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our dearly treasured choi seunghyun,
we, your vips, will wait for you. just know we love and adore you and that we’re keeping you in our thoughts & prayers. please don’t worry about us too much and return to us safely. we miss you already. counting down til nov 2018.


Tobirama on Naruto SD for Evav and Kem

2nd Theory Pt.1

So, there’s another theory I have that @taedamn posted about. I had this in mind for a while, I even commented about it on one of their posts. These girls are an embodiment of the boys. 

You can easily see it with Jimin, especially, so I’m going to talk about him first. He’s filming when the girl is dancing. He IS THE GIRL AND SHE IS HIM, THE GIRLS ARE ALL METAPHORS, THEY DON’T EXIST. They’re representing the inner conflict that all of them are dealing with, the pure parts of them. On the inside, Jimin is depressed and deluded. I’m not abandoning my other theory, either. I think that both of them have some common ground. I do think that yes, they do lead the boys back to each other. But, the boys are ALL deluded, those girls were just a hallucination, something to remind them of each other. That is the common ground between my two theories. 

The girls are still a bridge, still a wakeup call, but they are a hallucination. They don’t exist. They boys, just like Jimin, are all in this made up world. Those girls are the pure parts of the members reaching out, the inner conflict, the QUESTIONING PART of them. 

That’s why when we see Jimin get hurt, the his girl does too. And when we see Jimin following Hoseok, he remembers how happy they used to be, how much they all loved each other, but he gave up and doesn’t wake up from his delusion. The girl is an actual embodiment of Jimin, Hoseok is CARRYING JIMIN ON HIS BACK BECAUSE JIMIN IS ALIVE! Jimin is so out of it, so much in his own mind, that he doesn’t see that it is him who’s on Hoseok’s back. When the girl is injured, it’s Jimin’s way of saying “I don’t want to accept this”. So he doesn’t. That’s why the girl is “asleep” on Hoseok’s back, it means that the conflict is gone and Jimin made his choice, he’s never waking up.

When Jungkook goes to visit his girl, she isn’t there. Why? You see him fully healed. He accepted what happened and wanted to wake up, so he did. That’s why she isn’t there, she was created by his own mind. He wants to repair what happened with Yoongi. Hence the lighter appearing before. So, Jungkook’s accepted it, there is not conflict, there is not questioning or doubt. He’s awake and in the real world. The dream doesn’t exist anymore.

Now, we get to Yoongi. We see him trying to murder his piano and that’s because he doesn’t know what to do. He’s severing ties with the real world, with Jungkook. He’s afraid of waking and getting hurt again. When he rips himself away from the girl, he’s ripping himself away from Jungkook. When he stopped himself from smoking, he was getting out of the dream, and then something happened and he fell right back into his mind. He hasn’t made a choice yet, that’s why his girl is still there, the conflict is still there.

With Jin, I still have no clue what’s going on.

Now, we get to Hoseok. I think he’s already awake. When he threw his pills away in I NEED U, he was saying goodbye to that fake reality he created. That’s why he has no girl. Because he isn’t deluded. He’s accepted what’s happened and is trying to save Jimin, that’s why he’s running with the girl on his back. He’s trying to do what the other would have done. 

And now, Taehyung. The girl is still him. Wonder why she didn’t come out of the alley and face the police? She isn’t real!! Taehyung is missing Namjoon and is trying to wake himself up. And when he puts his hands in the air, surrendering himself to the police, he’s giving up on repairing his relationship with Namjoon. He’s made his choice and she’s gone after that. There’s not self doubt, no conflict, he chose to stay deluded. 

Lastly, Namjoon. My thoughts on him STILL don’t change at all. The girl is there to remind him of how he used to take care of the members. He is the guardian angel, really. Namjoon, just like Hoseok, IS AWAKE. But, at the same time, he isn’t. He is telling himself that he doesn’t miss the boys, but he’s accepted what’s happened. That’s why he has a girl. To get him to stop lying to himself that they don’t need each other.

So, in conclusion, this is my middle ground between my two theories. Yes, the girls are a bridge, a wake up call, a reminder, but they are also an embodiment of the boys and their inner conflict and purity. That’s my theory.

