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Your Choice - Part 2

(Part 1)


Mac x Reader

Summary: Hi! Could you do a MacGyver x Reader where he and the reader are sort of an established thing but then Nikki comes back and there is a lot of tension? You can go anywhere you’re like from there.

You still weren’t sure if you believed it, the whole Nikki being a double or undercover agent thing. Even after she had explained why she did what she did. But in the end it didn’t matter what you believed, heck you’d just be glad to never see her face again. According to Jack’s big mouth she had left. No word yet on how Mac was feeling about it.

Finishing up in one of the Phoenix’s conference rooms, you stacked together the papers in a neat pile on the left side of the table. Mac’s figure entered the room just as you titled your head up.

“Need any help?”. He asked. It surprised you because those were the most words he had uttered to you since that conversation in your apartment.

Locking your phone after reading the message that popped up, you gathered the papers putting them in your oversized work bag. “No, I got it”.

“I’m guessing Jack told you that Nikki is no longer here?”. He shifted foot to foot, not liking the extra tension that just appeared out of thin air after saying Nikki’s name.

“Yeah, he did. So when can I expect her to come by? In a few days or how about few months?. I wanna be prepared in case something like this happens again”. The bitterness spilling out all too well.

Mac stayed silent. Taking another look his way, there was no question he was tired. His eyes hardly had any light to them and Bozer had accidentally mentioned that Mac was over-working himself more than usual. And judging from the way Mac was staring at you, he was drawing the same conclusion.

“What do you want, Mac?”. The tiredness kicking in from being copped up in an building all day.

“I want you, Y/N. I want what we had before I let Nikki get into my head again, before I made a stupid mistake in kissing her”. He blocked the doors entrance, his strong build no match for you. “You told me that you still wanted to be with me, it’s been 2 weeks and I need to know if you’ve forgiving me?”.

Putting the bag at the crock of your arm, you replied. “Why? So you can run to Nikki and kiss her again if my answer is no?”

He turned slightly and shut the door. “God, no Y/N!. Tell me what I need to do here? I won’t see Nikki ever again or speak to her if that’s what you want. Just please, tell me how I can get you to forgive me?”.

The truth is you’d already forgiving Mac. The sleepless nights, seeing him in the hallway not being able to run up to him, not knowing how his day went and so on, all made the choice to forgive him just a tiny bit easier. The biggest reason was the most obvious one, that you loved him more than anything. Not telling him, wasn’t to punish him in any way. It was solely for you to see if you could live without Mac, and well the answer was you couldn’t.

“I’m so sorry”. He spoke once again, this time inching a little closer. “I swore to myself that I’d never hurt you like that and I did it anyway because I’m the biggest idiot. And if I have to spend the rest of my life making it up to you, then that’s exactly what I’ll do”.

A smile started to form on your lips, “How about we just start with dinner, say my place in about an hour?”.

Mac pulled you in a quick, unexpected hug and the smell of his aftershave and the warmth of his body just felt right. “I’ll be there, I promise”. He hurried out the door, waving goodbye as he ran past the glass windows.

“I think you just made his day”. Jack stood out in the hallway, joining him the two of you walked side by side.

“I could tell you didn’t approve of me freezing Mac out for 2 weeks”. Side-eyeing Jack to get his reaction.

He causally bumped shoulders with you. “Doesn’t matter what I thought or Bozer or even Riley, the only thing that mattered was how you felt. Y/N, you had every right to be mad at Mac, I’m just glad to see the two of you are working things out”.

Stopping at the door situated at the end of the hallway, you breathed. “Well I better go, I have a dinner to get ready for. Thanks Jack for the talk”.

“Anytime Y/N”. Saying goodbye in the form of a hug, you made your out of the building feeling oddly nervous for this dinner.

Your phone vibrated in your hand, it was a message from Mac. 3 words that’s all it contained. But yet those 3 words meant more now than you every thought possible.

I love you - Mac

Typing your response back. It was going to take baby steps, trust was important to you and that was never an easy thing to get back. But you wholeheartedly believed that you and Mac could overcome this hurdle and re-appear stronger than ever on the other side.

Fairy tail AU - Age of Gladiators
Chapter 16
“In flames”

I like Spiridon Lavellan as a companion a lot. I’ve a headcanon with my friend Nikki that Spiridon is a companion to her Mahanon, and now I got another glimpse of Spiridon as a companion through someone else’s eyes, @monaramis (thank you! I really enjoyed it!)

Companion!Spiridon is definitely the sort of guy who’d tell any superior of his to ‘get back to work!’, and if the Inquisitor tried to pull rank on him, he’d probably remark on how ‘pulling rank’ does not constitute as WooooooOOoOoOORK. 

