come back to america and marry me

The unquestioned Black classics in cinema:

Boyz N Da Hood
Menace II Society
Poetic Justice
Do The Right Thing
Love & Basketball
How High
How Stella Got Her Groove Back
Coming To America
The Wiz
Players Club
Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In the Hood
Set It Off
Cooley High
Lean On Me
What’s Love Got To Do With It
Class Act
Lady Sings The Blues
Soul Food
Waiting To Exhale

The underrated but actually better than all the previously mentioned Black classics in cinema:

Love Jones
School Daze
Brown Sugar
South Central
Why Did I Get Married
Eve’s Bayou
The Inkwell
Higher Learning
Jason’s Lyric
The Wood
The Five Heartbeats
Above The Rim
House Party 3
Dead Presidents
Sugar Hill
In Too Deep
Sunset Park
Akeelah & The Bee
New Jersey Drive
He Got Game
Thin Line Between Love And Hate
American Gangster
Django Unchained

The hilariously overrated Black classics in cinema:

Best Man
You Got Stomped On The Drumline
Vampire In Brooklyn
Bad Boys
Tales From the Hood
Pootie Tang
The Barbershop
Hollywood Shuffle
Get Rich Or Die Tryin
Hustle & Flow
Training Day

Feel free to categorize and add any I missed…

…and I’m blocking anybody that mentions Big Mama’s House and/or Soul Plane

  • Lance: The year is 2018. America is thriving under president Beyonce Knowles, and tomorrow, Allura's getting married.
  • Pidge: Who's the lucky lady? Maybe she's an upbeat gal who's nuts about scamming.
  • Hunk: Maybe she owns a juice bar on Balmera.
  • Matt: Maybe it's Shiro.
  • Matt: Maybe I die. Pilot error. Pbbbt. And then you go marry Shiro. And it makes me sad, but if he's gonna be with somebody, I'd like it to be you.
  • Allura: Strange, but sweet.
  • Matt: Only I didn't really die. I was faking it. And I come back.
  • Matt: I spy on you from my red Corvette. And I'm planning to kick your ass, but I see how happy you make him, and I have to walk away. I have to. And I do. Slowly. In a rainstorm.
  • Hunk: Okay, this isn't really in the spirit of what we're trying to do.
  • Matt: But as time goes by, it eats away at me. You're out living it up with my husband. And I'm alone.
  • Matt: In a cave.
  • Matt: Training.
  • Pidge: Anyone else want to chime in?
  • Matt: I thought you were my friend. I thought you were my friend!
  • Bart: The year is 2024. America is thriving under president not Lex Luthor. And tomorrow, Dick Grayson's gettin’ married.
  • Conner: Who’s the lucky lady? Maybe she’s an upbeat girl who’s nuts about gymnastics.
  • Jaime: Maybe she owns a juice bar in Gotham.
  • Wally: Maybe it’s Artemis. Maybe I die. Skydiving explosion *BOOSH*. And then you go and marry Artemis. And it makes me sad. But if she’s gonna be with somebody, I’d like it to be you.
  • Dick: Strange, but sweet.
  • Wally: Only, I didn’t really die. I was faking it. And I come back. I spy on you from my red Corvette. And I’m planning to kick your ass, but I see how happy you make her. And I have to walk away. I have to. And I do. Slowly. In a rainstorm.
  • Kaldur: Ok, this isn’t really in the spirit of what we’re trying to do…
  • Wally: But as time goes by it eats away at me. You’re out living it up with my wife. And I’m alone, in a cave. Training.
  • Conner: Anyone else want to chime in?
  • Wally: I thought you were my friend…I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND!

Harry put his arm up in front of me, biting down on his lip.

I groaned as I looked up at him. “What, Harry?”

“I just… want to make sure you’re okay,” he told me. “You’re very hard to read, and, okay, I’m not the best at reading people, but… I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

I kept my expression blank as I stared at him. I was hard to read? That was the fucking point, idiot.

Harry sighed, dropping his arm out of my way. But he didn’t let me pass before he said, “You know, you can always talk to me, Mase. Always. I’m a good listener. I know I talk a lot sometimes, but I will always listen.”

All I knew for sure were two things: I had a lot of thinking to do, and I hated when he called me Mase.

You Bring Me Home // Coming Soon

Mason Worton’s mum is getting married - again. 

This means Mason has a very difficult decision to make: stay in America and ditch the wedding, or go back to England and see her family and everyone else from her past, which completely defeats the whole purpose of coming to America in the first place. 

Harry Styles, much to Mason’s dismay, wants to help make the whole situation easier. 

Hate to love AU

[Tony wakes in bed with Bucky, wearing a ring on his finger - gets out of bed]

Tony: Oh, okay, okay, wake up, wake up.

Bucky: Morning.

Tony: Wake up. Would you please look at your left hand, please?

Bucky: What?

Tony: Please!

[Bucky sees a ring on his hand then Tony’s]

Bucky: Oh, would you look at that. Oh, you got one, too.

Tony: Barnes, did we get married last night?

Bucky: Yes, I have a feeling we did. The details are still a little bit fuzzy but the groom was striking in his snazzy tuxedo and… you’re not happy.

Tony: Do I look happy?

Bucky: It’s hard to say. I mean, because you never seem to be happy around me and…

Tony: Oh, it’s all coming back. We gotta find the guy who did this and tell him that we didn’t mean it.

Bucky: But I did mean it.

Tony: Of course you didn’t, how could you? You don’t want to be married to me!

  • black sails: one episode left (:
  • me: ah, the finale will be so intense. flint and silver will get married, then they'll start a poly relationship with madi and thomas who just returned from wherever the writers were hiding him. slavery will be abolished. max will become queen of the americas and she will still see her wife anne and anne's husband jack from time to time, when they're not sailing the seas. eleanor will come back from the dead to kill woodes rogers and billy bones, and she will rule beside max. the memory of charles vane will not be forgotten. everyone will reunite once a year to honor their dead companions who unfortunately could not all come back from the dead.
  • black sails: um, actually-
  • me: and it will win all the emmys!

(This whole thing is one big convoluted “John was jealous of Linda” post so you can scroll past if you don’t wanna hear me thinking to myself.)

