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Merman Lance Mini Fic

Lance skin felt like it was ripping apart. Probably was. It had been weeks since he changed, and he was missing his beautiful blue scales. The face masks helped moisturize the scales on his face, but for his legs however, was a completely different story. It started as slight skin peeling, as if he had a sunburn. His usual dark mocha skin turned itchy and splotchy red. He tried to keep his mind off of it, but it demanded to be noticed. And yet, he kept silent. He didn’t want to let his team down, to delay their already hectic schedule just because he was in a little pain. So he kept going about his business like nothing was wrong. That was until one training session.
It was the usual group training: all of them teamed up, fighting against various droids. Everything was going smoothly, until Lance felt a sharp pain go up his leg as he crouched down to shoot a droid that was headed toward Keith. Lance bit the inside of his cheek to stop from crying out in pain, but couldn’t help the small, pained gasp that escaped his capped lips. Hunk demolished the final droid, turning toward Lance. “Hey, are you alright? I heard you gasp, did you get hit or something.” Not trusting his voice, he shook his head. He raised an eyebrow, but didn’t push him, instead coming to help him up. Lance took a deep breath and slowly raised back up. “I’m fine, Hunk. Let’s just go and get some supper.” He then turned and took a small step forward. That was a grave mistake. As soon as he put pressure on his other leg, he couldn’t hold back the small scream of agony. He would’ve fell to the ground if it weren’t for Hunk to catch him. “Lance!!” The others rushed toward him, worry painting their faces. Another gasp was heard, but this time, it wasn’t from Lance. Pidge gaped in horror as a streams of blood were coming from Lance’s legs, creating a small puddle around his feet. That’s when all hell broke lose. Keith quickly grabbed Lance, easing to the ground. “Lance, what’s wrong?!” Lance whimpered out a small “L-legs. Hurt.” Keith hands then fumbled around Lance’s belt, trying to see the damaged. With trembling fingers, he pulled of Lance’s pants, and pales at the sight before him. Large cracked gashes ran along Lance’s legs and if Keith looked closely, he could see blue scales beneath the bloody flesh. Shiro knelt beside Lance. “Lance, what happened? What can we do?” He asked frantically. “W-water..” was the weak reply. Keith wasted no time. He lifted Lance into his arms, pulled him against his chest, and ran. “Keith!! Where are you going?!” The team chased after them to the…bathroom? Keith quickly turned the knob of the bathtub. As the water began to fill, Keith stripped Lance of his other clothes. As soon as there was enough water, he delicately tossed Lance into the tub. The water began to turn crimson. “Keith, what are you doing??” “He said water, what else did you expect me to do?!” The team began to bicker when Lance suddenly released a relieved sigh. “Guys. Guys! GUYS!!” Hunk yelled. “Look..” The team stopped as the water lapped at Lance’s legs, stopping the bleeding. They watched with wide eyes as the rich, mocha legs slowly became a shiny, blue tail. Scales started to appear across Lance’s arms and cheeks. His nails became slightly pointed and a thin layer of webbing connected his fingers. Gills formed along the side of his throat. A pleased rumbled escaped from Lance as he lowered himself into the water. After they got over the initial shock of what just happened, the team turned to Lance. “What the fuck just happened?” “Pidge! Language!” Lance fidgeted in the water, a nervous blush appearing on his cheeks. “If I’m out of the water for too long, my scales get dried out, and it kinda forces me to change back. The only problem with that is, it makes my skin crack, and if it’s too severe I could…bleed out.” “WHAT?! Lance, you literally could have died! Why didn’t you tell us? Honestly, what were you THINKING?!” Keith fumed. Lance cast his eyes to the floor. “I..I didn’t want to be a nuisance. I just wanted to be strong, like all of you guys.” Keith eyes turned soft. “You’re not a nuisance Lance. Far from it.” He let his fingertips graze down his arm. “We care about you. You really gave us a scare there.” Lance locked eyes with Keith, smiley softly at him. Someone cleared their throat. “Alright, if you two are gonna make googley eyes at each other, I’m out. Also, I feel really weird now that we’re just standing around Lance while he’s in a bathtub. I’m getting food.” Pidge exclaimed as she made her exit. Shiro and Hunk chuckled and followed her as Lance and Keith flushed redder than Keith’s Lion. Keith rubbed the back of his neck, and awkwardly gave a soft pat on Lance’s shoulder. “Take all the time you need. Come get some dinner after your done.” Keith turned to leave. “Hey, Keith!” Keith stopped and turned around. “Thanks for..everything.” Keith grinned. “No problem, Lance.” “Oh, and Keith?” “Yes?” Lance smirked. “Next time you want in my pants, just ask first.” Keith nearly killed over and tried to back out of the door, rambling nonsense coming from his mouth. He turned, tried to flee, and ran into the door. Lance giggled and Keith gripped his nose, grumbling out of the door, sporting a bright flush of color across his cheeks. Lance let his arms tip over the side of the tub, gazing at the door Keith just exited. “Heh. Cute.”


-you wouldn’t even have to tell him, he could just tell from your tired expression the moment you walked into the bedroom- 

*reaching his arms out towards you* 
“My poor little girl, you had a bad day didn’t you?” 
*begins to gently rock you as you bury yourself in his arms* 
“It’s okay, everything will be okay babygirl. I’m right here- I’m right here.”

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-he’d hate knowing you had such a tough day, and would immediately wrap his arms around you; staying there just holding you for as long you wanted- 

“Aish, I’m sorry you had such a tough time..” 
*runs his fingers through your hair* 
“You’re home now though, you’re okay my princess.” 

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-he’d just shake his head as he tightly held you, kisses the top of your head repeatedly- 

*lifting you, he’d take a seat on the couch; laying you on top of him* 
“People are so dumb..” “I should beat up everyone that gave my princess such a hard time.” 

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-the moment you roughly slammed the door as you walked into the apartment you two shared, he’d know something was up- 

*getting up from the couch he’d go over to you, immediately pulling you into his arms- no questions asked* 
“Sh, sh it’s okay, you don’t have to say anything.”
*softly smiling as he lightly kissed your forehead as you relax in his arms* 
“My poor baby, my sweet little baby.. Do you need me to get you anything?”

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-immediately grows concerned by your facial expression and silence as you walk in- 

“Baby, what’s wrong are you okay?” 
*pulls you into a protective hug the moment you pout and become teary eyed* 
“No, no don’t cry please my love.” 
“What can I do to make you feel better? Hm? I’ll do anything for you princess.” 

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-learning from previous experiences, he’d know to always have your favorite snacks ready to go; the instant he heard you annoyed huff he’d race to the pantry, pulling out a box he hid that held all your favorites- 

*walking back into the room, he’d empathically smirk at the sight of you laying face down* 
“Come here babygirl..” 
*laying beside you, he’d pull you into his arms before handing the box over to you* 
“Here, it has all your favorite goodies inside. We can do whatever you want tonight too, okay?” “I just want you happy, my love.” 

