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Klaus x Reader

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Klaus smiled at his plan, he knew if you found out you’d be furious, you were still at the stage of considering crawling back to the unworthy moron tied to the chair in front of the Hybrid.

“What the hell, you’re that guy that follows (Y/N) around.” The man grunted and Klaus rolled his eyes.

“No I am the man who takes care of (Y/N), my best friend, honestly catering to a human’s desires becomes tiresome but my siblings and I were not impressed when our attempts to keep her happy was destroyed by your idiocy.” Klaus growled at the man who rolled his eyes.

“So what, not like she isn’t coming back.” He chuckled and Klaus had to take a deep breath before speaking so he didn’t break the man’s neck.

“You’re going to leave her for good.” Klaus sighed and he clenched his fists at the laughter that bounced around the sparse room.

“Why would I do that?” He asked.


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Today’s Mini-Drabbles

kc+ original!caroline where she comes back to MF with Klaus to break his hybrid curse

kc + Klaus and Caroline are Elven/Fae royalty and are betrothed

kc + I thought I’d made it clear we have a no abduction policy

kc + i’ve grown wings and for some reason i’m 99% sure this is your fault au

kc + Alpha Caroline with Klaus after their touched starved encounter

kc + this prefect patrol is not going the way i expected au

kc + part two of no abduction policy


kc + century-or-two-into-the-future au (no mutant children obviouslyy) + a new clothing, make-up, or hair trend that leads to implied smut (OR I MEAN REGULAR SMUT BUT YOU SAID SHORT) NSFW

kc + MORE PSY-C KC ahem klaus realizing she thinks he doesn’t want her to pursue more / doesn’t know if he wants to and how he plans to fix that


a series of unlikely crossovers

Originally posted by seriouslyniklaus

Prompt: “Come back to bed.”

Character: Klaus Mikaelson x reader

You blinked open your eyes with a groan, wondering why the hell you had woken up so early on your free day.

It wasn’t hard to detect the reason for your sudden awakening and you squeezed your eyes shut when the first rays of sunlight continued to shine on your face.

After trying to fall back asleep for half an hour you gave up. Sleep wouldn’t come back, at least not as long as you didn’t close the curtains.

You groaned again before you tried to stay up, the heavy arm around your waist not making the task any easier.

Carefully you pried off Klaus’s arm, grumbling under your breath,

“Stupid vampire strength.”

When you finally managed to get out of bed you took your time to admire your boyfriend. For being known as one of the deadliest supernatural beings wandering earth he looked oddly angelic.

His relaxed face, slightly parted lips and his ruffled locks would have made him look boyish if his bare, muscular torso wouldn’t have been exposed.

Quietly you made your way towards the window, gazing into the garden. Klaus’ voice made you jump in surprise.

“Come back to bed, love.”

With a playful glare you turned around, “Don’t scare me like that.”

Klaus chuckled, his hoarse morning voice sending shivers down your spine.

“I wouldn’t have to scare you if you just stayed in bed.”

“If somebody hadn’t forgotten to close the curtains I would have stayed” you grumbled, adding with a smirk, “but I have to admit that you look adorable when you sleep, so it was worth it.”

Klaus raised an eyebrow, scowling at you, but you could see the amused glint in his eyes.

“I’m not adorable. Handsome, strong, terrifying, a killer, a monster – yes, but not adorable.”

You rolled your eyes and swiftly pulled the curtains shut before padding back towards the bed.

“I’ll call you adorable as much as I want, Klaus.”

Instead of answering Klaus lifted the duvets, letting you slip in next to him. His arm naturally wrapped around your waist, pulling you close until you could rest your head on his chest.

Klaus started to comb his fingers through your hair. You hummed and cuddled closer to him, your eyes starting to drop close.

Klaus’ warm lips pressed against your forehead while he mumbled against your skin “Sleep, love.”


klaroline au week [day 6/7]
    ↳  6. myths and legends.

What happens when Klaus comes back to town, claiming that Caroline is his mate, his Persephone of the underworld and that she belonged with him? Caroline, personally thinks he’s crazy. That is until he takes her there. | come back to me…

Klaus was uncharacteristically soft, as a human, Caroline learns as he takes her back through his memories, his fingertips pressing into her temples. Almost breakable to a point, and Mikael was convinced upon finding that weakness. Even going as far to include her as a weakness of his.

He was always kind towards her, she learns. And very passionate to his wants, and needs.

The first time they’d met, was when she’d moved to his village, after her father had passed, and her mother had said they needed to move, in the hopes of finding her a well off husband, as they needed that. Now more than ever.

Caroline didn’t want to get married, she never did, but she moves, for her mother, since she knows that they can’t live in poverty forever.

She meets Rebekah first, as she brings ail for her mother.

The girl is very bright and enthusiastic.

“You must be the new ones,” it’s almost an accusation, but there’s a smile on the girl’s lips, so innocent, that Caroline lets it slip.

“I suppose,” Caroline murmurs right back, her voice soft. 

