come fill the cup

masterpost of iconic lines/moments in Froot (2015) by Marina and the Diamonds


  • when the chorus effect starts on the line “melted away like I was free” and my soul escaped my body, went to hell, and was immediately forgiven by the benevolent god that is marina diamandis
  • “I realize to be happy, maybe I need a little company” and I started crying one minute and forty seconds into the album
  • the sheer force with which my head was ejected from my body when she hits the high note on “I believe someone’s watching over me”
  • the chord changes in the bridge making me feel melancholy realness, honey
  • invented the piano, invented happy songs that sound sad, invented music
  • I’ve fallen asleep crying to this song an uncountable amount of times


  • THE FUCKING BASS RIFF IN THE FIRST TWO SECONDS which precisely and methodically severed my ear canal from my cranium
  • everything about this song
  • “ju-u-u-uice, la la la la la la la” >>> the entire discography of the rolling stones, the beatles, led zeppelin, and all of your dusty-ass “iconic” faves 
  • the sultriness of the fucking low G she hits perfectly and consistently throughout the verses
  • “but I ain’t in a patient phase” probably the most iconic modern music will get
  • the way she sings “come on fill your cup uuuuuuuUUUUUPP” shattering my femur
  • “i’ve been saving all my summers for you” assassinates all of the poetry by William Shakespeare combined
  • every part of the second verse, especially “baby I am plump and ripe, I’m pinker than shepard’s delight, sweet like honeysuckle late at night” which was better sex-ed than I received throughout my entire adolescent academic career
  • “birds and worms will come for me, the cycle of life is complete” making fucking DECOMPOSITION the sexiest thing anyone has ever said in the compendium of human history
  • The Fucking Bridge Melody that she sings well beyond the troposphere, above the stratosphere, and sitting sexily in the mesosphere
  • “oh my body is ready, yeah it’s ready, yeah it’s ready”

I’m a Ruin

  • marina single-handedly addressing the complexities of young-adult relationships with “I could treat you better but I’m not that smart”
  • the insane degree to which I scream “yeah yeah, uh huh, woo hoo, yeah yeah” at the end of the chorus, thus startling my neighbors and setting off car alarms
  • “It’s difficult to move on when nothing was right and nothing was wrong” making me spray tears out of my eyes like a machine gun
  • the way the back up vocals come in on “I’ve had my share of beautiful men, but I’m still young and I want to love again”
  • the dichotomy of “I’ll ruin you” and “I’m a ruin” are proven to be one and the same, thus ending the careers of marriage counselors across the world


  • the iconic and instantly-memorable backing track
  • the continuity between the themes of the last song with the opening line “we’ve broken up and now I regret it”
  • the FORESHADOWING of “and I don’t know why but I can’t forget it” which alludes to the themes of the NEXT song, Forget, basically proving Marina doesn’t need references to any body of literature but her own goddamn songs
  • “gimme love, gimme dreams, gimme a good self-esteem” ejecting my wig at mach 3 into another dimension
  • the sheer craftsmanship of the pre-chorus, which is perfectly catchy and memorable while refraining from cliches
  • the way the beat picks up on the chorus and I demand my non-existent ex to “gimme one more night”
  • “I’m sick of looking after you, I need a man to hold on to, I’m bored of everything we do, but I just keep coming back to you” proving marina is just as fed up with fuckboys as we are, but is just as flawed and hypocritical as us, showing her imperfections and making her more worthy of our worship
  • ending the song on the pre-chorus like the fucking INNOVATOR of MODERN MUSIC she is??? like please tell me WHEN will your fave


  • this list doesn’t include the visuals from the music videos but I will make an exception for the ICONIC wig she wears in the video
  • the vocals for “never heal” sending me into a tailspin and crashing into a ditch at 70 mph
  • 50% of the chorus is the word “forget” and it is STILL the height of modern literature
  • after her mention of an “abacus” in the second verse, abacus sales went up 2000% and surpassed their unprecedented popularity in ancient Greece
  • “yeah it’s time to be letting go, yeah baby you know what I’m talking about” probably the most iconique start to a bridge physically possible in this dimension
  • the way she fucking develops the lyrics of the chorus throughout the song and makes each line the best life lesson you ever heard??? who is this woman?????


  • by FAR the most underrated song on the album for no goddamn reason like, have you demons even listened to it?? hmmmmm????
  • i have no idea how the accompaniment was made for the song but whoever did it was a genius and needs to be remembered for the rest of time
  • “doesn’t matter long as I am your star, sta-AAARRRR” melodically groundbreaking, please take notes everyone
  • “don’t think i want what I used to want, don’t think I need what i used to need” addressing the pains of growing out of old friendships and passions in a fun approach
  • “you can’t take away the Midas touch, so you better make way for a GREEK GOLD RUSH” YES MAMA REPRESENT YOUR COUNTRY LIKE THE GODDESS YOU AAAARE
  • knew she could rhyme “El Dorado” with “Colorado” and fucking did
  • the fade out at the end of the song painting her as a con-artist or corrupt gold-dealer being hauled off to jail while reveling in the near success of her schemes is what???? I C O N I C

Can’t Pin Me Down

  • this song is direct proof that marina is a straight up motherfucking KUNT in charge of her destiny. the album is labeled as explicit because of this ONE song and only ONE line: “you might think I’m one thing, but I am another. You can’t call my bluff, TIME TO BACKUP MOTHERFUCKER” like not only is this the most badass line in the history of language, but this line was so important to her that she made the album explicit JUST FOR THIS ONE LINE. SHE IS AN ICON. END OF STORY.
  • she is a feminist! BUT! “Do you really want me to write a feminist anthem, I’m happy in the kitchen cooking dinner for my husband” proving that you do NOT know this bitch. she is nothing you think she is. except that she is an I C O N.
  • the meter of “just another girl in the twenty-first century” has me unpredictably and immeasurably shook because she is just! that! kind! of! girl!
  • “You think I’m like the others, boy you need to get your eyes che-e-e-e-e-e-ecked, che-e-e-e-e-e-e-ecked” blew the skin clean off of my face
  • “i can be your russian doll” like,,,, gag
  • the entire concept and existence of this song is revolutionary and cements her position as the strongest female artist of our generation


  • holy FUCK you guys love to hate amazing songs, don’t you?? this song is without a doubt one of my favorites and you fuckers have the NERVE
  • the production on this song is one of a kind and continues to prove her versatility in style on this album. any reservations you had about her from electra heart better be EVAPORATED by this point.
  • the melodies on this song are, besides Froot, the catchiest on the album for me. they are so well crafted and inventive, i am shaking
  • “hard like a rock, cold like stone, white like a diamond, black like coal, cut like a jewel, yeah I repair myself when you’re not there” is such an amazing pre-chorus for this song like it could no possibly be better than that
  • the way the mood shifts from the verse to the chorus cut off my arms with raw blunt force
  • the flourish on the line “and I’ll admit all I wanna do is get drunk and silent” gave me an aneurysm
  • holy fucking SHIT the end of the bridge is for sure a highlight on the album. “but I’m not cursed, i’m not cursed, I was just covered in dirt” like damn marina go all the way off
  • the extra-dimensional high notes on this song are second to none, babes

