after my appointment with Kester had ended. 

“Hi Rae” he jumped up and hugged me “Its good to see you”

“You too” I smiled “Where’s Tix? I looked up on the ward but I couldn’t see her, thought she would be down here, with you and the ducks”

“They moved her” he sighed.

“What why?”

“I should of thought before I did it” Again, what?

“Did what?”

“She had a bit of a freak out and I tried to calm her down and touched her arm, I didn’t mean to Rae but she went fucking… Doctor Nick moved her to the other ward for a couple of days”

“Oh bloody hell”

The other ward was where they put the people who weren’t allowed to do anything outside of their bedrooms. Either to damaged to be around other people or too dangerous. Poor Tixie.

“I didn’t mean to make it worse” He looked over at the ducks splashing about.

“Of course you didn’t Danny, it’s alright”

“I felt bad”

“So, no visitors then?”

“No” Bollocks.

“Rae!” Oh bloody hell, Finn.

I looked over to see him stood by the automatic doors.

“I better go Danny”

“Ok, I’ll tell Tix you came looking for her, when I see her”

“Thanks Danny” I gave him a small hug before going to see my delicious boyfriend.


“Oh my god, what is wrong with you, piece of crap?”

I threw the remote to the tv across the room. What bullshit.

Was it too much to ask for something in this house to actually work?

Someone knocked on the door. Oh god.

I hope they didn’t hear me shouting at the tv.

“Rae” Chloe had been crying, I could tell.

“What’s wrong?”

“Is your Mum in?”

“No, her and Karim went out like ten minutes ago” Hopefully to buy a new tv for downstairs because that one is bollocks.

“Can I come in?” she sniffed.

“Yeah, alright” I let her past me and followed my best friend.

Chloe walked straight up to my room.

As soon as I closed the door behind me she turned to me with tears running down her face.

“I think I’m in trouble Rae

Oh bloody hell


#48 Country Pref | You're from Ireland




“If I’m that lucky to actually find a four-leaf clover don’t you think I’ll be rich.” Luke mumbled against the grass as half of his head was down in it searching for something. “God, why?” You asked lifting yourself up from the blanket outside in your garden, removing your sunglasses so you could focus at him. “ You know, if I found one, I could bring that and you to the rainbow. Maybe the gnomes would give me some gold then.” He winked and you sended him a weird look. “Come on Y/N it’s funny because you’re Irish. You’re my lucky charm. “ He kept on and you rolled your eyes. “ God Luke stop no more Irish jokes.” You moaned collapsing back to the ground. “Fine fine.” He laughed turning his gaze back to the grass. “But if I find one I’ll defiantly keep the gold to myself.” He said making you groan hitting him in the arm.


”That is so cool hella I wanna learn it as well!” Calum gestured to the TV as he had been sitting with the remote zapping through different channels when something caught his eye. “What?” You asked placing your book in your lap, looking at the TV as well. The screen was filled with people from St. Patrick ’s Day, all dancing the Irish dance. “ You wanna learn that dance?” You questioned in confusion and he shaked his head yes. “I wanna learn it, you know to impress your family.” He smiled making you sit up straight looking at him questionable. “God why?” You asked again not getting the whole idea. “ I’m 100% sure your family would love me if I knew it.” He said taking your hand before pulling you up from the couch. “Cal they already like you, you like beer and football that’s enough for them.” You moaned as you both stood up. “I don’t care teach me it now.” He commanded kissing your nose.


“Uhm Y/N, what’s going on?” Michael asked half asleep half-awake seeing your fully awaken body sprinting around in the kitchen with a cleaning sponge, repeating on cleaning the same counter. “I’m cleaning what does it looks like.” You answered without concentration trying to wash away the old red wine stain that Michael had accidently had made at a drunken night. “At 7:30AM?” He questioned in disbelief whilst he crossed his arms leaning against the doorframe – more awake by now. “Mhm.” You hummed sticking the sponge down in clean water. “Okay whats going on Y/N.” Michael said whilst grabbing your upper arm preventing you from more cleaning. “It’s Easter Sunday?” You said looking at him seriously. He looked at you weirdly for a second for a second. “Wait isn’t that the spring cleaning thing?” He asked making you nod. “ But Y/N, we’re not in Ireland, it doesn’t count here. Come back to bed.” He laughed before lifting you back to the bedroom.


