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“Bad boy stole my heart” Jungkook story - Part 20

“Wake up” Jungkook said standing in front of your bed
“Why would I?” you asked trying to fall asleep again
“We are going to the beach,but first we gotta clean up everything from last night” Jungkook explains looking at you
“I don’t want to get up” you whine
“I’ll make you get up” Jungkook smiled
“No,I am not and you will not” you said turning to other side
“Okay,as you wish” Jungkook raised his shoulders and went over to you..

His hands wrap around your waist and he lifts you.
“JUNGKOOK!” you shout
“I said I’ll get you out of the bed” Jungkook said and carries you downstairs
”BUT YOUR HAND IS STILL BROKEN” you shout looking at him
”It’s fine,don’t worry” he rolls his eyes

You just look at him and hold on to him as he carried you down,because you know even if you say he’s not okay and that he needs to let you down,he just wouldn’t do it.Jungkook never listens.
When Jungkook let’s go of you,you turn around and slap his arm..
“Don’t do that ever again,plus with that broken arm” you look at him
“I am fine” Jungkook said

You just sigh and go to the kitchen.
“You woke up” Suga smiled
“Barelly” you laugh
“You’re in a good mood” J-Hope smiled
“I guess I am” you laughed again

Even when you think about that Jungkook and you are back together,you guys don’t act like that at all.
It just looks like you guys ae back to being friends.

“Maya camed yesterday” Jimin looked at you
“I know” you nodded your head
“She..She was hot” Jimin said scratching back of his neck
“I know” you laughed and push Jimin
“Did something happen?” you added
“Oh,no..Pftt..Yes..We made out” Jimin laughed
“Yeah man!! Good for you” you tapped his shoulder and smiled

While you were eating Jungkook was leaning against the wall and watched you.
The way you were laughing and smiling again made him so happy inside.
When you look at him too he would have a small smile on his face and look away.

It was time for the beach..
“Can I talk to you for a moment?” Jungkook looked at you
“Yeah” you smiled
“You guys going or?” Jimin asked lookng at you two
“We’ll be there in a minute” You said and Jimin just nodded his head

You look back at Jungkook and wait him to tell you what he needs.
“Um,I think this will sound stupid,but I think for a little while that we keep a secret about our relationship” he looks at you
At first it was weird to you,why would he keep that a secret.
“Why do you want it to be a secret?” you look at him
“Please just let’s hide it for a while” 
“Okay..Fine” you said
“Okay..Now we hit the beach” Jungkook smiled

Jungkook and you walked beside each other..It felt different to be so close to him after a long time.
He didn’t act the way he did when you guys first got together,all happy and smiling all the time..He was just chill.Not over excited or anything.
You feel the same way as he,because of course it’s a little bit awkward after everything you guys been trough and now you guys are together.But it bothered you that he isn’t happy,he is,but he’s not showing it.
“Can we at least when we’re alone act like we’re together?” you asked feeling like a rock fell of your heart,because you really wanna do boyfriend/girlfriend stuff
Jungkook looks at you with a suprise look.
“Was that on your mind all of the time?” he asked raising his eyebrow
“What do you mean?” you look at him
“See,I know you like I know when something is on your mind..Like you always put your head on your palms and look at me” he explains
“How? Like..What?” you laugh because it was weird that Jungkook notices those kinds of things
“Y/N..Let me tell you something” Jungkook stops to walk and turns towards you and takes your hand in his.
“I know that this “secret relationship” is bothering you,but trust me nothing will change…Of course we’ll be together and have fun when we’re alone..And I don’t mean by “have fun” like sex or something,I mean kissing,cuddling and other” he looks right into your eyes
You smiled when he finished to talk.
“Okay?” Jungkook raised his eyebrow smiling
“Okay” you smiled 
“Come here” he said and put your hand around his waist and pull you in a hug,kissing your head.

