come home for the holidays

If next week is the mistletoe kiss that was teased at the beginning does that mean Home for the Holidays is coming to an end?

We’ve had the big moment with Wyatt, though Nick and Holly still need theirs and we need to know the fate of Holly’s Book, so I won’t be shocked if there are two more chapters, however I am ready for it to be over.

I liked it, but it is dragging at this post by.

i have a fake son.
his name is Tim and he is working on his M.S. in astrophysics at Berkeley.
he is devestatingly handsome and enjoys rock climbing and volunteers as a counselor at the local YMCA there in Berkeley, California.
i am so proud of my fake son. i have raised him up in my own head to be such an outstanding member of society.
“Tim” is only brought up when asked about by one particular woman at work that i only see on occasion. i don’t make a habit or game of lying to people, but with her, it kinda came about as follows:
Faye is one of those people who has been there/done that and will hang herself on the cross while she tells you how much worse the experience was for her. i’ve seen this woman Kanye West an 8-month pregnant girl at said girl’s own baby shower to glorify the gift she gave her as well as go into how horrible her labor was with her own children. Faye also is a braggart. her car/purse/house/ring/shoes/etc. all cost more than whatever yours did and her children are all angels.
i was forced to work with Faye for 2 days about 5 years ago. she called me Emily a few times before i finally told her my name is Amy, not Emily. she gave me a sideways glance and said, “I like Emily better”, and since then, she has always called me Emily. i let this go because to get angry with her and tell her off is to see her become dramatic and begin crying and insist she did not mean anything by it while not issuing anything close to an apology. Faye is always right, too, you know.
anyway, when she shut up long enough about herself and her fabulous offspring on the second day, she asked, “Do you have any children, Emily?”
i replied that i do not. she then launched into her daughter taking fertility drugs so that she could give her mother grandchildren someday.
that was the only question she asked me until i saw her about a year later.
“Oh, HI, Emily! How are you?!”
“Hi, Faye…how are you?”
“Wonderful, wonderful. Stephen just graduated from UT. He’s going to be the best doctor ever! How is your son, uh, Tim?”
it took me a second. Tim? son? what the hell is she talking about?!
it dawned on me what a complete narcissist she truly is. she hadn’t heard me the day she asked if i had children, because she didn’t care. she didn’t care enough to call me by my real name, so it wasn’t much of a surprise.
i couldn’t stop myself. i briefly thought about correcting her, but i decided to just go with it.
“Tim is doing so well. He was just accepted to Berkeley after his amazing thesis on planetary nebuli. We are so proud of him.”
her eyes grew big. “Oh, how nice! But, Berkeley? That’s so far from home. UT is an excellent school; surely he could’ve been accepted there?…”
i gave a small chuckle. “Oh, well, they wanted him for sure, Faye. I mean, all the letters he received, practically BEGGING him to study there. But, well, they just don’t have a sufficient astronomy department. UT is a fine school, but not for the subject that Tim is going into. Astrophysics is not something you can study just anywhere, you know.”
her eyes narrowed. “Medicine is what these young people should be going into. Astrophysics? What is that, anyway? How will it contribute to the world?”
“Gosh, I don’t really know how to explain astrophysics, Faye. It’s so mind blowing for simple minds like mine and yours. But searching for things in space that could potentially help our planet is a pretty big deal, I think.”
Faye promptly excused herself. i knew i had gotten her.
i’ve bumped into her on and off throughout the past 5 years and she always told me how her angels were saving the world, especially Stephen, and then she’d ask about Tim. and i made sure my Tim was one step above her Stephen. her face would turn crimson and she would have to abruptly leave.
i saw her as i was leaving work yesterday and she stopped me to wish me a happy Easter.
“Stephen is coming home this holiday. He’s bringing his fiance. She’s a doctor too, you know. How is Tim? Don’t tell me he’s still not graduated?…”
“Oh, Faye, don’t be silly! Astrophysics takes YEARS to graduate from. It’s not as simple as medicine. But, yes, he is close to graduating.”
“Is he coming home for Easter? I can’t imagine spending holidays without my children; how dreadful! Oh, but he’s all the way in California…it costs so much to fly here, I assume.”
I grinned. “Yes, it does. But he’s such a sweetheart, he’s flying me out there this year! Taking a break from his studies and humanitarian efforts to have his dear ol’ Mom around for Easter. I’m so lucky!”
“…yes, well, have a nice time, Emily. Happy Easter!”
“You too, Kay! Oh, I mean Faye!”
you know, like i said before, i don’t like to lie. it does seem very silly to have let this go on for so long. Tim has been a fabrication in the making for over 5 years now, he almost feels real to me.
when i see Faye, i have images of my fake son, looking so handsome in his lab coat as he’s peering into a microscope looking at dust particles from a comet. i see him jogging with his dog on the beach. i see him hiking and biking and climbing. i see him helping an elderly woman with her groceries.
it’s a true testament that if you lie, or let a lie go on for a while, it becomes a solid thing that you have to keep up with.
oddly enough, i don’t lose sleep on this lie. i don’t see her often enough to fib about this on a daily or consistent level. Faye never cared anything about me or my life until she had something to try to one-up me on. SHE is the one losing sleep on account of her Stephen not succeeding quite like my Tim. it’s amazing how this lie has eaten her alive and made me feel proud of something that doesn’t even exist…
eh well.
i’ll be boarding the fake plane to Berkeley this afternoon, to celebrate Easter with my fake son.
Mama’s soooo proud of you, Timmy!