Okay so, prone to over-analysis as I am, I re-found this quote when compiling quotes for possible ‘Shit John Has Actually Said About Paul’ posts, and one bit in particular leapt out at me:

“First time I saw [Linda] was after that press conference to announce Apple in America. We were just going back to the airport and she was in the car with us. I didn’t think she was particularly attractive, I wondered what he was bothering having her in the car for. A bit too tweedy, you know. But she sat in the car and took photographs and that was it. And the next minute she’s married him.” – John Lennon (St. Regis Hotel interview, Sept. 5, 1971)

We’re gonna come back to John’s tone, but are we seeing what I’m seeing. 

“And the next minute she’s married him.” 

“She’s married him.” 

So, John talks about Linda in a very negative way, she wasn’t, “particularly attractive,” why was Paul even “bothering” with her, she was “too tweedy,” she just “sat” there and “that was it”

Now I can’t speak as an outsider, but it must look, at the very least, as though he didn’t like her, and that they hadn’t got on in the intervening years between their first meeting and this interview. But to my knowledge he had no reason to dislike her. Paul had reasons (good or bad) to dislike Yoko, but Linda remained distant from the group, never turned up to the studio, preferred to live a quiet and private life, and by Yoko’s own account, she and her got along fairly well. So what’s the tone about? 

As an insider, it almost seems like jealousy. In one short answer he critcises her looks, her personality, and to a lesser extent, her profession. So he was jealous of Paul, and putting Linda down as a means of coping with it. He was pointing out things about her that he actually liked, and negating them. Right? Right.

Nope. Because I think he undoes any possibility of that scenario when he says,“she’s married him.” 

He doesn’t say, “And the next minute, he’s married her.” i.e. “he’s taken her away from me”. No, he equates himself to, or puts himself on the side of Linda, the woman. That one phrase makes it much more likely that he was jealous of Linda, not of Paul. When he says, “she’s married him,” he speaks contrary to the norm and makes Paul passive, Linda is the one doing the marrying, i.e. “she’s taken him away from me.”  

((Whether he was jealous for sexual or romantic reasons is debatable, but at least on a platonic level, and in a way he never really was with Jane, he was jealous of Linda.))

My little girl

Can someone write where you and buck are married and had a little girl that’s 2 months old. Bucky took some time off to spend time with you and the baby. But the avengers need him to come back to work again but he really doesn’t want to. THX LOVES (Plz tag or notify me)

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“My father wants me to come home to Botswana. He tells me that he’s getting older and he needs me to come home. I miss my family, but I want to stay here. Life is different for me here. I’ve met so many people from so many cultures. I’ve done half marathons. I even did a triathlon. It’s different back in Botswana. I was completely dependent on my father. Women don’t leave home until they get married. So I’d like to stay here. But my sister is the only family that I have in America. And last week she told me that she’s moving back to Botswana. So now I’ll be on my own. And I’m worried. Because I don’t like to ask for help. But I never had a problem asking her for help. And now I won’t have that anymore. But a few months ago I joined something at my church called a ‘connect group.’ And now I have so many friends. They are like my sisters. We have brunches, and dinners, and go hiking. I feel very loved by them. So I’m hoping they will be like my family.”

Whatever the Hell it is

Thomas x Reader

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“My dear Y/N, can I speak with you for a moment?” Your courter Thomas asked.

“Of course Thomas, is there something wrong?”

“My dear, I’m afraid that I have to go back to America. I cannot stay in France any longer,” he admits to you, taking your hand.

You froze.

“You’re leaving?” you asked him sadly.

“Yes,” he starts. “But I want you to come with me.”

He gets down on his knee, holding your hands in his.

“Please Y/N, come back to America with me. We can marry as soon as we arrive, I promise that I will take care of you.”

A few tears started to fall from your eyes.

“Of course Thomas. Nothing would make me happier.”


It was definitely a time for change. You were only in Thomas’ home Monticello for a few weeks before he was called to New York for work.

He worked hard while you got used to America.

But eventually you were bored of just sitting at home.

“Thomas can I please come visit your work with you sometime? It’s so boring sitting around here all day,” you complained to him.

He gave a small chuckle and kissed you on the head.

“If you really want to, you can come with me tomorrow to the next cabinet meeting,” he suggested.

You shot up and nodded eagerly.


He laughed again.

“Alright, I’ll take you with me.”


The two of you were now on your way to the meeting, and you were bouncing in your seat, Thomas staring at you with amusement.

“My dear I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so excited to go to a meeting!”

“It’s just so great to be able to see the rest of the city!”

He laughed again, then pulled you in for a deep kiss.

“Well let’s go,” he said.

You both walked hand in hand into the meeting hall, and you took a seat in the crowd. You were ready to watch Thomas kick some butt.

He was going up against someone named Alexander Hamilton, someone who Thomas seemed to despise.

Oh well.

But if you were to be honest, you didn’t pay attention to what they were saying at all, you were more focused on the people in the room. You wanted to immerse all that you could into your brain.

All of the sudden you turned back to the argument just in time to hear Hamilton say,

“Would you like to join us or stay mellow, doin’ whatever the hell it is you do in Monticello.”

You started to laugh, quietly at first, trying to hide it, then in big sounds.

Hamilton stopped and stared at you, Thomas standing behind him with a smirk on his face.

“Is something funny miss?” He asked annoyed.

You stood up and smirked, making your way to stand over by Thomas. You took his arm and gave him a quick kiss before turning back to Hamilton.

“I’m whatever the hell it is.”

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"Please marry me" would u write alex/laf? If not then whamilton

“Fuck,” Lafayette said, looking at his phone.

Alex looked up from his computer, taking in the growing look of panic on Lafayette’s face. “What?” he asked.

“I fucking forgot,” Lafayette said, turning to Alex with wide eyes. “How did I forget?”

Alex stood up and walked over to clasp Lafayette’s shoulders. “What’s wrong?”

Lafayette shook his head and said, “I made a deal with my grandmother when I came here - you know she didn’t want me to come to America.”

Alex nodded. “Okay.”

“You know I’m rich,” Lafayette said. “Like very, very rich.”

Alex squeezed Lafayette’s shoulders. “Yes, I know. You’ve tried to pay my tuition while drunk like eight times.”

“Right.” Lafayette took in a deep breath. “So, I’m rich and my grandmother is a little old-fashioned.”

“You’ve said.”

Lafayette pulled away, turning and starting to pace the room, his hands flexing at his sides. “So,” Lafayette started. “I made a deal with my grandmother, She’d let me to go college in America if I promised to come back and get married to a girl of her choosing.”