“The name is Rebekah,” the young girl informs her, her hand reaching out so Caroline can shake it, and not wanting to offend her new friend, Caroline takes it. “Oh, it is such a pleasure to meet someone new. I’m barely allowed to leave these village walls. It has been so long since I’ve talked with a person who’s seen the world outside of here.”

Caroline barely refrains from retelling the hells of the real world, instead she smiles back.

“Caroline,” she offers in return.

“Caroline,” the girl grins, and her hands all of a sudden latch onto hers “Come now, you must meet my family. They’ve been itching to meet the new family.”

She barely offers any resistance, as she lets herself be dragged along. Surely, her mother wouldn’t mind if she was a little late. A few seconds barely bass, before they’re at her family’s hut, and she’s being introduced to Rebekah’s mother.

Esther, she recalls.

“Mother,” and the woman turns around, an almost terrifying look on her face. “This is my new friend, Caroline. She and her mother are the new family who have just moved here. I had thought you’d want to meet them.”

Esther immediately perks up.

“Of course. Of course, my child. Please do come in.”

Rebekah introduces her to the rest of her family. Kol, Henrik, Elijah, Mikael (who she hates, with a burning passion, at the way he looks at her, considering he is a married man), Esther, Finn. All except one.

“Niklaus is my other brother,” Rebekah tells her. “He should be back shortly.”

“Oh,” Caroline murmurs shortly. “I do not have any siblings.”

Rebekah gasps dramatically, and shakes her head.

“Well, aren’t you the lucky one.”

Caroline giggles quietly, because she’d always wished for a sibling. A brother, a sister. Someone to play with.

That’s when Niklaus walks in, and her breath catches in her throat, as she stares up at the strange man. His eyes are blue - so blue - and she can’t help but be mesmerised by them, as they stare down at her in curiosity. So much so, that she barely hears Rebekah’s introduction.

“Niklaus this is my new friend, Caroline. Caroline this is my brother, Niklaus.”

Klaus Mikaelson & Elijah Mikaelson - Changing Perceptions

Prompt: Hey! This will probably be a lengthy request (sorry) but do you think you could please write a klaus x reader request please? Where you are his human girlfriend and Elijah doesn’t approve/like you and you know that so in turn you are sassy to him and klaus finds it hilarious. Then one day klaus and Elijah have to deal with a problem (aka lucien) and Elijah comes back dragging an injured klaus who was stabbed with the stake. So you being a nurse take over and take it out and jokingly say “Niklaus, you owe me a new couch” and like kiss his forehead and Elijah kinda watches and realises your relationship is strong because klaus is really affectionate to you. Bonus: if you manage to somehow include the reader being a bitch and punching lucien because she is over his crap. Don’t have to include it if you can’t. That’s all good! :) Thank you! 

You had been waiting for a while for them to return. Every part of you knew it was a terrible idea, the worst idea that both Klaus and Elijah had come up with in a while. They’d gone to fight Lucien. You’d hoped they’d come back quickly, realising that you had been right and they were stupid. But of course, that wouldn’t happen because the Mikaelsons were too stupid to realise that they were stupid. Klaus was your boyfriend so you expected the stupidity from him because he was well, him. Elijah was supposed to be the smart one. 

You’d thought that he left with Klaus just because you’d said it was a bad idea. Elijah didn’t like you very much, if at all. It could be due to the fact that you were constantly at him, sassing him for everything he said, being sarcastic and snapping at him. Klaus found it hilarious… Elijah, not so much. In your defence though, he didn’t like you even before that. He didn’t approve of you and his brother together. You’d thought that it was because you were human and Klaus was so far from but you didn’t really know. 

 You’d started to pace when you heard a groan from the doorway. You frowned, rushing towards the sound and stopping when you saw the brothers. Elijah was dragging Klaus next to him, your boyfriend bleeding excessively, leaving a trail behind him that you’d no doubt have to clean up later. You rushed back over to the couch, clearing it of cushions as Elijah placed Klaus down. Your boyfriend lay down dramatically, his hand shooting to the stake protruding from his chest.

 "Lucien staked him.“ Elijah explained gruffly. You rolled you eyes, sitting on Klaus so your knees were either side of him. 

"Really? I wouldn’t have noticed.” You replied dryly. Klaus managed a chuckle, blood coughing up as he did. You sighed, smoothing his hair down and not breaking eye contact as you rested your knee on his chest and used your other hand to pull out the stake. He gasped as the wood left his chest, the wound closing up before you’d even fished out the whole stake. 

You smiled at Klaus, throwing the stake on the floor next to you. As you got up, you pressed a soft kiss to his forehead. He grabbed your hand before you could go, smiling up at you. 

“Thank you, love.” You grinned back. 

“It’s not a problem.” You replied before frowning. “Though you do owe me a new couch, Niklaus.” Elijah watched the interaction with narrowed eyes. Maybe you weren’t as bad as he thought you were. He barely registered you talking to him as he watched his brother’s face, full of adoration as he looked at you. 