au where they’re nextdoor neighbors and bffs but Otabek leaves for college whilst Yurio is still finishing his senior year so everytime Beka comes home for the holidays they’re inseparable, Catching Up On bff Stuffs, which is mostly just Yurio eating pizza while complaining about how terrible highschool is 

Fancy dinner dates spent pocketing breadsticks and silverware. I give it twenty minutes tops before they either get kicked out or decide on skipping the tab.

Come Home Soon

summary: Bucky’s away on a mission during the holiday season, and you hope he can make it in time for your Secret Santa exchange.

pairing: Bucky x reader 

word count: 1,867

warnings: tiny bit of angst if you squint, holiday fluff

a/n: Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate today! I hope you enjoy this cute lil story, and have a good day with your loved ones.

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I wish I could be there

We’ll do a rain check and exchange when you’re back

Bucky takes a minute to respond to your text, and you know he’s running a hand through his hair.

It’s okay, Y/N. You can open the presents without me. I’ll get mine later.

Later is too long

A few weeks is too long?


“Patience” -Steve Rogers

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Carey taught herself how to pick locks at ten as a party trick, got arrested at fourteen for breaking into a bank on a dare, and as an adult refuses to tell her family where she works and always comes home for the holidays with her giant orc girlfriend as a plus one. 

Her parents have just kind of resigned themselves to the fact that she’s a criminal mastermind dating her muscular second in command, and that she probably runs the biggest gang in Neverwinter or something. There are worse situations for their grandkids to be raised in. At least Killian is a nice girl. 

You know what? I really love this and here’s why.

You have Draco, who has never been much of a (physically) touchy person, even more so after the war.

Draco, who feels as though he has no other option than to isolate himself from the students at school because of this web of guilt gripping his insides.

Harry, who is crushed under the weight of being treated like a celebrity; of constant inquiries of whether or not he was okay; of everyone treating him like one of Aunt Petunia’s antique China cups.

Was there reluctancy behind the friendship Draco and Harry found in each other? Perhaps. But that didn’t mean they didn’t immediately gravitate towards each other.

Befriending Draco, Harry thought, felt like a small act of rebellion. Like dunking your head underwater but emerging feeling new, feeling clean.

And befriending Harry, Draco thought, was everything he never said he’d wanted from the first time he saw his picture in the papers. Like coming home for the holidays to a fire burning and soup on the stove. Like sharing secrets on the playground as a kid.

Like a giant crush he would never admit to anyone.

They really did mesh well together in an unconventional way, much like mixing hot and cold water to create something mild. Maybe with a few added drops of hot sauce.

The hair, though. That was going to have to change.

Here’s the thing. Draco liked control. Adored control. He needed control in order to breathe.

But Harry? He made Draco lose his grasp on the reins of reality. His palms got clammy. The urge to constantly lick his lips increased by a factor of twenty. His clothes felt entirely too tight to fit him anymore. All because of that damn hair.

Harry let it grow out, and now it fell lazily over his shoulders in a way Draco thought should be illegal (no one should be allowed to look that good with hair that atrocious). Hairbrushes and combs and products seemed nonexistent to Harry. His hair draped itself across his eyes when he wasn’t paying attention during one of his dazed-out moments. It probably smelled like Irish Spring.