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-he’d be getting dinner ready when you come in, your cheeks flushed and eyes puffy from crying; he automatically stops what he was doing and rushes over to you- 

“Oh my god, Jagi- What’s wrong? Are you okay?” 
*you just simply shake your head as he pulls you into a warm hug* 
“Sh, sh, sh- no more crying okay?” 
“I’m right here, I promise I’ll be right here for as long as you need, okay?” 

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Imagine Mary realizing both of her sons, Sam and Dean, are in love with the same girl, you. (Part 2)

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Read Part 1 here!

“You are really close.” a soft voice said but you still almost jumped. You turned around to face Mary and let a soft chuckle.

“Did I scare you?” she asked and you gave her a sheepish smile.

“For a hunter my instincts are always fast asleep.” you said with a laugh “Much to Dean’s dismay. He’s taught me a lot of things but I always seem to do the wrong thing, can’t understand how he can be so patient.”

“He’s not usually.” she said with a small shrug as she took a sit on one of the chairs in the kitchen.

“I have noticed yeah, I guess.” you sai with a small shrug.

“He’s patient with you… and a lot of other things that he usually isn’t.” she noted and you were too occupied to notice the voice tone when she said the words.

“I think?” you gave her a shy smile “I just- we’re close, that’s all. Maybe I get to see a few other sides in him.”

“Only him?” she asked with a frown and you stopped for a moment to look at her blinking “I mean-” he started again “I haven’t been around for very long but- I just noticed that you and Dean and Sam are really… comfortable around each other. You really are a family.” for lack of better words.

You smiled just slightly at the thought of the Winchesters “They are my family Mary. I know that there might not be any blood relation but- but Sam, Dean and Cas are all I’ve got. I lost my family to some vampires and I would have died to if it wasn’t for your sons. That was about ten years ago and we’ve been through heaven and hell together. Literally.” you breathed out.

“They care about you a lot, I can see it.” she said in a low voice and you looked down shyly.

“I- I care about both of them a lot too.” somehow you didn’t understand how you separated them from Cas because the way you cared about them was completely different.

“I’m glad about that, I always wanted someone to look after them and… love them the way you do.”

“I’m not doing anything special, Mary.” you said honestly “It comes naturally, I can’t help it. They’ve done so much for me that I just- it’s impossible to not love them, considering who they are.” yu shrugged and she nodded her head.

“I know that, I know. I just-” he bit on her lower lip for a moment “I was wondering if- I don’t want to intrude or something I just thought that- do you probably see them or any of them any… different?”

“Different? How?” you blinked, although part of you already knew what she was trying to say.

Mary was ready to say something but all words got caught in her throat when she saw her two sons enter the kitchen. They both gave her a kiss on the cheek and greeted her but before they could exchange a ew words they noticed you standing there, ready to prepare dinner and jumped at the opportunity to help.

“Hey what were you talking about?” Dean asked in a low voice as he glanced at Castiel sitting next to Mary and getting into a conversation with her.

“It was-” you paused for a moment, biting your lower lip in thought “It was nothing. Just an easy chat, nothing special.”

“You sure?” Sam asked and you glanced at him, smiling the exact same smile you gave to Dean.

“Yeah, Sammy. Don’t sweat it, casual girl stuff you two giants can’t understand.” you gave him a wink as he grabbed some of the ingredients still needed.

“I mean I can’t but not even Samantha?” Dean asked with a tilt of his head, raising an eyebrow and you snickered.

“Funny much.” Sam rolled his eyes “Hey Deanna, next time period cramps start don’t ask me to go get you all the chocolate I can find.” he said with a smirk, reminding you of a particularly fun case and Dean only scoffed at him.

“I won’t.” he shrugged, wrapping two arms protectively around you “I have (Y/n) for that, at least I can understand her better than you do.” he said in a childish way and you rolled your eyes laughing at them.

“Come on girls, don’t get your panties in a twist. We got dinner to prepare.” you joked, pushing Dean away with your buttas he smirked at you.

“Oh are we getting some action baby? Not here, let’s go get a room first.” he smirked at you and you rolled your eyes at how flirty he was.

“Can we get to cooking already?” Sam asked with a bitch face and you smiled at his obvious attempt and fail to hide his jealousy. You leaned up and pecked his cheek without a warning – but wait did you ever really warn them? - and nodded your head.

“Sam’s right, as much as I love you too goofballs my stomach really needs the food right now. And it’s that much I could almost chose it over you right now.” you said with chuckle, eyes focused on the task at hand and therefore you were unable to see the smiles that spread on both men’s faces.

“Mary” Castiel’s soft voice made the woman avert her eyes from the sight in front of her. Of course she’d heard the small word and of course unlike you she had not failed to see her sons’ smiles. They were so much alike not just between the two of them but also to that John had when she told him the first time that she loved him.

She knew that this wasn’t the first time you were saying the small word, she’d heard you say to Dean once and althoughshe hadn’t heard a thing she didn’t doubt you’d spoken it to Sam too. Maybe they didn’t say it back but she could see they wanted to and she could see crystal clear from their smiles that they felt it too.

She sighed, looking back at the angel “I’m sorry Castiel, I am just too occupied-”

“Thinking? Yeah, I noticed that. Is everything alright?” he asked with a small adorable frown and she sighed.

“I’m afraid that my answer will be no different from yesterday Castiel.” she looked down at her hands, shaking her head with a frown.

“Are you still worried that they might-”

“That’s the thing Cas.” she cut him off gently “It’s not a might, there is no single doubt about it anymore. I mean, look at the way they look at her. Look at the way they smile after she told them she loves them, they-” she felt her throat close and shook her head, rubbing her forehead.

“It’s… quiet complicated.” Castiel only said in a low voice as he watched you and the Winchesters too occupied with chatting and cooking to care to listen to anything else. It always seemed to be like this, whether you were with one or both of the two men you seemed to not have eyes for anything else. Your full attention was on him/them and nobody else.

“Complicated doesn’t even begin to cover it.” she said “And I don’t even know where to stand, Castiel.”

“What do you mean?”

“I always looked forward to this day, to see them smile like this: happy and without a single worry even if it was for just an hour. Because that would mean they’d found their own heaven in the woman they loved but now- what kind of heaven is this Castiel? How could any of them ever really be happy knowing that the other is actually in hell because of what is going on.”

“They’re strong, they- they will work it out.”

“Can it be worked out? I mean Castiel as a mother I only want them to be happy but- now I can’t have that because either way one of them will end up hurt. How am I supposed as a mother to stand seeing even one of my sons hurt like that? I always knew something like this would happen I just- I never wished for it to be exactly like this.”

“Their fate has been sealed long ago, Mary. You can’t blame yourself for that.”

