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I hope Jeff Davis realizes that tomorrow night is literally the LAST night to please us if he fucks it up there’s no going back and he’ll have three armies worth of people pissed and coming for blood

Good Girl

Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Warning: Well… where do I begin? This is a smut, vaginal sex, fingering, oral (fem!receiving), anal play, Daddy kink, no plot/storyline, this is just pure sex. 18+, NSFW thank you

A/N: This does not have a plot, it is smut from start to finish, enjoy.


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His lips trailed down the exposed skin of your neck, your body pressed up against the dark wall and your head falling back onto his shoulder. His hands rested on your waist, slipping up your shirt and his fingers drawing circles on your skin. “I’m very happy you chose me,” his voice was husky, and soft against your ear.

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Teen Wolf News, Info From Jeff Davis Interview

1. Jeff says there will be new villains as well as a villain who is a “throwback”. If that villain has anything to do with a Dread Doctor I will fucking scream
2. Jeff also mentioned that he had a list of people he wanted to return from earlier season and that he’s surprised about how many agreed to come back. If Derek doesn’t show up, I will fucking scream

Taking Care // Derek H x Reader

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader
Fluff, cuteness, sick!Reader, maybe a swear word or two
Word Count:

Request: Heyo! I saw you wanted requests, so could u do a Derek hale x reader where she’s his mate (human, but knows about everything) and he keeps her secret from the pack because he’s worried about the people out to get him. Suddenly she gets sick tho and he’s gotta take care of her which leads to the pack being curious and worried about where he is every day for a week. Fluff please :3 thanks lovie!

A/N: Wow I haven’t written for Teen Wolf in such a long time! I’m sorry about that, most of my focus has been on my main blog @Lady-Thor-Foster. I’m excited about picking my fics back up again and writing new ones! Chapter Two of Muse is coming out ASAP. I’m still taking requests!

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Theo Reaken Imagine- I’m Not A Bad Guy

Anon-Theo comes back to town and the whole pack is very protective of you and telling you to stay away from him, but Theo has a certain interest in you and is always trying to talk to you and invite you over without the pack knowing

Authors note- Thankyou for the request, this was very interesting to write and I hope you enjoy x

“Y/n, what did I tell you?” Lydia groaned. “Don’t trust Theo” you said with an eye roll, out of routine. “So ignore him” she added. “I cant, we go to the same school!” you claimed, throwing your arms around. “You could at least block his number” she raised her eyebrows. “Well erm, I thought maybe it would be best to keep it for… security purposes” you excused. “No, you want to keep it because you fancy him” she said, as you merged with Malia and Kira in the hallway. “You best not be talking about who I think you are” Malia said, correctly judging the situation. “Nope, we’re talking about someone different” you protested. “And who may that be?” Malia asked. “You know I’m lying, there’s no point” you whined. “Theo asked to meet her tonight” Lydia told. “You’re seriously not considering it Y/n” Kira joined in. “Why do you guys hate him so much?” you questioned, already knowing the answer. “He’s a sociopath” “Manipulative” “Evil asshole”  they all began saying at the same time. “People change” you argued, as you entered the school library. “Yes, but not in the matter of a week” Lydia said wisely as you all took your usual seats. “Its best we end this conversation before Sco- Oh hey Scott” Kira smiled, after noticing him and Stiles walking over. “I heard you four bickering. You’re not meeting him” Scott continued. You huffed and sunk back into your chair, “It’s not like I wanted to go anyway” you crossed your arms. Stiles let out a fake choke, not needing supernatural abilities to tell that was a lie. “I hate him, I actually hate him” Liam said storming over with Mason trailing behind him. “Who?” everyone asked at the same time, besides you because you were being grumpy. “Theo! He was flirting with Hayden and I swear he came this close to kissing her” Liam demonstrated by putting his face close to Mason’s, earning a very disapproving look from him. But with that your heart sank, you realised that you weren’t special just another piece in his twisted board game and like everyone else you were being played. You knew the werewolves could tell, but you simply put on a brave face and acted like you weren’t bothered. Again.

