come back nine

So I go to a relatively small group and once you hit sixth grade you get to go on multiple day field trips. Anyways, I was riding in a van with 10 other kids and 2 adults, we all had a bunch of sugary stuff. One kid brought a six pack of Pepsi. So we’re practically bouncing off the walls of the van and we finally stop and get out for lunch. The two adults I mentioned earlier were looking for directions to the restaurant, meanwhile 2 of the kids were SCALING a building. The adults didn’t even notice. Long story short, they get up to the second floor, and start coming back down. The other nine of us just watched in amazement. We didn’t know what to do. And they never got caught. Either way the next year we went to D.C., and they got banned from field trips for the rest of the year and suspended for 3 days.

Don’t you love public schools?

Nine’s been playing Digimon World: Next Order. She’s never really felt bad when her digimon died, because they come back. But, Nine got really attached to one of her partners. Her BlackMetalGarurumon named Winter.

She’d been struggling with Omegamon Zwart D, so after getting her butt kicked a few times she trained enough to finally take him down. But, Winter was about to die. Struggling to keep up with Nine and her other digimon on the walk there. But just made it long enough to fight him.
It almost felt like Winter was holding out for just one last battle and to say goodbye to Nine at the “end” of the game.  ;o;

She knows that’s not really the case, but that image in her mind just makes her so sad. Winter really felt like a partner, he’d always clutch tough battles, protect Nine’s other digimon when they were about to die.
He just felt different from all the other digimon she’s raised during this game. So far anyway.

RIP Winter, we’ll meet again someday. ;~;
Nine has gotten emotional over a video game.