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Take Me To Church (a Derek Morgan imagine)

Imagine: The reader is really self conscious considering she’s on the bigger side (but damn, Derek still loves her) and she doesn’t believe him so he proves it to her. Inspired by the song Take Me To Church by Hozier. 

Warnings:Um, self hate? Cursing,smut, and there’s a bit of fluff at the end because who doesn’t love a fluffy Morgan? 

Word Count: 2,180 words (Whoops, I actually kinda was hoping this would turn out longer… Oh well)

My lover’s got humor. She’s the giggle at a funeral,knows everybody’s disapproval,should’ve worshipped her sooner. If the Heavens ever did speak, she’s the last true mouth piece. Every Sunday’s getting more bleak, fresh poison each week. ‘We were born sick,’ you heard them say it. 

You gripped at the skin of your stomach and yanked at it, hoping that it would disappear as you cried silently, mumbling continuously to yourself,“Fat,fat,fat. Worthless, I’m nothing.“ 

You had always had problems with your body shape however your boyfriend,Derek, didn’t seem to have one ounce of problems with it. Or so it seemed. 

There was often moments when your mind enjoyed to trick you into believing that he really didn’t give a damn about you but at the end of the day,he proved that he loves you. However today was once of your worst days and it didn’t look like it was going to get any better anytime soon considering that Derek was out on a case with his team. 

You brought your wrist up to your mouth before digging your teeth in the skin, bringing imprints to the surface and into the flesh of your body. The pain was slightly exhilarating and it numbed you for a little while but your little high didn’t last as long as you wanted it too. 

“Maybe I’m better off dead.“you murmured, dragging your rough nails across the skin of your thighs, watching as the color tone changed within a matter of seconds then something snapped you out of your self destructive manner. The sound of the front door slamming to be exact. Derek was home. 

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Teenagers [Piano Tribute]
My Chemical Romance
Teenagers [Piano Tribute]

Some cutesy drabble with Sienna playing the piano with Snake
And Jane and Jund being lovestruck nerds

Alright sweet

Slight snund mention, but ehh, nothing too heavy tbh, barely there


    Sienna’s eyes lit up when she noticed the polished black grand piano in the corner “you guys have a piano?” she asked as she made her way over to it, running her hands over the key cover.
    Cry nodded “yeah, thought it’d give the place a nice fancy touch. Snake can’t keep his hands off of it though.” he explained with a smile. Snake gently nudged his friend with his elbow “it’s nice to play on a slow day.”
The VU student sat down and lifted the cover up, a big smile on her face.

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“We could get married in New Orleans,” Oliver leans over to whisper-shout in Connor’s ear.

They are walking home from celebrating with their friends and Oliver is more than a little tipsy. He’s weaving a little a lot as they walk back to 303. He also keeps bumping his hip against Connor’s and giggling as he swings their linked hands back and forth between them. Connor’s tried to get Oliver to quiet down a little, at least now that they’re in their neighborhood, but he’s too happy himself to do much policing tonight. If there was ever a night for laughing and celebrating in the streets, this would be it. 

“Could you imagine?” Oliver slots his hip in next to Connor’s and leans over to rest his head on Connor’s shoulder as they walk. “Bourbon Street on Mardi Gras. The festival and beads and hundreds of drunks. And you and me in the middle of it all pledging to love each other until the end of time.” 

Connor lifts an eyebrow. “That’d be one way to do it.” 

“It would, wouldn’t it?” 

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Hey Now, You're A Rockstar (Closed)

“Yo Loki, heads up!”

Loki ducked his head as an empty water bottle soared over him.
“Hey, watch it Erik!” He called, grinning over at his band mates.

“Sorry dude, I just thought your head was a target!” The other replied, in reference to the green streak running through Loki’s hair, put there due to a dare.

Loki rolled his eyes and went back to strumming his guitar. The band was on it’s way to it’s first fully sold out concert, and he was excited. After their rise to popularity, it seemed like every town in the states wanted Loki and the Serpents to come play.

“I hear the band opening for us is a bunch of scrub girls. Never heard of ‘em before, but I was told that they were good,” another member, Scraps, said, looking over.

“They better be!” Erik challenged, tossing up his drumsticks, “They can’t have some shit band open for people like us! It’ll be bad for biz, ya know?”

“I’m sure they’ll be great,” Loki mumbled.