come here let me hug all of you im gonna scream

BTS reaction to another member walking in during sex

AAAAAAND guess who’s back with her 3rd reaction hell yeah. and what a great subject, yep, you guessed it: SEX :) you can probably guess what’s coming

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the following content is for mature minds only ;)

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6: “Marry me” (part 2 from the 5/6 request, also andreil!)

It takes 4 months and 2 weeks to organize Matt’s proposal to Dan. 

Neil knows because he’s been pretending to understand most of what Matt says to him for 4 months and 2 weeks.

It’s not that he’s not happy for them, it’s just that being told to celebrate love feels like being told to celebrate the way the world turns, or the gravity that continues to pin us like the bar on a rollercoaster seat. Neil celebrates love by staying alive to see it. He celebrates it by keeping it.

He looks at prospective rings and says they’re fine over and over again. He dutifully tells Dan nothing even when she asks outright. He answers the phone when Matt calls him in a panic at midnight and says “what if she says no” so many times that Neil hands the phone to Nicky.

It does make him think though, about Andrew. Without meaning to.

He doesn’t think of it as marriage in his head (to Neil, marriage has always been something that swallows you like quick sand). Tying himself to Andrew though — having something legally binding like Neil Josten on his documents, like their names on the lease, like his contract with his team — that means something to Neil.

Being with Andrew is the thrill of being in the game, but having it on paper would be like points blinking onto a scoreboard. He knows he’s scoring now, but he wants the crowd to know too. He wants this win to stick.

He doesn’t mention it because it doesn’t matter, ultimately. Neil doesn’t need other people to tell him that they love each other.

Andrew scoops Sir off Neil’s lap and smuggles him to his side of the couch. He pours one bowl of sugar crisp and one bowl of granola in the morning. He catches Neil’s sleeve before he goes for a run and uses every ounce of 5 AM energy he has to hold Neil’s eyes. Neil knows how he feels.

But he really does support Matt and Dan, separate from the way he’s scared of hospital rooms he won’t be allowed into or the box on a form that labels them ‘roommates’ like that’s anywhere close to enough.

The engagement lines up with a weekend that all the original foxes are scheduled to meet up on, scraped together by Matt’s meticulous hands and Nicky’s constant phone calls.

Andrew isn’t interested in going, but Neil asks, so. They’re the first ones there.

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anonymous asked:

Oh my god im so dead after bellamy's scream. What do you think he thought/felt in the moment and what do you think he's going to do next?

short answer: he’s going to be dead inside my dude

long answer: oh man, i wasn’t even gonna publish this, i just quickly wrote it for @wellamyblake, but it holds all my Feelings about what bellamy is experiencing. SO, HERE, HAVE CLARKE COMFORTING BELLAMY.

Clarke finds him in the same room they made the list in. He’s sitting on the couch, bent over with his elbows on his knees, his hands over his face.

Every part of her is instantly relieved to have found him. “Bellamy,” she says quietly. He doesn’t lift his head. “I heard what happened.” Her voice breaks a little. She can’t believe it herself– Octavia, gone.

She expects him to tell her to go away. To shout at her, to do something. but he doesn’t. He just sits on that couch. He doesn’t look up. It’s like she’s not even here.

Heart-rate quickening, Clarke approaches him, sinking onto the couch next to him and putting her hand on his shoulder, squeezing it. “Bellamy?”

He still doesn’t respond.

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Waffle Day

SPN FanFic

~Dean gives you a little advice that you immediately use against him~

Dean x Reader

826 Words

Warnings: Excessive references to a breakfast item. Creepy old dude. Fluff. Mentions of misuse of dairy condiments.

A/N: A little birdy told me that it’s National Waffle Day and.. I had to. Sorry. @because-imma-lady-assface - Bon appétit, ma femme (ps there are no good waffle gifs that aren’t P&R. lol)

“Ah, this should be nice and easy,” Dean said as he stepped around the Impala and adjusted his suit jacket. He checked the inside pocket for his badge and nodded to you as you climbed out of your seat.

Your pencil skirt was a bit too tight and it had ridden up a bit in the back on the ride over to the police station, so you quickly tugged it down, lest Dean peak your bright blue undies.

“Yeah,” you agreed sarcastically. “Because Bozo the Wonder Chief was so accommodating yesterday.”

Dean chuckled at your annoyance. The elder police chief had spent most of your interview the day before trying to see between the buttons of your blouse and it had sent you on a feminist rampage.

“You just need to work on your people skills, Sweetheart.”

You sneered. “I don’t think it was my people skills the old lech was after.”

Dean laughed in earnest. “Hey,” he said, slapping a hand on your shoulder and guiding you towards the door. “All I’m saying is, a little flirting to get what you need ain’t a bad thing.”

“You’re a pig, you know that, right?”

Dean winked and pulled the door open, stepping aside to let you pass. “Indeed I do.”

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Cuddling With Astro


Originally posted by daddy-mj

  • he likes spooning lets be real in a world of forks the boy is a spoon
  • idk what i meant by that 
  • moving on
  • fr MJ here would love to just drag you to bed at night to cuddle
  • he would either cuddle you like right after lunch or something or right before you sleep 
  • those are his favorite cuddle times he feels the cuddliest then its his peak cuddliest always
  • he’d pull you onto the couch or the bed and just wrap his arms around you from the back
  • and pull you into him
  • god he would smell so good omfg
  • but like right when you’d relax into him MJ would be like
  • lol n o p e
  • and start tickling the heck outta ya
  • he loves watchin ya squirm
  • ;)
  • jkjk
  • soon after you would both quiet down and it would get like comfortably silent and he’ll never tell you but those moments of quiet with you and only you are his favorite times 
  • like ever
  • he loves those moment more than anything
  • and he’ll rest his chin on your shoulder and your head will rest against his collarbone and you’ll just revel in each other’s warmth
  • MJ really likes cuddling you
  • he even tries to get you to call him the cuddle master supreme or somethin
  • just
  • cuddling MJ would be a lot of fun and also really peaceful just super wow ya feel me
  • wow


Originally posted by dognmin

  • jinjin doesnt cuddle
  • no
  • he snuggles
  • he would just be lying down and you would pass by and suddenly you’re being pulled onto your boyfriend
  • he’ll grab onto anything and pull
  • sometimes it’s your hand, your elbow, your thigh, it doesn’t matter
  • if jinwoo wants to cuddle
  • no
  • snuggle
  • he’s gonna snuggle
  • he’ll pull you on top of him so you’re both lying down
  • and jinjin would make you put a blanket on top of you so you don’t get cold because he anticipates you two will be in that position for a while
  • he would hold you close to his chest
  • close enough to hear his heartbeat
  • ohmygod
  • and wrap his arms around you and basically it would be like hugging a teddy bear
  • and your head would be against his chest and underneath the blanket
  • your legs are intertwined 
  • you would constantly switch positions though
  • “jinjin that is my boob
  • “ah crap sorry”
  • “don’t move wait”
  • “…”
  • “i said not to move now im like halfway doing the splits”
  • “sorry”
  • because eventually one of you would have a limb fall asleep and it’d get uncomfortable but you want to keep cuddling snuggling 
  • so you always end up lying on your sides facing each other
  • and hugging tight
  • and falling asleep entwined and warm underneath like seven blankets with your head on his chest hearing his heartbeat and his arms around you and i am just
  • s n u g g l e s w i t h j i n j i n


Originally posted by moonbinny

  • hes like a super giant so it would be kinda hard to find a nice cuddling position
  • but eventually you’d decide on like koala-ing him 
  • you would wrap your legs around his waist
  • and your arms around his neck
  • and 
  • squeeze
  • dongmin wouldn’t mind the squeezing honestly because you’re so small and cute he doesn’t even notice it
  • and then you’d pout at him bc he didn’t say anything about your squeezing
  • he would so kiss you so much though like you’re hanging onto him
  • or like as close to hanging as you can be while you’re lying down
  • and he would just be struck by how adorable and vulnerable you look 
  • he wouldn’t be able to help himself
  • it’s like
  • unstoppable
  • he blames it on hormones but 
  • he would move your hair or do whatever he needed to do to kiss your forehead or your cheek
  • and you’d pout at him again
  • this time in response he would
  • kiss your lips
  • over and over 
  • just pecks to tease you until you clasp your hands together behind his neck and forcibly bring him down to kiss you properly
  • he would smile into it
  • eventually dongmin would take your hands off of his neck and hold them in front of his chest
  • and smile
  • and look at you
  • he would sigh out of happiness and contentedness and love and you should all put “cuddling with lee dongmin” on your bucket lists


Originally posted by kpopyoulater

  • cheek to cheek
  • only way to describe it
  • you would start with your head in his chest but somehow later you would’ve pretty much moved up his body
  • and now your chin is in his shoulder while his chin is in yours
  • and you’re both facing each other 
  • he’s so warm
  • and the boy smells really, really good
  • you can’t help but breathe in his scent
  • and sniff his hair bc you’re 99.99% he used your shampoo 
  • but your cheeks would be smushed together but neither of you would mind
  • and his arms are loose around your waist 
  • your arms rest on his are just fanning out from your body tbh
  • they don’t really do much just
  • hang
  • until Bin takes one of your hands in his and intertwines your fingers 
  • you put your other hand on his shoulder and his other arm stays holding you close
  • for a long while neither of you talk but then
  • “did you just fart”
  • “it is only natural”
  • “i hate you”
  • “actually you love me you told me so exactly-”
  • “whY HAvE YoU BEen couNTiNg”
  • jk but honestly you would start quiet and then end up bantering and giggling but staying cheek to cheek the entire time
  • and somehow it would get late and Moonbin realizes that wow
  • you’re fast asleep on top of him
  • and he contemplates throwing you off and running for it but
  • he really likes this
  • it’s worth his arm and hand falling asleep he guesses
  • as long as, when the morning comes, you and him are still entwined