Draco wanted to roll around in it forever.

He hated it.

He couldn’t stop thinking about it. The hair. He couldn’t stop thinking about the boy on which it dwelled. Maybe if it didn’t look so damn good all the time Draco wouldn’t have to deal with the unwanted feelings cropping up every time they were in the room together, lingering somewhere between his stomach and his rib cage. He couldn’t handle it.

He finally caved one day, barging into the eighth year common room armed with his combs and products and a slew of other hair-related items, and announced to an amused but compliant Harry that he was going to “fix” his hair. It was only for the good of humanity as a whole (so Draco said).

Yes, yes, this was exactly what he needed. Get the hair out of Harry’s face. Out of sight, out of mind. If only he could do that with Harry himself… God, his hair was softer than he had imagined it.

No, fuck, no! He looked damn wonderful with a French braid in!

Harry kept the braid in all day, twiddling the end with his thumb and forefinger while he slouched in an overstuffed chair and read a book. He was just trying to taunt him with his devastatingly good looks, Draco thought. He’d have to have another go the next day. He was determined.

A goddamn ponytail was no better. Hell, Harry looked bloody fuckable in space buns, for heavens sake! Draco was running out of hairstyles to try out, and out of excuses as to why he was so desperate to “fix” Harry’s hair. “It’s bloody atrocious” was not going to be a suitable excuse for much longer.

It became routine, however, somehow: Draco shoving his feelings down his throat each morning, approaching Harry in the common room armed with a wide variety of products, sculpting his hair into some style Harry would somehow use to unknowingly taunt Draco from across the room for the entirety of the day… a routine they both secretly enjoyed immensely but would never say anything about.

The hints of reluctancy loitering uninvited behind their newfound friendship were gone.

Harry told Draco everything now. Not just the hard stuff. His favorite color. His favorite quidditch moment. Why he thought the sky was blue. Things he never talked about with Ron and Mione.

All while Draco did his hair in the mornings and tried with every fiber of his being not to blurt out how he really felt.

Until the time everyone was gone for the holidays, and they were the only ones in the common room, and they had both had far too much firewhiskey to drink. The few embers remaining in the fireplace cast a warm orange glow across the room and Draco didn’t think twice before absently reaching up to wind a lock of Harry’s hair around his finger. It was the softest thing he’d ever ever felt.

Harry smelled like Irish Spring.

He wasn’t sure why he’d felt prompted to touch it. He just thought Harry looked like what might happen if Draco took all the magic out of his body and made a person out of it and forgot about everything else.

They were sitting limply against the front of one of the couches, forced to the ground with drunkenness and sleep. The clock said it was past midnight. Midnight was dangerous. Midnight was full of lowered inhibitions and regrettable conversations.

Draco didn’t see it happen. He didn’t know it was happening, even after it was over. They just were. They were drunk. They were content. They were Harry. They were Draco. They were… kissing.

Harry was kissing him.

Kissing, with more meaning (and tongue) than Draco had ever been kissed with before. And there was so much hair everywhere, hair to roll around in, to smell, to touch, to feel, to love, and they were kissing

“Why fix my hair? What was wrong with it to begin with?”

Draco scowled, internally scolding his feelings for not forcing him to regurgitate them before Harry made the first move. “Nothing at all, you idiot. That was the problem.”

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How about a semi angsty fight with the rfa+V but they make up because HAPPY ENDINGS ARE NICE

I’m a slut for angst don’t give me this power 


✮ you had accidentally knocked the power cord to his computer while you were cleaning and he was playing LOLOL 
✮ he screamed 
✮ he was ranting and raving about how he was in the middle of an important raid and he was so close to levelling up 
✮ and you’re kinda standing there with a laundry basket and a pile of clothes almost over your head 
✮ and you don’t know what to do 
✮ you kind of want to cry 
✮ you kind of want to throw the laundry at his head 
✮ until 
✮ “rika never did things like this!!”
✮ oh 
✮ of course
✮ it somehow always got back to this point. comparing you with rika 
✮ sometimes he didn’t mean it or even realise he’d done it. but this was different 
✮ you remain eerily calm, putting the laundry down before turning to glare at yoosung 
✮ a wave of realisation hits him and he’s just full of guilt 
✮ you very calmly tell him you’re going to spend the night with jaehee, and ask him not to contact you 
✮ he begins crying and pleading with you to stop and stay 
✮ he’s so sorry and he’s just hating himself while you pack an overnight bag
✮ he’s practically on his knees and following you, begging you to stay 
✮ you kind of pause when you see the raw sorrow in his face 
✮ you sigh and stop for a moment 
✮ you’re hurt but you know that you have to talk it out with yoosung for it to get better 
✮ you both talk for a few hours, and he completely understands your viewpoint and he apologises 18923475829 times 
✮ he stays off of LOLOL for a few weeks, and even after that he tries not to get too obsessed– because that’s how the whole problem started 
✮ he just doesn’t want to lose you 