  • Roy: Awww dude, you have a crush on him!
  • Jason: NO I DON'T. I am just looking after him, so he won't get himself killed.
  • Jason: By villains or dirty clothes, who knows?
  • Roy: Interesting, that's exactly what he said last night.
  • Jason:
  • Jason: First, he lied. I live much more properly than him.
  • Roy: * whisper* Different definition when it comes to Bats.
  • Jason: Second, he was drunk as hell when he came home, and had a serious hang over this morning, you bastard.
  • Roy: Awwww you guys already have a " home" ! How sweet!
12.16 coda

“NO! Where are you?!”
“Cas, please listen-”

Finally, the other end of the line crackles with silence for the first time since Dean mentioned that Claire had been bitten by a werewolf. Looking back, he should have opened the conversation with ‘Claire is fine now but’. The silence lasts so long that he thinks maybe Cas just hung up, even though there was no beep.


From the other side, he can hear a weak sound and he pushes closer to the phone, as if that would somehow help.

“Dean, please tell me she’s okay… I can’t- I…”

“She’s okay. She’s okay, Cas. Fuck, I… Sorry, should’ve started with that. Turns out there’s a cure. She was back on her feet in no time, asked me to tell you not to worry so much and to stop texting her so many smileys. She was grinning and happy at the end. Still rebellious as hell, though. Skipped out on Jody to hunt secretly, told her she was seeing universities. Can you believe the lip on the kid? She’s worst than I was at that age. And I was pretty bad.”

At last, Cas laughs a little. It’s a small, wet sound but Dean grins slow, closes his eyes until Cas speaks again.

“She’s really okay?” The angel asks one more time, as if still unsure. Dean nods to no one at all.

“Yeah. ‘Course. I wouldn’t let anything happen to her. Cas, I… I wouldn’t have killed her. Yanno that, right? We’d have found a way.”

There’s a small sound, a sigh, Dean thinks. He wonders if Cas is doing the look - the one he gets when Dean says something degrading about himself, the one Dean knows he doesn’t deserve but makes his heart beat a little faster all the same. When the angel speaks again, Dean is sure his suspicions are true.

“Yes. I know. You are a good man, Dean. I apologize for my reaction, I was…”

“It’s okay,” Dean hurries to intervene, shaking it off, “you were worried. But Claire is fine.”

Another stretch of silence. Dean is used to it by now. This is always what it’s like talking to Cas, even in person. It’s a little weirder on the phone, since he can’t see all the little shifts on the angel’s expression, can’t read him - see a frown or softened eyes. But he’s gotten used to it so much that the pauses have become a sort of small comfort where he can amuse himself wondering what particular expression Cas is wearing while they speak.

“And how are you, Dean?”
Dean, somewhat already expecting the question, smiles softly. “I’m good.”
Another pause. He knows this one just as much as the previous one. Cas is waiting for more, probably tilting his head, phone and all. Dean smiles a little wider.
“We slept in a three stars hotel. Three stars!! It was practically the Hilton. They had bacon and eggs for breakfast. And even croissants. Croissants, Cas.”
“I fail to see the importance of that particular food item.”
“Of course you do. But trust me - if it has croissants for breakfast, that’s the kind of place you wanna be in.”
“I see. This might be useful in the future. Thank you, Dean.”
Dean chuckles, rolls around in his bed and buries his head against the pillow. He stays like that for a bit before he turns his head to speak again.
“I swam in the pool. Naked.”
“Was it an enjoyable experience?”
“You betcha.”

Cas chuckles on the other side and Dean grins before hiding his face again. Then, he hesitates, biting his lip. When he finally speaks, his voice is too low, too muffled by the pillow for Cas to understand.

“What? I’m sorry Dean, I didn’t get that.”

He is sure the angel is frowning confusedly and he picks at the sheets, hands worrying over them before he grunts and gives up trying to be cool about this. Finally he moves his head again, pushes the phone back tight against him.

“When are you coming back home, Cas?”
God, he sounds whiny and needy. This was a bad idea.
“I can’t. Not yet, Dean.”

Dean huffs, frowns, hits the button to end the call and rolls his face back into the pillow. His phone bleeps a moment later and he opens it to find a couple of messages and Castiel’s usual flood of seemingly random emoticons.

