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Can I request a scenario with kise when s\o is hanging out with him and the rest of gom+ kagami and one fangirl comes and hits s\o bc shes a jealous fuck and kise defends her and all that shit. Thank you so much!!!

It happened in a flash.

You’d just been playing a friendly game of basketball with the rest of the Miracles and your boyfriend, laughter and competitiveness within the air. He should’ve been more aware, but hearing your laughter, seeing you sweat during the game, he barely paid attention to the rest of the players on the court.

So when a rabid fan of his ran towards you as you retrieved the ball from the fence, smacking you and shoving you to the ground, he snapped.

It was Momoi who helped you up, wiping the bit of blood from your lip where you’d accidentally bit down when you fell. Midorima and Kuroko helped bring you to a bench, checking for any scratches or wounds in case you were hurt.

But no one was prepared for Kise to yell at the other girl.

“What’s your fucking problem?! You shouldn’t have attacked ___cchi!”

He didn’t even register Aomine and Kagami trying to hold him back. His body shook with anger and rage, golden hues narrowed dangerously, he didn’t realize he almost pinned the fan against the chained fence.

“Kise! Calm down!”

“She attacked ____cchi! Don’t tell me to calm the fuck down!”

The other girl just stood there, a bit startled, but managed to get a picture of him in rage, pocketing the camera and running off, and if it hadn’t been for Akashi pushing him back with the other two, Kise would’ve chased her down.

“Calm down, Ryouta. This is what she wanted. Now people will see you like this everywhere.. Do you really want your reputation to be ruined?”

He growled, shoving both of them off before scoffing, glaring at them, “I don’t give a shit about that! She hurt ____cchi!”

He was completely startled when a soft hand rested on his arm, making his head snap towards you, noticing the soft smile on your lips. You continued to stand there, not saying a word, because at this point, nothing you could say would calm him down. So you brought him into your arms, a shaky breath leaving your lips as you grasped the fabric of his shirt, lacing your hand in with him.

“____’s fine, Kise.” Midorima said, pushing his glasses up. “There’s no scratches and she only bit her lip. If you’re concerned, you can take her to the hospital, but they’ll tell you the same thing.”

“Kise-kun…” Kuroko spoke calmly, holding the basketball in his hand, “We won’t blame you if you want to leave. Just..” he looks at you before looking back at him, “Take care of ____-san.”

He doesn’t say anything else, picking you up by your legs, cradling you in his chest as he nods, walking off without a greeting of goodbye. He doesn’t realize you keep staring at him, a worried look in your eyes as he brings you to the bedroom, supporting you in his lap.

It’s some time before he even finds the words to say, and even then, he mentally curses himself for asking a stupid question.

“Are you okay, ____cchi?”

You nod, giving him a soft smile once more, taking his hand and pressing it to your lips, rubbing his skin smoothly.

“I’m fine, Ryouta.. She didn’t do much to me. I hardly felt a thing… until I hit the ground.” scratching your head, a blush coated your cheeks, “If anything, I was caught off guard and fell on my own. She was pathetically weak.”

Not even the joking seemed to make him smile, so you sighed, smacking his cheek gently. A scowl was present as you made him look at you, his golden hues flickering with several emotions.

“Hey… I mean it.. Thank you for defending me..” you pressed a kiss to his mouth, rubbing his shoulders in an effort to ease some of the tension.

He finally managed to give a small smile, holding you against his chest, “____cchi.. next time.. I won’t let anyone touch you…”

You snort, but smile against him, listening to the sound of his heart beating against your ear.

“There won’t be a next time..”

Okay, but I love the idea that Simon and Baz are on different Pokemon go teams and are constantly fighting over which team is better. Not to mention that they live right next to a gym so if one of them controls it the other takes it back over immediately.

lol @ outlander fans saying aidan doesn’t interact with his fans because he doesn’t use social media. 

show me how many comic cons this little bean has been to (couldn’t find any for this other guy), also he stays hours after the con is closed to meet every fan. Comic con workers complain that “he is too nice” b/c he takes too much time with each fan. Tells his ushers to “give me one more minute” so he can get a picture with each fan. Is very sweet and patient with fans that are clearly nervous, and smiles and calls them darlin’. Co-stars also complain that he is too nice. “any fans that I meet are just- they’re top, ya know, they’re top drawer- and they’re lovely, they do things like wait out in the rain for you and say sweet things, and no, they’re all lovely, and I don’t get sick of it” -aidan *pulls out a list and continues chanting* 

Life of a Daesung Stan
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What are some of your favorite Shizaya/Izuo fics? I've been on a binge lately... I need more! :)

Oooh, this is an awesome question! I hope that you don’t mind me answering publicly. 

TMI and Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained by lemoninagin

Eloquence Doesn’t Always Equal Intelligence. by itsnotlove 

Not So Convenient by pocket_cheese 

Modulation by Fluffifullness (this is the only Izuo one, so honestly, I think I should be the one asking for Izuo fic recs.)

itsnotlove has twenty-six Durarara!! stories, and they’re all great, so really, I would snoop through their page if you haven’t already. 

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I love your blog so much !! I never thought I'd find a blog that loves Mukuro and Naekusaba as much as I do omg

I don’t know who you are anon but you’re meeting all my standards!!
Standards being: Mukuro and Naekusaba trash
Welcome to my crib, homie! :D

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i want to thank you too, for loving daesung, as much as i do. it really makes me warm inside to know somewhere on the other side of earth, there is someone who loves him unconditionally. yeah, people said harsh things to dae, mainly about his appearance. i gave up to fight them eventually. they dont even bother to appreciate his voice. it's sad. if only they can see how beautiful kang daesung is. i'm forever grateful that i found your blog. keep on doing what you're doing. you're awesome. <3

It makes me so happy that there are so many people that love him on here. Before this blog, I hadn’t met anyone else who felt the same. GD is the most popular among my group of friends so I felt so alone aha. I thought I was weird for liking Daesung, but now idgaf lmao. He’s such an amazing person!!

Yes, people have said some terrible things about him. I just don’t understand!! Like this man is beautiful inside and out. AND OMG HIS VOICE. I could listen to it FOREVER. He could sing the dictionary. I really don’t understand how people can say he can’t sing (yes, I’ve actually heard this before). Like just listen to this.

Aww that is so sweet!! I’m glad you like my blog so much!! Thank you so much for sending me this! YOU’RE THE AWESOME ONE!

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