come home lover

unclench your fists, my lover, the war is over now. 
     (i’ve forgotten how to uncurl my fingers from the trigger.)
be gentle, my lover, the war is over now.
     (i don’t remember what it’s like not to have gunsteel in my bones.)
come home, my lover, the war is over now.
    (i’m back at the place i left but home is gone where i cannot find it.)
sleep, my lover, the war is over now.
    (the war follows me into sleep. i’m afraid i’ll never leave it behind.)
kiss me, my lover, the war is over now.
    (my fingers still drip red and i do not want to stain you with them.)
—  teach me how to be at peace again ( j.p. )

Because The Monkeys can sing everything
Like The Stars That Shined - written by butliamwhy
By Organization for Transformative Works


Louis has stars in his eyes. Harry has known it since they were kids. They have their own tree, their own café booth, and so many years to fall in love. Perhaps a lifetime.

Author - butliamwhy      Tumblr - @idareyoutotakealook

One shot | 12,069 words | Fic published August 3, 2016

Fic post here!

Review - 9 out of 10 Larry Thumbs

Fluff and nostalgia and feelings, OH MY

This fic is so pure - you just want to wrap it in a green and blue blanket and snuggle with it for days. There are some super sweet moments spread throughout the story, and I couldn’t help but grin at every one of them.

I loved how the entire mood of this fic is nostalgic. Even when stressful things happen, the language and feel of the story is like it’s a memory or reflection. It really enhances the emotions and fluffy feels of the fic.  

If you love childhood friends to “I’m so in love with you” fics, this is a must read!


Avoiding him is the right thing to do now. If either of them has a change of heart, your life will be in danger.

dear diary:

i have forgotten the date.  Loam has pressed his snout up into the pit of my arm and fallen asleep.  i have spent the past several decades, or possibly hours, sliding a bracelet through the tips of my fingers.  it’s a fine bracelet, silver and linked by small threads of spider’s silk.  i have tried many times to break it but each time it simply snaps back into shape, falling onto my wrist like a lover coming home to a queen.  i like this bracelet because it makes me feel more important than i am.

my pack is a great deal lighter than it was when i set out to explore the attics.  i am running out of food and wine, and Loam whines at night, aching for a place to sink his roots, because there is little soil from which he can drink up here.  despite his aches and whines he is seldom far from my ankles, which makes my throat feel tight.  i have learned that this feeling is called ‘pride.’  i have decided that i love Loam, and that if i had to choose between him dying and myself dying, i would probably let myself die.  i am unsure if that is considered ‘love’ or ‘cheating’.

last night, Loam and i sank into the sand and found ourselves in a vestibule made of black sandstone pillars of the ionic tradition.  we have spent the past several hours knocking against the walls with our knuckles, letting the sand settle, waiting for new doors to appear.  it seems now that we have an option, and we will take it together, because stagnation is hardly an option in any case.  when i get home, i intend to bake a casserole with potato and asparagus and asiago, and i will have a whole bottle of cabernet sauvignon to myself.

Coming home like inhaling your smell
or my arms wrapped around you.

Picture this:
One day there will be a place we call
our own, in your heart or my mind.
We call it warmth, strenght and safety.
The light are always on waiting
for you to come home.
I am the light. I’m waiting.

Coming home like sleeping next to you
and waking up to your smile.

Picture this:
Every day, every night.
Im in your dream now, fighting the dragon as your hero, I’m in your dream, stealing kisses. It’s bright there, brighter than
you ever hoped it to be.
You wake up and smile at me,
it’s even brighter here now.

Coming home like whipsering
“I missed you” or running down the hallway.

Picture this:
We’re running, not away. But to somewhere. The trees whisper how the grass
missed our footprints, the bees tell us
they missed us picking flowers.
We lay in the sun and it’s kissing our skin, you are kissing my skin,
you are the sun.

Coming home like healing and growing under the touch of your fingertips on my spine.

