come howl with me

x /Sangbum Playlist/ x

My top ten recommended Sangbum songs!

1.  Somebody To Die For - Hurts
2. Weathered - Jack Garratt
3. Reforget - Lauv
4. 5AM - Amber Run
5. Silhouette - Aquilo 
6. Come Back For Me - Jaymes Young
7. Howl - Florence And The Machine
8. One Way Or Another - Until The Ribbon Breaks
9. Stripped - Shiny Toy Guns
10. Between The Bars - The Civil Wars

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“give me prompts so I don’t just draw nothing but clowns,” I said to the internet. “DRAW MIMES” comes howling back @ me from the void. OK

Figured I would design a few minor characters from Killjoys, then, starting with this guy! He’s Marcela’s adopted son by her 5th husband. That dude met a…mysterious…end, but despite Marcela’s pretty obvious hand in the matter, Fleur adores her and is strikingly loyal to his mom. He’s not really cut out for the rougher side of the family business so he helps out as a personal assistant for Marcy and Cath.

There’s a gentle calm in your eyes
when you look at me,
my love.
What do you see, dare I ask;
What do our eyes
speak of?
Will you grant me an eternity
to find the words –
I am lost!
When I gaze in your gentle eyes,
I have all that I want.
Oh, my darling, please remember,
when you leave the eye
of the storm,
you can always come and find me;
you will always have a home.
—  Soft howling lullaby - M.A. Tempels © 2016


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Aaron, once Robert was released from hospital:

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a playlist for haunted!joseph aka this asshole || [screencap credit]

{ you’re the jerk of the week ; parrygripradio // another way out ; hollywood undead // animals ; maroon 5 // pet ; a perfect circle // still counting ; volbeat // bad intentions ; digital daggers // kodou ; dir en grey // army of me ; bjork // come with me now ; kongos // howl ; florence and the machine // hunter ; 30 seconds to mars // letting you ; nine inch nails // passenger ; deftones // if i had a heart ; fever ray }