Better Than That

  • “You’re just another in a long line of men she screwed” is the FUCKING WAY TO START A SONG, GIRLS. ARE YOU JOTTING THIS DOWN??
  • “So why’s she looking like a cat who got the cream?” ugh marina is so perfect I cannot deal with this bitch anymore
  • the sheer vocal talent on the chorus, like how high can this girl go? someday she’s going to rupture my eardrums and I will thank her personally
  • “with an angel voice, devil in disguise” the vocal production for this is perfect and successfully made me shit myself
  • “and she’ll network till her dreams come true, even if it means getting in a bed with you” miss marina is out for BLOOD everyone, the music industry is cowering in fear of her objective talent and lack of fucks
  • “i’m not passing judgment on her sexual life, I’m passing judgement on the way she always stuck her knife in my back” whoever this woman is she is getting READ for FILTH by lady diamandis and you all need to watch your backs


  • this song is straight out of a sappy rom-com and I am fully living for it
  • “but it keeps growing back like WEEDS” I am currently screaming please give me a moment
  • “and God knows what sex is, a way to feel a bit, a little bit less lonely” marina chose sex to be a prominent theme on this album but she has shown she can handle it in the moment mature way any woman in the industry can. it’s subtle, it’s methodical, it isn’t vulgar, it’s just straight real and honest and such an important thing to discuss! this song is another aspect of how sex can be important in our lives. she better preach tbh
  • the aesthetics can reserved character on this song are a beautiful contrast that the album needed. filler tracks who???


  • full disclosure, this song blew a hole right through my body with the sheer impact of its lyrics and chorus
  • there are so many fucking good lyrics on this song, it’s truly baffling that anyone has a career in the music industry after this was dropped
  • “I’m not afraid of God, I am afraid of man” I am Screeching
  • the first beat of the chorus, my bodily fluids are already dripping from the ceiling and my bones are crushed into a fine powder
  • “underneath it all, we’re just savages hidden behind shirts, ties, and marriages” she is prophet, the chosen one, the woman who will deliver us from our mortal coils
  • “another day, another tale of rape, another ticking bomb to bury deep and detonate” Marina is fully aware of the important problems our nation is facing at the time the album was released and even to today. she isn’t a shallow artist like the persona she created in electra heart, she has become almost the exact opposite. She is taking on these issues with a clear judgment and grace and I am so proud and appreciative of her work.
  • “are you killing for yourself or killing for your savior?” YES YOU BETTER ASSASSINATE THESE MOTHERFUCKERS
  • the buildup in the last chorus to the E T H E R E A L ending is clearly the climax of modern pop music


  • you could play this song for me and tell me it’s a message from an angel and I would 200% believe you
  • the melody on this track is so fucking pristine it’s like a glacier melting in your mouth
  • it continues the themes of humanity from Savages but looks at a completely different issue about it. this album is cohesive, planned out, and a complete and full body of work
  • the moment the chorus hits with “I’m forever chasing after time” my limbs are being forcibly extended by a device of love and torture
  • “but if the earth ends in fire, and the seas are frozen in time, there will be just one survivor, the memory that I was yours and you were mine” ok not kidding anymore this is STRAIGHT up MOTHER fucking POETIC genius and innovation at its most concentrated and talented moment
  • when she says “twice” on the high note in the chorus, it’s like the most beautiful bell shattering in my ear, tbqh
  • THE FUCKING BRIDGE is actual art. “I just wanna be able to say the I live my life” the way she executes this melody is cold-blooded and frankly she should be charged with manslaughter for it

bottom line, Marina Diamandis released the biggest breakthrough in pop music to date in 2015 and all of you demons let it flop. if you have the nerve to call this album a failure, I have literally 0 respect for you and no one is ever going to love you

Witch Tip #5 - Mighty Timer

About a week ago, I found this amazing app that is good for any witch to have. It’s called Mighty Timer and it’s a timer for your tea!

Looks cute from the start right? Well it get’s even cuter!

THE CUP FILLS UP AS IT BREWS!!!! 😍It comes with some basic teas like Black Tea and Oolong preset but you can add timers for other tea you may have. Warm up some water, plop in a tea bag/infuser, start your timer and after the adorable chime, you’ll have yourself some perfectly brewed tea! 🍵

Best news of all, it’s free on the App Store! So go get it tea lovers!

I am not being paid to promote this app. All opinions are my own

Nct as Vampires

Request: Hi! Could you do an NCT Vampire au? Like how each of the members would be as a vampire? Thank you! :) I hope I requested correctly

A/N: i was actually thinking of writing a single post for each member but it’d be too many so here’s only a brief summary !! if you want me to emphasise on a specific member please do request again !

Assume that only you know about their identity and they promised not to hurt you as long as you don’t tell anyone else ,, and also you live together with them


  • really chill about his identity
  • like when you first told him you knew , all he did was get shocked and asked how you knew , then went back to being normal
  • acts more like a human than a vampire tbh
  • you don’t even know how he survives because you never actually saw him eat/suck ( is this even right it sounds wrong omg ) any other living things before for their blood
  • and when you ask him ,
  • he simply replies with a “ secrets ”
  • turns out he’s been drinking blood he stole from clueless vampire WinWin’s bottle/jar since they stay in the same room


  • he’s so quiet and mysterious it’s creepy
  • like you don’t know when he’d do something dangerous and sudden
  • so you lowkey stayed away from him even after he promised not to hurt you
  • but then you realised he’s an actual softie
  • because you saw him crying over an anime once
  • yes vampires need entertainment too
  • so you start opening up to him
  • and he shares with you about his family and ancestors
  • like how great of vampires they were
  • when he goes out to hunt at night though ,
  • he becomes really serious and you lowkey got scared once because he came back home with blood all around his mouth
  • then he smiles at you innocently and blankly
  • and you can’t help but return a fake smile like hansol you’re scaring me get away and wash up first


  • okay he likes teasing you A LOT
  • okay maybe more of threatening , not teasing
  • like one time you were too lazy to cook lunch for him ,
  • he got super close to you and whispered sarcastically like “ i can’t guarantee you’d still be able to stay up till dinner tonight though ”
  • and he shows his fangs too like stop johnny what are you doing
  • so you were left with no choice but to cook for him
  • he’s such a flirty vampire i cant even
  • like he got you a black dress and cap one day
  • and when you asked him why ,
  • he was like “ you should know we vampires can’t be exposed to sunlight ,, but your beauty and smile’s shining brighter than it so i gotta cover you up ”
  • go away johnny ew
  • kidding he’s so hot tbh


  • really particular about how he looks and acts
  • like he’s really ‘elegant’ as a vampire (?) ( does this even make sense omg )
  • like his cape must be washed and ironed out properly every day before night falls
  • and he HAS to do it himself
  • one time you helped him wash and clean it ,
  • he got so pissed he didn’t come back for two nights
  • turns out he was living in some kind of abandoned house as a bat
  • and he couldn’t stand the dust so he had no choice but to come back
  • he sometimes forgets that you’re human so he shares with you on stories of all the people he’s eaten
  • and when you’re like “ taeyong that’s too much detail … ”
  • he gets all jumpy like , “ oh shit i forgot , i’m sorry ”
  • “ i forgot i got too caught up ”
  • but he doesn’t really seem different from a human being so you’re not that much bothered by him


  • okay here we have another flirty vampire
  • like really really flirty
  • like one moment you’d just be there watching television ,
  • then a pair of hands wraps tightly around your hips
  • “ want me to turn you into one too ? ”
  • “ no wth yuta what are you doing ”
  • “ couldn’t resist you ”
  • “ stop yuta , hands off ”
  • “ who are you to tell me what to do , i have the powers here ”
  • “ yeah sure if you don’t let go i’ll move out rn ”
  • then he lets go right away and pouts like a small kid
  • he’s really lazy and afraid to go out under the sun so he stays at home like 24/7
  • and he clings onto you like a leech
  • disturbing and annoying you as a form of entertainment