He’s a pain in the ass that way, but for all of Spiridon’s faults, including squandering and underestimating his own intelligence and right to a personal agenda, he’s a dedicated workhorse to a point where people absolutely do abuse it, take advantage of it. For all his talk and desire for freedom, he’s a follower type, not a leader, and he doesn’t really know what to do with himself when he’s not working. It’s a part of his identity, and seeing people fucking around while there’s woooooooooOOoooooRK to do really annoys him.

i have to go have blood drawn for the endo this morning but i slept like shit last night and i am sad and don’t want to get up ever

Your Choice


Mac x Reader

Summary: Hi! Could you do a MacGyver x Reader where he and the reader are sort of an established thing but then Nikki comes back and there is a lot of tension? You can go anywhere you’re like from there.

“I want you to fight for me Mac. I want you to tell Nikki she has no place in your life anymore, not after what she did”. You couldn’t believe this was an actual, real-life conversation that you and Mac were having. You had gotten a text from him to meet back at his place, and informed you that Nikki had just announced that she didn’t betray them, instead she was undercover for the CIA.

Mac of course believed her without hesitation, you however wished she had just stayed far away. Not one part of you trusted that women, she always had some sort of agenda. Too many questions ran through your head when you found out from Jack, who was the first one to tell you.

“It’s not that easy, there is more to this than what we know”. Mac argued, although it sounded a lot like he was more than happy to defend every bad thing Nikki had done.

“You know what Mac go ahead help Nikki, I’m sure she’ll have no regard whatsoever to the fact that you’ve moved on, if you even have that is”.  The fact that Mac couldn’t look directly at you, didn’t make all the fear and worries disappear. Jack came around the corner with a very apologetic expression, and reminded Mac that they had to go.

Not wanting to stay in the same room as him anymore, you gave Mac one last thing to think about. “Whenever she’s around you’re different, she clouds your judgement and most of all she hurts you. And I just don’t understand why you always rush to her aid or her defense. I’m not going to be your second choice Mac and I’m not going to compete with Nikki”.

Giving Jack a sad smile, he too returned one. Mac finally found his feet and rushed after you. “What are you trying to say, is this your way of breaking up with me?”. Opening the door you stopped in the threshold. “I’m telling you that you have a choice. Either let Nikki go and we can continue to work on our relationship, remember the one that we have been in for nearly 6 months. Or you can run back to Nikki and give her the power to hurt you again, because Mac we both know that she will”.

Walking down the pathway to your car, Thornton was sitting in the drivers seat and you could see Nikki in the back. The two of you made eye contact and within seconds you broke it. Getting into the car, now Mac and Jack had stepped out. You said what you needed and now it was up to Mac to decide what he needed or wanted. Reversing out the driveway his face was the last one you saw and it killed you inside.

There was nothing in your apartment to provide a minute worth of distraction. Not the TV, cleaning, reading or going out for a run. Your brain was in overdrive, thinking about every bad possibility that could be happening right now. From Mac telling Nikki he never stopped loving her, to them sharing a romantic kiss.
Your phone was sitting on the kitchen counter, reaching out you retracted your hand not wanting to be disappointed if there was no word from Mac yet. So a shower it was.

Feeling refreshed, a loud knock came from the front door. Freezing in your position, almost forgetting how to move. Another knock, then another occurred. Finding your feet you opened the door. Mac stood looking tired and worn out.

“Can I come in?”, he asked. Stepping to the side, he walked through the door.

No one said a word, it felt like he was waiting for you to say something and here you were waiting for him to do the same thing. Mac’s shoulders slumped and he let out a very heavy sigh. “We organized a trap for the mole who Nikki said was in the Phoenix, all of us set it up at this hotel”. He begun to explain.

Interrupting him, “Why are you telling me this?”.

“Because I don’t want you to hear this from Jack, and you deserve to know…that Nikki and I had a moment which lead to a-a kiss”. Tears formed, not because you were surprised or shocked but because hearing him say it, hearing Mac make your fears and worries a reality cut deeper than you ever imagined.

“So you came here to tell me that you choose her?”. He stepped forward and you stepped back. Hurt could be seen in his eyes, but it was nothing compared to what your eyes showed. “No”, he answered.

“What do you mean no, you kissed her Mac!?”. Normally you hated raising your voice, but the amount of emotions running through every inch of your body couldn’t be contained.

His phone beeped, but he ignored it. “And I regret it, you and Jack were right. When I’m around Nikki I’m different. She means a lot to me, we have a history and I can’t change that. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. And I hate myself for causing you so much pain”.

