come home for the holidays

Perfectly Matched

*Gringotts Bank 1995. Fleur Delacour starts her first day working at the bank and is promptly introduced to whom she will be working with. *

Bill: Welcome to my humble abode. I’m Bill Weasley. 

Fleur: I’m Fleur. 

Fleur: Did you say Weasley? Like Ronald Weasley?

Fleur: My sister was saved by him and his friend. During the triwizard tournament.

Bill: Oh yeah. That one’s going to give my mother a heart attack. Every holiday he comes home with another story on how he looked death in the eye. 

Bill: Aren’t you hot in that coat? It’s getting quite muggy in here. 

Fleur: Oh I’m quite fine.. Thank you. 

Bill: Whatcha got hidden in there? Is it illegal? I wont tell. 

Fluer: I beg your pardon?

Bill: Fine don’t tell me. It’s none of my business anyway. 

Just thought you might be more comfortable without the jacket, and if you need help hiding something I can be your person. 

Fleur: There. 

Bill: Is that why you didn’t want to take off your coat? 

I thought maybe you were smuggling dragons or something.

Fleur: Is that something you’re suggesting from experience?

Fleur: I didn’t want to embarrass you. 

Bill: I know it’s a girls shirt. 

Bill: Matt from accounting called me a sissy. So, I showed up to work the next week in this shirt and a pencil skirt. 

Bill: It shut him right up. Seeing that I didn’t care, but I uh- 

-I grew rather fond of the shirt. I think it’s pretty 

Fleur: Really?

Bill: Don’t worry. It won’t happen again.

Bill: We’ll coordinate our outfits. That way no one wears the same thing again.

Bill: We don’t need the office to start polling who wears it best. 

Bill: That would just not be good for your self esteem, and I can’t have you sad yet. It hasn’t even been your first week here.

Fleur: Why would I be sad?

Bill: Because I’d smoke you.

Fleur: I think you’re the first person I’ve ever met-

Fleur: Who has claimed to be prettier than me.

Bill: Get used to it. 

Fleur: I think I might.


Remus being your dad would include…

- When you were younger, he and your mother would always alternate with their work, so at least one of them would be there for you

- Always reading you bedtime stories when you were younger

- Wanting for you to not only be familiar with the wizarding society but also get to know the muggle world

- Him having kind of mixed feelings about uncle James’ and uncle Sirius’ questionable influences

- Sirius and James telling you all the wild stories about their time at school together

- Them being totally excited when it’s time for you to go to Hogwarts, probably even more than you

- Even though Remus would be super worried about you. Constantly

- Both of you beaming when you come home from school during your holidays

- Him always trying to keep you away during full moons because accidentally hurting you would be his greatest fear

- Which is why the first and only time you saw your father cry, was, when you announced that you’d become an animagus to be able to stay with him during full moons

- Taking you to walks through forests on sunny days

- Despite him being his gentle and friendly self, he would be absolutely not amused by the thought of you starting to date someone

- You sometimes having to tell him to go to bed when he got so absorbed in his studies that he didn’t even realize it’s past midnight

- No matter whether you’d be 3, 16 or 36, you would always be his little boy/girl

AQUARIUS: writing a poem you like for the first time in months. learning how to love yourself. when a stranger smiles at you. screaming the words to your favorite song. smoking cigarettes in the backseat of a car.

PISCES: going to your first therapist appointment. making amends with someone who wronged you. giving a speech in front of a classroom. talking about the things that used to hurt and realizing they don’t anymore.

ARIES: exploring someone’s body like a treasure map. the first time you drank alcohol in your friend’s basement. writing until your fingers are sore. running so fast you can’t breathe. screaming profanities out of a car window.

TAURUS: coming home for the holidays. hiking up a mountain and enjoying the beautiful view. someone standing up for you. hot chocolate warming your throat after being out in the cold. reading a poem that’s about you.

GEMINI: when someone says i love you for the first time. laughing so hard your stomach aches. crying so hard but feeling better afterwards. showing up at your ex’s house half drunk. flowers blooming in the spring after a long winter.

CANCER: how it feels when someone is afraid to lose you. loving someone despite all of the mistakes they have made. feeling bad for somebody else. turning your hurt into artwork. hanging your feet over the edge of a dock.

LEO: talking to someone under the stars at 2 in the morning. drinking wine with your mom. baking chocolate chip cookies and eating the dough. tasting snow on your tongue. when you make a joke and everyone laughs.

VIRGO: sitting at home curled up with your favorite book or tv show. the shy longing looks at the beginning of a relationship. the satisfaction you feel when you help others. acing a test. looking up at the stars at night.