Originally posted by astropopsicle

  • minhyuk and doryongi could be brothers or somethin they’re both floppy when it comes to cuddling
  • not that you mind
  • minhyuk is usually p chill but when the boy wants to cuddle he wants to CUDDLE
  • like he’s needy af when he wants you in his arms
  • that sounded cheesy i apologize lmfao
  • anyways
  • you’ll be doing homework or something and suddenly you hear minhyuk screaming your name from the couch or your bed or something 
  • the first few times he did it you freaked out bc
  • what if he’s getting eaten by a bear or something 
  • but you soon realized that when he yells for you it’s because he wants to cuddle
  • and its non-negotiable bc whenever you wanna cuddle he’s always there for you
  • unless he has like idol stuff but thats a given
  • when you finally get to him he’s all “’sup” but then 
  • breaks out into a huge grin that practically splits his face 
  • if you don’t get to him fast enough he’ll come looking for you and pick you up bridal style or throw you over his shoulder
  • sometimes you aren’t fast enough on purpose
  • he doesn’t need to know that
  • and then he’ll wrap like all of his limbs around you
  • you’re stuck
  • have fun
  • eventually you’ll wiggle a leg out so on of your legs is between his and one of his is between yours but his arms stay rooted
  • sometimes minhyuk will roll around with you in his arms if you’re in bed together he’s super playful that way 
  • then he’ll make kissy faces at you and give you butterfly kisses
  • minhyuk would be such a frickin dork when cuddling it would be amazing
  • eventually he would fall asleep with you in his strong grip
  • and you don’t want to wake him
  • so you just stay there
  • stuck
  • until sleep finds you too
  • but you don’t really mind because you’d rather cuddle your amazing(ly warm) boyfriend than do math 
  • any day


Originally posted by astropopsicle

  • hes a giant like eunwoo 
  • but hes a smol beanie bby awkward giant
  • the first time you guys cuddle you have to ask him about it
  • and then he gets all flustered but tries to play it cool like
  • “cuddle??? uh, yeah, sure, uh, um, whatever?? you want.. babe???”
  • his voice squeaked on the last part it was great 
  • MJ and JinJin recorded it 
  • it’s JinJin’s ringtone now
  • after that though you guys got into a cuddling routine
  • funnily enough
  • in the beginning he was the small spoon
  • needless to say 
  • it really didn’t work out
  • instead you guys tend to lie down facing each other
  • smiling, laughing, talking
  • trading homework tips and joking about teachers and his managers
  • sometimes the hyungs will try to listen in on your conversations
  • that’s when you guys start roasting them, acting like you don’t know they’re listening
  • fun times
  • anyways you guys face each other
  • and eventually his arm tentatively finds itself around your shoulder, pulling you in slightly
  • it moves down to your waist as time goes on
  • sometimes you hold hands and put your clasped hands in between the two of you
  • always facing each other
  • after talking for a while the two of you will just stop saying anything or making any noises and just trace each other’s facial features with your eyes
  • you’ll find yourself leaning in and then all of a sudden he pulls you into his chest
  • both of your faces about as brightly colored as his hair is
  • and you’re both really tired at this point so you’re about to fall asleep
  • when you’re rudely brought back to being awake by all of Sanha’s hyungs taking pictures of the two of you and tweeting them
  • you should make a show
  • life with (6) boys
New Tattoos {Tattoos iv}

Warnings: pregnancy and miscarriages talk (duh), and tattoo getting (not in detail), you’re at 11 weeks now, also beware for angst.

Summary: Shawn finally finds out, but not before something takes you to the doctor’s office at the crack of dawn.

Word count: 3.6k

A/N: if you read this and you like what’s down there, send me your favorite Shawn lyric of all time in my inbox. ALSO, I don’t know how hospitals work especially OBGYN, so please bear with me?


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


“y/n? y/n, wake up.”  Shawn groaned next to you in bed. 

You let out a string of incoherent words to express your displeasure. You sure as hell didn’t have to wake up early today. What was up with him?

“y/n, wake up.” He moaned, giving your hip a little squeeze.

“Why? Sleep is good.”

“I know it is, but you’re bleeding. Go change and come back to bed.” 

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Jealous Kang Daniel

Member: Kang Daniel

Type: Bulletpoint 

Genre: Fluff

Author’s Note: i’m sorry if this feels rushed bcuz i’m basically just trying to finish all of these requests that have been sitting here for weeks :’)))

Requested Scenario!

Originally posted by peachyniel

  • you and daniel already have an established relationship & you’ve been dating for a couple months already
  • you guys were basically best friends before and daniel finally had the courage to ask you out 
  • and bcuz you were best friends before, you knew alot about each other already and the added thing into the relationship was more affection and lots of pda
  • especially hugs and kisses
  • ok getting onto the actual reason for this scenario
  • btw im just gonna say wanna one boys bcuz im too lazy to list them all and im also establishing that this will be a nonidol!au bcuz yes casual life
  • the wanna one boys wanted to have a hang out at one of their houses for video games and such
  • they decided that the little hangout party should be at ong’s house because he had the best games
  • you arrived at the house and saw all of the wanna one members sitting in front of the tv, some sitting on the floor and some on the couch
  • daniel turned his head to see you come in and a huge smile spread across his face (his cute bunny smile :’) )
  • he got up to give you a kiss on your forehead which made some of the younger boys say “eww” 
  • you were seated in between daniel and jihoon on the cough while sungwoon, ong, jisung, and daehwi were battling against each other in Speedrunners, lots of screams and jumps from everyone as they anticipated who would be the last one standing as the screen started to close in more
  • “what do these buttons do??? i keep running into the boxes how do i slide under them???” jisung yelled and frantically looked back and forth at the tv and his controller
  • sungwoon was completely engrossed into the game and kept silent, occasionally saying “oh” if something happened to him
  • daehwi screamed alot, but somehow he did well in the game and got 1st place a couple times
  • ong owned the game so he was quite good at it and had a smug smirk on his face
  • he would boast a lot but there were a couple rounds where he was eliminated first and his ears would turn red and he would have that shy smile 
  • now it was another group’s turn to play
  • jisung handed his remote to you and scowled 
  • “these controllers are probably broken.. there’s no way that i could do THAT bad in games.” 
  • ong handed his controller to jihoon, sungwoon handed his to guanlin, and daehwi handed his to jinyoung
  • you were all giggling at the weird characters you were; guanlin’s being a man in a pink unicorn morphsuit, jihoon’s being a weird guy in a chicken suit, jinyoung’s being a guy in a shark suit, and yours being a guy with a giant ball with a star as a head
  • “my character reminds me of jihoon and woojin” guanlin laughed, being reminded of the 2park pink sausages
  • the game started and you were all fidgeting around, leaning against jihoon to interrupt his playing and immediately used your item on whoever was in front of you
  • “wow, y/n is really good at this!!” minhyun exclaimed, his mouth slightly opened as he admired your video game skills
  • daniel was all smiley, seeing you be super competitive as you played, looking back at you to see your focused face
  • in this round, jihoon was dead because your nudging actually stopped him from running and the screen that was closing in caught him 
  • he huffed as he died and glared at you as you continued to survive the round
  • a thought popped up in his head and he smiled mischievously 
  • she interrupted my playing so now i’ll get my revenge..” he thought and slowly raised his arms slightly, quickly diving his hands to where your waist was and started tickling you
  • you screamed and tried your best to keep your eyes on the screen and your hands on your controller
  • “YAH!! STO- HAHAHAH I SWEAR PARK JIHOON I’M GOING TO FIGHT YOU IF YOU DON’T STOP” you screamed desperately, your laughs progressively becoming wheezes and you were losing your breath from laughing too much
  • jihoon kept tickling you with a huge smile on his face, determined to make you lose this round 
  • you were jumping around in your spot, leaning from left to right and front to back, bumping into Daniel and Jihoon and kicking Jaehwan accidentally as you were being attacked
  • you still won the round and jihoon finally stopped tickling you as he saw the winner on the screen, a look of disappointment on his face. 
  • you were cheering, raising your arms up and giving a smug look at jihoon
  • “you thought i would lose to the likes of you? you must be crazy.” you teased and poked at jihoon’s arm multiple times, your face having a scrunched up smile
  • Daniel watched as the two of you bickered and forced out a couple of laughs, his usual bright smile only going up halfway 
  • for some reason he felt bothered about how touchy jihoon was being with you even it was just messing around
  • he tried not to let it bother him too much
  • nah he was really bothered by it anyways and put him into a bitter mood
  • after a couple rounds, you had to switch around for the others to get their turn
  • you turned to daniel, holding the controller in front of him to see if he wanted to play
  • when you looked at him, you knew something was wrong 
  • it was super obvious because he’s usually very smiley and giggly in this type of environment (especially with all of this competitiveness)
  • he looked down at the controller you held in front of him and shook his head, forcing a smile
  • your eyebrow twitched seeing that forced smile and handed it to jaehwan 
  • you leaned back into the couch and let out a huff, trying to figure out why daniel was in a bad mood
  • as the others started screaming again when the game started, you glanced over to daniel to see his expression
  • he basically looked bored but also pissed, his elbow on the couch armrest and his head leaning on his hand
  • you leaned towards him, grabbing his arm softly and resting your cheek on his shoulder
  • “daniel is something wrong?” you asked and looked up at him with your best puppy eyes
  • “it’s nothing y/n.” 
  • “are you bored? you’re usually laughing a lot more than this”
  • “i’m just a little tired. don’t worry about it”
  • he pat your head and looked forward again to watch them play
  • you knew there was definitely something wrong but he didn’t want to tell you
  • you stopped leaning on him and crossed your arms, letting out a quiet huff out of your nose and pouted
  • you figured you should enjoy yourself and continued to be hyped with the others
  • this continued for a couple hours, playing different fighting games until you all got tired 
  • everyone was leaving, but you and daniel stayed behind to help ong clean up a little
  • “such angels you two!!! helping me clean up~” ong said in a teasing voice, planting a soft punch on your arm as you were picking up trash
  • you smirked at his remarks and walked over to the trash can to dump all of the wrappers and empty snack bags in it 
  • “you should be glad we’re here to help instead of leaving like everyone else” you said and slapped his arm
  • daniel cleaned up silently and just watched you two 
  • you didn’t really notice his staring but you swore that you saw him glaring 
  • after you were done helping him clean, you and daniel headed out of his place, saying goodbye to ong
  • the car ride back to your place was weirdly silent, daniel’s expression still looking blank 
  • you looked down at your fiddling hands, still trying to figure out why his mood was still like this
  • throughout the whole ride, he didn’t look at you once even when the light was red
  • when you got into the apartment, daniel quickly headed off into the bedroom, leaving you behind as you were taking your shoes off at a slow pace since yelling and jumping around alot during the game time tired you out
  • you got super worried because he isn’t the type of person to be like this for so long
  • you walked towards the bedroom and glanced through the door where daniel had already changed and gotten into bed, his back turned away from the door
  • you changed into a oversized shirt and some shorts and quietly sat on the bed and looked at daniel 
  • “danielllll what’s wronggggggg” you whined and started to shake him softly
  • he quickly turned and pulled your arm, grabbing hold of your whole body, his hand pulling your head into his chest
  • you didn’t expect him to do that, your eyes widening but immediately relaxed at the warmth of his body and his scent
  • “are you gonna tell me what’s wrong?” you said and looked up at him (honestly all you could see was his chin because he pulled you in so close)
  • he groaned and tightened his grip around you, shoving his face closer to you
  • “daniel don’t be a baby.” 
  • your arms shuffled down and you started to tickle him, a huge smile on your face
  • you looked at his face to see if his expression changed since he was fidgeting around from your tickles
  • after like 2 seconds, his sleeping expression broke into laughter, his eyes creasing up 
  • you were happy to hear his laugh after so long (not even a full day lol) and you continued to tickle him until he pleaded for you to stop
  • “OK OK I’LL TALK PLEASE STOP” he said in between laughs and gasps
  • you stopped and scooted up to face him, your hands playing with his hair which was incredibly soft
  • “soooooo, what had you bothered all day, hm?” you asked looking straight into his eyes, giving him a smile
  • even under the dim light, you saw his ears turning red as he was thinking what to say
  • “well……” 
  • you nodded slowly when he started to hesitate
  • he bit his lip and sighed a little
  • “it’s really dumb….”
  • “oh? i won’t know if it is if you don’t tell me” 
  • “igotjealousbecauseyouwerebeingtouchywiththeotherguysidontknowwhyitbotheredme” 
  • you stared at him confused, trying to comprehend what his full sentence was
  • “ok the only thing i understood in that sentence was that you got jealous”
  • he laughed and dove his head into your neck
  • you could feel his face heating up, smiling at how cute he was when he got shy
  • “cmonnnnn tell me what you said. you said that way too fast.” you started rubbing the back of head, your other arm wrapped around his neck
  • “i got jealous of the other guys because you were being touchy with them”
  • it was muffled but you could at least understand what he said
  • you had a huge grin on your face, forgetting how much of a kid daniel can really be
  • “awwwwwww you were jealous? what do you have to be jealous of? we’re literally cuddling right now dummy.”
  • he lifted his head from your neck and pouted
  • being the sneak that you are, you started attack his face with kisses, making him laugh immediately
  • he was telling you to stop but not really bcuz he’s lovin these smooches
  • he then got up to topple over you (but was careful not to completely crush you) 
  • you started smacking his back for him to get up and kicked your legs 
  • he let you free after like a couple sec and flopped next to you giggling
  • you took a little bit to regain your breath and scooted closer to cuddle with daniel again
  • you end up bickering for a while before falling asleep bcuz your energy is drained plus it was nice n warm since you were snuggling