“So you’re getting married this summer?” Alex sat back down. “But you promised it. I hate to say it, but you did this to yourself.”

“I know, I know.” Lafayette’s hands went to his hair. “But I don’t know her, Alex. I’m sure she’d lovely, but I don’t want to marry someone who’s basically a stranger.”

Alex crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back. “Then don’t,” he said.

“I have to,” Lafayette replied. “I promised.”

“There’s gotta be a loophole or something - she’s your grandmother. Have you tried talking to her about it?”

Lafayette shook his head and continued pacing. “She won’t want to hear it,” he said “She is a firm believe in marrying young, and she doesn’t like marrying down because she thinks they’re only after our money. But, she is a romantic at heart. It’s either arranged or convincing her I have a love match.”

“Go find an actress,” Alex offered.

“She’d see right through that,” Lafayette said, “She’ll insist on interrogating whoever I claim as the love of my life. And-” Lafayette’s hands moved to accentuate his point “-I’d still have to marry that person. If I broke up with them, it’d be right back to Adrienne.”

Alex raised a brow. “Adrienne?”

Lafayette raised a hand and said, “our families have been close for generations, it’s who my grandmother wants me to marry.”

“What about Jefferson?”

“What do you mean ‘what about Jefferson’?” Lafayette asked.

Alex shrugged. “As a fake-real husband.”

“Why Jefferson?”

“Why not?” Alex leaned forward, unfolding his arms and placing his hands on his knees. “I mean, I don’t like the guy, but you do. He’s not ugly, you’re friends, and he’s bougie enough he’ll probably pass all your family’s rich people tests.”

Lafayette snorted. “I’m not marrying Thomas Jefferson - he’s too much of a romantic as heart.” He brought his hands up to his face. “I need someone who I can deal with, but also someone who would view the status boost and what not as a decent trade-off for lack of true love. I do want a happy marriage, Alex.” Lafayette sighed. “I need a friend who’s willing to sacrifice their potential happiness.”

“Good luck,” Alex said, turning back to his computer.

Moments passed, the sound of Lafayette’s footsteps a steady backdrop to Alex’s typing.

“Wait,” Lafayette said, stopping his pacing. “How do you feel about becoming a Marquis? Kind of?”

“What are you talking about?”

Lafayette stepped forward and looked to the side, sheepish. “I might have understated my status.

Alex nodded. “Just a little.”

“Anyway,” Lafayette said. “How does Alexander Lafayette sound to you?”

Alex choked on air. “What?” he asked.

Lafayette dropped to a knee at Alex’s side, and looked up at Alex with earnest eyes, “Please marry me,” he said. “I’ll buy you a  ring and everything.”

“You’re serious.”

Lafayette nodded. “Completely.”

Alex blinked. “What the fuck?”

“Please.” Lafayette grabbed for Alex’s hand. “We’ll figure out all the particulars - you can have affairs if you’re subtle enough. We’ll have to spend some time in France, but we can go back and forth. You can get a job that lets you travel - a freelance writer, maybe. You won’t need the money, but I know you’ll want to keep busy. I’ll-”

Alex raised a hand to cut Lafayette off. “Slow down,” he said. “You’re legitimately asking me to marry you right now?”

Lafayette nodded.


Lafayette brightened, smile as wide as Alex had ever seen it. “Really?” he asked.

Alex nodded.

“Thank you so much!” Lafayette leaned up to and pressed a kiss to Alex’s lips,. “I love you, soon to be husband of mine. I shall lay the world at you feet if you would allow me to.”

“Right,” Alex said, still reeling from the kiss. “Of course.”

Lafayette squeezed his hand and said, “I really mean it. Anything.”

Alex nodded. “I don’t doubt it.” He looked down at Lafayette for a second, thinking. “We’re going to get married.”

“Yes, we are.”

Alex stood up and started toward the kitchen and said, “this calls for celebration.”

“Yes.” Lafayette went with him, their hands still entwined. “I think it is. You know, I’m happy it’s you.”

Alex reached up for the glasses. “Good, I’d hate to ruin your life.” He grabbed the bottle of wine. “Besides, we have a wedding to plan, and everyone knows that’s the real test of a relationship.”

Lafayette froze. “Shit.”

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Imagine being Tony Starks little sister and him contstantly teasing you for your crush on Peter. 

“Your staring” tony stated “obviously too”. “No I’m not” you yelled making tony do his famous eye roll and peter glance over. He caught your eye and winked making you blush furiously. “Oww a bit red y/n” tony smirked. “Shut up tony!”. “Nope, not until you ask him out”. “Why do you want me to ask him so badly?”. “Because your the most important thing in the world to me and i deem peter good enough, because you both deserve each other and lastly and most importantly because your both love sick idiots who cant stop drooling over each other and need to just date and get married already because I’m getting annoyed”. “I dont drool over him!” You pouted and tony smirked walking away. You pouted before realising what he’d said. “Wait…tony did you say both! Meaning him too! What has he told you! Tony come back here” you yelled darting to follow him through the crowd.

At least I didn't bring the gun?

Summary: Steve and reader have a spur of the moment proposal before he leaves on a long term mission. Reader then awaits his return by planning the wedding with various avengers.

Words: 3067

Warnings: I don’t think any but it’s late and I’m tired so who knows

(A/N): I honestly have no idea where this came from but I hope you guys like it

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 "I have to go (Y/N).“ Steve said packing socks that you’re handing him into a duffel bag. "I don’t want too but I don’t really have an option.”

“But what am I going to do for 6 months Steve?” You whined. You stole a pair of socks and held it away from Steve.

“You hang out with however is around the tower. And you write to me, and call me. And read lots of books.” He says as he reaches over you and takes his socks.

“Ugh how come you have to be there the whole time? Nobody else does.” You throw yourself back onto the bed. Steve lays down next to you propping himself up in his elbows and kissing you gently.

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Love is a choice (10) - the end

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The next instalment in the “Love is a…” series, the sequel to “Love is a weapon”.

Pairings: Husband!Steve x reader (it’s going to rip your heart out), Bucky x reader

Warnings: angst and a happy ending

Word count: 1.789

Summary of part 10: The truth is finally out there. Has Y/N survived?

A/N: To be honest, I rewrote the entire ending because in the end, the choice is always yours and no one can tell you what to do.