Picture this:
Hands like a safety net, you are on stage, you are the artist flying. I’m catching you every time and when the show is over
you smile and the applause is so loud,
still my thoughts are louder
you can hear me thinking
“I want to catch you, I want to touch you”

Coming home like a song you sing to yourself, a quiet melody, a humming
in the back of your mind.

Picture this:
A lake so calm the fish are scared
to get caught doing what they are doing.
I am the lake. You are above me, your face almost touching the surface. Looking up
I see the stars and the clear nightsky, looking in to your eyes I see whole galaxies. And then you speak and the surface
starts trembling from
all the love you’re exhaling.

—  Please always come back home.

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Jin x Reader

Request by @cloeharrissonasf :
“ I’d like a smut from Jin please, a jealousy one where his lover comes home like late proably 2 or 3 am because she went out with friends to a movie but the movie turned into a bar XD “

Gender: Male x Female.

Genre: Angst, smut, fluff. 

Warning: -

Word count:   2903


It’s been awhile since the bubbles in her stomach has resurfaced.
It was different, so much more different than Y/N was with Jin, even though she was happy to call Jin her boyfriend there was no doubt the happiness he gave her and the happiness her friends gave her was different.
Jin made her stomach twist in more ways than one, made her cheeks fluster both from embarrassment or anger, Jin made her feel many things lovers should feel.
But her friends made her feel somewhat like a teen again, a teen that forgot the time, forgot to inform their elders where they where and followed their friends because they didn’t want to end the fun just yet.

It had been awhile since Y/N’s old group of friends had came together once more.
They all had agreed to see the new movie of Marvel, some stocked and some not as much but either way they where just happy everyone was back together again.
While Y/N was having the time of her life, Jin wasn’t, anxiously walking back and forth in Y/N’s apartment waiting for a sign of his girlfriend who had to be home by now but wasn’t.
The boy even called Y/N’s phone and texted her to the point his phone ran out of battery, it wasn’t for Y/N to not notify Jin if she will be late or if she is on her way.
She always made sure to keep Jin up to date when she had the chance and vice versa, but now it was already two am and the worry had gotten to Jin.
Instead of relief he felt anger boiling as hours had passed and only now he hear the cheerful laughter of Y/N from down below.

Feet stomped towards the curtain closed window, pushing the white thin fabric aside Jin furrowed his brows as he saw the familiar face of Y/N under the dim street light, her mouth stretched out in a smile as she was laughing along side a face that made Jin clench his fists to the point his knuckles turned white.
The boy had met some of Y/N’s friends among them was a boy Jin just didn’t feel right about, the way he was always up in his girlfriend’s space and of course Y/N was late.
She always was when she was with him, Jin wasn’t one to hate someone so easily but that friend of hers was an exception. 
Jin even forbid Y/N from seeing him, explaining how uncomfortable he felt when he was around Y/N but she simply shrugged it off, telling him they where nothing more than childhood friends but Jin did not buy such weak excuses. 

Jin stilled for a moment as he saw the two friends embrace one another a bit to long than should have, but that was not what did it for him.
A loud yelp escaped Y/N’s body as she got picked up by her friend, who in her drunken state couldn’t do anything else but let the extreme happiness take over her body.
In the years Jin has known and dated Y/N she had never let him carry her in a bridal style, finding it a bit scary for one she wasn’t a big fan of heights and two, it didn’t help Jin was quite the tall man.
Nor was her so called friend who carried her into the apartment complex, but instead of moving Jin waited for his girlfriend to come in.
Minutes passed and he could here stumbles, mumbles and laughter down the hallway.
Patiently Jin waited on the loveseat he bought for Y/N a long time ago, the day when she first moved into the apartment with her reason that she was closer to work which was a lie.
Y/N’s job was now a train ride longer than before, and even if Y/N did not tell Jin already knew she moved to be closer to Jin and his work which made him fall in love with her all over again, only now he was getting doubts.