“Y/N this is not fair! You’re Irish you were born to do this!” Ashton exclaimed after only 20 minutes of playing football in your garden the now irritated Australian frustrated by your skills and tactic. “And I don’t even like football!” He said in pants before collapsing to the ground letting his arms fall out in defeat. Running over to him you collapsed on top of him, legs on either side of his hip and he let out a huff as you did. “You’re just really bad at football.” You laughed poking his chest. “Am not!” He fought back lifting himself from the grass so he was on top. “ You know I’m actually half Irish. I have skills.” Cocking your eyebrow you moved your face closer to his. “You’re. Not. The slightest. Irish.” You pointed out and a smirk came on his face. “I’m gonna show you.” He laughed pushing you off him before running over to the ball. 

You're Too Much Alike

Harry: You step out onto the balcony of the stadium; the hot Florida sun immediately bearing down. You pull your sunglasses down to cover your eyes as you lean over the concrete edge to see the line of fans wrapped around the venue. There was easily a hundred of them and the show wasn’t for another five hours or so. You noticed a lot of them were fanning themselves and seeking shade wherever they could, not having planned for such hot temperatures. You walk back into the air conditioned stadium, making your way to find Sarah. Once in catering you begin to search, hoping Sarah would show up to help you. “Aren’t you supposed to be in sound check?” An Aussie accent asks. You turn around to meet the gaze of the tall guitarist standing behind you, a plate full of food in his hands. “Not unless I’ve joined the group without my knowledge,” you joke. “Sorry, you looked just like him when you were bending down there.” “Not sure how to take that, so I’ll just forget you said it.” You had gotten that comment before. You dressed the same, and now with his long locks, Luke was right, it was hard to tell you two apart sometimes. “What are you looking for, dear?” Sarah asks, coming in from the kitchen. “Thank God,” you praise, your lifesaver had finally shown up. “How many cups do you think we have?” You ask her, sticking to the plan you had drawn up in your head while you were out on the balcony. “There are a few cases of Styrofoam ones in the pantry,” she answers. “Could you help me with something?” “Of course, love, what do you need?” “There are at least a hundred girls already outside for the show, and it’s so hot out there. Do you think you could help me fill up a few coolers of water to take to them?” A smile spreads across her face at your kindheartedness. “I sure can, come on.” She leads you back into the kitchen where her assistants were working on dinner for the boys (all nine), the band, and the crews. “This should be enough,” she says, pulling down a full box of cups and sitting them on the bottom shelf of one of the serving carts. “If you’ll get those down for me, dear, I will start filling them up with ice.” You reach up and grab the first cooler off of the top of one of the refrigerators, your lanky legs making you better at this task than her. You grab the second one down and join Sarah at the ice machine. “This is really sweet of you,” she comments once both coolers are full of ice water and you are steering the cart down the corridor on the way to the main doors. “It’s just so hot out there. I’d hate for anyone to get sick and not be able to make it to the show.” She smiles yet again. “I swear, sometimes it’s scary how much alike you and Harry are. He would do the same thing in a heartbeat.” “He’s rubbed off on me I guess.” “Oh rubbish, you’ve always been such a caring young woman.” You can’t help but smile at her compliment. It wasn’t hard to have compassion for the fans. It just came more naturally to some, you and Harry included.    

Liam: “That’s a really cute shirt,” you hear from behind you. You turn around to greet the smiling face. “Thank you!” You respond happily, as the girls in front of you do their best to control their giggles. You had questioned your choice of floral fluorescent pink this morning, but decided to put away your negative thoughts. You had loved the look of it on the rack a week ago, yet you were unsure how exactly you were going to pull it off. However, you could wear what you want; no one was stopping you, so you put it on this morning and headed off to go pick up Ruth. “You’re style is always so great,” the other girl comments and you smile. “Awe, thank you so much.” “Yeah, I wish I could dress like you.” You smile widely, happy to be around a few of Liam’s fans that actually had nice things to say to you. You feel an arm brush up against you and you look over to see Ruth beside you, a few blouses draped over her arm, only a half-smile on her face. “See you around, okay?” You say to the girls in order to bring your attention back to Ruth. “Yeah, we’ll definitely see you,” they giggle and walk away. “Isn’t every day the nice ones come out,” you comment as you follow Liam’s sister back through the store to the check-out. “I’m not sure they were being nice,” she admits, lifting her new clothes up onto the counter once the two of you had reached it. “What do you mean?” They had complimented the shirt you had questioned yourself in; it was a confidence boost. “I don’t think they actually liked the shirt. I saw them eyeing you before they approached you, they couldn’t stop laughing and taking pictures.” Oh. Well that’s a buzz kill. “Sorry,” she adds. “No, no. It’s fine. I’m used to it.” It’s true, you were. You were used to being on the negative side of the attention. However, it was always a low blow when they pretended to be nice. It was like you weren’t even worth them being real. “You know, Liam’s the same way,” she says, a warm smile forming on her face. You look over at her, you had never really compared yourself to him. “He’s always seeing the good in people, even when they’re blatantly being mean to him. It’s like he can’t see it, or doesn’t want to.” Her explanation made sense. You had never been one to think humans were inherently bad. You were always trying to keep a positive attitude even though you were constantly surrounded by the opposite. “It’s cute though, how you two are alike in that way. Everyone loves to be around you because of it.” You look at her unsure of how true her statement was. “Well the people that matter, at least.” That was more like it. The two of you fall silent as Ruth pays for her new clothes and you turn to follow her out of the store. “It if makes you feel any better,” she begins, looking over at you, “they couldn’t even compete with you and your style; they looked like shit.” You couldn’t help but let out a loud laugh at her words as the two of you walk past the girls that had approached you. You smile at them, continuing your kindness as you exited the shop, knowing Liam would have acted in the same manner.

