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[06.02.17] | 18/100 | June Study Challenge Day 1&2 

elo! I’m back (again)! Aaaah I can’t believe it’s already June! I’ve been hella busy with review, it’s crazy! Feeling a bit blue though (heh see what I did there?) since I’m havin g a bit of trouble with basic math even though that’s my best subject. Oh well, life goes on, does it not? Here are some flash cards that I made for math! 

Also! My 1000 follower milestone is coming up real soon! What do you guys want me to do? Pls message me!

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170622 Fan Board - Winwin Q&A

Q: winwin oppa!! you’re already good enough at speaking korean!

A: you’re not lying right? I really wanna be even better at it

Q: my exams are coming up soon, can u pls cheer me on…

A: everything you write is right! Everything you guess is right! You can do it! Good luck! Good luck!

Q: winwin, life in korea mus be hard right?

A: because there’s tzennies it’s not that hard <3 please support us a lot <3

Q: winwin, do you have fun at jejudo?

A: it was the best. I’d like to go back if i get the chance. Do you wanna go together? kekekekeke

Q: winwin, how much do you like NCTzens?

A: a heartful <3

Q: the world becomes brigther when winwin smiles

A: ^__________^

Q: i’m practicing chinese because of you~

A: then let’s converse in chinese next time we meet! i’m also working hard on my korean

Q: winwin oppa, what to eat for dinner.. please recommend just one…

A: i ate a lots of donkatsu just now. what should i eat at night?

Q: sicheng which ice cream, you like to eat the most?

A: (i) like you

*the effect of hangin around with yuta 24/7 LOL

Q: teacher dong, if i invite you to bungee jumping, will you hate me?

A: haha i did it once because of my pride, let’s do it!

one of my case workers @ first place bought me fallout 3 and oblivion and bitch I am in LOVE with oblivion

yall already kno I love dremora with my whole gay heart and im having the fucking time of my life I love this game & I love the setup & the signs ur character can be born under

everythings so bright and pretty & I love the dremora so much