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Reminder that you choose who you come out to and when.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your best friend, your sibling, your parent, or your significant other talking to you; you choose when you want to come out. If they’re pressuring you to do so then they’re not respecting your decision, it’s as plain as that. 

It’s okay to not come out to your entire family. I came out only to my mom, dad, and one of my brothers (Tony) because I was unsure of how the other (Mike) would react. The same reason was applied when I came about deciding whether to come out to my brother’s (Tony’s) long-term girlfriend (Bailey); I wasn’t sure how she’d react because my family didn’t know much about her thoughts on politics so I kept it a secret (although I figure Tony mentioned it to her and I don’t care cause she still likes me). 

It’s okay to stay in the closet. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to come out. There are so many different situations that could be applied here as to why a person might stay in the closet but it boils down to these: they’re not in a safe or accepting environment and/or they just don’t want to. 

Don’t feel pressured to come out. Like mentioned above, if someone’s pressuring you to come out just shut them down. It’s not their decision no matter who they are, it’s yours. 

Just be yourself. Just be yourself, be happy, be awesome, and just, don’t let people push you around or treat you like a lesser human being because you’re not. You’re fucking awesome.

How would ES characters comfort MC when she’s crying?

Sean: *sits beside her and gives her a comforting hug* It’s ok MC, I’m here for you. Do you need anything?

Estela: Who did this? *leaves the room and comes back a few hours later* I killed him. Who wants next?

Quinn: *cries with MC*

Jake: *pours two glasses of whiskey and hands one over to MC*

Diego: Did I somehow hurt you? I’m so sorry. You’re my best friend. Please don’t get mad at me. *cries*

Zahra: I warned you about feelings before. This is all your fault.

Craig: Bro… *attempts to fist bump MC*

Michelle: I’ll take you shopping when we get back if it will make you stop crying. *enumerates shops she’ll visit with MC*

Grace: Oh no. *runs to get a glass of water* Here, drink this. Want to talk about it?

Raj: Aww I’m sorry MC. I’ll share my cereal with you if it would make you feel any better.

Alestair: Emotions are useless, MC. Focus your energy on getting back at that horrible person.

Lila: I did this. I should go.



Rourke: So, you’ve finally discovered the truth, e?

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Hi Niu~ I wanted some advice when it came to traveling to Osaka, Japan. Out of all cities and towns, Osaka is a favorite of mine and I am going to be taking my best friend to see what I consider to be my second home. Any advice you have when it comes to saving money (whether it be in food, transportation, souvenirs), especially because we are both food fanatics and anime geeks <3 Thank you in advance <3

Here’s a little list I wrote for two of my friends. This is overall info of Osaka for traveling with some extra I added here, so that’s why the text is a bit jumpy. This is also written in a way that someone who knows nothing of Osaka can read it and get some help, so ignore the spots which you are already familiar with. 

- Buy souvenirs and basically anything you need from 100 yen shops. Biggest brands are Daiso and Seria but individual 100 yen shops exist, too. For example in Dotonbori road there’s big Daiso as well as in Tenmabashi mall. You can get anything you can imagine from 100 yen shops, however, only Daiso has food, drinks, snacks and other edible items.

- For cheap manga, DVDs, CDs, art books, magazines and such go to BOOK-OFF. One is also located in Dotonbori road. Prices start from 100 yen, but usually one manga book costs around 300-400 yens. 

- For new manga books, magazines, art books and such, go to Kinokuniya. There are many in Osaka so check your closest one.

- You can often find cute famous series fan stuff from LOFT department stores. There are two big ones in Umeda and one smaller one in Namba (at Namba,  take metro exit 5 and turn right towards OiOi store, cross the street and turn again to right from in front of OiOi.)

- You can buy a day metro pass from any station. From Monday-Friday it’s 600 yens and on the weekends 800 yens per day. With that you can travel as much as you can with metro for one day (24 hours). 

- If you don’t want metro day pass, at least buy yourself Icoca card from the airport (from train ticket machines) and load money on it. If you already have some Japanese travel card, you don’t need to buy Icoca. Nowadays all Japanese cities’ travel cards are valid in whole Japan. Just load money on it.

- For manga, anime, doujinshi and such you need to head to DenDen Town. Go to Nippombashi station and take exit 5 and head away from the big bridge before you toward Ebisucho metro station. K-Books is something you two should see (2 floors fan items, 1 for cosplay and 2 for doujinshi!), and just nearby it there’s also Animage store. Note that fan stuff in Japan is expensive! Some stores in DenDen Town sell used fan items, kinda like collector items and such. 

