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Okay that Derek's soft hands post was awesome, but it was funny too cos like, imagine if his hands aren't actually that soft? My uncle's been working roadworks for years and a few years back he started buying Dove soap instead of the cheap brand and he loved it so much he started buying the moisturiser too and like, at least twice a day he would lather moisturise the shit out a them then go around telling everyone to feel how soft his hands were. But they still felt like sandpaper and no one (1)

would say anything because he’s this big, rough as guts dude named Spike who was in prison for years and god help whoever tells my uncle who loves to linger in the health and beauty aisle to see the different moisturisers, that they aren’t doing jack for his hands.

Sorry for the very late reply to this! Now all I can imagine is Derek who tries to pamper himself with lotions and potions but no matter what he does, it never seems to work out? No matter how much he tries to make himself feel soft and good, it always backfires. It’s either got an ingredient that make his senses go hay-wire (apparently aloe-vera is the worst) or it just doesn’t make him feel better. Derek imagines it’s a similar feeling to when people expect amazing sex, only to feel unsatisfied after. Derek’s never expected amazing sex from anyone though, not even Kate when he trusted her, so he doesn’t know if the comparison is all that accurate. 

It’s after he tries the Peaches and Cream Ultra Lotion that he hits rock bottom, sitting on the loft floor, staring at the offending lotion bottle. He’s pretty sure the right hand side peach is taunting him. For the smoothest skin, reads the speech bubble. Derek rubs at the pads of his fingers and tries not to get upset because it’s a fucking lotion. But here he is anyway, drowning in the after math of yet another lie. 

He doesn’t know how long he sits there for but it’s long enough that Stiles shows up, armed with a bat. At first, it’s clear Stiles thinks Derek is hurt - probably because he is still sulking on the floor - but the moment he crouches in front of him, he immediately takes in the lotion bottle and raises an eyebrow. Derek expects him to laugh or throw some careless comment his way. Braces himself for it. What he doesn’t expect is for Stiles to pluck the bottle from Derek’s hand and replace it with his own. He holds it loose enough that Derek could pull away if he wanted to.

He doesn’t want to.

Instead, he sniffs. This big, loud, wet sniff that he wants to be embarrassed about. Except, he isn’t. Maybe it’s because he’s seen Stiles give himself a concussion from a chicken baguette once (he still doesn’t know how Stiles managed that one) or maybe it’s because Stiles is smiling at him; smiling in a way Derek rarely sees. It’s the smile he reserves for his dad, for Scott. It’s a smile you earn, and it’s being directed at him right now. It’s a smile, Derek realises, Stiles has shown him often. For months now. He doesn’t know what that means. 

He squeezes Stiles’ hand anyway, shrugs a shoulder and picks up the lotion bottle again. Grips it. Hard.

It explodes, and before he knows it, they are both on their sides, laughing. Derek doesn’t know if Stiles is laughing because he is or because they are both covered in pink gunk. 

“It smells like peaches,” Stiles wheezes, as if that explains everything. “Derek Hale. Likes to smell like peaches.” He clutches his side harder and uses his legs to push himself further into Derek’s space, until his head is in Derek’s lap. “I think you’re amazing just as you are, wolf man, but if you want my mom kept recipes for stuff like that.” He nods to the now broken bottle, still in Derek’s hand. “They are all in a box under my bed. You want to come over later, get some dinner with me and my old man? There’s a Mets game on.” 

Derek is silent for several moments, trying to decipher what Stiles is saying. Eventually, he decides not to overthink it. If he overthinks it, Stiles might take the offer back. Might drop his hand. 

Derek really doesn’t want Stiles to drop his hand.    

“I can make veggie burgers.” He coughs. Serious. “From scratch.” 

Stiles smiles with his eyes, brings Derek’s hand up to his mouth but doesn’t kiss it, like Derek thinks he’s going to. Just looks down fondly, like they’ve done this a hundred times before. Shit, maybe they have, he thinks, swallowing. In their own way. “You learn that in werewolf school?” 

Derek laughs. “Something like that,” he says, thinking of his Grandma, who taught him everything he knows: cooking, sewing, how to swear in eight different languages. When she was old enough, Grandpa Hale taught Laura how to drive while Grandma Hale read The Princess Bride to Derek in Spanish every Friday night. Derek always thought he got the better end of the deal. 

“Show me.” Stiles grins, a challenge, and somethings shifts inside Derek. He tries to frown, because it’s expected of him, but he ends up blushing instead when Stiles leans up and whispers, “next time, I’ll get you one of those aprons that say kiss the cook on them, huh?” in his ear. “I think you’ll find I’m very good at obeying instructions.” 

Derek rolls his eyes and pushes him away. His palms are sweating. “You don’t even know what the word ‘obey’ means.” 

Standing up, he starts towards the kitchen, only to find himself on the floor again, tripping over nothing, when Stiles calls after him, “maybe I just need a firm hand to keep me in check!” 

The bastard doesn’t even look sorry when Derek pounces on him, pinning Stiles’ hands above his head - rough hands, just like his, he realises- but Derek is too busy torn between wrestling Stiles and kissing him to care. 

Merman Lance Mini Fic

Lance skin felt like it was ripping apart. Probably was. It had been weeks since he changed, and he was missing his beautiful blue scales. The face masks helped moisturize the scales on his face, but for his legs however, was a completely different story. It started as slight skin peeling, as if he had a sunburn. His usual dark mocha skin turned itchy and splotchy red. He tried to keep his mind off of it, but it demanded to be noticed. And yet, he kept silent. He didn’t want to let his team down, to delay their already hectic schedule just because he was in a little pain. So he kept going about his business like nothing was wrong. That was until one training session.
It was the usual group training: all of them teamed up, fighting against various droids. Everything was going smoothly, until Lance felt a sharp pain go up his leg as he crouched down to shoot a droid that was headed toward Keith. Lance bit the inside of his cheek to stop from crying out in pain, but couldn’t help the small, pained gasp that escaped his capped lips. Hunk demolished the final droid, turning toward Lance. “Hey, are you alright? I heard you gasp, did you get hit or something.” Not trusting his voice, he shook his head. He raised an eyebrow, but didn’t push him, instead coming to help him up. Lance took a deep breath and slowly raised back up. “I’m fine, Hunk. Let’s just go and get some supper.” He then turned and took a small step forward. That was a grave mistake. As soon as he put pressure on his other leg, he couldn’t hold back the small scream of agony. He would’ve fell to the ground if it weren’t for Hunk to catch him. “Lance!!” The others rushed toward him, worry painting their faces. Another gasp was heard, but this time, it wasn’t from Lance. Pidge gaped in horror as a streams of blood were coming from Lance’s legs, creating a small puddle around his feet. That’s when all hell broke lose. Keith quickly grabbed Lance, easing to the ground. “Lance, what’s wrong?!” Lance whimpered out a small “L-legs. Hurt.” Keith hands then fumbled around Lance’s belt, trying to see the damaged. With trembling fingers, he pulled of Lance’s pants, and pales at the sight before him. Large cracked gashes ran along Lance’s legs and if Keith looked closely, he could see blue scales beneath the bloody flesh. Shiro knelt beside Lance. “Lance, what happened? What can we do?” He asked frantically. “W-water..” was the weak reply. Keith wasted no time. He lifted Lance into his arms, pulled him against his chest, and ran. “Keith!! Where are you going?!” The team chased after them to the…bathroom? Keith quickly turned the knob of the bathtub. As the water began to fill, Keith stripped Lance of his other clothes. As soon as there was enough water, he delicately tossed Lance into the tub. The water began to turn crimson. “Keith, what are you doing??” “He said water, what else did you expect me to do?!” The team began to bicker when Lance suddenly released a relieved sigh. “Guys. Guys! GUYS!!” Hunk yelled. “Look..” The team stopped as the water lapped at Lance’s legs, stopping the bleeding. They watched with wide eyes as the rich, mocha legs slowly became a shiny, blue tail. Scales started to appear across Lance’s arms and cheeks. His nails became slightly pointed and a thin layer of webbing connected his fingers. Gills formed along the side of his throat. A pleased rumbled escaped from Lance as he lowered himself into the water. After they got over the initial shock of what just happened, the team turned to Lance. “What the fuck just happened?” “Pidge! Language!” Lance fidgeted in the water, a nervous blush appearing on his cheeks. “If I’m out of the water for too long, my scales get dried out, and it kinda forces me to change back. The only problem with that is, it makes my skin crack, and if it’s too severe I could…bleed out.” “WHAT?! Lance, you literally could have died! Why didn’t you tell us? Honestly, what were you THINKING?!” Keith fumed. Lance cast his eyes to the floor. “I..I didn’t want to be a nuisance. I just wanted to be strong, like all of you guys.” Keith eyes turned soft. “You’re not a nuisance Lance. Far from it.” He let his fingertips graze down his arm. “We care about you. You really gave us a scare there.” Lance locked eyes with Keith, smiley softly at him. Someone cleared their throat. “Alright, if you two are gonna make googley eyes at each other, I’m out. Also, I feel really weird now that we’re just standing around Lance while he’s in a bathtub. I’m getting food.” Pidge exclaimed as she made her exit. Shiro and Hunk chuckled and followed her as Lance and Keith flushed redder than Keith’s Lion. Keith rubbed the back of his neck, and awkwardly gave a soft pat on Lance’s shoulder. “Take all the time you need. Come get some dinner after your done.” Keith turned to leave. “Hey, Keith!” Keith stopped and turned around. “Thanks for..everything.” Keith grinned. “No problem, Lance.” “Oh, and Keith?” “Yes?” Lance smirked. “Next time you want in my pants, just ask first.” Keith nearly killed over and tried to back out of the door, rambling nonsense coming from his mouth. He turned, tried to flee, and ran into the door. Lance giggled and Keith gripped his nose, grumbling out of the door, sporting a bright flush of color across his cheeks. Lance let his arms tip over the side of the tub, gazing at the door Keith just exited. “Heh. Cute.”