✎ you just wanted her to stop working so much 
✎ she was working overtime at the cafe 
✎ so much that she practically lived there 
✎ she was there after-hours and before-hours 
✎ sometimes she slept there and wouldn’t come home 
✎ so you book a holiday for her in secret, making plans behind her back for the cafe so it can function without her
✎ you tell all the employees and the deliverers who are close with the shop 
✎ but when you sit jaehee down and announce your plan 
✎ she gets so cold 
✎ she wants none of it 
✎ she’s not overworking herself dammit 
✎ she’s just doing what needs to be done 
✎ you try telling her that she doesn’t need to coddle the cafe, that you and the other emplyees were fully capable of running it 
✎ but she’s so worked up 
✎ and she says that you can’t 
✎ you’re clearly offended and you’re upset that your hard work planning this holiday for her is being pushed aside 
✎ somehow, you get her to take the holiday and see how it pans out 
✎ she’s calling you constantly 
✎ eventually you start ignoring her calls and texts 
✎ she gets so freaked out that the cafe is literally crumbling with you in charge so she rushes home 
✎ and you’re so mad when she rushes into the cafe, only to stop when she sees everything is going as usual 
✎ “b-but you weren’t answering my calls! I thought something happened!” 
✎ “jaehee i was ignoring you because you have no trust in me and I was busy making sure you could enjoy your holiday!” you were screaming 
✎ she felt so bad 
✎ she took her vacation and came back a lot better 
✎ you two made up, and she explained that her problem came from being jumin’s assistant for so long (if she didn’t do her job everything fucked up bc jumin is horrible at his job lmao) 
✎ she was a lot more calm after that and took breaks when she needed to (even took some time off on every second weekend- when you took care of the cafe) 


✿ he was working 
✿ of course 
✿ his job was the root of most of your arguments as a couple 
✿ but this time he had gone out for drinks with the cast 
✿ while you were standing outside of a restaurant waiting for him- you were going to have a date since filming was wrapping up that day (which is why the cast was having drinks in the first place) 
✿ you had faith in him, and stayed there until the restaurant closed 
✿ which was very, very late in the evening, seeing as it was part bar 
✿ as you were walking home, upset 
✿ zen came stumbling out of the bar with his castmates 
✿ he doesn’t notice you at first 
✿ until one of his acting buddies points at you, not recognising you, and laughs about how you’re soaked in rain and look like you’ve had that worst day of your life 
✿ you hear him 
✿ zen chuckles slightly before looking closer and realising who it is 
✿ swears up a storm as he pushes away everyone- muttering out something like ‘ssss my girlfirendddd’ 
✿ he tries to grab you because you’re storming away 
✿ he’s trying to coo and ask you why you were out so late because he’s drunk and doesn’t remember 
✿ you slap his hands away before screaming at him 
✿ “I was waiting for you! Our date for celebrating the end of filming?! Guess you had other plans, huh?!” 
✿ he’s so shocked like 
✿ it looks like he’s been smacked in the face 
✿ he follows you all the way home, apologising profusely 
✿ you make him sleep on the couch and lock yourself in the bedroom 
✿ when he wakes up the next morning he remembers, even through his wicked hangover 
✿ he cooks an amazing breakfast and waits for you to come out 
✿ when you do he hands you flowers with a card about how sorry he is
✿ he swears that he’ll make it up to you- and never let it happen ever again 