hi sorry i take forever this is a little rushed + unedited i hope you enjoyed it anyways :’)))

bae jinyoung|best friends to lovers|part 1

member: bae jinyoung
genre: fluffy
summary: you were best friends with jinyoung but you wanted to be something more but in your mind that’s never gonna happen. though the wanna one boys have a plan to set you two together without either of you knowing let’s hope it won’t be a complete disaster
requested: yes!! soccer + best friend (can have romance)

  • you look at the soccer field watching the boys team practice
  • and you can’t help but smile as jinyoung scores a goal
  • you cheer for him loudly trying to embarrass him
  • he looks at you blushes and gives you a heart warming smile and a small wave
  • you wave back frantically with a huge grin your face
  • you can see seongwoo lightly nudging him and smirking him while whispering something into his ear
  • you roll your eyes you’re sure he’s teasing jinyoung about you two again 
  • and on cue jinyoung blushes bright red
  • seongwoo looks at you and winks while you just flip him off 
  • he smirks and chases after the ball once again
  • jinyoung gives you one last glance and smiling at you which makes your heart flutter 
  • even tho you’d never admit it did at least not to him
  • but the game continues and you keep on watching the boys practice
  • and your thoughts wandered
  • you and jinyoung were best friends
  • you had been since primary school 
  • you both loved soccer with a passion and you were both the star players in striker position of your separate teams (1 all girls, 1 all boys)
  • it all started when you wanted to join a game of soccer with all the boys
  • but they wouldn’t allow you to
  • cause you were a girl and girls have cooties plus they’re not as good as boys
  • prove them they’re so fucking wrong sister
  • but jinyoung convinced them to let you play and picked you for his team
  • he told you “i’m sorry about the other guys, you can take centre attack, prove them you’re amazing okay?”
  • making you blush and giving him a dazzling smile at him while nodding 
  • you felt sooo happy that even without jinyoung knowing about your skills at all he still convinced the guys to let you play picked you on his team and gave you the centre spot
  • you played excellently scoring 3 goals and your team won in the end
  • as you scored the final goal from half way 
  • all the guys jaws dropped at your skills
  • you rushed up and hugged jinyoung tightly whispering into his ear
  • “thank you for letting me play”
  • he automatically hugged you back tightly
  • “of course what are friends for? but i also need to thank you for making us win” he whispered back 
  • you both break apart smiling and you both knew you were gonna be best friends jinyoung still wanting to stand up for you basically shouted at all the guys
  • he grinned at you and you couldn’t help just at that moment but admit even then as a primary schooler your heart fluttered just a tiny bit
  • all the guys grudgingly respected you and in the end you became close friends with all of them by middle school
  • but you were closest to jinyoung of course 
  • you both became inseparable 
  • all classes you had together you sat with him
  • you became basically another daughter to his parents
  • and him a son to yours
  • son in law more like it
  • you both were each others best friends
  • he was there for you and you were there for him in every way possible
  • if you had a breakdown jinyoung could calm you in an instant
  • if he was upset you could always cheer him up
  • he’d bring you snacks before and after your soccer practices
  • and you’d attend as many of his practices cheering him on as much as possible
  • you both never missed a game when the other was playing
  • you literally were best friend goals
  • you guys would help each other out with school, friends, family, relationships everything
  • both of you had no idea where you both would be without each other
  • but as you got into high school you weren’t sure your feelings towards jinyoung were entirely just friendly
  • you just couldn’t think any guys could match up to him 
  • he knew you inside out back to front
  • all your secrets, quirks, weird things you do 
  • he knew all of them 
  • jinyoung was the sweetest guy you knew and a complete gentleman
  • always opening doors, trying to buy the meal and you always refused making you guys split the bill
  • but you didn’t know he never did this with anyone else just with you
  • you thought that was just him as a person
  • he always could make you laugh and you had the best time with him
  • he was also extremely handsome and so many girls liked him it was ridiculous 
  • but he really didn’t pay attention to them especially when you were around 
  • but of course you didn’t notice that
  • you knew he was out of your league 
  • and he could pick and choose and girl he wanted
  • which destroyed any and all hope of ever being more than best friends with him
  • plus he probably only saw you as a sister
  • mhmm sureeee he did
  • but all this didn’t stop from you having feelings for him 
  • they weren’t like constantly in your face since you guys are best friends and you spend so much time with him but they like popped up when 
  • things happened like 
  • whenever he went on a date or told you he liked a girl which was still basically never
  • your heart felt a weird twinge
  • but you always ignored it 
  • or whenever you hugged him or he complimented you 
  • you heart would flutter 
  • but you were happy with just being jinyoung’s best friend 
  • hoping your feelings will go away eventually but you were very doubtful you would get over him before high school ended 
  • you tried to get over him so many times but it never worked the dates the very short relationships could never even hold a candle to you and jinyoungs friendship
  • as you were totally lost in your thoughts you didn’t realise practice was over
  • you were snapped out of your thoughts with someone picking you up and putting them on your shoulder 
  • you automatically knew it was woojin 
  • he always did that when he wanted something usually money or food
  • “YAH WOOJIN LET ME DOWN!!!” you screamed while hitting his back
  • “ONLY IF YOU AGREE IN BEING A CHEERLEADER FOR OUR FINAL GAME” he shouted right back being clearly amused by your antics knowing he won’t let you down 
  • you groaned at him “for fucks sake woojin you know i hate being happy and perky”
  • the cheerleaders basically offered you a one game position for the final where you could cheer for the boys 
  • since you were known to be so close with them
  • but since then all the guys pestered you about it constantly begging you to agree
  • but they all had a reason for wanting you to be a cheerleader
  • they were the ones who even set up a special position for you with a little date bribing and they were done!
  • how i wish i was good looking how easy my life would be smh 
  • so basically after they won the game cause they were 100% sure they would
  • cocky dicks
  • they were gonna have you and jinyoung in the middle of the field and they’ll start chanting “KISS KISS KISS”
  • and literally everyone would join cause 
  • 1. people were sick of you two not getting together but being more couple like then actual couples
  • 2. hey who doesn’t like a kiss at the end of a game its cheesy and cute
  • then y’all kiss get together AND BOOM NEW RELATIONSHIP
  • also daniel mentioned the other reason for being a cheerleader soon after woojin picked you up
  • “but you know jinyoung would love to see you in a uniform something short and tight” daniel cheekily butted in 
  • “FUCKKK OFF DANIEL” you flip him off while he just chuckles at you 
  • you see all the guys knew of your crush on jinyoung
  • but they didn’t tell him and you loved them for it
  • little did you know jinyoung had a crush on you and begged them not to tell you
  • so they decided not to tell either of you and be good friends 
  • AND play matchmaker happily 
  • “awwww y/n pwetty pleaseeee can youu be a cheerleader its only for oneeee game can’t you do that for me” daehwi said cutely with a lot of aegyo and puppy dog eyes
  • “stop acting cute it’s not going to work you child demon” you scoff back still slumped on woojins shoulder 
  • “i give up she’s so fucking stubborn” daehwi complains 
  • “you barely even tried??” guanlin says
  • “shhhhhh” daehwi shushes him
  • “LANGUAGE DAEHWII!!!!!” jisung scolded daehwi
  • “oh come on lay off it jisung he lives in the same house as us” minhyun said with an amused smile 
  • “he’s still young minhyun!” jisung said scolding him also for his care free attitude
  • “if you say so” minhyun said while shrugging
  • mother and father goals 
  • “IM STILL HERE PARENTS!!!” you say obnoxiously 
  • “and there goes our least favourite annoying child” jisung sighed 
  • “of course there is, its you and the favourite is me” guanlin says smirking at you
  • “why the hell are you the favourite??” woojin asks trying to face guanlin
  • which meant spinning you around and all the guys trying to dodge your head
  • “cause he’s the swaggy rapper. duh.” jaehwan says like it’s the most obvious thing in the world
  • “I SAID THAT ONE TIME LAY OFF IT HYUNG!!!” guanlin whines
  • “NEVERRRRR” jaehwan screams 
  • making everyone wince at his vocals
  • in the mean time jinyoung, seongwoo and jihoon come over 
  • “whats all this about?” jihoon asks 
  • “basically we’re trying to make y/n agree to be a cheerleader for the final game” woojin says again spinning you around again making you dizzy
  • “STOP DOING THAT!!” you shout 
  • everyone laughs and you just pout 
  • “ahhhh so cheerleader y/n, is this for her to be in something short and tight for jinyoung???” seongwoo said suggestively 
  • making you and jinyoung blush so hard
  • but neither of you deny it lol
  • “HEY THATS WHAT I SAID!!” daniel said grinning brightly 
  • “YEAH ONGNIEL IS SCIENCE YO!!!” seongwoo shouts happily back
  • and they do their secret handshake which takes soooo long with the weirdest details like both their butts rubbing against each other, weird faces, complicated hand motions and they finish it with a bro hug 
  • “i should be part of that, ongnielhwan is science sounds soooooo much better” jaehwan said disappointedly 
  • “but you have meeee” minhyun said cutely while hugging jaehwan 
  • “ew get the fuck off” jaehwan bitch glared at minhyun but he still clinged onto him
  • “y/nnnn please agreee so these idiots can all shut up” jihoon pleaded 
  • “WHO ARE YOU CALING IDIOTS???!!!” all the guys chorused 
  • “JINX”
  • “can y'all just shut the fuck up” jihoon says grumpily
  • “LANGUAGE!! AGAIN!!” jisung scolded jihoon this time while glaring at minhyun daring him to say anything
  • minhyun just put his hands up in defeat with a “i didn’t do anything wrong” face
  • “teenage bloody hormones” sungwoon said rolling his eyes at jihoon 
  • in the midst of all this mess jinyoung gently lowers you down from woojins shoulder
  • making you extremely close to him 
  • everyone’s watching intently like it was some sort of rom-com
  • and everyone knew you were gonna agree to being a cheerleader cause 
  • he’ll ask you 
  • and of course you’ll say yes
  • and you were also basically in love with him
  • id agree to anything he asked me to but if it was a illegal nah cause like i love you but i aint ruining my life for you
  • and all of the guys were just smirking at each other knowing their plan will work out since the hardest bit of it was for you to agree to be a cheerleader
  • “guanlinah get me some popcorn” sungwoon ordered
  • “hell no do it yourself” guanlin replied  S.A.S.S.I.L.Y
  • “F-” sungwoon started to speak but he got interrupted very quickly
  • “SHHHHHHH” shushed the rest before sungwoon could go on a rant about how the younger generation should treat their elders with respect
  • and then guanlin would mention something about height
  • and sungwoon would go full on hulk mode
  • but you weren’t paying attention all you could hear was your fast beating heart 
  • jinyoung softly pleaded to you with his adorable chocolate brown eyes staring right into yours “y/n will you please please please be our cheerleader for the game? for us? for me?”
  • you knew you couldn’t say no to jinyoung especially when he was looking at you like that
  • “fine” you bitterly said 
  • which resulted in loud cheering and whooping from the guys
  • and the most heart warming smile from jinyoung
  • jinyoung tightly hugged you spinning you around
  • making you squeal a little and his heart warming at your cute antics 
  • you hug back with you eyes closed 
  • you love his hugs so much 
  • you part with everyone smirking at you two
  • before you could say anything daehwi comes between you two and hugs jinyoung 
  • “hes mine” he says cutely poking his tongue at you 
  • with jinyoung shyly grinning and blushing at you
  • you can’t help but smile at the two guys you loved them both heaps 
  • “BUT YOURE MINEEE DAEHWI” you say loudly while grabbing daehwi and tightly hugging/squishing him 
  • he squealed and laughed while saying 
  • “i love you too y/n”
  • everyone but you could see the glint of jealously in jinyoung’s eyes 
  • even daehwi so he parted with you quickly and silently mouther a sorry to jinyoung
  • and jinyoung visibly relaxed and mouthed back it’s okay
  • you were completely oblivious to all of it though
  • “but you guys better win and you also need to buy me pizza” you warningly say to all the guys 
  • “DEAL!” they agree happily 
  • you all prepare to leave and jinyoung wraps his arm around your shoulder while whispering in your ear 
  • “really thank you for agreeing”
  • “it’s all good” you say smiling at him 
  • “i’ll be your cheerleader” you chuckle a little making a cheerleading gesture 
  • which makes him smile widely at your adorable chuckle and cute pose
  • “just my cheerleader right?” jinyoung asks 
  • “just yours” you say sweetly back