Background information: As negotiator for the NYPD, you and Steve Rogers meet during a raid in Brooklyn. It’s love at first sight, but 4 years later your powers put your marriage at risk. Will it be Steve or Bucky to save you from the darkness?

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nothing good comes from kissing cousins you guys

The Randy Roosevelts

Ah, the Roosevelts. They’re like a less hot, slightly less fucked up version of the Kennedys, which really speaks to exactly how fucked up the Kennedys were (and probably are). Theodore Roosevelt, God of Teddy Bears, has kind of become this emblem of manliness, what with the fact that Cracked writes about five articles on him a day and also there was this one time where he punched a bear while riding a moose or something. I don’t know. His descendant, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, has become known for that scene in Pearl Harbor where he magically stops needing a wheelchair because he’s Angelina Jolie’s dad or something. (I don’t know.) And Eleanor—oh, Eleanor. Wasn’t she, like, our first gay first lady or something?

I’m going to focus a little more on the latter two in this entry, and let me tell you. A) Eleanor’s sexuality is definitely not something you should bring up with your conservative great-grandma and B) for our often-infantalized “first??? disabled president”, FDR got a lot of ass. Like, a lot a lot.

“Hey Eleanor–”  "Shut the fuck up.“

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“So are things about to heat up for you and your lady at this point?” The MC asked, as he shifted around his microphone. 

“They did, we fought more, and although the making up was good, it wasn’t us. Some fights were fueled by things that were outside and had too much say in our relationship. Some were brought on by how tense we were.”

“Her mother was a factor?” The MC was straight to the point.

DO sighed. “It was a combination of my stubbornness and fear, her mother and her lack of…she could be a people pleaser. She was afraid.” 

“By all means, let’s continue.” 


“I don’t want to go to your parents house this weekend.” Kyungsoo sat on the couch in his living room, looking at his computer, at some files Kai and Baekhyun had sent him. 

“My dad is frying fish and making fried plantains. A few of my uncles will be there. It’s more family for you to meet.” She came over to stand next to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. 

DO groaned, looking away from the computer and at her. “Is your mother going to invite some guy, from her school? One of her co-workers sons? I don’t think you realize how infuriating that was >>>.” 

She sighed heavily. “And you noticed that after introducing myself, I stayed close to your side, and I told my mother off.” 

“That doesn’t negate the fact that my feelings were hurt, and she basically tried to set you up with another guy.” DO stared into her eyes. “IN FRONT OF ME.” He said each word loudly, and clearly enough to convey his annoyance. 

“Fine.” She coughed. “We won’t go.” She started coughing again, a deep chest whooping sound. 

“Are you ok? I don’t think we need to be going out like that anyway, you being sick. Let’s just snuggle on the couch, I’ll rub your feet. You like that.” He closed the computer, getting up. 

“I love that.” She corrected him, walking over to the couch. “I’m not sick, it’s cold out and I’m catching a cold. That’s it.” 

“You still need to dress warmer. In Korea, it gets very cold. You’re going to have to learn to dress better, jagiya.” He pulled her in between his legs, kissing the side of her neck. 

“Whatever.” She coughed again.

Their relationship was tested, in those few months. DO felt as though her mother continuously found every way possible to undermine their relationship, and try to convince her daughter that she needed someone else. Angela Feliciano had came to visit, one day while DO was at his girlfriends home. He made her Bibimbap, setting bowls out for them. Dinner was pleasant, although DO felt the need to say something to Angela, he kept his mouth shut. >>>stood up, excusing herself to the bathroom, while he washed dishes, and Angela was drying next to him. 

“Tell me something.” DO started out talking to her mother. “Do you believe that I can’t care for >>> as well as you can?”

Her mother snorted. “I believe no man can care for my daughter the way her father and I can. Every parent thinks that, no offense Kyungsoo.” 

Do scrubbed hard at a pot, his frustration growing. “Let me be more specific then. Do you think that I cannot care for her, as well as a black man can?” 

Her mother put away a pot, and stood to look at DO. “I think he would understand her more than you can.” 

“I love her. That’s all I need to understand. Everything else comes after that.” He placed a bowl in the dish drainer a little harder than he intended. 

“You don’t share her culture. Her language-” Do cut her off. 

“I speak English. Very well in fact, that much I know.” He was offended now. 

“I didn’t say you didn’t. If there’s something on the news, a black man will identify with her as a black woman. He knows the struggle of being black in America.” She stood now with her hands on her hips. 

“I understand the struggle of being a minority in general.” He drained the water in the sink, drying his hands. “I think you need to understand that >>> is a grown woman. I fully intend on marrying her.” 

“No, you aren’t. >>> is too young, and she is not mature enough. Her health can be fragile.” Her mother shook her head as she spoke. 

“She’s mature enough to go to school away from home, maintain an apartment and take care of herself.” He was frustrated. “Ok, listen. I need you to not try to set her up anymore. She’s with me. I love her and she loves me. We will get married, and eventually have children. She will live with me in Korea, and we will come to America for visits. She has decided this.” 

Her mother rolled her eyes, giving a condescending smile to DO. “We shall see.” 

He opened his mouth to say more, when >>> came back poking him in the back. “What’s going on guys?” 

“Nothing.” Angela and Kyungsoo said in unison, staring at each other. 

After the conversation, DO began to think hard on what would happen if he did ask her to marry him. He still had to do his military service. Two years she would be alone. What would he do? What would she do? She had been spending more time at her home to study, because her exams were up in the next few weeks. There were times when he didn’t hear from her until that night, because she was so swamped. One day, he called her and no answer, he left various voicemails, getting frustrated when she didn’t answer. The next day he woke up early and called, then he called that afternoon. That evening he couldn’t wait and drove to her home, getting to the door right as Olivia opened it, rushing out. 

“Oh god, you scared me. I’m glad I ran into you.” Olivia put a hand out as he was trying to go inside. 

“Where’s >>>?” He was annoyed, why wasn’t she taking his calls?

“That’s what I mean to tell you. She’s in the hospital. She had the flu. Did you know that? God, I hate when she doesn’t take better care of herself. She had a seizure, she has epilepsy and-” 

DO cut Olivia of, holding up a hand. “Wait, she has what?” 

Olivia groaned. “Epilepsy, I know she told…she didn’t. She didn’t tell you.”

Kyungsoo shook his head, his anger reaching a new height, what was that whole spiel about honesty?!