- Namba walk. It has one floor (basement floor) nothing but food, and rest of the floors are full of anything you can imagine. Get off from subway at Namba station and take exit 35 if I don’t remember wrong (don’t worry; at the subway platform there’s a yellow exit map which shows in English which exit you need to take to get to Namba Walk).

- Tenmabashi (Keihan) City Mall. This has multiple floors and there’s lovely Daiso and absolutely gorgeous small shop, which sells anything traditional in there. It’s a bit pricey but perfect if you want traditional items. The mall is next to a river so you should have nice views from it, too. There’s an entry to the mall directly at Tenmabashi subway station. Purple Tanimachi Line goes to Tenmabashi (station T22)

- If you like things like Rilakkuma, Gudetama, Miffy, Sanrio ect. there’s Kiddy Land in Umeda. 

- Shitennoji temple flea market is open every month on 21st and 22nd day. People go there to sell their old items, and there’s plenty of antique, kimonos, ceramics and food. It’s beautiful place and worth of taking a stroll there. Visiting the temple itself cost a few hundred yens, but you can bid your offering, go to pray and buy omikujis outside (note that omikujis here are in Japanese only; in Fushimi Inari you should be able to get translated omikujis). Entry to the flea market is free.
It’s a short walk distance from Shitennoji-mae Yuhigoaka station, on the purple Tanimachi subway line (station T26)

- Uneda Sky Building has a cafe at 44th floor and I think you should be able to go there for free if you want to take a look at Osaka. Seeing the Sky Building itself costs. It’s located in Umeda, near the central railway station. There’s an underway passage outside which goes in front of the Umeda Sky Building.

- Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is the 2nd biggest aquarium in Japan. The entry fee is 2 300 yens. It’s located in Osaka-ko harbor area. Take a green Chuo Line (subway) to Osaka-ko (station  C11)

- There’s Gudetama cafe in Umeda 😃

- There’s a very long shopping street going through Dotombori road (with the famous crab statue and the runner picture). Get off at Namba subway station and walk north to Shinsaibashi subway station. This street has high class department stores and shops but also Daiso, Book Off, Disney Store and Sanrio Store. You can get some high quality Japanese candies and snacks, also fresh taiyakis here, from the basement food floor of Daimaru department store (also big department store Takashiyama has wonderful selection of everything you can possibly need, especially for food! You’ll find Takashiyama at Namba subway station; there’s direct entrance to the department store from the station)

I hope this helps! Ask if you need any more info!

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You know how you get upset and don't understand why people call you a liar? Well let me enlighten you. It's making statements about how two people you don't even know are fucking. They have families, friends and even if you choose not to believe it, significant others. So if you think this kind of thing isn't offensive or deceitful then you need a morality check. Would you want strangers talking about your family or friends like this online?

Ah I knew there would be some negative nelly who would come along to ruin the fun. Anon, you need to look up the definition of lying. When I say Sam and Cait are fucking or are in love, I’m not lying. I’m merely sharing my opinion. I’m not saying it’s a fact or that I know for sure. It’s what I believe. You obviously feel differently. I do not have to repeatedly explain myself to the likes of you. If you had any common sense you’d know that I’m not spreading lies. My words have no bearing on Sam and Cait’s life. I do not know them personally and never will. Stating my opinion on my own blog changes nothing for them.

Actual lies have been spread about me by people in the fandom. I’ve been called a white supremacist. A troll. A bully. It’s been rammed down people’s throats that I’m actually a 40 year old woman from Canada and not a 25 year old from Ireland. People have said that I’m lying about having a sick Mom. That I’m not really a full time carer. Those are the types of lies that can hurt people. Saying two celebrities who adore each other might actually be in love are not.

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((The fact that I'm scared to say this with my real identity just shows how much I'm a coward but. I want to become close friends with you someday. You're a really nice person to me.))

((Awww it’s okay Anon, saying stuff and asking questions with your real identity can be scary sometimes. That’s why I have anon on! ^^ It’s really sweet that you want to be friends! Chances are if I’m nice to you I think you’re a pretty chill person so ye! c: idk if it comes across on here or not but I’m a pretty shy nervous person myself haha ^^:))

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Hello! I'm sorry to bother you but I wanted to ask question regarding your doujin. I saw you said there is no pairing explicitly state but you have bias. Does this mean no romance? Sorry if I am confused. My friend likes VLD and his birthday is coming up so I thought it would be good present for him. Thank you!