“What’s up with you?” Theo asked, while maintaining his charm and careless persona. “Wouldn’t you like to know” you said, brushing past him and into your history class. He was expecting the usual flirtatious remark from you, which you could get away with every so often when the rest of the pack weren’t near your lesson. You sat at your desk and slammed your books on the table, you weren’t sure as to why you felt so hurt by the sociopath that was trying to break up your pack. He sat on the desk behind you, knowing if he attempted to sit next to you, he probably would have got a punch in the face. “Someone must be on their peri-” he began. “Don’t even say it” you said firmly through gritted teeth. “Woah feisty, does this mean the deals off?” he asked. “There was never a deal” you said with a raised eyebrow. “I promised to not tell the pack you admitted to liking me, if you went on a date with me” he interrupted. “That’s pretty counter productive if you ask me and FYI I don’t like you Theo” you scoffed, earning you a raised eyebrow, because he heard your heart race. “Why do you want to go on date with me anyway? So you can pry information out of me? So you can get one over on them? So you can get back at Scott by trying to steal one of his pack members?” you began to list. “No actually, because I want to talk to you” he claimed. “We’re talking right now” you rolled your eyes. As if on queue your phone started to buzz from on your desk. Stiles: Meet us at the jeep ASAP, I think we’ve found something. Theo clearly saw because he carried on quickly before you stood up. “Meet me and the coffee house, the one a few blocks from the animal clinic at 8″ he followed you with his eyes. You simply gave a shrug in response and smirked as you made your way back out of the door, before your teacher noticed. You didn’t know that Theo then continued to cover for you by coming up with an elaborate story as to why you weren’t in the lesson, and taking the detention for skipping class, so you didn’t have to.

”Stiles, you’ve got three seconds to move away from me before I punch you in the face!” you were trying to keep your calm. As per usual, Stiles came to the wrong conclusion and you all ended up having to ditch school to go to some remote area, in search for clues. “I’m sorry okay guys, I really thought this would have worked” he sighed casually, as if you hadn’t drove for an hour in the car, ruined your white shoes on that stupid muddy field and came close to hypothermia all for nothing. “What’s the time?” Kira asked with a groan, knowing her mom was going to be mad at her for ditching school. “It’s half seven” Lydia answered as she pouted at the time on her phone. Shit, you internally shouted while trying to remain calm on the surface. “Hey Lyd, would you mind dropping me to Deaton’s clinic now please?” you said with puppy dog eyes. “Cute, but why the sudden rush?” she questioned. “I need to see him before it closes” you retort. “Y/n you know he lets us go in at any time, considering he’s the druid for our pack” she said, with a raised eyebrow. “Yes, but then I need to go home in time to catch my mom before she leaves for work-” you improvised. “Why?” Malia interrogated. When you paused to think, a few of them clocked on. “You’re not seriously thinking about meeting him?” Stiles groaned. “I’m not meeting him!” you protested with a foot stomp. “Promise” Kira said childishly. You nod your head, not wanting to openly lie to them or break a promise. Lydia gave you a disappointed look but pulled out her car keys and you headed off.