BACK FROM MY UNOFFICIAL HIATUS W A CUTIE JINYOUNGG!!!! if y’all want info about the reasons for hiatus, fics to come and MY NEW SERIES please click here. anyways i love jinyoung and there will only be a part 2 to this scenario which will be the game and it’ll be shorter than this and ill be releasing that eventually. BUT THANK YOU FOR READING LOVE YOU ALL FOR STAYING WITH ME AND DONT BE AFRAID TO SEND ME A MESSAGE OR AN ANON!!!

Rivalry ~ Josh Matthews

Requested : yes

Can I have a Josh one shot where Maya and Y/N have been at each other’s throats lately because you and Josh are dating and she’s jealous. But then while you’re out, you get a call from Riley because Josh is having like an anxiety attack and needs you. And you’re the only one that really calms him down and Maya realizes how perfect you two are together? Tysm!!

Warnings: drinking

i changed it a bit and made josh just angry and distrought

“Morning!” You chirped as you walked into class Friday morning. You looked towards Maya and she glared at you. You rolled your eyes and sat down behind Farkle.

“What’s got you in a such a good mood?” Riley chuckled. You smiled again.

“Josh and I are going to Central Park later to take pictures for my project.” Maya scoffed

“You act like you’re so special. Him and I talked on the roof of Riley’s apartment building for hours last weekend. Said he liked me. Called you a witch. Probably gonna dump you when he sees you today.”

“He did not!” You snapped and she laughed seeing she got to you. You crossed your arms and leaned back in your seat as Riley scolded the blonde who only smirked and turned to the board.

“He did not.” You muttered to yourself. ~ 
You were worriedly pacing back in forth in front of topangas as you waited for Josh to meet you. Soon enough you saw the tall boy coming down the stairs. you froze and you tucked your shaking hands into your back pockets. he smiled at you put you looked down, nt being able to meet his icy blue gaze.

“ hey babe!” he reached to hug you but you backed away. he furrowed his eyebrows, his smile and stomach dropping. “ whats wrong?”

“we need to break up, josh. i cant do this anymore.” by ’ this ’ you meant the constant torment from maya. you believed that you deserved it. afterall, you had taken josh from her. thats what she always told you.

’ why do you hate me maya?’ you would ask, to which she would reply,
’ you took josh from me. youre dead to me ’ you cried that night. she had been your bestfriend and you were selfish.

“ what?” he said, barely above a whisper. his voice was laced with such pain, it made tears well up in your eyes.

“ im sorry , josh.” you sniffed. you started to walk away but he grabbed you and turned you around to face him.

‘ no , yn, please dont do this. please. i love you.” he choked out, tears falling down his face.

“ i have to josh. im going to get my friend back, you are going to back to NYU and forget about me. you are going to meet a nice girl and she will be your topanga and you will be happy. i promise.’’ you gave him a watery smile and she shook his head.

‘’ i dont want another girl, Y/n! I want you! you are my Topanga. thre is no one else for me, please, dont leave me!’’ He begged. You let out a choked sob.

‘’im sorry.’’ You sobbed and ran off, leaving Josh all alone.

Little did you know, Maya was watching from behind the stairs, the feeling of guilt slowly eating away at her. She was the reason you broke up with josh. It was all her fault. ~ You were sobbing into your pillow , pictures of you and Josh surrounding you on your bed. Just as you began to calm down, your phone rang. You thought it was Josh, again, but it as Riley.

“ hello?“ You asked hoarsly. You heard a panicked voice on the other end.

“Y/n? I need you get here! Right now!’’ You heard a crash in the background and Riley yelp. “It’s all my fault!” You heard an angry voice yell out, you immediiatley recognized it as Josh.

“ Riley, whats going on?!” You asked worriedly.

“ It’s josh! He called me over and he’s drunk! hes throwing things, Y/n you need to get here!”

“ josh calm down!’’ You heard maya yelp. You looked down.

“ mayas there?” You asked bitterly and you could practically hear Riley roll her eyes.

"That’s not important Y/n! I’m so sick of this petty rivalry! Now get down here now!” She yelled Into the phone, shocking you, and hanging up. You sat there for a minute before quickly slipping on your hoodie and some shoes before running out of your home, keys in hand. You didn’t care that you were in short pajama shorts with dried tears on your face. The only important thing was getting to Josh.

You were at his dorm in half an hour and you could still hear crashing inside. A few students were gathered around the door, whispering about what was going on. You pushed past them and banged on the door.

“Riley! It’s Y/n! ” the door swung open and arms pulled you in. You saw a broken lamp, a smashed record , and countless objects strewn across the room. Josh was in the corner yelling at him self, his words slurred and unclear.

“Josh!” He didn’t hear you. “Josh!” You screamed. He stopped yelling and looked at you. He melted when he saw your soft eyes staring back to him. He broke down in tears again, the alcohol In his system making his react even more dramatic then he usually would have. You rushed to his side and pulled his head to your chest.

You both sat on the floor and you held him as he sobbed into your chest. “It’s okay, calm down.” You cooed, petting his hair. He stopped crying and tried to get his breathing under control.

Maya watched from across the room. She could see how easily you calmed him down. She could see the love between the two of you. You looked up and saw her looking at you.

“I’ll be right back , Josh.” You said softly , trying to pull away from him but he tightened his grip.

“No! Don’t leave me again, please.” He whined like a child , melting your heart.