Count Down

Part 1:

During his time in space Lance has fallen in some pretty weird stuff.

This ranged from a giant yellow slime monster to a floating bubble filled with what could only be described as fluff.

He had accepted that as a paladin you land in gross and unusual stuff now and again.

It was no biggie.

So when Lance and Keith were walking around the castle and he slipped falling into a glowy pond of pink water he wasn’t really worried. Instead he just let Keith help him out and went back to his room to dry off.

A couple hours later Hunk was laying out the food for dinner when he realised that Lance was missing. “Anyone seen Lance today?” He asked only to get a response of head shakes and shrugs.

“I saw him earlier.” Keith replied “but he fell into some alien water and went to get changed, probably just sulking or something.”

Hunk frowned “I don’t know missing meals isn’t like him.”

“I’ll go get him” Shiro smiled patting Hunk on the shoulder as he passed him “I’m sure he just fell asleep or something.”

“Thanks man.”

“Lance?” When Shiro knocked on the blue paladins door only to get no response a seed of worry was planted in his gut.

Sure Lance liked his alone time, but he always made it to dinner and always always answered his door.

Shiro was about to knock again when he heard a groan coming from the other side of the door.

“Lance are you ok?” He asked opening the door.

Lance was lying on a heap on the ground wrapped up in his blankets and sweating.

His brow was creased in pain and his eyes scrunched up like the light was burning him.

Shiro hesitated for less then a second before he scooped the blue paladin up in his arms and ran for the infirmary calling the others on his way.

As he ran Shiro couldn’t help but notice how light Lance was.

“Had he been this light during the castle attack?” He muttered to himself, now having images of Lance starving himself or suffering through some kind of sickness and no one noticed.

By time Shiro made it to the infirmary the others were already there.

“What’s wrong?” Pidge asked only to gasp when she saw Lance.

“What happened to him?” Hunk asked as Shiro gently placed Lance down on a empty bed so Coran could begin the diagnostics.

“I don’t know… he was like this when I found him.”

“Is he sick?” Keith asked.

“Yeah if you.” Lance chuckled as he strugglers to sit up.

“Ah Lance my boy your awake!” Coran smiled not looking up from the computer.

“Can you tell us what happened?” Allura asked gently, handing him a water pouch which Lance took and drank thirstily.

“I’m not sure… one minuet I was fine the next…” He shuddered “It was like my body was on fire, it hurt so bad.”

“Well the scanners can’t pick anything up.”

“You sure?” Shiro asked looking over Coran’s shoulder trying in vain to read the Altean.

“Certain, Lance is a perfectly healthy 15 year old boy.”

Everyone stopped.

“Erm Coran you sure you didn’t read that wrong?” Lance asked with a nervous chuckle.

“Of course not!”

“Coran Lance is 17.” Hunk explained.

“Oh… the scanners have never been wrong before… I’ll just fire it another looksie.” He said quickly returning his attention to the screen.

Shiro looked Lance over while the others were focused on the older Altean.

His cheeks seemed fuller, his eyes rounder and hair a little lighter.

Oh man he hoped he was wrong about this.

“Lance… do me a favour and stand up.”

Lance looked at Shiro confused but did as he was asked.

“Fuck.” Shiro cursed.

“Language.” Pidge smirked, however her face fell into an expression of shock when she saw Lance hitting Hunk on the arm till he also looked.

“Guys?” Lance asked shifting uncomfortably where he stood next to Keith.

He looked to the red paladin for answered only the stumble back in surprise.

He was eye level with Keith.

Him and Keith were the same height.

“I shrunk!” Lance yelled dropping the blankets showing that his normal clothes were hanging off his now skinnier form.

“Not…exactly.” Allura said finally “it would appear… according to the scanners your body has returned to the state it was in when you were 15.”

“See! I told you I didn’t make a mistake!” Coran grinned proudly only to be met with a glare from Allura. “Right right not important right now. According to the scanners your ageing backwards, around a year per hour but as you get younger the rate may accelerate.”

“So what? Lance is going to be a kid again?” Keith asked.

“I’m afraid it’s much more serious then that… if we do not find a way to stop the process then Lance may deage out of existence.” Allura looked at him with an expression of pity.

“W-we can fix this right?” Lance asked trying to keep his voice steady and failing miserably.

“Without knowing what has caused this we have no way of undoing the effects.” Coran explained.

“The pond! Lance fell in a pond before it must of been that!” Keith said quickly.

“Hmmm with that I may be able to figure out a cure.” Coran pondered twisting a finger in his moustache.

“Right team, we leave emidietly. Coran you will come with us to figure out what’s going on, Keith you’ll lead since you know where this happened. I’ll stay in the castle with Lance.” Shiro ordered and everyone nodded heading for the door.

“Hang on it’s my life on the line why can’t I come too?” Lance pouted.

Shiro sighed waving the others off “because Lance it’s too dangerous, now your 15 but it’s already dark out and who knows how long it would take them? By morning you could be a baby… you have to stay here where if it looks like we’re running out of time I can put you in a pod and hope for the best.”

Lance nodded slowly but still didn’t look happy “alright..”

Shiro looked over his skinny frame again not liking the looks of the bones visible beneath the skin. Even if this turned out to be temporary Shiro was going to make sure Lance was well looked after.

“Come On lets get some Dinner before it gets cold.”

He smiled as he lead the way to the kitchen with Lance following close behind, the burning pain already returning as he turned 14.


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[In] Sickness

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Hey, that fic about andrew in car accident was amazing!!! Could you please write hurt/comfort: You’re burning up + andreil (with sick andrew) ?

(Lord have mercy it took me FOREVER to get around to writing this! Anonymous I hope you are still out there and I’m sorry and I hope you like this!)

Brief but not explicit mentions of some troubling things from Andrew’s past, including Drake.

Neil’s duffle bag is on the floor outside he and Andrew’s room. There’s no note, no texts from Andrew. Neil tries the door but it’s locked.

“Oh, baby, what did you do?” Nicky asks. He hangs over Neil’s shoulder, his breath smelling like coffee.

“Nothing,” Neil mutters, elbowing Nicky off. He picks up his duffle and just stands there wondering. He hasn’t seen Andrew since this morning. They hadn’t fought the night before in fact it had been a really nice night. Andrew had even given him a small peck on the forehead when he left the dorm early to go running before class. So why? Why was his stuff out here? Why was he being shut out?

Aaron shoved by him, sending Neil crashing against the wall.

“Looks like the honeymoon’s over,” Aaron smirked. It was a very unpleasant expression. “Not that I’m surprised. After all Andrew’s just—”

“Aaron,” Neil cuts him off, his glare as sharp as Andrew’s knives, “shut up. And fuck off.”