“So, we’re here” Lydia gave a weak smile. You looked out the window to see you were parked outside of the coffee house. “You knew?” you said with a loud sigh. “Of course I knew, I know everything about you” she replied. “Don’t worry, I wont tell the others. Just be careful okay” she added reluctantly. She was your best friend until the end, but she knew that the only way you could learn was by making the mistakes yourself. You opened the car door and entered the coffee shop nervously. You looked around, you should of known. He stood you up, to embarrass you. You turned around but Lydia had already drove off, she was clearly going to stall and mislead the others from trying to catch you out. You felt awkward to say the least, until you saw him. He was sitting at the back of the room with two coffees and a two slices of cake. You watched for a minute as he adjusted the coffee cup so the logo was facing straight and how he kept feeling the side to make sure it was still hot enough for you. You watched as he fluffed his hair up because he remembered overhearing you tell Lydia that he looked cute with it like that, and how he gave you the cake with the most icing on it because he overhears you talk about vanilla icing at lunch. You noticed all the napkins, sugar sachets and stirring spoons on the table from him impulsively getting more while waiting for you. For a moment, anything supernatural faded and Theo seemed to be nothing more than a charming boy who wanted to go on a date, purely because he liked you. It didn’t take him long to smell your perfume and hear your heartbeat from across the room and your daydream was interrupted by a smirk and him standing up. You slowly strolled over to him and he tucked your chair in behind you, before sitting back down. Your surprised expression caused him to furrow his brows, “What?” he asked. “Nothing” you shook your head and took a sip of coffee to hide your smile. You’d never have pictured him to be a romantic. “Sorry I’m late, pack business” you excused, waiting for him to bombard you with questions to get some sort of information out of you. But he simply said it was fine and refused to take any money from you to pay for the drinks and cake. You had been there for about an hour and you seemed to be really hitting it off with one another, surprisingly there wasn’t a dull moment. “Why did you ask me out on a date, like the real reason?” you suddenly asked, breaking the happy mood. “Honestly?” he asked. You nod your head and waited for his response. “I like you Y/n, a lot. I’m not lying, listen to my heartbeat” he gently reached for your hand and looked at you softly to show you that you could trust him, before placing it on his chest. He looked you in the eye and said it again, and like he said, his heart didn’t show any signs of lying, like Scott had taught you. You gave him a small genuine smile which he returned. “I like you too” you weren’t sure if you had made the biggest mistake of your life but in that moment, you didn’t care. You found yourself staring a his lips and before you knew it, his were pressed against yours. “WHAT THE FUCK?!”

“Scott-” you shouted as you pulled away from Theo. Stiles and Malia shortly burst through the door, followed by a panicked Lydia who had been trying to stop them from finding you for the past few hours. You glanced back at Theo and watched as the natural smile that was on his face faded and a false smirk appeared. “Get your coat, we’re leaving” Scott demanded. “No” you simply replied, which even shocked Theo. Scott’s face remained firm but his eyes relaxed. He did that sometimes, where he forgets that even though he’s your alpha he was once just a friend. “Y/n, just come on please” Stiles said calmly, after noticing Malia’s claws. “I’ll kill him” she growled under her breath, assuming Theo was solely to blame. “Everyone just calm down! I’m sure there’s a rational explanation as to why they appeared to be kissing” Lydia tried to diffuse. “Oh believe me, we were kissing” Theo interrupted with a cocky expression, which dropped as he looked back at you. “I like him” you blurted out impulsively. Everyone stopped glaring at Theo, and began to stare at you quizzically. “And I have for a while now” you continued. “You have got to be kidding” Stiles said with a lot of hand gestures. “I will admit, he is a dick to you guys” you ignored Stiles’ comment and Theo’s reaction. “But he makes me happy and that’s all that should really matter” you gave a small smile, before reaching to lace your hands together, which he returned with a smile he couldn’t hide. “Awww!” Lydia cooed, breaking the silence. “Absolutely not” Stiles claimed, which Malia agreed. “She’s right” Scott spoke, earning him confused looks off all of you. “I mean look at us, we said we’d try to keep our personal lives out of the supernatural as much as we could and here we are, not letting Y/n date a guy she likes, over a stupid pack feud” he said wisely. “He tried to kill you Scott, remember that?” Stiles accidently shouted, turning a few heads in the coffee shop. “It doesn’t matter, it’s her life and even if we don’t agree, we’re her friends and we’ll be here to catch her if she falls” he lectured. You gave him a friendly pat on the chest to show your endearment. “I guess” Stiles reluctantly sighed. “If you even think about hurting her, I swear to god I’ll shove your head so far up your ass you have to fuck yourself from the inside out-” Malia huffed. “So does this mean you’re okay with me and Theo dating, that is if you’d like to” you glanced back at him. He rubbed his thumb over your hand, “Of course I would” he said uncharacteristically sweetly but nervously, as he glanced at Malia. “That settles it” Scott clapped awkwardly. “I suppose, we’ll leave you guys to it” Lydia said, giving you a wink as they began to head towards the door. “Sorry about that” you laughed with a blush as they had completely gone. “Don’t worry about it, and don’t worry I’d never hurt you. I may be a bad boy, but I’m not a bad guy” he said endearingly. “I know” you gave a trusting smile. “Sooo, before they came in” he hinted. “I think we should pick up where we left it” you smirked knowingly. With that he pulled your chair closer to the table, before passionately pressing his lips to yours. Who would have known, your life would never be the same again after falling hopelessly in love with Theo Raeken.