“I’ll be right back, I promise. I’ll be right over there. Don’t worry.” He finally let you go and you walked over to Maya.

“I’m sorry Y/n.” She whimpered. You furrowed your eyebrows.

“For what?”

“This is all my fault. I couldn’t face the fact that Josh didn’t want me. I was jealous and angry. I’m so sorry I treated you so poorly. Please forgive me.” You smiled at her kindly.

“I forgive you, Maya. Now if you will excuse me, I have a drunk boing to take care of. ” she returned your smile and hugged you before letting you return to the boy who was sprawled out on the floor.

“I’m back. Now come on, let’s get you to bed. ” you pulled him up and walked him over to his bed where he laid down, pulling you with him.

You pulled the blankets over the two of you and held him as he fell asleep. You looked over to the girls.

“You guys can go home. I got this.” They smiled at you and told you goodbye before leaving. You cuddled up to Josh’s chest and fell asleep.

~ You woke up to Josh stirring in your arms.

“Morning sunshine.” You giggle as he groaned , holding his head. He looked at you and sighed in relief.

“I had the worst nightmare ever! You dumped me and I got drunk and went on this rampage but in the end you came and calmed me down. Thank god it was just a dream.” He sighed, burying his head in your chest again. You giggled.

“It wasn’t a dream Josh. ” he froze. Slowly, he lifted his head and looked at you sadly.

“So… We aren’t together anymore.” He said sadly. You shook your head.

“I’ve been thinking Josh. I don’t want to be without you. I shouldn’t have broken up with you. So , if you want to, I want to get back together.” You said quietly , playing with a string on the blanket. He groaned.

“Thank you God!” He flipped back down onto his bed as you laughed. “Come here, you!” He growled playfully and tickled your sides. You squealed, trying to get away from him. You both laughed loudly as you squirmed and shrieked. When he stopped you caught your breath and stared into his eyes.

“I love you , Josh.” You smiled and he grinned. He pulled you onto his chest and placed a kiss on your lips.

“I love you too, Y/n.”


anonymous asked:

expand a bit on that au I'm curious

im very glad at least one person cares

  • ok so retail drug store AU!! im 100% shamelessly basing this off of my own job
  • about 1/3 of the store is cosmetics, skincare, bath & beauty, etc. the rest is pharmacy, OTC, food, and other general drug store stuff
  • have u seen drake’s video for ‘started from the bottom’? thats where i fuckin work

this is really long. im sorry


  • allura owns the store. she’s also the head pharmacist
  • which is always the owner of the store
  • in a permanent state of “my employees are fucking incompetent i should fire them” but never does only reprimands them
  • the cameras in the store show her everything thats happening she has a big screen that show all of the 24 areas. sometimes when shes bored and it’s slow she’ll sit there and watch the employees 
  • she calls lance several times and tells him to stop fucking around bc he’ll just be hanging around the front cash bugging the fuck out of keith and pidge and hunk, if he’s there
  • theres a betting pool w the staff on when she and shiro are finally going to hook up
  • she deals with customer complaints when shiro isn’t around; a lot of customers see her pretty face and think she’ll be lenient on them , but oh boy. ohhh boy are they wrong
  • she’ll fuckin shred em
  • she’s stern but a very kind and understanding boss


  • coran is one of the front store managers (meaning he’s one of the managers of everything that isn’t pharmacy and cosmetics).
  • he’s also the product receiver
  • has to do a lot of cycle counts and damage reports bc customers drop things, especially cosmetic things, so often
  • its expensive
  • permanently stressed
  • jokes around a lot
  • will come check up on employees and see if they’re working or not
  • usually doesn’t do much if they’re not
  • just tells them to get to work but like doesnt actually do anyhing about it
  • one time he walked into the cosmetics department and saw lance giving hunk an impromptu makeover and said “dont do that on store time!” but lance offered to give him one too so coran was like ‘oh yes’ and never actually gave lance shit
  • very smart and suggests a lot of ways to improve customer service, ignores keith whenever he says ‘or we could not do that’
  • VERY protective of the staff, will fight anyone who treats them poorly


  • shiro is the head front store manager, meaning he’s above coran but below allura
  • (fs managers wear blue collared long sleeve shirts and ties. pciture shiro wearing that. thank u for ur time)
  • the store is severely understaffed so shiro is permanently stressdt
  • because he’s the one that deals with hiring and raises and wages and whatnot
  • is literally the Team Dad™ and the employees go to him a lot when they have issues/are being harrassed by a customer
  • since they cant tell customers to fuck off they get shiro to do it instead bc shiro is the manager and can do what he wants
  • (shiro never tells customers to fuck off. not explicitly. he’s too kind for that. hes very good at subtly telling them off though. kindly.)
  • takes naps in allura’s office a lot 
  • is also in charge of what products get brought in
  • wants to go for a yearlong nap when lance and pidge keep suggesting all these weird sex toys and lubes
  • “look at this thing it looks like a BANANA shiro can you bring it in i’m gonna fucking sell this to that cranky ass old dude–” “NO, pidge, we are not bringing in a banana sex toy. jesus christ.”
  • “YOOOO I’D GET A THIRTY PERCENT DISCOUNT ON THIS LUBE ITS STRAWBERRY FLAVOUREDO OOHH” “i dont want to hear about your sex life, lance.”
  • no one knows how tf he got his scar or lost his arm but everyone always asks if he can robot punch the dick customer in the face and shiro always has to firmly tell them that’s rude and also, no, but only because theyd get fined


  • hunk is the best merchandiser (stock person basically, the ones putting products out and whatnot)
  • often climbs the shelves in the receiving room bc although he doesnt look it hes super nimble 
  • the toilet paper is always on the top shelf and customers always want it bc its always on sale so hunk is perpetually climbing the shelves
  • sometimes he gets stuck up there and isnt let down until shiro hears him screaming, sometimes hours later
  • shiro leaves him in charge of signage and sale tickets which is fine bc hunk always bums off half of them to lance (who always whines bc he has enough to do in cosmetics which is a lie because theres nothing happening there ever)
  • deals with a lot of shit in general
  • “are you sure you dont have any more of this in the back?” “well ma’am, you see, this thing here” (handheld device) “tells me we have zero in stock, so, like, yeah. im sure” 
  • has a small crush on one of the regular customers called shay, who will hang around and talk to him until shiro comes around the corner and says “Get back to work”
  • whenever he sees one of his coworkers being bothered by a customer he’ll come up and very cheerfully say “can i help you??” as said coworker makes a break for it
  • a VERY hard worker, always gets compliments from customers and even hugs sometimes from the regulars
  • always brings in cookies or donuts he baked and leaves them in the staff room for everyone to share; they always tell him to quit his job and open a bakery
  • hunk flushes and beams but would never leave this shit hole of a place, he says
  • spends like 70% of the time he’s in the receiving room dancing and singing loudly along with the radio, pidge joins him sometimes
  • so does lance and theyll play impromptu basketball with garbage and empty boxes
  • dabs at lance when he sees him across the store


  • pidge is the cash supervisor meaning theyre the one who deals with counting the safe, covering breaks, and dealing with customers when shiro, allura and coran have gone home
  • since the managers usually dont work night shifts, pidge is in charge almost every night from 2pm to close, at midnight
  • literally dead inside, makes jokes about it a lot
  • “hey pidge can you bring me a roll of toonies when you have the chance?” “sure, keith, i’m not doing anything anyway, only taking care of this entire fucking store on my own and wanting to die” “same” “nice”
  • will enter the staff room and announce “i hate my fucking life” and do a shot of chocolate milk
  • the tills crash a lot, and pidge gets at least 6 calls a day from lance especially because the tills are shit in the cosmetics department
  • “my cash crashed again” “just fucking leave it lance i dont give a shit” “i have customers” “okay ill come reboot it but only because youll cry if i dont” “Thanks pidge love u” (pidge has hung up already)
  • very small but always ready to fight
  • will literally tell a customer to eat a dick if they deserve it
  • one old guy was harrassing keith because he didnt have enough lottery tickets and keith was trying to remain polite (which he sucks at) and pidge came up and said “sir kindly calm down or leave this store immediately and dont come back”
  • covers lance’s breaks, since the department cant be unattended, and will shout across the store when they see lance stopping at front cash on the way back to flirt with keith
  • got called “she” after specifying they want “they” pronouns multitple times, and then refused to serve the customer again


  • is that stereotypical cashier that literally wants to die
  • “hi welcome to quiznak did you find everything you were looking for?” *customer bitches about sale prices and blames keith as though he personally chose the price* “okay”
  • its always dead from 7pm to midnight so he’ll just stand there and read a book, and pidge will be like “u cant do that” and keith will be like “too bad” and pidge is like “tru”
  • has stupid competitions with lance, will often compete with him for Worst Customer Ever Stories
  • lance: “this woman told me i shouldnt work in cosmetics because im a guy!! what kind of bullshit!! i didnt give her free samples” keith, flatly: “a man yelled at me for five minutes solid because we don’t sell duracell batteries and then threw his empty coffee cup at me and walked away”
  • the uniform is a short sleeved t shirt but keith always wears a black shirt underneath it and no one cares enough to stop him
  • he also wears his skinny jeans instead of work slacks but again no one cares
  • this pleases keith because he knows his ass looks great in those jeans, and he knows lance stares at it from across the store
  • gay
  • actually has terrible apathy and poor social etiquette and is bad at reading social cues which hes working on with shiro’s help
  • a customer sadly said “i lost my husband” and keith blankly says “did you find him” and shiro, who’s there for whatever reason, gives him a pained look, until keith says “oh god im so sorry i didnt realise oh god”
  • when its really slow and pidge is on cash he’ll leave to go “straighten up” the aisles but hes actually going to visit lance in the cosmetics department bc arguing with lance is fun
  • literally doesnt care about makeup or skincare but lance does and keith thinks its cute
  • if theres no customers pidge will get on the PA and say GAYYY for the whole store to hear
  • hunk will join in from the receiving