  • he’s such an angel though
  • but you didn’t knew he was a vampire until like 1 month of staying together
  • because you always wondered why he went out and came home so late in the night
  • until you saw him drinking some red & thick liquid one day in his cape
  • you almost screamed and fainted
  • but kun was nice enough to help you out , and confessed about his identity after
  • and was like “ don’t worry , i won’t hurt you , you’re too beautiful ”
  • he didn’t even tell you not to spread it , as he trusts that you will keep it a secret
  • so sweet tbh
  • smh why were you born as a vampire not an angel kun


  • always shookt and worried that his identity might get revealed
  • so everytime you come home , the first thing he asks you is
  • “ did you tell anyone ? ”
  • “ doyoung of course not they’d think im crazy ”
  • “ are you sure ? ”
  • “ yes , i promise ”
  • then he goes back to acting all confident and laidback like
  • “ haha what’s there to be afraid of ”
  • then he turns into a bat and follows you around the next day to spy on you
  • and he thought you wouldn’t notice but in fact he’s so obvious so you just let him be


  • always curious about the ‘humans’ like ,
  • “ wow Y/N how does it feel to die ? ”
  • “ do i look like i’ve died before , ten ? ”
  • “ hehe idk , im just curious , i’ve been living for like 127 this is not intentional years now ”
  • “ you’re so old ”
  • “ but i’m still cute right ?? ”
  • and he gives you a cute and innocent smile
  • you wonder if he’s even a vampire
  • but when he gets ready to go out at night he always has this smirk on his face
  • and he’d have eye contact with you before he flies off
  • so rude but you gotta admit he looks good


  • like taeil he’s pretty chill about his identity
  • his naturally white and fair skin caught your attention first
  • then he was always hiding in the room first thing in the morning , saying that he had to take his ’ daily medicine ’
  • turns out it was small cups of blood when you went to check
  • so when you first asked him he was just like
  • “ since i trust you , yeah i’m one ”
  • then he flashed his sharp fangs infront of you
  • and when he saw your shocked expression he’d laugh to himself , his cute and smol dimples coming back
  • he actually takes care of you instead , and protects you from other vampires/creatures from attacking


  • he’s such a soft person you couldn’t believe it when he told you he was a vampire
  • and he casually mentioned it to you during a conversation
  • you were shookt for days
  • “ why are you always so tired in the day ”
  • “ i don’t sleep at night ”
  • “ why ? ”
  • “ we are more active in the dark ”
  • “ ‘we’ ? ”
  • “ vampires .. ”
  • he’s cute and innocent most of the time
  • but when night time falls he gets really serious and doesn’t come back quickly ,
  • because he has to find the perfect type and taste of blood which suits him

The minors are all half-vampires instead of ‘full’ ones


  • he’s so clueless and adorable he often asks you vampire related questions that you cant even answer , like
  • “ why do we live forever ? will we never die ? wow that’s cool ”
  • “ mark i dont know .. ”
  • “ how am i supposed to take blood out of someone , won’t it hurt them ? ”
  • “ mark i’m not a vampire idk anything ”
  • “ oh … sorry ”
  • he’s so polite and nice he almost starved and fainted because he couldn’t bear to hurt anyone for blood
  • so you had no choice but to donate your own blood
  • which also refused to drink ,
  • but you forced it down his throat , so now active mark is back again


  • another literal angel why
  • he tries his best to sustain his hunger by only eating food
  • but part of him still feels drained because he’s half-vampire after all , he needs blood
  • so he tried drinking his own one ,
  • but it made him even sicker
  • so you had to ask for vampire taeyong’s help because he always had spare bottles of blood
  • just like that you lectured renjun on keeping his body healthy and fit
  • and he was like “ sure … but one person that i’d never ever eat is you , even if im dying ”
  • go reborn as an angel with kun please


  • he’s always smiling and cheerful , the thought of him being a vampire never once crossed your mind
  • but when he told you that he’s only half ,
  • you still got really shocked and speechless ,
  • and as soon as he noticed he promised not to hurt you
  • he likes showing you baby photos of himself , the growing process of his small fangs ,
  • and the way he’d always smile brightly
  • he likes going on walks with you but he always prepares a cap and a pair of jacket to cover himself , if he gets exposed to the sun too much


  • such a prankster i cant even
  • he’d offer to pour you a cup of water ,
  • then when he comes out with two cups filled with red liquid you’re like ,
  • “ this better not be blood haechan- ”
  • “ it is ”
  • “ what why ”
  • “ try it , it’s really good ”
  • “ no donghyuck i cant do this ”
  • “ shut up and drink it ”
  • and after a few minutes of arguing ,
  • “ it’s only some cranberry juice ”
  • and he also likes joking about turning you into a vampire too
  • and would use it as an advantage to call you to help him do things
  • “ help me wash my clothes … if not i might hurt you , idk ”


  • a mixture of haechan + winwin
  • one moment he’d be all soft and positive ,
  • the other he’s scaring you with his fangs and blood
  • but he knows when to stop and not scare you too much
  • he’s also pretty flirty and smooth like
  • “ if you were a blood type you’d be my favourite ”
  • “ jaemin that’s not cool , stop ”
  • “ okay fine you’re my favourite human ”


  • he’s so happy and loud you didn’t think he was a vampire
  • and his looks did not help too , as he looked so cute and adorable to you
  • he slightly teases and joke with you
  • especially when he reminds you of the face you made when he first told you
  • your mouth and eyes were wide open and no words were said
  • he doesn’t really need that much blood so he acts just like a normal human being ,
  • only sometimes when you notice him getting a bit tired ,
  • you’d ask him to go eat/replenish on his blood intake and listens to you without fail


  • like chenle , this baby is still in the process of developing the vampire characteristics ,
  • so his fangs are still pretty short and he can perform perfectly well even without the intake of blood & under sunlight
  • so you had absolutely no idea he was one
  • until he accidentally told you while y'all were talking
  • and he got so flustered and worried after he realised his confession , he couldn’t sleep peacefully that night
  • but as soon as you told him you didn’t mind and would not spread it ,
  • he became to soften up and share more stories of his family to you

i was reading a story on here about customers coming behind the counter and remembered this gem. i was walking out to the lobby to collect trash when a 18-20yo girl comes behind the McCounter and fills up her sundae cup with more ice cream!!!! like uh?! luckily i was holding the Trash McMasher pictured above. i put the end of it square in the middle of her chest and walked her out from behind the counter. she threw the sundae cup at me but i slapped it onto the ground. and if that wasn’t enough she got her sundae from the drive thru! where’s there’s HD cameras that love to take pics of the customers car and license plate :)


L̳̤͉O̟̥͈̺̥̩O̧̱̝̼̣͕̝̲͘K҉̢͍I̴̸̖̮͖̲̣̘̗̻N͓̞̟͓͟ ̞̗̰͍̠͘͟F̮̟Ọ̴̡͈͈͙̖̱̪́Ṛ̸͟ ͔͕̱̱̳̙͚ͅS̷̯̞̳͖O̡͏̺͙̬̻̗͓M̟̹͔̠͢E̴̘͔̦͔ ͈̲̹͎̜̰̼̬͟͡G̖̟͚͍͇͕̙̀͝͠O̵̧̹̪̻ͅO̘͙̖̼̳͙̲̞D̸̠̹͟ ̷̢̤̦̜͇̭̖̕L̴̜͚̜͉̣̥̜͢͟U͉͇̻͍̭̺͠C̴͚̦̀͡K͉̹̤̖̖͠͝

Sounds Like You’re Sick

The sound of deep coughs arouse you from your sleep. A shiver passes through your body as it acclimates to not having a warm wall of muscle wrapped around you as usual.

