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I had two customers come in with their kid and they literally weren't watching her at all. She even came behind my counter at one point and I said, "Honey, you can't come back here." She just stared at me so I turned her around gently so she would move and she just screamed, "DOOONNN'TTT." The parents then finally paid attention to her and gave me a dirty look as if I was the problem here. -.-

Jesus Christ. Other parents irritate me so much, I swear. My kids know that area is off limits. You fucking teach them ffs. That’s your job as a parent. -Abby

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Does Sam still have demon blood in him? I can't remember if he was like purified or whatever.

WELL ANON this is one of those things that never really got clarified and as such presents a tantalising LOOSE END to be picked up by fanfic writers and also potentially (I wish I wish I wish) by the show itself. Yes, in S8 when doing the trials Sam suggests that the process is ‘purifying’ him (in, like, THE MOST HEARTBREAKING SCENE OF ALL TIME omfg), but of course he never completes the trials. And so. Even if he’s right (and not just delirious, drowning in self-loathing), you could argue that the process was never finished and so there might yet be traces of demon blood in Sam. 

Jared has asked (and been asked) the question before and basically seems to be on the fence about it; he says that Sam probably ‘hopes that his powers don’t come back’ but does consider them ‘part of himself’; apparently at Dallascon 2015 said that he did think Sam still had demon blood in him (I can’t find gifs of that moment so I might have to go and watch the video to clarify); but then he was tweeting about it in summer 2015 asking for people’s opinions.

Personally my headcanon is that Sam still does have traces of demon blood in him (as he has traces of angelic grace - Cas wasn’t able to remove every element of Gadreel, remember). At the moment I’m, like, dying every week with how much I wish the show would tap into this for their ongoing storyline. Mary was of course (inadvertently) responsible for what happened to Sam with the demon blood in the first place - she made the deal with Azazel - so Sam’s powers re-emerging would force the two of them to address that issue (which mostly Mary seems to be handling by avoiding getting too close to Sam). Moreover, the British Men of Letters’ emphasis on killing anybody even remotely supernatural (MAGDA PETERSEN MY BEAUTIFUL PSYCHIC FAVE MAY YOU REST IN PEACE) would mean that a re-emergence of Sam’s powers would put him directly in the firing line, amping up the tensions between them and the Winchesters and providing the perfect staging ground for an articulation of the differences between how Sam and Dean have come to do things (closer to the way Sam has advocated since at least S2 - not killing monsters ‘unless they do something to get killed for’ [4x04]) and the BMOL’s approach (closer to S1 Dean or Gordon Walker, ‘it’s all black and white, there’s no maybe’ [2x03]), plus allowing Sam to get closure on the whole existence of his powers, all the stuff that was said by Dean in Season 4 about Sam’s powers defining him (”it’s not something that you’re doing, it’s what you are!” [4x21]). 

I mean it’s a fic waiting to happen. I’ll write it, maybe. (I even started writing it, kinda).


Lucy Rose bringing awareness to the stigma people have of those who genuinely love and care for something - in this case, for her music

0-100 Real Quick.

Pairing :: Simon (Miniminter) x Fem!Reader

Warning :: Swearing, Rough Smut, Dominant Simon.

Word Count :: 1,850

Summary :: You and Simon were hanging out by yourselves when a friendly moment quickly turned into something far more sinful.

AN :: I love dominant Simon so get used to that shit.

You smiled as you walked around your flat, well you’re shared flat, in nothing more than fuzzy socks with a pair of shorts and one of Callux’s shirts you stole a long time ago. You were enjoying having the flat to yourself for once. Harry, Cal, and Lux have been out in Guernsey for the last week and don’t come back until tomorrow morning.

You grabbed a cup of juice and sat in front of the window on the couch, staring off at the scene of a dark and rainy London. You were about halfway thru with your cup when you heard a loud knock on the door. You got up to answer it.

When you looked behind the door you saw a soaking wet Simon standing there. “Simon! What the fuck are you doing out here!” You spoke surprised as you dragged the wet boy into your flat, closing the door behind you two. “I was out and about when it started pouring, my phone also died so I wasn’t able to call Josh or an uber or anything.” He explained.

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do you have any thoughts on how the other provinces handled the oblivion crisis? We got some minor mention for skyrim as well as info for morrowind, black marsh and the summerset isles, but nothing else. I'm mostly curious how valenwood handled it as given the wild hunt thing I can see the bosmer managing to weather the whole event well enough.

Valenwood would probably have fared better than other provinces due to its decentralized populations and dense forest terrain. I do believe a Wild Hunt was called/triggered, and it was probably pretty effective at keeping the Daedra at bay. The Hunt isn’t without consequence however, as the Bosmer can’t come back to being Bosmer once they turn into feral undead beast things. Even if they didn’t lose as many people to the Daedra as other provinces, they lost (and may still be losing) them to the Hunt. 