From the distance Jimin and V watched you two talking.
“They..” V started  pointing at you two
“Are back together” Jimin looked at you two in shock
“What are you guys staring at? Is there a hot chick or?” Suga comes in the middle and puts his arms around their shoulders..Suga looks at Jimin then at V and then at the direction they are looking at..
“Hey that is Y/N and…Woooow” Suga’s jaw drops
“They finally got together!” he added 
“This is so weird” V said
“Guys,I think we should be happy or them…But I think still that they don’t need to know that we saw them” Suga explains
“Yeah,I think the same…” Jimin looked at Suga
“Oh they are coming!” V said
“Quickly in the to sea!” Suga pushes Jimin and they run into the sea

Jungkook and you walked to J-Hope and Rap Monster who were getting a tan.
“Where are the rest of the boys?” Jungkook asks
“They are..There!” J-Hope points at them
“Ohh…Okay,I’ll go join them too” Jungkook smiled and ran into the sea too

You sit down between J-Hope and Rap Monster..
“It is really pretty here..” you said 
“Yeah this summer was the best summer ever” J-Hope smiled
“I agree with both of you” Rap Monster said

When Jungkook got out of the sea,he wanted ice cream so he asked you to come with him.While he was waiting for ice cream,Luke again camed towards you.
“Hi Y/N” he smiled hugging you
“Hey,how are you?” you smiled at Luke

While you guys were taalking Jungkook was watching you guys talking to each other.He first looks at you then at Luke and sigh.He felt like he wasn’t even there with you,that you don’t even know him.

Luke left and Jungkook was quiet and ate his ice cream
“What are mad about now?” you asked
“Right there,you acted like I don’t even stand there while you two were talking” 
“I am your boyfriend!” he added
“First,you don’t have to worry about it…Second do you see now how is it to be in a secret relationship?” you laugh and push him a little
“Well..Still I am your boyfriend” Jungkook rolled his eyes 

As you all were walking home after the beach…Jimin looks at his phone to check something..When he looks at the date,he remembers your birthday is tomorrow
“Oh shit” Jimin said
“What’s up?” Suga asked
“Y/N’s birthday is tomorrow” he wispers
“You say what?!” Suga shouts in shock

Jimin didn’t know what to do.He was so disappointed in himself,because he forgot your birthday.

When you guys got back,you went upstairs to take a shower and Jimin gathered guys in the living room..
“I have good and bad news” Jimin looks at all of them
“Good one first” V smiled
“It’s Y/N’s birthday” he smiled
“What can be a bad news?” Jungkook looked at him
“It’s tomorrow” Jimin looks at him

Everyone’s jaw drops,especially Jungkook was worried..
“TOMORROW!?” Jungkook shouts
“Yeah..We need to think quick” Jimin said 
“If you guys have money we should buy her a gift” J-Hope said
“Everyone buy her a gift okay?” Jimin asked
“Yeah sure…” everyone nodded their heads
“I’ll bake a cake” Jin smiled
“Okay,Suga you get drinks and snacks” V points at Suga and he nodded his head
“We won’t call anyone,it will be just us and I will call Maya,her best friend and that’ it” Jimin explains
“How we suprise her tomorrow?” Rap Monster asked
“Ummm…First we act like we forgot about her birthday and then we go to the kitchen,I mean I take her hand and tell  need to talk to her and then we shout happy birthday and we have a cake…..” Jimin explains again
“Okay,okay….Sounds like a plan” Rap Monster nodded his head
“Okay,let’s go!” J-Hope said

All the boys went to the mall to get you a present and buy everything for the party you will be having.
When you camed out of the shower and camed downstairs no one was there..
“Guys?” you shout and no respond
Then you find a small note on the coffee table.
“Y/N we went to shopping to buy some food,we’ll be back soon…Umm and I love you x -Jungkook” 
You smiled looking at the note,that “I love you” made you so happy..
“Well guess I will have fun on my own!” you msiled and turn on the music and speakers and start to dance around the house

Meanwhile at the mall…Jungkook went alone to jewelry shop..He was looking what can he buy you as a gift,but also that you can remember it.
“Sir,do you need some help? What are you looking for?” a guy that worked at the shop smiled at him
“I need like a necklace for my girlfriend” he looks at him
“Oh…Then let me show you what we have” the guy leads him to another side of the shop

The guy showed him a lot of necklace’s..They were all so pretty..Jungkook was looking around and he spotted one necklace that was just perfect.
“This one” Jungkook points at it smiling
“Nice choice” the guy looks at him

Jungkook bought you a necklace and he was so happy about it.
After that he went to find the rest of the boys.And as expected they were at McDonalds eating.
“AYYY where have you been?” V smiled eating his hamburger
“I went to buy Y/N a present” Jungkook laughs
“Like all of you should” he added and looks at them
“Well,first we eat and then go shopping” Suga smiled 
“Okay,okay” Jungkook said

After some time boys looked trough a lot of shops to buy you something..After they did,only thing that left to do was to buy food and other stuff for tomorrow.