The smell of coffee reaches you as you look over at the clock. 5 am. Two hours before you have to wake up.

Another cough, then two sneezes follow. All from the kitchenette a few feet away from the bed. You lift your head and see Frank pouring a mug of coffee. His hair is damp and even though he’s in his sweatpants already, a quick glance at the bed shows he hasn’t been in it yet.

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Surprise - Byron Langley

Pairing: Byron Langley & Y/N
Words: 849
Warning(s): a few swear words
Summary/Request: As seen in Caspar’s vlog, he’s always playing this joke on Byron when he falls asleep and they throw water at him. So can you do a Byron imagine where he’s in Croatia & you haven’t seen each other in a while so the boys surprise him by flying you out too & they get u to spray water on him & when he wakes he expects Caspar but its you and hes happy thank you!
A/N: A wide requested Byron imagine, sorry if it’s shit. (also can we appreciate the baby Byron in the gif?)

You were on your way to Croatia.
All the boys were out there on a holiday, most after going to Ibiza. All the boys were there, but most importantly, your boy was there.
Since Byron had been travelling so much recently you hadn’t got the chance to see him. The boys had seen how reserved he was being while on the trip, the others being single so they could let loose, but they felt bad that he was somewhat left out on the antics.
“I’m not really sure what I’m meant to be filming here if I’m honest,” you say to your phone.
The boys had asked you to vlog your journey so that they could put it in their vlogs.
“’Artsy shit and speak to it a bit’ is what they told me. But what do you even talk about? I don’t know man but this is all I got.” You continue, doing a small panoramic shot out the window of the airport.
You were on your last flight, not long before you get to see your boyfriend after months of not seeing him.

You arrive in Croatia after a short flight, arriving at the large boat that the boys had rented for the time they were there.
You walked down the dock to where Caspar and Josh were standing.
They brought you in for a hug, but they could tell you just wanted to see him.
They brought your bags down onto the lower deck, coming back up with a cup filled with water, the plan already been discussed despite how reluctant you were to do it.
You walked slowly and quietly up to where Byron was laying asleep, pouring a small splash of water on his face, not wanting to do too much to frighten him in his sleep.
You look back at the boys, that were standing with their cameras, when he didn’t wake up, them urging you to do it again.
You poured a bit more water on his face, seeing his eyes flutter, his face moving to the side out of the stream of water.
“Casparrr…” he whined.
You smiled at his sleepy form, “Guess again.”
At your voice he whipped his head round to look at you, his mouth hanging open at the sight of you in front of him.
He sat up, wrapping his strong arms around your middle, nuzzling his head into your stomach. You giggled at his actions, running your fingers through his long hair.
You smiled at finally being able to be with him again, but jumped in shock when you felt something wet burst across your back.
You looked down to see the remnants of a pink water balloon, looking behind you to see Jack standing there with a small smirk on his face.
You see Caspar toss another balloon at the two of you, however when it landed on the seat beside Byron it didn’t break.
He looked up at you, a smirk on his face.
A quiet “oh fuck” came from behind you as you ducked behind the chairs, Byron hurling the water balloon towards the group of boys, him coming to take cover with you behind the stacked chairs.

You all had a water fight until the balloons ran out, the boys shouting about getting in the shower first, scrambling to go into it.
You and Byron sat on the small seating area, a towel wrapped around your shoulders. You sat side by side, your legs intertwined and your head resting gently on his shoulder.
His large hands played with yours, running over the knuckles, tracing over the edge of every finger, rubbing small circles over your palm with the rough pad of his finger. You pressed a kiss to his shoulder, just happy to be with him finally.
He turned his head to face yours, capturing your lips in his. You moved a hand up to lock in his hair, running through the hair at the back of his neck.
Your lips moved in sync with each other, his tongue running over you bottom lip asking for entrance. You gladly accepted, this being the first time kissing him in months, you wanted to savour it.
His hand ran from the back of your neck down to your waist, his weight pushing you back onto the bench, your lips moving passionately against each other’s.
He smiled into the kiss, parting it to look into your eyes. He pressed constant kisses to your lips, sweet soft kisses that were parted by smiles from both of you, happy to finally be together again.
He pulled away fully this time, a quiet ‘I love you’ leaving his lips as he rested on your chest, your hands coming up to run through his hair, not fully being used to the length of it yet. You both lay there in the sunshine bliss until someone interrupted it. Caspar appeared from the doorway, obviously having lost the race to the showers.

“So y/n, how does it feel dating the best-looking guy in the world?”

Just Give In

Christian Yu x Reader

Word Count: 2.309

Warnings: Sexual Content

A/N. This is one of my favorite things to have written

Yo. This moodboard was made by me. None of these photos belong to me. Credit to the owners:)

“I’ll take that as a no?” he yelled over the loud music.

“Yes. You do that.” you answered, pissed off that he asked again just with different wording.

“But it’s such a great party! You haven’t been out in the longest!” he yelled over the phone again.

“Have you ever thought that, oh I don’t know, I don’t wanna go out?” you scoffed.

“Have you ever thought that it would be fun to go out?” he retorted.

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Black Coffee (Chapter 1)

Bughead college AND coffeeshop AU

Jughead’s go-to campus coffee shop is closed so he’s forced to go to a new, much fancier one.  He’s pissed off about it until he sees a certain barista (and tastes the coffee).

My first multichapter fic!!! Title is temporary-ish? I might think of a better one. This chapter is PG but don’t worry there’ll be smut eventually ;)

The “closed this week for renovations” sign taped crookedly to the door of Coffee Planet upsets Jughead more than he’s willing to admit.  This will be the first time in the two months he’s been at this school that he hasn’t grabbed a coffee here on the way home.  Okay, maybe not the first time, but at least only the fourth or fifth, and certainly the first time that he’s gone this far out of his way just to be disappointed.

Anyway.  Coffee Planet is the only place on or near campus with a short, simple menu, which is what brought him there in the first place.  When he wants coffee, he wants it black, strong, and bitter.  And he doesn’t want to wait in line behind eight Art History majors ordering lattes.

So.  He carries on, walking past the little shop that has become a place of comfort to him over the last couple months.  He has a coffee maker in his dorm room, but he wants to drink coffee now, on the way home, and not while he’s shut up in his too-hot room with his sweaty roommate.

It occurs to him that he could go to another coffee shop, but it’s not until he walks past The Littlest Bean that the thought actually tempts him.

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Camera Shy (Part Three)

Summary:  AU. Jughead is an aspiring photographer. His final project requires him to shoot nude photos of someone who inspires him. With no one else to ask Jughead asks Betty. Insecure of her body Betty is quick to shoot the idea down, until Jughead reminds her that she owes him. - Bughead leading to eventual smut.

Part One     Part Two   

Read on AO3 here

As expected here is a new chapter! I’m so tired but it was so worth staying up for. Thank you so much for all the support and interest in this. Enjoy!

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Hi! This one is to remind you that YOU are beautiful and worth it, no matter what people say or believe. xx


ENJOY!! :)


Harry knew that was the last word to come up to your mind whenever you looked at yourself in the mirror. Every time you rolled your eyes at his compliments it got more and more evident.