Aww that’s so sweet of you! 

But to answer your question, there is no romance. I guess you can assume what happens between two characters is out of romantic feelings for the other (flirting???) but i mean that’s totally up to your assumption as the reader lol. The most you get is one sketch where i have keith leaning on lance’s shoulder as Lance keeps a look out but yeah. 

To the people who bought it: does it feel like there are romantic undertones in the comics? 

When you really want to watch V5 of RWBY when it comes out but can’t afford first membership….maybe I should ask one of my friends to buy me a month for my birthday……

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Hey, so I need to come out to my friend and I don't know how, do you have any advice?

You can have a conversation or you can make baked items saying your queer. You could make literally come out the closet. You can do whatever you want. Just breathe. You’ll do fine.

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Hi there! Love your blog! My character, the one in my avi, is a young lady who is not interested in finding love whatsoever, however much to her annoyance her friends are involved in love triangles. Is there any way you can give me a couple of scene suggestions? Once again thanks for all your hard work ❤️

Thank you hun and I’m sorry I tried, I really did but I couldn’t come up with anything.

If anyone else wants to, feel free to help out.

Guys I might take a little break from tumblr. I won’t be gone forever (I hope) but I just makes me upset that over 18 blogs (sex blogs, porn blogs) I want this to only be for simmers. I’ll still talk to my friends but I’m might just take a small break here. When I come back there are going to be a time skip in my legacy. And lastly I have like 10 screenshots and I’m gonna put them in my queue and when I run out then I’m out. Have fun, sim on (unless you aren’t a sim blog in that case I may unfollow you, sorry)

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Hey Raph you got some bitch following you that won't fucking won't message me back - think the stupid bitch blocked me. Dude everything you post she's liking or fucking commenting on what she on your dick or some shit - that Lostandforgotten slut send her this for me... leave Raph the fuck alone he don't fucking like you and come get a real man that wants to hit you up babe why cant you pay some fucking attention to me!

Okay….first of all don’t come onto my blog startin shit! I have no clue what tha fuck you talkin bout cause ain’t no body on my fuckin dick bro! That’s not how you approach anyone with a situation you have! And don’t call my friend @thelostandforgottenangel a slut you fuck that’s not how you talk about a lady I don’t care who you are that shit ain’t cool. I don’t know what that last shit was about but I’m sure she doesn’t want an asshole like you! Who tha fuck are you?!?!?!

In Which James is a Good Doggo

Yes, my hiatus is over for now! So have a doggo boy in the Spooky Pine AU. Can be OT3 if you squint, but there isn’t if you don’t want it to be there.

James runs out of the back room and tackles the vampire to the ground with a snarl. The vampire sighs and rolls his eyes before slowly reaching his hand up so that James can smell it.

“Hey,” the vampire says. “You know me, idiot.”

James sniffs the hand and Steven friend good and bends down and licks Steven friend’s hand. Steven friend grimaces and tries to push James away but he doesn’t want to move. So he licks Steven friend’s face.

“Goddamnit,” he groans. The demon on the other side of the room’s eyes glow blue.

“Come on, dude,” the demon says.

“Sorry,” Steven friend says but he doesn’t sound sorry. “Just come and get your dog.”

The demon is almost immediately by James and is scratching between his ears and Cib friend good isn’t his owner. James is his own person and doesn’t belong to anyone. But he still leans into the scratches because, fuck, this is nice.

“Can you go somewhere that isn’t here?” Steven friend asks. He’s trying to sound annoyed but James has a feeling that he isn’t as annoyed as he’s trying to be.

“No,” Cib friend grins.

Steven friend sighs again. “Puppy Mode sucks.”

“No,” Cib friend grins. 

James closes his eyes and lays his head down on Steven friend’s chest. He hears Steven friend sigh again again and then he’s lightly rubbing his back, which James doesn’t usually like but he’s fine with it right now.

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Okay....holy shit. Thank you for that compliment about my wet dreams (I almost got caught after waking up with a raging boner). I end up writing my dreams down on a notebook and shared it with a friend of mine only. She seems to love the part where Yuuri wears a lingerie and tease Vitaly, and his son ends up fucking him hard in the ass, using vibrators and shit. Though, I am glad to share it to you if you want...

Look. When it comes to VitaYuu and Yutaly…we are all your friends here. Good friends. Close friends. You share with friends.