“🌻🌄 Dean ☀🌞”
“I’ll 🐝 there as soon as I can 😇❤”

As he reads, the phone beeps one more time, another message dropping in.

“Miss you 😥🌘☔”

Dean huffs, slightly angry for some reason but he types back anyway.

“Miss u too. Hurry back already.”

12:41pm: am i back? hahaha. i am not sure and i know taking pix of my desk no longer holds the same appeal as it did for 17yo me, but i wanted to come back on here n just chat about some stuff. mostly for my own record and as a source of amusement for my future self, but also bc i’ve missed talking with all of u guys. anyways the update is that im still alive after this first week of classes (shock horror?) and i can already tell this year is gonna kick my butt really, really hard. i think this whole year has been kicking my butt like in progressively more painful increments but it’s ok. it is character-building.

i think i’ve got a bit of my chinese-learning-struggles documented on this blog, but the bulk of it all happened during my break from ‘studyblr.’ grew up speaking mandarin but 100% illiterate, and 2 summers ago i started from the very beginning going thru baby vocab lists, writing practice sentences, flashcards every day, for two years. i still read chinese so slowly, because i noticed that my mental process involves: see word -> pronounce word silently in brain -> realise meaning, since i grew up speaking the language and so associate meaning with auditory rather than visual cues. i have a hard time articulating complex ideas on-demand (ok girl let’s be real simple ideas too) and this entire week has been me second-guessing my decision to register for an entirely chinese-taught undergrad courseload. i feel so inadequate in class!! 

but u know what learning is supposed to be uncomfortable. ur supposed to feel exposed and vulnerable and SHITTY and stupid, and i forget that i need to tell myself outloud that i don’t understand what i’m reading, or i haven’t completely figured out this concept yet, and it’s ok to be at that stage as long as u push urself out of it. that is my ramble for today n now i’m gonna take a break n make some japanese curry for lunch. hope you are sleeping well my pals 

Genderless Lovesongs Masterpost

Hey you! Yeah you! Are you nonbinary? Are you crushing on/dating a nonbinary person? Are you heartbroken over a nonbinary person? Are you fucking irritated that every love song seems to be gendered out the ass?

I went through my iTunes library and found, within my own music collection, as many genderless love songs as I possibly could. I organized them into 3 categories.

Love songs. Songs about being in love, caught up in the moment, all swoony, you know. 

Breakup songs. Songs about breakups, both the broken hearted variety and the thank god im outta there fuck that asshole variety. 

Miscl love songs. Songs that are about love but don’t fit into either of the other two categories.

I’ll try and keep updating this as I acquire new tunes

Feel free to add! Especially POC artists, Queer artists and Trans artists!

Love Songs 

We’ve Got Something // Sparks // The Cost Is Too High (Not To Love) // Music Again // If I Had You // Crazy For You // Make You Feel My Love // My Same // One And Only // Lovesong // No One // If I Ain’t Got You // Fallin’ // Counting Stars // Hot // Things I’ll Never Say // Unexpected Song // Halo // I’ll Be // Every Breath // Find Me // Days and Days // Last Dance // Call Me Crazy // Shine For Me // See You Again // Boom Clap // C’est La Mort // Nightingale // Never Been Hurt // Lightweight // Lionheart // Yes // Fall // Firefly // Photograph // Thinking Out Loud // This // How Long Will I Love You // You’ve Got The Love // I Walk The Line // Don’t Let Me Go // Amazing // I Won’t Let You Go (Darling) // Then We Kiss // Can’t Help Falling In Love // I Want You // You Found Me // Yeah // Wherever You Are // Valentine // Don’t Wake Me Up // Siberia  // Toes // Peace Sign // Love Drunk  // The Beginning // Anchor // In My Dreams // Once In A Lifetime // 18 // Fireproof // Act My Age // If I Could Fly // Never Enough // Strong // Happily // Stand Up // The Only Exception // Still Into You // Be Alone // Native Tongue // crushcrushcrush // Forever And For Always // (Wanna Get To Know You) That Good // Thank You Baby! // Mile High Love // Roll With Me // Sure Feels Right // Smile // State Of Grace // Treacherous // Sparks Fly // Enchanted // Ours // Closer // Love They Say // Sweet Disposition // My Beautiful Rescue // Baby // fallingforyou // Collar Full // The End Of All Things // Pillowtalk //