Requests are still closed but I hope you enjoyed this Theo imagine, it’s my first one of him. Extremely sorry for the slow af upload but better late than never am’rite.

Untamable - Liam Dunbar

Author: @chwendie

Pairing: Liam x Y/N

Word Count: 1051

Warnings: none?…angry liam…fluff?…

“Liam? Is everything alright?” you whispered to him. Since study hall started he’s had his head in his hands, not saying a word. You turned to Mason who sat to your right. “What’s wrong with him?” you asked him. Mason didn’t talk because he knew Liam would hear him, so wrote on the back pages of his notebook.

“Scott is trying to help him with his phasing.”

“Why? I thought he had it under control.”

“Well, lately something’s been throwing him off.” Mason handed you the paper. What could be throwing him off? The bell rang and as you turned to say something to Liam he was gone. You packed your things and walked out with Mason.

“I’m gonna go to Liam’s house after school, to see what’s wrong.” you said to him.

“That’s not a good idea. Scott said he doesn’t want any of us alone with him.” Mason explained to you.

“I trust that Liam’s not gonna hurt me, and that you’re not gonna tell Scott where I’m going.” you lightly tugged at Mason’s shirt giving him your puppy eyes.

“He can tell when I’m lying, you know?” he sighed. Corey appeared out of nowhere.

“Not if he can’t see you.” Corey grabbed Mason’s hand and winked at you just before disappearing. “Be careful,” Corey said. You blindly thanked him for taking Mason away and walked to your jeep.

You were hesitant, but you had to know. You parked in his driveway next to his car. You let yourself in as you usually did, being that you’ve been friends with him and Mason since you were all kids.
“Liam?” You called out, closing the front door behind you. He wasn’t in the living room, or anywhere else downstairs, so you went to his room. “Hello?” you asked slowly walking in closing the door behind you. There he was, sitting on a swivel chair, spinning handcuffs gracefully around his index finger.

“They wanted to use these on me, you know?” he said getting up. “Because I ripped through the ropes,” he crushed the handcuffs in one hand. “But these don’t work either.” He tossed them to your feet. You suddenly felt like coming to Liam’s was a terrible idea. “Scott thinks I’m untamable,” he flashed his eyes to you, circling around you.

“I don’t believe that,” your voice was shaking and for a second you wondered if you screamed loud enough if Scott would hear.

“You think I’m lying?!” Liam growled while pushing you against his door.

“I don’t believe Scott thinks you’re untamable.” you explained so Liam wouldn’t get angrier. He only scoffed out loud and took a step away from you.

“I heard him tell Lydia ‘he’s untamable, I don’t think there’s anything I can really do’.”

“You know he didn’t mean it like that,” you said defending Scott.

“Y/N go home before you really start to piss me off.” Liam spat at you inching closer. You thought about going home, but you didn’t have your answer.

“No.” you said semi confident, but in seconds Liam had you against his door again, growling inches away from your face completely wolfed out. He slammed his fists against the door next to your head and you were sure you heard the wood splintering. You turned so you wouldn’t have to look at him because you were too afraid to move. He grabbed your jaw and forced you to look at him.

“Look at me!” He growled forcefully turning your head. You calmed down your breathing and looked at his shining eyes. He listened for a few seconds to the sound of your heartbeat. “Why aren’t you scared?” he asked softly this time.

“Because I know you’re not going to hurt me.” your voice was low because you weren’t completely confident in what you said.

“You don’t know that,” he stepped away from you and ran his hand through his hair.

