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For some reason all I can think about is how Jon Kent isn’t on any superhero teams right now, and how he probably is LARGELY jealous of how many siblings Damian has and can’t help but want one… and then he gets kidnapped.

Instead of being rescued by his dad like he expected, he got rescued by the Outlaws(Hood, Bizzaro, and Artemis), and they are very much surprised to see him to because they were after something else. But now Bizzaro has decided he like Jon and is calling him Little Super, so Jason decides to make ‘play dates’ between the two without informing Clark or Bruce.

Jon accidentally joins the Outlaws after he joins in on an outing, but doesn’t do anything illegal (mostly, some things have been stolen, he never kills though and they try not to when his around). Bizzaro is claiming that Jon’s a younger brother, while Jason is kinda like a cousin/older brother who shows him different fighting techniques and promises if he every wants to learn how to shot he’ll show him. Artemis is trying to keep them all alive while also helping Jon with his strength if needed and keeps beating him in arm wrestling.

They all have a silent agreement not to tell any other super, and when asked Jon just says his going to Gotham(not a lie, they meet up there) he just never says who’s he’s with and doesn’t stop people when they think his with Damian. He is in soooo much trouble when everyone finds out.

(This has been in my mind for a while and I needed to tell someone)

@itsdragonfire13 this is so mcfricking cute

(when will my son kon el return from war? give him back and give jon a sibling at the same time, it’s a wonderful deal. @dc…….)

damian’s probably so pissed off about this whole thing, not because jon was using him as an excuse, but because jon has spent all this time hanging out with the outlaws but did he even think about stealing back damian’s red hood toy? no he didn’t. unbelievable. jon’s basically dead to him.

V tired but I wanna see if I can write a short ficlet from mah mobile here goes:

Sportacus dropped into Robbie’s lair without his usual roll and flip. He was way too tired for such a thing. 8:08 had come and gone but his bed in the airship had not lulled him to sleep. The day had been filled with activity and adventure, but something was keeping him up.

Stumbling slightly, Sportacus made his way across the lair’s main room and into the kitchen. Robbie was sitting at his small kitchen table, sipping carefully from a cup of what smelled like hot chocolate. He looked up as Sportacus entered.

“Something wrong, Sportaboyfriend?”

Sportacus shook his head.

Robbie raised an eyebrow, “I didn’t miss another date did I?:

With another shake of his head, Sportacus sat heavily in the chair beside Robbie and slumped against him. He nuzzled his head into Robbie’s shoulder.

Above him, Robbie chuckled. "I’m guessing it’s bed time?” He asked, slipping the hat from Sportacus’ head and petting his wavy hair.

Sportacus’ eyes slipped shut at the contact. This was already much more comfortable than his ship. Robbie shifted and Sportacus had to swallow a whine of protest. In the next second, he was hoisted into the air bridal style. He wrapped his arms around Robbie and rested his cheek against his shoulder again.

In no time, Robbie had gotten Sportacus into his cluttered bedroom and changed into sleep clothes. He drew the covers around them and settled into the bed, laying his head on Sportacus’ chest and ignoring the pillows entirely.

Already half asleep, Sportacus put an arm around Robbie, the other arm fixing the blankets. Why was the lair always so cold?

“‘Sorry. Couldn’t sleep,” he murmured in belated explination.

Robbie leaned up and kissed the Elf’s chin, “It’s okay. Good night, Sportalove.”

“Good night, Robbie.”

Bts & the girls

Jin & the pretty neat girl

I honestly don’t know what it is…they crossed paths and she dropped the notebook and from what it looks like Jin has been reading it?? you can see some sort of checklist there and mystery flower –> the esmeraldo (or however its called). In the third the girl gets hit by a car (?) when they were meeting….for a date or something? Cause she looked really happy to see him (who wouldn’t) and idk they seemed like strangers at first but now they don’t….idk

Yoong & music girl

She seems like his friend…I honestly have nothing else about their seemed to me like they are only friends with the same interest in music

Namjoon & quiet qirl

This one is probably the second weirdest. Because it seems like Namjoon is following this girl so he can look after her? She kind of resembles the girl who is supposedly Taehyung’s sister so maybe he is looking after he while he can’t

Taehyung & grunge girl

This girl just seems like she’s following him like a puppy after the first video. Which makes no sense because all the events seem linear to me. But this feels weird to me because the girl looked like she was stealing in the first video and Taehyung stopped her and paid for the things instead and she got pissed and walked away. He seems acting like a big brother with her looking annoyed when she can’t keep up with him on the rail roads

Jungkook & hospital girl

Their friendship seemed the most natural to me. They were both in the hospital and needed a friend in there. Jungkook seems to me like he’s suffering from amnesia because when he hears the song a flashback of him and yoongi playing the same song possibly is shown, then he sees the lighter and it really looks like he remeber something. In the 3 video Jungkook goes to visit the girl in the hospital (which seems to me like she was suffering from something far more serious when Jk was the first one to get out) but he finds her room empty - she either died or already left. (also was it just me or did it look like the flowers jk was holding kind of withered)

Hobi, Jimin & dancing girl

Okay the weirdest one for last - I don’t understand what is happening here at all. Either the girl is supposed to be crushing on Hobi but Jimin also likes the girl or she’s supposed to be Hobi’s sister and Jimin is jealous of her for some reason. It’s shown that Jimin is dancing alone in the night the same routine as them - so he gets better and can dance with the both of them while they’re hanging out (?). Both girl and Jimin get injured - being it Jimin’s fault (?) and Hobi is trying to get the girl to a hospital (why didn’t they call an ambulance ???)