Breakup Songs

Say Goodbye (I Won’t Even) // Whataya Want From Me // Soaked // A Loaded Smile // Sleepwalker // First Love // Rolling In The Deep // Turning Tables // Don’t You Remember // Take It All // Love Is A Losing Game // There’s A Fine, Fine Line // When You’re Gone // Talking To The Moon // Good In Goodbye // Wine After Whiskey // Breaking Up // Beautiful People // Jar Of Hearts // Without The Love // In Case // Shouldn’t Come Back // Fix A Heart // Stone Cold // Waiting For You //Without You // Deeper // Love Me Like You // First Time // Goodbye // Cry // All I Ever Wanted // Already Gone // Since U Been Gone // Haunted // Last Goodbye // Dope // Lost And Found // Oil And Water // Pretend It’s Okay // Turn Your Face // Love Me Or Leave Me // Towers // New Years Eve // Miss You Love // By Now // So Soon // Starring Role // Happy Ending // Peachy // I Faked It // Anyone’s Ghost // Sleepless In London // Waiting Game // Fool Me // Running // Don’t Speak // Where Do Broken Hearts Go? // Fool’s Gold // Spaces // Infinity // Love You Goodbye // I Don’t Believe You // Mean // Who Knew // Here We Go Again // Never Let This Go // All I Wanted // Love Of My Life // Save Me // Don’t Go // It Doesn’t Matter Anymore // It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing // I Remember // Impossible // Breathe // Tell Me Why // You’re Not Sorry // All Too Well // Last Kiss // Nineteen // Goodbye Goodbye // I Was A Fool // Never Ending // Close To You //

Miscellaneous Love Songs 

Keep Me High // Melt My Heart To Stone // I’ll Be Waiting // Don’t Be Afraid, You’re Already Dead // Just Friends // In My Veins // I’m With You // Shelter // 3 Rounds And A Sound // Recover // Volcano // Easy Silence // Friends // Barely Love You Too // Drive // Strange Love // Can I Have A Kiss? // Muscle Memory // …And Counting // Lies // Maybe // Drive My Soul // Cactus In The Valley // I Love You // Lightning // Secret Love Song Pt. II // Cut It Off // Waiting In Line // Valentines Day // When You Sleep // This Heart // I’m The Only One // I See You // Telephones // Wind Will Blow // Sucker // Love It Dissipates // Ready To Run // You And I // Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely) // Brighter // Back In Your Head // Danger Love // Stay The Night // You // Nicotine // James Joint // Love On The Brain // Higher // Drunk // Fool For You //

Bubble Bubble Bubblebath

- aka how to add unacceptable titlesinspired by this picture:

[photo credit: HIMSELF]

Reader x Christian Yu [again *sighs*]

Type: smut

Warnings: dirty talk, Christian Yu himself

Words count: 1534

Summary: after a rough week at work, your boyfriend wanna pamper your tired body and soul

You were having a really tough week at the office, there were many tasks with upcoming deadlines, important business meetings etc. Your boss was hiperventilating, pushing you to the limits and liters of coffee was your only energizer. But finally the week was over, you finished with everything only some paperwork was on your desk. You couldn’t wait to spend some quality time with your boyfriend who was listening your whining every day because of this rushed week. Today you called him in your lunch-break telling him that you’ll be at home earlier and no more nigh-shifts for a while. You also told him don’t plan any program for today, because you’re tired as hell, you just want some chill-time with him nothing extra.

You were done with the last paperwork, sent the mails to your boss and collegues and you were ready to go home. A sudden text popped up on your phonescreen:

- Where are you baby girl? U left already? Just come homeee, I miss u so much!!

You texted back, that you’re leaving now and rushing home to see him. And you’re dead tired and he should cuddle with you all night. But the next reply made you speechless.