LIBRA: looking into someone’s eyes and knowing exactly how they feel. having deep conversation with someone and feeling like they understand you. sprawling across your best friend’s bed. your hair being played with.

SCORPIO: making love in a restaurant bathroom. sneaking out of your parents’ house in the middle of the night. sitting around a blazing fire singing songs and sharing stories. kissing someone first. saying i love you and meaning it.

SAGITTARIUS: dancing in the middle of the street. autumn leaves crunching underneath your feet. taking a vacation to a different country where you don’t speak the language. looking into the mirror and liking what you see.

CAPRICORN: meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time. eating ice cream and getting brain freezes with your best friends. saying goodbye to someone you thought you couldn’t live without. standing up to your fears.

—  what the signs remind me of

on the castle, hunk and lance decide they’re going to do valentine’s day

(”wait, is it february already?” keith asks. “time is a social construct,” pidge deadpans, cutting out construction-paper hearts.)

so all the humans make valentines cards and hunk excitedly explains it to the alteans, who say that they have a similar holiday and that they’ll make preparations too.

cut to the morning of “valentine’s day.” everyone wakes up and goes to the dining room, ready to swap cards. they walk in to find that it’s completely, and i mean like every surface, decked out in blue (the altean “romance” color) and shapes that are probably supposed to be hearts, and coran announces that it was short notice so the feast probably won’t be up to everyone’s standards. coran and allura have gotten everyone really nice gifts (like jewelry or clothes or gadgets). because come on. alteans definitely go big or go home. their holiday celebrating love is probably a huge deal.

finally shiro pipes up with “um. we just. made cards.” allura and coran are absolutely charmed with them. coran tears up over the drawing pidge made of him. allura swears that it’s completely fine, and they didn’t expect any huge gifts anyway, and the thought behind the cards is absolutely wonderful. they keep them forever.

gyftmas is the time of year when we like to be close to the ones we love.

i’m actually a long way from my family and my friends. been that way for awhile. but on my travels, i’ve found other friends and people i can call my family.

plus, there’s always one guy who makes me feel like i’ve come home.

happy holidays.


art is by @fadelurker and has been posted with enthusiastic permission from him, as always.

i love all the details on this. 


happy holidays from the yumeiro cast 

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Happy New Year!

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Raphael x Reader

Happy New Year!

Prompt: Raph’s girl has been home for the holidays, but comes back New Year’s Eve to surprise him!

Note: I took a little liberty here. Okay, so reader is not officially Raph’s girl. Yet. But boy, does he want her to be. Because I’m a ho for scenarios where the two are crushing and then finally get together. So yeah. Enjoy.

You walked into the lair quietly, each step carefully placed as to not make any noise. Raph was right there watching the New Year’s Eve broadcast with his brothers, and you were going to scare the shit out of him.

Mikey spotted you, but you continued, raising a finger to your lips to quiet him. He nodded silently, dragging his pinched fingers across his lips.

“Boo!” You shouted, reaching around him to cover his eyes as he jumped in shock. “Guess who.”

“April.” His gruff voice offered. His brothers smiled as they watched the exchange.


“Well yer hands are too small to be Casey and (Y/N) is in California with her family, so…”

“Take a peek, Red.” You removed your hands from his emerald eyes. They widened at the sight of you.

“I thought ya were-”

“Came back early to surprise you. Couldn’t miss New Year’s with my boys, right?” You smirked and hopped over the back of the couch. Raph’s cheeks flushed and he managed a small nod and a smirk. But what you had meant to say was: couldn’t miss my chance at a New Year’s kiss, right? You knew he probably didn’t feel the same way about you, but it was worth a shot.

“I missed you, angelcakes!” Mikey went in for one of his signature bear-hugs, causing Raphael to roll his eyes and huff softly. Was this jealousy, or just Raph being Raph? It was hard for you to decipher, but you hugged his youngest brother anyway before plopping back down next to Raphael.

“So uh, how was Christmas?” you asked.

Lonely without you.

“All right.” Raph grunted, arms across his large chest. “Yours?”

“It was nice. Mom and Dad miss having me close, but they know how much I like it out here.”

“Yeah? Why’s that?” A smirk tugged at his lips. You shrugged.

“I dunno. But I have a bunch of cool friends here, so there’s that.” You playfully nudged him. He chuckled. “Anyways,” you opened the large gift bag you had brought in with you. “I picked up some of the non-alcoholic white grape sparkling champagne whatever,”

“The what?”

“Here.” You handed him one of the bottles to check out. He nodded before handing it back. You poured some into glasses and distributed it to everyone. Raph took a little sip, but you put your hand on his large arm. “You’re supposed to save it for the ball drop!”