“But I could do something- I should do. The moment I brought Sam as a baby back home from the hospital I saw that the bond they had started to develop would be the strongest one but- but I fear it, Cas. I fear that the bond I saw them develope years ago will be put to the test and I can’t stand to watch it.”

“Mary it’s their decision to make, it’s not your fault.” he tried to reassure her.

“It is but I- I am scared of that decision, Cas. Whatever it is we know that both of them will hurt one way or another. Their lives had been sealed ever since Dean first held Sam in his arms, they were tied and whatever choice one makes the other will face the consequences. One is meant to sacrifice for the other every time and vice versa- how can a mother deal with that Castiel?”


Need A Hug

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none (some angst maybe?) 

Word count: 877

Summary: Ever feel like you need a hug? Well, Jensen is there to help.

A/N: This is written for the lovely @bringmesomepie56. This is also my first time writing Jensen so be gentle with me guys!

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On some days you wake up with a bad feeling. You start your day not feeling well but you ignore it. You don’t think about it and continue on. Sometimes that feeling passes but sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it escorts you through every minute of your day and it clings onto you for dear life. Today had been a day like that and you regretted not staying home.

You let out a loud sigh when entering the apartment you and Jensen were living in together. Literally everything that could’ve gone wrong today somehow managed to go wrong. Your day had been a perfect example for Murphy’s Law.

You had never thought the sentence “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” could be more accurate. Here you were, still standing at in the hallway of your apartment with your purse laying by your feet.

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I’m sorry love

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Klaus x Reader

Requested By Anon

“I’m sorry love.” Klaus called as you shoved him repeatedly from your flat. Blood was splattered across his face despite the fact that he had ran his hand over it and through his hair.

“No Nik, you nearly got him killed! And I know you did it purposefully so don’t pretend you didn’t.” You grumbled and went to slam the door but hesitated.

“Go on slam the door, we both know you have no reason to stay with him when I love you!” Klaus shouted and you quickly stopped your boyfriend from diving at Klaus.

“Just go away Nik.” You whispered with tears eyes, your hand resting on your abdomen as you glanced away and his eyes widened with realisation.

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014. ceo!yoongi

014. “let’s get to know each other over dinner.”

When people warned Min Yoongi that he shouldn’t fall for his secretary, he told them to find a rat’s ass that would give a shit of what they said. However… two months ever since he hired someone new to replace the one who resigned merely a week after… he just may need to go back on his word. No one warned him about your background and the possibilities of falling for you the more he hears about it. Not even a red light to give him a heads up of late night shifts and chats that could lead to revealing more sides to you he never expected to see.

Yep. In too deep to back out now.

There was one thing stopping him, though.

“Hey… Yoongi?”

“Hm?” He looks up from the report he was currently going through, eyes now landing on you on his sofa with files surrounding you like a fort.

“Can I be honest?”

He raises a brow, now folding his hands on the table, fingers lacing one another, “Haven’t you been all this while?”

“Well, yeah. But this is like… honest honest. Like… extra honest,”

He nods after digesting your words, leaning forward with curiosity, “What is it?”

“Um… see I’ve been thinking about this and…” You stop fiddling with the corner of the file you’re holding, gazing down to your lap in hopes it’ll boost your confidence, “You know a lot of about me but I don’t know a thing apart from the fact you like coffee with two sugars and that you prefer texting over calls. And that you like scaring new employees by making them think they’re screwed all the time without saying a thing during their presentation and - hey! This isn’t funny!”

“How is it not when you’re being cute like this?” He counters, and you shut up immediately after that. Pulling your lip over your head, you want to swallow yourself when he looks at you like that.

“What’s the matter, Y/N? You’ve gotten quiet all of a sudden for someone who wanted to say so much,”

Yoongi doesn’t know why but he has this urge to just… turn that frown of yours upside down (how he plans to do it, he’s not going to reveal that yet). He gets up from his seat and pushes the rollers back to walk around his table, then the one in front of you until all you see that comes in your line of sight is a hand. Trailing it up to his face, you see him pointing at his hand with his eyes.

“Come. Let’s get to know each other over dinner,”

Your hand inches up and you meet palms with him. As his fingers grip onto your hand, you refuse to let him pull you up with wait. He does just that, blinking at you with a tilted head.

“Are you just doing this to mess with me or are you… do you feel the same way I do?” 

He exhales deeply before deciding to kneel down before you, under your mercy as your eyes follow his at the switch of height.

“Don’t you know me enough to know that I’m more than just interested in you?”


“Then now you do,” Yoongi smiles, and when he sees you do too, with your hand curling into his with a blush creeping on your cheeks, he stands and easily makes you do the same to match his footsteps.

“B-But what about our work?”

“One of the perks of dating your boss, Y/N,”


“You don’t suppose this to be a get together, do you?”


“Then it’s a date.”

Never Leaving | Joshua

↠Pairing🍐: Nonidol!Joshua x reader

↠Genre📚: Alternate Universe, Yandere!AU, Soulmate!AU, Some Fluff, Angst

↠Warning⚠: Cursing, mentions of violence

↠Summary📖: You were never too crazy about finding your soulmate, you knew that without having to search too hard you’ll find them someday and if you didn’t then oh well. You just weren’t expecting to find them so soon and you weren’t expecting them to act the way they do.

↠ Em🖤

You were never too interested in finding your soulmate, whilst others around you were always doing the impossible. You were just going to let life take its course and if you never met them you’ll be perfectly fine.

Whenever you told someone how you felt that life wasn’t all about finding your soulmate, they looked at you as if you had a third eye. Up until this moment in your life, you hadn’t found not one person whose focus wasn’t purely on their soulmate.

‘How could you not want to find the person that’s tailored just for you??’ Was their preferred question, and you always responded the same, ‘what if they’re a psycho killer or a player or if they’re a long distance away. I’m not saying that they can’t be a good person, I’m just saying it’s a 50-50 chance.’ Even then they couldn’t believe the words flowing out of your mouth, ‘but your soulmate would change for you,’ you would laugh at this common statement, ‘people only change because they want to, not when forced to, and definitely not for a soulmate.’

Your parents felt that you were a disappointment to them once you had brought it up to them, you weren’t going to try and the same structure of conversation arose. The same scripted conversation that made you not want to talk to people, at some point you managed to convince yourself you would never find someone with your same mentality, or maybe you were around the wrong people.

You just didn’t want to be another person running around looking into the eyes of others just to see if you were soulmates. That was a lot of work you weren’t willing to do. No one understood that soulmates weren’t everything this world had to offer them.

You were sat in a bookstore reading a book you were meaning to buy, but first, you wanted to see if it was definitely worth your money. You were sat near the entrance of the store, the pitter patter of the rain a calming sound that only added to the coziness of the quaint bookstore.

You were so deep in the book, your imagination was running, so when the wind chime had so suddenly announced itself you jumped in your seat quickly looking towards the now open doorway.