His heart ached each time he saw you trying to avoid your reflection in the glass, in an attempt to not remember the untrue fact you had taken for granted. It hurted even more when you refused to let him take you a picture, always putting as an excuse you wouldn’t look good anyway.

He loved your smile

But you didn’t, you always covered it with your hands.

He loved your laugh

But you didn’t, you replaced the ethereal giggles with low sniggers.

And he hated it.

He couldn’t believe how the mean words of people who were nothing to you, could create such a hideous impact in the wonderful being you really were.

Nobody should do that, nobody in the world had the right to destroy somebody’s life like that.

You moved your eyes away from the book you were reading, feeling his intense gaze all over you “Is everything okay?” he stayed quiet, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear “You’re so beautiful.” It was no surprise for him to see you roll your eyes as you told him to stop “Hey, don’t look away… I really mean it” you shook your head, sighing “Love, please… why can’t you see-” “Stop it! Don’t you think I haven’t tried to find anything worth it in myself before? I have, so many times… but there’s nothing Harry! not even a single thing. C’mon look at my face, look at my body-” Harry couldn’t resist anymore the sight of your eyes filling with tears as the words rushed out from your mouth. He cupped your cheeks, rubbing your cheekbones with his thumbs “Calm love, don’t cry. You are so worth it, so beautiful. Let me show you please, let me demonstrate you why you should love yourself as much as I do” you closed your eyes, a tear sliding down the surface of your skin “Please” he whispered, his hot breath fanning over your lips. You slightly nodded.

He pushed you delicately onto the sofa until you laid on it and he was straddling you “Where do I begin? there are so many things” you blushed, not used to that sort of words “Your eyes… they are gorgeous. Look at that sparkle in them. They say so much about you, about your kind soul” he placed a feather kiss on both of them.

His next stop was at your lips. He stared at them: its colour, its shape, its softness “Your lips are my favourite part, specially when they smile, when guffaws slip out of them” with his ringed index finger he began to trace them “You have no reason to be ashamed of your laugh or the way you grin, because it’s marvelous” the curvature at the corner of your lips gave a cheerful sensation to the boy “Lovely” he leaned to leave a slow, long kiss. His hands travelled to your hips and tickled the area making heavenly sounds escape your mouth “That’s the sound I’ve been yearning to hear for so long” he laughed along with you, filling the atmosphere in the room with your unique chuckles.

When the laughs ceased he looked at you straight in the eyes as he lifted your shirt, exposing your belly. You motioned to stop him, comfort walking out of your system. That was your body part you disliked the most. You reckoned It was repulsive, not worth of any love. “No, Harry-” “Shh” He slid down to spread pecks all over it “Your tummy is absolutely perfect” you flinched “No, it’s n-” “So cute and soft. The perfect pillow to fall asleep in” he nuzzled it.

“Wait here, I’ll be back. Don’t move!” the tattooed boy rushed out of the room and left you there thinking. A lump had made its home in the back of your throat as you listened to his loving words. You truly appreciated what he was doing, nobody before had tried to boost your confidence in such a sweet way. He was building a glint of optimism in you, something you hadn’t felt for what felt like ages.

Not too long after he returned, his curls bouncing slightly with every step he took. You looked over to see what he brought, finally finding one of your lipsticks wrapped in between his fingers. “What did you bring that for?” he returned to his straddling position “As words aren’t enough to you, I’m afraid I’ll have to “tattoo” them” you let out a shy smile, and before you could bury your face in your hands he was fast to stop you.

He got rid of your t-shirt and, for once in the last years, you didn’t feel uncomfortable. He positioned himself between your legs, in order to have better access to write all over your tummy “Your belly is… cute!” the next thing you felt was the cold tip of the stick tracing the word in your skin, the same happened after every word uttered “Pretty” “Lovely” “Stunning” “Alluring” “Sexy” the last word was accompanied by a smirk that brought redness all over your face. “Look at this, your tummy is filled of words that don’t even get close to how I feel about your body” He stroked all your curves and edges gently “However, there’s one word missing, the most important one. Could you refresh my memory?” You locked eyes with him, and for the first time in ages you meant it when you said “Beautiful.”  His green orbs filled with tears when he heard the word coming from you. You cupped his face with one hand and brought him closer, resting your forehead against his “Thank you baby, thank you so much” He kissed every single inch of your skin making his way back to your tummy, where wrote in capital letters the word, using your navel as the dot for the “i”.

He looked at you fondly under his eyelashes  “YN Ignore the comments despising you, never let shit like that take over your feelings. Beauty isn’t on the outside; beauty is in every little thing we do that makes us different from the rest, it’s in each of the imperfections that make us real humans. Perfection doesn’t and will never exist, and thank God it won’t because if it did the world would be a completely boring and plain place. Look, there’ll always be different opinions about you, as well as about me and the rest of the world’s population, but you can’t allow that to bring you down and make you think you’re not worth it… because you are.”

His words made you break down. You hadn’t realised you had been waiting to hear something like that all your life until that precise moment. You brought him to you by the hem of his shirt and wrapped your arms around him firmly “I love you so much Harry. There aren’t enough words in the world to tell you how thankful I am right now.” He kissed the top of your head dearly “Y/N I just want you to love yourself as much as I do. I’ll be here, by your side, through the entire time it’ll take you to learn how valuable you really are”

Your hands found each other, fitting perfectly, as if they were made just for that activity. Such a simple action carried with it love, support and commitment.

“Love, don’t you ever forget, despite everything and everyone, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen”


relax with me *smut*

player: leon draisaitl, edmonton oilers
request: anonymous said: can I request a bathtub Leon smut please???
authors notes: this is lowkey/highkey my dream so thank you to the anon who requested it
warnings: sexxxxx also a very slight daddy kink, you were warned
word count: 2.1k

masterlist | request

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Wrapped Around Pt. 1 (Usnavi x Reader)

Word Count: 2,395

Warnings: Angst, Swears

Authors Note: Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while! Now I’m back at it again with the requests! PLEASE SEND ME FEEDBACK ON WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF MY STORY, OR WHATEVER ELSE YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT :) not my best story but I’m easing back into it.

Request: 192, 245 and 311 w/ Usnavi?

 -“If you walk out right now, it’s over for us.” 

- “What did I ever do to you?”

 -“Please don’t cry.”

Part 2


You woke up to the loud rattling of the NYC streets, still wrapped in Usnavi’s arms. You smiled slightly before moving his arms to face him. “Babe” you whispered, poking him. Nothing. God he was such a heavy sleeper. You gave him a soft peck on the nose and he stirred. ‘I see how it is.’ you thought. You smirked as you placed your lips onto his in a heavy kiss, tongue in his mouth. You moved on top of him so you were straddling him. He started to kiss back, only realizing a moment later what was happening as his eyes shot open. “Good morning.” you say moving back from him. His face bright red, he used his hand to rub his eyes. “Morning.” he said sheepishly, giving you a bashful grin. You couldn’t help but laugh. You two had been going out for a few months and Usnavi still got embarrassed easily. You slipped out of bed and made your way to the closet. You turned around only to see Usnavi looking at you up and down. When his eyes met yours he blushed once more. “Stop blushing and get dressed.” you said giggling. It was nice to know he mooned over you, it felt like you had him wrapped around your finger. He groaned loudly before rolling out of bed. He came behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, resting his head on top of yours. “Do we have to?” he asked. “Yes, unless you want to live on the streets of New York City.” you replied wiggling out of his grasp to slip on a dress. He groaned once more before finally getting dressed. “You don’t have to come with me. I’m sure you have better things to do on a Saturday morning.” Usnavi clarified. “Better things to do than hang out with my hot boyfriend? I don’t think so.” you replied brushing your hair. “Wha-did-yo-…Did you just call me hot?” he croaked out. You laughed as you looked at him through the mirror.