Olivia took a deep breath. “I don’t think it’s right that you’re in the dark. I’m going to tell you, and she can be mad at me later. When she was a baby, she got RSV, she was like 3 months old. Her parents went back and forth to the hospital, and once they took her cause her fever was high. On the way to the children’s hospital she had a seizure. They found out she had epilepsy, it really acts up to bright colors and flashing lights, but also when she’s super stressed or gets really sick. She had the flu and she was talking to me, said she didn’t feel well and when she was walking to her room, she hit the floor. She started having a seizure, I called the ambulance and her parents. She’s been in the hospital since last night.” 

Fear raced through his heart as he listened to Olivia. “Is she ok? What hospital is she in?”

“I’ll tell you, but go now cause her parents might not be there. I know y’all will want to talk alone.” Olivia grabbed DO’s hand. “Don’t be too mad at her, she loves you, but I know she probably didn’t want you to worry.” 

He nodded his head, not saying anything as Olivia told him the room number, and which hospital. He drove faster than intended, running inside the hospital, he took the elevator to her floor. As he scanned the different rooms and numbers, his irritation came back up, as he realized that she didn’t tell him how ill she could get. Why didn’t she say she was sick before? 

406. He found it, and knocked on the door once, before opening it. 

“Mom, please, I’m fine just… Kyungsoo.” She tried to pull the blanket up on her and hide the IV in her arm. 

“You didn’t tell me you were sick.” That wasn’t the first thing he wanted to say, but it’s what came out. 

“I know.” Her forehead had the sheen of sweat on it, her hair in a messy bun on her head. 

“You know?” He closed the door behind him, coming to stand near her bed. She was frail looking, her lips weren’t pink, but pale in color, he could tell she had been vomiting, by the bags near her bag. “I was worried sick when Olivia told me, and she told me everything.” 

She put her head in her hands. “I should have told you, but I didn’t want you to worry. I know I was wrong, I’m too tired to argue with you.” 

“I don’t want to argue.” Kyungsoo reached out holding her hand. “All that crap you gave me about being honest though? Come on, jagi. You didn’t tell me you were sick, you didn’t answer my calls. What was I to think? How are you doing?” 

She coughed. “I’m fine. Doing better. I’m sorry Soo, I really am. This is why my mother is overprotective. She’ll probably be back soon. I swear, I haven’t had a seizure in a long time. I haven’t been sick in a long time.” 

“Will you need to be here long?” He reached out touching her face. 

“No, I can probably go home tomorrow. I’m doing better, I’ll just need to take it easy for a few days. My mom took my phone, I haven’t seen it since I woke up, that’s why I didn’t text or call.” She rubbed her cheek in his hand. 

“It’s fine. Let’s just not have this happen again.” He leaned over the bed, placing his lips on hers.

Someone cleared their throat behind them, and DO turned around to see her parents standing there. 

“Mr. and Mrs. Feliciano, hello.” Kyungsoo said, pulling up a chair to sit down next to >>>.

“DO, I wondered where you were.” Julio said, coming over to shake his hand. 

“I just heard about all this, came as soon as I heard.” DO answered, looking at Angela, who smiled at him but stood at the other side of her daughters bed. 

“Angela, you have >>> phone, could have called him.” Julio said, looking at his wife. 

“It slipped my mind, I was worried about her. I should have, I’m sorry Kyungsoo.” She smiled at her husband.

“You called Olivia mom.” >>> said, as she pushed her mothers hands away from touching her face. 

“She’s your best friend. Anyway, Kyungsoo it’s good to see you.” She made a fuss over >>>, trying to fix her hair. 

“Korea has first world health care, jagi. You’ll be fine there.” DO grasped her hand, kissing her knuckles. He meant that slight towards Angela and didn’t care what she said. 

“Cheaper too from what I’ve heard.” Julio added. 

“It is, compared to America.” DO smiled, glad her father was at least on board. 

Angela rolled her eyes. “Well, she isn’t leaving anytime soon. Besides, don’t they have mandatory service in Korea? Have you done yours?” 

He wanted to growl. “No. When I return, I will have to.” 

“How long is that?” Angela grinned at him. “I wouldn’t want >>> to feel lonely by herself, while you were away.” 

“I wouldn’t be lonely, I’ve made some friends that are also friends with Kyungsoo, we shouldn’t even be talking about this now.” She laid back against the bed. 

“Of course not sweetie, you’re tired. Do you want to sleep? We could leave?”

DO felt her squeeze her hand, she was thinking the same thing as him. “Mr. and Mrs. Feliciano, you can go. You live further than me. I can stay with >>>, and inform you if anything happens. She told me they might release her tomorrow.” 

“That sounds good. We’ve been here the whole time.” Julio stood up. “Are you ok with that mami?” He looked at his daughter. 

“It’s fine dad. Go home and rest, I know that couch was bad on your back.” She tried to look impassive. 

After her parents left, DO was left in the room with her. The doctor came back not too long after and, checked her vitals and made sure she had taken her medicine. They gave her flu medication and she was slowly on the mend. Fluids, rest and keep warm. She could go home in the morning. Kyungsoo would stay until then. He insisted she stay with him, until then. As she slept, he looked at her sleeping face, and smiled. He loved her, he really did. Today, proved just that,he had been so afraid as he raced to the hospital and wondered was she truly alright. The next morning, when he took her home, he helped her into the house and onto the couch. He fussed over her and she slapped his hands away and groaned, she didn’t need help. She just wanted to rest. A few weeks later, and she was right as rain. Her usual happy go lucky, smiling self. 

DO received a call from his manager about his army service, he was to return in three months. He would be gone for two years. He shared the news with her. 

“Wow, three months? School doesn’t let out for like another five months. What am I supposed to do? You’ll be gone by time I’m in school anyway.” She bit at her fingers. 

“What do you mean what do you do? Come to Korea to see me off, come back and finish school. I can call you from my training. I want to see you when I’m done. I want to be able to come to you when I have time off. You have to be in Korea for that to happen. Transfer schools. Seoul International University. Yonsei University. I can get you a tutor. You’ll be fine. We can get married after my service.” He had it all figured out, it seemed so simple to him, why was she so hesitant? 

“It’s not that easy, DO. I have to see if they will take my credits. I’ll be a junior next year. Almost done with my bachelors. Will I even be able to find work in Korea?” She was sitting on the couch, facing him in the kitchen. 