The familiar sound of a key fumbling with the lock made Jin sit up even more straight.
Soon enough he could hear Y/N’s laughter along with her friend’s, feet stumbled into the house and it wasn’t a minute when the two stopped mid tracks starring right into Jin’s furious and jealous eyes.
Y/N’s friend knew about Jin not liking him, even when he tried to explain he never got further than a simple wave.

“Jin, what are you doing here?” Y/N said confused, it was not Jin’s free day nor week.

“I wanted to surprise my girlfriend who had been gone for a few hours.” Jin spat, his tone even shocking him but he sat still.
Noticing the dark atmosphere in the room Y/N’s friend dismissed himself.

“I-I should go.”

“Yes, you should.” Jin said, earning a furrowed expression of his girlfriend.“Hey, uh,” Y/N’s friend begun, giving Jin an anxious look before mumbling his sentence
“Call you okay?” Y/N simply nodded, watching her close friend practically run out of her apartment with a loud slam of the door closing.“What was that?” Y/N began.

“What was what?” Jin asked, his face still in a stone like expression.
His voice monotone and Y/N could tell something was wrong, but her intoxicated mind couldn’t help her figure it out.

“What’s up with you?” She asked, earning a scoff from Jin.

“I should be the one asking that.” Jin said, an even louder scoff left his body as he watched the confused expression of Y/N.

“You really don’t know?” Y/N shook her head, daring to take a step forward.

“You are really something Y/N.” Jin began.
“Letting me wait for hours on end and when you do show up it’s with him
Hands raised Y/N took a few more steps closer to Jin, shaking her head as her eyebrows knitted even more if possible.

“Okay, you’re acting weird Jin.” Was enough to make Jin launch out of the seat, his body towering over Y/N who was now in fear.
She still had no idea what was wrong, but what ever she had done she wouldn’t go away with a simple apology.

“I am acting weird?” Jin yelled,
“I am acting like the odd one, sure Y/N, sure.” Jin scoffed, the anger transferring to Y/N.

“Yeah sure Jin!” Y/N yelled back.
“How was I suppose to know you would be home?”

“It’s called a surprise for a reason, Y/N!” Jin argued back.

“Well you should have planned it better, you know I would be away!”

“Yeah for a hour not for few more!” Jin stepped forward, slowly closing the distance between him and Y/N.
“And why didn’t you say you would be with him?”

“Because you would act unreasonably jealous, Jin.” Jin eyes widened in disbelief.

“Unreasonably?” Y/N nodded.
There was a moment of silence before Jin let out a yell and his hand reached for the first best thing it could grab, their third year anniversary photo that went flying to the wall next to the the television not so far from the two.
Y/N flinched, her feet stepping back.
She had only seen Jin this mad one time, when one of the bangtan members accidentally broke one of his Nintendo collection, a rare figurine, and decided it was best not to tell but try and fix it.
But now, now it was because of something Y/N had done and didn’t know what to do.

“Don’t bullshit me, Y/N!” Jin yelled, causing Y/N to step back even more, but that didn’t help as Jin walked forward.
“You think it’s unreasonable for me to see my own girlfriend getting carried by a boy?" 
Y/N’s eyes widen.

"Y-you saw?” She managed to get out, her feet stopping mid way, silently watching Jin who went from anger to something that looked like fear and sadness in his eyes.
His muscles calmed down and Y/N could see Jin’s eyes clouding with tears and that once monotone yet stern voice quivered.

“Y/N,” Jin managed to get out, his eyes blurry with the fear of loosing the one he loved more than anything else.
“How would you feel if I carried someone else?” Y/N couldn’t find the words, in a way she understood but in another way she didn’t.
Her body stiffened as she felt strong arms wrapped around her body, pressing her into Jin who had rested his cheek on top of Y/N’s head.

“I love you, Y/N.” Jin choked out, making Y/N’s heart ache.
“I know I am not perfect, but don’t leave me.”
All Y/N could do is stand there, her mind trying to sober up and wanting her boyfriend to not doubt himself.

