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We live next door to each other and I can see you through the window while you’re dancing to your iPod in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and God you’re a dork” AU. Please! Your bellarke fics are positively wonderful!

Thanks for the prompt! Hope you like it! AO3

Living in college apartments is… not glamorous. Walls are thin, pipes are thinner, and working air conditioning is a luxury. But it’s not terrible, Clarke finds, as long as you have excellent roommates to share in how much it objectively sucks. Raven and Anya fit that bill, so she considers herself lucky.

Plus, their windows open into an alleyway between their apartment building and the next. Which might not sound like a plus, but when the alternative is street facing windows that do nothing to stop the sounds of drunk college students when you’re trying to sleep the night before a midterm—the difference is staggering.

So, suffice it to say, Clarke largely likes her apartment. It’s great, for what it is.

Until it betrays her.

The first thing Bellamy Blake says when he comes in for his shift at the bookstore—the Monday morning shift, that, unfortunately, she shares—is, “Nice moves last night, Princess.”

Most of the time, Bellamy is full of shit, but as he shucks off his jacket the smirk on his face says he’s getting away with something, so she quickly runs through the events of the previous night, searching for any instances of embarrassment he might have been privy to.

…and comes up with nothing. She didn’t go out after she’d come back from class, and she and Raven didn’t get drunk, precluding any chance that she’d sent out some drunken snapchats he might have seen. (She has him on snapchat for bookstore-related emergencies, alright?) In fact, she spent most of the night working on her chem lab assignment, finally finishing around midnight, so really, there’s nothing for him to have seen.

So she scoffs, dismissive, and keeps working, only mildly interested in what kind of scheme he’s running.

“What are you talking about?” she asks, clicking through their schedule to see if they have any deliveries scheduled today.

He grins at her, wide, just when she spares him a glance, and she has to physically force it to not affect her. Because Bellamy Blake might be a snarky asshole, but that doesn’t make him any less… well, hot. Which is a whole other level of unfair.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone needs to jam to Taylor Swift once in a while. It’s a good de-stressor. I’m not judging.”

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What’s Bred in the Bone: Part I

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Jaal x Sara Ryder

A 600 year nap and a 2.5 million light-year journey to find out the answer: are humans and angara genetically compatible?

Rated M for strong language, some sexuality and violence. Alien-human pregnancy fic.

Spoilers for Jaal’s romance and loyalty mission, and end of game.

Part I of ??? - Part II - Part III - Part IV

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~The Rain Fic~ (Hamilsquad x Reader)

A/N: Hello hello hello! I feel hella sick (it’s a mix of stress and the worst period cramps in the world I s2g I’m dying ow), I have ten minutes of internet left, and it’s raining pretty badly outside so I wanted to write something in the moment. Hope you like it! ;)

T/W: Car crashes, mentioned character death, PTSD, flashbacks, thunderstorm

(This is a hellllla long fic oh god i’m not sorry)

The crash had been so long ago that you almost never got flashbacks now.

The occasional one here or there sure, but your days of screaming until your throat was raw and crying until your head hurt every time it rained were far, far behind you.

Not since you met your boys had you had a really bad one. Not since there was always someone with their arm around you when you slept. Not since had felt so loved and cared for and… Safe, even.

You had never told the boys about the crash – hell, you barely told your therapist about it – but they knew. Of course, they hadn’t asked how your mother had died, but it had been an implied question since the first time they had met your family.

They knew that you were there, that you survived, that that scar above your eye was the only thing that had come of this situation.

And they knew that she had died that day. Your mother was a sweet woman, with kind eyes and hair that matched yours. She always said you were her world - that one day you would do amazing things, and that she would be right there behind you when they happened. She loved you with all her heart, and wanted to give you nothing but the best.

That dream wasn’t one that became fufilled, however, and to this day you still can’t bare the thought that those things she once said were now buried six feet under with her.

You were only six, an age that should never come with a story of such trauma. It was raining; raining badly at that. You could barely see an inch in front of your windscreen. The rain came in heavy, white sheets, and the windshield wipers went at full power, slashing oceans of rain to the sides of the glass as your mother drove.

You could hear the drumming thunder over your dream, almost like you were trapped in the world’s strongest cage. You felt like you were falling; like you were moving, almost. You felt yourself kick at nothing; bed sheets rubbing against your legs as your foot collided with someone else’s under the covers.

A song that you had never heard before and would never remember blared over the radio. All the lights were on in and around the car. Why your father’s car broke down all the way out here seemed less like a mystery and more like a suicide mission. It was so bad your neighbors couldn’t even get home, meaning that, with no one to look after you, your mother was forced to take you with her.

Your breathing restricted and you felt your chest tighten. You wanted to open your mouth, but you felt like you had so little to say. You wanted to scream, to cry to let everyone know that you weren’t okay. You whimpered pitifully as you begged to be held, craving human contact – the contact of your boys. Rain lashed against the windows outside, but you could barely focus enough to see it. You felt helpless, and you began to freak out.

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  • Me: goes to the bathroom, leaves my phone, my drink, my headphones and sweater at my seat*
  • Me: *comes back and sees that Lexi has taken my spot and moved all my things across the room* excuse m-
  • Lexi: I didn't know it was taken.
The vampire diaries 5x22 Reaction Post

Caroline sobbing over stefan body

Damon’s face



“My brother is over there… and so is Alaric”

“well if it isn’t Mr. butterfungers himself

Luke & Liv

Caroline snaps Lukes neck 

The Travelers in general

mama forebs

Jullian/Tyler die

more pain for bonnie

Jeremy Matt and Damon

Lexi = number 1 steroline shipper

"What about caroline?”