“Liam, just tell me what’s wrong.” You said getting closer to him. You found the courage to grab his hand, although his hands were massive compared to yours so you held onto his middle and index fingers. His facial features went back to normal and you both sat in the floor across from each other, you still holding onto his fingers.

“When Scott said that to Lydia, I felt like he gave up on me.” Liam finally said, but he avoided eye contact. His eyes were glowing again and you grabbed on to his other hand.

“You know Scott didn’t mean it,” you whispered squeezing your grip on his fingers and his blue eyes came back. You could feel some pulses in his fingers and you knew he was calming down.

“Why do you care so much?” He asked you.

“Because you’re my best friend, and I hate seeing you dealing with this alone when you have me and Mason and Corey.” You said to him, fully interlocking your fingers together. You could see him struggling not to let his eyes turn, or his fangs come out, but they did anyways.

“I can’t even control myself anymore!” He growled letting go of your hands to show you his claws. “What if I hurt someone or kill-” you couldn’t let him ramble and dwell on the things he might do, so you kissed him. You grabbed the sides of his face and kissed him. You felt his fangs against your lips and his claws around your neck, but the longer you kissed him the less you felt of his claws and fangs. When you finally pulled away you looked back at his blue eyes.

“How did you do that?” he sighed out loud.

“I didn’t do anything,” you lightly chuckled.

“I don’t believe you, that was amazing.” He said pulling you into another kiss that quickly heated up. He sighed when both of your phones went off.

“Can you be at my house by 7?” Scott sent you.

“From Scott?” Liam asked, and you nodded.

ldquo;I should go,” you smiled while getting up.

“Y/N, wait.” Liam said. “Thank you for coming over, and I’m sorry if I scared you.” He spoke lowly again. You pulled him down by his shirt collar and kissed him gently.

“I’ll see you at seven, Liam.” You smiled and walked back to your car.

Hey guys! Once again I’m sorry if this was completely terrible! Please let me know what you think! (:

Please, I Love You

Requested by anon

can make an imagine where the reader and Derek are on a date, the pack thinks there’s suspicious about her so they sabotage it. Then the reader gets pissed and leave but Derek tries to get her back (try to make it a long one??) thanks! :)) 

(Y/F/R/) = your favorite restaurant 

He decided to push aside all of the crazy supernatural shit for one night and try to be a normal 25 year old. He wanted to be able to be good for you, and he swore up and down that he wasn’t. You were always quick to shoot those comments down as quickly as they surfaced because you thought he sounded crazy. Derek was exactly what you wanted. He was everything that you needed. And him tearing himself down broke your heart. 

You hadn’t met any of his friends. Nothing you said would make him introduce you to them. At first, you thought he was ashamed or embarrassed of you. He kept saying he was just trying to protect you and keep you as separate as possible from all things supernatural.

He took you to (Y/F/R) where you both laughed and talked about anything but him being a werewolf for what felt like hours. It had in reality only been about 30 minutes when some random kids showed up, sat next to your table, and began to be obnoxious.

They were throwing their napkins, shooting straw paper everywhere, yelling and causing a commotion and a large amount of annoyance. You rolled your eyes but continued on like nothing was bothering you. You noticed Derek was pretty tense. “Is everything alright?” you say with a rather concerned look on your face. You’d never seen his cheeks this red before. 

“Yeah. I’m fine” he grunts, not paying any attention to you, but keeping his full gaze on the table of unruly teenagers. 

“Don’t worry about them. They don’t matter. It’s just you and me.” you say. Just then, a pale boy with sandy blond curls gets up, soda in hand. He is goofing off and walks towards your table, pretending to stumble. The drink lands in your lap. You gasp in surprise and shock at the coldness of the icy drink now staining the front of your top and your lap.

“Isaac!!” Derek yells, standing up and growling at the slender figure in front of him. 

“You know these kids?” I say, confusion beginning to set in.

“Yeah. They’re my pack. Not so sure about whether or not they’re my friends at this point.”