“please don’t le-” Jin stiffened, his muscles tensing as he could feel a pair of lips against his neck.
Through out the years two to had been dating, they had been told, if it so happened the both of them where feeling sexual Y/N was not allowed to place marks on places visible aka don’t leave hickeys or else. And through out many years the two obeyed the rule, understanding how fans would react or how much work the staff had to do.
But now, Y/N couldn’t care and Jin wasn’t sure what to think, the feeling of doing something bad yet feeling so good confusing him but that didn’t matter to the growing member in his pants.

“Y/N…” Jin tried to warn Y/N about the rule, but the way Jin said it made it sound more like a needy moan, something that encouraged the female more.
Her lips moving to another spot on his neck, just beneath his Adam’s apple.
The touch making Jin’s body tense even more, his arms tightening around the female.

“I love you Jin.” Y/N spoke between kisses.
“I love you so much,” She continued on, her arms trying their best to move in the iron grip of Jin, her hands slipping underneath his shirt and raked fingertips up while her mouth was still painting galaxies on his neck.

“Show me how much.” Jin breathed out, releasing Y/N from his hold.
Jin shuddered slightly as he felt Y/N’s hands ghost down his sides and out of his shirt.
Biting her bottom lip to hide a smirk that still slightly peaked through she nodded.
One of her hands placed against Jin’s chest pushing him back until the back of his knees greeted the edge of the loveseat, causing them to bend and make Jin fall, his eyes and body awaiting with anticipation.
It never ceased to amaze Jin how well Y/N could turn him on within seconds, now even quicker than before and most definitely due to the rule she had just broke.

Bending forward Y/N placed her hands on both Jin’s knees, sliding them up as she went down her knees. Both she and Jin could see the large bulge in Jin’s pants.
Slowly Y/N’s hands began to fumble with Jin’s pants in teasing way causing Jin to lift his hips in anticipation, an action that made Y/N crack a smile.
Y/N didn’t need to be told even once to hurry up as her fingers opened up the pants Jin eagerly helped himself out along the help of Y/N.
Jin licked his lips as he saw how beautiful his girlfriend looked between his thighs, her body curved so her ass was up for Jin to enjoy, but the boy was not sure what to enjoy.
Her ass or the way her eyes looked so round from down there, but when Y/N laid her tongue flat against Jin’s clothed member he knew where to focus on.
A hiss escaped Jin as Y/N moved her tongue up the cloth, watching how Jin craned his head back showing his Adam’s apple going up and down.

Content with the reaction Y/N made quick work of Jin’s underwear,
smiling at the effect she had on Jin and by all means Jin had the same effect on Y/N right now, but her focus was now on making Jin feel better.
Jin turned his focus back on Y/N watching how his member disappeared into Y/N’s mouth, causing him to groan and trying his best to keep his focus on how his girlfriend worked her magic on him.
With one hand wrapped around the part she couldn’t take in Y/N began to move it up and down while her mouth did the same, her tongue leaving a long stripe as she got out earning another moan of Jin.
Y/N never lost eye contact with Jin, her tongue licking the tip of Jin’s head before engulfing it once more.

“Fuck, you’re so good.” Jin hissed.
The moans and groans and hissings Jin made caused fire in Y/N’s abdomen and she even though she wished to feel some friction of herself, she kept her best to focus on pleasuring Jin who looked he’d almost was there.
But even with the pleasure given to him, he wanted his girlfriend to feel some pleasure too but he was not the one giving it to her as he was enjoying himself already.

“Princess.” And out came the nickname that made Y/N melt.
Even when Jin called out Y/N she didn’t stop.
“You want to feel pleasured too?” Jin asked, sucking breath to his teeth as he could feel a moan coming from Y/N that was a confirmation.

“Then do it yourself.” Jin commanded, his eyes filled with lust and seriousness.
Y/N and Jin had ventured into the many realms of sex, but never had Jin told Y/N to pleasure herself as she was pleasuring Jin, something that excited Y/N non the less and by the feel of it, Jin too.
With her other free hand Y/N moved to her jeans, a hand slipping in but as she did so Jin clicked his tongue.