₩ he was planning on properly introducing you to his father 
₩ but he was getting so controlling 
₩ he literally dressed you and did your hair and practically gave you a lecture on how to act and what to say 
₩ you’re kind of pissed at him but try to understand that he’s just stressed about how his father will react 
₩ his father loves you, and you loosen up- begin to be yourself 
₩ his father leaves after blessing your relationship together 
₩ but jumin is fuming 
₩ ‘what were you doing?! I told you not to say this or that’ blah blah 
₩ you’re just so shocked 
₩ “jumin that’s not who I am!” 
₩ “that’s who you should be!” 
₩ silence. 
₩ jumin has never been afraid of anything 
₩ but he’s afraid of this silence and the tears that are slipping down your cheeks 
₩ he’s afraid of what he said. he’s afraid of himself 
₩ he stumbles over his words as he tries to apologise, saying that isn’t what he meant 
₩ you can’t hear him though, all you can hear is his previous words echoing through your head 
₩ you tell him you’re sleeping in the guest room that night- the only thing you said before locking him out 
₩ when you get up the next morning 
₩ you open the door and see jumin sitting on the ground agains the wall next to your door, elizabeth pulled to his chest 
₩ his eyes were puffy and his cheeks and nose red 
₩ he had a note next to him that he hadn’t finished 
₩ it read ‘I’m sorry’ over and over, tear stains smudging some of the letters 
₩ you sigh, and kneel down to wake him up 
₩ he explains that he thought his father wouldn’t accept you unless you were like the other women and he didn’t want his father to come between your relationship anymore than he already had with the Sarah bullshit 
₩ and you make up but he spends so long reassuring you that he loves you so much, just the way you are 


✞ he was doing it again
✞ he was trying to push you away 
✞ someone had approached you while you were on the street, asking about a ‘707′ 
✞ when you told saeyoung he got so scared and reverted back to his old ways 
✞ trying to push you away so that you ‘wouldn’t get hurt’ 
✞ when you try to kiss his cheek he physically pushes you away (after acting hostile all day) 
✞ and you trip over his wires and fall- hitting your head on the ground 
✞ he’s shocked, you’re shocked 
✞ he reaches forward to try and help you but freezes when you flinch away 
✞ he feels like less than shit 
✞ he feels like death himself. the grim reaper- that’s him. 
✞ he watches helplessly as you stumble to your feet and rush off to the bedroom, locking yourself inside (even though Saeyoung had control over the locks) 
✞ he spends about an hour just leaning over his desk with his head in his hands, thinking over how terrible he had been 
✞ how you deserve so much better 
✞ he was unstable. he was dangerous. 
✞ you were the light. you were everything 
✞ after a while he unlocks the door and sends your robot-cat in with flowers and a note in his mouth 
✞ it’s a handwritten letter from saeyoung, telling you he was just scared 
✞ that he was so sorry. that he loved you more than he could ever understand and he didn’t know how to deal with that yet 
✞ you slowly walk out, seeing him sitting on the ground somewhere, surrounded by the mess that he’d made 
✞ he had thrown all the cushions and pillows on the couch. ripped up the first drafts of the note. he’d even knocked one of his monitors to the ground, shattering it.
✞ you sit with him and talk together 
✞ you make a plan for how you can both deal with these times better 
✞ he promises to spend his life making sure you’re as happy as you can be 


☼ i’m so sorry but i don’t want to hurt this precious roll 

Lily: Well, we’ve got to find a way to cut down on expenses. What can we live without?

Albus: Probably James.

jimin scenario | the sky fell down in front of us

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You and Jimin both have awful timing, just like the clouds that threaten rain ❞

prompt: for crying out loud, please stop drawing stupid pictures on my bus window when we ride together! How old are you??

pairing: jimin x reader

requested by anon | 4.6k words | fluff, angst

author’s note: this song captures the tone I was trying to create far better than my words ever could on their own; I recommend that you listen to it as you read

Maybe Jimin does it for the reaction from you, your cheeks puffing up with angry air, face reddening, chastising him ‘not to be so childish’. Or maybe he does it to be that extra bit nearer to you, feeling the warmth you radiate through your jumper. Or maybe he just likes the quick breath of your apple shampoo that he catches when he stretches his arms across to your window.

Whatever the reason, Jimin has been reaching across your seat to draw on your bus windowpane ever since year one. It became a routine from the first day of high school, when he sat down beside you, and shyly glanced across, to see that there were tears trembling along your waterline, threatening to spill if you hit a dip in the road. With your shiny new school shoes, your newly cut hair (perhaps trimmed a little shorter than you wanted), and a backpack overstuffed with school supplies you would never need, it was clear that the prospect of your first day at ‘big school’ terrified you.