A guy about your age had walked in and was staring back at you, confusion clear on his face as to why you were looking at him until all of a sudden without the both of you wanting to a sudden force pushed you both towards each other.

Now you stood at a close proximity to each other just staring, neither of you being brave enough to even mutter a hello.

You decided to break the silence between the both of you, considering the silence of the bookstore was already deafening and that you and this stranger were just stood staring at each other it had gotten a bit awkward, but something wasn’t letting you look away, and you already knew what that something was.

“Hi.” Your greeting was just above a whisper, but it was enough to get the stranger to come back to his senses.

“Hi.” His voice was as smooth as silk, it sent a shiver down your spine, “I-I guess we’re soulmates.” He couldn’t take his eyes off of you, he thought you were stunning, and best of all you were all his.

“Yeah… I guess so,” you couldn’t help, but take in his features, his eyes a brown abyss, his skin just as smooth as his voice.

You didn’t know what to say so stupidly you asked, “what are you doing here??”

‘It’s a damn bookstore Y/N!! What else would he be doing here??’ You mentally kicked yourself.

He raised an eyebrow, amused by your question, “for a book…??”

Although you weren’t too convinced you cover your face in embarrassment still under his amused gaze, “since we’re both here we might as well get to know each other.”

You could only nod and walk back to where you were once sat before your soulmate had entered the shop. As your back was turned to him you were finally able to form some sort of a reaction, a raise of your eyebrows and eyes as wide as saucers, because damn was he good looking.

He pulls out the seat next to the one you were sitting in which had your bag and jacket lazily thrown upon it. With only more embarrassment you quickly move them to a different seat.

Once you were situated in your seat you turn only to see him already intently staring at you.

“So… where do we start??” He asks and it seemed that for him it was easier to speak in this situation.

With a shrug, “with our names??”

He chuckles and looks down at the table, it was now his turn to be embarrassed, “well, my name is Joshua Hong. And it’s probably weird to say this, but I kind of came here not only for a book but also hoping to find you as well,” a cute blush colored his cheeks connecting to the bridge of his nose.

You smiled at his cuteness (because you already had a hunch that he wasn’t only here for a book) and shrug, “and I just came here to read a book.” It was probably rude to say, but your mouth runs quicker than your brain.

He laughs, a hand covered his mouth, it seemed to be something he always did, like a habit of sorts, or maybe he just didn’t like his smile, “a witty one aren’t you??”

You lean your elbow on the table then your chin atop your hand and shrug, “so I’ve been told.”

“So are you going to tell me your name or not.”

You smiled, “Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

He just sat there with a smile on his face, “so what now??” You were a bit disoriented, for some reason the thought of not being fully free somewhat saddened you, although he was your soulmate you didn’t even know his favorite color, you didn’t know what he was like, you wanted to see all of his faces. So that meant your parents wouldn’t know of him for awhile.

“We’ll take it slow, get to know each other and then go on from there,” you didn’t want this to happen too fast, there was a part of you that told you to be very cautious, but the other part wanted to just trust him and be carefree.

To you it didn’t matter if he was your soulmate, you weren’t going to immediately place all of your trust in his hands.

“Slow??” He asked, he seemed to be ok with it and at the same time he didn’t enjoy the sound of it.

You raise an eyebrow at him, “yeah I guess that’s alright. Either way, I want you to be comfortable, and we don’t even know each other, I don’t want to be like all of those other soulmates who rush and it gets messy.”

You smile and appreciative smile, “we want this to go as smooth as possible.”

By the time you both knew enough about each other (for meeting for the first time), it was closing time, you wave goodbye to the owners saying you’ll come back for the book.

The rain was still going and you didn’t have an umbrella, not on purpose but you found umbrellas to be a hassle when you could just throw on a hoodie and call it a day, but Josh insisted on sharing his umbrella with you.

“Thanks.” You didn’t know what else to say. And you didn’t know how you missed it all these hours, you didn’t know how you could miss how well dressed he was. “How come you’re so dressed up??”

“I have a good job.”

You hum, not really knowing what he meant by that, and not knowing if you should bother to ask him, but you did anyway, “so… What is your field of work??”

“I’m now the owner of my mother’s company.” He states it as if it were a normal casual thing to tell people. He’s probably gotten accustomed to speaking the syllables.

Your eyebrows momentarily raise before falling back into place, “alright Mr. CEO.”

He laughs and pulls you closer to him so his umbrella covered more of you, he leaves his arm lazily around your shoulders a spark left by the simple action. “Today has been a really cozy day.”

“It has been,” you say as you both near your car, “this is my car,” you look at him awkwardly not knowing what to do.

“Well before you leave we should exchange numbers. It’d be a shame if we left without each other’s numbers.”

“It’d be a waste of time,” you chuckle.

After an exchange of numbers, you give each other a short hug and just before you enter your car Joshua comes around and says, “let’s get dinner together, I feel terrible letting you go home without dinner, considering you didn’t each lunch either.”

You shake your head, “no Josh, it’s perfectly fine. I don’t want you to waste any money.”

“It’s my treat,” he stares at you with expectant eyes, it’s almost as if he was begging without the use of words.

You sigh and get out of your car, locking it once more, “alright.”

He smiles, his eye smile prominent, “yes,” he cheers to himself.

Taking your hand in his he pulls you to a nearby restaurant and instantly gets seated.

“Order whatever you want,” he says carefree.

Another round of laughs and getting to know more of each other went by and before you knew it, it was 12 in the morning.

“Wow it’s late,” you state in surprise, placing your phone back down onto the table, “time sure does fly when you’re having fun.”

“At least we’re both having fun, but let’s start heading out, I don’t want to keep you up any longer.” He pays and once again walks you to your car. “Text me when you’re home.”

You nod, “then you have to do the same.”

“I will, so if you’re still driving by the time I text you don’t try and reply,” he warns.

“I have a life to live. But get home safe.” 

He kisses your forehead, “same to you, soulmate,” he winks and closes your car door you and backs away so you can drive out then turns and walks the opposite direction.

                                      4  M O N T H S  L A T E R

By now you knew practically everything about each other, from what made the other tick to what made the other happy. You knew each other’s families which were happy at how you both mix well. Although you both agreed to take it slow that suggestion was thrown out the window at some point. But one thing you realized about Josh is he was so afraid of losing you that he went almost everywhere with you, he didn’t go to the bathroom with you in respects to your privacy. You couldn’t even speak to another human being without him staring daggers at them. 

Once an older man had asked you for help in a grocery store because he couldn’t find an item he needed and Josh almost pulled you off to the side and gave you a lecture, but you told him to wait where he was while you helped the old man.

But among all of the smaller instances like this one, that you classed as jealousy or being territorial one instance took the cake.