Niall: You sit in the empty hotel room looking down at the time on your phone to see what song he was singing. Something had made you sick, and so you were confined to the hotel. A stadium full of people with cameras was no place for you and your nausea. The show should be over soon though meaning Niall would return to the room; he had promised to be back as quickly as he could. You stay in bed for the rest of the hour, making less trips to the bathroom which hopefully meant whatever was causing this was getting out. You finally decide to change the channel on the television, HGTV hadn’t been keeping your attention very well. As you scroll through your options you hear loud noises coming from the hallway, which meant only one thing. The door handle begins to move and Niall quietly walks in, unsure if you had fallen asleep or not. You smile at him as he emerges around the corner. “How are you feeling?” He asks, sitting down on the edge of the bed, in no rush to get the shower he usually craves once off stage. “Better. Still a little weak from all of the trips to the bathroom, but I think it’s starting to go away.” He nods, you could tell he had been worried about you ever since he left the room around lunch time. “How was the show?” You ask of his second night in Charlotte. “Oh!” He begins loudly in response, laughter coming next. He laughs to himself for a bit and confusion crosses your face. “What is the matter with you?” He waves his hands as he tries to calm down enough to speak. “A girl told us a really great joke tonight,” he answers. Makes sense now, he can’t talk because he’s cracking himself up with this so called great joke, which means it’s probably something only he found funny. “Well tell me,” you insist, sitting further up in the bed. He begins to laugh again as the joke comes to mind. You can’t help but laugh yourself, you loved when he cracked himself up. To be honest though, you were the same way with jokes you found too funny. “No, no, no,” he says breathlessly, waving his arms yet again. He takes in a few deep breaths, doing his best to calm down. “Okay,” he begins, once he had finally seemed to gather his composure. Nope. He lets out another loud laugh, tears now forming in the sides of his eyes. “For the love of God, babe,” you respond, shaking your head, not being able to remove the smile on your own face. Sometimes watching him try to tell the joke was the funniest part. You let him get the laughter out of his system, which takes longer than it would for any normal human. “I’m ready now,” he insists, but you aren’t quite sure. “Are you ready?” He asks, and you nod. He lets out another chuckle but gathers himself before continuing. “Can you believe they got back together after all that crap?” He repeats, after telling himself at the show to remember what a great laugh you would get out of the fan’s joke. You look at him confused. “Say, “Who?”,” he urges, helping you along. “Who?” Where was this going? “My butt cheeks,” he answers loudly as he lets out the laugh he had been keeping back for the last minute. You can’t help but laugh loudly in response. What a stupid joke. However, you were a sucker for stupid jokes, the same as Niall.