Aaron snorts and flips Neil off before going to his room. Neil drags his duffle out to the common area where Kevin’s watching an exy game and doing pushups.

“Andrew kicked me out,” Neil says, taking a seat on the floor next to Kevin. He’s not really watching the game; he’s too busy trying to figure out why he’s been exiled.

“Fix it,” Kevin pants. His gaze doesn’t waver from the screen and his movements don’t pause. “We have practice.”

Neil nods but it’s only to placate Kevin. He knows Andrew and if this was really about him then he’s fairly certain Andrew would have said something. Leaving his stuff in the hall is too passive aggressive for Andrew. Locking himself in the room isn’t a typical Andrew play, either. If Andrew were pissed he would continue with his routine while giving Neil the cold shoulder. No, this has to be something else.

“I’m going to go talk to Renee.” Kevin doesn’t even acknowledge that Neil has spoken. This Neil thinks to himself is why Dan is captain, not you.

Renee and Allison are hanging out, perched in the windows, making commentary on the students walking on the sideways below them. Well, Allison is making commentary and Renee is trying to stop her from being mean. It’s a lost cause.

“Here he is! Ladies and ladies, may I present the Walking Wound Man of Palmetto State, the Stone Cold Survivor, Neil Josten!” Allison’s loud enough that the students outside look up at the window.

“Shhh!” Renee tries to shush Allison but she’s laughing too much. Neil shakes his head but lets Allison pull him into a side hug.

“Hey babe, what’s up? You come to hang out with the foxiest ladies in all of South Carolina, no, all of the world?” Allison plants a messy, boozy kiss on his cheek. Neil isn’t sure why Allison is day drinking but at least she’s in a happy place.

“I was wondering if Andrew went to class today.”

Allison wrinkles her nose and shakes her head. “One track mind, Josten, not attractive.”

“He wasn’t in class with me,” Renee offers, “but he texted me and said that he would need notes later. And homework. I haven’t seen him all day.”

“I haven’t either,” Allison comments, “but I try to avoid the twins at all costs.”

“Okay, thanks,” Neil starts heading for the door, “I’ve got to go… do some stuff. Allison, you’ll be sober tonight?”

Allison makes a raspberry and snorts, “As sober as Day. You’re not the boss of me yet, Neil.”

Neil nods and hurries out the door while he still can. Dan is going to have her hands full tonight.

He waits until his other suite mates have left for dinner before knocking on the bedroom door. He squats outside, ear pressed to the wood, listening for movement. There’s nothing.

“Andrew? Hey, babe, you going to let me in?” Nothing. “Kevin, Nicky, and Aaron went to dinner. It’s just me.” Nothing. Neil tries knocking again. Nothing. He calls Andrew’s cell. Nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Now he’s starting to get a little panicked because Andrew doesn’t play the silent game, not like this. There’s a very real possibility that he can’t come to the door and Neil starts mentally running through a list of awful scenarios, starting with the worst: what if he’s dead? The thought, unlikely as it is, won’t be ignored.

“Andrew? I’m unlocking the door, okay?” His fingers are shaking as he gets the key in the lock.

The room is dark, the blinds closed and all the lights off. Neil flicks on a desk light and closes the door behind him. There’s a lump in Andrew’s bed. It’s not moving.

Neil tiptoes across the room, wary of waking Andrew if he’s asleep. They’ve come a long way but Andrew still reacts badly to being woken.

The blankets are pulled up over Andrew’s head, only tufts of blond hair peek out from below the heavy comforter. Neil hovers over the bed, trying to determine if Andrew is breathing.

“Andrew?” His voice is loud, not a shout but above normal talking volume. “Andrew Minyard if you’re alive, move! Or something.” He almost says please but he catches himself in time. There’s no movement so he moves on to more extreme measures, touching Andrew’s shoulder.

This produces a stunningly violent reaction. Andrew grabs Neil’s wrist, bending it back almost to the point of breaking. Although the grab was fast, the rest of his reactions are slower and he doesn’t look right…

“Andrew! God, it’s me! Neil. Shit, you’re hurting my wrist, Andrew.”

“Neil?” Andrew’s voice is hoarse and sluggish. He blinks slowly and wavers before releasing Neil and falling back onto the bed. “Thought I locked the door.”

Neil kneels on the bed next to Andrew. “You did. What’s up with that?” Andrew’s shivering violently, trying to pull the blankets back up around his face. Neil helps him and his fingers brush Andrew’s skin. “Oh my God, Andrew! You’re burning up.”

Andrew coughs weakly. “It’s just a fever. I’ll be fine.”

“What?” Neil grabs a bottle of water from his desk and hands it to Andrew. “That’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever said.”

“Just… using… your line,” Andrew mutters. His eyes are closed and Neil presses his palm to Andrew’s forehead, the heat coming off him is unreal.

“Well, I’m stupid, you’ve always said that,” Neil replies. “We’ve gotta get your fever down. How long has it been like this? Andrew?”

Andrew’s almost asleep again but he opens his eyes enough to glare at Neil. “I didn’t feel good this morning. That’s why I put your stuff out. So you don’t catch it.”

“Oh for fuck’s—” Neil fumes. He’s trying to remember every home remedy he and his mother used for treating fevers.

“Neil,” Andrew’s voice is weak and it makes Neil want to panic. Andrew is never weak. “Relax. I Googled this. Rest and fluids. See, I’m resting and,” he shakes the water bottle, “fluids. You’re keeping me from resting. Go away.”

“No.” Neil climbs back onto the bed, peering at Andrew like he can magically make him better just by being close to him.

“Ugh. Fuck off,” Andrew groans and covers his face up with blankets.

“Fine.” Neil slides off the bed but he doesn’t move from his post. He studies his phone, reading all the articles he can about fevers and related illness. He’s upset that there’s nothing he can do to help, Andrew’s already taking care of it just by sleeping and drinking. After a while he gives up and pulls a chair over. He can’t see Andrew, can’t touch him, all he can do is be there.

The minutes pass by slowly but Neil doesn’t really notice. He’s thinking about Andrew locking him out, about Andrew getting sick. He wants to ask Nicky what Andrew’s done before. As long as he’s know Andrew the sturdy goalkeeper has never gotten sick. Andrew has always been strong and reliable that way. Even after Drake, Andrew didn’t care about his wellbeing; he was too focused on Aaron. Neil hates that about Andrew, hates that the man he loves more than anything does so little to take care of himself. Like locking Neil out to keep him from catching whatever illness is wreaking havoc on Andrew’s immune system… god, Neil can’t believe it took him so long to figure it out.

When the guys come back from dinner Neil leaves his post, ready to get some answers from Nicky or Aaron. Both guys are in their room, arguing about movies and actors, until they see Neil. He’s annoyed that they aren’t immediately concerned about Andrew. He’s annoyed that both of them assumed that Andrew was fine and that he and Neil had fought. The amount of concern that either of them gives to their family is so lacking that it making Neil furious.

“Andrew’s sick,” Neil states, arms crossed over his chest, glaring at Nicky, then Aaron.

“No he’s not,” Aaron says dismissively. “Andrew doesn’t get sick.”

Nicky’s slightly more apologetic. “Really, Neil, he doesn’t. I’ve never had to take him to the doctor for being sick, I don’t think he’s ever gone to Abby, either.”

It takes all of Neil’s self-restraint not to yell. “You two are both assholes, you know that? Andrew has a fever of 101.2 right now!” He’s totally making that part up, but they don’t know that. “That’s why he’s been locked in the room all day, he doesn’t want to get us sick by spreading his germs.”

“The only germs he has he probably got from you!” Aaron’s voice is ugly, the unspoken accusation is uglier.

“Okay! Everyone calm the fuck down!” Nicky yells, getting between Aaron and Neil. “Aaron, you’re out of line. Neil, I totally believe you but what do you want us to do about it?”

“I just want…” Neil waves his hands over his head, feeling more worked up than he has in a long time. “I just want you to care. He’s been in there, alone, all day. Because that’s how he knows to take care of himself, by shutting himself up where he’s safe and no one can get to him. Do you get that? What do you think happened when he got sick as a kid? And he couldn’t—” Neil chokes on a sob and sits down hard, his back to the door. He didn’t mean to say that, didn’t mean to spout out the thoughts that have been torturing him, especially not to them.