- What about this babe? :P Come home quickly till the water is hot and I don’t eat all the stuff what I prepared for you, plus I don’t wanna be drunk without you. ;) ;)

He sent a way too hot photo… he was just casually sitting in the bathtub, drinking wine, foam surrounding his perfect body… this view was waiting for you at home.

- JEZZZ WHY YOU GOTTA BE LIKE THIS??? If I’ll get into an accident that will be your fault, exciting me and rushing me.. I’ll be there soon!! Wait for meee!!! xx

- I’M HOME WHERE IS MY SEXY MERMAID??? – you shouted from the front door, taking off your coat and bag, walking to the bathroom.

- I’m at least Poseidon babe, come here I missed you so much – he got up from the tub giving a kiss and revealing his wet body.

- Oh my oh my, greek gods were always breath-taking but this one here is my favourite, may I join to his underwater empire? – you said jokingly, taking off of your clothes while Christian was watching you with hungry eyes.

- Well Miss, this is my dearest wish, but I can’t guarantee calm waters if you join me – he said and a hand went down on his body touching his hardening member.

You got in the tub, feeling the warm water and the foam sea around you. You let out a satisfied moan:

- Oh God I was waiting for this all week. It feels so good.

- Now just relax babe – he hushed in your ear, giving small kisses down on your neck, while he started to massage your whole body with shower gel.

- Oh Christian what did I do to deserve this much care, ha? – you asked, lying on him and relaxed yourself in his arms.

- You’re my sexy goddess, you deserve everything – he answered, touching your breasts, earning quiet moans from you.

You turned your head giving him sloppy kisses and you felt his hands everywhere, carressing your body. Also felt his arousal poking your back, while you deepened the kiss and wanted more.

- Ah baby, you’re driving me crazy, but I wanna please you today a lot, really a lot – he poured water down on your chest washing down the shower gel and he started to wash your hair, his fingers doing magic with your head. You felt like you’re sitting in a massage parlor and at the hairdresser at the same time.

- Where did you learn all of this stuff honey, coz your fingers are no joke… - you were totally letting him to take care about you, bathing you fully.

- Aye, baby girl you know my fingers can do magic – he pinched your nipples and took the glasses pouring wine for the both of you.

- Cheers darlin’, for a free weekend finally! – you clinked your glasses, taking a sip of the wine.

- You even bought a cake Christian, you totally went overboard – you laughed and dipped your fingers in the creamy icing.

- I like to go overboard for you babe – he grabbed your hand licking off your fingers.

- Mm, tasty but not as tasty as you… come here baby girl lemme taste you here and there – he smirked at you, his eyes filled with lust, when he turned you around facing him and taking you in his lap.

You were digging in his hair, feeling the wet locks and kissed him passionately. He kissed back, biting your lips playfully, then moving over to your neck leaving kisses everywhere, sucking on your earlobe. A hand went down on your body, finding your clit and started to rub it at a slow pace.

- Mm, Christian at a normal massage parlor there aren’t special care like this… - your whole body started to feel the pleasure, making you moan louder when he took a nipple in his mouth, sucking on it harshly and twirling his tongue around it.

- Babe, your care-taker wants more of you… I can’t handle your wet body anymore, your wet lips, your wet hair and your wet pussy…

- I thought the same Christian… I want you inside of me so badly – you grabbed a fistful hair of him, sucking on his bottom lip.

- Ahh baby girl, then just lift yourself up a bit and ride me, I love it when you’re playful like this – he gave that sexy smile of his, then you lifted your butt and letting him to slip himself into you.

You closed your eyes for a few seconds, biting your lips, feeling him fully inside of you and you started to move on him. He grabbed your butt moving you faster while burying his face in your bouncing breasts. You were riding him faster and faster, tilting your head back, moaning loudly and letting out all the stress from you. Suddenly you stopped, an idea popped in your mind.

- What’s wrong baby girl? – he looked at you with a confused face.

- Well, first of all the whole bathroom is a sea, coz of this ehmm.. wild ride, second you told me you wanna please me right? – you asked him, lifting an eyebrow at him.

- Tell me your nasty idea babe…

- It’s not that nasty, but I want you to fuck me in front of that mirror, I wanna watch how you’re fucking me, I wanna see your cock slipping in and out of me… please Christian I really want this – he looked at you with a shocked face.