“I’m sure you can. By that time, you’ll be fluent in Korean and you can teach history, at some international schools yourself.” He was sure she could, she had a great personality. It would be fitting. 

“I didn’t really want to teach. I would be happier in a museum. I think.” She leaned her head back exposing her throat. “This would be easier for me in the states. You don’t want to live here though.” 

“I’m quite sure, after everyone has finished their service, EXO will have one more comeback. Maybe two, and then we’re done again.” He shrugged, putting a pan in the oven.

“So, I’m supposed to go on tour with you? Dance practices? That’s my life?” 

“No, you’ll make friends. You’ll want to spend time with them. I don’t know yobo, we will figure it out.” 

“I don’t like to plan when things aren’t certain.” She fell back on the couch, hands over her face. “I don’t like the uncertainty DO.” 

“So what do you want me to tell you?” He mimicked her voice. “It’s going to be rainbows and sunshine and everything will fall into place, exactly as we planned.” 

“Life throws curve balls at you. Roll with the punches. We are adults, we adapt, not children.” He was getting annoyed, why didn’t she just trust him? 

“So, I’m a child now?” Her voice rising in octave. 

“I didn’t say that, don’t put words in my mouth.” He sighed heavily, coming over the the couch, looking down at her. “Why are you being so combative with me?” 

She sat up, pushing dark strands of coils out of her face. “I’m not. Let’s not talk about it now. Tell me about what youre making again.” 

It went like that for awhile, he would bring up situations and information to her and she would almost ignore it, or try to beat around the bush. It worried him how easily, she put off the planning that she was so desperate to do, when he brought it up to her. DO wasn’t aware and she wouldn’t have told him anyway, but her mother was a constant mosquito in her ear. Buzzing about what could happen, her health, her status as a foreigner in Korea. Being alone, what would she do? No family. The possibilities frightened her, and even though she would have followed him anywhere, was that actually the smart thing to do? 

She found her way to his house, one day after school. Christmas had come and gone, New Years was 2 weeks ago. She sighed, waiting for him to open the door. Her face solemn as she bit back tears. 

DO opened the door, leaning in to kiss her, she gave a light tap on his lips and he stilled, knowing something was up. “Soo, we should talk, especially since you have to leave soon.” 

He closed the door behind her, his heart jumped in his chest, this wasn’t going to go well. “Talk about what?” 

She stood around the living room, finally sitting down.“You’re going to be gone for two years, and how do I even know this is what you’ll want when you come back?”

Do clenched his teeth, feeling himself getting angry, but he swallowed hard, sitting across from her. “I know I will always want you. Military service won’t change my love for you. What do you think goes on there?” 

He didn’t mean to sound sassy, but she was backing out again. She didn’t look at him, as she spoke. “Maybe…maybe we should take a break and see what happens after you come back from your service.” 

The silence was palpable. DO could hear his heart thumping. “What do you mean? A break for what? We already know what’s going to happen. You’re going to come to Korea. We will be married.” 

“That’s what you’re saying Soo, but you never asked me, really asked me if that’s what I wanted.” She shrunk down small, feeling the energy in the air. The anger and hurt building in the room. 

“Asked you what you wanted! I asked you! I gave you choices!” He slammed his hands on the arm of the chair, standing up. 

“How do you know I wasn’t just agreeing with you, because I didn’t want to upset you?” She was on her feet now, trying to keep her own voice calm. 

“Oh yea, because you’re so big on honesty right? That’s your thing right?” He mimicked her voice, mockingly. “Be honest, with me Kyungsoo. Don’t leave me in the dark.” He growled, pointing a finger at her. “You beat me up about that shit, I know this isn’t just you saying this.” 

She was silent, turning her face from him, her slender neck looking away. It made him angrier that she wasn’t speaking. 

DO drew closer to her. “Is it you or your mother saying this?”

She said nothing, sniffling, as she looked away. 

DO’s hands were clenched by his sides. “We aren’t doing that silent thing, I’m going to ask you one more time, and I want an answer. Is it you or your mother?” 

She stammered, looking back at him again. “I-I just-”

“IS IT YOU OR YOUR MOTHER?!” Kyungsoo yelled in her face. 

She started to cry, he was so close to her, she could feel the heat coming off of him, as she stared down at her. his face contorted in anger. 

“I don’t want to fight, both of you are putting me in such a tight spot, I want to be with you and follow you anywhere, but I never want to disappoint her. I can’t do this, I’m so stressed out, I’m scared. I don’t want to get sick again, I can’t go through that anymore. I feel like I’m alone in a hole and no one is there.” She sat on the couch, sobbing hard, her body convulsing as she cried. 

He looked down at her, he was angry. How dare she? How dare she make him love her, want her, want to be with her and make him feel all these emotions that he never knew were alive in him and then just dump them on the floor and try to walk out. He didn’t know what to do or how to feel. DO watched her shoulders slump and the sounds her heavy sobs made in her chest. He felt pity, he knew how she felt. Her parents were important to her, but what about him? Where was his place in her heart?

She took a breath trying to calm herself down. “Can we just please have tonight? I just want tonight with you.” 

DO was drained emotionally and physically. She stood up, facing him, her hands on her his cheeks. He didn’t know what he should do, what should he say? 

“Yea.” He didn’t want to fight with her like this. His voice was devoid of emotion. 

He pressed his lips to hers, and she was hungry for him. Why should he even go through the motions? Because he loved her, DO held her face tight in his hands, pushing his tongue pass her teeth and into her mouth. He couldn’t taste her, he didn’t want to commit it to memory, her fingers scratching at his shirt and stomach, he lifted her into his arms and walked upstairs to the room. He undressed himself, not wanting to share the intimacy of her undressing him. Or him her. She seemed to get it, and bared her body for him. He covered her, claiming her mouth once more. 

“Don’t be gentle.” She whispered into his ear, as he entered her. 

He wasn’t. DO took what he wanted from her, trying to suck in her essence, something that he could remember. Something he could hold onto, since it wasn’t her. Her hips snapped up meeting his, his fingers holding tight on her hips. He wondered if she would bruise. He wondered if she would think of him every time, she winced in pain. His teeth on her shoulder, he bit down hard, as he came, feeling her body shudder under his. He rolled off of her, not touching her, even when her fingers touched his spine. His skin shivered under her contact, longing for her, but he didn’t dare turn to face her. It was sometime during the night, that she climbed back on top of him, begging him to hold her, their bodies connected once more, and she slid off of him, his hands barely touching her thighs as she tried to cuddle with him during the night. 