Nicky and Aaron look ill, both of them exchange an uneasy look that says that they’ve tried not to think about Andrew’s childhood, especially after they all found out about Drake. Andrew won’t talk about it but Neil knows, he knows it was horrible.

“Neil,” Nicky reaches for him but Neil pulls away. “Neil, we didn’t know.” Neil snorts. The amount that Nicky and Aaron didn’t know, still don’t know, is unforgiveable.

Neil gets to his feet, brushes off his running shorts. “Whatever. You know now. Do better next time. Or don’t. Fuck you both.” He doesn’t slam the door on the way out because he doesn’t want it to accidentally wake Andrew.

He ignores Kevin on the way to the kitchen and grabs more waters and a bendy straw. He should probably eat but he’s too amped up from fighting with Nicky and Aaron and he wants to be with Andrew, just in case he wakes up.

Andrew is still sleeping so Neil settles back in the desk chair to wait, skimming over his textbooks but not really retaining what he reads. He ignores Kevin’s summons to attend practice, locking the door so the big striker won’t disturb Andrew. Around eleven Andrew wakes up and Neil hands him an opened bottle of water with a straw. Andrew rolls his eyes at the gesture but he still accepts it, chewing on the straw while he thirstily drinks almost the entire bottle.

“Are you hungry?” Neil asks. “We’ve got tomato soup I could heat up.”

Andrew shakes his head and leans back on the pillows. “You should go sleep on the couch.”

“Whatever.” Neil’s been resting half on the bed, arms folded on the blankets, head pillowed in the crook of his arm. “If I haven’t caught what you have yet then I’m not going to. Besides, the guys already think you hate me because you threw my stuff out.”

Andrew smirks a little. “I did not. If you opened your bag you would see that I nicely folded your clothes and put them in there.”

“Hmm. Yeah, we both know how good you are at riffling through people’s drawers.”

“You always have to bring that up.”

“Well.” Neil plucks at the blankets. He’s glad Andrew’s talking but he’s still worried and messed up about everything else. It’s taking a good deal of effort to keep his thoughts to himself; Andrew doesn’t need that burden now, maybe not ever.

“Neil.” Andrew’s fingers are in his hair and that feels nice, so nice that Neil thinks he could fall asleep just like this. “Junkie.” Neil turns his head to the side so he can see Andrew. His face is still flushed and his eyes are bright. Fever. “Either get on the bed or sleep on the floor. Sleeping in a chair is bad for your back.”

Neil doesn’t wait for Andrew to rescind his offer. He scoots onto the bed, still wearing his practice clothes. He snuggles in, but not too close. Andrew’s already overheated and he doesn’t need Neil’s body heat adding to it. Neil holds out his hand and Andrew takes it.

“Your hands are cold,” Andrew yawns.

“Mmmm,” Neil hums. “Your hands are hot.”

“They’re always like that.”

Neil huffs a quiet laugh and shifts around a bit more until he’s settled. He feels warm from the heat radiating off Andrew and he feels safe, but more than that he feels wanted and accepted. Andrew Minyard is a champion at pushing people away but for once he’s reaching out to pull someone closer. Neil doesn’t know how he got so lucky but he’s holding on and never letting go.

Tumblr woes

A/N: This is my entry for @supernatural-jackles birthday challenge! Happy birthday & sorry that everything I write is angsty. I had the gif that you see below. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to wrap the fic up so it just kept going & going.

Warnings: Angst, accusations of cheating, fluff? (me? write fluff?)

Jensen x Daughter!Reader

You sat on your bed scrolling through Tumblr and couldn’t help the scowl that was overtaking your face. Your father and step mom always told you to stay away from the website, but you couldn’t help yourself; you were seventeen and thought you could take on the haters of Tumblr.

You were wrong.

After arguing with another person who ran a hate blog against your step mom you couldn’t take it anymore and slammed your laptop shut. These people thought they knew everything about your family’s life when in reality they only ever saw small glimpses of it.

So what if your family had a nanny? Most families have a nanny or babysitter.

So what if your family ordered dinner? The average American family eats out between four and five times a week.

Who cares if you have a cleaning lady? You can hire people on Craigslist to clean your house for twenty dollars.

However if your family does anything like this is all falls back on your step mom, Danneel, and how ‘terrible of a wife and mother’ she is; and you were sick of it.

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Songbird-Ch. 5

Mystic Messenger Mafia AU 


Word Count: 2,407


~A/N: I was going to add the smut in this chapter but I decided I would separate it into it’s own, that way people that don’t want to read the NSFW can just skip it! Sorry it’s been soooo long, guys! My life is just hectic so it’s hard for me rn but I hope you enjoy this chapter! 

     "I heard you the first time, Saeyoung,” V spoke softly, his hand gripping the head of his cane as he sat unmoving in the chair.

     “Y’know, a good way to indicate you’ve heard someone is to actually reply. Just a tip,” Saeyoung snapped. “You’re being alarmingly calm about this, considering the shit storm that’s decided to roll it’s way through us.”

     V sighed, though his vacant gaze was unwavering. “I’m anything but calm. However… acting out in hysterics isn’t going to solve our problem. Talking like adults…deciding our next course of action. That’s what gets things done. Point a finger at me again, Saeyoung, and I’ll pop you in the mouth myself.”

     Though they both knew he would never, but still Saeyoung slumped down in the nearest chair with a sour face. V could barely make it out, but he knew the expression well. It had been the same since he was a child. The corners of his mouth pulled down and his brow pinched together with fury, like it’s the last face he’ll ever make, and V tried to hold back a fond smile.

     “Do you have any inkling on who it might be?” Jumin finally spoke up.

     “If I did, I wouldn’t be here talking to you, now, would I?” Saeyoung huffed, not bothering to hide his annoyance.

     “Sorry to interrupt,” an unexpected voice found its way into the room.

     “Jaehee, what is it?” Jumin straightened up as she closed the door behind her.

     Her face held hesitancy and she cleared her throat before finally speaking.

     “It’s about the latest bootleg shipment. Apparently, it’s gone missing,” she reported.

     “What the fuck do you mean, missing?” Saeyoung sat up from his chair.

     “I don’t know how to make it any more clear…” she made a quick glance at Saeyoung before returning her eyes to V. “The truck never made it to the drop point. No one has seen it or heard from the driver.”

     “This is not good,” Jumin hinted.

     “No shit,” Saeyoung said, the look on his face making it clear that his gears were turning.

     The room was silent as a church, everyones eyes on each other as if thinking the same thoughts. They were in good standing with the neighboring families. Everyone knew their territories and happily stuck to them. Plenty of police force names lined their payroll…so why now?

     “It could be the coppers,” Saeyoung said with a serious face.

     “It could,” said V, “it could be a number of things.” Jumin nodded in agreement. “ First things first. Jaehee, bring me more info on this missing shipment. I don’t care if you have to knock down the drivers’ mothers’ door, I want info. Find Frank, see if he’s heard of any recent booze busts.”

     “Of course,” Jaehee nodded and left the room as quickly as she could.

     “Saeyoung,” V continued, “you know what to do. I have my hands full as it is with this wedding situation.”

     “Oh yeah,” Saeyoung peeked through the blinds onto the courtyard. A crew of men were still setting up tents and tables in preparation. “Is this really the best time for this?”

     “It’s Marcos daughter, of course it’s a good time. When things get rough…that’s when we need celebration. There’s no better time to boost morale. Besides, he’s one of our best, and I seem to remember him saving your ass from a pinch more than a few times,” V smiled.

     Jumin decided to chime in. “Like his first soup job?” Both V and Jumin gave a hearty laugh. “Driving around the whole damned city with the safe in the struggle buggy,” Jumin continued, “before Marco showed up to save your ass. And how much did you end up cracking for, again?”

     “You know damn well how much,” Saeyoung sneered.

     “Then there’s no reason you can’t say it. Go ahead, hot shot. Remind us how much you swiped.”

     Saeyoung’s face turned sour, like the words were bile in his throat. “…Ten dollars,” he finally barked.

     Both of the men roared with laughter for a moment at the memory, so much so that Jumin seemed to wipe a tear from his eye.

     “Okay, okay,” V breathed in deeply when he stood from his chair, “leave the poor kid alone. Come on, let’s get some dinner.”

     He began to trail behind Jumin but paused for a moment, placing his hand firmly on the shoulder of Saeyoung and squeezing just once. His body was stiff and serious.