Since Mac had long legs, it only took him 3 steps to come face to face with you. His hands embraced yours, and you couldn’t help but think about how those same hands had been on Nikki. But pulling away was not an option, his grip was tight, not enough to cause any pain but enough to prevent you from slipping away.

“You told me to fight for you and I’m here to do just that. I screwed up and let my past emotions control my actions. I’m sorry Y/N, please believe that”. Once again, his phone kept beeping and if you had to guess it was probably work. But you mind wondered to the possibility that it could every well be Nikki.

Detaching your hands from his grip, which required quite a tug. You put distance in between you and Mac.“You should get that”, pointing to his phone that was resting in his pocket. He checked the countless of messages. “It’s Jack, we have another case”.

“Well then you should go”, the tone in your voice was emotionless and Mac very much picked up on that. You could tell that leaving was the last thing he wanted, just by the way he slowly walked to the door. “You gave me a choice and I choose you, kissing Nikki meant nothing. Now it’s up to you to choose whether or not you still want to be with me”.

“I want to be with you Mac, but I can’t forgive you, at least not yet”. He let himself out and you walked towards the window over looking the street. Upon walking to his car, he ran his hands through his hair, a sign that he was stressed and frustrated.

You didn’t know if things would ever be the same, what you did know was that losing Mac would hurt a lot more than how you were feeling now. Watching him get into his car, he looked up knowing exactly which window was yours. And the both of you lingered just for a few minutes before he drove away and you closed the curtains.

“You’re Not a Loser.”

Originally posted by vaniwin

Imagine being backstage at Backlash and watching Dean’s match against AJ Styles. You know he’s been working so hard for tonight, so to see him lose the title to AJ, you figured he’s going to be really upset when he comes back to the locker room.

Just right after you wished Dean good luck on his match and gave him a kiss, you settled in on the couch in Dean’s locker room and turned on the TV.  Tonight was the first night of your vacation from work so you flew from Las Vegas to Richmond, VA to attend Backlash. It was difficult to watch Dean fight because you knew he was one to take it to the next level. You’ve been there for him since his CZW days so you figured that’s where your fear came from. So you never really sat in the audience when it came to attending the show. It was hard to even watch on TV, but Dean needed you. He needed you to cheer him on one way or another, and if you couldn’t do it in person then you figured watching him on TV and cheering him on either from home or backstage will have to do until you can actually stomach down being there in person.

You made a best friend out of Nikki Bella and she knew that watching Dean’s matches were hard for you. Sometimes you wondered how she would watch John’s matches comfortably. Even though they worked together, you still figured that it would be hard for her to see her boyfriend put his body on the line every night. But Nikki had tougher skin than you and that was a fact, or else you would be able to watch Dean’s matches or you would even have a wrestling career yourself. After she cleaned up and changed into regular clothes, Nikki came to Dean’s locker room and joined you.

“Hey Y/N, you ready for the match?” Nikki asked with a smile as she came and sat down next to you.

“I’m never ready for the match, but my man needs me and I don’t want to let him down.” You said, as you never took your eyes off the screen while AJ was making his entrance known.

“Aww.” Nikki tsked and hugged your shoulders before facing the TV.

Just then you heard Dean’s music hit. Dean’s theme song always gave you chills, but it also gave you anxiety. You felt yourself begin to panic as you watched Dean make his way to the ring.

“I can’t do this.” You said as you quickly tried to stand up, but Nikki pulled you back down.

“Yes, you can Y/N. Dean needs you, remember?” Nikki reassured you as she hugged your shoulders once more. You took a couple of deep breaths and focused back on the screen.

Having Nikki there for support really helped you out because during the entire match you two were cheering and getting upset at the same time, and if you had went through this alone, chances are you wouldn’t have made it this far into the match. You started getting excited when you thought Dean was going to pull through with a win, but as soon as the ref was knocked into the ropes and AJ hit Dean with a low blow and started setting Dean up for the Styles Clash, your attitude went from joy to shock.

“No no no no no! Dean come on! Break out of it!” You screamed at the TV.

AJ connected the Styles Clash with Dean Ambrose and picked up the win. You and Nikki were in total shock when the ref’s hand went down for the three count. You sat there with Nikki in silence as you buried your face in your hands. You couldn’t bare watching AJ walk away with something Dean cherished so much and worked so hard for. Nikki hugged you, but you didn’t budge. Even from backstage you could feel Dean’s disappointment, and you were disappointed for him. After a while, Nikki shut off the TV and hugged you once more.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry.”

You stayed silent as you remembered your day with Dean. Earlier that day, he had taken you to lunch at a local diner and you two shared so much laughter as you enjoyed each other’s company.