“Well sorry that I have male friends who I’ve known for years and might I add have absolutely no interest in me considering they have their own soulmates, so I don’t understand what you’re so damn worried about,” you sassed him although you knew he wouldn’t enjoy your tone.

“People cheat on their soulmates you know, many don’t care they just do it and-”

You cut him off, “hold on,” you chuckle, “are you afraid of me cheating on you?? Are you fucking kidding me?? You think I would dare to-”

This time it was him who was cutting you off, “I’m just warning you that if any guy ever gets close to you I’ll-”

Once again you cut him off, but only in spite of him cutting you off, “you’ll what??” You challenged him with taking a step closer to him, his heavy breaths fanning over your face as you stared at each other.

“You think I’m joking don’t you, Y/N??” He stared at you as if you were ridiculous, “I don’t just give out empty threats.”

You roll your eyes, “you would really dare hurt an innocent person?? Huh.”

“With my own two hands, Y/N, remember that.”

“So you’d hurt my family. Your own family… all because of them even stepping a foot near me??” A rhetorical question, but he didn’t seem to get the memo.

“If they hurt you yes.”

“But you’d hurt any guy just because he comes near me. Hmm,” you mockingly nod your head, pretending to understand him, “you make so much sense Joshua.”

He flinched at the sound of his full name, “as I just said, I don’t give out empty promises. I have two hands Y/N.” He raises his hands into fists to show how serious he was, as if to instill fear in you, only to have you squinting your eyes at him.

“That’s a threat isn’t it, Joshua.” You start off, gaining his full attention, “then I’ll give you one of my own,” continuing you cross your arms to show that you were serious, “if you actually go through with the bullshit that you’re spitting, I won’t falter in packing my shit and leaving.” You used his fear of losing you against him.

He shook his head in denial, “you wouldn’t.” He asks as if your words were a monstrosity as if his words weren’t a monstrosity themselves.

“I don’t give out empty promises, Joshua.”

You hadn’t doubted Joshua’s words, but by the time your birthday rolled near it’s as if he had never uttered the syllables.

For your birthday you had invited both of your families and friends, your place was packed, but somehow you managed to get caught up with everyone mostly your friends introducing you to their soulmates, you were just picking up where you last left off.

And even the next morning you hadn’t suspected Joshua’s intentions when you woke up to an empty bed, but it wasn’t until the soulmate of one of your friends sent you a distressed text explaining what happened in the late hours of the night.

Your reply was late, as you had sat in bed, mouth agape, your heart pounding, your mind confused.

Sending a text back you said you would take care of everything and not go near them in case Joshua tried to do anything else.

“Since he went through with his promise I’ll go through with mine,” you spoke out loud to yourself as you packed a bag and suitcase, and quickly dressed.

You didn’t even get a step out the door because Joshua was stood on the other side of it rushing for his keys with shaking hands, “Hey babe…” his tone descended as he looked down towards your bags, and as he looked up at you a flame burned in his gaze, “are you kidding me?? Where the hell are you going!!” He was the angriest you’ve ever seen him. And you hadn’t seen him angry very many times.

He stepped towards you but you stood still as you mockingly smiled at him, “you went through with your promise, so I’m going through with mine.” You looked at the way his clothes were ragged, his hair disheveled, if anyone were to take a glance at him they would pity him.

You caught sight of blood on his shirt and pants as he pushed passed you, you almost fell over, but walked out as he blabbered about you being his, about how no one was going to take you away from him.

Thinking you had gotten far you felt triumphant until you were dragged back into a chest just as you were about to push past the doors. “Like I said, where do you think you’re going?? You’re never leaving me Y/N.” He whispered, dangerously close to your ear.

He pushed you in front of him all the way back to your shared apartment, his grip on your shirt never seizing and once inside he threw you along with your all your belongings into your room locking the door.

“If you think that I wouldn’t jump out of the window, you’re funny!!” You shout through the door banging your fist against it.

He laughed a loud laugh, a laugh so loud and frightening you could see him bent over and covering his mouth out of habit, “you’re funny babe, you wouldn’t do that. And you won’t be leaving me again. You’ll never leave me again. It’s only, for your safety.” 

“For my safety, it’s best to be away from you!!” You shout.

He chuckled, you were sick of it, “you’re my possession, so it’s only right for me to be possessive of you, it’s only right for me to keep you locked away for myself. And it’s only right for me to never unlock this door for you ever again.”

The day you met the rain was a sign you didn’t take.

↠ Em🖤

Where You Belong

Bucky x Reader

Word count: ~4800

Request Summary: Could I request a one shot where Bucky and reader have been together for ages, and the reader has been coping with buckys nightmares and talking down the soldier when he turns into him, but she becomes exhausted doing that and working, and Bucky and Steve think it’s a good idea to hire someone else to deal with buckys nightmares, not realising that it will hurt readers feelings and makes her think Bucky doesn’t want her anymore,
She try’s to leave him and tells him she will help train the new person to deal with the soldier, and she packs her bags when Sam finds her In her room, and then goes to tell bucky and it ends all fluffy please if that made any sense 

A/n: Thank you @melconnor2007 for the wonderful request. I hope you enjoy it! Also the longest thing I’ve ever written.

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, a little violence from a nightmare, swearing.

“Bucky,” you gasp out, feeling the metal fingers tighten around your throat, the wall harsh and rough against your back.  “Buck, it’s me, it’s ok, you’re safe,” you wheeze.  Looking into his crisp blue eyes, you don’t see anything of the man that you love, you only see the thing that he hates.

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How the FUCK do all yall people magically forget to get your desserts and/or dinner rolls?

You come in on THANKSGIVING FUCKING DAY because we are one of the only stores in town open (fuck corporate) and completely wipe our shit out, and then YELL AT US when we are out of one of the most popular Thanksgiving desserts (pumpkin & pecan pie).

Like really? Really? Take care of your shit BEFORE the holiday. I want to go home and see my family and my ass is stuck here because yall dont have your shit together enough to plan ahead.

I spent a whole fucking hour in a deep freezer (-10F) climbing over, moving, and throwing boxes to find your precious goddamn pies. MAKE YOUR OWN. ITS NOT THAT HARD. You made my cake decorator cry because of how stressful this has been!

Fuck all yall customers who think its okay to get indignant about shit when youre the one who forgets to get the most basic Thanksgiving shit until the day of.

My Mistake...

The roads were dangerous. Storm water coated the asphalt, deep puddles that obscured the lane markings and rose in a spray under my car tyres. Heavy raindrops on the windscreen conspired with fog from my own breath to obscure my vision. The time was so late that it was practically early, so there were blessed few other cars on the road. This was a bad night to be driving. This was the sort of night where mistakes would be made and people would die.

I arrived home in one piece, so to speak. Work had been both physically and mentally exhausting, and the drive home had used up the last of my concentration. I waited in the car for a moment, hoping in vain that the storm would let up briefly enough for my sprint to my front door, thoughts of the day crowding my exhausted brain. Faces of patients and their frightened or grieving families drifted though my mind. Crying, screaming or sometimes completely blank. The worst ones were the faces full of desperate hope, hope that my team and I might find a solution that I knew just didn’t exist.

