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every westallen scene ever (122/?)


My neighbor brought me this huge pan with soup. I’m already feeling a lot better. Got my antibiotics yesterday. 

Can’t wait to be out ‘n about again..


do the phandom realise that they’re the new superwholock?

  • *scrolls dashboard*
  • Me: I like you, and you, and you are also pretty! Hiya gorgeous.
  • ...
  • Me: wait, if I tag everything like that, my opinion wouldn't be that valuable any more.
  • *encounters another pretty set*
  • Me: Hey I like you! You pretty!
  • Me: Fuck

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I feel you! I nearly got sick when I saw what they posted wtf ED....I would be even more annoyed if I didn't know that she's not in the cast list next week (thank you @ God)! I really hope the 2 best friends scenes are limited (none pls lol..I'm so petty) from now on cause I won't be able to cope especially with Aaron in prison! I'm so envious of ppl who can get behind the friendship cause it would make my life so much easier but unfortunately I'm extremely petty and bitter

Oh my God, you’re me. Come here…

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They might be back in a month or around spring time? Usually CN does that sadly.

honestly CN treats its shows and creators’ like complete garbage ESPECIALLY with the scheduling!!!

remember that one time they literally misinformed the wbb crew into thinking the ep aired earlier than it was actually going to??

i know hiatuses are necessary to make episodes to air but they’re so frequent they’re driving ppl away / making ppl forget abt the shows!!! And maybe they’d get more time if all of their fucking prepared episodes weren’t shoved out all at once in these weekly bombs!!! Bombs are good for premieres and every once in a while but just let them air normally god dammit!

it’s like they make them shove it out and then send them off to the side to make more so they can fill their show slots w/ other shit

how they fucking shove teen titans go and ignore ALL other shows giving them pretty much 0 runtime and rushing their slots when they do finally get a time to shine i mean honestly the fact they had that one amazing world of gumball marathon was a complete shock to me

sorry im tired and this has always pissed me off no lie CN give your other shows some respect

i just ???? idk i get rly upset bc i ,, just !! idk i dont like being made to feel like im ignorant or stupid for enjoying a show ?????? its a tv show like if u rly think everything abt it is that bad idk stop watching it ,,, i jsut???? idk like it rly …makes me feel shitty to try n enjoy something but i see so much negativity surrounding the thing i enjoy and ye s,, everyones entitled to their opinions obviously i just wish ppl would focus on what they like abt smth instead of every single time they’re disappointed by smth happening in a plot yknow ???? and if that many things disappoint you constantly all the time and u rly cant find tht many good things abt wht ur watching just dont watch it !!!! thts just my opinion idk im not tryna be….annoying or anything but its like…..twd episodes get ruined for me before i even watch them bc everyone acts like nobody should enjoy the episode


year 2016 & bts

 I’ve seen a few posts around saying that Andy was problematic or that the episode would have worked just fine without him. The thing to remember is that the crewniverse creates this show to be relatable not only in ways that have us singing from the mountain tops, but also in ways that are a little harder for us to face. Maybe in ways that make us uncomfortable, but are very much issues that we need to address as well. 

How many people were reminded of their own closed minded family members while watching Andy? My literal thoughts were ‘oh look, it’s my dad in an SU ep!’, before wanting to sink away from second hand embarrassment for the comments he made. Because man, have I been there before. 

Because who hasn’t had their sort of uncle freak out over the illegal hippy martian immigrant farmers your dad said could live in his barn? 

No but really. Especially that part about hearing about this on AM radio? Yeah, at least one writer has come up close and personal with this type of specimen. It may seem that given the timing of certain current events, the last thing anyone wants to see on SU is one of THOSE types. 

But here’s the thing: they exist. You can hide your head under a rock all you want, but they’re still there. So what do we do? We actually get two points of view on this. One: the gems as literal aliens. On a good day they really don’t understand even the most open minded of humans. So here they are running smack into one that’s mad about a world that’s changing even without the interference of the gems. And he’s upset that they’re not acting in the “traditional” roles he’s use to seeing human women in. Never mind that they’re not human, or technically speaking, women. They’re there in his barn, messing with his things, and really there’s no way this can end well. 

Until you bring in the nephew he never knew he had. Who just so happens to be very, very interested in learning about his human family.And who just wants everyone to get along. Because let’s face it, that’s Steven’s MO. He’s so focused on finding out that his family name is ‘Demayo’ that Andy’s comment to Greg ‘not even marrying an American’ floats right by him. But it was very much meant for the audience to hear. 

Not that any of that matters to Steven, he’s already planning the most awkward family reunion in the galaxy. 

And the Gems, bless their hearts, are eager to make Steven happy.

And honestly, for all his misgivings, so is Andy.

To a point anyway. Until he realizes that maybe, just maybe things are changing. That change is coming whether he likes it or not. And that change can never, ever be one sided. 

And at the first Thanksgiving, the gems and the humans gave thanks for polyamorous wedding cake, corn, this table, and traumatizing life events.

The thing about change is that it’s never simple. It never happens over night. Both sides are scared or angry, or very probably both. They’re also sure that their side is the right side. 

And even when it seems like everything is going right, you’re trying so hard include everyone in your new vision and it seems like you’re really getting through to them, they just… slip away. Because change is scary. Because they’re going through the motions without really understanding why. Because sometimes it’s easier to go along with things even if they don’t agree, even if their heart isn’t in it. So again, what do you do?

You listen. You hear their fears. You let them come to their own conclusions that maybe, just maybe, things HAVE to change. 

But that doesn’t mean being left behind. 

Now for reality: It’s never as simple as this. Bigotry isn’t faced and solved in 20 minutes. No one is saying it is. Sometimes it’s safer not to face it, and sometimes you just can’t. 

But I think overall its meant to be a message of hope- just like the overall message of Steven Universe is a positive one. People have opposing points of view. Talk. Listen. See that in the end you have more in common than you ever thought possible and go from there. Also: family is what you make of it. Even if it’s a dad, an estranged uncle, an alien hybrid child and his hippy illegal martian immigrant aunts. It can work, as long as you work together.