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AQUARIUS: writing a poem you like for the first time in months. learning how to love yourself. when a stranger smiles at you. screaming the words to your favorite song. smoking cigarettes in the backseat of a car.

PISCES: going to your first therapist appointment. making amends with someone who wronged you. giving a speech in front of a classroom. talking about the things that used to hurt and realizing they don’t anymore.

ARIES: exploring someone’s body like a treasure map. the first time you drank alcohol in your friend’s basement. writing until your fingers are sore. running so fast you can’t breathe. screaming profanities out of a car window.

TAURUS: coming home for the holidays. hiking up a mountain and enjoying the beautiful view. someone standing up for you. hot chocolate warming your throat after being out in the cold. reading a poem that’s about you.

GEMINI: when someone says i love you for the first time. laughing so hard your stomach aches. crying so hard but feeling better afterwards. showing up at your ex’s house half drunk. flowers blooming in the spring after a long winter.

CANCER: how it feels when someone is afraid to lose you. loving someone despite all of the mistakes they have made. feeling bad for somebody else. turning your hurt into artwork. hanging your feet over the edge of a dock.

LEO: talking to someone under the stars at 2 in the morning. drinking wine with your mom. baking chocolate chip cookies and eating the dough. tasting snow on your tongue. when you make a joke and everyone laughs.

VIRGO: sitting at home curled up with your favorite book or tv show. the shy longing looks at the beginning of a relationship. the satisfaction you feel when you help others. acing a test. looking up at the stars at night.

LIBRA: looking into someone’s eyes and knowing exactly how they feel. having deep conversation with someone and feeling like they understand you. sprawling across your best friend’s bed. your hair being played with.

SCORPIO: making love in a restaurant bathroom. sneaking out of your parents’ house in the middle of the night. sitting around a blazing fire singing songs and sharing stories. kissing someone first. saying i love you and meaning it.

SAGITTARIUS: dancing in the middle of the street. autumn leaves crunching underneath your feet. taking a vacation to a different country where you don’t speak the language. looking into the mirror and liking what you see.

CAPRICORN: meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time. eating ice cream and getting brain freezes with your best friends. saying goodbye to someone you thought you couldn’t live without. standing up to your fears.

—  what the signs remind me of

** = Ongoing

Total Number - 74

Last Update: 12/31/17


Bruce Banner x Reader

  • Shock Control” - Reader has the power to control electricity but is still learning to control it. Bruce helps most of the time. But when he goes out on a mission, things don’t go so smoothly back at the compound.
  • Better With You” - An away mission goes awry. The captain and your best friend try to keep calm while waiting for help.
  • “Change of Pace” - Everyone has been working hard on missions and work back at the compound. So when you all finally get a break, you decide to kind of split up. You and your boyfriend decide to visit your family in Orlando.

Bucky Barnes x Reader

  • Tea and Confessions” - Bucky helps reader after a particularly difficult day.
  • Cautious” - After being saved from a Hydra base, an old flame reawakens. But now you have another challenge: adjusting to living in the tower with the Avengers…
  • Green” - Reader has been having a tough time and needs an escape. She loses control when she is stopped. Bucky has to try to calm her down.
  • Climbing” - Reader isn’t very happy with her physical appearance. The team could tell that something was off, but they weren’t sure exactly what it was until Tony throws a party. After hearing some things from other members of the team, the reader’s boyfriend, Bucky, starts to worry and confronts her.
  • Like a Glove” - Reader picks skin a lot when stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, et cetera. She wears gloves to help her not pick as much. But when her gloves get damaged during a mission, she isn’t sure what to do. Bucky to the rescue.
  • Achievements” - You help Bucky through a nightmare but get injured in the process. But breakfast fixes everything.
  • Cat Fight” - You are part cat thanks to Hydra, but it did help you get close to Bucky. You both survive the events of Civil War, and the team is working on reconnecting. But not everything is picture purr-fect.

Peter Parker x Reader

  • It’s About Time” - You and Peter have been friends for a year or two. Peter saves you during a party that your father, Tony Stark, is throwing and helps you through some thoughts you have about college while also confessing something.