  • okay so im a cosmetician so this is entirely based off of my experience
  • lance is one of the only cosmeticians. there are 4 running the entire department. lance suffers everyday. he might as well be the fucking manager
  • knows so much about skincare that it’s lowkey terrifying. has amazing skin. “Whats your secret???” asks a customer. lance will never reveal. (its glycolic peels and a good moisturiser)
  • also is incredible at eyeliner, gives shiro a run for his money
  • “youre a guy why are you working in cosmetics” “because im beautiful”
  • the cosmetician uniforms are all black, long sleeve blazers and black pants. lance looks really good because he’s tall and slim, and pidge always tells him what a gay look it is
  • “im BI, pidge” “i know but its a gay look because its a GOOD look”
  • its always fucking HOT in the cosmetics department because its far away from the freezers and the lights for the makeup make the entire dpt like a sauna
  • lance will cry about it at any given time. he BEGS allura to change the AC settings but she never does
  • goes to front cash to steal bags a lot because they run out a lot at cosmetics but mostly actually goes to say some kind of pickup line to keith, or to whatever cute girl is waiting in keith’s line (earning himself a savage glare)
  • always has makeup swatches up and down his arms and all over his hands and smudges on his cheeks; somehow still looks flawless, and he knows it
  • shamelessly applies makeup in the middlle of his shift, earning himself calls from allura and shiro telling him to work andstop doing that
  • he doesnt stop
  • when hes bored hell leave the department and go hang out with hunk in the back for like a half hour and claim he was printing signs when asked
  • “i may hate my job and want to die most of the time, but at least i look good” *finger guns* *keith rolling his eyes*
  • a pretty girl or cute boy enters the department looking for a consultation and lance flirts the whole time, partially because hes a flirty dude, and partially because he KNOWS it’ll up his sales. also he likes making people smile.
  • makes faces at keith from across the store when keith is standing at his cash looking like a zombie. keith responds and they have an ugly face contest


  • after close, pidge, hunk, and lance will grab the trolleys and race down the aisles, often crashing into shelves or each other. keith joins sometimes and fucking slaughters them all
  • allura: i should fucking fire you all

Prompt:  4 & 83 with Peter Parker? 😊

4. “Come here. Let me fix it.”

83. “Stay there. I’m coming to get you.”

Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: slight sexual abuse

AN: i’m on a peter parker roll rn and i just c a n n o t deal with all these feelings lmao i have like 4 peter pan requests that i have to go through but i’ve fallen in a tom holland hole and i cannot come out so i’m going to have to write the feelings out haha (also im not sure if nyc actually has metro cards but in my country we do so yeah lol)

// Masterlist //

Originally posted by buckstark

Where the hell is my metro card?

I rummaged through my bag to find my missing metro card. Mary Poppins, herself, would be put to shame with the amount of things I had in this bag. I pushed through notebooks and folders and found nothing. People walked around me, some grumbling at me to watch where I was going. I thought I saw a glimpse of my card when I bumped into someone.

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Anger - Tom Wilson (smut)

A/N: Sooooo, this is my first smut ever, so don’t kill me if it isn’t good. I don’t know why I chose Tommy, but he was the first one to come to my mind when I thought about writing a smut imagine.

Word count: 2355

Warnings: VERY EXPLICIT CONTENT UNDER THE CUT. Above the cut you are safe. Mentions of alcohol. Fighting. Swearing.

Originally posted by bulletproofwhale

I glance at the clock on the kitchen wall and sigh, unlocking my phone to check if he has texted me and I haven’t seen it. No, he hasn’t. He should’ve got here an hour and a half ago and I’m worried, what if something has happened to him? I’m not the controlling type of girlfriend, but I decide to text him and check if everything is ok.

“Hey, you ok?” The moment I send it I feel rather stupid.

Hey doll. Yeah Im fine, y?” He texts back and I let out the air I didn’t realize I was holding.

You should’ve been here by now” I tell him, knowing that I look like an obsessive girl and he is probably laughing about it.

Im at Burra’s” And I don’t answer back.

Any other day I’d have been ok with him spending time with his friends, but not today. Today is our anniversary and he has forgotten. I’ve spent days preparing our Anniversary dinner and his present, and he has forgotten all about it. I look at down at my body, feeling quite embarrassed since I’m only wearing a set of lingerie I’ve bought for tonight and high heels, what was I thinking? My eyes keep traveling through the kitchen; the table is set and the candles burning, the lasagna is untouched and the wine on ice. I’m so fucking stupid. I walk towards the table and blow off the candles while grabbing the bottle of wine and taking a long ship from it.

We haven’t been fine for a while. Actually, I haven’t been fine for a while. The day he asked me to move in with him I almost bursted out of happiness, but moving to Washington has been the beginning of everything going south. I’m not saying he doesn’t love me, I’m sure he does, but we don’t really spend much time together. I knew what he does for living when we started dating, I knew he was going to be busy and travel a lot, but I was expecting a little more time for just us, not us and the guys. Right now I just want to drink my feelings away and so I do, drinking the whole bottle of wine.

“You know what, Tom?” I say, holding the empty bottle in my hand and walking to the kitchen “Fuck you. Fuck your I love yous. Fuck your excuses. Fuck your guys nights. Fuck your move in with me” and I hit the kitchen counter with the bottle, breaking it into a million pieces.

I’m out of control at this point, throwing around the glasses and plates from the table, grabbing framed pictures of us and breaking them, the cushions from the couch flying everywhere, his xbox controllers are now going for a swim in the jug of water… and when I’ve trashed the place I realize that doing it hasn’t made me feel any better and my arms and legs are covered in bruises and cuts from the pieces of glass. I need to calm down so I grab my coat from the entry closet and walk out, going for a walk in the middle of the night, drunk and wearing a set of lingerie, stockings, heels and my coat; probably not the smartest idea I’ve had. It is cold outside and that cools my anger down considerably, I now regret trashing his house. I walk for what it seems hours and I’m frozen and my feet ache when I get back to the building, the doorman nodding at me and I give him a shy smile, I probably look like a mess.

When I walk in the pent house Tom is standing in the middle of the living room, hands on his hips and radiating anger.

“What the actual fuck, (y/n)?” he yells and I flinch a little before my own anger makes me brave.

“What, Tom? WHAT?” I answer back, my voice as loud as his.

“When have you become such a needy bitch, huh?” He asks. Ouch, that stings.

“Me? Needy?” I laugh at him “When have I ever been needy? How many times I have stayed here alone while you went out with your friends? How many times have you stood me up and I haven’t even said a thing?”


“SO NOW IT IS YOUR PLACE? SO MUCH FOR PLEASE COME LIVE WITH ME” I scream and I know we are gonna be in trouble with the neighbors “YOU SHOULD’VE TOLD ME THAT I WAS YOUR FUCKING GUEST”


“BECAUSE YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN OUR FUCKING ANNIVERSARY, YOU ASSHOLE” and I break down, tears streaming down my face and onto my coat.

I look up and his red with anger face is now milky white, his brain running through his calendar. Hit and sunk, Wilson, hit and sunk. His eyes soften and I can see the guilt on his face, looking around and connecting the dots together, the wine, the food on the floor, the glasses, the candles…

“(y/n)… I’m…” I cut him before he can finish the sentence.

“Don’t say you are sorry, please” I whisper and I kick out my heels on an attempt of being more stable since my knees feel like they are going to give in at any second.

“Don’t do that” Tom says, pretty much running to me and holding me so my feet don’t touch the floor “there are pieces of glass everywhere…” and I bury my face on his neck as he walks upstairs to our bedroom.

When he walks in and stops death on his tracks I remember that I had left strawberries and champagne in the room for what was supposed to be a romantic night.

“God, I’m an idiot” he murmurs to himself but I hear him.

“That you are” I agree and he moves me in his arms so now I have to look at him. I want to hide my face but he doesn’t let me.

“I mean it, (y/n). I am so sorry” he tells me and I believe him, but it’s gonna take a little more than that for me to forgive him. “I took you from granted and I haven’t realized how lucky I am for having you until tonight. I love you, I really do”

His words melt my anger and I just nod, kissing him on the cheek while he wraps his arms around me and hugs me tight.

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Cheating Prank / Colby Brock

Request: Could you do a Colby brock imagine where he’s dating the reader and he plays a cheating prank on them, and like the reader gets rlly upset and the boys are worried so Colby then comes out to apologise and they have a deep fluffy conversation about insecurities and he’s like saying how he believes they met for a reason and that they’re destined to be together etc. just like a really cute deep convo

“Whatsup guys it’s Colby here and I’m with Clarissa today because as some of you know y/n pulled a little prank on me so I decided that I’m gonna pull a cheating prank on her, so hopefully it’s going great and we’ll still be together after this. And also I have Elton’s camera too so I can have two views, but I know how y/n can be so everyone in the house is in on it just in case it escalates ” as both laughed. While Colby was putting the camera away, devyn put make up as the hickey on Clarissa. He looked at his phone to see your message that you’ll be here in 5 minutes. He took his shirt off when he heard the door open and closed.

“Babe I’m here” you yell through the house as you saw the boys in the kitchen.

“He’s upstairs” sam says as You said hello to everyone before going up. As you got closer to the room you could hear colby but also a girls voice. You opened the door to see Colby giving Clarissa a hickey.

“What the fuck?” You exclaimed as you just stood there. Colby pulled away from her neck as Clarissa looked scared. All of the guys came upstairs.

“What’s is going on here?” Elton asks as he sees Colby and Clarissa. Good thing he knew that is was a prank or else he would’ve killed Colby.

“Y/n it’s not what it looks like” as he stood up to walk closer to you but you took steps back.

“It’s not What it looks like” you scream as you laughed humorless. You took one step forward and connected your hand to his cheek.

„It’s over, don’t ever talk to me again“ as Elton grabbed you pulling you out. Tears were covering your cheeks as Elton held you. You pulled away before walking downstairs and to your car. Colby in that time hasn’t moved one bit because you slapped him hard when he finally came back to reality he run out to see Elton pointing to your car. He ran out and opened the car door.

„You cant leave“ he says stopping you from driving.

„I can and I will so let go“ you said trying to pull the door closed.

„No you can’t because it’s a prank, and I went to far i‘m sorry baby“ you got out and slapped his chest.

„I hate you so much right now, you scared me“ as he laughed pulling you into his chest.

“I seriously thought I wasn’t good enough anymore, you know how insecure I am, i already think people are better than me” you cried as Colby pulled you closer if that was possible.

“Don’t ever think like that, you are the most amazing, beautiful, talented, funny girl I’ve ever met. And I would never do that you know why?“ he asks as you shaked your head.