The storm refused to relent, and I resigned myself to getting wet. Gathering my belongings I dashed out of the car, but only ran a few steps before running out of energy and walking the rest of the path. I was already soaked, the extra few seconds would make little difference.

The yard was a mess. I hadn’t weeded in months and badly needed to get someone to mow the tiny lawn, but it was not my priority at the time. The dead heads of the roses shed brown petals under the raindrops, and thorny branches scraped the windows.

My home was cold. I hadn’t bothered to leave the heater on that morning, it seemed a waste to heat the whole place when nobody was in it. I didn’t bother to turn it on now either, knowing I’d be in bed soon. There was precious little time for me to sleep before tomorrow’s shift at the hospital.

I found my way carefully to the kitchen, switching on the solitary light I needed to find my way around. Dinner was destined to be a frozen microwave meal for one. It wasn’t fancy, truthfully they didn’t taste very good, but they claimed to be healthy and it was one less thing my busy mind needed to think about. They tasted a little better if heated in the oven, but I had neither the patience nor the motivation for that.

The hum of the microwave did little to warm my thoughts. There was always so much I needed to do, and so much I never quite managed to get done. All those tasks would have to wait though, I just needed to eat, sleep, and go back to work tomorrow. Life was always that way.

The electronic ding jolted me from my thoughts. The plastic tray of the so-called honey soy chicken was hot to touch. Steam drifted upwards from the open packet. I opened a kitchen drawer to gather cutlery, a single knife and fork. All my others were waiting patiently in the sink to be cleaned.

Sudden movement from the couch demanded my attention. Nothing should be moving in my house except me.
“Good evening,” said a man in a suit, sitting far too casually on my couch. My shoulders tensed, and my fists clenched.
“I highly doubt that,” I grumbled. A dozen questions raced through my mind, but it didn’t occur to me to be frightened.

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Project Time

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: You and Steve both have feelings for each other, and you manage to get paired up for a project

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1152


if you wanna be added to a tag list, send me an ask here | ao3

“Steve Harrington… [Y/N] [Y/L/N] – you’re together for this project.”

You were dreading this day. Paired projects were not your cup of tea and you would much rather do it all on your own. The organising, trying to find a place to meet up, making sure the other person could actually pull their own damn weight – it was just too much for you. But the second the teacher said you and Steve were paired up, your heart fluttered. You’d had a crush on Steve ever since you’d moved to Hawkins in freshman year. And little did you know, Steve’s heart was doing cartwheels at the thought, too. There were worse people to be paired up with anyway, you knew Steve was smart enough to do it. He just had trouble concentrating.

The teacher had instructed everyone to move next to their partners so that they could come up with a plan for what they were going to do. You looked back to Steve who was sitting at the back of the class and silently agreed that he would move into the empty space that had been left next to you. He grabbed his stuff quickly and made his way towards you.

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Dogs- Tyler Seguin

Originally posted by steenbean

As soon as I got this prompt I loved it! It’s friggin adorable! And totally Tyler!! Anyway so here’s a Tyler imagine featuring Marshall and Cash! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Hi! I love your imagines! Can u please do a Tyler Seguin imagine about how he notices y/n paying a lot of attention to the dogs and preferring to spend time with them and feed and do everything for them so Tyler gets jealous and puts the dogs outside and y/n notices that he’s jealous because of the dogs and finds it funny? Thank you!


              You heard Marshall and Cash on the other side of the door as soon as you rang the doorbell.

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Wherein EditoriaL Assistant Manager Toyiah Murry ( @thecinefiliac ) discusses the racial politics of GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER (’67)

It’s hard to believe that in all my years of classic film fandom, it took me 30 years to watch Stanley Kramer’s GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER (’67). Although I shocked myself at this feat, I recognize and revel in the serendipitous glory of seeing it now, exactly 50 years after its premiere. Everything about this film is near perfection: the acting (near perfection I say), Edna Taylor’s stunning wardrobe on Katharine Hepburn, the set design, the cinematography, etc. The only element that stressed me out while watching this film was the strange reality of knowing that while the times have changed, nearly every bit of conflict communicated in this film rings louder and clearer today as it did in 1967. This is a testament to screenwriter William Rose and director/producer Stanley Kramer’s incredible talent and forward-thinking decision to produce a story centered around a hot-button issue in America just ahead of the Loving vs. Virginia Supreme Court case. 

Sidney Poitier portrays the handsome, educated and practically immaculate doctor John Prentice, who meets and falls in love with a very young white woman, Joanna (Joey) Drayton (Katharine Houghton), in Hawaii. The film picks up with the newly in love couple glowing with passion and on their way to Joey’s home to meet her parents before leaving for a planned wedding in Geneva, Switzerland. John isn’t a fool and is instead apprehensive of Joey’s parents’ reaction while Joey—being young, white and filled with excitement—is certain that her left leaning folks will welcome him with open arms. She is surprised when her parents, Christina (Hepburn) and Matt (Spencer Tracy), are dumbfounded by their daughter’s revelation. The family dynamic gets tested as well as their personal morals as they grapple with the announcement, one made even more difficult (and amusing) when John’s parents are unexpectedly invited to dinner to learn of this decision as well. 

Although the couple face a 14 year age gap and have only known each other for 10 days, the focus of the film’s tension comes from their color difference. Kramer manages to convey a serious topic that holds a mirror up to American society and begs the most liberal of progressives to truly question their own biases and beliefs about race. Kramer masters this with purposeful intent managing to balance the film with humor and genuine laugh out loud moments.

As a director, Kramer had already proven his skill behind the camera in films like INHERIT THE WIND, JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG, and THE DEFIANT ONES, but here the fluidity of his camera movement is a testament to the American New Wave movement that was sweeping over Hollywood. Kramer allows the camera to contribute to clever sight gags by swinging back and forth and moving up and down along with its characters. But, Kramer’s skill truly shines in the performances he captures from the film’s holy trinity of actors: Hepburn, Tracy and Poitier. Delivering perhaps some of the best moments in each of their careers in GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER, each actor emotes with authenticity and finesse inciting emotion from viewers. In one pivotal scene in which John expresses frustration at his father (Roy Glenn) for the expectations he’s put on John, I literally gasped from the depths of my soul then moved closer to the screen wanting to soak in the exchange that was long overdue with my own parents. 

Nevertheless, the most gut-wrenching and disappointing aspect of my experience watching GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER was realizing just how relevant the conversations in this film remain today. While the topic of miscegenation is relegated to a smaller, more close-minded population of our society, the general discussion and thoughts on race in America are still the same. Matt must battle his own confirmation bias against his daughter marrying a Black man despite being regarded by many as one of the most progressive liberals. Joey describes her father as a lifelong liberal that has fought against prejudice. But as Matt’s friend, Monsignor Mike, reveals “I always have believed that in that fighting liberal façade there must be some sort of reactionary bigot trying to get out” a truth that many Americans had to confront after election day. 