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Hey I think I'm trans but I don't want to make heavy decisions or even come out to anyone until I'm 100% sure. I'm really scared of the reaction of my family and friends. I've read trying a new name so I'm writing a diary about my feelings and signing with that name but do you have any other ideas?

Hey! We actually have a post in the FAQ that may help you with this it’s before section 1, so I suggest checking that out!
Good luck figuring it out! -Matt

some info!

1. i’m going on a trip with my friends from wednesday-saturday, so i’ll be mia until then. we’re going to be doing nature-y type things, so i want to take a break from the internet and such. 

2. i should have the last queue of gen. 1 of the blossoms coming out next week! you can expect the start of gen. 2 in early october.

3. unfortunately, i will not be home for simblreen this year, as i’ll be in disney world from oct. 27-nov. 1 for my birthday! this means you guys won’t be able to trick or treat at my blog. :( however, i will still post my 3 treats that i have made on halloween.

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my best friend's boyfriend just found that i'm bi from his mom and i don't know how his mom found out and i'm scared. his mom knows my parents and i'm not to them or a lot of people and i just wanted to get out of the house before coming out and i feel like this is how my worst case scenario starts and i'm scared i don't know what to do

Try not to borrow future trouble, you know? Being outed is pretty much the absolute worst and I am so sorry that happened, but also the worst case scenario has not happened, and may never happen. There’s a difference between sort of…brace for impact, and having a full blown panic attack over something that has not yet occured. If you find your brain going out of control,. try to remind yourself of that - that it hasn’t happened, that you’re okay for the time being. I know it’s not a comfortable position to be in exactly, but it is a first step towards attaining some sort of calm.

Second, if your parents end up finding out from this mom and you don’t feel safe and comfortable coming out to them yet, fuckin lie man. Laugh it off, do what you have to in order to prote3ct yourself. I am the strongest advocate of being out, and I 800% believe that one day that will set you free, but i 900% believe that it is your decision to do that in your own time, at your own pace, when you feel safest and most comfortable doing it. all you have to say is ‘that’s weird, idk where she heard that’.

Third, i would recommend finding a trusted adult that you can talk to about this stuff, just to have some backup? and older sibling or relation or teacher or couselor if possible. otherwise, a friend - online or offline. basically, some kind of support from a person who knows you. if that’s not available, try to google for local online resources. I am always here for you and i absolutely support you, but I am ultimately a stranger on the internet. You have me in your corner cheering, but I can’t give you the support others may be able to.

Breathe, buddy. This sucks now, but it is not always going to suck like this. You’ll be out of the house, and out in general, and you will come into your own like you wouldn’t believe <3 You’re going to be okay.

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This is probably going to sound so dumb but my friend and I are not Jewish(we belong to different religions)but we want to explore Judaism how could we go about doing that especially around holidays like Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah and etc. I'm worried that doing this can come off as offensive :/ pls give your advice 💙

in my opinion it is okay to attend synagogue services as long as you are being completely respectful about it and follow the rules of the synagogue (ex. dressing modestly, wearing a kippah, etc). most synagogues also have celebrations for holidays; for instance my local temple has a purim party every year with fun activities, and if you’re in the know you can attend that. but of course if you wish to participate in holiday festivals you should do research and understand the significance on them. but i really do not recommend getting involved with more solemn/deeply religious holidays like yom kippur or yom ha'shoah.

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I kinda want to call out these people who I thought were my friends for making fun of the fact that I have depression and how I'm gross for being in a polyamorous relationship but without my partners I wouldn't be doing as well as I am now. But I guess that's toxic people for you glad I'm cutting them off

Listen, I’m not the best person to come to with this because I am a MESSY bitch and I’ll say you should publish all their toxic bullshit online and drag them by their prolapses (which you TOTALLY should) but I’m glad you’re cutting them off!! All the best to you and your partners ❤

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so,,, there's this boy in my gym class and he's a GIFT from up ABOVE! he is so cute! and! nice! and omg? the only thing is he talks to other more confident girls, while i'm off on the sidelines just like????? i wanna become his friend more than anything but i'm afraid i'll just be annoying i s2g. you may not care but i'll keep you updated either way ;)

I TOTALLY CARE trust me if anything was happening with my crush i’d tell you (although his friend did casually mention to my best friend that sean really likes me so that happened if you want the full story i’ll tell you) but serIOUSLY my love keep me updated and talk to him and make him fall in love with your beautiful self and then DATE im gonna make a tag so if anyone wants to come and talk to me about crushes/boyfriends/girlfriends/significant others it’ll all be under there xo