Steve Rogers x Reader

  • Dietary Restriction” - The team is at one of Tony’s parties. Natasha and Steve notice that one of their friends hasn’t been eating a lot lately. Steve decides to speak up about it.
  • Interruption” - Dinner and quality time with your family and boyfriend. Everyone can speak and be heard. Right?
  • The ‘Work It Out’ Method” - After a stressful week, you decide to work it out in the gym. Not everything goes according to plan, and Steve is there to help.
  • Hocus Pocus” - After working on one of your favorite holidays, you come home to one of the best surprises thanks to Steve and the team, but mostly Stevie.

Tony Stark x Reader

  • Frozen in the Dark” - Reader has powers similar to Bobby in the X-Men movies, and is afraid of the dark thanks to Hydra. When there is a storm and all of the power goes out in the Avengers tower, she and Tony get closer.
  • Summer Secret” - A couple of secrets get revealed at a pool party in the tower.
  • Intervention” - No one really knew about your mental health problems, until tonight. Your dad, Tony, walks in on you in the bathroom and everything changes.
  • No More Monochrome” - The reader wears a lot of shades of black, the team calls her out on it every so often. But then things change.
  • Upgrades” - After a rough day at work, you come home to a surprise from Tony.


Alfred Pennyworth x Reader

  • ** “From Something to Nothing to Something” ( Part 1 / Part 2 )

Bruce Wayne x Reader

  • Fight Me” - Reader has a rough day and Bruce helps her out. Confessions are a thing.

Edward Nygma x Reader

  • Dangerous Game” - Requested Oneshot using the song Dangerous Game from the musical Jekyll & Hyde

Jerome Valeska x Reader

Jim Gordon x Reader

Oswald Cobblepot x Reader

  • Songbird” - Oswald and reader have been together for quite some time now. She has been with him through everything, but he finds out something new when he comes home from work early.

Victor Zsasz x Reader

  • Stage Kisses” -Reader is working a show. Victor says that he has to work and can’t make it, but ends up surprising the reader.
  • ** “Guard Dog” - After a home invasion, Victor’s girlfriend gets back on her feet with the help of others.
  • Creeper Shot” - Reader finds out that Victor has been taking sneaky pictures of her. Fluff ensues.
  • Realization” - Victor realizes how much he likes reader
  • Date Night” - Requested Oneshot

Multiple Characters x Reader

  • Tightrope Walking” - When Jerome comes back, you are forced to not only tell your boyfriend, Bruce, about your past, but you have to relive it too…

Harry Potter

Remus Lupin x Reader

  • Fireworks” - You and the Marauders are all friends. It’s a holiday weekend and you all are hanging out when James and Sirius decide to play around with one of the things you hate - Fireworks. Remus can help though.

Sirius Black x Reader

  • “Cats & Dogs” - You’re a transfer from Ilvermorny and become friends with the marauders.


Eggsy Unwin x Reader

  • Fireproof” - After a genetic mutation showed itself about 5 years ago, you became a Kingsman and worked alongside some of the best agents: Your father, Merlin, Roxy, and Eggsy. When you are assigned a mission with Eggsy, things flare up
  • You’re a Good Egg” - After a bad egg triggers a small attack, a good egg comes to the rescue.
  • Proof” - You and Eggsy have been dating in secret. After finally telling Harry, you two are sent on one of your most dangerous missions yet. Will this mission help Eggsy win your father’s approval? (Harry Hart x Daughter!Reader)

Star Trek

Leonard “Bones” McCoy x Reader

  • Better Hands” - After being in an abusive relationship, you have been able to turn your life around thanks to the help of the team. But when you have to go back to your ex for some of your things, some shit goes down.
  • Jumping to Conclusions” - It’s that time of the month and the symptoms seem to be worse than before, which catches the attention of a certain CMO boyfriend.

Jim Kirk x Reader

  • Secret’s Out” - You and Jim were a secret. But during your annual medical eval, secrets get spilled.
  • I’m Here” - You are captured with the others thanks to Krall and his men. You are injured badly, but your knight in shining armor comes riding in on a… motorcycle?

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Day 2 of my 100 happy days

Today I cleaned my room! It was a tip as I hadn’t fully unpacked after coming back home from university and I’m going on holiday next week so there were clothes and suitcases lying around everywhere and bits of food and paper on my desk. My room feels a lot brighter now and my head feels much clearer! 😊 Idk about anyone else but I can’t think properly with a messy room!

anonymous asked:

Zimbits kissing under a mistletoe? Or any other holiday shenanigans?