- You know baby girl there are times when I feel like I’m the luckiest motherfucker on this planet. And I’m feeling this right now too.

You shot him a smile, got off of him and from the tub too, took a towel and dried yourself a bit. You also cleaned the huge bathroom mirror from the steam. You always wanted to use this mirror for a bit extra and not only for to see yourself fully in your outfits or whatever.

You felt him behind you, hugging you and kissing down on your neck, squeezing your butt.

- Look how beautiful you are baby, how eager for my cock inside of you, wanting me so badly, but here we go baby, here we go – he inserted himself in, getting a hiss in response, and he started to pounding into you roughly.

- Ahh my bad girl, you’re enjoying the view? Coz so am I… we should have done this long before baby – you can’t help but moan and moan, while he was fucking you from behind, your leg on a drawer to fully see him slipping in and out of you. You felt like you gonna collapse from this pleasure, his throbbing member inside of you, seeing him pumping you hard, his muscles were glistening from the water and sweat.

- Christian I’m so close… you’re so good… fuck Christian don’t you dare to stop – you were a moaning mess in his arms. His fingers started to rub your clit, and with his another hand he was holding your jaws tightly, facing you to the mirror.

- Look at yourself baby girl, look what I can do with you and your body. Cum for me babe, cum now – he was whispering in your ear, watching you in the mirror, when your orgasm exploded around him, sending tightening waves down on your body.

- Yes that’s my girl, you’re doing good – he growled when your clenching walls pushed him over his edge, spilling himself into you while he was adding the last few thrusts. Your legs were trembling, he had to hold you tight when he pulled his cock out of you.

- Mm look at that baby, I think I need to bath you again – you looked at the mirror seeing your and his juices flowing down on your legs.

Resist Me

Hayley williams smut where ur both at a dinner party or something and u keep teasing her under the table, eventually leading to hayley begging for it when u get back home ;) smutty

Could you do a hayley Williams one where hayley comes home from tour and you show her how much you’ve missed her by seeing how many times you can make her come in a row?

Combined these two bc my inbox is v full and I want to do as many requests as possible for u all. Thanks for ze prompts, anon’s. 

Warning: Smut

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ooooh now that we know who Zeke is, remember way back in the beginning when Eren was asking Reiner and Bertolt for help with the 3DMG, and kinda out of nowhere Reiner said:

Could it be he said that because he was like, “He’s a Jaegar too? Why does he have the same family name as the chief? Better keep an eye on this kid.”

Inseong Fancafe Letter 170619 “Letter written for the last day of broadcasts”

Hey Tinkerbell~~ It’s been a while huh? It’s Inseong

During these promotions I didn’t write a letter even once so I’m writing a letter like this after rehearsals ended~ The last broadcast has already come ㅜㅜ Although it’s really sad, since you guys really liked the song “Sun Moon Stars” I’m really thankful he he when selecting the song our opinions we’re listened to a lot, so I think it was an even more fun and happy promotion cycle.

Whenever promotions end, it seems like we always say that we’re going to comeback quickly. After U promotions ended I’m sorry I wasn’t able to keep that promise of coming back quickly ㅠㅠ I really really missed you and wanted to come back quickly but since it didn’t happen as we wanted we were a a little bit late. But because we had our Tinkerbells who waited for us, I was happy.

I’m tired so I’m going to go to sleep then when I wake up I’ll keep writing the letter.


I have returned ㅋㅋㅋ Our broadcast has finally finished!! Today I had a feeling when I was wandering around the waiting room, I remembered when we first debuted. The broadcasts stations that were unfamiliar at first, but now we know each and every one, we know a lot of people now and looking back it’s fascinating to see how we’re also familiar with doing rehearsals too. I’m somewhat proud and going back to the beginning, I did the rehearsals and live shows well and came here.

Lastly, I’m thankful and thankful again that out of all the singers and groups out there that you choose to love ‘KNK’. So I want to give back just as much, it seems like we’re can’t do that, so I always carry a sorry heartㅜㅜ 

In the future for every single love and interest we receive, I’ll became an Inseong that can reciprocate every single one. In the future you’ve believe in us and take good care of us right??

