come back jack and gwen

I was driving to work today, and I don’t know why it came up in my brain, but I had a thought about Jack’s confrontation with Abaddon. I can’t remember all of it, though, so I’ll have to muddle through what I remember. A lot of fans wonder why Jack took Gwen with him to face Abaddon, and yes, sometimes I have too. It seems obvious that it was because she knew about him. So? Why does that matter? Why not take the doctor, or the tech specialist, or his lover? 

Because they didn’t know, and there is a good chance that they would have tried to stop him from doing what he did. Gwen knew Jack couldn’t die, that he would come back. Imagine Tosh or Owen trying to stop him, believing he was going to die. Or Ianto - can’t you just see him slugging Jack to stop him? Because not only does Gwen know about Jack coming back, but he tells her, “If Abaddon is the bringer of death, let’s see how he does with me. If he feeds on life, then I’m an all you can eat buffet. “ And she understands because she knows his secret - if he had said that to one of the other three, they wouldn’t have necessarily understood. Yes, he just got shot and came back to life, but that may have made them even more nervous to let Jack face Abaddon! So he took Gwen because she couldn’t stop him. She believed in him because she knew about him. The others didn’t know, and so they didn’t have the same belief in Jack, and that would have made it harder for him. 

(Plus I like to think that Jack was protecting Tosh and Ianto by not letting them watch.)

So when we complain about Jack taking Gwen and not Ianto in particular, I think that’s why. Ianto didn’t know. Ianto would have stopped him from sacrificing himself. 

There was more to my thoughts this morning, but that’s all I’ve got now. So don’t be surprised if you see this work itself into one of my stories. :)

The Xfiles first aired in 1993. Over twenty years later, it came back. And now it’s coming back again.

If Torchwood hadn’t killed off most of the cast, it could be coming back too. I don’t want the Jack and Gwen Show, however, so I don’t push for it or hope for more.

Thanks a lot, RTD. You gave us a taste of something great, but practically ensured it could never come back, no matter how much fans wanted it.