Bonnie still lying to Jeremy


Lexi the steroline shipper part 2 

“Before you even have your first date with Caroline”


Damons plan

Delena moment

Enzo almost sucket into oblivion


Bonnie & grams

Delena on suicide mission


Liz alive

Enzo comes back first

then Tyler

But he’s not a hybrid anymore????

“ I can’t live without him”

Elena & Stefan come back

Lexi finds peace

Alaric’s alive, and Damon next

Luke stops the spell 



“I lost them both”

the whole delena/Beremy goodbye scene


Jeremy running while screaming bonnies name

Bamon dying

“Do you think it will hurt?”

“I don’t kn-



Lexi was asleep soundly beside Kol her breathing even and soft. It wasn’t until she felt the hand over her mouth that her eyes opened and by then it was too late. She was being pulled from the cave and over to several jagged rocks by hands she didn’t know. She tried to look around and see who it was, she tried to focus on getting away, getting rid of them but nothing worked. As she struggled she was dragged across the rocks and she felt her skin stinging with pain. She wanted to cry out for help, to beg Kol to realize she was gone but those who had her had made sure that he was drugged enough not to wake for several hours. A girl walked out of the shadows and her eyes flashed as her lips pursed into a displeased line. “So you’re the one…taking what is mine” she scoffed in annoyance. Lexi wanted to ask her what she meant, what she could possibly want from her but there was still a hand over her mouth and now she could feel a sharpness against her side. The girl stepped closer and whispered in Lexi’s ear “I don’t take kindly to people stealing my things” she hissed. She looked at the man holding Lexi and nodded. Before Lexi could react she felt the sharpness pierce through her body. She let out a soft gasp as the knife was pulled from her stomach and sliced through her again. She felt the red liquid seeping into her white dress. She gasped and coughed desperately for a few moments before becoming still in the man’s arms. She was only held up by his hands which quickly dropped her over the jagged rocks. Her eyes glazed over and blood ran from her lips and several wounds in her torso. Her wings appeared just as she died and blood covered the delicate white feathers. Davina walked over and tilted the girl’s chin so she could look into her eyes. Convinced the girl was dead she smirked and threw a bag of coins to the man. “Well done…” she smiled. “Leave her there…” she nodded before letting go of Lexi’s chin, letting her head fall to the side, staring aimlessly towards the cave where she had been asleep just moments before. Davina was unaware of the girl’s supernatural ability, never the less, the sight of Lexi’s blood soaked body would greet Kol in just a few hours, then Davina would swoop in to try to take back the man she loved.

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This is long overdue (I was hoping someone else would ask), but could you tell us how you met RDJ? You totally don't have to if you don't want to. Just curious. :)


Okay so this is going to be really long because it’s kind of a ridiculous and somewhat fantastic story so if you don’t want to read below the cut, I’ll spare you the details. 

However, it involves meeting tumblr friends in real life and stalking. 

So… v v v v 

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Part Of Me

Four days in New York had made Mark feel a little calmer. The shooting hadn’t fully disappeared from his head yet, Derek hadn’t fully healed, and Mark hadn’t fully figured things out with Lexie but that didn’t mean it wasn’t on the way up. A part of Mark worried about what would happen when he and Lexie started to figure things out. In his mind he could see a million different possibilities for what would happen between him and Lexie. They could end up together or they could end up hurting each other, and he knew the second scenario would result in him potentially fleeing back to New York, an idea he still couldn’t quite get out of his head. Pushing it to the back of his mind, Mark tried to find the way he would approach Lexie about this conversation. Stepping off the plane, Mark had come back to Seattle. He had come back for Lexie. 

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Elena didn't blow herself up in the car in order to die to be with Damon. She did it because she didn't know what he'd be facing on the other side and she didn't want him to have to deal with that alone. She was going to help save their friends, not ever intending to die forever. God, you are legit stupid if you don't even understand that. I eyeroll myself blind at some of the dumb shit you people post.

Elena got in the car, and died with Damon. She did that. She had no intention of saving her friends, her mind was only on Damon. When Stefan and Tyler and everyone else were right there in front of her, she legit ignored them, did not even utter a word. She then was debating on leaving her own brother alone because Damon ran off and she couldn’t find him. After she couldn’t find Damon and time was running out, Elena had every intention to stay with him, she legit was debating and was going to do it until Alaric convinced her otherwise. You are dumb as fuck if you did not even see that happen right in front of your eyes. ELENA WAS FORCED TO LEAVE THE OTHER SIDE. THEY HAD TO PUSH HER INTO BONNIE TO LEAVE. 

Let me say this too, if Elena wouldn’t have done that, if she would have lsitened to Bonnie and Damon and stayed behind, Damon would have been able to come back over, along with Lexi and whoever else. Elena killed Damon, Elena hurt Bonnie. it was Elena. 

Lmfao!!! @ Delena fans that are pissed at Alaric for “ruining Delena” because he compelled “happy Delena moments” away from Elena. Like…??? Weren’t y'all the main ones who begged & voted for him to come back instead of Lexi in the first place to root for your ship????