Louis: “Have you seen (Y/N)?” Louis asks, leaning in through the doorway to catering, everyone at the tables shaking their heads. You hadn’t made it there yet. He sighs, pushing himself back into the hallway to continue to search for you. He had been looking since soundcheck ended but had come up short. You weren’t in the dressing room where he had last seen you, and you hadn’t come out to into the stadium to watch him sing. “(Y/N)? Anyone?” He questions, as he walks past crew members getting the final touches ready for the show. No one seems to know where you are and he’s getting frustrated. He continues to make his way through the back hallways of the stadium, poking his head in every door in hopes that you would be in one of them. No luck, though. He had made it full circle back to catering. “Still didn’t find her?” Liam asks, as he sits at the table, a plate of food in front of him. “Well do you see her?” Louis counters, sarcastically looking behind him. “Did you check outside?” One of the crew members comments. Louis rolls his eyes. “Dammit.” Everyone in the room chuckles lightly at his memory slip. Of course you were outside. “Liam, I’m taking your scooter,” he announces from the hall, hopping on his bandmate’s motorized toy. “NO!” He hears behind him but he’s already too far away for it to matter. He speeds back through where he had just walked, wondering why he hadn’t taken Liam’s scooter in the first place. He makes it to the exit and leaves the scooter behind as he emerges into the hot sun that was shining down. Niall’s loud laughter is the first thing he hears, of course you were out here with him. He was always outside doing something. “Hey, babe!” You greet happily over the fans that had begun to scream as he makes his appearance. “I’ve been looking for you,” he remarks, his frustration in his tone. “Well you know I’m usually out here during soundcheck,” you remind him. You were never one to stay inside, really, especially where there was nothing to do. All the good stuff was outside. Yes, you had to deal with the screams and pictures, but it was worth it to be able to enjoy the sunshine. You bring the ball Niall had just kicked into you with your chest, before resting your foot on top of it. “You want a go?” You ask Louis, knowing he wouldn’t be able to resist an offer to kick the ball. He nods and you pass it to him, stepping back so that the now three of you made somewhat of a circle. This was probably the best part of being on tour with him. Yes, you loved the shows every night, but being able to get out and kick the ball around with him was really what you looked forward to the most. He loved it just as much as you did. After all football was his second job. You would remember these moments before you would ever remember the setlist.

Zayn: “Babe, that’s sick,” he says from the other side of the world via Facetime. You smile as you bring the screen away from the canvas you had been working on this last week and back to your face. “Thanks. I’ve spent all week in your art room,” you reveal. He didn’t usually let anyone in, you were the only exception. “It’s amazing,” he compliments again, a proud smile on his face. “Where are you going to hang it?” “I’m actually going to auction it off. That charity you all support, Rays of Sunshine, they called at the beginning of the week and asked if I would come up with something for their auction this weekend.” You hadn’t been sure exactly how they knew you were into art, maybe Zayn had said something in an interview at some point. You had of course told them you would make something, thankful they had given you a week to come up with it. You were just like Zayn in the fact that you could walk into the art room and just allow your mind to wander and come up with something you loved. This was different though, this was something special, something that was going to end up on someone else’s wall besides Zayn’s. “That’s awesome, babe. It’s going to make a ton for them. Will you take a picture of it when we hang up so I can show the rest of the lads?” “Of course,” you answer with a smile, knowing he was really proud of your work if he wanted to show it off. You could hear the background noise get louder as the empty room Zayn had found to talk with you fills up quickly with guys from both bands. “What are you talking about?” The face too close to the camera asks and you can’t help but chuckle at Liam’s nosiness. “Show him your work,” Zayn requests and Liam steps back to actually reveal his face at a normal distance. “Hi (Y/N)!” He greets as you pull the canvas from the floor again, holding it back so it could all fit in the screen. “That’s amazing,” Liam responds in awe. “Dude, she’s better than you,” he continues, joking with Zayn. “I wouldn’t go that far,” you respond honestly. Yes, you love creating art, but it’s different with Zayn. When he goes into his art room he does more than create art, his mind wanders endlessly as his creativity is shown through his work. You would stick with being good enough to be able to walk through the door.

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Amuse me

Aha! You didn’t mention the characters, Sunglasses - and I’m going to take advantage of that loophole.

Your wife is normally a cheery person, but when something gets her down, it really gets her down. You may be the Queen of all things dark, but when your wife is depressed, she reaches depths even you wouldn’t normal go to. So when your wife gets the news that the post of Chief Medical examiner had gone to a Dr. Maura Isles over her, she’s ready to renounce being a forensic pathologist and lie in bed. And you haven’t a clue how to cheer her up. How are you supposed to cheer up someone who’s always happy.

You’ve tried dragging her out of bed, but she’s adamant to lie in bed and go over all the reasons why Dr. Isles deserves the job over her. And she’s still in bed when you get Danny home from school, which makes you slightly worried. You’ve never seen your wife this dejected about anything - but you know she had been vying for the job for a long time. You decide that you would attempt to cheer up your wife later again after dropping Danny at Traci’s for the evening.

‘What’s wrong with Mommy?’ Danny asks as you put down a bowl of cereal for the two of you. You fumble at that. How do you explain to a 4 year old that his mother was feeling down because she didn’t get a job she wanted so badly.

'Umm Mommy’s feeling a little sad, Dan.’ you start, and then you realize you can’t really expect him to understand it all.

'Why??’ Danny asks back, looking back at you.

'Well, she lost her favorite toy.’

'No!’ he exclaims, suddenly looking sad himself.

'I know champ, but she’s feeling a little sad about that.’ you continue, between mouthfuls of cereal and urging him to eat as well.