John must also deal with internalized racism from the Drayton’s maid Tillie (Isabel Sanford). John does nothing to give her a negative impression of him. He’s kind, thoughtful, educated and warm, but upon seeing him, Tillie immediately dislikes him. She even warns the family against because she simply doesn’t “care to see a member of my own race getting above himself.” This ongoing battle within communities of color is the result of colonization and white supremacist tactics that for centuries have created fighting within oppressed groups so that there is no united fight against the inherent problem of the oppressor. We see these same tactics used today against Middle Eastern and Muslim citizens. Rose’s script even manages to sow the seeds of white privilege through Joey’s wide-eyed obliviousness before the term exploded into mainstream consciousness! 

Yet what GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER does so flawlessly (besides making a stunning clotheshorse of Hepburn) is beg audiences to expand their mindsets without condemning more conservatively-minded viewers. Matt isn’t necessarily wrong in the way he thinks. His feelings and fears are valid based on his life experience. It’s his irrational desire to hold on to old thoughts in an ever-changing world that gets deconstructed and prodded. In perhaps my favorite scene of the film, Matt orders ice cream based on what he thinks he has liked in the past. Upon taking the first bite, he realizes it’s not the flavor he thought and he responds angrily with disdain. But after taking another bite or two more he tells Christina, “you know, it’s not bad. Not bad at all… I kinda like it.” 

TCM Big Screen Classics and Fathom Events are bringing GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER back to theaters on 12/10 and 12/13 for its 50th anniversary. If you’re like me and somehow missed this film over the years, or if you just want to revisit it on the big screen, then be sure to get your tickets now:


Request: Could I have 40 + 41 with Tony please?x

Pairing: Tony x reader

Summary:   40: “ Will you marry me? ” 41: “ I’m pregnant.”

You and Tony both had happy secret to tell the other, unbeknownst to the other.

Words Count: 1040

Genre:  Fluff :)


      Mornings never were Tony’s favorite, he much preferred waking up closer to noon but that changed once he met you. You were the light at the end of Tony’s tunnel, his endgame and being able to wake up before you and see the golden rays of sunrise cascade over your sleeping form was worth waking up for. You two had met at one of his many charity balls, Tony can’t remember what it was for though. The only thing he could remember was the fire in your eyes when you were discussing a topic you enjoyed. What started as one conversation turned into two, which turned into coffee dates, that turned into dinner dates, that turned into Tony asking you to be his girlfriend. 

    It had been 3 years since you started dating and you had successfully moved into Tony’s penthouse. You were Tony’s voice of reason, his conscious and now he was completely dependent on your presence in his life. He never wanted to give you up, and he hoped the ring in his bedside table would be able to convey that in ways his words cannot. It wasn’t a very big but the simple clean look of it fit your personality best. Thinking of you wearing the white dress and walking to him from the isle almost brought tears to his eyes, he hopes you feel the same way. Who knew the playboy philanthropist could be so tightly woven around a woman’s finger?

   Tony smiled as he saw your sleeping form start to squirm around as you started waking up.

   “Good morning Sweetheart.” Tony whispers.

~2 weeks earlier~

   You sigh as you finish emptying your stomach contents for the second morning in a row.

   You weren’t stupid, you had an idea of what was happening. You weren’t exactly surprised that it was happening, seeing how you and Tony tend to go at it like two jack rabbits in heat.

   “FRIDAY,” you call out.

   “Yes ms.(l/n)?” The AI responds.

   “Can you schedule me an appointment with Doctor Schumer for today?” you request.

   “Right away mam, Should I inform Mr. Stark?” She asks.

   “No!” you snap back, “I mean, no. Its nothing to worry about, It’ll be fine.”

   “Of course.” and with that the AI leaves you with your thoughts.

   You were probably pregnant. You didn’t know if Tony wanted kids, but you loved him enough to trust that he will be happy.

~2 hours later~

   Well. You were definitely pregnant. By your charts, you were at least 2 months along. How were you going to tell Tony? You looked at the ultrasound in your hand. There wasn’t much to look at yet, because it was so small but the photo gave you hope. You put the photo in your bedside drawer and try to brainstorm ways to tell Tony.


   Upon waking up, Tony informs you that he will be making pancakes for breakfast. You sit up in excitement and kiss your boyfriend.

   “Thank you my love!” In your mind, you think Today’s the day. I’m going to tell him today!

   Little did you know that Tony was thinking the very same thing.  You both grab something from your bedside table and make your way to the kitchen. It felt like the photo was burning a hole through your pockets.

   You sit at the island in the kitchen as tony starts to prepare breakfast.

   “Tony I need to tell you something.”

   “(y/n) I need to ask you something!” 

   You both talk in unison by accident, laughing at each other.

   “Age before beauty Tone, You first.” you snicker.

   “okay. One, ouch and two, Ladies first love.” he shoots back.

   “Fine. Here.” You pull the photo out of your pocket and put it in Tony’s hands.”I’m pregnant

   You hear him gasp and look up and you, “No, (y/n) are you serious!” he asks excitedly.

   You nod your head smiling and Tony comes around the island and picks you up into a big hug. He holds you tightly before dropping to his knees and starts talking to your stomach.

   “Hey little guy! It’s daddy!” Tony whispers to your stomach. You start tearing up and hold Tony close to you and your child. You feel your shirt getting wet and Tony pulls away slightly.

   “Well, since I’m already down here. (Y/n), my love, the mother of my child, my sunshine, Will you marry me?” he asks pulling out a beautiful ring.

   You gasp, hands flying to your face. You start crying and just nod your head, not being able to make out words. Tony stands up and gets close to you. He starts sliding the ring up your finger and speaks softly to you.

   “(y/n) I swear to you, my child and anyone else that I will be a loving husband and a caring father. I love you more than the Sun, the Moon, and the stars. I promise I’ll be a better father and husband than my father ever could.” 

   “We know.” you whisper back, you smile and kiss him.

~4 years later~

“Maria Kathrine Stark, get off your father’s suit and come to dinner,” you say, walking into Tony’s lab. Maria was now 3 and a half and all too much like her father. 

“But mom!” She whines back.

“No buts, upstairs now.” you demand. She crosses her arms and pouts while you watch her stomp up the stairs to your dining room.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say we just made a clone of you.” you say to your husband as he walks up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist.

“Isn’t she cute?” Tony laughs, kissing your neck. “It almost makes me want another one.” He says.

You look back at him and slide his hands down to the small bump forming, “Funny you should say that..” 

“No freaking way!” He yells with joy.

“Yes way my love, we’re having another.”  