Once at the bodega, you sat on the counter while Usnavi wiped the counters. “You’re gonna have to get down miss.” he joked as he made his way over to you. You gave him a fake pout before reaching at his head, grabbing his hat. You slid the hat on your head and stuck your tongue out. “Naughty, naughty.” he said shaking his head. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him close. “Do something about it.” you said suggestively, raising an eyebrow. Your lips were just about to touch when the door opened causing you to jump off the counter. “God guys, get a room.” Sonny groaned as he walked into the bodega. Usnavi rolled his eyes before tossing the rag at Sonny. “Because you decided to show up 30 minutes late, you can wipe the counters.” he said heading to the back room. You awkwardly followed him there, trying to ignore Sonny’s knowing looks. You handed back Usnavi’s hat, flattening your hair. “You look good it in.” he said shoving his head into his hat. You smiled at him, leaning into his chest. “You ain’t got no skills!” someone exclaimed. You laughed at Benny’s signature entrance before heading out to see him. “Benny!” you exclaimed giving him a high five. You and Benny were best friends from high school. Usnavi gave you a possessive kiss in front of Benny. You slightly rolled your eyes at that action, you knew Usnavi was always jealous of Benny. He swore that he was into you. “Are you guys going to the club later tonight?” Benny asked once Usnavi moved behind you. “What’s the occasion?” you asked. He looked at you questioningly, stealing glances behind you to Usnavi. “Didn’t you hear? Vanessa’s coming back.” Sonny said filling out a slurpee cup. You slightly tensed at her name. Usnavi put an arm around your waist and gave you a reassuring squeeze. Vanessa was Usnavi’s ex. Things hadn’t worked out when she left for Manhattan, that was when you stepped into Usnavi’s life. “I mean I dunno.” Usnavi said looking at you. You knew he wanted to go, he wanted to resolve how he had left things off and you understood. You forced a smile and looked up at him. “You can go if you want to.” you said. “No, it’s fine.” he said trying not to hurt you. “Usnavi, I know you want to go. You can go. It’s fine with me.” you say more sincerely now. “Come with me?” he asked knowing it was a stretch. “Nah, I’m ok. I have some essays to write for class anyways.” you say. It wasn’t a complete lie.

You sat on the couch reading as Usnavi got ready to go out. He came out of the bedroom in a big red button down. “How do I look? Do I still look hot?” he asked with a smirk. You put your book down to give a glance. “Didn’t I tell you that I hate that shirt last time we went out?” you said laughing. You made your way over to him and began to tug at the loose parts of the shirt. He laughed with you. “Yeah you did, that’s why I’m wearing it.” he said. “What do you mean?” you asked confused. “I need to look bad so nobody gets with me. I’m reserved for a special someone.” he said nudging you. You laughed harder and looked at him. “Yes, yes you are. Don’t forget it.” you said sternly, joking with him. “Yes ma’am.” he said as he saluted. You gave him a push on his chest and walked over to your coat stand. You tugged his signature hat off, and placed it on his head before giving him a quick peck. “Don’t do anything stupid. please.” you cautioned, your voice cracking at the end. “You know I don’t have feelings for Vanessa anymore.” he said giving you a longer kiss to prove his point. You smiled as he waved to you before heading out the door.

“Hey man.” Usnavi said making his way to the bar, sitting by Benny. Benny handed Usnavi a shot, which he gratefully took. “How have things been with you and Y/N?” Benny asked. “They’ve been really good.” Usnavi replied. “I’ve never met anyone like her, and I’m never gonna let her go.” He said, putting his guard up slightly. Benny caught on. “Relax man, I won’t steal her from you.” He chuckled at how protective Usnavi was of you. “I’m gonna head to the bathroom real quick.” Benny said getting up. A buzzing made Usnavi look down onto Benny’s bar stool. Benny’s phone layed there buzzing obnoxiously. Usnavi went to answer it when he flipped the phone over to see your name lighting up the screen. Why were you calling Benny and not him? He tugged his phone out of his pocket expecting calls from you but there were none. His hand slightly clenched Benny’s phone before he put it back on the bar stool. Was he crazy to be this jealous? He motioned for another round of shots from the bartender, and drank all of them within a few minutes. He slammed his hand on the bar, and got up. He was going to have a good time forgetting you.

You sat at the table trying to write your essay when your phone rang, you anxiously picked it up. “Benny! I’ve been trying to call you for the past 10 minutes. Where are you?” you said into the microphone. “Sorry. I misplaced my phone.” he mumbled. “What do you need?” he asked. “Is Usnavi ok? I knew he wouldn’t pick up if he was too drunk.” you laughed. “Actually, he’s really drunk and for some reason won’t listen to me. Can you come and get him? I don’t think things will end well if he’s here for another minute.” he asked.  You sighed getting up, and grabbing a parka. “I’ll be there as soon as possible.” You knew Usnavi when he was drunk, it was like he was a different person with a shot of alcohol. Not expecting what trouble he was in, you took a taxi to the club worried to death. After digging around the people of the club you found Usnavi slung over somebody. You moved closer only to wish you hadn’t. He was slung over Vanessa, red kiss marks over his lips and neck. Benny made his way over to you. “Hey Y/N…” he began before his eyes followed to what you were staring at. “Oh shit.” he said rubbing your shoulder. “I know you probably hate him, but please get him home safe.” He said. It didn’t matter how much you hated him, you didn’t know if you could live with yourself if he got hurt. You swallowed your feelings and stood stiff while Benny called Usnavi over. Usnavi made his way over to you stumbling over his feet. “Heeeyy babbee.” he said a smile on his face. You slightly cringed and took Usnavi’s arm and slung it over your neck. “Thanks.” Benny mouthed before you dragged Usnavi out of the bar. You stood out in the cold NYC air as you tried to hail a taxi. “Mmmmm, you look good in this.” Usnavi complimented, his hand tugging at your parka. You didn’t respond, in fact you didn’t even turn to look at him. You thought if you looked at him you would lose it. Break down crying in the streets like a maniac. “Baaabeee” Usnavi whined, needing attention. You hailed a taxi and shoved him in the back seat while you climbed into the front seat. You sat looking out the window at the passing lights. You thought back to the past few months you had spent with Usnavi. The amount of times he had said he was over Vanessa, it was all a lie. You didn’t want to know what else he had lied about. The times he said he loved you, how you looked beautiful, how you were the best thing that happened to him. How were you supposed to react if that was all a lie. The taxi driver pulled up to your shared apartment and you paid him. You reluctantly got out of the taxi and opened the back door. Tugging on Usnavi’s arm you yanked him out of the taxi.