“Your friends? These are the great friends that you have that you’ve been afraid to introduce me to? The ones who have been rude to us all night?”

“Babe, I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for why they’re doing this” he said in minor agitation.

“So you’re going to stick up to the people who have been rude to me all evening? I’m going home. Goodbye, Derek.” You went to walk away. You thought to yourself for a few seconds before turning around to address the pack of teenagers. “Hope you enjoyed yourselves. Have a great rest of your evening with Derek. You deserve him.” Turning on your heels, you attempted to make it out of the restaurant without letting anyone see you begin to cry.

“What have you guys done?! That’s my girlfriend that you guys just harassed.”

“Something about her seemed off. One could even say suspicious. We’re just trying to protect you. Remember what happened last time you tried to date? Remember Blake?… Better known known as the Darach.” Stiles rattles off, all the while shaking.

“She is nothing like her. She is nothing like them. She is sweet and innocent and kind to everyone. I didn’t want to introduce her to you guys because I didn’t want you to just go making assumptions, but I guess that backfired in my face didn’t it. I love her, and you guys chase her off.”

“Wait… did you just use the L word?” Liam says, arching his eyebrows and making the rest of the group stop and look at Derek.

“Yeah. I love her. And she loves me. At least she did. Now I’m not so sure.”

“Go after her!!” Lydia squeaks. “You need her. That much is obvious. Do you guys believe me now. There was nothing wrong with her. She was it. He needs her. Go Derek!”

Forgetting his car in the lot, he takes off running into the crisp autumn air in search of you. You hadn’t gotten very far. He pulls you into him as soon as he gets close enough to grab you, earning a scream and a smack on the arm. “You scared me! Get away from me!”

“Hold on please. Hear me out okay? Those were my friends back there. Those are my friends. That is my pack. That’s my family. That’s all I had before you came along. They were all I knew. I lost my parents at 16. I had no one. They picked me back up and put me on the right track. They protect me. I have made some mistakes in the past about who to be with, and they are very weary of anyone that I try to let get close to me anymore. It’s essentially my fault, not theirs. I was a terrible judge of character. I think I found the right one now though. And I can’t lose you. I need you. Please don’t go.”

“Derek, I don’t know. What happened back their was embarrassing, and if they are like your family and they already don’t like me, then what’s the point? I have to go before it gets too late. I’m sorry.” You turn from his grasp and begin to walk away.

“(Y/N) I love you.” The words fell on the cool night air and caused goosebumps to form on your exposed skin.

“That’s the first time you’ve said that to me.” You say before turning to face him, the moon illuminating half of his face, making his cheekbones and jawline stand out more.

“It’s the truth though. I love you so much. And I know that they can love you, too. They just need to meet you. One conversation and they will be hooked… just like I was. I made the mistake of not introducing you to them earlier. Please let me make it up to you now. Come back with me. Be a part of my family please.” Those final words slowly fall off of his lips as he holds his hand out to you, his eyes silently urging you to take his rough hand in your small, soft one.

You thought for a minute before taking his hand and allowing him to pull you into his world. It was a night you wouldn’t forget with some people that became your home away from home. And you were forever happy that you trusted him and took his hand back that night on that moonlit road.

i know it || stiles stilinski

word count: 1262

warnings: season 6 spoilers

prompt: none

author’s note: i’ve posted this before, but since my blog was deleted, every imagine i posted was erased, so i’m reposting them all.

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Can Isaac Lahey come back, please? At this point, that’s all I want. It can be just a second of him doing something completely stupid and pointless, and I’ll be happy with just that.

The Hunter and The Alpha Part 4

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Prompt: You’re dating Dean and while on a case in beacon hills you two run into your ex-boyfriend Derek at a bar.

Supernatural/Teen Wolf Crossover

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Derek Hale x Reader


1 - 2 - 3

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Originally posted by expressivedolphin

Requested by Anon. 

Request: Derek Hale imagine where him and female reader get into an argument but make up with lots of fluff 

I paced the floor of the loft, waiting for Derek to walk through the door. I have had enough of him leaving in the middle of the night without telling me and refusing to tell me what going on, other than the Pack needs his help. For all I know, he could be lying and could be seeing another girl! Tonight, I was going to confront him about it.

