come down town

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For some reason all I can think about is how Jon Kent isn’t on any superhero teams right now, and how he probably is LARGELY jealous of how many siblings Damian has and can’t help but want one… and then he gets kidnapped.

Instead of being rescued by his dad like he expected, he got rescued by the Outlaws(Hood, Bizzaro, and Artemis), and they are very much surprised to see him to because they were after something else. But now Bizzaro has decided he like Jon and is calling him Little Super, so Jason decides to make ‘play dates’ between the two without informing Clark or Bruce.

Jon accidentally joins the Outlaws after he joins in on an outing, but doesn’t do anything illegal (mostly, some things have been stolen, he never kills though and they try not to when his around). Bizzaro is claiming that Jon’s a younger brother, while Jason is kinda like a cousin/older brother who shows him different fighting techniques and promises if he every wants to learn how to shot he’ll show him. Artemis is trying to keep them all alive while also helping Jon with his strength if needed and keeps beating him in arm wrestling.

They all have a silent agreement not to tell any other super, and when asked Jon just says his going to Gotham(not a lie, they meet up there) he just never says who’s he’s with and doesn’t stop people when they think his with Damian. He is in soooo much trouble when everyone finds out.

(This has been in my mind for a while and I needed to tell someone)

@itsdragonfire13 this is so mcfricking cute

(when will my son kon el return from war? give him back and give jon a sibling at the same time, it’s a wonderful deal. @dc…….)

damian’s probably so pissed off about this whole thing, not because jon was using him as an excuse, but because jon has spent all this time hanging out with the outlaws but did he even think about stealing back damian’s red hood toy? no he didn’t. unbelievable. jon’s basically dead to him.

Come on down to recording town we got the whole gang here we’re not sitting around!
Take that frown and turn it upside down I’ve got the mic and I’m comin’ down!
Come on down to recording town where the magic is made and we wear the crown!
Step right up and hear that boom boom pow, come down, don’t drown this is our playground!

So, how ‘bout that chapter 2 huh? 

‘Miracle of Sound’ lyric starters part 2

- suggested by Anonymous

  • “I’m here again”
  • “I guess the joke’s on me”
  • “Breathe the fear out and face it one last time”
  • “The silence is deafening”
  • “Don’t say a word”
  • “Come on down to London town”
  • “The distant call of home - so far yet always with us”
  • “Come join the party in the dust and the sand”
  • “I saw a siren singing”
  • “Come on down and join the party tonight”
  • “We ain’t the kind to turn away from a fight”
  • “You ain’t a skag, are you?”
  • “’Cause we’re breaking down the borders as we light up the land”
  • “Come on away to the city”
  • “Well, up and out and away with ya”
  • “There’s a fight outside your doors”
  • “The shining pride of America is a nation up for war”
  • “I am lonely wherever I go”
  • “My revolution carries me”
  • “My revolution sets me free”
  • “I’m searching for unity”
  • “Everything is changing”
  • “Come and listen to the tales”
  • “They will never be lost”
  • “You best not cramp my style”
  • “I’m riding - don’t you break my pace”
  • “Don’t you know you’re messing with the best now?”
  • “You can fight me but you can’t close these eyes”
  • “Watch out because I don’t hold back”
  • “Keep pressing ‘cause I’ll never crack”
  • “Well gee, golly it’s a beautiful day!”
  • “All in the way will fall”

Still trying to decide when to bring Elwin back and I have zero motivation tbh

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((Sorry had to do this. Too much fun. From bendyaskandrp aka huskiehuskie)) Listen closely and really really closely. He's got a great voice and he sings well mostly. Grab your popcorn and head on down. Its time for the show with your old pal Bendy!

🎶 come one down to recording town, we got the whole gang here were not sitting around. Take that frown make it upside down. I'v got the mic and now I’m coming down, come one down to recording town 🎶

Method Acting

Lose you again and again

When will I find you when

I look forward to then

Slippery wind comes down over town

I haven’t been there in years

Used to doing nothing

Construct something

Something that I say

Telephone me in English

No self-respect for jelly

Satisfy my heap

Just makes you lose

Just bakes you better

Pies in the sky

Stereophonic funk you’re the only one

You were raised on a promise

It all breaks down under pressure

The breakdown stolen wings

Flying straight on into me

It ain’t your lips it’s your heart

Snow day (Jonathan Byers x reader)

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Summary: its a snow day, awesome! Problem is your boyfriend snuck into your room last night and now he cant leave…so what do you do when you have to hide your boyfriend in your room for a whole day?

Warning: smut… this is just really smut with no plot but it’s not full smut. Just really hot grinding? Im awkward when it comes to smut forgive me and my sinful self.

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@cherylrising​  ——  teen chris sc.

             The corridor seems empty as Chris shoves books inside of his locker, with a sullen expression fixed on his face. It’s later than he’d like to be, and frankly he wants nothing else but to go home  ——  but as they’re stuck in this hole of a town with his brother, that seems to be impossible. So instead, he swiftly closes the locker’s door, to reveal a girl standing by it. Chris blinks a few times, and hooks one of his backpack’s straps on his shoulder.  ❛  …  ——  Can I help you?  ❜