Once in the apartment you tossed him on the sofa, making your way to the bedroom tears beginning to fall. You needed to sleep, you needed time to think about what was going to happen tomorrow. “Baabee wait.” he called. You heard him get up and follow you. He tugged on your wrist and you faced him, tears falling down your face. “Please don’t cry.” he said moving a hand up to your face. You slapped it down and a shocked look emerged on Usnavi’s face. “You don’t get to tell me what to do.” you said using your own hands to wipe the tears. “Why are you like that?” he asked. “Why? Why am I like this?” you rose your voice. “Let’s see.” you used your fingers to wipe at the red smudges on his face. You brought the fingers up to his face. “This. What the hell is this?” you began to scream. Usnavi’s face became red, realizing he was caught. “I saw you” you sniffled. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said, alcohol giving him an override of confidence. “What do you mean you don’t know? I saw you with my own two eyes all over Vanessa.” You began to cry harder. “What did I ever do to you?” you bawled. “I know you and Benny have a thing.” he said, his breath reeking of alcohol. “You know I don’t have feelings for him. I told you that. You told me you were over her though. You aren’t over Vanessa are you?” you sobbed in his face. “Can you stop crying in my face?” Usnavi shot back, annoyed that you refused to admit to being with Benny. “Answer my damn question and I will.” you say, unable to stop the fat tears from falling. “Maybe I’m not.” Usnavi said, calmly. The fact that he was so casual about this made you feel enraged. You pounded on his chest with your fists, tears falling harder now. “How dare you waste my time.” you cried as you drew yourself back. He just gave you a shrug. You sobbed harder. “I trusted you.” you cried. “Well then you can’t exactly blame me can you? It was your mistake.” he replied a smug look on his face. You stumbled back, processing his words. He wanted to hurt you like you had ‘hurt’ him. He had you wrapped around his finger. You just crumbled there, in the middle of the living room. Your knees gave out and you fell to the floor, hands barely able to keep you up. You heard Usnavi move towards the door. “Where are you going?” you managed between sobs. “Why do you care?” he slurred out. His hand hit the door knob. “If you walk out right now, it’s over for us.” you cried, still on the floor. His hand paused, and your heart stopped. His hand resumed and swung open the door. At that moment, your heart shattered into a million pieces. You cried harder, and somewhere from crying you fell asleep.

Usnavi opened his eyes when he realized he was extremely uncomfortable. When he moved, a bashing migraine caused him to stumble back. He slowly peeled his eyes open to examine his surroundings, expecting you to be next to him. Instead he was greeted by the hard floor and the apartment stairs in front of him. He was sat there, leaning on your apartment door. He hurried to get up, confused as to what happened the previous night. He began to pound on the door calling your name.

You awoke to the pounding of the door, still in a ball on the floor from last night. Your eyes were puffy from all the crying, and your hair a disheveled mess. You swung open the door only for your heart to get caught in your throat.

Usnavi stared at you, all the events of last night flooding in. He opened his mouth to speak.

To me,
You feel like
those moments after Fajr when anything is possible.
Like crawling into bed after a disastrous day.
Like driving through the city at night in the rain.
Like the warmth of a bonfire.
Like hearing something so beautiful it sends shivers up your back.
Like a midnight in August when the air is sticky and your night has just begun.
Like kissing my mothers hands.
Like gratitude finally coming home to fill me out.

To me, you feel like perfect cups of tea,
and days when you’ve accomplished every goal you’ve set for yourself.
Like seeing my father pleased.
You feel like a place where I can finally stretch out
Like the mouth of heaven,
opening wide,
“Finally, you’ve come home.”

—  Key Ballah

Taehyung’s first day working as a pool cleaning boy for Yoongi and his wife Minah, he shows up at their house in cut off daisy duke shorts and a Metallica band tee that hangs almost like a dress with the sleeves cut off of it. Yoongi nearly passes out when he opens his front door and all he sees are those delicious thighs from before right there on display so close he can reach out and touch them. Yoongi’s wife, Minah loudly gasps and licks her lips at the way the younger boy looks with a black bandanna keeping his bright red hair out of his face to show off perfectly groomed eyebrows.

Taehyung fucking smirks and bats his lashes at them both.

“Hey sorry I’m a bit late.” The boy runs his hands through his messy hair. “I was busy trying to find a rod LONG enough for me to really get the areas I need.”

The words pull a shiver out of Yoongi, his mind filling with the thoughts of his rod filling Taehyung just right. He knew he was married but really Minah was just as bad. Yoongi had lost count of how many times he’d caught his wife looking at Taehyung as if she wanted to eat him, just in the few minutes the boy’s been there. What’s worse is that Taehyung fucking knows he’s hot. It’s obvious in the way he swings his hips sensually as he walks when he’s let into the house. Fuck, it’s obvious in the way he obscenely bends over to “inspect” the pool once both Minah and Yoongi show him to the back yard.

Yoongi wants nothing more than to bend him over and fuck the sass out of him.

“So Taehyung, How old are you?”

There’s a little sinister smile on Taehyung’s lips as he slowly works on fishing out leaves from the large pool in front of him, the elder completely misses it as his eyes rake over Taehyung’s ass in those short shorts. A few hours had passed since the younger had arrived to begin working and Yoongi had offered to sit with him just in case he needed anything. Truthfully Taehyung didn’t really need the help but he had no real problem with Yoongi sitting on one of his lawn chairs as he worked. The elder had claimed it was just because it was the first-day Taehyung had been working, but the younger knew better.

Yoongi wanted to watch him and honestly, Taehyung wanted to be watched.

“I’m twenty, sir.”  

Taehyung makes sure to arch his back when he sinks to his knees to reach all the little leaves inside the water closest to him. Yoongi’s dick twitches in interest.

“Oh yeah?” Yoongi licks his lips as he enjoys the view the gods decided to gift him. “That’s still a bit young isn’t it?”

Taehyung giggles and purposely turns back to lock eyes with Yoongi as he speaks.

“Yeah, a bit…. but Younger people tend to have better stamina for dirty jobs.”

It’s an hour later when Minah comes outside holding a tray filled with cups and a pitcher of lemonade. Yoongi snorts when he notices his wife has changed out of her normal work skirt and blazer into tight yoga pants that show off her curves and a fitted tank top.

“Taehyunggie, dear,” Minah calls out sweetly. “Come take a break and drink some lemonade.”

As he stands up and walks closer to them, Taehyung lifts the bottom of his shirt up to wipe off sweat from his face. Yoongi and Minah instantly lock in on the little glimmer that shines in the sun on Taehyung’s hips. The woman nearly moans out loud when she realizes they are piercings, small and silver, sitting snug against the boy’s hip bones. Yoongi’s fingers tingle with the want to reach out and touch, and so, he does exactly that.

The elder moves from his spot to stand beside Taehyung. It’s subtle, or at least he hopes it is, the way he grips onto Taehyung’s hip as he tries to move past the boy. Of course, Taehyung sees right through it and pushes against the hold the elder has on him teasingly before taking his own seat.

“Thank you, Mrs. Min.” Taehyung grins. “I’m so HOT I’m sure this will cool me down.”

Minah whimpers and nods.

“Of course, honey.”

Right before Taehyung is set to finish for the day, Minah has to leave for work. The younger actually grins at the thought of being alone with Yoongi in the giant house. It was obvious Yoongi had been checking him out all day, hell Taehyung had caught him a few times and checked him out right back, and really he wanted to play some more.  The moment the women walks out the door, with one final look over Taehyung’s body, the younger is instantly walking away from the pool to stand right in front of Yoongi’s chair.

Yoongi raises an eyebrow as the paper he’s been reading over, in his hand, is taken and tossed. Before he can even question anything, suddenly he has a lap filled with a very very hot twenty-year-old.  His hands instantly hold onto the delicious ass he’d been watching all day.

“You and your wife aren’t very subtle, you know?” Taehyung’s voice is filled with teasing confidence that drives the elder wild.

“I don’t think either of us was trying to be.”

