come back to pittsburgh


“No matter what happens or where they go from here, this group will always have an unbreakable bond from their experiences together. As Bryan Rust said, “There’s not a guy in there that I’m going to forget. I’m going to remember each and every one of those guys forever.” And when they come back to Pittsburgh in the future for anniversaries of their back-to-back Cups, it’s going to be so much fun reflecting on the memories.“

We're gonna lose both our goalies soon

I mean, Muzz is gonna throw out his back trying to pick up his monster dog

And Flower is gonna throw out his back carrying this whole damn team

For Anon

Narrator: Hockey players are creatures of habit, bound by their routines and superstitions. And a pair of Pittsburgh defensemen find comfort in comedy and their own unique ritual.

Dumoulin [to the camera]: Yeah, a lot of routines! Since the first day he [Daley] came in here we’ve been drinking a red bull. And it was always me, me and Dales and Eric Fehr, but once Eric Fehr got traded we kinda poured some out for him once he was gone.

Dumoulin [to Daley]: For the homies. Fehrsy.

Daley: Fehrsy.

Dumoulin: Shultzy.

Daley: Shultzy.

Dumoulin: Any other homies out there?

Dumoulin [to the camera]: I don’t know the saying “pour some out for the homies” [laughs], but we always just pour a little out for guys that aren’t in the lineup and when they come back in we do cheers for them.

AU where Geno and the pens are part of a secret organization that time travels to maintain the flow of historic events, and on one mission, Geno is tasked to go back to the 1820s to save a man (whose great-great grandson will eventually be key to a medical breakthrough that will change history) from a freak accident involving a horse carriage gone rogue. 

Anyways, the man is super thankful and insists on treating Geno to dinner, and Geno is hesitant because he’s really not supposed to interact this much with the subject but the man won’t hear a no. So Geno gets taken to this guy’s estate and meets Sidney, the man’s youngest son, who is beautiful and intelligent and basically Geno’s exact type. So right there and then Geno knows that he’s screwed. 

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a happy baby penguin

anonymous asked:

I've noticed a lot of fics in the fandom (either mpreg or with a female character getting pregnant) often include the person having the choice to have an abortion, but they never take it. Would it be possible for you to either write something short with someone voluntarily having an abortion, or could you direct me to a fic with that? Thanks!!!

I can’t think of a fic, but I wrote this for you. Hope you like it! Warning for mpreg, abortion, and miscarriage.

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Parinton and Moof

Around a month away from his birthday, I wanted to keep this picture as a secret when I saw him in real life at Anthrocon, that’s why I didn’t submitted it at time, and until now I’m coming back home from my big trip from Pittsburgh to 3 countries.

This is a pic for my good old friend Moof <3 Happy late birthday, again!! :D

Traditional hyper gay art. Color markers.

“Sidney Crosby isn’t playing like Sidney Crosby. Marc Andre Fleury is playing like Marc Andre Fleury.”

Sidney Crosby is playing like he got a concussion last week and Penguin waddled his ass back on the fucking ice. He’s playing like he got hit in the face and went head first into the fucking boards.


You want the team to win, tell the rest of the fucking team to show the fuck up for the game. You want another Stanley Cup, STOP LETTING CONCUSSED PLAYERS COME BACK MERE DAYS AFTER THEY GOT THE CONCUSSION.

Heads up!

Listen, when you take on Pittsburgh, you really do take on the whole city. Every one of us rustbelt fuckers bleeds black and gold - love it or hate it, you can’t deny the cultural catalyst that is Pittsburgh sports in the City of Champions.

what I’m saying is that, despite being mainly Pirates trash, I’m gonna be stanning the Penguins through the rest of the championship. You can expect me to be as civil as I always am about baseball; however, I recognize that hockey rivalries on here are WAY more heated and this might represent a potential dealbreaker for some of my mutuals.

So, that’s fine. Unfollow me if you need to - it’s your dash. I sincerely hope you’ll come back after the postseason is over and Pittsburgh becomes back-to-back champs, but if not, I love you anyway

Hugs and Kessels,