As soon as I heard the loft door slide open, I stopped where I was, turning to face my boyfriend. “Where have you been?” I asked calmly. 

“Out with the Pack. Something came up and I had to meet them at Scott’s.” He replied, blowing it off as if it was nothing. 

“Derek, I can’t do this anymore.” I say.

He looked over at me with a confused face. “Can’t do what anymore?” 

“I’m done with you just leaving in the middle of the night, leaving in the middle of our conversations, leaving during our time together to be with the Pack. I understand a few meetings, but it’s gone too far. I hardly ever see you anymore.” 

He crossed his arms, and tilted his head. “Y/N, the Pack needs me. They’re just kids. I can’t let them do this by themselves.” 

“Well, then maybe they should take a break from all of this.  And besides, if they’re just kids to you, then I am too. I’m not even 20 yet!”

“Y/N, you know what I meant.“

I nodded my head, “Yes. I know exactly what you meant. But that still isn’t going to stop me from leaving.” 

“You’re not leaving.”

“Oh, yes I am. Watch me.” I bent down and grabbed my bag and headed for the door, but before I could get there, a hand grabbed my arm.

“I’m not letting you leave.” Derek said, looking me straight in the eyes. 

“So it‘s okay for you to leave, but I can’t? Hm.” I said and jerked my arm away from his grasp. I didn’t look back as he called my name, and I walked out of the door. 

It’s been a few days since I had last seen anybody other than my best friend B/F/N. After I left, there was only one place to go that I knew of. B/F/N had welcomed me in with open arms, and I told her everything. She knew about the supernatural after I introduced her to Derek. 

The Pack and Derek all have left texts and voice mails asking me where I was and if I was okay. Obviously, I didn’t answer them. 

Today, I was lying down in the guest room, watching a movie when B/F/N came in. 

“Somebody is at the door for you.” She said. 

“Who is it?”


“Why is he here? How did he know?” I ask.

“I called him. Look, before you get mad, I just needed to tell you that you guys really need to talk. I’ve seen some of the messages that he’s left on your phone. Just please. Do it for me. And if things go bad, I have loads of ice cream on hand.”

I smile. “Fine.”

I get up and walk to the front door. Opening it I find Derek standing there awkwardly. When he saw me, he immediately reached forward and pulled me into a hug. “Oh, Y/N! I have been so worried about you! I didn’t know where you were until B/F/N called. I thought you were hurt.”

“I’m fine, Derek.” I said as I patted his back. 

He pulled away from the hug and looked at my face, and it was then that I actually got a good look at his. He looked like he hadn’t been sleeping for the days that I’ve been gone, he had dark circles under his eyes and his hair was kind of crazy. 

“Don’t ever do that again.” He said. 

I shrugged as I look anywhere but him. “What are you doing here?” 

“I came to take you back home.” 

“I’m not going back, Derek.” I reply.

“Why not?” 

“Because, Derek! You’re never there! It’s lonely. Here, B/F/N can talk to me, can watch movies with me, and do all the other things that you haven’t been here to do. It’s not much of a home when the one that you love isn’t there.” I reply. 

“I’m gonna be there though.” He replied. “I talked with everybody and after I told them that you had left, they told me that they didn’t need me right now. That I should be with you. And I’m going to be. I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for you, and I’m sorry that I never told you what was going on, but I did it to protect you, just in case somebody wanted revenge on us, or in case they kidnapped you thinking that you knew something, I didn’t want to get you involved. I need you, Y/N. I need you more than you probably need me. I miss you and I love you.” He grabbed my face in his hands. “Please come home.” 

“Just kiss already!” B/F/N screamed from inside. When we both looked back, we saw her peeking through the window. She gave us a thumbs up, and disappeared. 

Derek smiled as he leaned down, and his lips connected with mine. We stayed like that for a minute before I pulled away and said, “Okay. I’ll come home.”