“No, I want them off.” Jin commanded.
Y/N looked at him with a raised eyebrow, but Jin meant it.
“Now.” Jin growled.

With a pop Y/N had released Jin’s member, scrambling up to take of her jeans.
Jin’s eyes dark and hooded as he watched how is girlfriend undressed herself.

“Underwear too.” Jin said, and Y/N quickly obeyed, her under half now completely naked.
Quickly Y/N positioned herself back between Jin’s legs, her mouth back on his member as she let out a satisfying moan when her fingers slid into herself making Jin also moan from the vibration.
“Do you like it, Princess?” Jin groaned, the words only adding more tightness in the knot in Y/N’s stomach.

“Don’t you wish those where my fingers pleasuring you?” He asked and Y/N simply moaned.

“Not yours, nor your friend, but mine and mine only?” more moans.

“You are mine, and mine only.” Jin groaned out. With another moan Jin flung one of his hands up into Y/N’s hair grabbing a fist full of it.

“Fuck, princess I am close.” Jin hissed, and Y/N sped up both with her mouth and her fingers inside of herself, hitting her sweet spot that produced more and more moans that made Jin hold her hair tighter. 
Just like Jin Y/N could feel herself close, loosing her concentration and becoming sloppy but Jin was not having it.

“Be a good princess and hold still.” Jin commanded as he took matters of his own.
Y/N knew what it meant and she stopped moving up and down his member as Jin did the job, swatting away the hand that held his member to go even deeper into Y/N mouth.
Tears escaped her eyes as she could feel the tip of Jin hitting the back of her throat causing her to gag around him, but Jin did not care as he needed just a few more movements for him to come undone.

“You take me in like a good girl.” Jin sighed as he saw how obedient Y/N sat, taking in whatever Jin gave her while he could see Y/N’s arm in motion.
With a simple adjustment of his head he could see a glimpse of Y/N’s fingers going in and out of herself, her fingers already coated with herself.
Even though it was a glimpse it was enough for Jin to reach his high, releasing all in Y/N who got surprised by the sudden spilling, yet she took it all in, not that she had a choice as Jin still had a grip on her hair.
Jin looked at Y/N for a second, seeing of some of his spilling dripped out of her mouth and then back to how Y/N made herself come undone all over her fingers, a sight Jin never thought he enjoyed so much.

With a satisfying pop Y/N released herself from Jin, looking completely fucked out and tired with her chest heaving heavily up and down.
Jin didn’t think twice as he moved from the loveseat and down to scoop Y/N up, surprised on how she didn’t tell him to put her down.

“Aren’t you going to tell me to put you down?” Jin asked and Y/N shook her head.
“But weren’t you afraid of heights?” Y/N chuckled.

“Jin,” Y/N mumbled.
“I live on the fifth floor of an apartment building, I didn’t want you to carry me because I was afraid I might injure you.” Jin stopped walking, raising and eyebrow at Y/N.


“I was afraid you might injure yourself so I made up an excuse." 

"But what about your friend?” Y/N shrug her shoulders causing Jin to laugh, guess Jin was just a bit more special than him
With a muffled thud the two fell into the two person sized bed, Jin being the one wrapping himself and Y/N in the warm blanket too lazy to clean up as he was too tired just like Y/N.
But before sleep could take over Y/N spoke once more.

“He’s gay.” She mumbled.

“Excuse me?” Jin asked.

“My friend,  he’s gay and had a crush on you.”
Y/N laughed as she saw Jin looked at her with wide eyes in disbelief and face heating up becoming redder than a tomato.
So all this time Jin was the one and not Y/N?

That truly was unreasonably jealousy, I suppose.   v�v:�$Z ��

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(gifs by synthbin 
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Okay, this isn’t the best thing I have written plot wise, but I really don’t feel like redoing it. 

My apologies!

Your wife tells me she’s not coming back from Portugal.
—  white woman, in  Boulder