(Tinkerbell:Yes!!!) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Thank you goodnight 

Translated by fy-knk

JaeYong trying to win Kun like
  • Taeyong : Ask for anything darling.. do you want the stars? I will bring them to you.
  • Jaehyun : Don't listen to this jerk. ask for anything.. moon.. stars.. I will roam the universe for you.. I will do anything for you.
  • Winwin : .................
  • Winwin : Okay can you guys ask kun to come back quickly.. he just went downstairs but I miss him already.

anonymous asked:

trans remus trans remus TRANS REMUS who gets his nose pierced in his 18th bday bc some transphobic member of his family was being shit and he was like fuck this im going to be even more me and he got a septum piercing and it pissed said family member off and Actually killed sirius

• ok so remus //loves// second hand + vintage clothing
• he wears the soft shirts and the heavy jumpers he finds in the small vintage shops around town
• they’re what he feels comfortable in around ppl, they’re what he’s expected to wear as a boy
• he’s kinda fine with that, but he wishes he had more confidence to wear some of his more questionable finds he has hanging up in the wardrobe
• i’m talking patterned ponchos for the winter (it’s like a blanket it’s so great)
• patterned shirts that should be burned but remus loves them
• and his confidence grows as he gets older, he tells people more often when he’s being misgendered, or when they make a transphobic comment
• but rn it’s christmas time + that means family are coming over
• his mum pulls him to one side + it’s kinda like she’s apologising for something that hasn’t happened yet
• ‘remus u know we love and support u, but ur uncles coming and he’s.. well…’
• and remus is pissed bc if u love + support someone u don’t invite a transphobic asshat of a relative over on the 23rd december for christmas lunch
• remus is snarky for most of the day but he doesn’t give a fuck, hope keeps giving him apologetic glances and lyall keeps pouring more alcohol in his uncles glass as if that will shut him up
• it just makes him talk more
• remus gets misgendered through the afternoon, it’s awful but he’s dealing with it
• but then he gets referred to by his dead name
• and he just has to leave he’s done with this bullshit
• he goes into town, calling sirius on his way bc he is Angry and Upset and he needs to rant and shout and cry
• but he’s in public so he tries to hold it together, even if he’s shaking and his shoes don’t match
• and there’s not much sirius can do in that moment, apart from offer support/advice and listen
• 'remus ur valid, ur my boyfriend + i love u and ur valid, do something that makes u feel like You’
• so he does
• he gets his septum pierced
• remus already has some piercings, his ear is pierced, + his tongue bc he’s a fuckboy
• but he decides on his septum
• and oh lord does that sting, his eyes water and he feels like he needs to sneeze but just Can’t
• by the time he’s home everyone’s left and hope thinks he’s been crying, completely missing the piercing as she pulls him in for a tight hug
• 'im so sorry love, i thought he’d behave, he’s not coming back i’m so sorry son’
• nobody really mentions the piercing, it’s just Accepted
• at christmas remus receives more questionable clothing, a wool jacket w/ an igloo + a penguin on, jeans w/ glittered stitching, so so So many groovy socks
• and the best thing is remus doesn’t think twice about wearing them, bc this is who he is + he is valid
• when sirius finally sees him before new year he nearly dies bc omg look at this nerd i’m dating i love him so much is that a penguin on his coat
• but then sirius sees the piercing + it’s less 'let’s hold hands and walk in the snow’ + more 'oh boy pin me to a wall and kiss me silly’
• nerds

lizardabidopsis replied to your post: TWYCC chapter preview before you ask, this plot…


Jake did not cause the storm, I promise. Weather patterns caused the storm. It’s just a reality of the location. Frogboy can be selfish, but not that– well. Okay not selfish in that way.

But yes, more dramaz to come. But Jake didn’t make the storm. That’s too big for him and he’s already been solidly clapped back for abusing his plausible deniability.

R.I.P. my final pair of black skinny jeans from my emo phase

I dont think I can physically sew them back together more than I already have, thank u for being there for my first two and only two years of highschool

You will be missed

(But not that much I’m more into punk now)

(Emo and punk are different)

(Also while we’re on the subject RIP my education you will be missed but I’ve come to terms with that)