„Because god gave you to me to love and protect you, because he knew I needed someone and he gave you to me. I will always love you and be here for you, even if you hate me I’ll be here if you need someone to talk to I’m here. Because I love you and also because you are my one and only. You are truly and angel because you love me like I am and I’ll thank you for that everyday“ he says as tears came back as he wiped them away.

„i love You colby so much“ as you connected your lips to his.

„Wait is everyone in on that prank?“ as he laughs nodding. He screamed for the guys to come out. Everyone came as they each have you a hug.

„Im sorry y/n no hard feelings right“ as you pulled Clarissa into a hug.

„I still hate you guys for actually making me believe Colby was cheating on me“ as everyone laughed walking into the house playing games.

Some of my actual experiences in musicals/plays that might make good AUs

- you’re the lead in literally every production, and I’m just a freshman in ensemble, so why are you winking at me and calling me “bae”? AU

- we’re doing improv and you’re talking about how there’s some birds loose in your school, but nobody is standing up to help you with this scene and you look very awkward, here let me run towards you shouting “WHO LET MY BIRDS OUT?!” AU

- we’re both auditioning for the same role and I know we’re really good friends but I’m going to take you down AU

- you’re a lead and everyone calls you by a different name and you REFUSE TO TELL ME WHAT YOUR NAME IS so I’m just gonna call you “asshole” AU

- hey we’ve never talked before so now we’re playing love interests how about that AU

- hey we’ve been good friends for years so now we’re playing love interests how about that AU

- I play a police officer and at one point I get to arrest and drag your character offstage and I’m having a little too much fun with it AU

- we’re both in the ensemble and get bored while the leads have their scenes, here let’s come up with dramatic backstories for our characters together AU

- these rehearsals are hella long and you always forget to bring food so I’ll share with you, what do you mean my gluten-free cookies taste like cardboard TAKE IT BACK YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT au

- QUICK I NEED A ROMEO AND I KNOW YOU KNOW THE LINES— oh you thought I was Juliet? Nah man I’m playing Benvolio, that dude is Juliet AU


- I’m seriously starting to think the drama club is a cult, because we’re doing a “pre-show ritual”…hold up it turns out the ritual is just the hokey-pokey AU


- I’m trying to figure out what the plot of this show is and so far all I’ve figured out is that everyone is a sinner AU

- the set for this show is a very big boat but the wood is always creaking and I fear for my life when I’m on the stairs AU

- before we do a show the cast of this small play stands in a circle and passes a baby doll around in complete silence and if you ask anyone about it they’ll say “what baby doll? we don’t have a baby doll.” AU

- you and I both love running around in the hallways in our costumes and freaking out the janitors AU

- everyone’s singing “Gay or European” before a dress rehearsal and you were getting ready but you run in at the very end wearing your fabulous red dress and scream “FINE OKAY IM GAY” can I please give you a hug AU

- you lost part of your costume and the drama teacher will kill you if you don’t find it so I’ll help you out AU

- “Say it. Say those six words and I’m yours.” “I have hot pants for you.” AU

boyfriend; bae jinyoung

a/n: requested by @starlightstitxh / gifs do not belong to me, credits to the owner + this boi is ruining my life but it’s okay !! also i told you i was gonna post this a week ago, i’m sorry if i’m so slow ;; 


  • you and jinyoung would be close friends since little
  • and how longer you two spend time together, how more feelings he got for you
  • he told his friends that he developed a crush on you and they all didn’t believed him
  • “no, you’re not for real right? ____ is the most prettiest student at school.”
  • “yeah, it’s them.”
  • “to be honest, you two would look so cute together.”
  • “stop saying that, i’m sure they don’t like me back anyways.”
  • “they do !! i overheard what they were saying to jaechan yesterday. go and confess before they go with someone else.”
  • he literally confessed to you the day he heard that from his friends
  • after school, he asked you to go to the nearby coffee shop
  • which was famous since a lot of couples go there
  • you knew about him liking you but you were kind of shocked
  • since jinyoung is the shy type and
  • wouldn’t really confess in public
  • “jinyoung, what are we doing here?”
  • “i wanted to tell you something.”
  • “what is it?”
  • he looked around first and literally made eye-contact with you
  • for the first time
  • “i like you.”
  • of course you liked him back and told him
  • i bet jinyoung would become so shy 
  • and just look away while 
  • you’re sitting there, happy that you’re able to call him yours


  • we all know, jinyoung is very shy when he’s around people he doesn’t know
  • but when it comes to you, he’d be super open
  • since you’re his
  • he wouldn’t be scared to do anything, when you’re around 
  • so, i think you two would go on a lot of dates
  • even though he doesn’t have time he would make time for you
  • even his boss would let him since you make him happy
  • you two would go to trampoline parks, to chocolate museums (here there is one and its so fun since its chocolate), karaoke room and etc.
  • and when you guys are in the karaoke room
  • expect him to be shy about his singing and would tell you to turn around
  • “why?”
  • “because, i’m too shy. i don’t want you to see me singing.”
  • “since i love you, i’ll turn around.”
  • “thank you and i love you too.”
  • he’d start singing some songs which are love songs and they’re all dedicated for you
  • like eddy kim’s, you’re beautiful or kim minseung’s, thumping
  • it’d be so cute and after he’s done singing he’d turn you around
  • and stare into your eyes like
  • you can really see he’s in love with you and it’d make your heartbeat go faster
  • on other days, you and jinyoung would just have dates in the dorm
  • while the others are away or when they are sleeping
  • you and jinyoung would have a movie / drama marathon while cuddled up
  • “i hope there’s gonna be a season 2, this is way too good.”
  • “yeah, i know right ! this is one of the best dramas, i’ve ever watched. thank you baby for recommending this.”
  • “no problem, princess.”
  • jisung would be in the back screaming inside bc you and jinyoung are so adorable


  • his kisses, it’d be super quick but cute ones
  • for example, the two of you would be studying
  • and sometimes when you fall asleep, he steals a kiss from you
  • when you wake up, this boi would start giggling and it’s so cute
  • “why are you laughing? did you draw on my face?”
  • “no…”
  • he’d run away from you and you would run after him
  • jinyoung would be hidden somewhere
  • and when you’re searching for him, he’d suddenly
  • push you against the wall and kiss you
  • he’d pull away and smile at you this is like a drama
  • “i love you and only you are my everything.”
  • “i love you too but what did you do?”
  • “i secretly kissed you.”
  • “you’re too cute.”
  • sometimes 
  • when the members are sitting in a circle
  • and they would be talking about random stuff
  • jinyoung would leave kisses on the back of your neck
  • like it’s cute
  • the others would see it and would even whisper about it
  • since they don’t want jinyoung to be embarrassed
  • “they’re so cute, i can’t. i don’t think i’ll ever found someone like ____ or jinyoung.”
  • “i know right. i’m sure but we’ll need to way for 1000 years.”


  • he won’t really hug you a lot to be honest
  • jinyoung would only hug you when he’s sad or he misses you
  • or when he comes back from work or school
  • “jinyoung, we’re literally in the same school.”
  • “but not in the same class. i missed you.”
  • “i missed you too.”
  • whenever he’s sad , he wouldn’t show it but
  • he’d come to you and hug you 
  • without saying anything
  • like when it was the last day of recording produce 101
  • he was super sad for the ones that didn’t got in
  • so he just hugged you and ignored everyone else
  • “i can’t believe they didn’t got in.”
  • “i know, but jinyoung. at least you got in, right?”
  • "yeah…”
  • he was still pretty sad about that but of course he accepted it and became
  • his normal self again
  • jinyoung also hugs you when he’s jealous when others 
  • flirt with you like ?? yall not stealing whats mine
  • “jinyoung. why are you being like this, is there something wrong,”
  • “no.”
  • you would realize he was jealous bc he was looking so bad at the person  who was flirting with you

missing each other:

  • he’d be super sad about leaving you
  • but he wouldn’t really show it
  • he would keep his head low though
  • sungwoon would notice and ask him
  • “hey jinyoung, what’s up man? you’ve been like that the whole day.”
  • “it’s nothing.”
  • “sure?”
  • “not really but it’s okay. don’t worry about me.”
  • of course sungwoon would realize he’s like this because he misses you
  • “you miss ____ don’t you?”
  • “yeah, i do.”
  • “you know, we can ____ call right? don’t be so sad, let’s cheer up, yeah?”
  • after the call with you, he’d be more happy
  • and he’d have more energy 
  • even after that, he’d still like think about you
  • but in a good way
  • he’d be thinking about what the two of you are gonna do when he comes back
  • and it’d be like going on cute dates like you two always go on
  • your kisses 
  • i think he’d miss that the most
  • and when the two of you see each other again
  • expect him to stand there, stare at you
  • bc he couldn’t believe it was you
  • “is that really you? why have you become more prettier?”
  • “it’s really me and same at you, cutie.”


  • mornings with him
  • it’d probably be so cute
  • since our jinyoung is very shy, he’d hide under the blanket when you're awake before him
  • and you would literally just laugh it off since
  • he’s your adorable af boyfriend
  • “jinyoung, why are you hiding from?”
  • “i don’t think i look good right now.”
  • “you always look good.”
  • he’d just smile at your compliment but he’d stay under it
  • after a while, he’d come out anyways
  • you and jinyoung would stay in bed for like hours and hours
  • and you two wouldn’t even bother to come out
  • “jinyoung ! ____! breakfast is ready.”
  • “we’ll come later.”
  • you two would probably talk about school, dates and etc
  • like there’s no end
  • and of course there are sometimes
  • when you guys have nothing to say
  • and jinyoung would just stare at you asking himself how lucky he is to be with you
  • and he’d get butterflies in his stomach
  • “___, you know i always get that feeling in my stomach.”
  • “what? are you sick?”
  • “yeah i am. i’m love sick.“ OH BABY IM LOVE SICK GIRL
  • "jinyoung, oh my god.”
  • “i get so many butterflies just by looking at you, you’re so pretty and so perfect. i can’t.”
  • i bet you’d be almost crying bc he’s so nice and ugh
Let her go

Stanely Uris x Female!Reader

Requested: Yes, by some lovely anon

Word count: 558

“hi! Can you do a stan x reader where in the part where pennywise had bill in a headlock instead of bill it’s the reader and stan’s being really emotional cause they’re in love? sorry if that’s confusing or long xx“

Summary: I mean, ^that sums it up so leTS GO

Warnings: just people crying i guess lol

Side note: changed it up a bit, it’s a lil fluffy i guess? Also, Stan kind of steals Richie’s lil spotlight when he gives his speech about how he’s gonna kill the fucking clown :3 idk lmao. just enjoy my shitty writing!