   Tony kisses you hard and it would have gone much further if it wasn’t for a certain Stark causing a ruckus.

“Daddy!” Maria yells

“Coming squirt!” he yells, running up the stairs. You laugh and make your way to the dining room where your family awaited you.


PARING- reader x Steve



Request from anon- Hey💗 I loved your previous smut imagine so I thought I could also give you an idea :) something where you’re the Captain’s girlfriend and also an avenger but recently you barley had time together cause of missions. One time back after a mission Steve surprises you with a candle light dinner in his apartment and later you make up for some lost time and have really passionate and intense sex? 😘 and if you like from both povs :) thank you soooo much 😍😊

Another smut for you all and with out dear Captain *grins* enjoy. 


Originally posted by my-avengers-imagines

Being Steve Roger’s girlfriend was always going to cause some problems. He was Americas hero and when he got called away there was not much you could say about it, but it was equally hard being an Avenger as well as Captain America’s girlfriend. The missions were piling up and you frequently saw more of Clint and Natasha than you did your own boyfriend, it was frustrating to no end. But you loved being and Avenger and you loved Steve, it was like holding a double edged sword and trying not to stab yourself.

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Got7 Reaction |Their 10 year old, hits their mom because they hate being bossed around||REQUEST|

JB:He walked in the house to hear you and his son going back and forth. “You’re 10 years old you can clean your room” you spoke, “No stop acting like my boss”his son said.He peeked in the door to see his son hit you in a rude manner he walked in the room and put his stuff down. “She is your boss until you become 18 stop disrespecting her”

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

Jr:He had no idea it’s happened before he was watching you both bicker.He stood on the stairs watching. “Put the game up and go to bed” you said annoyed, “You act like i have to listen to you” he said.His son pushed you forward on the floor he walked over and took the game away. “If you put your hands on your mother one last time i promise you will hate me for the father i will be”

Originally posted by googlebts

Mark:He never even knew how rude his son could be because he never was mean to him.As he walked in the house waiting he heard you fighting with your son. “Get out of this house with us all you do is play games” you said, “I don’t care you aren’t the boss of me” he said.He hit and it upset Mark. “Hey don’t ever hit your mom like that” 

Originally posted by got7official

Jackson:You were everything to him and so was his daughter but he couldn’t handle the fact she hi ton you when we pleased.He sat on the couch watching tv. “Come help me make dinner and get off your phone” you spoke, “I don’t care you and dad gave me this phone, You have been doing this by yourself so handle it and stop acting like my boss” she scoffed.She hit you Jackson got off the couch and walked over to her taking the phone. “Don’t hit her like that your mom works hard so help her and you can have this back”

Originally posted by got7official

Youngjae:You guys went out to go shopping and your daughter was so caught up talking to a boy she liked.She never even made a single eye contact with you she was so caught up texting. “Come on get off the phone” you said, “No i don’t have to listen to you mean and him are texting so let us talk and shut up” she said.When she had hit you Youngjae took the phone and put it in his pocket. “You think hitting your mother over a boy is worth it, Now help her shop and listen to her”

Originally posted by choiyoungjae

Bambam:You picked up your daughter from her friends house she didn’t wanna leave so she got mad. “You know you had to go home” you said, “I don’t care you’re so stupid” she said.She hit you so when you both got home she went to her room and you told Bambam.He walked in her room she smiled at him. “Don’t try to act like you didn’t do anything wrong, Hitting your mother is the last thing i ever wanna see or hear you do got that” 

Originally posted by bamica

Yugyeom:You didn’t wanna tell him about it how your daughter was hitting you when he was gone.He happened to of seen it all. “Please get up and do the laundry” you said, “Shut up, Now you see why i hit you when dad isn’t around you aren’t no where near being my boss” she scoffed.She hit you and Yugyeom walked in the room where she quickly backed-off. “Say you’re sorry to your mother she does everything to help you,If i catch you hitting your mom you won’t like what i have, Now do the laundry like she said”

Originally posted by inichan

BTS reaction: You walking in on them masturbating

A/N: This is my first time doing anything like this. Tell me what you think. Enjoy!!

Seokjin: You had just come home from getting dinner when you heard moaning coming from your shared bedroom. You panicked and ran to the door when you saw Jin with his eyes shut, pumping his member. You cleared your throat and he jumped covering himself. 

“Y/N! I’m sorry, I couldn’t wait” He blushed from embarrassment which soon turned to a smirk.

“But now that you’re here think you could help me out?”

Originally posted by jungkookandyugyeomwhores

Yoongi: Yoongi had just gotten back from being on tour for three months and greeted you softly. You both fell asleep and after a few hours he woke up and took a shower. You didn’t think much of it and stayed in bed until you heard quiet moaning coming from the bathroom.  You got up and saw him rubbing his dick fast. You gasped and he turned around smirking.

“Well now that you’re awake, you can help me.” He got out of the shower and pressed his lips against yours.

Originally posted by scartic

Namjoon: You decided to surprised your boyfriend Namjoon at his studio. He had ended your phone call rather quickly earlier, so you naturally went to check on him. As soon as you cracked the door you figured out why. But seeing him moan your name while he pumped himself made you wet. So you took control.

“Miss me?” You walked over to him and grabbed his member moving his hands aside.

He looked at you and tensed up when he felt your hands on his dick but relaxed quickly.

“Fuck…that feels amazing.”

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Hoseok: You both would be playing Twister when Hobi jumped up and went to the bathroom. He had been in there for a really long time, so you went to knock on the door to see if he was okay, when you heard your name in the form of a moan. You smirked.

“Come out here so I can help you.” You said to the door. Inside he would be panicking and pulling his pants up as quickly as he could. He walked out calmly and looked at you biting his lip. He didn't bother speaking as he attacked your lips, hungry for more.

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Jimin: You had gotten off of work early and went straight home ready to relax. Until you saw Jimin on the couch masturbating to your picture. He dropped his phone and put a pillow over his boner once he saw you. 

“What are you doing home so early Y/N?” He asked nervously as you took the pillow off of his lap. 

“ I got off ea-” You tried to speak, but he cut you off by kissing you passionately.

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Taehyung: He had watched you all day getting turned on little by little. You knew exactly what you were doing, but you didn’t expect to see a horny Taehyung rubbing himself on the bed. 

“Are you that turned on?” You smirked in the doorway.

“Well, I couldn’t wait any longer. Can you help me?” You nodded and it wasn’t long until he had ripped all of your clothes off.

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Jungkook: He accidentally knocked his laptop over while he was masturbating and you ran into the room to see if he was okay. Your eyes widened when you saw his hand wrapped around his dick and the picture of you pulled up on his laptop, but you were turned on at the same time. He saw the slightest smirk on your face and jumped up rubbing your clit with one hand and massaging your breast with the other.

“Like what you saw?” He kissed you passionately. 

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