     “I’m trusting in you, Saeyoung. Find that son of a bitch,” V’s voice was almost a whisper, and as quickly as he had faced him he was now turned around, satisfied with his message.

     Saeyoung watched as they left, taking note of the fact that V seemed to be favoring his cane a lot more in the last few days. The weight of what that could mean fixed heavily on his shoulders, but his body remained stiff and strong with his resolve.


     There were joyous smiles all around as the sound of Zen’s singing filled the tent. Suddenly everyone was a hoofer, even the tough burly men could be found rolling up their sleeves and dancing with their gals to the music. It was strange to see the cities most dangerous criminals laughing and jabber-jawing, seemingly carefree. You had to admit, even you couldn’t help but get out there, taking Yoosung for a time as your partner. Now you took a break, fondly overlooking the bride with her done-up chestnut hair, her and her groom with goofy smiles as he spun her around.

     “How about that food,” Jaehee walked up beside you.

     “Look at you, all dolled up!” you smiled as you grabbed at the lace of her dress, “is it because…” you gestured with your eyes to Zen.

     “It’s a wedding,” she huffed but a pink tint spread on her face, “last I heard, you were supposed to dress nice,” she said matter-of-factly. “Besides, you don’t look half bad yourself.”

     You gave her a shy thanks before she thrust a bottle into your hands.

     “Say, do me a favor and bring that bottle to my table? They’re dry but…I wanna sit and listen to the rest of this song,” she mused.

     “Whatever you say, boss.”

     The table was half empty, two women you didn’t recognize and a guy you’d seen before on various jobs. He was portly with a kind face, practically jumping for joy when you placed the bottle on the table.

     “Join us, have a drink!” he shouted and poured you a glass quickly, sliding it in front of you as you sat.

     “I’m Betty,” the blonde girl to your left produced a perfect smile. “Isn’t this party just swanky? I’d love to get a look inside that house,” she sighed, sloshing the liquid in her glass before taking a sip.

     “She means inside the bedroom, particularly,” the brunette piped up. She had quite a bit of rouge on, or perhaps she was just that drunk, you couldn’t quite tell. The waves of her hair pressed neatly against her oval face.

     “Will you quit razzing me, already,” the blonde stuck her tongue out.


     The source of the voice was none other than Saeyoung. He and two other men approached the table in earnest.

     “Boss,” Anthony stood from his seat at once.

     Saeyoung gave him a few enthusiastic taps on the cheek as a greeting.

     “You haven’t come to say hi! Now I see why,” he laughed and winked at the ladies sitting in their seats, their bodies leaning in interest at the exchange.

     Saeyoung snatched the glass from Anthony’s hand, draining the contents into his mouth with one solid gulp. He gave an immediate look of disgust, shaking his head as he placed the cup on the table.

     “How can you drink this foot juice,” he pat the man’s broad back, “come on. I got the good stuff inside. You don’t mind if I steal him away, do you, ladies?”

     “Rhatz! No…go ahead,” they both nodded despite their pouty expressions. They were clearly hoping to be invited.  

     “Excuse me, then,” Anthony remarked before being led off by the men.

     Saeyoung tipped his hat to you before joining the other three in a laugh about something you hadn’t quite heard, their voices trailing as they made their way to the house. Something about the way that went made you feel cold. You’d never seen them interact much before. So, while everyone got lined up, occupied with giving their gifts to the happy couple, you decided to sneak off and see what they were up to. You couldn’t miss and opportunity to hear important information, and if anyone caught you, you’d just say you were looking for the powder room.

     Sure you had seen them go around this exact corner, but the grounds among the house were vast and confusing. You’d been here less than a handful of times, and never were you allowed to just wander around V’s house. The sounds of the music and chatter faded more and more, until you found a door slightly ajar.

     Your chest tightened with adrenaline and you stilled your breathing before peeking in the crack. The first thing you saw was Anthony, bloody faced and curled over on the floor, followed by a low hum of voices. A swift kick landed on his chest, the foot belonging to none other than Saeyoung.

     “It’s just like I said,” Antony hacked between his words, “the c-cop is my neighbor…our…our daughters play together…that’s all,” his hand gripped at his chest and his large frame began to shiver with pain. “I don’t know n-nothin about-“

     Saeyoung cut him off, bending down and grabbing Anthony by the collar.

     “You know what I think? I think you’re a fucking liar. I think you know a lot of things, things you might have told that cop friend of yours. And I just can’t have that,” he puffed a heavy breath of air before bringing his fist down thrice on the side of the mans face. “You fucked with my money.”

     It was a pain like no other creeping inside of you. Watching another person get beat, knowing it could be…should be you, instead. The guilt of it all was too much to handle. This man had a wife…a daughter. Sickness threatened to rise up and spill from your mouth.

     Saeyoung pulled a gun, his fingers readying it with a harsh click. Piss soiled the front of Anthony’s pants, streams of pleading words jumbled together through tears. However, the gun pointed swiftly towards the door. Towards you. All you could manage was a gasp before the trigger was pulled.

     The bullet blast through the door just above your head, raining shards of wood into your hair. After taking a moment to remember how to breathe, you kicked the door open, letting your rage take over.

     “Did you seriously just fucking shoot at me?!” you let out an exasperated scream.

     “Depends,” he stood up, dropping a now passed out Anthony back onto the floor and facing you with a calm expression, “did you seriously just fucking eavesdrop.”

     “Are you out of your fucking mind?” you said shakily.

     “Relax,” he drew the word out in a joking manner, “it’s not like I hit you,” he said casually, shrugging his shoulders.

     “She’s right,” another man spoke up, “what if V heard…we’d be in a shit load of-“

     “Ugh,” Saeyoung groaned, “you guys are too serious. No one heard, the music is too loud and they’re all drunk anyway.”

     He nudged at Anthony with his foot, the body still limp and unmoving.

     “Get him out of here and finish him, he smells like piss,” Saeyoung said.

     The two men each carried an end, hastily removing him from the room. And then it was silent for a moment.

     “Are you gunna keep staring at me or you gunna say what you wanna say?” Saeyoung broke the silence.

     “You have blood on your sleeves,” you quietly pointed out.

     Saeyoung inspected his arms. “So I do,” he rolled them up to conceal the stains before grabbing a towel to wipe his knuckles.

     More silence hung heavy in the room.

     “What if you’re wrong?”

     “About?” Saeyoung replied curtly.

     “Anthony. What if you’re wrong…won’t you feel bad?”

     “Now why would I go and feel something like that?” he smiled quizzically.

     “You can’t possibly be that cruel.”

     “And how do you know what I’m like,” he threw the towel before turning to you. “One mans life means nothing in comparison to what we have built. I’ll do what I have to to keep us alive.”

     “Even if that means killing the innocent?”

     “Doll, none of us are innocent.”

     That may be true, but it didn’t mean someone deserved to die. Laws are in place for a reason. The way they operated was barbaric, but of course you couldn’t say that. Not unless you wanted to end up in the same body bag as Anthony.

     “You’re too trusting. That’s how you end up dead, don’t forget that. Why do you care so much how I feel, anyway?” Saeyoung asked, stepping a bit closer to you.

     “I…I don’t know,” you admitted.

     Why did you care? You had a desperate need to know he had some good in him. Something about his character drew you in. Sometimes, when you were together, you could even forget that you both were on opposing sides.

     “Why are you here?” his voice was bold, his feet carrying him even closer to you.

     “I don’t know,” you said once again.

     His hand brushed the soft skin of your cheek, wiping at the rouge. “Are you stuck on me?”

     His face softened and the corners of his mouth formed a small smile. He held still, waiting for you to say something, anything. As much as you wanted to deny it, you couldn’t ignore the rapid beating of your heart at his touch. The look on your face must have said it all.

     Ever so slowly he pressed his lips against yours into a surprisingly gentle kiss. When you didn’t pull away, each kiss became rougher, all the built up tension releasing into this single act. He pressed himself against you and you moaned softly, realizing you had wrapped your hands around his neck at some point and pulled him closer.

lolanbq  asked:

Your otp for #18

I want you to know that picking a pairing for this involved a list and about 15 minutes with a random number generator.

Also there are exactly 2017 words in this :D

send me a ship and a number for a short fic

“Shiro, hey, Shiro, can you hear me?” Lance asks.

