come back in a month

So on the two yrs old anniversary of a date that’s surely linked to contracts H comes back after six-seven months with three white pictures and the longest pregnancy of the world ends. Color me (not) surprised.

writer’s block isn’t real yadda yadda whatever, but man. managing to write a 30k fic after over a fucking year of feeling like i’d never write anything ever again unless it was some almost-finished thing sitting on my hard-drive collecting dust feels like–idk. i’m still riding the high, i don’t even care if it’s good i’m just happy i managed to write a fic from start to finish again.

((a drawing when i was first messing with sai, please excuse the horrid quality of it all. im going to be attempting a comeback soon. Im still not fully ready and healthy, but when im ready, i’ll come back. soon. i know i said that. a month ago. or more. ill talk more about whats been eating me soon, when i make my comeback and when i post some new shit. the ask box is open if anyone wants to drop in there and get me back into the groove of things. thank you. -Abba))

That moment when...*snorts laughing *

A thief who steals your work. Gets reported and taken down by you….returns months later with the best come back. The come back of calling me an “art stealer” of my own art. While using the still reported caught red handed account….oh what laughter I’m having….my poor lungs can’t handle such emotion

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make me choose meme

— Lavi or Allen (asked by anonymous)

— Lavi or Kanda (asked by @ranpohedogawa)


if i go there’s just no telling how far i’ll go (moana, 2016)