“Babe, I want you to know how much it means to me that you’re here. I know watching me wrestle isn’t the easiest thing for you, but it still means so much that you are willing to give it a try again. I love you, and I am going to win tonight. For you, for us.”

You snapped back into reality and noticed it had been quite some time and Dean still hasn’t come back yet. Nikki was still there with you. It amazed you sometimes at how much of a loyal friend she really was.

“I have to go find him.” You said as you quickly stood up and began to power-walk all around the backstage area.

You asked around to see if anyone had seen Dean, only to get ‘no’s and head shakes in response, and each time it worried you more. Along the way, you ran into AJ Styles and a few others surrounding him and cheering for his victory. AJ noticed you and stopped you in your tracks.

“Well, well. If it ain’t Y/N, the FORMER champ’s little girlfriend.” He laughed. AJ then looked at his new title and then looked back at you with a sinister smirk. “Guess they really don’t give trophies to the face that comes in second place, huh?” AJ mocked as he and his companions laughed and began walking away. “Woo! Drinks on me tonight!” AJ shouted and his crew began to cheer off into the distance.

You rolled your eyes and ran off to find Dean until you got a phone call from Nikki.

You quickly answered it. “Yeah?”

“Hey Y/N, Dean’s in his locker room. I saw him walking in there as I was walking to my locker room. You might want to hurry though, he seems pretty pissed.”

“Thanks Nikki.” You said before you hung up the phone and quickly ran back to Dean’s locker room.

Once you got there, you saw Dean rubbing his head and neck in frustration as he paced back and forth.  He didn’t seem to notice you were there until you finally spoke up.


Dean stopped in his tracks and both hands linked together on the back of his neck, but he didn’t look at you. He just kept looking down at his own feet.

He sighed. “I figured you already left town.” The tone of his voice as he said this sounded cold.

“Why would I do that?”

He sighed once more and released his hands from his neck as he looked at you. Anger still heavy set in his eyes. “I don’t know Y/N. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I didn’t follow through with my promise. Maybe it’s because you realized that everyone was right about me not being Championship material. Or maybe it’s because you didn’t want to face the embarrassment of being seen with me after I lost my fucking title to a fucking low blow!” Each sentence made him angrier and after the last sentence, Dean punched a locker so hard that he actually left a dent.

The punch made you flinch and you waited until he was leaning against the wall to finally walk over to him.

“Hey. Dean why would you say that? You know that’s not true.” You placed your hand on his back and gently began to rub his back to comfort him. “If it was, I wouldn’t be here right now. You mean more to me than that. I love you Dean, but if you don’t understand how I feel about you, even after seven years, then I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.” You felt tears build up in your eyes as you spoke, but you tried your best to hold them back. One of you needed to be strong right now, and you felt that when it came to situations like this, you needed to be strong for Dean even though he would say things like this to you. You knew he didn’t mean it, but it still hurt just the same.

Dean took a moment before he finally spoke again, still not facing you. “You’re not doing anything wrong, Y/N. You’re too good to me and I don’t deserve you. But why would you continue to love a loser like me?”

“Hey…” You cupped his face with both of your hands and finally got him to look at you. “Don’t say that. You’re not a loser, Dean. You may have lost the match, but you’re not a loser. You’ll always be a champion to me, with or without a belt.” You smiled at him.

Dean closed his eyes and leaned down to touch your forehead with his as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pressed his body closer to yours. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I’m glad I did it.” Dean smiled before finally kissing you passionately.

He then trailed kisses from your lips, down to your neck and to your shoulder. He rests his chin on your shoulder and holds you closer as you wrap your arms around his neck and bury your face in the crook of his neck.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“I love you too.” You whispered back.

You two held each other for a moment before you finally pulled back enough to see his face. “Now, how about we head over to the hotel? We’ll order room service, and I’ll give you a massage and run you a nice and hot bath.” You offered as you barely touched your lips with his.

He smirked at your offer and you felt his hands run down your back and start groping your ass.  This caused you to smile and start to feel slightly aroused. But his next words completely turned you on. “Sounds good. Just as long as you’re naked for the massage and you join me in the bath.” He said in that deep and husky voice that you love so much before kissing you once more and even nibbling at your bottom lip.

“Deal.” You smiled.

Dean’s smile grew. “Okay let’s go.” He quickly said and he lifted you up and placed you over his shoulder, hugging your legs as he rushed out of the locker room.

You shrieked a little when he picked you up, but it turned into laughter as Dean raced to the rental car. “Dean! You forgot our bags!” You laughed.

“I’ll come back for them.” Dean laughed as he continued to race out to the car with you on his shoulder.