Shiro groans, forehead crinkling in displeasure as he scrunches his eyes closed. He reaches his left hand up to grip his forehead, fingertips digging into his temples, and Lance breathes a sigh of relief. Movement is good. Movement is great after that blast. He settles back on his haunches, hand still resting on Shiro’s shoulder. There are lacerations cutting through Shiro’s undersuit, but they all look pretty minor. He can’t see any other injuries.

“Lance, how is he?” Keith demands over the comms.

“Conscious,” Lance says - because if he starts with ‘not sure,’ there’s a ninety-nine percent chance Keith will drop everything to get to them. “He’s moving. I’ll keep you updated.”

“Get him to Blue. We’ll hold these guys off,” Keith replies.

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Check To The Heart (Part 7/?)

Bucky x Reader

Modern day Hockey AU

SUMMARY: You are the daughter of one of the greatest hockey players to ever play the game, now as owner of the Avengers, he is bringing your childhood crush Bucky Barnes to the team.  The minute he sees you in your father’s office, you can tell by the smirk on his face he hadn’t forgot about your crush either.  This is going to be fun.

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You stand in the hallway between the home and visitor locker rooms, you pick at your jersey and smile to yourself.  You were so proud of your boys, you wonder for a brief moment if they were going to continue their post win traditions.  A door opening broke through your thoughts, you turn in excitement toward the home locker room only to see the door hadn’t moved an inch.  The visitor door however was being pushed closed by none of other than Grant Ward.

“Well well well, if it isn’t the prettiest hockey heiress in the league.”  Ward gave you a smirk and walked toward you, and you take a step back, your body hitting the cement wall behind you.

You roll your eyes and turn away from him.  The last thing you wanted was to talk to Grant. Before he could open his mouth again, Steve and Bucky exited the locker room, both wearing black suits.  Bucky eyes found you immediately and he walked towards you with an excited grin on his face.  Steve however, noticed Ward first. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“What? Can’t a guy visit old friends?  Barnes it’s good to see you.  How’s Dot, bet you can’t wait to get her out here for a visit.” The smile Ward gave Bucky was anything but friendly.  He looked over to your confused expression.

“Oh dear, did he not tell you about Dot?”  Grant gave you a smile and turned towards Bucky again.  At first you had thought Bucky was going to hit him.  Bucky gave him a lazy grin instead and wrapped his arm around your shoulders, leading you away.  Bucky seeing the look on Steve’s face decided to let him handle Grant.

“Grant why don’t you take your loser ass and get the hell out of my arena.”  Grant smirked at Steve’s pissed off expression.  Steve was known as the golden boy of the NHL.  He could do no wrong and was a friend to everyone, at least that’s what it seemed.

Ward began walking toward the exit but not before getting one more dig in, “Wonder what the media would say if they heard their golden boy talking like this.  We play you again in a month Rogers, better watch your back.”

The ride in the elevator to your office was silent.  Bucky hadn’t removed his arm from your shoulders and had no intention of letting you go.  Your mind was running wild with questions.  Who was Dot?  Did Bucky have someone back home?  Was history repeating itself?  You wanted so desperately to ask him, but truth be told you were scared.   What if you misread the situation you had found yourself in.  What if he just wanted to be friends?

You hadn’t realized you had arrived at your office until you felt Bucky’s arm slip off your shoulders, his hand finding yours, entwining your fingers.  You walk into your office, leading him with you.   You sit in your office chair releasing his hand much to his disappointment, while he sat on the small couch to the side of your desk.

You roll your office chair towards him and cross your legs, “Congratulations on your win.  That sure was some goal.”

Bucky can tell you want to ask, he admired your restraint. “Thanks sweetheart.  Because I know you want to know…Dot…She was a girl I was seeing when I played for Hydra, I haven’t been with her in almost a year.  We stayed friends after we split. Ward - he knows how I feel about you that’s the only reason he brought her up.  He wanted to piss me off, ruin my chances with you.”

You watch Bucky as he speaks, you can tell he isn’t really aware that he is confessing his feelings to you, his anger getting the best of him.  You giggle a bit when he finally finishes, drawing his attention.  Giving you a slight smile he fixes his gaze on you, “What’s so funny sweetheart?”

“You.  For the record, Grant didn’t ruin your chances with me.  He probably wanted to piss me off too.  It’s what he does best.  You also didn’t have to tell me about Dot.”  You give him a smile watching his expression change from a slight smile to a broad one.

He leans forward on the couch slightly, grabbing the arms of your office chair and pulled it towards him so you’re crossed legs are nestled between his slightly open ones.  He subconciously licks his lips, leaning even closer to you, his hands holding his weight as moves toward you.

“Why are you so great? Seriously sweetheart. You’re amazing.  I can’t believe I just let you -”  Bucky ducks his head down, cutting himself off.

“Let me what?”  You look at him hoping and praying that he was going to do what you hoped he would do.  All those feelings you had for Bucky when you were kids hit you like brick wall.  The man in front of you looked every bit the teenage boy in his gym uniform you fell for so long ago.  You just wished you were braver then, maybe things would have been different.

He lifted his head, the corner of his lips turning up in a smile, “Get away.  I won’t let that happen a second time.”

You feel his breath on your lips, you lean forward just an inch, you wanted him, there was no denying that, but you were gonna make him work for it.  He locks eyes with you and leans forward.

“Y/n are you okay?  Don’t let that idiot– What’s going on in here?”  Steve had walked into your office not bothering to knock.  Bucky lets out a groan and plops back on the couch, hitting his head against the back of the sofa repeatedly.  Steve gives you an embarrassed, but apologetic smile.  

You huff and grab your purse, standing from your chair, and pushing past Steve, “Nothing’s going on anymore.  Come on let’s go get some dinner.”

Bucky stands as well giving Steve a glare as he follows you out of your office.  Steve gives Bucky a pleading look, before following behind him shutting your office door, “Sorry!!! I should’ve knocked.  Guys wait up!”

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Sequel to Goodness, which has an epilogue. tl;dr : Nobuyuki targeted/seduced (ymmv) Yukimura’s wife Akiba, Yukimura walked in near the end, hid, had some conflicted feelz about it.

M! It’s very M. Also MMF. Also long, it’s over 10k (should I have said “over nine thousand”?).

Many mercis to @phantomofthelabyrinth who sent back helpful edits in record time (!), @saizos-little-lady who was the sweetest possible friend as I was struggling while writing this, and @karalija and @rubyleeray who are funny and talented af.

Tagging @dear-mrs-otome @darkangelmitsunari @phantomofthelabyrinth @yuyuisakura-hime @unicornthug4life @akiko-moons (NOW I will FINALLY email you!), @little-mini-me-world @opossumlyotterlyinsane @saialock and @quincette and and and

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Stuck- Connor McDavid

Originally posted by nugent-hopkinks

Ok so I went fluffy with this instead of smutty anon so I hope that’s ok! Also pineapple on pizza discourse is mentioned! Anyway enjoy guys!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Stuck in the elevator with Connor mcdavid pls


              Your day literally couldn’t get any worse.

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Michael Clifford:::Not My Type

Pairing: Michael and Y/N

Word Count: 7k+

Rating: SMUT

Requested: Yes

Nerd Michael…need I say more??

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Romeo and Juliet (Archie Andrews x Reader)

Pairings: Archie x Reader

Warnings: Grief, Loss of a character

Word Count: 1,394


“We don’t know how long he has left, we’re sorry.” A single tear slipped down your cheek as the nurse spoke. The surrounding doctors and nurses blurred in your vision, the low muttering and distant beeping of machines falling silent. You let out a shaky breath and resumed your position in the hard plastic chair in the waiting room. The nurse’s steps brought you back to reality and the harsh truth that your father was losing his battle. Your mother turned to face you and reached for your hand, your sister remaining silent on the opposite side. Monday was going to be so difficult.

Here it was, Monday. The first steps into school were almost painful, and the only way to get through the halls was to put in your headphones, block everybody out and head straight to your locker. As the day continued, it got progressively easier to handle, the novelty wearing off and people finally stopping their incessant, judgmental staring. When lunch finally rolled around, you took your usual seat with your friends that Cheryl like to refer to as ‘the sad breakfast club’. You slid into a seat next to Betty and removed one of your earphones, turning to face the rest of the group with a sad smile. They all responded by asking how you were holding up pairing the phrase with sympathetic looks. After noticing your silence, they quickly changed the subject, which you were grateful for. You’d rather not have the attention on you at a time like this.