So as you can see I don’t understand anything…hope it helps :–))))))))))))))))



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Come on down to recording town we got the whole gang here we’re not sitting around!
Take that frown and turn it upside down I’ve got the mic and I’m comin’ down!
Come on down to recording town where the magic is made and we wear the crown!
Step right up and hear that boom boom pow, come down, don’t drown this is our playground!

So, how ‘bout that chapter 2 huh? 

Snow day (Jonathan Byers x reader)

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Summary: its a snow day, awesome! Problem is your boyfriend snuck into your room last night and now he cant leave…so what do you do when you have to hide your boyfriend in your room for a whole day?

Warning: smut… this is just really smut with no plot but it’s not full smut. Just really hot grinding? Im awkward when it comes to smut forgive me and my sinful self.

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GladNoct, “Books”

Weather Forecast Lover.’ He’s staring at the book’s spine, wood-printed title on a hard cover back lined on a rickety knock-down brushed steel shelf along with other old books. Lestallum is hot and muggy, even during the night, and Noctis finds that he has stopped fanning himself, the tip of his fan resting on his chin, brushing his bottom lip.

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On this day 8 years ago the worst tragedy struck my town, a mass shooting happened at Northern Illinois University. Five innocent people were taken that day, and seventeen more were injured. This photo was taken today, and unfortunately I didn’t take it at 3:05 because it’s rather cold out right now. I can still recall what I did that day and could go on to talk about that, but I’d rather not. What I’d actually like to talk about are the second group of people I hate the most this day isn’t about me, it isn’t about that cock sucker who walked into Cole Hall with a shotgun. What’s it’s become about is an on going conversation of what civil liberties we have left. Now for those of you who would like to read about the shooting, you’re more than welcome to. However, I will talk very little about it. 

The second group of people I hate the most are those who talk about school shootings or mass shooting, but have never experienced it. Allow me to clarify what I mean by this, the people I’m referring to aren’t those who just talk about it, but rather the ones who talk about how devastated they are, and will hide behind the dead as an excuse to pass more gun control. See these are the people who make me sick, and infuriated beyond all possible belief. The are the same people who want nothing more than to pass feel good laws. Meanwhile they’ll try to tell me how to act, and how I should feel about these the atrocious event. No I’ve all ready experienced a mass shooting in my town, I know the damage one can cause when there are only victims, and police is minutes away. What have you done to see the faces of the dead in your community? Where have you been to where you’ve seen all of the various police agencies all the way up to the FBI come to lock down your town. Then have FEMA consolers come to your school and try to explain to you what happened, and why it happened. 

I have had to deal with that; I’ve had the phrase “Forward together, forward” etched into my memories year after year. Now I’m fed up with all of of the shootings, I’m tried of seeing more shootings than we know what to do with. However, I know it’s not the gun that is the problem, I know what solution we actually have, and it’s never been more gun regulations. All we’re going to effectively do at that point is change the tool used in these atrocities. I never want to see another NIU happen, I never want to see another Sandy Hook happen, but I will never legislate my rights away. Not when we haven’t tried everything we can to “just save one life.” We know allowing students on college campuses to carry concealed firearms are effective in preventing many of the crimes, but also in saving lives during mass shootings. We also know that allowing teachers to be armed, or having armed staff is just as effective in counteracting mass shootings in primary schools as well. 

The shooting at NIU happened 8 years ago, but I still remember everything that happened as if it happened today. I honestly can say I never want this to happen to any other community, but I remember that “no one ever expected it to happen here, to us.” There is no easy way in dealing with these horrible events, but what I can say is that they’re a lot less horrible if we stopped waiting for the good guys with their guns to show up & maybe have one of the good guys all ready in the room capable of reacting to it. 

‘Miracle of Sound’ lyric starters part 2

- suggested by Anonymous

  • “I’m here again”
  • “I guess the joke’s on me”
  • “Breathe the fear out and face it one last time”
  • “The silence is deafening”
  • “Don’t say a word”
  • “Come on down to London town”
  • “The distant call of home - so far yet always with us”
  • “Come join the party in the dust and the sand”
  • “I saw a siren singing”
  • “Come on down and join the party tonight”
  • “We ain’t the kind to turn away from a fight”
  • “You ain’t a skag, are you?”
  • “’Cause we’re breaking down the borders as we light up the land”
  • “Come on away to the city”
  • “Well, up and out and away with ya”
  • “There’s a fight outside your doors”
  • “The shining pride of America is a nation up for war”
  • “I am lonely wherever I go”
  • “My revolution carries me”
  • “My revolution sets me free”
  • “I’m searching for unity”
  • “Everything is changing”
  • “Come and listen to the tales”
  • “They will never be lost”
  • “You best not cramp my style”
  • “I’m riding - don’t you break my pace”
  • “Don’t you know you’re messing with the best now?”
  • “You can fight me but you can’t close these eyes”
  • “Watch out because I don’t hold back”
  • “Keep pressing ‘cause I’ll never crack”
  • “Well gee, golly it’s a beautiful day!”
  • “All in the way will fall”