“Oh, sorry.” He lowered the glass. “New Year’s is new ta me.”

“I know.” You smiled. He smiled back, and you feared your heart would leap out of your chest. God, Raph didn’t smile often, but when he did, it was the handsomest thing you’d ever see. Gorgeous. The way his eyes would sparkle a little and the smile seemed to light up his whole face.

“Hey (Y/N),” Mikey leaned in to whisper in your ear, but he was whispering way too loud, as he usually did. “Maybe you’ll get a New Year’s kiss!”

“Shut up!” you playfully elbowed him. Raph pretended not to hear, but he did. A smirk tugged at his lip as an idea crossed his mind. Maybe you would get a New Year’s kiss…


You and the boys were all standing now, counting down the ball drop at the top of your lungs. Raph couldn’t help but smile at how excited you were. Mikey had a legion of party poppers, Donnie had the noisemakers, and Leo was sprinkling confetti.

“THREE, TWO, ONE! HAPPY NEW YEAR!” You looked up at Raphael, who towered over you. He smiled softly as he looked down at you. There was something soft in his eyes. Something gentle. Raph reached down and stroked your cheek with one of his thick green fingers, brushing the hair out of your face.

“Happy New Year, Raphael.” God, he loved the sound of his name on your lips.

“Happy New Year.” He replied. And with that, he bent down for a gentle kiss. He defied expectations when it came to kissing. He kissed you as though you were made of glass, a china doll that would shatter under his touch.

“Yeah! Get it, Raph!” Mikey cheered. Raph fought the urge to beat his little brother and instead, continued kissing you. Both of his huge hands held your face to his, and both of your hands came to rest on his plastron. He had to bend waaay down to kiss you, but he didn’t mind in the slightest. When he pulled away, he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Sorry ‘bout that. I uh-”

“I liked it. A lot.” You stood on your toes to kiss his cheek before heading to the kitchen to reload on pizza. “We should do that more often.”

“Yeah…” He held a hand over the bright red lipstick mark on his cheek, stuck in a daze as he gave his little brother a high-five. “We should…”

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Good vibes again: My brother called me my chosen name for the first time. He's been over at uni with a bunch of friends who call girls bitches if they're not into them and in the times he's come home to stay for holidays he's adhered to my parents rule that he's not allowed to call me by my birth name (they're super supportive) but he still hasn't called me by my new name. But he called me my name over a video call and it made me happy that maybe he's a little closer to seeing me as his sister.

AW YAY I’m happy for you!!! You deserve to feel good and welcomed!


Stovetop Incense for Samhain

Stovetop Incense, sometimes called stovetop potpourri outside of magic circles, is a mixture of ingredients with a liquid base, simmered on the stove in a pan to fill the air with a lovely aroma. This recipe is intended to be simmered all day during Samhain to invite benevolent spirits into the home. 


  • 1 to 2 inches of water
  • 1 apple, cut into slices
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • 5 rosemary sprigs
  • 1 teaspoon of whole cloves
  • few dashes of allspice
  • 2 bay leaves, crushed
  • optional: ¾ cup of wine or shot of dark liquor 

Add water to pan and turn burner to medium-high. Add each ingredient while thinking of loved ones who have passed. Stir the mixture clockwise, asking for peaceful spirits to come into your home for the holiday. Wait until the water simmers, then turn down heat to medium. Stir periodically throughout the day, adding more water when necessary. 

  • Me: *trying to lose weight and eat healthy* "Ok, no more sweets, I can't afford to eat all those calories.
  • My mom: "Hey I know I never buy sweets and I'm always trying to make sure we never have any junk food in the house, but I have suddenly decided to buy your favorite flavor of ice cream that we never ever have, and bake cookies each night, and bake a cake of chocolate death!!!"

… This is the first time I post an unfinished piece of art, only paper and pencil!
But since I have no computer here and only crappy wifi… I’ll submit the beach atmosphere in that way! (^◇^)

More Cherik Headcanons
  • Who plays the shoot em up video games?: Erik
  • Who hums music as they walk through the house?: Erik
  • Who has the sweet tooth?: Charles
  • Who initiates sex?: depends who's hornier ;)
  • Who books the holidays?: Charles
  • Who comes home later from work?: Charles
  • Who sneaks the cookie to the child?: Erik
  • Who secretly admires the other when they're sleeping?: Erik
  • Who is the tech gizmo?: Charles
  • Who organsises the bookshelves?: Charles
  • Who does the gardening?: Erik
  • Who cleans the cars?: Erik
  • Who gives corny birthday presents?: Charles
  • Who plans the evenings out?: Erik
  • Who keeps the other in check?: Erik is constantly making sure Charles has done his paperwork :)