“COME GET ME HIGH SO I WON’T BE LOW…..IF I GO WILL YOU FOLLOW ME HOMEEEEE….!!!”  you shout singing the one of your favorite songs

While you were singing boys walked inside and heard you singing..
They stopped just to listen to you.
“YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE LOOOOOW TONIGHT….IF I GO WILL YOU FOLLOW ME!!” you start to dance when the drop hits

Guys were smiling and looking at you being so happy
“WOOOOO” J-Hope and V join in and start to dance with you,you stop but then continue
“My name on your lips,sweat on your skin..I wanna love you again and again” you sang along again
“You have a nice vouce” Rap Monster smiled
“Thank youuu” you laugh and turn down the music

You felt shy,because they were looking at you..Jungkook was smiling and being happy because he saw and heard you singing and being so happy.

“Soo what did you guys buy?” you asked
“Food” Suga raised his hands in the air
“I am starving!” you said putting your hand on your stomach
“Let’s eat then” Jimin smiled

All of you gathered around the table and eat some good chicken and salad.
“And the BOOM!” Jin shouts
“A creepy girl appears” he finished talking about the small movie he watched

J-Hope and Jimin looked so scared.They weren’t blinking.
“Like i am so scared right now” J-Hope said and Jin starts to laugh 
Then you start to laugh because Jin laugh is so funny to you.
Rest of the boys were just looking at you two smiling thinking how crazy you are.
“Don’t ever talk about horror movies again” Jimin points at Jin
“Are you scared” you joked with Jimin
“Well..No,maybe” he continued to eat his chicken

Later when everyone went to sleep,you get a text from Jungkook.
“Come to my room” he texted you
You stood up and quietly walked outside and went to Jungkook’s room..
As you turn around Jungkook was laying in his bed smiling at you.
“Why are you smiling that much?” you ask and walk over to him
“You look funny when you try to sneak” he laughs
“No I look like a ninja,who is awesome” you wink and smile

Jungkook pulls you close to him,you lay on pillow and look at his face.You feel his arms slowly wraping around your waist,pulling you even closer to him.
Now your head was against his chest.
“Can i ask you something?” you sit up and look at him
“Yeah” Jungkook looks at you and puts one arm behind his head,his muscles were showing..You actually didn’t know he’s that strong.
“Did you ever..Umm had..You know” you laugh because you felt embarrassed 
“You mean did I had sex before?” Jungkook raised his eyebrows,you slowly nod your head
“I did..Why do you ask that?” he sits up too
“Well I was just thinking what you said today at the beach…” you were looking down
Jungkook smiled at you because you looked really cute when you’re nervous.He lifted your chin up.
“You don’t have to be so shy..” he giggled 
You just laugh and cover your face
“Well I am,and I feel stupid for asking you about that” you laugh
“Don’t feel that way” Jungkook laughed and pull you in a hug

When you felt comfortable again,you look at Jungkook.
“Can I ask you to promise me something?” 
“Of course” 
“Can you promise me that you will not fight with anyone anymore? Because you get hurt a lot” you explain how you felt about the fight thing and how you think that is not okay to do and that you are worried about him.
“I’ll promise you that” Jungkook smiled and pulled you in a kiss.

When midnight camed,Jungkook looked at you and stood up and pick up a bag.
“Jimin told methat your birthday is today” Jungkook started
“So happy birthday..I wanted to be the first person to tell you that and also hand you a gift” Jungkook laughs
“Oh my God…Thank youu” you smiled and kiss his lips

When you open the bag,there was a box so you take it out.
When you open it,there was a beautiful necklace.
“Oh my God,Jungkook” you said taking the necklace out
“Happy birthday” he smiled

You give the necklace to Jungkook so he puts it around your neck.
“It is beautiful” you smiled
“I know..I mean I picked it out” Jungkook laughs
“Thank you” you kiss him again