'We should make her happy again!’ he shouts out loud, and you agree with that. And now you’re stuck in a loop of what to do to cheer up your wife up.

'I know, Danny - as soon as we’re done eating Ok?’ you say, finishing the last of your cereal and getting out your phone to let Traci know she was going to be bringing Danny over. As soon as Danny’s done with his cereal, he gets off his chair and rushes upstairs.


Holly’s lying on her side, staring at the door, going over every inch of everything she’s ever done in her job, wondering if she ever did something wrong, when she hears little footsteps coming her way. She sees Danny walking towards the bed, hands behind his back. Holly can’t help but smile when she sees him, looking oh so important as he walks into the room.

'Momma said you’re sad coz you lost your toy.’ Danny starts and you grin at that, trust Gail to explain it like that to Danny.

'Yeah.’ you say back, smiling a little at his concern.

'So I got you Mister Bunny for you to play with.’ he finishes, bringing his hands front and holding up his dirty, favorite plush toy. Your heart immediately melts at that and you get up, grab him and hug him tight, wondering why you didn’t do this before. It’s quite therapeutic, making you feel so much better already.

'Thanks so much Danny,’ you tell him, giving him a hard kiss on the cheek while he’s grinning from ear to ear. He shoves the toy into your hands, and you take the toy, realizing that your son is probably the sweetest thing ever.

'Play with him!’ Danny exclaims, and he takes the toy back from you to demonstrate.

'Ah. What does Mister Bunny do now?’ you ask, remembering that the toy rabbit had a dozen occupations, from cowboy to lion tamer.

'He’s a 'tective!’ Danny replies, playing with his toy while Holly’s still looking over him and playing with his short, soft hair. It does remind you of your wife’s hair and you grin at Danny’s answer.

'He’s a detective?’ you ask, remembering that your son is the most perceptive kid you’ve ever seen.

'Just like Momma!’ he says back, and your heart feels like it’s going to explode with the adorableness that is this kid.

'Unbelievable’ comes Gail’s voice from the door, and you turn to see her standing there with a little pout on her face, phone in hand. All it took was a plush toy, apparently.

'The kid’s smoother than me.’ Gail continues, walking into the bedroom and falling on the other side of the bed, while Danny’s still playing with his toy.

'He’s cuter than you.’ you smile back, resting your chin on top of Danny’s head, who is in another world, of Detective Rabbits and crooks.

'Think you’ll be Okay?’ Gail asks, concerned if you’re still feeling down about the job. You notice she’s looking at you, scanning to see if there’s any sign that you’re still feeling blue.

'Yeah.’ you smile back, feeling so loved. Nothing on Earth can be better than this, your cute son in your arms, your sweet wife looking at you with such care and concern. No job on Earth’s going to make up for this.

'Really?’ Gail urges, wanting to make sure you’re not just trying to be strong because Danny’s in the room.

'Yeah. I just remembered Dr. Isles doesn’t have an adorable son and a hot detective wife.’ you wink back at Gail and you can see she’s relieved. She sends out a quick text, to Traci you assume, and throws the phone back.

'So, what’s Mister Bunny doing here Dan?’ Gail asks her son, who’s playing seriously with his toy rabbit.

'He looking for the missing cookies Mommy told me about 'sterday!’ Danny replies and you chuckle at that. Gail, however starts to blush and you know it’s her.

'Gail!’ you scold, you had been worried your son had been sneaking off and eating them.

'I was hungry Hol! And I didn’t want Mister Bunny to catch me!’

Hope you’re amused, Sunglasses.

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ah um idk if you're still up for request but pls consider eremika (+other pairings, if you wanna) in actor au! thanks in advance~

I loved this because there are so many ways you could take it, but the first thing that came to my mind was tabloids and the people’s eye on actors at all times. It was really fun to write thank you!

“‘Up and coming star Mikasa Ackerman was seen walking around the town with costar Jean Kirstein on one of their breaks off set. Jean plays the main love interest in the movie opposite Mikasa. Could these two be taking their romance on screen to off screen?’”

Mikasa threw the towel she was drying her hands with at Eren who was lounging on the trailer couch. “Stop reading that garbage.”

Eren was practically cackling with laughter as he blocked the towel with the magazine. “C’mon, Mika, you’re on the front page! How cool is that?”

“Front page of a tabloid.”

He ignored her. “So how was that romantic walk with Kirstein? He’s got his arm around you here.”

Mikasa plopped down on top of his legs and looked over at the page Eren was showing her. “Oh, yeah would you look at that romantic gesture of leading me in the right direction because I’m completely lost in this city.”

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