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Night with the Phantom Thieves
  • Akira: EVERYONE SHUT UP *picks up phone* Hey mom.
  • Haru: HIIIIIIIIII!!!!
  • Makoto: Come back to bed!
  • Ann: *various sex noises*
  • Ryuji: Aye! Pass the weed!
  • Yusuke: Tell her i said hi!
  • Futaba: *blasting curse words*
  • someone: imagine if there was a show with multiple wlw main characters, including a woc...
  • me: black. sails.
  • someone: ...who are all alive...
  • me: black!! sails!!!
  • someone: ...and have complex personalities and stories outside of their sexuality...
  • me: b l a c k s a i l s
  • someone: ...and hey, maybe even a BI MALE PROTAGONIST while you're at it?? wouldn't that be crazy
  • someone: yea
  • someone: just imagine

Imagine with me, please, after Akira leaves for home, everybody hanging out and doing things together?

Everybody going to events for Yusuke’s art. Ryuji complains the whole time and Ann smacks him for it, and it takes Futaba a lot of courage to come out to a crowded place but she manages to come sometimes, to support Inari. The times she can’t, she bugs somebody’s phone so she can still see/hear what’s going on. Makoto and Haru can’t always come because they got college and stuff, but they do their best to show up when they can. After the event they grab some ramen together, and someone pays for Yusuke’s meal.

Sometimes they all hang out at LeBlanc, just to chill out and do whatever work or studying they gotta do. Sojiro closes the store early a few times, and and somehow there’s always enough “leftover” curry for them. He makes sure to give Yusuke some extra curry and tells him he is welcome to have dinner with him and Futaba any day, because the boy eats breadcrumbs on like a daily basis.

Everybody decides to go to another one of Sae’s court cases one time. The gang has to physically restrain Ryuji from yelling at her opposition when the guy is just generally rude, and Makoto shoots an apologetic look at her sister. When Sae wins her case, Makoto gives her a hug and they get some coffee at LeBlanc.

Ann hangs out with Shiho and sometimes brings her along when she hangs out with the thieves, and Shiho notices how happy Ann looks with her friends and when Ann isn’t around (getting Shiho a crepe or something), thanks everybody for being Ann’s friend and to continue taking care of her. Everybody is overwhelmed by her kindness and it’s all fuzzy until Ann comes back and asks what’s up, and Makoto changes the topic like a pro. Later, Ryuji tells Ann that Shiho is too good for her and gets a “yeah” and a punch to the arm.

Sometimes they all watch movies/tv shows together in the attic, and everybody always dreads when it’s Haru’s turn to pick the movie, because she either picks the cutest movies (which are fine) or the most disgustingly gory ones. There is no in between. Futaba makes everybody watch some sentai show and she strikes a billion poses with Yusuke. Somehow, she manages to rope everybody else into posing, and Sojiro takes a picture of them. Eventually, it just turns into watching bad horror movies. Everybody pretends not to notice how Makoto manages to get scared at nearly all of them, and she holds Haru’s arm in a death grip. Haru just thinks it’s cute. At some point everybody ends up passed out on the couch, and Futaba is the last one awake and draws on Yusuke’s face. Ann wakes up and catches her in the act, and asks her for the marker when Futaba is done so she can draw on Ryuji’s face.

The group takes turns helping Haru tend to her garden. Sometimes they all help her out at once, sometimes in pairs, whenever they can they help. Someone suggests making flower crowns, and the next time everybody comes to help her she puts one on everybody’s head.

Ryuji goes fishing with Yusuke, and he sends Akira pictures of their catches. Yusuke poses with the fish before wondering if he can eat it. Ryuji then decides it’s time to feed the starving artist and calls everybody up to get some cheap sushi.

Akira’s first planned visit back to the city is nearly ruined, because his parents just don’t want him to go off and think he’s gonna screw around and make some more trouble. He tells the group this, and suddenly Sojiro is on the phone with his parents saying he will personally drive down to pick him up, saying that it’s no trouble at all and that he’d love to have the extra help at LeBlanc.