Congrats, anon! I think this is probably the only Christmas fic I’ve ever written. I call it “The saga of fucking Janine, way too many Christmas cookies, and smug Eric Bittle.” Hope you like it!

Post-canon, 1.6k, Zimbits

Bitty swears he’s not going to go overboard this year. Jack makes him promise he won’t go overboard on Christmas activities before Halloween. Bitty swears on his bakery and Jack’s collection of hockey fan merchandise that at most he’ll bake a few dozen cookies for the neighbours and for holiday packages.

And yet.

Jack comes home at half past midnight from the airport on the Saturday before Christmas Eve to stacks and stacks of baked goods. Bitty’s obviously been at this for a few days now, as some are packaged in tins and tupperware. Others are strewn on the multi-level cooling rack Jack bought him for graduation, and even more are piled on every visible surface. Either Bitty is anxious, or he’s angry.

Those are the only possible causes for this many baked goods.

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Headcanon that while Mabel decorates for Christmas (come on, it’s essentially glitter: the holiday, she’d be down for decorations) she doesn’t celebrate it and feels really neutral about the holiday.

Dipper, on the other hand, hates Christmas and is really salty about it? Cause more often than not its just two useless weeks off from school and there’s nothing to do, but do they ever get any of the Jewish holidays off from school? Passover, Hannukah, Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot? No!

He also hates Christmas because on Nov 1 half his favorite radio stations stop playing the top 40 hits and start playing Christmas music.

Ford, meanwhile, spent his childhood indifferent to Christmas, but in college he’d come back home from what few holidays he could both get the time off for and afford gas for the trip back to glass shard beach and he’d just be miserable because the more time he spends away from Filbrick the more he realizes how much of a terrible father he is.

And so eventually they get to that first semester break and there just happen to not be any Jewish holidays in that couple week stretch of time that year, and Fiddleford invites him to Tennessee because Ford just does not want to go see his family, and tells him that he doesn’t have to celebrate or participate in any way, but it’d be better than going back to Jersey, right?

So Ford goes down to Tennessee and he’s pretty uncomfortable at first? Like, the McGucket family is loud and southern and there’s quite a bit of culture shock and Fords got no clue what any of what they’re doing means (on top of never having celebrated Christmas, southern Christmas traditions are weird)

And he’s just kind of hanging around Fiddleford and maybe giving him a hard time for forgetting that ham isn’t Kosher and inviting his Jewish ass to a hog farm where most meals are ham-based and then he sees the fucking McGucket family Christmas tree.

And he’s just

“Why the hell is there a pickle. What’s the significance of the pickle.”

And Fiddleford’s just like “Oh you found the Christmas Pickle! That means you get good luck!”

And that was the moment Ford realized that Christmas traditions were all made up and that was when he decided he was going to appropriate Christmas into his own Weirdness Holiday.

And so by the time he gets to Gravity Falls he’s got a box full of like. Teeth and fake cobwebs and baby doll heads and every year his house looks like the Nightmare before Christmas

And you can’t tell me that Gravity Falls, the town that thinks Halloween is so nice they celebrate it twice, wouldn’t fucking love that

Part of the reason everyone knows about the spooky scientist in the woods is because he inadvertently wound up starting a town-wide spooky Christmas tradition

So fast forward a few years and Stan’s set up shop in Gravity Falls. And Christmas is coming up and Stan’s always been pretty neutral about Christmas but he’s like “Okay people pay way more for shit during Christmas I should at least decorate” and he finds a box labeled “Christmas decorations” but it’s full of Halloween decorations and Stan has no reason to believe Ford ever celebrated Christmas so he just thinks he got the decorations at some shitty garage sale and never replaced the box.

So he goes out, steals and/or buys a bunch of Christmas decorations and decks the Shack out and it looks really pretty.

And then the townspeople seem… Really disappointed for some reason? And Stans in the grocery store one day and they’re putting up their decorations and Stan sees the poor guy who sacked with setting up the tree putting just. A rabbit skull on top of the tree instead of an angel and then someone finally asks him why he went with normal decorations this year? He’s the one who started the tradition after all!

Long story short, that was the year Stan came the closest to being discovered and that was the year Stan decided he fucking hated Christmas.