The next morning, he yawned, touching her side of the bed to find it empty. He panicked, sitting up to find a white cloth photo album in her place. Opening it, a letter fell into his lap. He picked it up reading it’s contents. 

I love you. Please, know that I do. I’ll never love another man, as much as I do you. I want to be with you and follow you wherever you go but…

He stopped reading, putting the letter down to look at the album. It was pictures of them. All the pictures hey had ever taken from their first date onward. Later on he had the courage to finish the letter.

Please, don’t come to me. If you love me at all, if I see you, it’ll just make everything that much harder. I know what we have is real, and maybe after all this is said and done…

He put it back down, realizing he was crying. There was nothing left here for him. 

End of Story

This list was more fascinating than I thought it would be. I didn’t think my top two would be my top two. Obviously I don’t re-read many fanfictions but I have dug back through my entire AO3 history and developed this list of my most re-read Steve Rogers/James “Bucky” Barnes fanfictions. This took longer than anticipated - dear lord there have been so many. 

Read SIX Times:

S is for Steve Rogers is a Little Shit

by OhCaptainMyCaptain
DAY ELEVEN: STEVE ROGERS BEING A COMPLETE FUCKING TEASE + MANY OTHER PROMPTSOr: Five times that Steve Rogers was a dirty cocktease and the one time Bucky got the best payback possible.1: Pre-serum Steve seduces Bucky for the first time 2: Steve tests Bucky’s restraints while on a mission 3: Nothing good ever happens when they’re sitting in a meeting, Bucky has a vibrator up his ass, and Steve’s holding the remote 4: ‘But you’re keeping the outfit, right?' 5: Dirty dancing and lollipops +1: Steve goes to confession 
Rated Explicit . 23k 

5 Times Steve Got Arrested and 1 Time They All Did

by heartsdesire456
What it says, 5 times Steve Rogers ended up in jail (with and without Bucky) + 1 time all of the Avengers got arrested with him.
Rated Teen . 4k 

Reach for me (reaching out for you)

by Steel_Wings
Steve just wanted to find Bucky. He didn’t expect him to stay. He didn’t expect him to care. And he certainly didn’t expect things to end up like this.
Rated Teen . 3k 

You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To

by EmilianaDarling
“What about you, Barnes?” asks Dugan. The sound of his voice brings Bucky back to the present, dredges him out of memories of a beat-up little apartment with sunlight streaming in through the windows. “Got yourself a girl waiting for you back home?” // There’s an answer on the tip of his tongue, one that he’ll deliver with a cocky grin and a half-laugh and a little shake of his head. But Bucky is exhausted and hungry and so sore it hurts to move, and one of the guys in their platoon fucking died yesterday. His mouth tastes like iodine water and his feet hurt and none of it’s going to get better any time soon, and all at once Bucky misses Steve so badly he can barely see straight. // “Yeah,” Bucky declares abruptly, the word escaping from his mouth before he fully realizes what he’s saying. “Yeah, I do.”
Rated Explicit . 26k 

Waiting To Prove You’re Not Aloneby heartsdesire456
Months after he woke up on the banks of the Potomac, when a reporter mistakenly assumes Steve would disapprove of homosexuality being as accepted as it is in the modern day, Steve accidentally snaps and unleashes his real opinion on the matter… and with that, a secret he’s hidden for over eighty years. // When that secret comes looking for him in New York, Steve can only hope that he can get a second chance at saving his best friend, even if it means keeping his heart in check. // “Yeah, back in my day it wasn’t tolerated, and because of that I knew from the minute I figured it out, that I’d never get to tell my best friend that I loved him, and sure enough, he died without knowing that I’d been in love with him for a decade.“
Rated Explicit . 41k 

Critical Feline Mass

by Kryptaria & rayvanfox
Adjusting to civilian life is hard for any military veteran — especially for one ex-sniper with a cybernetic arm, a classic Harley, and friends who keep trying to ‘help.’  // When Sam Wilson at the VA sends Sergeant Barnes to rent a room from the hottest guy in the DC area, Bucky thinks maybe civilian life is worth it after all. And then he finds out Captain Rogers is everything Bucky’s not: a real hero, a Medal of Honor recipient, and an all-around nice guy. Bucky doesn’t have a chance in hell with him.Sam was a huge help to Steve Rogers when he left the military. In the spirit of ‘pay it forward,’ Steve decides to rent out his basement room to a vet in need. But when Sergeant Barnes shows up on his doorstep, he knows he’s in for a world of trouble. Barnes is exactly what Steve never knew he wanted, from his bedroom eyes to his wicked innuendos. And he’s Steve’s tenant. // A love story in twelve chapters, including two Harley-Davidsons, a guardian angel, multiple snipers, the only woman who can scare them into behaving themselves, spontaneous kittens, and one attacking sheep.
Rated Teen . 39k 


by RemoCon
Sam would follow Steve anywhere. But he didn’t expect Barnes to follow him into Starbucks.
Not Rated . 3k 

I’ve Been Funny, I’ve Been Cool With The Lines

by nerdwegian
Steve’s not jealous.
Rated Teen . 6k 

tin soldiers

by idrilka
In his 2009 book on Captain America comic books, war photography, and American propaganda, Everett claims: “There is nothing to suggest that either the graphic novels issued during the war or the photographs taken during Rogers’ stay with the Howling Commandos can serve as a basis for a queer reading of Rogers and Barnes’ relationship. But even more importantly, there is nothing to suggest that such a relationship ever existed in the first place, and as such, those queer readings are not only misguided, but also libelous” (197).[from: Lynn E. Anderson, Captain America: Behind the Mask. Steve Rogers and the Contemporary Hero Narrative (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), p. 242.]In the aftermath of Steve’s return to the world of the living and the battle of New York, the academia and the Internet react.
Rated Teen . 19k

Read SEVEN Times

Through The Open Window

by 74days
Steve Rogers gave up on joining the army and worked for Stark Industries writing policy letters by hand. It’s a dull job, right up until the office across the fire escape is given to an attractive stranger with one arm and no personal boundaries.
Rated Explicit . 28k 

this city bleeds its aching heart

by Renne
The one where Steve and Bucky pose as a happily married couple while on a mission for SHIELD, to catch an international arms dealer hiding in a suburban neighbourhood
Rated Explicit . 34k