“Where’s Lucien now?” You inquired, not looking at Elijah considering your rocky relationship. 

“Freya is disposing of him. He’s weakened, she just needs to find a spell to kill him” He responds without the usual bite. You kissed Klaus on the forehead before starting for the door, rolling up your sleeves. 

“Where are you going?” Klaus asked, sitting up. 

“Lucien needs a lesson the human way. I’m sure he won’t mind a black eye in his grave.” You replied before leaving. If you hadn’t have known better, you would’ve said that you saw a small smile on Elijah’s face before you left.


Kol and Freya in 3x22 (Guilt)

(Part 2)


Klaus huffed as he made his way round the house to see you still weren’t back. As soon as you opened the front door he was hurrying down the stairs and stopping in front of you as you slowly turned to face him.


“You need to tell me when you’re not coming back.” Klaus grumbled with a scowl plastered on his face.


“What you need to is become less obnoxious.” You said as you pointed at him.


Klaus glared at you as you headed up to your room, changed and showered. When you came back down Klaus was shrugging on his jacket and looked up at you.


“Stay here.” He snapped and pushed past you.

“Urm no Niklaus, if I want to leave I shall and you can’t stop me.” You said sharply making Klaus groan with frustration.

“Will you just stay here!” He said with exasperation.


“Why do I have to stay here Klaus?” You asked with a frustrated sigh.


“Because I love you that’s why.” He left without waiting for a response, leaving you to stand in the middle of the living room with your mouth unattractively hung open.


And then one day when all this was past, I might find you, and profess my innocence. And because you’re y o u , you would believe me. And we would pass a p e r f e c t afternoon, in a corner café t o g e t h e r .

for @evesdesvar who asked for a special klonnie post , you asked and you should receive so here few fics i love 

1. no soft light by anastasia-G

synopsis: It’s funny, it’s hysterical the melody-less-ness of her dance (don’t tell nobody, don’t tell a soul).“ Bonnie dies and comes back determined to take Klaus down for good. But the more she sees of the Original Hybrid, the more she discovers things about herself, and that she may have far more in common with Klaus than she realizes. Bonnie-centric S3 redo. **Klonnie**

2.bleed by E.A, BROWN

synopsis: "Screw you, Klaus!” Bonnie hissed as she tried to wiggle free from his grasp. Tightening his hold, he whispered into her ear “That’s an excellent idea, Witch. Screw me.” Her eyes widened in horror! … Klonnie with some Bamon. Will update soon!

3.unfinished the reincarnation of bonnie bennett by jazzywazzy08

synopsis: Bonnie uncovers memories of a previous life that she spent with Klaus, Stefan, and Rebekah

4.the devil’s companion by six2VII

synopsis : A prophecy forces Klaus to act against his wishes. An outdated law forces Bonnie to sacrifice her future. Magic and fate pushes the two together. What happens when a witch and a hybrid are forced to have a child neither of them wants? An outcome neither of them are ready for. *A Klonnie Fic*

5. fall into me by cheleonrage712

synopsis: Bonnie Bennett has been given a second chance. One moment, she is in the prison world in 1994 playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the deranged, yet playful sociopath, Kai and the next she wakes up lying on someone she never thought she would ever see again. The Original Hybrid himself, Klaus. Why is the Bennett witch with Klaus and how the hell did she get in his bed?

6. gift from the past by elsac2

synopsis:  klonnie fic , it is an au still supernatural starts after season 4 finale ,klaus and bonnie share a night together , leaving a bonnie pregnant , she never dare to revealed it to him as he is clearly in love with caroline , she leaves mystic fall and forget about all of them , five year later she knocks at klaus door seeking from his help has their child is in danger, give it a try

7.shame by bellevida0213

synopsis  Bonnie held certain beliefs close to her heart; however, the outside world would disagree given the company that she attracts. Klaus is drawn to the light she believes she no longer possess. AU/AH. KLONNIE endgame with present Bonkai and mentions of past Bamon

eyes on fire by anneryn 7

synopsis: AU, AH. Dark. Everyone warned me about getting in bed with the devil. Did I listen? No. I became that girl in the abusive relationship with a psychotic partner. I left and he framed me for murder. I haven’t stopped looking over my shoulder, since. Someone finds her in a bar one night and offers her freedom. Slight Bamon, Klonnie endgame, slow burn, trigger warnings

8.a little drop of poison by not the bees

synopsis: Starts from 3x11. Klaus saves Bonnie instead of Caroline. Klonnie

9. into your gravity by roxyhoney

synopsis: Bonnie heads to NOLA to help stop the prophecy that the Mikaelson’s are worried about. She just didn’t expect locking lips with a certain hybrid would be part of the plan

okay hope you will love all of them and again review the writer and shower them with love

anonymous asked:

Do you know if klaus comes back? What do you think happens with caroline in the end?

I don’t know I only know about Bamon since it is my OTP lol so as long as I knew they were endgame I didn’t bother to ask about other ships. I’m sorry.