Your phone buzzed in your pocket and you pulled it out to check it. Once the screen showed it was from your mum, you prepared yourself for the worst and unlocked the device.


You need to get here immediately.

Your breath caught in your throat and you froze.

“[Y/N]? Is everything alright?” Archie’s voice pulled you from your panicked state, and you looked up into his kind eyes.

“I have to go.” That was all you could manage to say in response to your concerned best friend before the inevitable tears began to burn in your eyes.

You spun on your heel and headed straight for the large doors at the entrance of the school.

Meanwhile, Archie’s expression displayed sadness, worry, and a hint of something else. Unconditional adoration and love. Unfortunately, this particular emotion didn’t go unnoticed by the group. Of course, Veronica was the first one to speak up.

“Oh my god you’re in love with her!” The shock of her tone prompted the whole group to turn around, staring at Archie in concealed excitement. Archie dropped his head down towards his lap, his silence communicating the answer although no words came out of his mouth.

“What are you waiting for Romeo, go get your Juliet.”

He raised his head in surprise and turned to Betty, who was giving him a small grin.

“Not right now. She’s going through a rough time.”

“Exactly, she needs you now more than ever Archie.”

No matter the amount of encouragement and convincing that the group gave him, Archie stayed put in his seat.

He was gone. The angel of death had whisked the most important man in your life away and there was no way of bringing him back. You forced yourself to leave the room as the long, never ending beep begun to ring throughout your ears. You didn’t get far before collapsing against a wall and sliding to the floor in utter heartbreak. You pulled up your knees to your chest and gave in to the overwhelming urge to cry. Once you finally began to even out your breaths, your phone buzzed once again, and you lifted it to see Archie’s name light up on the screen. You unlocked it to see his message.


How’s your dad doing?

His concern made you tear up again and you almost threw the device away in confusion. Your dad was the last person who deserved an attack by a complete stranger and lose his life because of it. You had so many emotions built up inside of you, with no idea how to take them out. You wiped away the salty tears rolling down your cheeks and stood back up as your mum and sister approached.

“It’s just the three of us now,” your mum stopped and pulled you both into her embrace. “I love you both with all my heart and I need you to promise me that you will always be there for each other no matter what.” You both nodded and let a tear fall onto your widowed mother’s shoulder.

That night was even more difficult than you could have ever thought. First, you had walked past his study and nearly cracked, and then again when you saw your family photo in the living room. You couldn’t stay out there while everything reminded you of him. You came to the decision to stay in your room for the rest of the night until you heard a light knock at your door.

“Hey [Y/N], did you want to come get some dinner? Mum made our favourite.” Your sister’s voice pulled you from the memories you had been reminiscing over. You sat still for a few seconds as you contemplated your hunger levels.

“I might get some later, thanks [Y/S/N].” She didn’t bother to reply, leaving you lying flat on your bed. You didn’t know how to feel or what to do anymore, and everything seemed pointless.

When your mind finally gave up and you escaped from the endless supply of memories, you were shocked by the realization that it was raining. With a quick glance at the clock, you figured you had been zoned out for a while, as it was now 2am. You had also received another message from Archie.


I was texting your mum earlier to see if you were ok and she told me what happened. I’m so sorry, please come get the door.

You rose from your position for the first time in hours to head for the door in confusion. When you reached the front door and turned the doorknob, a drenched yet unbothered Archie Andrews was revealed. He didn’t let you get a word in before he launched into his speech.

“You and your family don’t deserve this; I know your dad was a great man and probably an amazing father.” His words made you hurt. He was right. The man you just lost was astonishing, he raised you to be the person you are today and you never had the chance to thank him for everything he did for you and your sister. Although you wanted to say all of that, you couldn’t, the words wouldn’t leave your mouth and all you could do was nod.

“I’ve needed to tell you something for years but I’ve always been too scared of rejection or losing you.” You looked at him and said nothing, hoping to hear what you have wanted him to say for what felt like forever.

“I’m in love with you [Y/N] [L/N] and I don’t need you to say it back or anything I just needed you to know and-” he began rambling and there was only one way to cut him off. You threw yourself out of the door and at him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and collided your lips with his. He instantly melted into the kiss and placed his hands on your hips to slightly pull you back and look directly into your eyes.

“Archie Andrews, I’ve loved you since our first day in kindergarten when I first laid eyes on you and nothing changed in all these years.” You smiled, mirroring his expression before he dipped his face down to yours to reconnect your lips.

The rain was long forgotten as the soft droplets mixed with your salty tears. You finally pulled back for air and he took your hand in his, making you smile for the first time in a while. He pulled you back inside your house and quietly up to your room in the darkness. When he reached your bedroom, he gently shut the door behind him as he headed towards your bed. You laid down beside him, and instantly he took you into his embrace, coaxing you into the best sleep you had experienced in weeks.

BTS Reactions: When You Had a Bad Day


Jin’s such a mother hen when people are upset. He’s going to make you tea and set you up on the couch with a blanket, tissues, and your favorite movie playing. He wouldn’t baby you for days, but he’s fine being your support for a few hours, and he’ll listen if you want to talk. “Okay, it’s going to be fine. Sit down, I’ll be right back with tea, here, put on whatever you want.”

Namjoon/Rap Monster

He would just know that you don’t want to talk about whatever happened today—you want to be home, with him, thinking about anything else. He’d start telling you about some random facts he read online, or saw on the news, until you’re caught up in the conversation and not feeling so bad. “Did you know someone found dragons at the bottom of a lake in Europe? Okay, not real dragons, but they look a lot like them…”


He’s a problem solver. He’ll ask some questions about your situation, and then jump straight into figuring out ways to fix it. Yoongi believes that even though some outcomes aren’t entirely in your hands, it’s best to be proactive and do whatever you personally can do to improve things. “This situation sucks, and I don’t like seeing you upset. Let’s talk about how we can make this easier on you.”


Firmly believes that you should talk about your problems—a trouble shared is a trouble halved. He’d hug you and pat your back until you were cried out, and then make silly faces until you could smile again. “Feeling better now? I know this hasn’t been easy for you, but please let me know if I can do something to help.”


Will turn into a lap cat—if he can just make you feel how much he cares, then it should be all better soon. He’d make a blanket fort in your living room and wrap himself around you. In such a small, dark space, the whole world seems distant and everything is a lot easier to handle. “Come here. I promise tomorrow will be better, but for now, just let me love you.”


Wants to take you out and help you forget all about your day. He’d have a hug waiting when you got home, but he wouldn’t let you cry for longer than a few minutes before he picked out an outfit for you and made some phone calls. “Come on, get dressed. We’re going to dinner, and then we’re going to the aquarium, and you are not going to let those losers make you sad anymore.”


He’d have the Nerf guns out before you even got home. Exercise helps him deal with his emotions, so he wants you to focus on running around rather than your bad day. He wouldn’t let you win, either, because he wants you to know that even though you’re having a hard time, he doesn’t respect you any less. “Hey! I bet you can’t hit me in ten minutes… I’ll clean the apartment if you win, but if I win, you have to play Halo with me tonight.”

You Need A Break

Daddy!Dean, Daughter!Reader
Words:  680
Requested by Anonymous:  Could I get a Daddy!Dean x Daughter!Teen!Reader oneshot please where the reader is getting too stressed over her homework so he drags her away to have a movie marathon and eat junkfood to calm her down? 

          You felt like it was never ending. The amount of homework for your classes made it feel like you were drowning in books and papers and citations and everything else. You felt like you would be doing homework for the rest of your life.

           You were halfway through your essay and your eyes could barely focus on the books and websites you were using for references for your research. You needed to get something to drink and see if some caffeine would help you get things done.

           When you walked into the kitchen, your dad was sitting at the table with a sandwich and some chips, “Hey,” he smiled up at you, “You okay?”

           “Sure,” you said, getting a glass of Coke.

           “What’s going on?” he asked.

           “Just trying to get all my homework done,” you said, heading back out of the kitchen to the library where you had set up your stuff.

           You sat back down, taking a large drink. You needed to get more of this done before you could even think about doing anything else.

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Hyunggu (Kino) as your Boyfriend!