Originally posted by anguishborn

After all this time, here you all are, together with IT. But he was holding you in a head lock. You were all going after him trying to attack. One thing led to another then somehow Pennywise had you with his arm going around your throat holding you in place. 

“No” Stan whispered to himself. “Let her go!” he screamed. Tears building up in his eyes.

“NO” Pennywise screeched. “I’ll take her. I’ll take all of you! Or, I just take her, you can all leave. You can leave, go, and live long happyyyyy lives”. 

“Leave” you said quietly. “It’ll be okay” you told them. But your eyes were looking at Stan. The boy you love.

“Yes. Leave. Stan” Pennywise said with a sinister smile. It knew what they both felt for each other. It felt it.

“No! Y/N, I’m not leaving you”. His voice cracking in between. 

“Stanley. It’s either me, or all of us together. You have to go” you choked.

Stan’s body was shaking, uncontrollable sobs coming out of him, rivers flowing freely down his face.

“No, I can’t” Stan sobbed. 

“Stanely, look at me”, he did, “I’ll be okay”. You seem to mean those words, but they all knew you didn’t. 

“Leave, Stanely. Leave the girl you love, because you’re too much of a coward” he heard Pennywise say in his head.

“No” he said quietly. “I’m not going”. He stated firmly. 

“Hahahahahahahahahahaha whaaaaaaaat” Pennywise questioned with a disgusting smile.

“I said I’m not leaving”.

Now Pennywise seemed to be unamused. 

“We’re at the bottom of a crack house. I walked through shitty water. I nearly got my face eaten! Most of all, you have your hands on the girl that I love”.

Wait. What? You were shocked by his sudden confidence and words, but it made your heart soar. 

“So no, I’m not leaving. I guess we’ll just have to kill this fucking clown” he stated carrying a baseball bat. Pennywise got up walking towards Stan when he got whacked in the face. And soon, all the losers starting bashing the shit out of the clown. Over coming their fear. Not gonna lie, it was pretty fucking awesome. Once the clown was finally gone Stan ran straight to you.

“Oh my god, are you okay, are you hurt?” He was holding your face and your heart was beating so fast. He pulled you into a hug, “God, Y/N. I was so scared. I thought he was gonna-” he broke himself off and starting to cry again. You rubbed soothing circles on his back.

“Stan, it’s okay. I’m okay. We’re all okay. It’s gone now” you whispered. He pulled away and looked at you. You placed your hands on his face wiping his tears away with your thumbs. 

“Stanely? Did you really, really mean that? What you said to the clown? About loving me?” you asked. 

“I meant every word. But if you don’t feel the same way, that’s okay” he spoke quietly looking down. You pulled his chin up with you index finger. You looked into his eyes before pulling him into a kiss. It was sweet and innocent. You felt your heart pounding in your chest. You pulled away and looked into his eyes again.

“I love you too” you told him softly. He beamed and pulled you into a hug. You felt safe in his arms, protected. He hugged you like you would vanish if he let go. 

This Is Love.

Genre: Fuff, Dad!au, one shot

Group: BTS

Paring: Jimin x Reader

Summary: You help a kid reunite with his father, his father is pretty hot. He invites you over for dinner, maybe things will blossom from there.


Originally posted by nnochu

“Are you lost?” I asked the small kid who was standing alone in the middle of a busy mall foodcourt.

The little boy didn’t say anything, he just looked at me, his tear were beginning to form. I knelt down to his height.He looked me in the eyes and then proceeded to give me a big hug and burst  into tears. Poor kid, he must be scared.

“My daddy left me here!! He’s gone forever isn’t he!!!” I could barely understand through the sobs.

“No, no. You two just got separated, he is probably more scared than you.” I shushed his crying.

“Really? He is scared?” He stopped sobbing momentarily.

“Well, we have to go find him! I don’t wanna worry daddy!” He said and jumped out of my arms.

I laughed. He grabbed my hand and started running out of the food court. I was alone at the mall and nothing to do all day, so helping this kid wouldn’t hurt.

“Woah! Slow down kid! Lets look around the food court first, maybe he’s waiting for you there.” I said and stopped the boy from running.

“Whats you name?” I asked.

“I’m Gray I’m 6 years old! My birthday was yesterday!” Gray said looking up at me.

“Ok Gray, I’m Y/N, and happy birthday” I said. Gray’s face lit up, he’s such a cute kid.

He was still holding my hand, pretty tight too, he seemed worried. We walked all over the food court.

“Dad!!” Gray called out.

A few men turned to him. i asked if he recognized any of them, he said no. He was on the verge of tears once again.

“Well, uh, maybe we should, get some ice cream. Does that sound good?” I asked to try to prevent the tears from falling.

“Really?!?! Ice Cream? YA!!” He replied.

He grabbed my hand one again, i lead the way to the ice cream shop.

I ordered for us, we both got mint chocolate chip, the kid has good taste. We sat at a small table inside the ice cream shop. He is so small, i really hope we find his father. He was so invested in the cone of delicious frozen goodness.

“So, what does your dad look like?” I asked

“He, he is cute? At least thats what uncle Namjoon says. He is kinda short, he, uh, he has brown hair. He is a good dad. I love him” He said still devouring his ice cream.

“Ok, what does he work as?” I asked. I was just being nosy at this point.

“He works in a small Ramen shop downtown. He works a lot, Uncle Jin is usually hanging out with me when dads not home.” He said. And, of course me being the nosy person i am, i just HAD to know more about this family.

“Oh, uh, how old is your dad?”

“He is, umm,” He stopped and counted with his fingers.

“He’s 26” Gray said while holding up 6 fingers.

“How old are you Miss. Y/N?” He asked

“Oh, I’m 25.” I answered

We finished up our ice cream and went out searching for Grays father once again. We walked for about 20 minutes, Gray calling out for his father, still holding my hand.

“GRAY!!!!!” Someone screamed in the distance.

Gray and I turned to the voice. Gray immediately started crying, he ran up to the man calling his name.

“DADDY!!” Gray shouted as the man picked him up and twirled him around.

I smiled to myself. I am a good person aren’t i. Well, maybe now i can get some shopping done. I started walking away.

“Excuse me, miss?” A felt a hand on my shoulder, i turned to see what i assumed was Grays father.

“Thank you for bringing me my son, can i do anything to repay you?” He asked

“Oh, no no, Im fine, just knowing you guys are together and happy is good enough.” I smiled.

“Well, can i buy you some ice cream or something?” He asked.

“Oh, ha ha, no, me and Gray just had some ice cream actually.” I laughed

“Oh, well i feel like i have to do something for you… Can i make you some dinner some time?” He said. I blushed, he was cute, whats the harm.

“Ok, that would be nice, Im Y/N by the way.” I said.

“Im Jimin. How about tonight? At 5?” He asked
“Thats cool.” I didn’t think, my brain had turned off, my heart was in control now.

“Ok, here is my number I’ll send you the address.” Jimin said.

“Are you guys gonna fall in love?” Gray asked. Jimin and I both blushed and looked away.

We said our goodbye and walked separate ways.

WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! What if he’s secretly a murderer? Nah, he’s too cute to be a murderer. Should i dress casual or like, kinda fancy. A mix. Ooh! I can buy a new outfit and look all cute! My mind and heart were having a nice conversation while i walked around the mall. My mind had taken control once again. I bought cute shorts and a sweater to wear tonight.

I went home and got all fancied up. I looked nice, like, really nice. This is like every love story ever, woman finds child, she reunites child with father, her and the father fall in love, they all live happily ever after.

I went to Jimins house, hoping it wasn’t the wrong address. He answers the door and invited me inside. He live in a small house, There was a small living space and kitchen, and 3 doors which i assumed led to Jimins room, Grays room and a bathroom. Jimin sat me down at the table and walked away. He went in one of the doors. He walked out with Gray. Gray ran up and hugged me when he saw me. SO FRICKIN CUTE!!!!

We ate dinner, Ramen and Kimchi, it was sooo good! When we finished dinner it was around 7 pm ish. So Jimin put Gray to bed and i just sat on their couch awkwardly.

He came out of Grays room and sat next to me. we talked for a longtime.

“So, I hear you work at a Ramen shop” I said.

“Ya, i love it, but it barely pays the bills.” Jimin said.

“Why don’t you just get a different job than?” I asked.

“It was always my dream to either be and idol or work at a Ramen Shop and i want Gray to have the best childhood, full of happiness and all his dreams coming true. And I need money to make that happen. I have my dream job and he has a dream childhood, everyones happy.” He seemed pained.

“What about you? Are you happy? Do you have anything for yourself?” I asked

“Im happy if Gray is happy. I don’t have much, but my sons happiness is good enough.” Jimin said.

I felt bad, I wish i could help them.

Time flew by.

“Oh wow, its getting pretty late” Jimin said. I looked at the clock,it read 11 pm. It is late, but i didn’t want to got, i wanted to stay and talk to Jimin for longer.

“I should get going.” I said, my brain was in control. My heart wanted to stay, so badly.

Jimin walked me to the door. He opened the door, like a gentleman. I stood outside, and he, he leaned in and kissed me. I was internally screaming. We looked in each others eyes for a while.

“Will i see you again soon?” Jimin asked breaking the eye contact.

“Ya, at least i hope so.” I replied. My face was burning.

I went into my car and i just kinda, smiled. My smile was from ear to ear, I was happy. This is amazing. I think this is love. I love Jimin, I love Gray. I love this family, i want to be apart of it.

That was two years ago, Today is my wedding day. My wish will finally be granted, I will be apart of this family. Jimin, Gray and me. Park Y/N.

“Ready?” Someone sad and linked arms with me.

“Come on, mom.” Gray said, he was walking me down the isle.

I tried my best not to burst out into tears of joy. This was the first time Gray had ever called me mom. I like it.

Gray walked me down the isle, Jimin was waiting for me, is he as nervous as i am?

“Go get him, mom.” Gray let go of my arm.

I walked up to Jimin.

We exchanged our vows and rings.

“You may now kiss the bride.”

We smiled and leaned in for a kiss.

The kiss was magical, every moment with Jimin was magic. How can someone be so perfect?

Gray ran up and hugged up both. We are a family. This is happiness, This is love.