I’d theorize that the calling of the Hunt probably lead to the Thalmor being able to take control of Valenwood shortly after the end of the Oblivion Crisis. That sort of major upheaval seems to be their shtick. (That’s assuming, of course, that the Thalmor were not *already* in control of Valenwood prior to the Crisis, and weren’t the ones to call the Hunt to destabilize the province in their favor.)

(I’ll try to give my thoughts on High Rock, Hammerfell, and Elsweyr in a later post at a later date)

Completely Shaken

Well….it had been a roller coaster of emotions the past couple of days as things began to wind down for the summer. Though for Marco, it had only ramped up more and more as his emotions and thoughts of worry began to cloud his mind. He had been cooped up in his room for the most part, thinking to himself and responding to the occasional text every now and again, but it was so weird having such an absence of loud rambunctious noise that he had gotten used to from Star…..

He wished he had more time to go over the things that she said right before she left….he wished he had more time to ask why she was leaving so soon…. There was a feeling building up inside of him…..and it was about the same feeling he felt when he got captured by Toffee…..complete and utter helplessness. Despite the fact that he had been trying his hardest to become better so that feeling wouldn’t come back, here it was smacking him against his temple yet again.

He tried to rack his brain to try and figure out why she would have been so abrupt in leaving….it had to have been something important to Mewni as a whole. They fought so many times just to keep Star there, only for a quick emotional outburst and a teary retreat before leaving was the way that it finally went…..He had to go to someone he knew he could talk to about this….. The only real person who could turn his helplessness into something better…. And with that he took up his dimensional scissors and went right to her….Hekapoo.

Marco stepped out of the snipped open portal to gaze around at the forge….it looked practically abandoned…. he quickly ran over and flipped the hidden switch to open the passage to Hekapoo’s bedroom. “Heka-!!!”


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I really miss your Shy Girl character, she was absolutely adorable. I'd love to see her again at some point :c

Just so you know, she isn’t coming back.

But here’s a goodbye doodle, I guess.

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Did you know alexandtheplumbombs?He deactivated I think today and I already feel dead inside and I need to share my grief

yeahh it’s pretty sad :((
& the reasoning is understandable too so if it makes him happier go him! there’s always a small lil chance he’ll come back so don’t mourn just yet!!

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Does Madi survive the altercation. I JUST want her to make it. My poor baby. I love her character more than anyone else on the show. My second favorite is Anne then LJS.

It would seem Madi has parted ways before the land fight with the Spanish, Flint, and Eleanor. They are making their way back to the fort. Maybe Kofi doesn’t come back or he does Idk. But she’s OK. I don’t see Madi dying. Ha. We have the same order almost. John and Madi are first but other than them all I care about is Anne.

Listen, Jeanne. This is my basement apartment and if you don’t like Santa or Christmas you have to fucking leave. That’s my only rule. If you can’t follow it get out. Get the hell out and don’t come back. Go live with Grandpa.


Sevella: “I don’t think you should go alone, Bren. Let me come with you.”

Brennan: “We need someone to stay here in case it’s not Alira. I’ll be careful.”

Sevella: “I still don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Brennan: “I won’t go far. If I don’t find anything immediately I will come back. Don’t worry.”

Before Sevella could continue her protests, Brennan went into the forest to search for the source of the mysterious noise. 

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Hey just so you know the world doesn't need another piece of trash like you. If you're going to flaunt your blatant disrespect for victims of serious crimes, you can just take your obsession with death and kill yourself. This is not "some anon that needs to find their chill" this is someone who has at least a tiny fucking sliver of common decency. Now, hurry up and die so I can piss on your grave just like you're pissing on the memories of innocent victims ! ;)

You have no decency though. You go to someone’s inbox and tell them to kill themselves? You don’t even have the guts to do it off-anon. You show a lack of both empathy and balls, you’re nothing but a boring cunt.

The dead victims are exactly that; dead. They’re gone forever. Nothing you say to me will ever make them come back. You don’t give a crap about the victims, you’re just a sad piece of shit with nothing better to do.

Please work on improving your life. Come back when you’ve grown a pair or stay away forever, I don’t need asshats like you around.

Other than that, have a nice day. :)

A boy and his father are in an argument

Father: “I’ve had enough of this! Go to your room and don’t come back out until you’ve thought long and hard about what you’ve done”

Son: “Fine, I didn’t want to be here anyways”

Son: Stomps up stairs

Son: Walks into his room, gently closes the door

Son: “Jim Morrison sucks!”

Father: “What did I tell you about slamming The Doors!?”

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Are you going to be posting spoilers for the new season? It's just I can't watch it until next week

OH YEAH, PSA to all my followers I am an animal with no self-control and I will be posting spoilers like a son of a bitch as soon as I see the episodes. HOWEVER, I will tag all spoilers as ‘Broadchurch spoilers’ so you can blacklist that. Or you can unfollow me until you watch it. Or just run for the hills and don’t come back. Do what you must in order to survive my thoughtless barrage of screams, stains and tears.