“Well, I’m not really interested in her but, ” Taehyung lowers to whisper into Yoongi’s ear. “You can play with me.”

Yoongi  waste no time in pulling Taehyung’s head back by a hard grip on his bright red hair before bringing their lips together in a bruising kiss.

(it was a very good idea to get a pool boy after all)


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Author’s Note: This is an Opie Winston imagine based on Take It Outside by Brantley Gilbert as requested by the lovely @thesearejustmyvices . I hope you enjoy! This imagine is rated M for language, mild violence, and SMUT. You have been warned!


Back in the good old days
They knew how to brawl 
I’m talkin’ real gunslingers
I’m talkin’ real outlaws
They’d saddle up and ride on into town
When it was high noon in them old saloons
You knew what was goin’ down
When they took it outside

Took it outside
When it was man to man
Toe to toe
You know they had to go
Where nobody’s gonna break it up
Not until you’ve had enough

And if you think you’ve got the guts
Then let’s take it outside
If you think your man enough
You really wanna knuckle up
If you wanna shed a little blood then let’s
Take it outside
Let’s take it outside

Cara thought dates were hard to come by before but with most of Opie’s brothers stuck in Stockton for fourteen months’ one on one time has become the thing myths and legends are made of; so, when Mary offered to take the kids for the night Cara and Opie jumped at the chance.

“Babe, you almost ready?” Opie’s voice drifts through the bathroom door and giving one last glance to the mirror Cara smiles.

“What do you think?” Cara asks pulling open the door and the way Opie’s eyes widen just slightly as they run the length of her she knows he likes what he see’s. 

“You uh-you going to be able to ride in that?” he asks as she smooths her hands over the dress.

“Baby,” she murmurs winding her arms around his shoulders, and thanks to the heels she’s sure she’ll regret later, she rubs her lips over his.  “you know I can ride in anything, that’s one of the things you love most about me, remember?”

“Mmm well this dress will certainly remind me,” he laughs as he grasps her ass with a wild palm giving a playful squeeze.

“None of that Mr. Winston,” she laughs wiggling out of his hold, “you keep that up and we won’t make it out of this house and I look too damn good to not show off a little bit.”


Forty-five minutes later they’re packed in tight at a little bar, music so loud Cara can’t even hear herself think, but with her Old Man so close to her, the smell of his aftershave and leather mixing together in a heady combination she couldn’t be happier. For the time being she isn’t worried about homework, housework, or the club.

It’s just her, Opie, and overpriced alcohol.

“Going to the bathroom, be right back,” Opie’s voice sounds in her ear and smiling she nods and watches him walk away, and when he disappears she turns back and gets the bartenders attention.

“Another Jameson and an Amaretto Sour please,” she says offering a smile and since she knows it’s going to be a while before her order is attended to she turns, bracing her back against the bar, eyes scanning the crowd.

She’s always loved being surrounded by people, and music; but when she met and fell in love with Opie Winston she was all to happy to give up weekends at the club for weekends with his kids, or at a different type of club entirely.

A soft tap on her shoulder draws her from her thoughts and turning she finds her drink order sitting behind her.

No sooner is the glass pressed to her lips before she feels the hand slip over her backside and eyes narrowing she knows it isn’t Opie. She whirls around, finding a clean-cut suit standing behind her, biting his lip as his eyes feast on her.

“You are gorgeous,” the man shouts to be heard over the music and rolling her eyes she shakes her head.

“Do you make a habit of just assuming you have the right to put your hands-on women you don’t know?” she asks keeping her voice cool as she steps away from him.

“I’m sorry,” he laughs tucking a well manicured hand that she knows has never known an honest-days’ work into the pocket of his slacks. “An ass that gorgeous is just begging to be touched.”

“Neither my ass or I am interested…”

“Come on beautiful, we could have a good time,” he says leaning into her, pinning her to the bar.

Fire is just starting to bubble up in her blood and her mouth is starting to form the words to tell the stranger just where the hell he can go until she sees Opie stalking towards them. “You’re so fucked.”

The man is all but lifted from his feet as Opie drags him through the crowd and knocking back the last of her drink she follows close behind.

These days things have changed
A lot of talk
Lot of pushin’ and shovin’
Well if you wanna walk the walk

Let’s have some respect
Got girls in here
Just pay your tab
And lay down your beer and let’s take it outside
Take it outside

It’s man to man
Toe to toe
You know we need to go
We’re all here for a good time
But don’t start no trouble
‘Cause it won’t be the first time
I put a scar on my knuckles

Now brother I don’t mind
I’ll be glad to stomp your ass
But if both of us walk out that door
One of us ain’t comin’ back
Let’s take it outside

“I don’t know who the fuck you think you are…” the man says straightening his rumpled suit.

“I’m her fucking husband that’s who I am,” Opie’s words are punctuated by every blow he lands, and to the suits credit he manages to get in a few blows of his own before he staggers dazedly, taking a few haphazard steps before falling to his knees, and she knows he’s had enough.

“Opie, that’s enough,” she says and because she recognizes the gleam in his eyes she positions herself between them. “He’s done Opie. It’s done.” The crowd grows and because she knows it’ll only be a matter of time before the cops show up she grabs his hand, tugging. “Come on.”


The door snaps open loudly as Opie lifts Cara from her feet so her legs can wrap tight around his waist, and moaning against his lips her fingers dig into his shoulder. 

He circles her through the house, hands and mouths feasting on each other until finally they’re in the bedroom. He drops her onto the bed and she can help the giggle that escapes her lips but her laughter is quick to disappear as she watches him shrug out of his Cut, pulling his shirt over his head, and when his hands drop to the button of his jeans she stops him, hooking her fingers in the waistband and tugging him toward her.

She stares up at him as she pops the button open, sliding the zipper down slowly, and when he springs free from his boxers she moans. She loves every delicious inch of him and to prove it she wraps her lips around the tip of his cock, feeling empowered by the deep rumbling groans she draws from him.

She knows that she could easily finish him this way, and while she does enjoy it, that’s not what she’s after, not tonight.

Tonight, she wants to ride.

She gets to her feet and turning Opie she gently pushes watching the easy smile that comes to his lips when he lands on his back. She makes a point of keeping her dress in place but makes a show of losing her hands up her dress and sliding her panties down her legs. She straddles him, and when he slides between her slick folds, filling her inch by wonderful inch she moans.

His hands come up, cupping her hips as she rocks. Her head falls back, breath tearing in and out of her lungs as she feels herself drawing closer and closer to the edge; and when Opie sits up to bury his face in her neck she shatters against him.


The silence that’s hangs in the air between them is comfortable as Opie holds her hand up toying with the the thin silver band around her ring finger 

“Told you so…”

“Told me so what?”

“I told you I could ride in anything…”

Destruction from Habits (M)

Originally posted by chimchams

Jungkook x reader x Jimin
Word count: 7.3k
Angst, romance, smut
For @inktae

A/N: so you guys might have noticed I haven’t been postin’ but that’s because I was working on this, so enjoy!


During the season of winter hid the warmth of the sun as it tries to claw its way through the clouds after the showers of rain or the coldness from the breeze. The tips of your noses turned a vibrant pink when you stayed outside for too long and your fingers attached to your hands numbing from the lack of blood rush. It was around the time of year where you could wear your sweaters and stylish boots without having to feel hot and exhausted from the sun’s ray of heat or use up to three fluffy blankets to cover yourself from the cold. Family time was important, spending days ranging to talking about life or folk talks from long ago.

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