These all kinda look like they’re centered around Ryuji now that I look at it, but it wasn’t intentional I swear lol

I love the phantom thieves so much, they’re all so good. Where are my pointless slice of life spinoff games, atlus

Gif Pack: Deborah Ann Woll

Below the cut you will find +66 gifs of Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica Hamby in True Blood. All of these gifs were made by me. The gifs mostly come from the episode “She’s Not There” (s04e01). These gifs were made for roleplay usage. The pack includes only textless gifs, with few faceless gifs. The sizes of the gifs are all 245px in width, with varying heights. All of them are below 2.0 MB. This is the first pack in a series of gif packs of Deborah as Jessica. The other gif packs can be found here. While not necessary, a quick like or reblog if you found these gifs helpful would be appreciated!

Gif Pack Features: Jim Parrack, Randy Wayne
Important Note: Do not repost my gifs. Do not claim my gifs as your own. Do not remove my watermarks. Do no redistribute my gifs. Do not repost my gifs in a gif hunt. Link to this gif pack instead. Do not use my gifs to make crackship gifs.

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Baker’s Four - part two

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A/N I said give me an hour and it ended up being two hours + another 1000 words and a new character. Here it is anyway!

Pairing: neutral, eventual poly but implied royality

Genre: AU, baking AU, fluff, human AU

Word Count: 2 320

Warnings: some swearing


The day Ann arrives from Patton’s perspective. He’s curious about this odd boy and his somehow more odd (but just as pleasant) brother.

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A hat

Anne turns the thing over and over in her hands. It’s a hat and an old and shabby one at that; floppy on one side and the edges of the other rolling up. She likes the way it feels in her hands - the worn leather, the weight that is just right. Resisting the urge to jam it on her head immediately she lifts it up in the air for the merchant to see.

“How much?”

The man names a price far too high and she frowns. Fingering the rough leather again she looks up, cocking her head slightly and fixing the seller with her gaze.

“How much?” she asks again.

More stammering than truly talking the merchant offers her a price that’s almost too low and she nods, paying what he wants without any further debate. The money has barely slipped into the dealer’s purse when she has put the hat on already. It sits on her head as if it was always meant to be there, just the right weight and the right size.

“Anne! Where’d you get that old thing from?”

Jack laughs when he sees her, giving the floppy edge of the hat a little snip with his fingers. Anne frowns at him and steps aside so it’s out of Jack’s reach for now.

“It’s a hat,” she murmurs protectively. Jack barks out another laugh.

“I can see that.” He pats her head a few times with a big grin. “It suits you.”

Anne simply glares.

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anonymous asked:

can you do prinxiey 57 and 61?

57. “Just get home as soon as possible, okay?!“
61. “Welcome back. Now fucking help me.”




Roman had been in the market for five minutes when his phone started to ring. He frowned, confused, and picked it up, imagining that Ann would have forgotten something.

"Yes darling?”

“Roman?!” His boyfriend asked, making him frown. “Where are you?!”

“In the market. Why?”

“Could you please come back home? Now?!” Ann asked, voice distressed, and Roman frowned, nodding.

“Yes. Did something happen?”

“Just… Just get home as soon as possible okay?!” Ann said, and Roman nodded, finishing the call and rushing to his car, a million of running through his mind about what could have happened.

In less then twenty minutes, he was back home, worried out of his mind. He opened the door, calling for Ann, when he froze on the spot, seeing his boyfriend surrounded by several puppies and kitties on the floor.

“What is happening here…” Roman asked, eyes wide, and Ann looked at him through the fur balls, sneezing, his eyes red and puffy and inflated, looking terrible.

“Welcome home. Now fucking help me”

And Roman took no time to get his boyfriend out of that pile of allergies.


I thought about making angst but fluff is better

There you go