Read EIGHT Times 

The Sole Unquiet Thing

by belial
You’re a killer, a monster, a machine; a soldier, a weapon, a hit man and a whore. So why is it, when Captain America looks at you, you feel like you’re redeemed?
Rated Explicit . 33k 


by black_nata
"Do it,” he goads. “Do it or come back home with me and let me help you. But you gotta do it now, Buck, because I can’t take another moment of this hell.”
Rated Explicit . 6k 

The man on the bridge

by boopboop 
Steve Rogers turning up at Tony’s door in the middle of the night might be a bit out of character, but it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. Stranger things have happened.Steve Rogers turning up at Tony’s door with an amnesiac assassin - who may or may not have some of Tony’s personally designed hardware attached where his arm should be - well that’s just far too interesting to turn away, even if Tony is trying to avoid all things S.H.I.E.L.D these days.
Rated Mature . 107k 

Best laid plans

• by brokentoy
Steve is eighteen today and Bucky bought him a whore for his birthday.
Rated Explicit . 3k 

Read NINE Times

your favorite ghost

by augustbird
It’s harder than Steve ever expected to bring Bucky home.
Rated Explicit . 21k 

Read ELEVEN Times

Always Stay Near Me, For Tomorrow I Will Have Much To Do

by roguewrld
After saving Captain America, the Asset goes into hiding. His memories start returning in pieces, including the love of his life left behind in Brooklyn and the relationship he had with Captain America during the war.Unable to reconcile his memories of Captain America and pre-Serum Steve, Bucky believes he’s dead. On the advice of the vivid hallucination he’s having of Steve, Bucky Barnes seeks help in his fight against HYDRA from Director Coulson’s newly reformed SHIELD.
Rated Explicit . 39k 

Read THIRTEEN Times 

To Be Vulnerable Is Needed Most Of All

by perfect_plan
Steve is a shy comic book artist and meets his new neighbour, Bucky Barnes. // In which there are awkward longings, meddling best friends, comic conventions, heartache, lemons, video games, dorkiness, dancing and two cute boys
Rated Mature . 118k

MASTERPOST for all Stucky Recs and Rec Lists 

munchingcolours  asked:

how does Bucky react???? you got me curious!! (great ficlet btw, i love your writing!!)

Thanks :)


Bucky reacts minutes after the video is released by tweeting Steve ‘ahahahahahah’ and that’s it.  The content of his tweet in full.  It makes Steve smile to see it.

And Steve was aware that Bucky followed him, but he always thought it was Bucky’s PR team, not the man himself.  Steve’s been around long enough to have Twitter explained to him.

So Steve follows Bucky in return.  In the back of his mind he knows that people will be paying attention to them, especially now. They are being watched.  Bucky responds to the follow by opening a line of communication

Bucky @ Steve: admit it. At least some of that was vindication.

Steve @ Bucky: I’ll admit you weren’t completely wrong about me.

Bucky @ Steve: I’ll take it.

Bucky @ Steve: I’m going to change my profile description to ‘Steve Rogers would bone for fun’

He does.

But that’s the end of that conversation.  Neither of them press it, but Bucky doesn’t change his description and every time Steve sees it he feels warm.  Sometimes he’ll send Bucky tweets about an episode of the Brooklyn 30.  Sometimes Bucky will congratulate him for surviving another Avengers battle.

It quickly becomes obvious that Brooklyn 30 is more than a show that Bucky stars in.  It’s his baby, right from the conception of the idea. 

(I’ve changed my mind - angry smol Steve is still on the show, they’re just not allowed to even hint at Captain America)

Sometimes Bucky will ask Steve questions as research for writing the script.  Steve is always happy to oblige.

They flirt.  Subtextually, their entire interaction is flirting because of how it originated, but they also flirt overly sometimes.  A new season of Brooklyn 30 starts and Steve tells Bucky his character’s new hairstyle is sexy.  Bucky retweets a popular picture of Steve’s ass in his uniform with a caption of ‘Cap’s ass is tiiight.’ and Steve answers with ‘I assure you it’s not as tight as it looks.’

And, ok, that one kind of blows up the twittersphere. He probably should regret it, but really doesn’t.

So, flirting on twitter eventually leads to late night talk shows wanting both of them to appear, and Steve is… well, he’s never met Bucky, and he knows if he just reached out he could probably easily find a way to do so, but he’s in love with Brooklyn 30 by this point and he knows how good it would be for the show, so he considers it.  Considers it more closely once he knows Bucky said yes.

In person Bucky is beautiful and charming and clever.  Steve watches him easily interact for the first part, answering questions about his background in history and acting that led to the idea of the show.  He talks about how show!Steve’s obvious identity threatened to shut them down. When Steve comes out, Bucky stands up and shakes his hand, giving him a half-hug, and he looks excited and enthusiastic, and so, so real.

It was definitely a mistake doing this on television.

But, since this comes back to saltyfan!Steve, the topic of fanfic comes up.

“We’re going to play a quick game I like to call fanfiction or script,” the talk show host says.

“We’re not going to make fun of the fans,” Bucky says, and that flinty undertone is back, the same one he used to answer the question that started this whole thing.

“If anything it celebrates them,” the talk show host promises and then quickly segues into the first example.

“these are so good,” Bucky says after getting 2 wrong out of 5.  “I want to hire these people for the show. They get us. Especially show Steve. Most people don’t get show Steve. I don’t know how Steve managed to be right every time, it’s really challenging.”

“Because I wrote most of them,” he blurts out, reeling a bit from Bucky saying “us” so casually.  


Bucky stares at him and he can probably read the truth all over Steve’s face because his mouth drops open and he starts to laugh.  “Oh no,” he says after a moment, hand closing over Steve’s arm.  “I promise I’m not laughing at you, it’s just… you have no idea, do you? I wrote all these academic papers on you and some of the things modern scholars say about Captain America infuriated me to the point of coming up with Brooklyn 30.  The show has never been about *Bucky’s character* at all.  It’s always been about you, this kid from Brooklyn who never backed down from a fight.”

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The marriage referendum is happening today, May 22nd. Ireland is going to the poles today to vote Yes or No to allow same-sex marriage to be legal. If it passes, it will be in the constitution of Ireland that LGBT people are allowed to marry whomever they wish.

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