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a year and half of nonstop work and my dream is finally complete! come frolic through the snowy forest with mayor lynne and her deer friends. every inch of the town has been decorated, including villagers’ homes and the police station. there are presents scattered around town, and plenty of clothes at the plaza. have fun exploring, and please post your pictures and tag with #girlsguidetopowertools!

note: as pictured, this town has hacks, but the hacks mostly consist of trees and bushes where they don’t belong. there are no collider problems if you’re sensitive to those.

311: It Conquered the World

So I’m curious – what colour did you guys assume the Venusian Squash Monster was?  Because I was always picturing kind of a split-pea green.  It seems like an appropriate hue for an alien or a vegetable, and definitely for something that’s both.  In this case, however, my instincts were way off the mark.  Would you believe it was actually fire engine red?  No shit, here’s a picture of creature-makers Paul Blaisdell and Bob Burns with their creation, which they lovingly nicknamed ‘Beulah’.

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“The stars incline, they do not determine.”

Peek at the print I did for All Star Comics in Melbourne! :D I’m so stoked to be signing there tomorrow (Saturday September 5th!) from 12-4, and then giving a Q&A from 4-5! If you’re in town come down and say hi!