(These will be posted for all pentagon members! Feel free to request for any other boygroup member)

* dance boy dance boy dance boy
* I wanna scream
* You’re dating the girl group dance queen
* Which means you’re forced to dance to all of them too
* Hours in the studio with kino showing you dances
* You never learn the dances because you’re too busy watching kino
* Jawline I think yes
* Kino the type to literally tackle you for hugs
* “Babe I want attention!!!!”
* Suddenly there’s a hyunggu literally on top of you and you’re on the floor
* And he’s just smiling down at you looking so happy
* “hyunggu i can’t breathe”
* So he flips over and hugs you super tight
* “Still… not… breathing…”
* “loVE ME”
* so you get taken to the couch for cuddles
* Kino loves sleeping curled up with you
* Hiding his face in your shoulder
* Honestly just loves being near you
* The touchiest boy
* Will randomly grab you and smother you in kisses
* Give him constant love
* You have to remind him to do basic human things though
* “Hyunggu you can’t go all day without eating”
* “Just let me finish learning blackpink’s new song!”
* “it’s almost ten just come get some dinner”
* You end up literally dragging him out of the studio
* “let me go!!!”
* “you look like you’re on the verge of passing out”
* “I’m fine”
* You finally get him to eat and he tried to go back to practicing but he’s so busy making pentagon choreos that he’s literally dead on his feet
* “But baaaaaabe”
* “No, hyunggu. You can go back to practice tomorrow morning. You need rest, sweetie”
* He only gives in when he sees your puppy dog eyes
* Surprise surprise he falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow
* As soon as you climb into bed with him he moves as close to you as possible and curls up
* Little spoon I will fight you on this
* Kino just loves being held
* It makes him feel extra loved especially when he’s tired
* Whines a lot when you get him out of bed
* “baby come back…”
* omg
* his laugh
* help
* sometimes you do dumb things just to hear his laugh because it’s sunshine embodied
* i love him
* i need to get back into my lane
* gotta blast

Detective Lupin

Hi can you please write an imagine where your dating young Remus and you have hyperhidrosis on your hands. (basically my sweat glands over work and I’m sweating 99% of the time even if it’s cold) and you’re really insecure about it and you don’t want to hold his hands at first cause your worried it will gross him out.

omg pal, i hope i did this justice!!!  and trust me, we all suffer from sweaty hands, myself included and it is the worst, I’m known as the clammy one in my group of friends, don’t be insecure about it, it’s part of being a human being xxx

Dating Remus Lupin was like a dream come true, every day you were amazed at just how sweet and kind he was. From walking you to and from class, to asking you how your day was going and to him surprising you with sweets, the list could go on forever. Although you’ve only been dating for 3 months, it felt like the two of you had known each other for years, you were completely in sync and you told each other everything … well almost everything.

You had hyperhidrosis, before you began dating Remus you didn’t really mind your condition but now, you wanted to hold hands with him as you walked down the hall, or when you were out and about at Hogsmeade but you didn’t want to gross him with your sweaty hands. You had tried everything from washing your hands a million times throughout the day, to having an endless supply of hand sanitizer and baby powder that you used every half hour just to dry out your hands.

Deep in your heart you knew that Remus wouldn’t break up with you over this, but at the same time you wanted to be the perfect girlfriend for him, he was a werewolf for crying out loud, he deserved some kind of normalcy in his life. Such thoughts gnawed away during the rest of your History of Magic class, and before you knew it, class was dismissed, you quickly dug out the small container of baby powder and sprinkled some into your hands, hoping that it would dry out your hands within the next five seconds as you headed towards the door where Remus was waiting for you, a soft smile on his face.

“Hello, love, how was class?” He asked, grabbing your book bag and reaching out his hand towards yours but you quickly moved it out of the way, making it seem as you needed to fix your ponytail in that exact moment.

“Boring as usual, how was Potions? Did the boys manage to set something on fire today?”

“Fortunately no, I don’t think Slughorn is going to let them near any flammable things for the rest of the year…” he chuckled, eyeing your hands and how you kept grabbing on to random things just to avoid holding his hand, from fiddling with your uniform tie or scarf, to twirling your hand. You continue the rest of the walk towards the forest where your Care of Magical Creatures class took place, much to your luck, it was still cold out so you quickly dug out your gloves and put them on, as soon as they were on, you grabbed Remus’s free hand and intertwined it with your own.

“I thought you were afraid you were gonna catch my cooties back there…” he said arching an eyebrow and looking down to your hands.

“Hahaha, no, I just um needed to fix my hair.” You countered, hoping that he would drop the subject. You only held hands with him when you were outside because it was cold enough to wear gloves, and due to that he wouldn’t really be able to feel if your hands did get sweaty. but unbeknownst to you, Remus had noticed this and was trying to figure out why, he found it odd but he wasn’t one to judge about what’s weird or not, he was a werewolf after all, one of the weirdest things out there.

“About time you two love birds showed up.” Sirius said as he and James jogged over to the two of you.

“I was starting to get worried, you know I still don’t trust this sly wolf with our sweet and innocent Y/N…” James added, earning a cackle from Sirius and an eye roll from Remus.

“It’s been years James, when are you going to stop with the wolf jokes?” Remus asked, trying not to laugh and egg them on.

“Yeah guys, it’s really…ruff on him.” You joked back, both James and Sirius high fived you as

Remus laughed, hugging you from the side.

“You guys are lucky I like you…” Remus muttered as they made their way towards the rest of the class.

The rest of the day went as normal, Remus and the rest of the marauders accompanied James to his Quidditch practice but you decided to stay in and work on your Potions essay. Remus kissed you goodbye as he and the rest of the boys left the library, much to Madam Pince’s delight.

Since Sirius kept hurrying you to get ready because Remus insisted on walking you to the library, you forgot to pack your trusty powder and hand sanitizer. Great, now my hands are definitely going to be sweaty and gross… You knew that James’s practices usually went on for a couple of hours so you just needed to leave the library before the boys got back to the common room so you could do some damage control.

At least that was the plan but you completely lost track of time and before you knew it Remus was entering the library, a smile making its way on his face as he spotted you. you quickly dropped your quill and started drying your hands on your pants but they were still clammy. You didn’t know what else to do and he was just a few steps away so you did the only thing you could think of, you sat on your hands. Really bloody suave Y/N…. you thought.

“You know, I think the sorting hat made a mistake, you spend more time in the library than the whole Ravenclaw tower.” He joked as he sat next to you.

“Laugh it up Lupin, but you know my essay is gonna be better than yours.”

“I don’t doubt it but it’s almost time for dinner so come on bookworm, time to go get some food.” He said as he began packing up your things.

You reluctantly stood up and anxiously stretched out the sleeves of your sweater, hoping that they could cover your hands so you could discreetly dry them but Remus made a joke about Madam Pince which made you laugh out loud that you forgot what you were doing. Remus took one of your hands into his own and you completely froze, knowing well enough that your hand was sweaty.

“You know love, I don’t care if your hands are sweaty.” Remus said nonchalantly, adjusting your book bag over his shoulder.

“How did you…?” you asked shocked.

“Well I had a hunch, over the past few weeks I’ve noticed you were only comfortable holding hands outside because of the cold weather and you being able to wear gloves… but then today while we were watching James’s practice, Peter asked me why you were always putting powder on your hands.” He said, smiling softly at you.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, it’s just that I have hyperhidrosis on my hands I didn’t want to gross you out, I mean who would want to hold a clammy hand, I ju-“ before you could continue ranting, Remus cut you off with a sweet kiss.

“Y/N, you’re dating a werewolf and you’re worried about grossing me out? Sweetheart, you have literally witnessed all of my bones breaking and shifting into a monster, if anyone should be worried about grossing the other one out is me. You’re perfect to me Y/N, I love you, clammy hands, horrible wolf puns and all.” He said, as you blushed.

“I should’ve told you sooner, I’m just really insecure and I was worried about how you would react.” You confessed.

“It’s okay, honestly, next time don’t hold it in, I don’t like to see you upset.” He said kissing you once again, rubbing his thumb softly over your hand.

“How did I ever get so lucky?” you whispered as you leaned in closer to him.

“I ask myself the same thing, now come on, I’m a growing wolf and I need food!” he exclaimed, tugging your hand along with his as you both began jogging towards the dining hall, laughing every time you almost tripped.